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Aug 9, 2014|

Speakin of Specks and More with Don Dubuc and Todd Masson: the guys were joined by special guests, Chris Macaluso to talk the latest in Cocodrie, Capt. Lane Zimmer to discuss recent Barataria Bay speckled trout action and Vito Neal to discuss Lake Borgne speckled trout and tripletail.

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Welcome it's another addition of more outdoors and -- remind you if you love the great outdoors like we do we -- -- you know hunting fishing buddies immediate -- of the southern sportsman's festival in expo presented by the sufficiently idealism home builders association of greater New Orleans at the -- real senator next. Saturday and Sunday and Friday August 15 through seventeen to be showcasing the latest and -- trans fishing hunting archery camping boating growing. Just listened for the next two hours for your chance to win I'm going to be given out that family pack for tickets each hour. When you hear the -- call that -- Q. To call our win line when I give up the numbers -- going to be the lucky call number eight each of those hours. You'll win good luck from the station that loves Louisiana's great outdoors three W well joining us this morning Todd mass software speak in -- specs and more. Time I'm back from Alaska wilderness and -- felt like I was in the wilderness I was out of touch what was going on locally man hasn't been. What you know I wrote a story this week about how it's kind of been the best it's on and work on that's not our year. And that's that's absolutely true I mean some guys are just absolutely cursing. This summer saying it's one of the worst ever that they ever experienced. And they got a lot of evidence to support. Deposition but then Rocco you know -- that is actually of and a spot backwards -- and nobody it's you know -- out great but but you know a lot of doctors say and it it is above the Arctic national at this. So I think all Kendall where efficient you know that general area -- -- -- -- talked to a number of got across -- which means that. Speckled throughout allied that's grand you know recoup -- and -- now below average. I'll bid for the west and you mark habitable but Bob Baffert had -- the other side of the river. That Breton sound area of -- dale and Shelby should spend a little bit above backers are -- captain Jack saying yesterday. That is not a velcro wouldn't release that it really -- any consistent -- no consistent patterns. That you go you know we caught -- -- previous day inspired by a note there's really deny that prop each and every day's a new -- network RQ are two parts of fish. But you know early in the week on want to ask spoke to captain Brodeur says there's a lot of hope they'll and he sent me that they have really gotten good. He's been -- out and Breton sound and he said that there. ET. For him. He's actually been fishing nothing but what struck feature of it should not over the reached an out violence there strictly on all those structures. And that suspending keep that growing. A tight line large shrimp almost -- line he's actually put the couple split shot. About a foot above the but he but he says the fish and holding an extra five to six foot -- he's that he's also the murder. A lot of important you want but definitely he's been doing it free line at. Piece that you don't there was with the court rebuke to frequently you'll get a bite. You go with a Carol -- it's on the bottom that you a lot of white at all act not supported. It -- pipeline and that magical need to know each that you -- -- one after another the key to highlighting. You know like gog try to about it except that the key is not to work that the -- -- -- -- wouldn't just like bill. Let it do its own thing in in looked real natural it is slowly ball looked. New -- Sony said that's that's when they're hit and it also -- important Q. Anchor up current of the rig should you don't want to you know pull up with a break up or something like that the weather cart and applaud your boat -- Marie. And -- -- -- and I waited it occurred to support you break away from the we structure where anchor. Up -- to where you can cast into the rigueur right off the -- and -- and let the Greek town Gilbert that current and a recipient of the rig so. -- actually good advice for our -- he's so out of the ripper probably would would pay dividends on the on the wet side as well. But you know it's it's not a horrible year by by most accounts but but it's certainly not the not the best. That will let doubled you'll be talking about for years -- console. You know sitting out I don't know they've gotten really I don't know RW -- -- -- couple weeks but you know we we obviously had a really nice July. Three a -- cold front came through in the month of July just count on her but it's it's almost played this summer. Once Carol return August to some -- woke up today art art limit our lap maternal -- it meant past few days described -- we got. More typical south Louisiana -- two you know that's you know that's gonna make stitched. You know not quite as well in the -- part today that is actually -- rich that you gotta get out there exit -- you don't get much 737 point. That's about it it's it's it's almost on -- quite so yet YouTube. If you act now to let the -- right now let's expect a target probably a little bit late in the game you you wanna get up early. I want to vote. Well for a sunrise and not an in run in the dark and get out there beyond all points for a -- that sunrise we don't -- -- a lot comic gets in the property that's sure. You know -- and talking about the inconsistency. In the oh you know the burst at times and worst of times in the you know I think most people's issue -- area that they get comfortable with you know they may finish just Shelby of in my fish grand now. And then not like you and I and we go to a lot of different places we try to get a lot of reports and cover the whole area and see the big picture and you see that you know maybe it's not so bad this is army's doing great that this will examine that. But to them that that that -- -- whole -- And things look real bad so right away anyone's thoughts and I really -- -- maybe reduce the limits would have saved the resource and that's the thing and they kind of get into a panic in think the biologists are pretty much the same way -- -- looking at the overall picture and in almost a start talking about cutting back limits I can't remember what it was but they said that. You really have to make some serious cuts to make any appreciable difference in. In savings and fish from being all of -- all oppression remember that some single digit number they came up with. You know that if you just went from one to fifteen point 51 you know fifteen that's not gonna do what you gotta go much much lower -- that and any appreciable impact. Actually died interviewed very fortunate that we -- courses the sort of street filed with the department's. That you -- that exact point -- You know it's six fish. That's the average. Speckled Trout hole. War in south Louisiana was sick fish per person that's it so. You know you've got that massive ports that are bought out there and in Poland and. Less than six and then you've got a few guys. Very few guys who are successful the Golan cats. It'll be -- limit for -- -- limits on the all on an average strips so yes -- you have to. Couple those -- down in the single digits to have any appreciable impact and that's what a lot of people don't realize and you know you met united. You know it yet it's inconsistent depending on the area and black value every -- are right that is positive that our enemies somebody's been do well a lot of fish. I get bombarded by emails from people in this spirit that not reproductive health check the more. About. That know this whatever it all right that story. You know the opposite extreme talking that it got in Arquette in anything on it. Pop art with pictures and everything else and people look at -- this same man has no problem at all we bring pilgrim. And it's it's just I don't know remember a year that -- bit inconsistent depending on -- efficient. I don't know what the scientists behind that you know we would -- that lively discussion this week about. You know what has caught the slope -- -- some areas and you know my personal opinion which you know. I can't land bet that the -- has which -- -- and put -- my opinion getting shot -- but some people put. You know it's the cold and then in Harry agreement that come out but he did say that this letter was called and not have a significant impact. You know whether or not it did you let them gonna say but he did say that it was cold enough and all and a significant impact. And that's really what I think is is the root cause it'll ultimately. What is going to hurt our insured salt water fisheries it's. But ought to be coastal erosion there's no question about that I know that in arguable that actually. Facts and you don't know why would say otherwise but in the short term what I think is set an impact. That the most significant impact this year it was the it was a cold -- the -- that the duration just I'll hold it got so wall. Those -- just didn't rock this -- and didn't grow well. Many parents you know we could have -- significant he'll likely any not I think you're just a war patrician. -- as time went along you lost a few this year you that they're not to mention the fact. That the fish which stacked up they were grouped in all the deep water areas. And then it was it was a a bounty of the winner met the district is so easy to catch him that are sitting duck. Board member of weeks and weeks and -- Brooke just kept it limits one after another easy easy pitch and stack up with boats. Same thing is true that Fiat CW and all over their body M Tokyo as well up a wall just -- vision. You take them any doubt it has an impact that's fewer bits that are Melbourne based on -- spread out the -- in the summer. That no permanent harm on you know nature will will collect -- Which that's on. Because that would for our staff are very peak and they produced -- more days than than the more just and support. I'm so there's no permanent -- and it's it's not like and we get serious issue that species. They'll recover but in the short term you do see it all up and a number of bits that are built we caught that spring and summer. Atlanta we're seeing now. Personally think it's going to be great all. -- spotty conditions this year I think in those -- as we talk about any problem actually broke really quickly. They'll be our principles -- many of them -- this ball Utley this also. You know nothing to to get all right about if we go you see in this in early bet that it may be something we need to look at quit -- -- anywhere near that yet. Todd I got a -- a 100% the weather has been the only thing that has been all encompassing all across the Louisiana cope some people pointing their finger at the BP oil spill. But areas that would not affected by the New York has had problems other species are thriving and doing well that should have been affected. Over fishing has been blame. That takes care of itself it's officiate they get a deal with finished. I think you hit an element it was a long cold hard winter and speckled Trout species have paid the price on -- and they're coming back. That's market. I think you're absolutely right I will say no C with tuna and that's all we're not -- later this year than hey you might have another -- next year but. I really think it's going to be a good ought to be proven wrong but I'm excited think about the other prospects as all should be really really good -- -- catalog up this morning. Both got Saudi from the seat back regularly. On the choker at Serbs but the date is not a superior alas you actually found he struck Troxel -- him -- out. What do you hear across the coast and also -- -- -- with a pattern where it's -- -- catch the fish yesterday. Also -- accurately their property is one of the it got there and that that you -- -- say available at the -- what the big -- -- about we've been kept equality at finish so talkative eat this -- not appear in the run it down to the lower end of the Barrett our basic jets and the whole aspect of trial on what it's not patterns don't ball we got -- O'Neal coming up Hedo is an avid. Like each league pocket train anger really efficient -- -- board and that area and catch and so -- haven't indecent except also catching some triple -- you know at that time a year and mortgage warm. I get a little bit salty air which camera that can happen here not quit the deal at some -- and it -- -- triple they'll get the scoop from him on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On account of it almost as strong among about a thousand against. If a kid -- do -- We've read here's a little bit yesterday morning in the -- Magnuson Stevens wrote reauthorization and coastal restoration about an hour -- -- so. Very good -- Jordan spent time with that group banned. I think I'm actually them on the right now I was told that -- -- The ship with the out all right so yeah agent slow going -- have you -- and in we're excited to be a part of the group we take anybody's money. Yeah I understand I understand you know. The L Chris thanks so much for joining us this morning and you're very welcome. Obviously -- you -- yesterday. You had a pretty decent spirit you know part arc arc in in the first segment about. How it's been such an inconsistent summer depend on where you bitch and you talk to and that would that you know are etc. some Gartner. As saying it's a pretty good somebody -- -- worst ever under -- You probably fall into that category of slightly below average is that that Europe. I think that's while. Words to me the worst ever and and and great. I'm the judge has been. One of those down slow years and you know if you take. Take that into consideration of how good it was last year the year or. But of course -- hurdles though we didn't really have. In the options and we didn't he couldn't really know what'll. -- it's -- a year you know what what position was like but. But you you know last year was security here for most beautiful -- was tremendous this year or us. So I can't. You know it. You can't just go out there Quechua beneficiary than normal water years that don't work that way there are like opens to the way these fish produce and the weather going to be with a good -- on. The this is one of those down years and it's all right we have an -- in the as well but yes and it was adventurous week. We didn't ever farms that one play will be you do civic yet forty that he had more spot we had to do some movement around which is not. Which is pretty typical this time a year and we want to get about forty -- -- trial. Mixed blocked -- in our officials in the had a real good time. Captaincy. So little last islands being pulled out tickets. Which was set concede that that still a lot of exploring -- they're -- search yesterday. Brian will criticize familiar pattern guy you like you let us analyze the pitching pattern what would you say -- -- of the keys to US success yet but it. Well you know. We stopped at debate and in outline brokers and the first was stopped and that that record Ireland and stop around a rock -- on the east and Iraq in this. I think a lot they made a little bit of a difference there have been a little caught about it doesn't fit you you know that would nights it will talk about it he'd pitched there. In about two hours. Water was thirty -- there and -- -- a lot they'd do a little bit of difference but as we've made it better way west water cleaned up a little bit. You know -- -- -- suspended weren't necessarily on the bottom and in part on the top. Egypt that I had to figure out where that word and after awhile they just moral problem and so. You know we got more efficient blog brokers on the Carolina remains were he would fight anymore. Almost Roland the quarter ounce -- head with a avocados -- Outfitted around the platforms about speak you know what starter edition were on the ticket to Mardi Gras a lot of tension. Several workers in the passage -- page as well plastic so it was a real well a lot of pattern. That they need is that. Got to play around with it and start to figure out with a -- morbid. Typical this -- -- -- -- reason revolt like he used what they approached this from a year most of them yeah absolutely happy that it there's so many other things out there with speckled Trout. There sure are there will read ish single lady ish you know big Spanish backward ball bounced up -- -- in that. Dare use that all the pieces. Not -- does that won't he would. The artificial baits but. But you much less you know widely that there will have thirty -- read British report campground short. Although all plastic -- -- you are you know fictional -- troop pullout grow. Yeah yeah absolutely right no doubt about -- -- -- and the pickets and you know of course that it is bitterly. That it's two separate struck you got the group -- things that are off the the other main -- also got the other rig some people call it. 126 -- and call -- with. What he what that he says that it's it's you know you got she somehow less pilot pulled out you mean -- the -- apology talk about the pilot associate with the re a what what what situation now. Well the group of violence once and for all a little bit of the east. 26 -- pretty -- all of call on the barge. Without their work in the there's about reset preserve violent level. These three individuals Spansion. And everything else strong. Pretty -- is still intact there was there was -- board work there or all night fights well that. So I can't imagine that it's going to be -- -- too much longer to. You know data out there we saw. You know a couple of other captains who were who were up their kitchen. The customers we obviously impeached remotely popular spot there was no war on votes. Try to issue that is area where there were -- island now. You know the word is over the last week it's stupid can some finish there but obviously all that activities during the bottom of the department. That's gives them the pleasure out of there -- some of the -- well. The others also in part -- bottom you can see on the phone on the depth missiles show -- track spoke. Bob -- the -- -- there. Even before they committed but the injuries to replace that area but. But you know just set the you know -- the captain that we finished with yesterday never -- -- before. Well we got out there he just unit was visibly sat at. This is favored this spot you pulled apart and you know. Our runner articles were opposed language magazine a couple of months ago about. You -- -- our Baltimore beat nova fishy grandma and how. Margaret about experience over the last -- -- -- five years is really good shape being able to access. The twenty block routes and and go out there -- catch limit fish catch meg groups dapper and having that you know. The added to the troops that we make down there that the group gets speckled Trout. And how difficult it would be -- out that it would be for me to go out there when they had not seen those rates there. Talking imagine that you know protest you finished with that it's. That it it just very very sad thing that you have favorite -- but pupil well. -- you know at all -- the federal our idol our policies that you know this Alter the structure that is has put up needs to be deconstruct it records. That song and no longer being used and you know all won an action I can understand such policy but you know you look at what. Grows on all re and it's it's you know it's so upset you -- that. See like that it is being destroyed by I think in the report that opera ecological and environmental and take into account they can see what's above the surface and to them it and I sort as anglers it looked like but. You know what when he optics company environmentalists actually you'd take it out she liked it's grown but I would day. With their overall mission is just to stick -- in oil properties are here and -- and so that's probably that's and so on and so. Yeah I think you're absolutely right you know there's that public this week and a lot of reporters at the pick you disorder on at about. -- you know restored golf you like to what was in completely eliminating that the Greeks reap program. And that it's just it's just unfortunate. Your body can take that mindset. You know obviously your top Louisiana as anglers we re. We but certainly gotten used to let the -- at all destruction little about the it looked beautiful -- On it to a lot of the year and haven't got a question Bible Chris what is going on. Legislatively -- -- -- -- follow well on enough to -- as well on the state level and I think we need to be aware of. Well you know restore it Magnuson was the work it towards the reauthorization. Mac about a big word is that. We -- got late in the game here read -- an election year there's several -- -- and how he obviously. It is an honor that we kept a senate seat of election -- well you know election. You know that's normal across the country and with those races being undecided. You know this is this is Carol that the that the armed men want to shut down their own recess right now for mall. There's been a lot of time in their districts meeting with constituents. A lot of we're going to be campaigning. They're not gonna take a piece of legislation. Likely before the end of this congress so. As we suspected. Earlier this year even that also is considered. Or even have a house that regents committee -- that -- version of Mac and that we didn't particularly in light. It doesn't look like the ship it has got to work on the bill. This year that we may be surprised that they may take you know a time when they come back from recess but they get at this point it looks more like next year. The positive news is that the senate version without there being circulated right now. Contains a lot more provisions and a lot more recommendations. During a recreational fisherman a double life. Said many thousands more Magnuson has virtually no recognition of back recreational fishing unit right now. There's really no recreational fishing policy federal waters. That the congressman that no follows. And so who. It looks like not only is is no working to develop a policy on recreational Richard. There are also looks like it looks like it's hit it including several provisions recommendations being made about recreational fish. Immunity on how to -- federal law. -- -- -- credit for those who listening in has an ordeal would Magnuson is real quickly what's what they care. Well that is David that is is the overalls. You know it is he over -- federal law that manages it shouldn't travel walkers and and that includes. Pretty much everything that we -- wore out honestly water's including red snapper. Including you know ever Jack. King tackles Spanish mackerel. Two and that you and David. Immediate impacts in the end and and that's something in their two like essential Tricia Abbott -- Economic aspect -- socio economic expect Beijing. It's not just simply about managing -- talking about managed fishery and the fisherman and it and it's largely been almost upon pursue it. That's been focused on commercial fishing. And so what we'd like to see and we've been working -- With CC day in separate groups preparation in the national marine manufacturers association American sport -- association. And I think we have some people Roosevelt occupation or ship is getting more provisions. Dealing with -- The commerce aspect of the cultural aspects of recreational fishing inclusion in that legislation. Absolutely very very important stuff outside -- Milwaukee on in the week for a lot of people -- but not more important than nominal -- -- -- Our fisheries regulations that Chris will quickly -- Seattle web site might want sport relation but organization. Let me go to New York CP dot org. With product fisheries page you can read our report on the -- Mexico one. On what we're working on right now with some more corporate groups Egypt projects submitted to restore council. To make our fisheries better more sustainable. Better Abbott and you can also that they look at report on on on -- -- even our vision. For managing America's saltwater recreational fisheries it's it's on our web site as well. Check out our law we got a lot of fishing information on our blog. It's secret web site worked for the organization. No doubt about it -- -- -- opera thanks a lot we appreciated. That. All right thank you Chris. And -- calls him classic -- on court tickets to the southern sportsman's festival expo presented by super shabby deal was in the home builders association of greater new wall ones that deal Larry Elson are August 15 through seventeenth. These -- third call -- 2606368. That's 260. 6368. To June 3 call you win in the family pack of four tickets. To the southern sportsman's festival in Mexico Todd we -- captain Wayne Zimmerman joining us now -- thanks for joining in this morning. -- guys that morning. Yeah Elaine thanks so much and -- we thought a bit more about how to respect what Roberts he's been bitterness panel where you finished. But it seems like for you to get in recent days that a lot more -- that right. It this -- I say that. What what what's -- key you know obviously you here's the area he could run and chew on gets in the lower but the -- please stand -- -- -- Well this week just hit it about every day on the beach by -- -- awful shock. Right bottle and they're really long are out could be chant get out there early it also helped. Right are you on another that -- grouped up in any particular area today you -- -- Chicken movement speak and we'll let alone what's what's been the pattern. -- a lot of. -- little regard. What I'm doing right now I'm looking -- it pretty green water that's been coming on the beach lately he can't find it pretty green water. Is full blast man that planning mullet. And the -- a tropical right against the strain on the beach. That's that an area that a lot of people ignore a lot of this kind of botnet that that error by those beaches burnout particularly good first thing in the morning. I would have you been broadly. It doesn't seem to merit apparently been torn plastic -- that -- Plastic -- rig on the bottom. Little small so postpone. It didn't seem to Merriman could sit back. They were looking for it to mean it could be you got here. Right so late yen and buying it I've been all been exclusively that our initial bite you at everything -- there are -- from. That's that's really encouraging really -- the year. I assume you watching -- -- a whole lot of the matter -- that that's -- beetle one thing that that people are saying even though there's. Berries and struggling not -- a lot of trial they are still seeing a lot of beat I'm assuming that the -- on the beach. It you senior -- on the beach but which could not seen part it'll watcher. It's a lot glassware is mullet and bogeys in not seen my term at all and I think that's -- Partly as a lot of people want their dorm life where. Any particular situation attractive to the occasion there. And people are like little silver spoons are plastics that look like manners you're doing a whole lot there. Very very ancient language would precedent like down there and you've been seeing a lot of those speeds and better as well. What can it look like parking lot out there but -- week. You know you can't run the spread out out there and get a little quiet spot to fish. And every now and again -- come up and down -- -- can't -- you didn't. You know pretty good friend if there. And if you want to pick -- -- follow the bird. You know this -- picture out. Right write lies about that stuff what a great reports of that area and not think Conrad -- just don't have a lot of people. I've actually been headed out their first thing in the morning -- you he and he read on the way back in. Yeah we didn't turn -- if you read right. Director to really excel bill. You really sponsor efficiently so well. That it would note that visit that typically outlook -- it -- -- -- -- lucky to quote I'm thinking you that you almost even like this and this you know the big schools that what. Well we are big schools in the past couple is that -- stand down. Yet at school Patricia there. What's what with -- put that -- -- people that up maybe obviously out forwards and they look out or what area should focus on. Well armed with a clean water is like alcohol. Can get and Gary -- did not going to be anywhere else. You defiantly or in your -- and grant. Putting out tomorrow and kind of hanging out over -- directors are right underneath the. Okay what you growing up that are captive. -- -- -- Colts lose a giggle a little. And our schools schools storming to a mullet cut dormant any kind of week -- -- Beijing protection around. And that's -- -- graduation hanging out. Right what we're about what about the competition -- there are a lot of people got word about the only child or buy it. Yeah there are more control friction there there's. There's water in both are they any given day. Right that didn't blame what do clout what about -- the more northern barrack are at Bay Area you know late all government read and -- -- and all -- as any this does that speak up and other you have a little doubt each. -- -- Pretty much. Right on the backside and -- and the -- -- remarkable actually. While Abacha. Is it not been on that note that the trial in the -- -- it -- so there you really disputes now toward the island. And maybe the reach right back and they even take about Specter. Well you know the good news but this week domino like the -- -- going to be down certainly -- communicate this week interval when we will that will be a look at out west but you know a little bit like west -- that -- -- for the current dollar area. So good stuck. Should be in store for this week as well lately so -- in -- what yet but let ego get on hot. PI which is always a lot of -- not in the region. Early in you know a couple of -- used -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- India's on the web site -- with -- dot com or FaceBook app can oral shellfish -- All right we'll get up thanks so much -- I got decked out from march. All right you angles lines in America and congratulations to Scott Walker -- once more tickets to the southern sportsman's festival in expo presented by the super Chevy dealers in the home builders association -- -- -- on August 15 through seventeenth at the -- real senator. Listen Korean next chance to win that next hour -- good luck from the station love Louisiana's great outdoors three W well. -- we're now joined by captain he told Neil Vito thanks for joining. They are you don't. Go well billion thanks so much we get up early with the sport and we don't know yet the other the week thoughts you've got and quite a bit of -- in this week with what did you spot and you focus on the but they're out of slide out you know I usually pocket train in league board and -- it will be -- Internet this year but not onslaught on the pictures that look like you did pretty well. Yeah him. How do we -- almost every day this week at all only one date limit -- And that was are used all pop or all one by Kamal what top. Addresses days -- went there it was hit or miss which has been. Like they're all here this year barely rarely ever -- oh limit which you're past our limit up pretty much -- on the that would have better. Right you know yet some some errors are down this year that's for sure and that they'll all areas as well that's not been quite as good you know a lot of people think it was sort of the issue that the -- certainly has been. And not hold a lot of -- this year -- number of reasons for that but. You know that Eastern -- port area that that that that you focus on obviously the farther -- you go there yet you get some good salty water. If you've been seeing a lot of -- that area. Yeah a lot of very. Most CO mullet I have been seeing a lot storm. Call. League pitching -- Thompson then all the news. Number I'm not sure of the brewers I'm not trying to look for them and he. In the past. We could have been going out there and burst out in -- on twelve stroke every single one of which you're. In the gate Euro 1214 dorm room but not want to comment -- -- out that. I will be you know -- pocket -- in general as there a -- -- dead zone not many are all year in an area it would. And eastern late border area you bogus argued he would any trip at all. Barely -- -- rarely -- you can burst out and out there but when you go to little bodies to feed shrimp jump at all on its side and the one I've been seeing a ball in rural small -- rubric trip out this year. But -- is going to be the fresh water just. -- an area. Right right well you know people -- -- at area one -- except that if you -- trial. What do you think that you're focused on it didn't you look clean water that quietly look -- you look all the above what. Yeah I would -- or shell BP shelled by one point or cause that's why I was injured model shoulder. And then all understood the point. Q school model stop the top order record but lucky ship earlier. I -- out there when you start out and then the byte -- so quick -- them when the problem boycott outdoor beard behind. And that would at dodger dog would pop the -- if you could. -- -- intercepted that we could think it should also earlier out there. Yeah I think that's that you everywhere right now yet it's certainly got hot the past few days so get louder please crucial that got. Sleep -- open it it will law until lately and it really really handicap themselves themselves no doubt about it. Our will be done and you've also been -- -- -- you triple they're on the up and you like view is that you're you're definitely targeting specifically on those. Are crap trap -- or -- you just spot and it to late prop original let. Really -- about that on obviously that that easily caught brain areas where the circle they'll concentrate and you know a lot of god would just run -- trap believes in and looked -- and it's it's an interesting way to finishing. I don't happen every year but I know will be a call one the other day that -- memory serves correct but he can count the so. Soviets in the final with a pattern it's. Yet. And those you know people need to be aware we have not had limits on those school while people like -- track doctors he -- on -- one and from years past I've been having much GPS and a lot of those are all. So there have been big -- all the records signed contracts in the water. And it's been. Every class grow up only advocates in water and or respond more than one the other dale and art scored the biggest one ever -- -- -- pounds. It was sitting there and then the other thing you know meet up last -- ought not to audit the -- those. Sometimes it's been -- -- target in the final -- they. Promote the all white hope all. It being like that the one that actually break them bite. Yet at that -- indicated a really tough to get on on all of our classic and you scroll -- -- bill and they they just can't resisted really brilliant what is it. Yeah you argue you just -- at all in. Or are you actually approach and he's their lack. Traps and the -- and really look at -- you just there's going on on full throttle. Yeah I'm -- o'clock one come out and our -- thought about -- he did you know good distance if they don't screw. And then I'm just going right by him and then though. Said it's been a point call one strip -- -- for meters Ohno could you know after you experience you don't know. Summary ran those things before you. The main thing you don't know to minority came up to describe just Aureus or Florida. It's Parker says there's no corporate partners don't have to prep drops out despite just -- -- I don't know the grabbed. A disadvantage trip mr. it looks like yeah. And a dog and some bad reports of that the crab catches in the late but fortunately -- it -- -- not to be at all you know question about it. I will veto what about water clarity and -- notes very very important we're targeting those tripled their outlook clarity and good. Well this week all every data out to him and it's been excellent buy cheap for fox put down their bent. The last publicly to Wear -- -- just you know there's so I am on the last few days. I don't know what it looks like now -- all week it's -- it's beautiful out there. -- at the very get obviously some protects an east wind which you're really expose on the West -- not that are not popular do in the west -- but. -- -- BO thanks so much -- join -- then -- get it back to work this week out. Yeah nothing it's miserable and at acted -- -- used the person on rebate because there was no audio. More envoy to write about the different the Vermont that there that we definitely it is thought that is somewhat -- we appreciate it I got into treatment well. It is thanks again and so it's not what you got going on this weekend. I actually what army is that elevates what -- out. This eating goldfish the appellate body on legal -- -- the lock and I -- have a sneaking suspicion -- -- crowd. -- they are there even though a lot of money aside but I think that at least -- -- vote this evening. Beatrice will be looking for it to you report I'll tell the folks at Louisiana -- writers association -- for you over this are you gonna miss it. Yeah I don't tackler this week -- -- elegant orbit commissioning and so word or it. I Todd great show as usual see you back again 7 AM next set him. Care what the plan that somewhat. All right coming up in our 8 o'clock hour we start off with a special guests might -- -- is to promote growth. The southern sportsman's festival and expo comes -- Larry -- and -- -- team also really good chance to win that another family four pack of tickets. And will be talk -- Harry launch at them biology program manager recapping the Wallace and fisheries commission meeting. And also is of -- talking eleven Maher -- -- -- lawless polished was not a great deal late coming up Lucas's the new. Waiver on RC do -- possibly one of those four wheels the upcoming when he sees all that coming your way it's the final power of a four hour block programming. Are right here on three WL it's called moral to be right back after this NBC sports update.