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Aug 9, 2014|

This Saturday Don talks to the producer of the Southern Sportsman Show Mike Zalaznik. Also, Don gets an update on the most recent Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries meeting from Harry Blanchet.

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From three WL. All -- -- food and fun. It's more outdoors with Don Dubuque. They're talking about hunting fishing and all the things we love about the great outdoors. Culled through six -- 6368. That's 2606368. Board to hold free at 8553956368. Now -- euros Bora Bora outdoors. -- -- -- Well welcome into. Our fourth and final hour -- for our blog about programming coming up this week in Abidjan on side. The -- program manager of the Louisiana department -- and fisheries Harry shed these recap what went on the wallet and fisheries commission meeting. Those few regular listeners know that the first Saturday of every month on the of course sometimes second depending on -- the wildlife and fisheries commission meeting falls they. Not a whole meanings on the first Thursday of each month and Baton Rouge and knowing it's difficult people take off from work in -- in Baton Rouge. We kind of recap the highlights we keep in touch with an actual wildlife and fisheries commissions. Will be joining us useful law. But before we do that we have a special guest joining us Mike's last -- joins us with the southern sportsman's festival in expo that's going to be coming to -- aerial senate next week it -- thanks for joining. -- And Mike and thank you for putting on the show this is certainly welcoming. Did that come in this area ever since the sportsman show that was held in the dome in the -- left and moved out of town has been as big void in the metro New Orleans area for. A full blown out -- -- -- this hunting and fishing and camping cooking in voting in that. So it's really going to be nice to have this come back in ten minutes apart the time especially with the hunting seasons rattled energy. Yeah absolutely we you know we don't really excited chuckling back there that simulate that we have -- -- in here are supporting roles -- and how -- Katrina. Yeah aren't. We're we're getting should he did very well we got good. Great -- out there and everybody who really. Israel -- and in the senate this going to be a combination indoors outdoors. Accurate job. Or we got the media to show. It's brought in by the super Shelby you'll agree to work because without them there actually -- and build an off road track outside. It and you can you know you're gonna be struck their ship we shall probably opera. We -- -- There will be due out in Gotti who we're going to be doing some crap. Put that are out there who can out so so. Retriever trading week. That Texas should train. Latin and retriever and should be -- to double -- and that India there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's exciting also are is this going to be that -- to show where you can purchase merchandise and there's a lot of demonstrations. And hands on -- -- the kids which is wonderful but sometimes at these shows those hard to find items that you can't functional local tackle long running -- you can find that the ship. What. They'll be what you don't know what to tackle and -- appreciate your and so. Unique items should their side. There are things like it never -- job in target. But he's got a shot -- They actually have a target and knew we put on the ground should it. Is it actually joked what you should. We've got two other parent and fraud strike to capture blues that. Will we -- fractured. Water from speaker system. And try to work we've got to work cut in short jacket. You know something that's really kitchen on his side survivalist some and we see all these survivor TV shows that thing is getting really big. Yeah brilliantly got so we get a push crop -- -- -- -- -- dollars and it and they're going to be good numbers on survival training but also. Just. Repair. That nobody in their food. Yeah. He survive in the world that you you know should things go -- -- extra ordinary extra popular. Out of work. Always good to know. You know -- event would be complete in south Louisiana without a little food little music and I guess that's what the festival pointed comes in what entertainment's going to be out there and what's going to be on -- in the menu for those who would like to get a bite to eat. What we've got a lot. If the big mistake to -- opinions on the stage all weekend starting by the she and they emerging artists. They'll also -- Friday that superstar in the world. That we got musical weakened. Saturday and so they all day. I'm sure we'll get have a beer garden call by age we're gonna all -- of chewed up there reading a true brought. To your traditional. True open and and that -- -- repeat that in everything in between. You know very important part of our -- spears news Louisiana residents and others is is cooking fish and game and you can have one of my folks not that big green -- I am -- girls call me you know that. They say they're really art. -- it's an amazing. Looking to win and we're going to be giving away from contractors Disco or that donated eight. A big green take -- on its its withdrawn there's there's no. There's no sheet registry which they had -- Cooker they're going to be you know we're going to be doing cook call out there this weekend. So you look at you know who come. Well. Very good -- -- talk with -- the last snake he's -- the directors with the southern sportsman's festival in expo presented by you shoot the Chevy dealers won't build association of greater new -- coming to the allow aerial senate next August 15 through the seventeenth it's Friday Saturday Sunday Mike if you would give us to show hours each day and what is the price of admission. I don't get your body armor for eight or a weekend out for fifteen. And show our audience -- to eight. And Saturday at ten to eight. And so it is it is six and you get more popular than at www. -- the sports and sensible -- I carry anything we missed. Not at all that a lot of in due we got our current or. More. Anybody it's opened -- -- -- -- up -- -- -- would relational weapon electorate. And I'll be out they'll look for senior Mike thanks so much -- Villa beach. -- that is -- the last equities of the sportsman's -- -- about getting a chance to win in the family four pack the family you know once we got a month mission wanting thereof. We got a family pack of four will be held giving you the duck call signal match you'd call in. In you'll be winning family pack of four if your column of the -- listen for the -- those few regular listeners know that Saturday sometimes second Saturday of each month though we have someone from the department -- and fish sometimes secretary Robert moral. The times personnel who have information was regard suit. Certain topics and issues that would disgust at the commission meeting and it's kind of -- -- and keep you up to date what's going on. This week joining -- carrying machetes biologist program manager with the office of fisheries have a good talk with you again. Remark about. Anorexic -- that maybe hit some of the highlights for us on what was discussed that this month's commission meeting in that. Well it was a long agenda. So I don't quite know where to start. But. Typically. Historically. All this commission meeting has always them. Commission meeting where we. The ball strapped city in the insure currencies and pass that was. Topic that had a lot of discussion list I'm. And they ended up. Spreading it to -- yen on Monday August the eighteenth. That is. It would be. Remote areas east. The chapel -- river can opener at 6 PM. On Monday the -- and left of the chapel liar it's one half hour before sunrise on the eighteenth. Primarily due to reduce from their current operational procedures -- in their current regulations. Impact western part of this. So. That was a little bit later than where we protect that there aren't the be ready. -- that increase -- payment where. When people wanted to go let them. A little bit more broke on candles perhaps come out with a little bit my exercise stress on -- opening that. All. So -- those folks that are -- at the end. Picking up some that branch. In short trip. That that's certainly triple available right now. But as you know it though is that that collection truck. Right after that opening date so that that opportunity. For people to allow extra step up its. Good spread trade expert on a netbook pot. All the other thing that kind of day. Regular either. August or September is setting the season's. For the public -- -- -- Now that doesn't affect a whole lot of recreational. Boats but it does. Have a game now. Indication of availability. Of some of those resources in the market. Are home. Some of this -- grounds will be open on September 3 that's going to be put it in purposes only that not. Market. Polish church. And on Monday October the twentieth. In as we can see. Areas will be open. -- Monday October 20 is when. Several of the remaining areas are open. But the harvest. Jack question or are restrict -- public market. Is the second Monday. In October. So that's the twelfth. So at that point the -- situations. Or pictures coming on. From. Public question go. On a twenty at some additional. Or pictures. Areas would be open and the last area to the open. Is the west pro portion -- help push you late. That will be 27. And. That is going to be the only portion cal efficiently it'll be open the eastern side will remain closed. Or an additional -- See there is one difference and that. In many of the public -- sure grounds. This year that we'll actually be a sacrament. Normally if there's basically it's opened a harvest and that is yet. The district that would be it academic or -- coming to market. Typically. If these -- provoked. The end to of the areas in and terrible parish. It was the forty sacks purple and and the -- coal. Al surely it would be and -- herbal. Now that area historically. As. Smaller Jack Lemmon and as. Is is unable the bylaw that goal of 25 sacked provoked by. And that conditions that are in the calculate carrier right now they wanted to. -- debt limit relatively low. Are there were. A couple of an additional. Things that were on the agenda that would kind of unusual. And like you got a question you wanted. Only handle about one on either. Which just one thing on the -- kind of a sideline. I saw something where John suppan has been work internal history search for a long long time. Was talking about some type of accelerated growth rates oysters you -- I don't know what that was all about. Com -- haven't seen that discussion. I note that what. He has been doing. He has he has been ethnically is take. Your after years four and only sure you get up the market -- There are ways -- you Chad. Yet or teacher perhaps -- the market size and a lot of it has to do. We're using either alternative. Archer culture rapids. Off or -- Using some. Genetically modified oysters basically reported. Well pictures which -- broke -- so I don't know which of those techniques it was talking about what are some. There are some things on the horizon that maybe. That's just the oyster industry in getting. Product -- so. America. Well what else was discussed of interest -- Well probable that some of your guys. There was a discussion of possession limit for saltwater recreational fish landed at forty. This is kind of a test case. You know 48 is a facility that. Is quite remote. Patent. Is you know people might stay there are several decades. And they go back. To. I like and so this -- now. There was their requests. That we look at the potential. Or helping people be able to transport. Several days production -- Back to land at that if they had been fishing out of this -- each facility. So. There is maybe. Any I notice of intent at all. That basically lays out. How you could. Transport page. Back to land from forty. And it would require. Essentially that there -- due out Eddie -- all. Any -- receipt arteries slip rattle -- -- documentation. From the forty facility and it shows that the fisherman has actually been blocking -- docking. At the forty. Facility. And then pretty. -- -- The an agent. On duty here and provide care for inspection. And that agent would certify that this species and size -- parliament are all being adhered to. Patent. The 48 facility Arabs. And now all requests. And staffing from -- department. With that in -- aren't noticed. They're having. They rubio or something like that where they would expect. A lot of activity. Ticket requests. That the department. Sent from step. For that purpose. But -- each again. Each day's. -- Would be kept separate it would be tagged it would be more are kind of similar to the what you would do lists like docs or something like that. Where you might have out. You know. Year. Each individual's. -- would be -- in that -- the beat each daily and it would be okay. And so and then you could only be in possession. Of the -- that you at harvest it. Oh we're up there at those three days the man. -- it doesn't get -- an opportunity. You get. To date it are treating them. Back to assure. And -- Again that this is about them that. It kind of adequate trial and error that states that are worked out. And. I think at this time next here we have the report are. Does the commission. On how they'll. Let that really. Kind of new and different. Yeah certainly as I can ever recall -- issue or you know the requested. That before -- -- -- needs and in the can be accommodated you know let's go forward. Well that's it's kind of one of those things where. All that was the requests from facilitate. You know -- But a lot of time and effort rebuilding their they'll facility. And. It was considered and I and brought up at the mission thought about it and then at a. Very fair amount of discussion and we've got a lot of public comment. Primarily in the sport. The concept. And. Well. We're in Indonesia -- -- -- it -- -- it -- -- the you know. I'm not uncertain I've been making our prediction in terms of how it might. Work. One other thing on the salt water size. Recently that department and. -- -- An area are several different areas that has remained close. That commercial fishing. And fit in any kind of recreational fishing. Other than angling -- article. And that that was. All. Basically you know there's a portion of -- very Kerry debate. Around Beijing rebate at T. There was. Area -- but delta. And the area around. -- here Ireland and around Elmer Allen the shell beach. So. And these are prepared carriers pay that they Jimmy Page -- -- area. At area which we -- one except. That there -- any 100 yards offer from any shore lot. So. That would mean. You can still recreational. Me. -- -- Withstand a hundred yards but things like recreational scrap trap -- creation -- trolling. It prohibits it would then act hundred yards while. Are sane thing for those people that have commercial or surely the and that area. They would not be able to harvest within a hundred yards. Of any existing -- All of. Mean. But he. -- but you know. We looked at that and we really did not see a reason. Or. Doing anything other than to just reopened -- all of the waters. Within the bird but failed -- network currently close. So there was no buffer around any shoreline in the -- but don't. -- here are on there at the end. Essentially. -- -- To do that brand here island closures. There was. East grand a year and west -- here and he. Well Brett -- that's the island it's not the sport and the old long life and ensuring ample. And as voters vote on the gulf side and -- they -- The -- site closure woods completely removed. That go side closure. They are currently being a one quarter mile buffer. So that. All. Recreational fishing and all commercial fiction. Could occur Siewert that. One more remarkable for what. But between the quarter mile buffer and shoreline. Only recreational angling her charitable angling for that car. On the -- -- each there was not -- -- closure it was only entity. Golf site closure and I think that was moved back so it was just maybe one quarter buyout offer from shore. The same thing occurred. At the homers and bush. In that. There existing closure was moved back so that it was yours one quarter mile off for. All of that shoreline. All the so that the world all it significantly reduce that what brand. At the closed areas that are remaining. Front Deepwater Horizon oil spill. I am sure that that all those regulations in designations donations can be found on the department's web -- -- actually do. We we Arab a special page -- that there's. You go to art. WW that got the LF dot LA got. Then put slash oil spill. All you can get all of a map. You can get all of. -- still holds all of what you can and can't do that I all of news releases describing all of that. I'm a little bit history. There you know. It's something that we've been working on -- Why why. Right -- anything else that came out of that meeting we need an album. Well on the on the fresh water side they figured I'd. Presentation. I don't know how many people in the audience. -- -- water reservoirs. But certainly in central and ardently yeah. We have a lot of man may grant the borders. And one of the major. Management measures that gets taking care of with those current report that they need it brought out. Add. When we think about. What -- draw the -- Italy. Is. It it can create. So if that is often contentious. That it's maybe some areas so you know it got a boat dock maybe your boat dock without sitting on I am. Column. You're you've got out of its mind stretching out front at the beach near the boat launch may or may not be usable that he. -- late may or may not be fissionable. What draw downs are intended to do. Is that kind of mimics. What goes on in nature. When you -- a river system where you've got high water and water pump up the menu that low water or goes out. And one of the things that this is it provides a good deal of control of -- quite that. Especially Summers and education. And you know too much. Vegetation. Is not necessarily that it is also well. You know that thing up and now also does a pretty good job of stranding. Some of your voting vegetation like you're water hi -- that your. -- Albania and then it can impede. But track. Binary and those of quite a dispassionate -- in terms. Of laying out why they do it. I'll I'll. You know so all of these things are. Our regular schedule and so. Excited. Landowners might be able that schedule when they want to do repairs on their boat docked and such like that. And sometimes it's. There are. But what do we are actual. Mandate C. -- -- vegetation. Approaching a certain level that they would. Initiate a draw down to help control that and some of them. Or. -- special place. There is any out there before and just. Took over management of a late call policy break up then. Very ardently yeah and they're doing it totally renovation and taking in -- justice. Motivate possibly. Doing a lot of -- now putting a bunch of -- -- -- I'll. There's a whole bunch of construction work that would be a lot more expensive but -- was the oval. Who. And basically doing our best to really enhance that or Korea or recreational. So it was a good presentation. And and -- folks that are especially interest that they should some of those are we get -- to help explain. Why they might though some. There would be a different water level now. And quite some of the people would be. Having. Very good -- carry any idea when we would get on next update on saltwater species. It should be coming up in the next few months I would think. Well in terms of saltwater species talking about stock assessment stark assessment. We we are working on several stock assessment right now. We're doing updates to rhetoric from Manhattan's -- Trout are assessments. Also. Because next years -- fifteen. There -- horror. For species that are legislatively mandated. To be updated then that's our problem sheepshead. Southern founder and strike while. And so those would be those last four. Would probably be building to the commission the presentation. -- feb. We don't have a firm date. Or win the red Drummond spotted she trial. Are going to be completed. But we are working on them and we may have been done. Well for that I thought it would be if we can make -- presentation -- commission it would be announced in the agenda. Which has publicly -- All right very good Harry thanks so much for Dillon in for secretary bomb we appreciated and don't look forward to our next visit. No problem topic here. All right Barry -- said the program manager. -- biologist with the office of fisheries. And Lazio got called let's -- Q if you want to win four tickets of the sudden sportsman's festival expo presented by the super Chevy dealers and home build association of great wall Wednesday. These -- third caller to call. 2606368. Cents to 606368. If you call a number three you -- now some buddies or your family will be able to attend the spokesman's festival in expo come into the real aerial sent August 15 -- seventeenth to sort of Mike's alas they can and be a great show and welcome it's time to do it. If you honor fisherman camper archer. There's going to be some of their forties so give us call and good luck to right dug up some items that tell you about that's also coming up that's not going to be the only thing taking place of the house of the sportsman's -- course that's gonna -- that the -- -- a bit. Also gone on a grand -- you may have heard us talking about this earlier I was talking to my buddy. -- -- yarn about this he's with the volume calls kayak fishing club. There's going to be that ride the bowl. Five the extreme kayak fishing rodeo. This thing has gone from zero to well -- hero is the largest kayak fishing tournament in the world. And probably will break its own record this year it -- although there at the bridge side marina on common out of past. On August 15 that'll be Friday they'll be captain's dinner and they have what they call the calm water film festival. And the way this thing goes is the largest bull reds finished its landed weighed in released from a kayak on the panel -- that winners. At any rate puts this thing Japanese charter captain. And you can visit his website -- calm water charters. That's calm water charges dot net slash ride the bull and the reason they call it that is you hook up. The on those bull red -- and we talked in red fish anywhere from. 15253540. Plus pounds. That fish is gonna drag kayak up and down common not a past. And is quite a sight to behold that was seen -- it is someone described it's like someone took a box of crayons and dump them. In to a bowl walk all the different bright colas that she's the only guy acts taken part in the isn't. That's gonna be a lot of fun hopefully they'll get some good -- it's going to be you know also taken place next weekend. I I just came back by the way from all Alaska if you heard Marshall last week -- a great time there aren't competition lodge. -- Poland and Ralph crystal ball holes we put this together this idea almost a decade ago and you know he said the only thing people from Louisiana would like official -- -- do you kitten. And is really grown in the sultan very popular very nice in the had a great trip that thing about it you get real break in the weather. That's cool element and see -- pulled up right now and find out what the temperatures. In the also got no Alaska. Last week at some lows in the forties well it's warmed up a little bit. Looks like right now it's 54. Degrees. And the higher expected today is going to be. Around in 78. May be set these high 60s70. And for some reason even those a lot of water around there and glaciers. And humidity stays -- there. Another strange thing about it is the hours of daylight. It it's daylight let's say I left Wednesday morning to come back and three dollar drop in 1990 peninsula. We left Alaska time 2:30 in the morning. End and it's about 330 quarter to four it was light enough to shoot ducks. And it did not get dark the night before until after 11 o'clock. And I'm talking about that twilight -- really only -- really talk for just a couple of dollars in the -- mean it makes -- -- long days. Anyway if you missed out and you've been thinking about going to Alaska this is a great way to do it. For your first visit there Ralph crystal what he does. As he puts together a combination of trips not knowing what type of fishing you might lie to you coming -- taste of all. You get to do a fly out jump on the seat plane which is a a common method of transportation over there and they fly you out to the river. And you fish salmon mug with a piece over a seminal Red -- guys depending on the Tom year inflation going. -- also some float trips where you finishing honest very swift river. It's like and nine mile trip through the canyon. Viewing while life while you're going. There's also. A combination -- in this is a multi species. And it's out of the port town of Seward. Which is kind of and the line down and it actually opens up in two resurrection bay and then from resurrection bay into the Gulf of Alaska. And you start off vision force of the salmon. They're moving into the fjords as what they call those passes its rocky cliffs in this. Lots of bird life -- -- and calmer on some eagle season. And turns in a number of different bird species and while you're there you likely to -- porpoises and occasional whale. -- loaded with those big play equals the honors and then as some rocks that just covered up with sea lions and seals. That's perfect scenery and backdrop that you efficient for the silver salmon. Then if you catch limit which is about three per person and that pretty big these things will run anywhere from. Three pounds on output to about twelve so getting a lot of salmon there. Then you move out into the bay in the gulf in stock catching what's called -- called rock fish. Conner looks like our group and if you wanna see a picture of Tacoma website at pictures -- most all these species. And that's down the outdoors guy dot com look on the radio photo. In -- -- gets you into a gallery of photographs that we took. And you catch the rock fish symbol of sue. Efficient snapper I mean you can use date that the ought to officials -- big Jake heads you know about it two rounds -- In which Indonesia floating over underwater mountains. In the depth might go from 15100 feet to about maybe three of four to 500 feet. In when you're passing over those mound that's where the fish are stacked up and that pretty aggressive. One of the deliberately sought after species you -- in that same memories of these Ling cod. Which kind of looks. Somewhat like a lemon fish but it's kind of like around us forest lane and they looked prehistoric. Fullest sharp spines and -- But a very delicious fish actually to me is very very delicately -- Minimum size on those is like 33 inches and be pretty good -- to call one of those elements who would trip this year. In other years we've we've completely limited now. One thing that we did fears that I haven't finished morons who would before was we actually made halibut. And we ended up catching a full five personal limit of halibut which is to hand. One of those was extremely large a 121 pound and that's not close to a record in these things the record -- forward. But once you get them into that hundred pound class 1890 common and they call shooters actually have to shoot the fish. They get it into a condition where you can actually put in the -- safely. That was a lady there are named Denise who came along on occasion invasion. When the rod went off when we gave girl -- she was up. She fought the fish for -- she was getting pretty worn out. Decided to offered tag team relief and she went -- all went on the rod brought the bishop closer. Gave the route back to her the fish came up to the ball took more line on drag. Got back on the fish and put her back on the finished. Brought it up captain shot the footage got a definite and took bravest of sling it over the side of the Bolton the rest of it was stuffy place in the -- That was probably the outstanding finish but we did get some others in that good 2030 pound range. That was one of the trips and then the next day went right back on the Gulf of Alaska a place called points. And when you watch this on paradise Louisiana upcoming TV show won't be on this -- of the on the following week. You Tennessee boats being launched by tractors. In -- reason for that. They have as much as twenty to 25. Foot tied ranges so if you built it back down ramp. There's going to be times when it would be completely submerged and other times -- it would be on trial. So what they do -- they have a couple of tractors parked out there. And you just pull up you vote on the trail -- -- from the truck they hook you up on the tractor. Attractive backs you out to -- find water no matter how far out they got a -- -- And then when you come back images reversed you give them a call and you Telemar be there in five minutes detractors got the trailer in the water back down in -- that pull you out. Easy go but 65 dollar to launch which is GA. Right now we targeted strictly halibut caught another limit. Mark cameraman Chris though a cock in his first halibut. 95. Pounds and you see his picture on it to some -- now anyway great trip. Other dates set the next week and if you think about it one and on the list and get signed up this trip -- books up. July 25. Through August 1 that'll be the first week. The second week is August 1 through August 8. End if you tell immune to sit in the -- invasion qualifies you for the special pricing at Ralph does. Strictly for people who goal on this trip it is -- parade. And everything is included airfare. Your accommodations at the lives that includes two meals a day. Your on your opponent night either cook there are a lot they've got all the kitchen facilities Barbeque grills. That your license is about 55 dollars on non resident license. In another and tipping you guys -- the car rental community car for the week that's included airfare is included lodgings included. Gear and equipment flight on the plane now on the fly out playing. And everything you need date tackle rods and reels. Packaging and boxing at the fishy fish flies home with you. He doesn't in boxes that'll hold up that well I had seventy pounds of one about boxes. We have about 50000 of the box and that came home -- in and they've rapid and insulation and insulated box and even though the whole trip they choose between the drive in the flight between twelve and fifteen now is to get back to Louisiana. Pieces frozen solid. Anyway cajun invasion go to my website and look right the -- -- Asian invasion you can click on and get some pictures of the finish in the lodge in. Follow all the information love to have you come with us on. Next year's trip. I come back after this break we gonna congratulate the winner we do have a winner of -- pack of four tickets to the -- and what's that show -- festival and we'll wrap it up if you got a minute to call and you got a question comment we'd love to hear from the 260. 6368. Toll free number 8553996368. I want to congratulate. Frank duke Fannie. Frank is the winner latest woman about four tickets to the southern sportsman's festival in expo presented -- super Chevy dealers and home builders association of rated wall ones. That will be August 15 through seventeenth -- Larry yields center so I'll be looking for the senior -- hope you enjoy the show. All right a couple of events down the road this is going to be taking place in a couple of weeks Saturday August 23 the sixth annual deer extravaganza. Curtis Spencer over expenses the concede on highway twenty -- them. Puts together a really nice event to get your critics of the year's season locks that door prizes. All you need to stop buying you can register to win a savage arms to seventy rifle with a scope. That also got a pair of those -- woody Max insulated boots a fifty court yet the cooler. Seed and fertilizer plant two acres and while you their. Is gonna have some of his great Venice and samples. I guest speaker Dave Moreland who was a retired wildlife and fisheries biologist probably the most informed. Man in the world on the wheezing yen a year -- in deer populations it's gonna give to presentations. Honing the 2014 -- And also the 2014 who plot management presentation -- will be at 1030 and again at 1 PM the whole program kicks off the tenth. Also 2 o'clock and they'll be serving line sumptuous suite daddies and barbecue will be there again. From 11 to 1 o'clock shall stop by there in check out some of the year that you might need to sit in booking a trip. With some of the outfit as though the two Brothers but we Seattle white tails is going to be over -- to respond and also on its own white tails. Meet Brandon volunteered and trained biology and they'll tell you all about the opportunities they -- -- -- trophy DO. Are also coming up on the 23. The 21 annual pelican state friends of the National Rifle Association banquet this is kind of a statewide in tolerate chapter. It's going to be the crown Plaza Hotel in Baton Rouge that right yeah I ten in college drive. Doors open at 5 o'clock in will be at 715. Again that's the pelican state. S and are a banquet and we also have dog gone on this weekend our Louisiana popularize association conference. Efficient the year awards going tonight. Able -- job with that big 74 plus pound gag -- Doctor to desk go with a -- top cap emissions fly division will be presenting them they're awards. I'm not at liberty tell you -- the use on -- of the year in the journalism and photography when bizarre but I will be able to do that to you. For you next week on the show probably print this stories and has some photographs from all that so. I'll be down and homeless today and then next week they'll be at the sportsman's festival with the Orioles hope can make it out there and stop by and sale in the meantime get out there and an attempt to finish make some plans for the -- considers seasons because it's all right Dallas and have a great weekend. We'll see you next week right back Q more up tourism three W.

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