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8-8 11am Don, driving pet peeves pt. 2

Aug 9, 2014|

What is the most annoying thing you see other drivers doing on the road? Distracted drivers? Territorial drivers? Bright light abusers? Tailgaiters? What’s your on-the-road pet peeve? Don takes your calls...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Out of -- with you on the Friday edition -- think tank can now and I chose to talk about the most annoying driver I haven't had no idea we're gonna get this kind of responsible we're gonna do we're gonna carry this over and combined with -- open lines in this -- And continue to take calls and text about what's the most annoying driver habit. Now we've outlined some of those to you we've heard from some callers we've heard from lots of techsters in fact some of the station personnel here and an economic given us there as we'd love to hear yours. And also a few who choose to do so cast your vote and not get official count force on under the -- on dot com web page. Right now stands like this a designee distracted drivers on distracted could be and -- got some Wrigley and usual things people have seen. Doing while driving it could come under the heading of texting eating putting on makeup shaving read the newspaper watching TV all those things distracted drivers. That's the leader 33 pros they've been overtaken and -- second place at 33%. Tailgating has become number one and I'm not talking about the type of tailgate you'd be doing this afternoon before the saints game. I'm talking about tail -- while you're on the road 37%. So that's the most annoying thing. -- that we've got 12%. Territorial drivers some bright line abuses 8% and 10% falls under the heading of others. We'll get to your calls at 260178668890870. Text responsibly. Don't become one of these distracted drivers in text while you're driving use a designated driver why -- texting. And shoot me a text 878 -- but also -- remind you if you like me and love the great outdoors and you know why do. WW almost as saying you know and you -- fishing buddies to the Sullivan sportsman's festival in expo presented by the super Chevy dealers. And the home builders association of greater New Orleans at -- -- Larry real senate. August 15 through seventeenth. They'll showcase the latest and output trends including fishing mining archery camping boating grueling and sports I'm gonna be there comes Simi. And if you listen to me today and tomorrow from five to seven on WW -- from seven to nine on three WL. You'll have a chance to win now give a lot of family pack of four tickets each hour now when you hear the duck call. And I turned my cellphone off because it has a duck call ring not to be confused at that when you hear the WWL duck call. That's going to be your -- to call our win line. And when I give you the number. If you're lucky enough to -- call eight and nine you'll win in the family four -- good -- -- -- station that loves Louisiana's great outdoors like nobody else does. WW. I on to our callers on hold from last hour we have Bob in -- on line to. Bob thank you for calling the think tank what you most annoying. Driver had. Maybe it's -- people being. Aided its. In the -- actually each short drive on our. It to reach -- Right turn on. If you read the law which you come to a complete. That's the Oak Creek. People ignored completely. The second one she is on it broke all lanes all more. Aware of Hillary. Is that. Fierce. Where did mention of -- Langlois is there made it eight. -- -- -- -- Letting too is the driving -- therefore no matter what speed giggle and -- on speed limit the speed element. -- and then speed them. The belongs in Essen and by the supposed to be in the right. If you look on Con-way they typically get on that your -- traffic keep right. You're not -- to me is people being on educate. So what's the solution should we make people take tests more often. -- -- -- -- Committee okay. I was in the military for twenty years I drove in Japan. Where not to -- Japanese driving. Test. It took me six months to test. And the traffic enforcement. Poor. The traffic police in Japan. To India. If you made -- like actually and -- that -- because actually that camera is -- -- westbound. On battery changed turning to north -- on Williams boulevard. Your name and so -- -- -- bloat -- like nobody's business -- red. Stop. At all so I think two things number one. Enforce the rules bite testing and number two. -- driving. And the black guy good. When ticket in Japan anyway if you missed one question -- violated one yeah at least law. -- since -- is not permitted. I don't know what else can do outside of -- more traffic cop out there. Well hopefully they'll happen voluntary -- purpose of bringing all this up today may -- some people look at themselves and see what they're doing in May be -- think about it maybe improve the situation not a body sound like a conscientious driver. Ha we won -- seem to still take it -- -- -- -- being much you've got in the back and suvs that. -- the as you -- I could -- as they have the all metal carry afloat equipment and stuff like that could be it could be that out yet and maybe they could adjust and to to get him off. Thanks for the -- appreciated Bob. I let's go to Steve on new -- listening he's got to be put eighteen wheelers on line one Wednesday. Well. Leftover kid from the seventies -- dispute -- should be our interstate gas. Why US seem likely would -- Crawl noted that it's. -- -- -- -- -- And on probably ninety those people don't like especially when all the -- goat -- And they just want -- differently but it. Looked -- there are. That the room. Tomorrow -- it read it -- don't know it is to get into who. Anyway my head is illegal -- you and your. Week. On highway ninety and the last one was right there -- -- there. -- won't -- wrote it was a -- Pro Bowl vote. You -- -- in the left lane and you're trying to decide what we're getting ugly. In zigzagging the big old truck. And upload. And although it wouldn't that a little bit of social. And then he but doing. Now well you know the only role I can think of that comes to mind is that -- I ten across to -- the last bill and you know they -- they have the sixty mile per hour limit the trucks have to be in the right lane on May be that should be expanded maybe not amount. I don't know I haven't been they're going to in the stage it's been so long artistic about broad between new loan into Liberia. Don't have to look Baton Rouge and you're able. -- sometimes I'll -- -- -- that stretch is he gets stuck on that -- with an accident you got no way to get off was Italy should go the old -- -- -- -- up -- -- and then come back through falls river and in a batteries that way releases some alternatives it is traffic problems. -- I -- appreciate your call and will be back to take some more calls also throws of the topic out here for you to judge tried judgment named James Callahan. He told at sentencing. Nineteen year old a trip comings that he needed a -- someone to discipline. In this is quote someone to beat the hell out of you when you made a mistake as opposed to allowing you wanna encourage you to do it to somebody else. Is physical or corporal punishment a good part of child Maria is that a motivating force to discipline children continue -- his take your most annoying driver habits you guys in several ways you can communicate that and a cast your vote on the choices we've given -- -- -- -- dot com website. Or you can simply text me at 87870. Pleas to act responsibly. Part of the problem is people texting while driving music designated driver if you're going to be texting. Or if you simply wanna call is 260187. ER 8668890878. Like Garland in a fills this week on prominent he's. Somewhere listened to us on radio and he says blood was born here and all this stuff -- it -- it you know you get annoyed with these drivers and -- his -- He says use a man and a four lanes you know to go on each way he stopped at a red light. And for whatever reason traffic is not movement but the light finally turns green and there's no -- ago but then you just. Drive into the intersection and you just can't stop -- he stopped and in the light turns again and you're there races investing news which -- -- front face -- you won't be able to seat. The reactions from the other drivers you got -- -- in a sector that's a big. I got a lot of text will get to those two but I'll just talk about let's talk to the mystery man in Canada. On -- with a mystery man's most of knowing that the disease online to okay mystery man what is it. Hey hey what's gone man let them up at the I'm struck probably in -- -- right. And the spotlight is what Katrina that we don't eat I eat in relief you know that up right yeah. Everybody it was well from the -- and love that that -- you know all. That we think that welcoming and it too because we want on anyway and waterways. And try try and an airplane stripped and street will all wait. The old street I think -- Do we -- that mutual respect card dropped about being with -- -- a lot that currently. We'll picture. That's right. Which -- guitar is rightly so we are. It speed -- it -- but. It's great to get up. But people that it is an accord it because -- -- to. -- all but at the always in the -- -- -- The police caught problem but trying to hit the -- that they wait. Out the card because they eat up as well but a lot of speech was. More ex truck driver. On the spent a whole ball game totally yes. -- it is it. Okay. When you look at the way that this -- this whole ought to -- structure. It's like is structured to court yet but but at the same parent would want that bill world. Well the rules will it -- infrastructure of our home we we do well also the parent it would you know work -- not -- tokinio. You wanna breached well and -- that should. Be rightly so for the the court slowdown could bankrupt the -- -- an adequate farmer is that we rates would get back up the speed to our Arctic now. So -- -- that class though everywhere you go but what about -- it is about abortion what we have got away but -- pre. Stop a bit like the ship -- the level that that debate -- -- bank -- you know what will work better because the and they haven't met the animal you know so. Arnold and that there is equity about it but I'd drop court and try. You know and it's frustrating plot that while we at court which are able we also understand that the struggling so bad. And we can do it trucks that -- need to do it all got their audits are really need to it'll be good to get it you know there -- -- aka Michael Lamotte. At two -- -- the -- you know thirteen -- that it brought it. Aren't there that you look at the landmark that take. People are guys who -- the -- they object. You know what now -- -- control any panic and an -- problem. We are in which -- the -- -- the -- but he wanted to like a trying what's that you went 20. In my brain mapping according to be more patient without understanding that we don't eat out when are we can't ship like the game. You know all right -- -- our it's our crew and look at it to all of that there. Are a corporate. Mr. meant to bring up some excellent points and I got to tell you for the most part professional dramas like yourself are recognized what you do on the -- now there's some that that wanna use that big vehicle as a bully weapon and in and they abuse it but that's a minority. The -- to questions and use her driver and eighteen -- number one. If a car is emerging in assailant and in -- state and -- in the right lane which had not the united. Go on fast enough to be in the past and -- do you get over to slow somebody down -- left lane to allow the caught emerge or do you not optional violate the left lane rule. That's the question -- -- tell you why camp is no -- it'll morph from court. Now the only exception to that rule it did -- -- to -- up the speed of the park our car that comment on our you'd. Because you know -- -- -- will do is wait a car that -- the chart when he had that exploration it up in eight. I would animals that car because. When you deal -- -- that the department that you Beckel you should -- a spiritual book content trying to court Apache couldn't -- pulled them let them on. The normal body. So you know are eaten while. Well below you cigar you know it was they get it in the I don't know -- let me back. It'll go and. You know understood -- got one other one for you only give you an opportunity here to tell people who tailgate you. How dog -- that is I see him last and a half a car land on your bumper -- that left wing. Like they have you know intimidate you to get over so they can pass you you cannot see them at all -- Not an ally and a pledge like the cock out between that a couple of old you know on the line in that he'd like give the children. Not a bad people shortstop include middle opposite usually what happens it was strapped -- look on his truck -- on our vehicles are. -- target -- -- wheeled off the truck that we got. To credit probably and it -- you have no control over the you party products are knuckles aren't a -- -- Arctic and the jets and it usually -- Russia the EU he drop any human ego. You put it well thanks mister man you contribute a lot to this program thank you for the -- we appreciate it. Eyes you wanna get in on the conversation wanna comment on mystery man's comments we welcome you calls also wanna throw this out now haven't had any calls on but I -- let you know we are talking about it a Detroit judge James Callahan. Told nineteen year old -- a common set he needed someone to beat the hell out of him when he made a mistake as opposed to allowing him. Or encouraging him to do it to somebody else was he right in saying is physical punishment part of good child Maria. How did your childhood. Affair and will use beaten as a child -- threatened with -- or. All would be you know of any cases where people were not in May be should have been able to add that into the mix plus I got a ton of text messages and also cast your vote on debit and you'll dot com. To weigh in officially on our question what is the most annoying thing EC other drivers do on. Is that text that says I hate when he sees someone breastfeeding women driving Communist robot that always giving a chance to get -- off -- chest a lot of you're doing man several ways to communicate. You the most annoying driver -- it's 260187. ER 866. 8890 late seventies the phone line. If you wanna cast your vote and classy -- the distracted drivers has taken the lead again is now at 36% of you saying that is the most annoying driver habit. While -- very closely behind 35% say it's the tail -- And then the territorial drive -- would be 9% 9% also for bright light abuses and 12% for. Others my -- specialty you know the one that really annoys me is. The most is one bomb bomb bomb in the left lane I'm passing vehicles on the right but I'm not passing them fast enough for the guy behind so what he does is he jumps in the right lane. Speeds up tailgate on the right line traffic and all of a sudden jumps in to that may be 201 car land and I'm trailing. In gets in front -- me. That's number one on my list but as others do you know I'm getting a lot of women here it is one. As far as the distracted drivers saying I seen a lady eating crawfish have been. Crowded boulevard into all of these talk about multitasking -- -- she was there with -- Think I have an idea where they were is another text remember when you hear me read these Texas is not me this is the listeners probably down the middle of a two way street. Instead of being in their -- Seeing Elaine ending and having to make -- turn -- Conning in front of someone else today don't have to wait. I his another one how about the people that treat the stop sign like yield you know they call that are rolling stop bubbly. And here's another one would like a segment on rules regarding pedestrians and pedestrian crosswalk I don't think Nolan drivers. And any idea on the law. In that regard. And I agree with is another -- suggesting we make the written exams -- more stringent. Now I'm always the last time he took a written exam Tim Miller last time -- took one it's just not requiring wind guess it would oval -- it's bad enough. Stressful enough and takes long enough to just get anything done -- those motor vehicle registration places in Munich and speed them up. -- -- -- And is another left blame drivers. I drive a lot yet to see anyone pulled -- for driving in the -- Rotting with the flashes on when reigning practically makes them beings in mind that there's. On them. There's another text the folks that impede the flow of traffic they are the absolute worst drivers on planet earth did out of the left lane. And then Netherlands says they just leave ten to fifteen minutes -- alias -- them. -- you good luck on now. Israel is as I've been going the grand all the safety council for over twenty years and every year. When -- ago I ST people that have to get line in that cannot read English they need help to look and an exam but yet they put in a vehicle. How'd they get their driver's license could question. And is another one done what about pickup trucks to drop like they're in any sports car. And here's one this is -- one with regard to Detroit judge he says pushy I agree with the Detroit judge. Children need fathers especially boys. Another text of that regards as I got belted when I was younger I have never been arrested on any trouble with the law and my dad is still my best friend. And that was one and -- -- wanted to share with -- was coming amounting to enough on second but anyway and I was says Don if you wanna see a NASCAR race drive. I 55 southbound in the morning between five and 6 AM. I'll admit I drive 75 and every morning I get passed by no less then. Ten to fifteen cars at a time 75 on that stretch. You gonna get past no doubt about that. And here's another text them may be the biggest blanket issue is and everyone thinks they're more important and everyone else in that other drivers better move out of their way or else. And here's one they call it the accordion effect traveling the interstate system you get behind 218 Wheeler is doing 62 miles an hour. I call -- the accordion effect. Traffic stacks up behind the spreads out to you reach the next two passing each other. I understand it's not the driver's fault the company trying to save fuel really aggravating. And here's one that says with regard to Detroit judge put it like this my mom raised three boys on our own when I went to the Marines I had no problem at boot camp because I had a drill instructor and a home. She was -- and understand why she wants. And his don't want miles look at Don is a kid. It was -- the fact that -- hideous it was affected you could miss that scared us. Straight and -- -- a lot of truth and that I think you know he's got to show that he means business. But once that's established. Yeah I definitely think. That's a motivation now only knows it depends on the children some kids don't need. Others. Not so much. I here's another of people this is again aren't driving bad habits people who turn from the middle lane on to the on ramp from the West Bank expressway. But 'cause they don't wanna wait in line. And here's one from the biggest driving pet peeve or police offices who do not Obey the rules of the road. Then pull over someone for breaking the same rules they just. And here's one that says. Another Owens is mystery eighteen -- guy was great hope every one was listening. And yet another one says exactly what he said you get over to let the car merger on the mistake. Then they speed up so you can't get back old. And another says -- wants all aid truck driver eating a bowl of cereal. Milk getting. Another -- says they never text while they drive causes too distracting from reading newspaper and watching TV. And yet and have I can stand people come out of the clover -- include your -- you know I ten and don't yield to the vehicles getting off 510 you'll signed is on the right side. And they are looking left at traffic also taxicabs on diet and ride the left willing to win boulevard exit. And go from left lane and jump across four lanes to exit. As if they didn't know where the airport exit was first of all wanna congratulate. The winners of aren't for tickets to the -- and sportsman's festival expo -- slash inject. And John lab marine both won four tickets to of these -- was the festival in expo presented by super Chevy dealers. And the home builders association of greater -- on August 15 through seventeenth it'll be a deal aerial senate. Listen to your chance to win each hour today and tomorrow on my morning show. Good luck from the station that loves Louisiana's great outdoors. WW now. I was thinking about of course the most aggravating and irritating bad driver habits and now this may set erected for the number of text that have come into -- any one show there's a lot of that out there. Also got some calls who wanna talk about it we've given you some choices to cast your vote at WW all dot com. We're also thinking about -- this judge's name is James Callahan and he thinks that. Corporal punishment physical punishment is a good part of raising children. He told say look -- Cummings who was who came before him in the sentencing phase. That's all he needed somebody to beat the hell lot of in when he made a mistake. As opposed to allowing him more encouraging him to do it to somebody else can't remember what he was charged with but it was some type of physical. Altercation. Anyway what do you think about that 260187866889. 087. Must go to league listening to us in Belle -- line one -- what is your favorite or least favorite annoying driver that. The -- an inordinate on. Their instructor road. I'm pretty sure you're aware of VW bug bit quite a bit. And in Portland. Where it comes and Beltre. For whatever and people have to be terrible right. Oh yes I don't know why but coming out the other day -- a player right now -- -- Metrocall welcomed opt out. In a mustang. You know he'd be eco -- All of -- And coming up about. I don't know where you gain from he almost cruel. And Sinatra drive. It could kill that haven't worked well in the car and close. You know I think people just need to. Sent back in July -- bit and think about what really say how much time and really seen him -- don't you know. -- -- And available Friday evening I bet. Any money curled up a little bit when he met tribal government -- court and -- -- either. And have a lot of little beat -- room. Quite a bit got no -- life. Well I don't think about the next time mugglenet thank you for the call -- let's move on to Marion in victory. Merriam what do you think. -- -- -- -- Maybe two minutes go ahead. I'm drive and -- your -- happen in krona may pick up trucks there. The driver put all stopped in the back and -- so cry and blend it all blow out and he's Dolan fifty mile an hour down -- -- Yeah I've seen that but there are are real from court for in its first well a lot of saying you're hearing about. It's partly mainly -- to know fully enforce. A lot of the police -- there at the moment but a lot of if there would force that you -- out there. Red light running would have a lot. I called though about the signs on their stake. In New Orleans -- Metairie. There are a sign that delete delete this. If you come to. Up on the -- and interchange and you wanna get off a -- -- Nobody there and there is no -- but hollered out if you act. You get on -- and that causeway. Coming from lakeside shopping center. You've got about one out back in the figure out which are three -- you. So if you're -- pedestrian. On it. Otherwise you're apple. You know you bring up that causeway -- and out -- -- kind of funny that they made that new entrants on to Indiana State into the left flank. And entrances to in a state should be from the right possessed the slower traffic coming -- you've gone right into the fastest -- -- -- traffic. You come -- these are. Literally. And e-book or perhaps. Our -- you're there are these. Our exit marker they -- to model. Warrant out. Water one quarter mile an hour with -- -- me. That's really -- no. Chance to make -- yeah the chart. Got -- thanks for the call appreciate it just gonna give you the rundown on the website and tell you what the most annoying thing -- listeners the other driver is doing on the road. Looks like the winner's going to be distracted drivers texting eating fixing there reading newspaper it is all that type stuff that is at 40%. -- second place goes to the tail gators at 27%. 10% territorial drivers 9% to bright light abusers and 14%. Comes under the heading of others and you know others could be a number of things and I forgot about one of the text messages which. We've got an awful lot of -- -- probably only reading about one maybe 110 of what's coming in. But this is one that's kind of looked at. They swing out -- give -- make in a right hand turn his swing out to the left may be even into the oncoming lane of traffic. To get a better angle at that right turn that -- always been counted under. What's yours 2601878. 866889087. New York where -- and simply shoot me a text at 87870. Pleased to act responsibly. We're talking about. Distracted drivers being the number one of -- trade in that would be certainly part of a few texting while you're driving he's a designated. Also undermine U I don't know if you did like I did the way you blackened goal work today. Opening day pre season saints football tonight the saints take on the rams in Saint Louis here's the lineup. 3 o'clock would kick things off with first take -- -- our president pro former saints offensive lineman Steve court time Manassas then at five is the bond like countdown to tick off. Cajun cannon and Deke Bellavia do that for -- at 7 PM that's game time first pre season game of the year best play by play team in football. Voice of the saints Jim Henderson saints color analyst -- guy John and the sideline reporter Christian Garrett now after the game. Rejoined the cajun cannon in the big chief for the point after that goes all the way to 1 AM almost time for the -- torture. As -- I was a wall a wall saints football coverage tonight saints radio WW that's the big 870 AM. FM 1053 and remember you can -- saints' games live on your laptop or your desktop. Finally got to take a break for the top of the hour news now we will change topics when we come back thanks to all of you hope you got that off beat Justin. Maybe the of the better purpose of talking about it knowing driving habits is to take a look at yourself -- Any of that fits of the shoe fits Wear it may -- think about your ways. Anyway -- to -- yet WW all NFL analyst joins us to tell us how to enjoy watching a pre season game. Especially the early pre season games. Also the Drew Brees situation has Brendan cook looked in and you can dog wouldn't do coming up after the top of the hour news on WW.