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08-09 3:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 9, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the red hot voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big 870. WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. Time now for the food show after a couple of months confident maybe two and a half months being on from noon till three. Here comes the rush. From the football guys. And I have to go like duck and dive in and dodge and try to get through to get on the -- at all. During football season but you know -- made. This week we're gonna make it next week to. Ando who knows how long we can hold on. He has I say to you. And you heard this new food at the superdome I heard in fact I ran into a guy. It didn't catch his name or what exactly he did. But with the saints organization. And he said that there was the natural tasting and a party in. Consist of the Czech open new food that will be in the superdome this year I think I mean you know -- probably didn't do it timed it well it would be there anyway. But. You know there's this food everywhere -- you can't escape -- you've got. And that's why I am here in every Saturday to talk to you or what you really. About eating drinking restaurants cooking wine anything that's related. To the news indulging yourself not just who's killing the hunger. But indulging yourself in the the Arctic in the pleasure. Of eating and cooking here in. What I noticed that the New Orleans convention and visitors bureau has begun calling it America's most delicious city. I accept that. Charge. And I agree. America's. Most delicious. City if you don't think that's true call me. I -- we get into an argument that's not the point. Well but I'd I'd like to hear your logic about that because. You know or maybe I'm missing something I don't think so. Our number is 260. 1870260187. We have a toll free number it's 8668890870. And we have a text messaging. Service. Hung up therefore you. And what you do they are you write your your message to to us that India question can be your comment that just whatever it's long since by eating and drinking. And post it to 87870. That's how you a lay that down. And then though you know around and -- she goes until 6 o'clock. Maybe we can find a good place -- have dinner tonight -- one of the things we do here maybe it can help you figure out a way to cook something. That should never cooked before or maybe of it before but she's not a 100% happy with the results. I'm not sure I won't bring it down another -- -- percent but I you know you're always rolling the dice on that. It's it's good to get fresh ideas all the time well I always love hearing them on this program what. What people come up with Europe quite a few. On dishes that I have changed completely. Changed -- I'm recipe for completely just because time somebody told me something I'd never thought about before and I tried it that was great. So we do all that. 260187. Me and I think we're pretty close to having our first victim I mean our first caller on the phone here. It's Dan Dan welcome to the coach. I think. I just the Dave when I punch that up I get the strangest little symbol appear I've ever seen on this machine. Now I'm getting another day if you do it. Our Dave -- producers studio. Dave. Trying to get this guy trying to stand don't give up will get to UNICEF. It's it's it's so strange -- -- now we got you okay Dan welcome. I don't I'm doing fine. Art art that. Three. -- to an apparent where additional work well -- that's what resort. But he still hold beautifully they hold. All their -- and what. What I would do is I would caught him in the end you get the get the bones out. And those so you have what amounts to two police but don't take the skin off don't pick the scales off -- take anything we've. Obviously you've got to put them partly that to you that. I fire up your grill and while it's getting good high you can also do this under the broiler but it's better done outside as it throws off a lot of smoke and -- Who went in the early stages of cooking. He really doesn't smell all that good it's it's it's not a good smell but don't worry about it it's not can get into the -- for the fish. And then top that with some garlic butter. It just makes them -- softened butter with some chopped garlic fresh garlic -- the stuff in the jar. And some creole seasoning in some herbs whatever you got hanging around would be fine you know you that would that would work. Then put it skin -- down right there on top of the hottest part of the grill and just letter ripped don't turn it though wolf that. And what will happen is a lot of smoke who come up the skin in the scales will maybe start getting blackened a little bit you know when it's done. When the top part of the fish instead of being translucent like. Like raw fish is he turns opaque. Another way to do this is the stick of a kitchen fork into the middle of it. Hold it there about 34 seconds and then pull it out and touch it to your lips if it feels warm and all it's done. And that that that has that is so I can't remember who came up with this name but it's a great name. It's called red fish on the hatch and it and it's the issues that it's so simple you don't have that turn -- you know of the do anything and it's. You just get all that great flavor of the fresh local fish it's one. -- -- -- -- My Lola the next week or whenever he got time called me and tell me how it came out it really liked and I thank I'd thank slides the it's the food show let's Ian I'm clicking on blue than it should fix this. And then they've you get beat when you might mention at the next and while waiting for all it's -- It is bill they'll welcome to the big 87 EWW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll go oh OK I'd -- lock out and they don't. At. All. -- -- to do that also your. Nobody came close we. That it came close. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know well. Oh. The I think it'll be whenever I go to Italy and have beaten lost track and -- at least eight times might be and I I identify. With those people because they have the same feeling about food that we do. No it's not. In in Italy it is just assumed. That the food is going to be good and it always issues and -- -- here you know we think. -- it's it's not unnatural to have great food the unnatural thing would be to have bad for. -- If there's a celebration but it also. Absolutely it's the biggest thing in the day. I couldn't agree more about that. Got it. It always helps him get -- -- -- military to pay for your meals. Leah Leah forum -- about that don't -- it will eat. You know. But in the but -- -- at this. The spot and eat it up quite a good group. It was good it was. It was the console world war. Don't. But -- -- -- I'm I'm with you on that. It will bring up that point of view thinks. It is the future of thanks thanks a lot. I it's the year it's the thing works I think it probably it. Frank welcome. On our guys reservations site wide and some friends that restaurant bill portico and Covington. I want to know please could you talk about a little bit about it in May be what we should try. Okay. I think that is the best Italian restaurant in the entire New Orleans area. It took for starters let's just say that. It's a different style than most of us who grew up here are used to most of us know Sicilian food and civilian dishes that kind of come from that tradition nothing wrong with that. But that's everywhere in the kind of food that they do there is really more like it fine in Tuscany. And they are from the people who run -- are originally from California. Where there's a tremendous Italian culinary tradition but it's different from ours is more like in -- -- so a lot of grilling. -- -- -- olive oil not too much red -- very little -- in fact. Nice big shops real good steak I mean if you're in the mood for a steak at all -- might seem strange to get that in an Italian restaurant. But in fact in northern Italy their doubts about -- they eat steak all the time. And they have a terrific. Sirloin strip over there which is what I like the that -- if they're making that that's real good but Poland that the bullet that the job we Soto they always have at least one Russo no. This is made with that starchy kind of rice that the growing Italy and they toss it with the you know the mushrooms and all the rest and that's just money in the bank. It would be tough. The -- find Sutton that you wouldn't like frankly. And they -- menu and it looks like it's convert traditional kind of which would on Tuscany where. They have you know as the appetizer and have a a possible or. Salad and then. A main course. That's the way I do -- if you've got the stomach space for. But is that they really they really cook and their very particular -- by -- ingredients it's not cheap it's not ridiculously expensive -- I would say I think it's a pretty good value good relentless good cocktails. Love that. Well what local who have good common sense preservative found great. We get a chow on them today. They you know it is but I'm I have to put you on hold for a minute to -- I have the plug in the machine. And it takes a couple of minutes the fire so. I'm I'm approach on hold and then we'll come back. And after the break if that's okay we view it I promise you won't be any longer than that. We will return with more of the food show and a child numbered if you want -- -- number you can get into. What do you do with a child number I don't ask me that Alitalia later but it's. It's worth having trust me. But but while you're trusting EU will also I hope trust office. The dvd and the -- pop -- up by the hello it is the food show let's see I'm gonna return over here to frank. Who called minute to go and when to talk about restaurant they deal port dole on the north sure. Which I think is the best Italian restaurant in the whole studio really do. And then he said and I haven't shown -- that sure in here it is you ready. I'm ready thank you okay. 764. And six people would follow him because you don't get out of me -- and the -- truly looking forward to it now. Thanks so much. Good OK I have one more thing I want that the -- If you could possibly how many people is it going to be for. Them with time you getting. There 630. -- see if they'll let you get the table all the way in the corner. Like it's on the street side of the dining room by all the way in the back. They that place has one little problem it's a little noisy there. But for some reason that table doesn't have a problem. If you wanna talk with the other people -- -- I would get that people can and it if you don't wanna hear what you like pests. And I can certainly relate to that. Maybe you would wanna get one of the noisy tables so I leave it up to you. Thank you -- later by the Puccio. -- -- A note a couple of days ago from a guy who says. That he is in the noise abatement is -- he goes into. Public spaces. And he does things that kind of -- down the level of goalies. And restaurants. Are having a tremendous problem with this actually it's the customers who were having the problem the restaurants like it. And here's what they like about it if you're in a noisy dining room you leave sooner so they can put somebody -- you're able. Now that I must tell you. Does not strike me -- particularly hospitable but that restaurants are really in case you're wondering. Is it just you -- noticed that lately. When you go out to eat. The restaurants are so noisy you can talk -- he just few if they are doing it on purpose. I'm not be in paranoid and not be in that it's true. 260. 187 here is Greg Greg welcome. And -- -- and it. Quite well and garlic that a problem I -- -- And and you know it real. I'm a -- Our visit does it have the green little sprouts coming out. Now it. Refrigerated and everything and I had an idea -- get -- getting Iraq War vote it down and spread it and are helping them bridge bread and make it like Brit -- -- -- -- let me ask you this is if you could easily Q did it ought. A shrimp boil a -- and you threw them. The garlic in there and that's and the -- was garlic are okay. Yeah so they're -- all the way they've already become nutty in sweet and all it. Yeah that's great I mean there's a restaurant the -- -- restaurant they have a garlic festival every year in fact it's going on right now. And what they do use that they bring you that at the beginning of the meal would bring your whole -- had -- -- and French bread and you just like -- night the school put out there and spread right on the Brad it's great. So. That's a winner. We will do it now -- it -- Yeah if you want you can -- you know -- it up a little bit by throwing -- in the food processor with -- it may be some olive oil may be some herbs or something but it all by itself will work just fine. Very. Well it's been -- well I'm. -- out of being. Were. You know Britain are. -- that would work through their million other things you can do we could combine it with -- some butter and some bonus. Fresh basal if you have any of that. And grind it all up and and freeze. If you and you can keep it frozen forever without well maybe not forever but for a long time with noted that losing its flavor. And you could throw it all kinds that you could just take some of that included on pasta with a little parmesan cheese and you got a great finish right there. Yeah. Yeah. Nice talking to you it's the food show he's got left over garlic from a crawfish boil. But Thomas is here hello there welcome. But here's probably talk about the we've done a few Tom. Look. -- suggestions. First is when you first put the fish or in the group do not close to it and we actually got the same fears. Yeah whip it at that Melanie taught about beginning. Like kind of re circulated to meet. And you don't make it that we actually try to. Wait wait wait wait hold it just as you do close the top or you don't. You do not in the beat you not that that's what I would do it means a lot of our order and our number remember shaft. Bluster. Well the two used to do was show just like yes. On this station like 2030 years ago and he and I got into a long argument once he's a nice guy it was a friendly argument. And he's still out there it's his Ohio -- buster if you're listening. Anyway he said that he thought that this idea of the red fish on the half shell where you throw it. Skins in the scales and all that right on top of the growth he hated that idea he said he couldn't stand the smell. But you know buried. Well I like how -- that bigotry is that the road to their threats their Nat -- to -- but I'll -- twist toward the end is. -- -- which you -- it was butter. -- -- Yeah I'd I'd I'd pretty much make the same kind of stopped the draw goes uses on its oysters which is butter. Fresh garlic and so much Italian seasoning in some black pepper and parmesan cheese. -- straight black barber program. And would have would you like Accenture and then just a mix. And then we'll let that debate -- and -- counts are mixed. A -- -- a false or whatever are you like from the China Russia and -- -- plays Micah came legally to pop. Cheap low it -- in it for Twitter I really liked it better your natural or something out here. But that I've got to tell you that -- like dynamite to me all our great idea yeah. It great like great fight and then to Tony at lake Butte. If you've been living coop is double our electrical -- they sort of look at everything and everyone seems to be you know. Happy -- seafood the grilled tuna would. -- -- I. Agree with him for those who might not have been there in a while they have moved. They listen I'm sorry to to cut you loose here but I have to take a break for us news bulletins here but thanks for calling. We will be back in just a minute here. -- we have a special report from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. Just in the long and then we'll do a couple of messages in this that so it gives you time to think of something to bring up here here's what you have gates no hot outside it's 94 degrees here at the cool water ranch. And I don't wanna be in that remains will be here with me and we can talk about what's for dinner tonight one how about that we'll figure something about four. It's the food show -- the big 87 WWL. States soon thank you hello there it's seafood show on the negates any WWL AWW along five point three FM. And here is Shelby. A lot of those all of those cars he or is there really hot. You know welcome to our show. Thank you aren't. Trying to that was wondering. Mom and my. Restaurant. And it. And I'm leaving you at home. All good as you said it was your mom in your boyfriend in anything about you but. But on new relationships these days everything's different. But I'm I'm glad to hear you're going to be there that's great place. I've heard great things about it and I just wanted. Take your recommendation -- I'll tell you only one on the give you a reverse recommendation. I'm tell you something not to get. It's it's -- -- that they're they're very well known for it's a clever idea I just don't think they do it very well it's called death. By gumbo and what this is it's a dark rule gumbo. That brought this pretty well made they take a Quayle and -- stuff that with what amounts to dirty rice or jumble hire someone and they put me in in the middle. It sounds like a great idea looks good and you get into it and just -- -- in -- there other gumbo they do a seafood gumbo is much better. They have very good stakes there that's a major part of their operation -- they're doing. On dry aged beef crime most of it that's real nice. -- a good place to begin the meal is actually in the bar at a couple of bar snacks. And drink or a glass of -- some before you sit down your table. The bars beautiful and they they're really good and their bar their bar appetizer selections is great. And I would also if you could that there's one tape one. Dining room in the whole place which is pretty big. The enhanced table -- all the rest of them don't. I -- what I always ask to be in that room that to -- is a much nicer place but the the place the restaurant itself has really gorgeous. So you'll you'll love it I think have a great time. -- It is mum paying. Court. All OK she's welcome them I mean you got to have. But if that's you know we we have a family like that over here to. So it's it's a lot of fun it's time life is. When I saw you. Think you have. Have fun -- its -- show. 260187. Is our telephone number we'd love to talk with -- but eating and drinking and restaurants in cooking. You know the stymied -- my son lives in Los Angeles. And mighty. My daughter has a boyfriend. -- for her and Dennehy is from out of town embassies living here during the summer he's working. And and then it. She and heat and and high some time or sometime my wife week we have a way of going out together because it just works. And critical. Just rang a bell that's what it. -- that up to 60. 1872601870. Call right now you'll get right in we'd love to talk with -- -- -- Where you've been eating enough and all of that can help you with a recipe or anything else would you -- call we'd love to talk. And we also have a but text messaging deal you can just go online and text me. A message. About whatever is on your mind or ask a question it's 87870. That's where you -- Analysts see who's over here it's like Keith Keith welcome to coach. -- -- in the -- follow it actually -- it and look at Pratt and had lunch there and -- Competent. Or lunch. Along a little salad and and it when was. Yeah it was right. -- -- And I wouldn't say that. I think you're right. The fight with little -- -- in the -- in the right. Ratio. -- you know kind of pricey. There was as -- I was only when I said that I was only talking about really one dish. It's their of their fish special with the day -- that these -- UN though it's the pompano right. I have like red fish pomp and mine. Dish out they had all. But by that -- and that a puppet. I don't know immediately experience the pop and I never. It was secretly dry in fishy tasting if you didn't see it. It wasn't very. It's. Everybody. It's it's -- it's my favorite fish but -- -- and I'd like today in the certainly flavored fish which a lot of people registers fishy. But yet if you cook it a little too much it can get real dry run into that more often -- -- Though annually but I don't know why that there the rest of them and you doesn't have that problem at all mean most of their portions are really I think to. It's just that went for some reason it's just like they've they've been wrong. Intel. We didn't act -- you. Healthy she's that you would have been better gap for years. Well I that's why don't tell YM. Well I guess you -- that issued that. That I would've been better eating out -- -- now. I don't know what. I I I think -- rating -- pretty much on the mark. I don't than it did mean it means is that it is little or are. There but not. -- as if they do something about it I I can't say I have a problem you know. Now that it is in the right here plays or get it. You're prepared to pay you right here you know it's not like some other place we get a pretty portions -- -- each hours. Yeah but it's not what I would call inexpensive restaurant it is you know it's. They had to spend a lot of money to put that place up you know it's outside the levees but they have a view of the lake. The only way you can get that is by putting it up eighteen feet in the air which cost probably twice of what a restaurant on the ground would cause so that probably -- -- it. By interacting with -- pretty much on the mark communities we did you know it's edible. I mean immediate five start -- I know that you know. I mean you know enough and not every restaurant should. -- -- thanks for the report I'm glad you called back about that. You are YouTube's C it's the food show here is Aaron Aaron welcome. And a printer in -- when he torched -- that at eating it up. And try to play it over and Kuerten. -- -- That's it's a cute little place they. Have a small downstairs dining room just big enough it to not be cramped and not be real noisy either. And -- food is mostly French. I don't know whether they're running this and that but they have the dish on their menu that used to be a very common in restaurants and now you never see it but it's a great -- lobster Thurmond wore. So they've they've they've grill or block I think they actually boiled lobster in the they grill with a little bit and then they have this. This kind of rich saw -- cognac and some cream and anyway I headed. Went to three weeks ago was just great. There onion soup is real good it's the kind with the new recruits on on the up with -- all the cheese over the top of the crock that's always been nice there. They have. Some as cargo the S cargo are very good video debate to oysters that they to a good. I would say my favorite -- -- there is chicken. -- -- event that's with the CO QA UBI and which literally means rooster with wine they never been two roosters in the mortgage if you order tickets. But -- that's a real good finish I've I've always like that. And they have -- beds and they have no good good local fish and some not so local -- It's it's a good little restaurant the prices are are reasonable. Good wines by the glass. Always like going there. Yeah have a good time thank you think it is that the name of the -- and use the flaming torch it's on magazine street at the corner on. A -- just passed. Jefferson avenue -- you're heading uptown what's what's the situation here look like. On the talked to Michelle and hope for the best. Michelle. Elect I'm doing. All right Eric every can't be kicked out of out about way back when it went. And that it's not -- are. In -- My husband and I Alec and click on that I -- it. He recommended. Quietly quietly at your eyes ears. And actually lived on a street corner that -- -- out there every day in every year. Negative and a couple of Larry. Bird count share. And it -- yes. Extraordinary. At least you're accurate. -- call -- the way debt debt. C. The that -- personal but not at repair. Yeah a cup. That's a hell of a priest who don't you think I mean I think it's a good -- Let me. When it's your appetite at our net in the aisle at the project is actually help me out little. Caught -- point and aren't we ordered the I think it was how our -- Yet they need a couple of black art or products with them -- -- in the history and a great uber. That's I love that. Oh good. Activity like that should be. Set and which is we hate it it was popular. And I believe it's a -- could not order. A lot and it didn't matter and action he and CEO. -- Well I don't think -- that what's that. Well. I'm not at -- like ET. I am so excited Packard. Where they bury it and try to deal. -- And get in. That G packer for lack at that players. Actually. Dirt -- at all. -- boy I hate when that happens don't you. This little Grammy man -- man whether they're trying to pull. And it ought to punch it shrimp and taught. Back like -- under nineteen dollars. And that -- deal. And I mean -- would be that we we act -- -- -- -- And hunt it you know you know there are -- -- -- -- -- The -- There aren't. They based they open kind of around the same time that this show started 26 years ago. And I I already knew Vincent from a long time ago he's he's a real character but the guy who runs that one. He is a short restaurant tour and he's he's he's really keeps high standard tonight I love eating there the only problem is getting in because it's packed. All. -- brought a million cameras have been aspect. Is counted yet definitely. Some are and I. And we get here. We'll get out it was an editor or in the enabled people don't listen. And when you -- and he said -- Yeah I get. It yet if that's what else. Can't shake it a lot politely look good. Well I got a great year for night and again I hope I do. Thanks to show. Vince since she went to the one up talents on -- at the corner of saint charles' another women -- they're both good. Vincent's we will return with more of the food show after first if you will this and here is Tom hello Tom this is Tom. There. Are. Your list. Places this New Orleans or the total. Penalty in the. This is in no particular order okay as the rest of my music director -- Johnny sport boys on in Saint Louis -- the French Quarter. Parkway bakery park way or voice. And in right over by the -- you'll break -- station just off -- by using John. TDs. On the corner of uber villain Telemar streets its -- it's a block away from like uses Olympian. And that. -- -- -- I like Koreans or boys alive and I'll throw in a while this is this is an offbeat when that you might think going to Hillary's. What's that Hillary's is it's always get these completely confused so on the corner. Honorable and veteran time. And it's it's sort of well mostly Italian -- they started out doing mostly roast beef pork was still do goes in this bill. Really good. Orlando's that's. -- moment I knew by stopped thinking about it with the New Orleans goes in battery. And you know of course there's a million more civilized life I didn't say the one that everybody likes. He tried liked better would do well Paul you argue about it. Leaders unit that we. The this. Oh you're so there. Better rates several officers that some. No doubt about that. However. I don't think it's worth thinking about and here's why. Restaurant that we go through the trouble of having a fresh shot at least the ball. We get involved it's definitely a lot of work hire a guy who got nothing but it. You also the all kinds of laws but this and you have to keep records of -- what's act of at least you got the and one day we hear it came from and how long it's been on the cooler and how long it's been in the cooler. And the key to heal and the plot for harassment to serve -- waste. -- final. Any restaurant that's worth it that thinks it's worthwhile. It in the into that generally speaking -- pretty good oysters can't tell you the last time we use that once it. So. There is there is no grade nine. You know he then you know that selects and not -- selects the selects a bigger than that that's. -- And -- it -- federal law that requires a system. That required to get these issues as far away. It. I don't know if it's true and restaurants I do know that in supermarkets. If the catfish comes from out of the country. It has this -- in fact they can't even call it catfish they have to use the Vietnamese or whatever other -- -- I have nothing against Vietnamese people love them in fact. But I don't think that we ought to be bringing in -- fish from from southeast Asia. It's our product for God's sakes you mean it's grown all over the place here and now there are couple wholesalers fish wholesalers. I -- getting to the bottom of this little by little. Board distributing wild caught catfish which for a long time was getting real hard to find anywhere. Now I know you pins you -- quite a few places in -- -- winning that and that's the best ball light vehicle. While a lot of local. I doubt I believe it but yeah it's good stuff. Well thank you. -- we must break and will be back with more on the show at the moment but first please Matsui into it that little bit here is saw column is that right. CAL and -- him. Call. -- and 01. That sounds Croatian to me is that. German OK while to our show. It was calm and KAL Coleman home. I missed I didn't catch the last in. Thanks for calling -- that it. Guerrero. Ball and the -- I. Look -- how I got an. It happens. I got to it. In full. Congratulations. You probably. Get it. Now on -- It is and how should and I wanted to know what -- Have you ever been there before. Well they have a hell of a deal going on right now it's at 35 dollar three course dinner. -- almost everything on their menu and in fact I have that whole menu posted right now on my website if you go to no menu dot com you don't even have to scroll too much I think it's the very first thing on the page. And they have the high idea. And they do that three different ways that you won with seafood they do one with chicken and sausage they do another win -- -- just vegetables all of those are great. They do some nice appetizers with the things like oysters and shrimp then they have one thing that sounds funny is that they call -- -- tortilla but it's not the same as the Mexican tortilla it's sort of like a potato pancake it's delicious it's really good with cocktails or glass of wine. But this hardly anything on that menu I would be I I think it's a terrific -- really underrated great view of the river beautiful place. Our wonderful you know. That's the way to go -- -- -- -- That even better because they'll have all sorts it's not just gonna be local things but that probably were consumes gallop since the muscles and things like that so it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- very good wonderful evening he. Food shall we if we did you know week -- a minute here we can do that. On here is chuck chuck welcome. Eight I don't. I got a great question for -- 20 I love those. I wanted to know how can we dictate. Do you know who is charged with about it. Hand and a sweet potatoes. I'm Gordon Gordon yeah. In -- -- -- not -- -- no phone and kind of. You don't want you know like that I have a simple. In answer to this you know. Sweet potatoes you can put him in a bin Laden. And they really don't feel bad for a long time. Wouldn't -- -- would just keep him usually in a refrigerator if you must but yeah it -- long as it's relatively cool. Tell you keep listening we might have some stuff on that day after we come back from the news. Here on WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM and HD one -- New Orleans where the news is next from CBS.

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