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Aug 9, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There are red dresses everywhere on men and women just coming down the elevator via apartment building these two girls were dressed in their red dresses -- red makeup artist and I just I say I'm gonna do it every year I just don't have a red dress. One of the girls said I've got one. And it's -- darn I'd have to go to work for a little while she -- -- cable maybe next time. Welcome to the home improvement show I'm stupid or construction consultant Paul Le grange this is where we answer your questions about repairs and home improvement. Paula good morning and we always start our show by talking about something that somebody might wanna do today. As receiver wanna be proactive would be good thing to think about doing -- on the house today. This morning's commute. Well this time a year and our nation's just want a lot going to be couldn't eat it. The real deal out of context and actual ones like one but might as well. So if you were having on insulation problems being dropped into water that BP occurring after accusations supplied -- -- Or did you actually droplets of water or -- shouldn't she look if your -- as -- as well -- restricting. And and he should just as a child abuse our collective. And get that problem corrected to reduce or prevent because this curry and the second part is to encourage would. It got it got wet or more Easter saturated. To draw and -- quick look at what purpose are a lot. Well grow old from a car and so does the targets and she sees something being -- wet. Or wars thing what you actually very very quickly implement not -- actually wanna try it. You want to correct the problem in the church state trying in -- to -- media capable of it on the corporal spurts. What's your question about repairs and renovations of the going earlier house and maybe siblings started happening out exactly sure why is happening. Here's a number of home improvement show 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text number is 877. From New Orleans Robert your on the home improvement show with Paula grange on every WL. -- -- -- -- I have the question I'm considering installing a closed bill. -- insulation. Between nine coupon addict. And occupied first floor. It appears that. It has and for that are on fire smoke they'll remain important fifty. And so -- I presume that that region they require 15 minute I -- older. Between insulation occupied space. If that for construction doesn't need that what is required. Well -- Uses -- that he had toward that. Via via. The attic ceiling actually. So did a -- basement this basement so we're installing it above the basement between the basement -- Oh yes sir Patrick Clark on that forming -- and so. Which could happen happening you have one achieved what Robert. One choice will be to put -- pretty. Thermal barrier on the bottom of the choice of the placement for the feeling that this rather. And you could do that we which she rock or where we -- would. -- however depending on what clothes so product you're install. They all our guys in the market there are solemn horrible that are content means you can spray or. The bottom close so full. After being installed. And the results of their -- but because upon excellent does the politics -- -- can't do exist. However he used you on. Eight close so some local company has actually tested their product along with a novel product being that some Albert coding to see it complies with. I've -- -- been put out this is his contact your home installer. And that and saying OK you'd meet today and you want that bursting into deflation in eagle eye on the work we do need data. But it couldn't if I installed proposal public along with this. -- -- -- That it will comply with the kind of food in effect tropical company's done that testing to be more than happy sure -- -- What. Maybe -- make it clear they occupied space would be above. The insulation you're talking about installed the legal barrier on the bottom slider but all I understand it. They have that with a basement and you have anything that they like chemical. We're used to work with are mature or any other services. And potentially. Utility space so water -- -- boxes but there's no personnel. I was concerned that the tech in the living space above the cancellation that not the issue. It said the issue should be able. OK. Okay so but I thought that this of the requirements are between the insulation and -- Christian your floor and it complies with that from a year ago and restructured -- -- in. -- car that's correct yes there. But I think if you actually read the -- specifically if you. It did it would call -- area like you can describe water -- on there right into -- but -- it. It also means to protect Albert. I don't know what the quote rush beaten -- now bear it -- -- Okay great idea -- an eagle brand well. Well the -- the products we use for our sister company in a couple of solutions prepare. They appear that your sciences like in a Bayer aspirin there can also see -- report. It's a -- -- there are other good companies out there but double -- -- another -- -- -- spectacle -- product. Glad that you consider using. B what are held in in my industries. It's not really that does the culprit who makes a product. It all comes -- what the topic is properly installed executed. And the person installing solar installation is even more important than the product is so. -- -- -- -- So doll and I am Koppel. -- characteristic -- For the most part yes and the directors and unique characteristic each different company but not the best at some point. -- welcome step installed in the future will and social. Give you a quote. I would contact -- just accompanying image of solutions built up -- -- And you know make sure you're you're you're Kennedy told what you want to do you can also with polls. And Robert we know that helps you. How. Much thanks listing. If -- -- stay -- -- are coming right back with your questions for Paula Granger construction consultant this is the home improvement show wanna. Very warm Saturday morning at the red freshman downtown starts at 1130 Armstrong park a two mile run walk stroll or for some people. It will be a stagger. Here's. I text calls that suggests that you and I put on red dress is next year and do the home improvement show. Running and jogging. Drinking and talking about home improvements in the red dress -- You know if you and I did do the show and -- -- and I guess that would be OK but I think it would be really wrong if we went shopping together. If you don't have to if you colonel Steve witness screw with Paula grange you'll be right benefit for the home improvement show it to be WL welcome back to the home improvement show on this Saturday morning -- screw with our construction consultant -- -- There's a lot going on around the world including US airstrikes against the Islamic fundamentalist. It. I'm actually Islamic I guess -- can call him militants rather than fundamentalist in Iraq. So we're gonna have a special CBS news -- coming up at 1031 here in just a few minutes. Also here's our delete it -- pretty general opinion poll who will lead the saints in rushing this season. -- -- Mark Ingram Peter Thomas. Every Robinson was your opinion by going to our -- a dividend yield currencies when the first pre season game last night and the next game is coming up Friday night to the Mercedes-Benz superdome against Tennessee. A from -- Norman you're on with Paul LaGrange and every WL. I had Jermareo don't today. -- If -- think -- -- ahead of a shock effect of who you director of which are calling here you think you won't. Actually it would be pretty. Kick -- all the technical legal by the trio of our daughter bought out in the country in -- and now. -- hopeful future -- what are ended bundle on the floor to put in -- frustrated. I want to know -- laid off. Who literally in the role of -- a couple of animal put to popular -- -- underneath their work I'm not gonna anchor triple. -- -- -- Couple -- chemical and water around. To ought to -- into. And odd couple should allow for expand about a quarter dimension. You have a lot of it is about -- wanted to Wear what she bottle of it it's about Eric about about fourteen to war in there. Okay and how water but the -- into the twelfth appearance. -- out there a record profit -- -- -- so yeah I think Europe it would -- a quarter inch. -- -- them the magical one you couldn't stop it would help mortgage on the and Oprah you are not that for future correct ball. Well I mean we were talked about. Putting. Pulp paper and cheap pieces or would submit to peace -- in the blues. Didn't squeak. Quite ankle more and analysts are different things you describing -- -- -- -- -- your plot or elders which she knows muddle up. To the all right that -- to Barack Obama. You don't need to use -- so now what would want to bring your attention as if there's any imperfections in the public like. I'd give it more -- -- -- -- that's missing or quarter that -- Brokaw for. Deciding that this singular view is she will know what that about rock club would eat good. Bet if whatever these factors and plywood. He's in the telegraph and achieve model so you you -- -- take some comment takes what's called will actual people although will float. And come -- flowed out all those imperfections can not lose what you could Jewish people. And I did that I did but I used using the -- goes on the blond look at a car bomb though that's perfect beautiful. -- -- Underneath our trailer it's got a very dollar and the bush Germany the trailers governor has insulation on the floor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna go back -- -- -- -- Arctic -- mountain in the air but a penalty that skirt I'll. And negative but a lot as worker program extra work if -- -- -- culinary McCormack a development in the in the -- Normal burial like this queen. Actor -- a British are more tired in the air. Yes it is so are all I'd like approach -- -- -- -- water and he -- whether oil. So richer or water actually -- it is -- possible. It absolutely certain that -- and -- -- from the pondering on the pipes. Also make certain that you're close. And low on I think out of it you know you want it and anymore -- -- it -- -- are operating. And it what you're you're you're going on the on the -- to prevent and -- that bush near coming up that space. A lot -- on you know our. Building in. Argued it's good cross breeze and polish and so that's you you're moving in the right direction of all mail -- mail all on the court. Rather build the six -- reasons sport is because he's been one to -- -- that -- something circles on -- feature. -- durable and it could be less. -- -- -- -- -- Reporters -- in the cycle is easily. And in fact EG six you know. Cross -- that's -- there will be takes so -- -- six no part in the put. Most ditching it in both directions. So it looks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the entire system so that you can only error you got to work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Be able -- So to -- German a good week appreciate all the information. All right donors pledged for Clinton is calling you a great weekend as well. -- you're on the home improvement show with solid range. Good morning. It Munich. -- and dad called into the three years ago and recently. And Henri Richard is one -- you. I have to say that -- double it was completely read modeled. After Katrina. Finding now that. My conditioner and thankful water it flows out constantly. And he needed me you may have tired to be connected to my conditioning unit in the attic and I believe this is happening in the cause. When I had my house read model -- Closed. Sounds good but that they prepare. -- it makes and semis in the right thinking in the right direction here. -- waited patiently to close so it underneath and yeah on the aisle because a lot and I backed paper here. OK so base rate to the backs -- -- Saudi Arabia yet -- they original actress. -- And let me ask you -- -- -- captive -- bottomed. For the war that we. Underneath that that. I couldn't I doubt it now that. -- would be viewed for the floor would they do for this potential launch. I had beaten. That they don't like that addicts for aid without the sale. These I would put out knew what was or was placed on top of the Cold War. By between it they had a three quarter inch plywood and believe it was ripping them then put that cockpit recorder and apparently. Poured on top of that now my hardwood floors are creaking and buckling. Well do you have any insulation -- pulled something out there. OK so you can choose to take care that no one of the picture that would law. In you want to -- in question gardener it's got. You know 1213 fourteen and -- you content before you do any -- as it -- wet any privileged to be trapped -- question here and that's. On -- So make sure strike in and come back this week should mention also politics and each. You're your floor joints. Two -- on or about law much like in his talk at this moment that you wore home. -- clothes cars that in the air yeah they'll let you back your original question of you -- and B control more your conditions as yet. Or do you look at reducing the politically you're here you're -- -- and under the -- unit filled with water. Oh yeah. Well let's let's finish this after this says CBS news -- dates of the longest hold on okay because it sounds like we're not finished and his answer could get to be a little more complicated sort of hold on -- And we're gonna CBS news updates are coming up and we'll get back to the question if you're it'll stay with us for coming back with. More of your questions as well here's a -- have you a pretty general opinion poll who will lead the saints in rushing. Tarvaris cadets Mark -- Pierre Thomas or tightly Robinson give us your opinion regulatory website at W -- dot com. So with that much going on around the world we're gonna -- CBS news for the special. CBS news updates and home fruit showing everybody well welcome back -- grange has a blog trending on our website right now it's titled when it comes to race foundations fiberglass just won't do. You might wanna read that to share with anybody you think needs in that in that information. It's -- honor -- secretary -- W real dot com here's a quick update on RWQ a pretty jaguar opinion poll who will lead the saints in rushing this season. -- -- -- Mark -- 50%. Pierre Thomas 8%. I we've Robinson 35% six running game it looked good in the first pre season game last night we've got all on the wrap up the analysis -- on our web -- right now. It's every have you ruled -- out was defective -- advocate -- you're asking Paul about war this collecting in the air conditioning pan. Yet there -- Drank constantly have found out the hard way about three weeks ago. It is full and not optimize it and I need good the humidifier theory there and that -- -- -- wrong. OK so let honorable mentions to force day all they couldn't. -- but they also remove moisture from the year. Mocs with a few moments and those that -- keep parliament cultures where commissions system so the water you're seeing is being. Removed from the curtains and substantially -- -- -- -- President's problems and long weren't EDT. It will -- in the moisture in the air okay and now what concerns me -- -- -- and has walked back pain is. Or birds Eagles needing. When your primary drawing becomes law orders during fast enough it's there in the back. And the name uber secret yet so -- you the final one primary worry is not properly functioning as a Robert Byrd. Okay we need it should be on all award that produces. A range your system and in. -- -- actually goes into your home and sore. So -- you want operating properly or. -- -- It that Andy. And the attic and looked and it did not see any primary hearing and I don't know what I'm looking -- -- actually it's actually a plastic pipe. -- columns all of your pepper -- meeting you're okay that's. So. You have opinion is directly -- -- -- -- that catch with a partner -- doesn't. What it's -- or or or strange to slow. So. Former brain ought to be your. Mean to get rid of all of you'll war in just work like you do your servicemen and now is a person to. Take care. -- -- -- -- -- -- partner -- global Wednesday night. You're deep and far should it have to operate in lesser nations is he too large. To remove an English premiere. Would feel like give me an idea capture and relatives and tiger. I keep it Graham seventy threes they school that they night that I am finding dead. You know you take medication in the morning. That if I. Bet very they they -- the Madison so it that act like it. -- -- -- Don't let people and you you know rest podcast if you have a salt shakers in kitchen table and you try to build and you sprinkle some salt does that help the club beat. -- to come out pretty true. I could be back after. Him about chicken. -- -- -- -- -- -- Where it would Margaret cyclical so picker the that the about it here where the rules of there. Like. Two -- your local RadioShack electronic store all -- store. -- at -- fifteen to twenty dollar temperature and relative humidity meego -- put in your house so much in the central location home away from each -- shall always polite. It's generating heat coming to -- about. It is your relative humidity 68. 6%. On the year. Did you need to do one Tuesday user your haven't performed on -- Turkish equipment. In some movement orchestra -- -- meet -- and launch a unity and if that's the case. Call me back in the -- -- And I think that it but the animation. I -- have a great weekend if you're on -- stay with us -- coming right back with more of your comments and a -- Belichick has got the post -- review include including analysis of the saints rams. From a resident pros Bobby -- of occasional that is on our web site. -- WW dot com. If you love food Tom Fitzmorris and the Saturday -- food show coming up later on WWL. A three hours of Tom right after this show nonstop food talk and fun and then coming up from three to six right after the it's a three to six OK three to -- coming up at three to six. Right after that it's our saints special Saturday with Bobby eager Beagle via WW well the news talk sports leader. This is a home improvement show and we'll be right back -- -- WL a connection at home improvement show join us for a special sinks program this weekend after Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia for -- Saturday that's today from noon to three. And then tomorrow wake up with sports stock with Kristian garic antibody -- lie from the Greenbrier in West Virginia for it's just sports from ten to noon. And then the saints Sunday with Bobby -- and Kristian -- from three to six nobody covers the saints. Like the New Orleans. Like the New Orleans -- flagship station of imperial. Let's get back to a more your questions about home improvement from Britain -- deal here on with Paula grange. I. Am. I. Don't actually. Do. I would morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh sure -- and I want to try and on the outside the -- -- And and I know -- On one of them. To me. And I -- Mean war coming from me to -- Who. -- on the ground. And shot -- there are. -- -- -- -- -- But still it felt like you have a broken part some more cool -- And it all off the ball well but anyway. Let me let me step back -- it could be one of those. Nuclear war he wears -- look -- And connect. What and if you went into the laundry room and the war in meters on commuter in war. -- Well. So it is about not target for assessment felt like you have a broken pipes more. Because everything at all. 100% note on there's not been running ice makers. The war machines you know and middle one like the -- -- the -- -- off automatically. If you ought to do that. The news to -- 11 thing. That means you have breached or broken somewhere. In short. To. -- -- -- -- Compartment. OK so do you think. I should turn the water. And is. There and -- all the water supply. Making -- See -- here -- coming clean out it's been well and bill. Look for the cleanup -- of the net result would what I want to -- -- -- into our houses he you can pinpoint where it's coming. Keep an -- cleavage yes to. You know that path from wall and went in that wall and start in the morning. At that I think that goes on but but but I'm -- clarity hysterical girls. -- you kind of -- where the -- in -- Okay. Let's put it on the consoles are happy to. Give some spot. All right Koehler did have a good weekend in spite of a broken pipe for battery Bob here on the home -- -- show with -- grange on -- WL. -- It didn't matter that I'm going. And it. And you're right on going. How how what should side would probably about. I think it's probably eight to twelve -- Okay and if you were cheered you on your knees and look. Underneath. Europe but the bottom you're -- in the dirt off pouring in Union City or region. I think it's probably Portugal. And we're only the -- -- -- most. Of cracked. Com you -- this is probably something you know -- years ago you look at our hearts do it. And -- -- some reverse channel with the pop culture and Annika did it take a -- while Panetta put it in the water and -- -- directly and indeed your book pretty -- lab in the destruction and an end. You can -- draw right -- when Google went off the -- all the more common. And probably. If you get a -- house was its -- problems obviously -- that. But in your scenario. You know almost the whole -- in the -- have avoided and having a concrete slab that public aware that. -- -- -- -- And this is maybe something you'd have to do more and more because of the one visit and enjoy the magnitude that it. There's the risk of contracting an encouraging and other small board but -- policy board. Is probably pretty great cars so you -- maker was certainly you Putin has is in the air as best as possible. To reduce your risk of credit in the -- in the second one of the sciences and make sure that. What she -- all of the outside edge. That -- -- -- slope away from. Europe you're slaps some mornings warm and go to court or has the cranes or wait Gerald. And it followed you wanna get some grass or some landscaping on top of that quickly. Because that -- and it doesn't. Club or mall or graphs summed up covering evil you know you've probably. -- went with the with the right so that that could be that you are steps in the project. All right Bob Hope that helps you have a great weekend. If you're both stay with us this is the home improvement show on a Saturday morning I'm scoot with our construction consultant on the green -- with LaGrange consulting. That website is the greens consulting dot com. A sister company is energy income for solutions and a web site is ECS dot she has. If you have a question about repairs and renovations of the going over your house are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a -- -- 7870 here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning who will lead the saints in rushing. We -- the choices for -- on our website give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that when we come back the home provisional on WB well. Following they hope to -- we showed today from noon to three it's saints Saturday with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- from the saints training camp at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. And then the Saturday edition the food show with Tom Fitzmorris follows that ants 3 o'clock and then tomorrow wake up to sports with Kristian -- antibody -- it's just sports intended noon. And then saints Sunday with Bobby -- Christian -- Sunday afternoon from three to six nobody covers the saints. Liked having him do well. Here is an update on a W ago pretty -- opinion poll who's gonna lead the saints in rushing the season Tarvaris cadets. 0% Mark Ingram 51%. Peter -- 9% and Kerry Robinson. 40% give your opinion by going to our web site W google.com for a new world Clara you're on with Paula grange on WWL. Yeah good morning mr. LaGrange and trying to see is there anything that I can use to keep them grow -- on my kitchen floor. It's getting kind of put dole. -- closed -- -- -- changes that I'll have. -- -- change your life because. A light oil and he'd like common ground it is buried challenging. You keep. Clean and pristine in polite. Called so this without suggesting that the that the economy. What would presume it's clean and it's like it's like right now where -- you can't do you conclude. Multiple codes. What's called -- road feel. That's a feeling yeah actions put on the ground want not on the prowl around here the -- Something else I would suggest you do is that -- you called mopped floors up we changed the water and -- your ball over regular crisis eagle awkward. What do you war. And it also -- she used to head. A little bit oh bleach in the air to keep that little white Christine. You can beat adding this growth you'll probably. Depending on how much traffic and how much you mop at war you may be adding it as well as what year. While we're going longer than expert and former secretary years okay crown -- Like grout sealer. A dealer at fight you know be your effort and at. I'll OK -- Iguchi -- dealer okay particular. Dealer okay. Mock kitchen forward film that you are steam. Yet. I don't use any kind of -- detergent or anything like that but I was wondering. Maybe -- I'm shocked too -- -- -- ground. It is really shouldn't be okay -- It's -- fictitious product so the heat. Really should not corrected it and how however probably traffic in spilling drinks and -- could be much more work. -- Already thank you very cabinet capitalized where to go the -- LaGrange is only yet. You go to the local or worse the war war war supply and Mary thank you very kindly and you have a good day. Right are you have a great weekend Paula grange as a blog it's an egg on our website right now and Evian you will dot com it's titled when it comes to race foundations fiberglass just won't do. You write or read that share of those who you think need that information. Again it's on our website at WW real dot com. Here's detects that -- -- what you to repeat the amount of bleach or vinegar used to monthly make -- for the central air conditioning units. Okay so probably each that's an air conditioning you'd reachable which is -- use vinegar and go about call of Vinocur. -- -- there and Andre slowly pour slowly. All right if you have a question about home improvements repairs renovations something going earlier how should not exactly sure why it's happening willing to those questions. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- having -- -- member states have creativity. -- -- without construction consultant Paul LaGrange and this is the home improvement show and we'll be right back.