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08-09 12:10pm - Saints Training Camp with Deke Belavia

Aug 9, 2014|

Deke Belavia live from Saints training camp. Discussion of yesterday's preseason Saints victory over the St. Louis Rams as well as interviews with Coach Sean Payton and Saints Left Tackle Zach Strief.

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Good evening and welcome to an afternoon of sports on the ability with the Katie can't invite gave it will be joining us just the big -- with his take on the Saints. 26 -- -- four victory last night over. The St. Louis Rams get your feedback it's almost like a sick again this year it's 60187. Text -- at 878 in the email as a beat Keith. Attributed UAL. Dot com -- the New Orleans Saints land by a score of 26 to 44 over the St. Louis Rams at first drive there principal Mark Ingram three care he's thirty yards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So your thoughts on the running game remember two of the game's best offensive interior lineman Jerry haven't been -- and not -- Last night so we realize it was a little late last night. With the point after about that it over the Greenbrier -- -- an opportunity to sound off the date a -- will beat you up there will be two questions out on the -- what everybody can hear them. At 504260170. 86688908. Sammy later in the program we will be hearing from some college football coaches. Coming up on The Today Show will visit with a coach it is risen. A program a brought a program on the rise maybe -- -- you could see. It you know in the 1 o'clock value -- head football coach of the number three ranked. Southeast of -- brought Roberts would Jonas you know use a couple Saturdays out before college football. I like to -- state college football why because I wanna talk I don't wanna learn so wanna talk to the nickel in there Ron Roberts which analysts. He is playing. Earlier in the season. The next coach who also turnaround a program where -- one of the best defenses in the country. And much better than their record indicated went to a bowl for the first time in over a decade. Curtis Johnson to make green with a vocal with -- in the 1 o'clock now. -- putts -- three straight nine win seasons three straight bowl victories are program clearly on the rise always taken a coach who has been gracious. And graceful enough to be on the programming talent before Bob had a miscommunication earlier in the week that the vehicle total but he. Agreed to come back on the day so called will be with a small club the coach of the region pains that he would be with. In the 2 o'clock hour and another team would get two teams in the top team in the division one double April. Southeast and number three -- decent number nine and Aggies take cowboy with a prominent program. And one double -- met by -- toward the head football coach. But ninety's they Cowboys will be -- -- as well so a lot to get to on the program today your input is always welcome here. To us and calls coming up in just a few moments and let's get going in Atlanta up. Get some calls right now we'll start things off with Peter -- why -- it on line one ticket afternoon thank you for. He played and he lives at a hello. -- Bubba -- -- a run at bat really put in the fight about it all of them look at where the blocking it from where they just. But I'll be really really runs and yes -- route but not not a lot that back there just yet again. Really really bad about Greg play as one -- Yeah and you know. It when you look at it. Coach -- throughout training camp it's different in the regular season because everybody's doing features -- -- deceiving gala. Is so open about our sport that Steve has been doing every rookie -- -- -- a rookie profile so earlier question that's about players and you may listed press conferences every day your own. Saints radio that you have got to go who think that -- you -- -- based on what he's given us that he's doing real good. But both those interior linemen and I mean they did extremely well last I want you consider. Across the board now you got to figure Grubbs. In Everett without him -- so the guys who behind him now we took the one -- but they went that a majority -- -- -- -- directed they would only get behind groves. In Evans and across the ball when you ever to a five yards a carry to me that's the whole body of work. You have to live about the running out of that is really bad it oh and -- about what we got into a pretty good secondary -- I got back and Mike magnet and -- figured out -- and looked well tolerated that beat them on. Bank debt load and and -- -- -- forty KG's in the crime. Well -- Florida authority eight is it also throws more. -- -- you're you're I think you take it -- you think you know -- Alston Alston Johnson Vick they got three accidentally and -- numbers that that are. Open come adopted at the want to call that though the touchdown pass this week in the black and gold scrimmage but he did a good job. Block him last night and a -- you have 48 inch broad authority is Flanders. 35 with -- Johnson he was playing the majority want to with a fullback last night because -- -- was an active. Right about impressed and I have to get up and you know I had the bad a lot of -- they -- event -- when he you know and but I'll let you out on our progress grew up well really well see what it up on the board what we needed touchdowns in. The Cubs need he went to the last you know but it's an -- Bob know about it but -- may have been -- around -- and that was he hung in there. Or did anything as you wanna have a man. Enough that -- to have a good sign. All right did thank you so much for the call we appreciate -- 60 point 7866. 8890. -- he's the number to get involved that's owed to hall ball on line to Paul thank you for calling WW -- Eddie stop thanks to take my call. I just wanted to know if you did you know you thought it Jimmy -- got great play at night because it looked like -- they look comic he was walking whether a couple of does the trainers you know took a locker room. -- Albany. No I do -- I'd you know that policy they don't address. Injuries. During training camp that you -- -- weed out. When Jimmy came off the field the other day I I didn't see you know there was there was some people -- speculated whether or not he may have looked. Like he was you know not itself but I mean he was in their last night not -- -- thing. Yeah but it looked like he was walking off the field. You know before the game ended last night. -- -- -- Why he may have an immediate -- up and it will be more gate at tomorrow right of obstacle on the practice field if he's not out there then they'll be. You know he's not out there but then it puts -- -- addresses you say you know -- just -- arrest us on the but that's. -- -- team policy and if they only -- you do not have to start addressing right interest to the first week of the season which is they win. Yeah it just up in -- -- a prediction but this season. Well I I think that you know talking to the people who other experts. I think right now they -- fourteenth in the NFC. That all the those steps -- a few others that -- -- content and I think that's. Since Seattle I think that San Francisco I think he's -- Walt and I think -- Green Bay. I think they're more complete team in all the ones that's the big question talks about promoting this question talks about everybody. But I'll go about what in the as we've stated that he is we have so you know he's the -- -- those teams that he looks to be. Deep deep in the heart into the championship round and I think that's that's where you got a point to music I think this team made it to the divisional round last year if you talk but taken another step further. If you come out into the championship game this year. Okay they appreciate you thank you. OK well thank you so much I appreciate it to 601878668890. Rates and in on the game Novo comeback right -- if Safeco chomping birdies and that's why at the game. And Saints out of Puerto Christie Garrett caught up with Zach Strief and Steven Geller is and how well he Stevens thought he's got. Several rookie profile pieces up on line it. He did one on some rookies that stood out last night while he's here. While Malone will be Stevens -- follow. -- -- and you know this is WW -- and welcome back. I'm the ability indicates he can't embodied there will be Weathers coming up. And I and the next now get bodies take on the game those pompous college football coach is coming up the disease as well southeast and Brian Roberts two points Curtis Johnson UL Lafayette Louisiana raging case he coached. Mark what's the I'm the hottest commodity out there. One of the top five I was -- comfortable without question. He's don't ever invited -- it was a blip on radar and he's on lawless border rate or. And it. Though the season ranked ninth right -- in the state Cowboys that being met by a total years you can Duke it matters so we're gonna talk about college football has come up. Where it is next Saturday he's the NC that night with the eighth or ninth nine -- sixteenth. The problem -- that is the 23 and the following Saturday at this time. Will be completely live from -- would growth in Houston Texas the key to sit for LSU and Wisconsin. Thank them -- football season he's he welcome back. To a special edition of Saints Saturday here on WW -- radio black and -- victorious that night by a score. Of 26 point 40 with St. Louis Rams he is our morning sports reporter. He's saint inside -- forest took over the Saints at training camp each and every day the issue is first floor training camp we've been -- training camp. In New Orleans but. All Walt -- owner wrote Steven -- is it with each and every day you're Steven -- morning sports when you press conferences from the podium on line it's the regular. You see him on our web page at WW dot com. Onto -- off FaceBook. And Stephen has been keeping up with all of the rookie players. For the -- saint Stephen Utah did a featured it so hope of getting rated B put up. On the rookie player of the Cuban government that stood out last night take a student who was summoned rookie but it that you thought that well obviously definite number woman Brandon cooks he did not disappoint -- -- reading about him all training camp came out. Had a a decent night and it really put the moves on that one touchdown pass. -- the guy out of his jock. And with school right into the end zone for the score got a little taste of the agility in the speed but he has. Another guy that I've really been impressed by a late and that's part of the turn things on -- field. Is Ronald Powell the linebacker that was trapped in the fifth round. I had a sack last night did have a holding penalty but he still has been getting more acquainted with the Rob -- defense and I think he's getting more. Comfortable and NFL ready. I really think he can produce at this season for the Saints not just on special teams but in a reserve role for the team in the linebacker spot. And that also a running back. I've been liking what I see seen out of us they're extra -- training camp and was glad to see him put together. For a decent showing in the game last night it's really hard not to look at him and speak about Darren Sproles my only concern right now is. Is there room on this -- the -- with all the running backs but if he keeps making the plays I can't see a reason why they won't keep him. Steven. Other guys that have stood out -- you know what you think about it. Anywhere else they were department -- -- is typical you don't feel but a guy like man isn't the guy that running back we talked about. A Derrick -- CJ without deceit they are next out talked to me thinking that data to really got its not. To make an impact in maybe a practice squad -- but over the long -- contribute and you look at one now that with the same situation or a year ago. And now is it about was with a backup quarterback spot right Griffin is a year ago at this point Brian Griffin with the got. Well you know it might be a project -- so for the when the Saints the game up at practice squad because they won't the Rams negating. That showed interest in him and -- progress so this is -- wanted to go to become a land of opportunity for some players that a lot of us. Didn't know a lot about -- -- a -- about and definitely just mentioned Griffin and also which -- there's some great talent on the Saints ballclub which I know. Folks love I guess they would like if there was more. LSU players as well but to battle with Luke McCown -- Brian Griffin has definitely. Pitchers think just because I don't know another. Roster position the kind of thing is and they keep really. Three quarterbacks -- peaceably hold. Three quarterbacks on his roster. And I don't think it's gonna be a possibility so it's gonna have to come down to our -- go with the veteran and Luke McCown who's looked okay but a lot of people have been criticizing him for. Holding the ball too long or the young talent right -- could -- be a future starter for the team. Or is he one of those guys that kind of bounces around as a backup for his entire career. Now Stephen move forward some guys that you know -- about -- about that second game you -- to see maybe they had been media roster moves. -- don't -- moving forward now and the receivers and that was one thing adults that was disappointing but last night. Not the top class receivers but like let's say yeah Coleman Hawkins in those -- situation. -- wanna see a little more out of the room because. I think from a standpoint some of those guys have a -- opted to make this team particularly Falcons because of what he goes on special teams in the way he did it in return involves a practice. Burress has made it got its gotta make it as a receiver it's it's going to be -- to make the Pistons -- receive all of his team you -- -- as a receiver. And that's that's a team obviously you've got. And beat him in that category. You got. Two in that category. And steals and -- category so if you look at it goes forward on my file a fifth and got might be -- -- contribute basically yeah I knew we were seeing a look. Brandon Coleman last night who had looked to have turned a corner in camp. From a bad -- organized team activities and mini camp where he was dropping balls well. He pulled one up in the air yesterday that officiate. And at resulting in an interception -- -- stock -- that. He didn't make some contributions on special teams but not enough to account for. Causing a turnover. A guy like Hawkins we can't. You know -- -- speed. Another one that was kind of quiet last night and also -- previous Jones I was amazed that really here is a much. Didn't do anything really with the offense yesterday and like you said all these guys besides having to be receivables I have to fill. Some kind of be on special teams that was a big knock on 83 Adrian Arrington in the past he couldn't do anything. On a special teams unit to get help himself out and ultimately that's that's not even in the league anymore. He's even got on the ability coming up in just a few seconds -- -- a row the -- at the CBS will have a CBS news update in the and we will have. Local news coming up and the game will hear from Saints coach Sean Payton. And we're pretty decent college football teams coming up next now -- talk about the southeast alliance. When all the way to the national quarterfinals a year ago this year -- receive a rank number three the Tulane green wave the -- -- -- Louisiana Lafayette and of -- state Cowboys and the saint you're good bent over from last night. Time now for a CBS news update. And welcome back. A sport Saturday did you talk Saints here on WW radio. Kasey Kahne embodied there will be with -- in the next hour went a bit -- take on site and talk a little. College Bobo New Orleans winning 46 point four last night over the Saint Louis Ryan's. Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media following last night's victory over saint. But look look like a lot of pre season games especially is sort of the year there's a ton of things first coach off of -- Number one. Don't -- we got the win but with far too many penalties. I think we're attend. Lot of lot of silly mistakes we're gonna have to clean up in in all areas so. What chance get back tonight late look at the films smaller players then and -- -- begin the process of making corrections. And I said during the locker must have looked at the positive thing is we've got. Hold of the month your training camp gut. But we've got a lot of work to do. And and kind of get started on that so few guys did some things. Work urging the -- it's always hard without looking at the tape to see that specific efforts on special teams. -- some of the obvious things stand up at the penalties were one thing that. We've got to get cleaned up pretty questions. -- Overall I took that pretty good command of what we're doing I thought they located the ball fairly well. It's always hard to see until you watch the tape can address or under kind of pressure they're under but over law. I thought those guys both -- good. -- I was encouraged with. With. Are believed to run ball in in their efforts and took the play with good pad level. It was good to see from both of them. Begin we'll get back got to look at some of the the run in protection phases of the but overall. Both those that we knew were gonna. Probably would be looking at split into you know the better part behalf because peer. Was not to play in -- we -- to -- that. It. Same thing we said in training camp we keep answering we'll talk but injuries so you can keep asking. Well we've been seen him progress I mean he's done some good things. He's quick with the ball -- hands. There we were trying to monitor snaps for all of our guys receivers but also trying to give small chance for touches. And I think. Thought it played hard he's Smart people it's lined up very quickly. We'll keep. You bring them alongs lot of things that he's worked on still. -- Almost to tape -- a lot of these guys I'd say the middle. The middle phase the second group all of you probably got well over thirty snaps of those guys got a lot of reps. It. Well. But I don't wanna I don't wanna. Making about UH and not haven't seen the video yet I thought there are some positives yet we got hit there we got hurt sometimes. Will be better feel once we get a chance look at the game game tape. Football teams anytime you're in the pre season you're going to be without some personnel with without players. We were they were. Both teams and sure gonna -- world and raced to try to improve. From this week to next week and that's that's part of the process and in doing that try to evaluate. You know what the full -- -- And hopefully. Make the right decisions when the time comes. That was kind of how we plan to first base that would be one quarterback related to pay attention the rest there the rotation. Our first base took a quarter. I think the second phase the better part of almost two quarters got quite. But most of those guys in the second wave took. Almost two to one snaps and then with third -- Play -- the -- -- third or fourth or. It. Well sure we were done in the pre season so wont wont let you know the rep -- here as we go for next week where plans are but it's pretty normal. A rotation tonight probably for the last -- years. -- He's someone that. Demonstrated a year ago when he got in here because a he's got good speed. He plays on special teams when you retired and that can play in the kicking game. Like he can and give you snaps aside from just on offense and it's. Because he's athletic because he can run because he can jump start -- with some of those numbers. It was and it was nice to see there's a couple big plays we had that was one of them. I thought. We had opportunities for a couple explosive place. I don't know who we have many. Wouldn't create. Any turnovers we had ten penalties and so look there are a lot of things that. The frustrate -- -- a game like that and yet still won I thought I was I was Kurds that was important to him to win you know that was that was. You know something that we talked about -- thought we were physical. And -- sloppy at times. Substitutions we got to clean up some of that. But the penalties and. Some of the minus plays we had on offense and the fact we didn't have any turnovers -- an opportunity -- -- hands on the ball in the first half I think we're third quarter. And then dropped an interception that was really is close we got a thought. -- kind of calm him down. I think he's Smart enough he's he's. There will be it will be Smart with his. His recovery in and he certainly -- Smart enough to be he understands. Look it's it's a -- area that's affected every time and throws so it's it's important and it's under percent. Yeah that we that the putter was good quarterbacks when you get in pre season game. You know we've done that affect. Quite a bit. -- do. -- -- -- What are -- on me as if he's. I don't know I mean listen balls on the fifteen yard lines so we're not talking about his fitness fifty yard field goal here so. Look I think -- the idea behind it was that the officials see the teams are operating under or wrong. When they. Kick point after so high. 97 point whatever percent high enough to where it's become a snap where -- we. So I think the idea. In the owners' meeting with the idea of changing maybe that. To the point after attempt makes sense in -- is trying to figure out what it is so currently for the first two pre season games that football. On the fifteen and if you go for two you can put on the two yard line but collectively we can get a field goal and balls and fifteen. Yeah we did they they seem to work fine conditions are going to be. Ringing. In glare. So when dome that that wasn't an issue. -- We had probably the same amount as we normally would pictures of three sets each side of the bench. And there's only some nuances with them and I think they'll work their way through those but one of the pictures available to do I'm drawn arms kind of a pain. And it's not like electoral on the pictures but but they're fairly easy work. I think outside it's fine it's just a glare issues soak your plan outside. Just pens in the sun in the ring -- another words I think that they are there's a lot of games where your outside would be just fine. But I think there working the way through some of those little nuances of how they operate on their -- but then. We'll see we have pictures to just in case. Wells obviously busted coverage. There was a red zone coverage. And in. We didn't do -- a double pass and backflow one backs in the flat and we get hung up inside to end up with a pretty easy touchdowns coast coverage here. -- -- That is Saints coach on Payton addressed the media last night after the team's. Tony six point four victory over the Saint Louis France and of course what do you -- you talked about policy coach Payton talked about is a number of penalties that both teams India. The thought process -- in penalties is that. Infidelities. Mario with the penalties -- kind of a touchdown so both teams over team notes thinks it's in the world port Saint Louis 1441. AT. We'll take a timeout Saints out out for Christie Garrett caught up with Zach Strief. Last night at the saint -- will hit that next here -- -- BW yeah and welcome back to sports so sports Saturday that is on the ability and 260. 187866889. He writes that but he is the number to get involved. Coming up with a -- it helps -- college football Saints six point four victory last night over. The St. Louis Rams black and gold last night those go back and take a look at some. -- actually here. And a look at the participation -- now let's not start us for the Saints on offense. Colston and they'll want receiver meat of it the other on the offensive line now. Can't meet C and Marcel Jones -- call so you had basically three new interior people starting a game last night he did a year ago. -- complete the at left guard particularly -- -- center in -- Joan at right caught almost note don't look as good he's looked at the Saints. On him one -- wants. He hadn't done it but. When when it was the play he would evolve with that stood out there with a defense that I'm not vote in my notes getting the best beat him up on last night. They will exactly at right tackle Jimmy Graham. Our quarterback was Luke McCown Ingram and in Austin Johnson was at fullback because Eric -- did not play defense in the for the Saints and take a look at some -- -- -- note. -- sprint saint first driver came out well first five plays well good. Including thirty rushing yards by mocking them on three -- a six yard run a five dollar and nineteen York on media went to New York on. On a touchdown later on the block it was good but -- at the unity is it kind of one -- -- -- out of -- But the what this seventy yard loss. All the running play in any interception that was probably the ugly sequence of offensively for the Saints that was once all ones but the eight. Critic Chris Long won't coach sat on the youth either eat that -- the big -- I mean you know Robert Quinn on -- to -- -- -- in the -- And you know scenes played that night where did the late but long way to -- play an exception. So you know are off to a good start obviously what kind of finished it out with some points but. That they were respond later and when you look at -- on numbers. -- now with seven a team that's not bad neck receive one interception with one count you know with the disappointment. Ryan -- sixty point 379 yards I think moving followed his team will keep. The three quarterbacks I don't think they want. Right grip that Biden spent some time they've invested in just by a look at the history of moves to think that may not protecting me a year ago. Bringing him on the roster not it's on the practice squad because Saint -- try to sign him. That if he's not been that we don't want a team to get. Are they they see something -- they feel like okay this guys is helping us do so now all that's what it is that although. And I think you account estate because standpoint. You know. What if you have to have. A quarterback in I'm not -- -- and do it. But he eat in a perfect situation you'd be in the -- him a little more at ease in the end of those situations -- countless. You've been around the game. Around game -- east but it seen it and everything so that makes it back and -- keep that record. Odyssey but with him takes hold them off a tree are now helmet off at the last tech street thought he would. Gary Evans to a along with that you. Veterans on this ballclub apartment great prep class of 2016. Remaining it's callers on meet him Evans and -- street. Saints have a report Christian here caught up with next -- last night at the saint victory at saint. Zach and no two starters and go all along but just if you each could touch on a couple things he -- didn't like from your guys' time in there. I thought about the first game as it was a ton of mistakes made. But I think that. Tempo was good we talk a lot about being efficient and tempo and get up to the ball. And a lot of it has to do being efficient and and getting gaining yardage -- plays like in my own mistakes. And I think you know look we we ran the ball pretty effectively become obviously I don't know what the numbers were played the past but I'm sure there's a bunch of runs and I was the emphasis and I think that there is a little bit more consistency. There than there was last year and you know some of -- be tons of mistakes but I think it was good. You mentioned the emphasis on the run game going news came into school and all year really all off season going this year how much can have a success now. Translated to success and regular season with -- well I think we talked about throwing cant just about the confidence that I think is being built and it. Guys being more comfortable on what we're trying to do and and what the techniques are running back certainly I think. If you really said -- was a big difference tonight I think they're running backs were making quick correct decisions they're making the right cut their make him quickly and that's how that's scheme is designed to me that's. It's it's a scheme designed to make a quick read and go with it and then get the defense run and it's tough for them to be run inside on the sideline and make and hits on physical running back so. I think the confidence can go a long way in and and look it's it's it's a better start than running the ball for ten yards you know not being able to do it it's certainly better -- that. When a coach had a pretty good night how I actually to see more from him throughout system pre season is certainly into the regular season. It's been good all camp and I think. Look might might know more replied receiver knowledge. But look he's he's really aggressive whose hands. He attacks balls you know he does away from Boston -- -- and get some. Which in this league is important and and has a close hasn't been talked to California I think you saw going -- tonight. Obviously with the play email on the touchdown and -- anything that guy desires information and knowledge and he's humble and quiet and in comes to work and all the things that you would want. From a from a a guy that has the potential to be -- a really good player in this league. -- -- of runners actually thanks for sure thanks for. -- that is extreme visiting with Saints another reporter Kristi gave the game last night the Saints offense. Pounding out a hundred point 30 its -- 24 -- but it five point one -- put. -- Rose -- habits for the New Orleans -- to sink with 375. Over the total offense on 64 offensive plays and you look at the offensive line again. A pretty good protection last night there were some quarterback hurries. If you look at it but the Saints did not allow a sack while the flip side. The Saints recorded four sacks so when you look at it. Counting out. Five yards took care. 07 ought to play in this contest with six shortly in this country has averaged. -- that if -- York you can give up a sack and you'd get that hair. On to what was many people filled with a couple of to a three guard and in the -- Evans in game groves I would say you have to be. At least at the very least with the progress that those guys have made out. The level of expectation is not to beat this is pro -- it excluding college whereas. Oh well best college player -- and so just wanna get back -- -- approach when you step in you becoming deeply. You gotta come to produce anyway just like -- those guys they knew they had -- thought they did their jobs that's just my take. Which horse -- 601878668890878. Courtesy. Ron Roberts we are so -- -- some college football goes in three weeks LSU. And Wisconsin right here or WW.