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Aug 9, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who played at Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes-Benz superdome this coming Friday we've got the complete wrap up of how the -- performed and all the expert analysis from our resident pros and now all of team WW grill which is that the Greenbrier. In West Virginia we've got all of that our web site right now interviewed if you will not count a from -- Chris you're on the -- through -- show with Paula grange. Think he's cute. But two quick questions pocket at the law -- Omar Howell in the water on them if its seems to be able to color of the shingles. Right. But the goal what is it could spray on -- -- -- to try to. Removed whatever is that causing the discoloration. How orders change -- about eight or nine years old with a relatively you know. And -- -- Going to be based -- it's like when. -- when it would be face. Glacier in their property that the current staying right there's always been there now -- a -- shingles itself not -- not the -- if you look right. Right below but they'll work that the color of the shooting gold is a little bit different. -- One different on the different sides of the -- I get it from the water running now with a cooperated to block the flow water off the -- so the discoloration in the career. That maybe it. Or would also could be -- he actually in the heat of battle that is right in front of the Bill -- on the horse actually being right I'm still want to -- about it could be that the that the the flashing so that along the look and -- to roll toppled -- of the shingle and in the -- well. You know it is is going to have a really skeptical or when anything tore shingles. At any chronic he would put all the older smaller Christian -- for the collision in a solid little room that. And even a smaller like -- Would ever ought to put in there is to remove some of the at a granular than on top of that reduction goal in its good decrease polite the triangle. Carol what he's been I don't think that the GO back that we talk about the top display that up there with that although I would help Leo. Coloration at all. You know if it's a logical growth for Joseph Max and arguably certainly would. Are afraid of what -- happen to Dutch angle you know that this although it would it. -- the problem. Follicle -- to feel frustrated. But it is you know. I just don't want to -- into the habit of my house but you know there's one of the arms weapons -- used to be in denial that spot at a house that they. It is what it is not beginning look at. I've got OPEC but a quick question I -- them copper gutters that it. At -- that the two locations where the teams saw me I'll have tried that it it'd be a little bit after a range -- output. Silicone but they have to pray that liquid rubber up on everything is -- could stop the leak with it seems that the gutter -- The big. They do they keep product credits you can buy specifically. At a special peace to war as a war got urged. -- in the in the league he's that if things go at all aware that it might suggest is that you remove -- -- is there mail. And you -- this -- -- the product and quite yet in felt so look at -- so there are good at it. That the productivity. It becomes an alternate to articulate into the is. I'll go to places like and they're building parks. Call home to -- their -- -- knew that if you people -- bill. -- citing. You know in practices all the board gutters and like -- -- that you want the it. It's called -- seeing your. And and in the lexicon in the Arctic and then I -- -- maybe 1213 book that you that the so called -- but I think Kate thank you very much out of the curriculum appreciate what you guys did. -- -- have a great weekend. It is the biggest red dress run in the world it's getting ready to start to just a few minutes 1130 is when -- -- starts it's a walk it's a stroll it's a run its stagger for some people would get out early but it. On of people at red dresses all over downtown -- -- park at 1130. From New Orleans rookie on the home crew which are with the LaGrange. Well the light at. The end of people pat. And eat and get. Me. Your belt but it. And top cop and. You know this is something here to hear -- right here in here and -- There's nothing in the old product product. From. If you get popular belief in there -- I -- the police and there it can deal the terms like meeting. It was between Italy and the war and people -- and hopefully. -- product or convention -- product is no different it's still considered the Iraq. -- theories fall of you know you're listening try to go after something that is more students essentially. So if we can control the molester if we can prevent them from giving in that spot if we have annual. Check out what you can't -- my problem but -- Like yeah. And -- Beckett and producing countries like -- on I think that the problem bubble up at like correction. Little pathetic probably know won't move between where you'd -- -- right. Only Malaysian not politics might become Europe. Barack -- in the Omar. And I really don't like -- when I hear people that occurred. That's so like I can't prove perhaps the story. You know -- our revenue problem in this and so much. Is because -- on the it would be you you've. All that if Americans -- you can make diplomacy and what you what do you -- beat you here -- -- You know you can termite problems in the past a typical project and how would look very carefully according to neutralize. And keep it draw. Part of that solution may or may not people mentally. It might mean some of the many people like. Are at the content and incorporate solutions. In the bill and it sent a hole. There are a lot ultimately walk away in -- conference de Mayo. So are you that you don't -- does and here over the office building your all the reasons why they weren't all that. In the public wanted -- offering solutions to the customer and then a couple of those -- lot going on buildings aren't -- -- He will -- instead of all of you consider using that product we'll just -- Adore you you you would work best building so. You know it -- homes electrical storm expected people got a call from -- but it was -- deflation scenario. Paintball. Cracked -- I'm betting that. You but the if you quit Lee. Can't get an air ball. It would it all out. And apparently it. And and I'm saying I'm saying very typical that the British troops for any insulation problem. That -- it not because assault. But the truth for -- fugitive plot -- -- Or units all toward oil workers and it's -- since you Walt yet Sheila is -- -- and. Well -- -- call will be. The -- Here. That that is true I've ordered that that once she discovered you have a -- problem -- -- counsel. It's more channels to the bustle and gain access. In order to -- mediate the termites and make the prayers. What is the correct compared to other. -- and so I certainly agree with. However if if you're able to. Like it's a rate home if you were able to inspect. The termites and UP yours and catcher you're singles it would still poured it into the war. In debt -- -- proposition that and in the street for any insulation such as well. A real that helps -- -- have a great weekend if -- holes they -- this if you gonna join us with a question about home improvement. Numbers 2601870. Still free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870 will be right back with more on WW well. Listen for CBS news updates every half hour next CBS news update coming up at 1131 the school and home improvement shall we give you the latest on the US airstrikes against the Islamist. The line Islamic. Militants of fundamentalist RV described then it's the crisis militants in Iraq. Keep your radio locked on WWL for breaking news in any press conferences from the White House. You will be the first and Al. If you wanna get some text alert information you can text the word news too late 77. You might be in a group of people and you'll be the first to get the information. So we've got to breaking text news alerts that costly county we never charge for Tex but your individual tax rates may applaud. -- you what the text alerts text the word news. Too late seventy. 870 -- let's get to a couple of -- -- text here here's a Texan wants to -- is is it white vinegar to use on the AC or is it any time. It in white under -- the most common and the cheapest and -- truly. Incident com. You know you'd you'd like you can use opera no longer -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to grow best. And I would take one -- Their remote and slowly pour it into. The armory rated the partners and system about keep open if you don't do that if you have a tremendous task over to your pastry sheet -- When he comes insert your equipment quite the year one Smart political season and second -- would be -- They can put a call came up with PA and tablet. It's something that you from the -- supply houses. But it put it into the internal Lorraine a proper coal and you were what you consider about more than mark. Which is what people are to. So. You know one Koppel slowly toward one -- in the very grateful that over a long way of preventing a clause. Yeah I could you use the apple site or could you use the red wine vinegar. Usually we could. -- they're more expensive. But to what Margaret works where. Yeah I was just thinking that you know whatever you buy for your salad you might just sort of -- electricity city. It'll float in that case in years after some pinnacle were bought there a bit more healthy for the. All right here is it -- there's -- reads it missed the part about cleaning ceramic tile. I isn't on the website or can you repeat or Texas from Vincent. OK so clintons and how we will actually. Work with our earlier who get in white. Well in her kitchen issues trying to keep grow white in what -- -- Craig white. Or eat light colored court it's very challenging to keep it white including Christine and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Instantly technical potential which suggests that caller we keep that growth one he was brought to light in the clean and then. Problems first installed. Install two -- of the grout sealer. They knew the -- you know well every twelve to 24 months depending on traffic -- -- -- And then -- your your mopping floors. Because that's why Hercules. As she could use that you want -- to a small ball of postal -- What harm or cleaning solution from -- war and make sure that though she changed the war -- when when cleaning. Any carrier how's that -- -- white -- could you or put dirty mop or improper Jakarta trying to keep it. If you have a question of -- home improvements of the going on with your house you're not exactly sure what's going on and maybe you don't know who to call to get something done. Let's -- those questions for you this is the home improvement show with our construction consultant Paul Le grange our number is 2601870. Tool free 866889070. And a text over these 877. Paul here's a tax of let's go -- where is the drain if you pour the vinegar. OK so -- the property -- That were important and create so you glued to your. Inside equipment. Argue that are good grade or seen. And one is the stainless steel or elements in the Indonesian unit and that -- seat -- that's not where we need support this product has world order. -- but there's a site. Located probably near there thick columns directly all of BP -- equipment it's called the -- hole. -- -- -- Most columns there is a cent. That's sticking up a meeting electric or -- to protect capital cost and they should you turn your traditional. So visible where you place and and also logical and and important -- slowly incident party. What you wouldn't want public citizen there put the cap back on in the junior commissioned. I was did you do with the under the text here what impact does the foam insulation have point four inch type flooring. Is it more difficult. That -- glass to meet two were mediate. Yeah what is what impact does the foam insulation have on four inch -- flooring is it more difficult than fiberglass to mediate. I'm not sure we understand the tax of you can you can. Retract so you would be culture we -- interest of all went when it. When it -- -- its installed the liquid image in Spain but I'm a plastic. So ever have to remove it. But you know you retreated but it's not reaching an apparent and you just -- would fail. Aaron if it takes an African of course that comes in and chalks it up you know proper you know people ought to go -- all. If a fiberglass shouldn't actual ticket at -- sheet. In typically -- -- which is one of the problems on the glass insulation. And you know the posting -- on doctor bills along for traditional lows watch all the desolation. It's a risky proposition for insulating in the country's built -- That we offer all the alternatives in that walks in with a don't via a common look at a law court with a two LaGrange consulting. I compliment web site there's a FaceBook icon you you can go there likes on FaceBook. And you can see the blog posted on FaceBook page as well so. Just to get. That picture from that -- please clarify your your question will let. We're about a minute away from the CBS's news updates which are bringing you every half hour at the bottom of the hour. Also CBS news at the top of the -- like going on the world that the least of which is the US airstrikes against. The crisis militants in Iraq and there's one report that they are gaining more ground -- CBS news update coming up here. In just a moment and every hour throughout the show -- if you -- -- stay with us we will get back to -- your calls -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text -- late 77. Following the home improvement show today at noon from noon to three at saint Saturday with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia life in the -- training camp in West Virginia. Then it's the Saturday edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris following that. From three to six and then tomorrow wake up with sports Kristian -- antibody -- it's just sports from tentative and and then saints Sunday with Bobby -- Christie Garrett from three to six nobody covers the saints like reflection of WWL. I'm still with Paul LaGrange and we will be right back with -- of the home improvement show here is another CBS news update on WWL. And the biggest red -- -- in the country is going on right now Armstrong park and there will be people men and women. Throughout downtown throughout the quarter and red -- -- it really is quite an event. This is the home improvement show on -- without construction consultant Paula brings with it right back to your calls in from New Orleans failure on with Paula -- WL. Normal situation a parent who let it be and a third rate. But he went to -- Been. And I. Have been moved in order. What is -- that. East regional -- -- out there. And he went to jail for contractor fraud. Have been used to development bureau and yeah that would let the programs that they act and the open on oh. On aids we I'm not that I felt there. You get talent and nobody -- go at it and now. Well I think what I would do all the called one of the local companies that and elevate houses and keep it could be entrusted in. You know I was is the topic about their home and in maybe there's -- of values in those that they can use it all the projects. You know they're they're accompanied elevates -- in India's. Actually pretty decent job of the building homes as well -- what their their -- Kabul. Get a call and in NC if there will be interest in -- -- If I did a good luck with that's it's always sad to hear when somebody that takes advantage of people to the point where they end up in jail. I'll tremendous field Xavier on the home improvement show with -- range on to every WL. O'clock. I don't want them and they got you. All war mall and I'll. Coming down. Want to get your open cupid at all. Well Dave I think -- A combination. Joseph Max and war ended in Redenbach awful human follow code but admiration between the -- bleached water marks. And it could take some scrubbing through. Your attention that he -- The Kindle -- this. Not. Arms. On the -- -- well. Yeah okay I have also seen where some folks -- be buried very ball. Moll solutions. Erratic African war. I'm not sure I would suggest that the group that has -- -- you. Depending how well -- Based on finish them wife daughter on the -- and make it also you know typically difficult some of that covering. So that they don't know opting out of the drawbacks you know -- to war first Belgrade's. This -- -- -- -- happy with the with the end result -- not. Then probably ought to stop the war grows -- What would likely very mild solution -- As the water whatever you do the protective clothing meeting I wish her well long sleaze and respirator. In anything that underneath the -- -- -- you know just windows are siding or landscape the -- would protect that as well as Richard and rated news. Could -- will be -- yourself with on the need that you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you read the bottle -- -- How many parts of app -- war but it's it's one of all the solutions. I don't know all the pop chart. -- -- Dave thanks scrolling have a good weekend -- -- -- -- -- the question what are the pros and cons of installing. And this is what it says are gonna read this way. SI. PS system for new construction walls or. And or ceiling roof. OK so it's certain that he has. Got an acronym for structural insulated with. Credible system. And opposite sit them there they're -- will fight. The outer skin can you did the a lot of Little League product for the -- -- could be metal or seen us about skin treatment vicious toward. And then it's got a big chock full and -- in the dean Reynolds. You don't train -- out. So. The good news continues insulation all across. It acts they -- four walls and -- in the foreseeable. And corporate policy -- -- towards well. Its engineer system is so this has been our approach is the place from full well gosh. 1215 years and -- -- It became very popular. Katrina glucose from the people reaching out searching current systems. Put in place so it became popular here -- -- Hurricane Katrina. It it is a Boston if you put it on a Foundation's operations could be perfectly level. I think I would on these -- systems. But we. Locally manufactured answers any and companies -- -- in the event that something. I need to be attitude to modify or change -- you know you can do that local. Quite often on this show we noticed that it's at the very end of the show when people call with questions our show ends it you know because noon to three today it's saint Saturday with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- -- the -- training camp. At the Greenbrier in West Virginia since you've got a question. Here's our number 2601870. Toll free 8668. -- here writes every text is -- sanity will be back with more of the home for which -- with -- agreeing to 100 bureau. It right back to your calls on the home improvement show from New Orleans Mike you're on with Paula during -- every WL. -- two quick questions on the field and ultimate goal area. Now I want India out here actually ejection seat and the block stage. And it's saying it that need to use. When he strap in on the block or wrong. Six bucks extra you. They call it one question is is that they'll -- crap that you get from like home people like to -- at all. -- at all. It might it's it's similar however. On exactly would you engineered stuff on there. Close that is designed school -- and in a list. And whatnot has failed. Go to these last year's. Particularly want since Hurricane Rita and Katrina. Is that insurance companies war. Make you. Called the food and all the engineers to. In people all exactly Chichi and sometimes even -- inspected would be like it is insurance. He couldn't very challenging you'd give homeowners insurance. Or gated that we are so they -- you a specific name tomorrow. Might just -- you don't. You don't deviate from your wallet it's. Okay what will be good compliment fail like oh and perhaps. I would suggest that you -- to you won't resort. And you won't be a lot of country at a it it'll have a you can go to a local. Companies -- fasteners and holes to. Two construction trades in -- the outlook. Where they're located -- them and -- Washington. That they're there others that are actually in the moment I think about it. But if you go to battery Washington's should by any schools or post. -- fast -- so there aren't so. OK and one quick question. Although one that spurred me when you get there is probably a certain company -- an on air c'mon it should on the whole. -- in the -- did the a look at my -- and he has. That state that now the polls. Does that mean where on the -- need to reach. Or does it would slow it needs to be like that the plywood when -- shipment up. Traditionally it finished four. So whatever it is -- -- could be that that -- that's where. However -- I would like to go back two years serving in read it specifically. Couldn't shoot day. To the top of the in the war. OK got to think it is out here. Boca in that case there and you do any -- in. That's keeping you know what couple went choices and but -- did hit it into question. Coca and so they they wouldn't want the front being a perfect but they envision will go up at the -- In the ending and while we're in -- -- for a guy like oh it could sit -- appear then that make our nuclear. -- -- Which is dependable that Kyra you know -- -- an interesting question this is something that works investigating. In speaking with your interpreter. Lurks on the Internet companies that you had this. If you grew foot above that. So like review the at bat -- expected you to do what have maybe two more in the walk -- that fire -- a lot of money. Because if it's OP here. I'm interest interest problem hopeful -- and -- forward the pictured -- six field as well as the -- and would be probably like -- about -- -- -- and the road blocks as you know right now but acceptable. Would have been in more meat and on the block outs -- -- -- extended to about. That's OK -- sure appreciate it that much. Good -- and -- have a great weekend if your -- stay with us for coming right back with another question about home improvement here's an update on -- W -- -- -- -- -- opinion poll. Who will lead the saints in rushing this season after you saw the pre season game last night running game looked really good what do you think's gonna lead the saints in rushing this season. Two -- to -- 0%. Mark Ingram 55%. A year Thomas 14%. Every Robinson 31%. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll be right back with a home improvement show on -- W well this is the home improvement show I'm screw with our construction consultant Paula Granger Troy. Year old with Paul Allen -- WL. Hello -- They told you're a silent. It. Yeah yeah he's Kelly. And significantly. Okay. Let's all in bill aimed -- cottage restaurant debris. And Baltic -- It's eight. Or room about square feet dirty trick to stall that worked as -- twelve well passage. -- -- bill despite all of that before rocket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Describe the -- -- competent -- travels on the -- to blue ridge. And sprinkled in the -- The other options in the opens -- directly to the -- Vote the respecting and make an undated attic above -- -- from mobile critical march. -- it would -- well. Good or depending. Which equal -- crackers. There -- banner of the order repeat corporate with the article. There are some sentiment crackers I thought that -- going on in -- about the human crackers that whatever -- want -- -- you know there. -- also. To attend it at that point you all wars as an existing these are. It's. Is old Rodgers was that it Europe as such about seven. Out of India would eat away here's the goal the goal is -- you have a problem that -- directly to the re expecting. You need to be complete airtight enclosures or would that Bolton. To be culpable in that received that would eat eat. And the air and the moisture from outside company. Would hardly insulate for between them that their garage ceiling in the war of the -- Not not intentionally yet. Connected do you have it is because of -- the -- from a technique in straight directly to the top on Chirac about the march. Yes yes you can spray yet he can be sprayed. On the first lower -- at a garage ceiling. That we're packing -- -- I predict that there are the -- used that you would consider that it is very important because. You would have pictured that in order legally airtight. Because you want any carbon monoxide from from the garage eating and sleeping area. Right well really play all the use we you know of course mostly. Portrait. Don't play -- brought it to -- vehicles. But it ought to be a continuance. From the heat from the start that he saw their rhetoric. -- seamless. You're using the proper thing today. Okay and etiquette spray it all depends on what the -- archer. At practice. Okay and did -- outraged at if you do that if you didn't reject it. -- wait for the -- Google and the -- -- richer meaning you feel law you can you can report -- people of Africa -- There are open properly and you need to explain. They get exhausted the report. Are you that that it used to model work for very little benefit. I never do and Owens -- at fortune in the room. Air and -- quarter you relations article about what could you for the war in Portugal. Being in the building. And knowing. I'd be excellent for watching Herbert little I ignored that and I gave up that that should award. Being you know like it should be on Turco fears pushing -- -- to -- or that march could really well. For -- So there at the only detriment you know won't call it toward the well not you know the benefit of patent almost always. Thought that that you know that toward you at all. -- -- and that it really getting you know a true our port you can -- -- that is that is correct. Troy were -- -- we're out of time so that helps you. -- have a good weekend. If you have not had a Chester asked -- a question and you've got a question you can reach Paula La Grange consulting. The website is the greens consulting dot com phone number is 985. 845. 2148. The sister company is energy and -- solutions that website is EC has died GS. The numbers 9855904167. Paul thanks so we'll get together next Saturday for another addition to -- for mature and have a great weekend. -- -- -- Coming up next it is -- Saturday with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- from the -- training camp in West Virginia and then immediately following that. It's a special Saturday edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris for three to six have a great day try to stay cool. I'm scoots -- Orleans.