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WWL>Topics>>08-09 4:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

08-09 4:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 9, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles medium wave. Fifty. Quadrillion. -- watts of power. The maximum allowed by law spreading the information core parts. The southeastern United States and into the Gulf of Mexico and cross. Into the mountains and everywhere else you -- looking for -- you probably -- in America. Since 1922 WWL New Orleans first radio station. And WWL FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom Fitzmorris. Yet passing as a cultured person. With the second course of the food -- New Orleans longest running talk show and I can have released it to 60. 63 -- were almost almost said I I got a whole hour without then I almost a guy. 260187. Is our number CIA they've almost given the number of the show that I do Monday through Friday which I just do without even thinking. Thinking that being my strong suit here is Donald. Arnold welcome. Eight thank. You doing great. Street thank me I'm -- in my -- we need to our commanders palace to mark. Off the love that you every reservation all said and I'm sure. -- if -- yet actually had to migrate it. More migrant children or they wouldn't -- commanders Alice pack. And out gestures and so what is your take on maybe some indicated that stuff like that -- the future which is -- And then migrants is at the court and they thought was very. And then that in the -- and we'll tell you are you going to each. The question him and I don't know audiences to think he'll have a chance -- -- They do they invented the idea of the jazz that's where that started you see it all over the world now. And it is what it and they do it on Saturday and Sunday. Ever you. Well I think they opened at eleven and it goes through like 2:33 o'clock. -- The jazz brunch yeah they have a jets little trio traveling around from table to table plane in music all day it's fun. You obviously they do a lot of egg dishes that you would come some other classic New Orleans is issues like Riyadh and -- but commander's palace. He's in that upper circle of New Orleans harassment that has moved on into a whole different realm. Although this isn't as true at lunch or brunch as it is -- dinner. On a dinner. They work the markets they find out what's out there and they bring in in and they literally invent the new dish of Ford's most nights and so are you going there to eat things -- never eaten before. All I -- it's a little looser than that it's a little -- downer of a little more traditional. But you know some of the you you mentioned the the turtle soup. But the the field issues have always been good there at the -- shop it's kind of expensive but it's it's it's worth it it's great got to meet. The the stakes -- that that's well that's where blackened red fish really got started they didn't call it that. But they've always on their stakes in the way that black red fish is on now where they would just get a black iron skillet. Seasons make up throw the skillet smoke smoke smoke all over the place seared on both sides and send them out. Lately they haven't been doing a lot of stakes here they go in in some of the directions but that's that the -- but -- point that say what again. Because it changes. Constantly. It which is what people want from a first class -- -- I think it's the best restaurant in New -- number one. One -- the and what about. Okay. What would they be partnerships special look pollen that gets to drink in the than him. That's a lot of fun I don't think they do that at brunch. If you go for dinner they do they have this thing that's called the shifts playground. And it's just the the things that the ship had come up with that -- based on what he dad. And you never know what's going to be on that and do it's it's really a pleasure project to go -- open minded view -- walking into. That restaurant you say OK I'm thinking them get used salad and gets -- with shrimp and then I'm gonna get a state. That's probably the wrong way to play that please you have to be open to and listen to waiters and tell him let him tell you what's that. -- -- -- At the same story I mean is there are. A couple of things that they've had for a long time one of -- like a lot has called shrimp Henican. And it's a nice -- shrimp that they've this year and these -- -- that could hit a pepper to a there's a little urgently in there right. And and a couple of other thinks that's a delicious appetizer the -- problem it's also. And the other soups but their famous for the turtle soup but they do other soups -- that are great. I want -- and visitor. On -- putting. Souffle. Means that -- go there. What -- The desert. It was okay. 10. Thanks Michael -- in the commander's palace. Which I think is the businessmen. What do you. Here is might like welcome to the food. And -- lumpectomy and what are you Q. In Malaysia Vietnam okay here you monologue. Tonight. Yet she bought just a one pound -- all black get short it's about -- That's a great fish. Okay. Now. It. It will -- you think when you think of shore. That this is case that such a ferocious. Animal that the idea is going to be good to gain Yates. It's got all these being flavors and nasty. And funny colors. It's some of it does have the a funny color but that it's actually very mild -- strangely enough. You call -- coded into little Feliz in deep fry it I wouldn't put -- I think the way to go is. Season with -- oh with whatever seasonings you like the way I do it. -- -- -- start with this little marinade -- picked up from -- Andrea it's five ingredients you can remember all five you're doing great it's not that part. About a fourth of a cup of dry white wine it would wait one -- left -- -- your refrigerator. They another fourth of a cup of extra virgin olive oil. And then a couple of dashes it was the -- sauce and a couple dashes of Tabasco sauce and one good squeeze and Jews. And you -- around a little bit. You put the fish in a few edits it for one minute you take it out he turned it over. Let -- -- another minute you shake off the excess -- which is salt pepper urged Sony's it would be like -- fish. You have your -- Fired up. Or you -- do it under the broiler inside either way is fine I don't think I do it in the pain and I can do it either under the broiler on the grill or if you have an indoor grow you'd use that to. And -- to it. Until the inside of the fish is just barely warm you can tell that by shoving a fork right to the middle hold of for a second. And then you until recently -- Tommy Tucker by the way. Million guys just aren't without yeah. You do OK okay where you shove you shop at the the fork into the middle. All of the into the middle of the fish and hold life like 345 seconds -- let it touch it to your lips if it feels warm at all. It's done. And yet and it's a very good fish you don't see it too much frankly whenever I run into in the rest it's set to automatic order for me to great finish. All right let me keep it straight like a quarter couples want a -- couple you know burden now vote there he. And the other would. Tabasco. An end and a good squeeze a lemon juice just like a -- you'd get with your right Steve just one of those squeeze and there are muscular rally it's not gonna blame completely don't even try to stare at this. What it just put it on there and just a light -- shake off the -- season and up and then start -- -- very simple but you'll. No not -- You can if you want to you can you can you can melt some butter in the pan heated up until it's bubbling. Put the fish in the air and then see hear it all over and then. I think at that point I would put it in the oven to finish cooking. And I and while you're doing that you can take the X juices in the pan and all the sauce out of you could even put some of that -- in the. You know you basically -- it. Accountability Italy wanted to on the grill oh yeah this. Sure I'm just give him. That it if it -- me. It would be grilled or broiler one or the other in this time of year that that's a no brainer it's the grill I've -- always -- this time a year it to some always. Yeah all right a Billy Joseph and I -- great game. These are well great. Thanks a lot for calling in here is John John welcome. John. They John knew there. -- -- we are -- you mean there's somewhere Kabul and it is which you know is it a little good will get. Christian. -- early for an IPO it. -- -- -- -- -- That -- you were talking about earlier about the Asian catfish. That is coming over here and there's a lot of people -- Pruitt Brian and Clinton don't you know. Chase shall rise in using nose cap -- would you probably goes from getting out of luck and looked -- -- and out of you're not captors screwing up everything. Well we you know do we eat a lot of things that do that and if you're gonna cook it. You don't have anything to worry you wouldn't know we're well and not from that point of view what you'll never catch me. -- buying it to cook at home new war. Will you catch me having it in restaurants and when I go to a restaurant and I'm in the mood for catfish and write it on the menu. I always ask where is RS from. And they are three possible answers one of them is it comes from fish farms which is okay. Sure wild caught that's the best the ball or. Oh it's that's. Ricky it is this that this these Vietnamese names that I really don't know. Are now and when they tell us why on earth and use serving I have nothing against Vietnamese people I don't know -- that. But that lead and then our oh sure of course they aren't gonna put a week. Actually churches. That put them on Casey are important you know brown okay well. Yeah the I ice say if you trying to help the local -- community. So forth below your local fisherman. Okay that's not what I'd say Cuba. You know some time and economic. I don't well you nobody goes to nobody goes to church catfish rise for the quality food go to let you know I don't -- me alone no -- in terms of health or anything like yeah -- that you have nothing to worry not now are you Coca properly. Sure who are more awkward question -- -- and I. I have some friends of mine going to argues in an atmosphere of nasty word sort. LSU sort of thing. You what you are talking -- awhile back. -- -- Would. Definitely weren't you. And that should worry you look at what is short ball OK well anyway so while we're where we. No we looked and shoot a Mexican rush -- in Houston. In both parties and they note and they know about it. And heard about who's. It's completely on what went or. What reached up and as a Mexican rushed or in oral Houston. Have you recommended. All all Hugo's. Kudos Eugene Hugo's. You goes is unbelievable if you go there you will learn maybe for the first time in your life. What is possible. In the Mexican cuisine that place is dynamite. Really is not the RO. And we went about it but I heard it was a real bad section knowing knowing. It is absolutely not in a bad section time found its in its in an old part of town it's on Westheimer. But at the old -- Westheimer and that's a hip happening neighborhood there's people and renovating houses all it's a lot like no one wants action. Yeah well. Thank god I am sorry I gotta go a Yo-Yo we'll be back with more of the food show in a moment after first please this. Indeed the on dvd. Is about but movements. It's the food show. It's thirteen fifty know it is and it's a big 87 EW WL -- WWL 105 point three FM but since I goofed and made that error. Let me tell you that a program virtually identical to this one at least on my side of it. Is on the -- every. Weekday from noon until three years on three WL thirteen fifty whose second oldest radio station in New Orleans. And has been for a long time nineteen cent 88 we started that show and just goes every day and we have a great time doing it. And it's funny you'll hear different people than what you hear on the station I've never understood that we're in the same city same markets and everything but to different people. Who call in and hope you do noon to three every weekday. On thirteen 50 AM and if you wouldn't mind setting -- A button on your radio seek and find easily. That degree I'd I'd love Mike welcome to the future. -- -- There hey I bought a local store and -- that married now and I'm -- I'm planning on putting and on the -- But I about how long -- at the -- record counties but how long viewed they're ready to put that on four. I I I never pay attention to the clock when I'm almost now. That I go by temperature were alone and as I mentioned the last and this is this is a trick I picked up from shots I've never seen this in a book. Designed for you -- me but it -- It. Or -- about the nose be the trick is. With fish this thick fish mostly we talked about you take your kitchen -- Q2 -- kitchen for so you don't do much damage to the finish. You jab -- into the middle of the fish and you just hold it there for a but 345 cents. And then you pull it out carefully so you don't poke yourself in the -- Touched the kinds of the -- your lips your lips are very sensitive to heat and they're very discriminating. And if that -- feels warm at all even a little tiny bit warm the fish is done. And that so that that's if you do that you will be really happy with the results -- Now if their -- afternoon before can do do them up and what is the best way. -- Bartlett or they. Broiled broil I'd definitely -- broil it. I really land of fish lends itself to being -- by -- my wife and I do we do that all the time her favorite is salmon salmon. Under the broiler is just gorgeous but so is red fish. -- of pompano is really good done that way and it's certainly this black tipped shark is news good to. Now I've been the Canadian dollar and need to add anything else they would lemon -- -- wouldn't say what what do you mean. I took that little olive oil oh solely off a little coached this year. Some parts Lee. What herbs and end up in the air and let that certain strategies. Sort of separate men. OK take it out. And does save the marinade as you might wanna play with -- later. But that -- gotten already. Really way more marinating that it needs all of those things you mentioned have with the exception of the olive oil have. Have -- good bit of acid in it and -- cooks fish all by itself you know even if -- heated in the vehicle. So I would yeah I would pull it out of there. Right now yeah. Well let me dog comes out -- always -- -- -- -- The -- food show on the big 870 WWL we have. CBS news report coming up but three minutes here is Josh welcome. I. Thought that you called. And I am wondering where you recommend that they are. The best one. -- -- -- Okay. All. Let's see. That's a good question that's something I almost never order. Four. So you are you talking talking about a bakery that that picks and then you you by I bring them home or you're talking about a restaurant. I don't I love I'd especially who hired them wondered where -- -- The Ares -- -- -- on magazine street. There is there's a week recalled the -- -- don't like the electable. Remember the name of -- on Jeff Davis park way about a block away from the overpass on on downside. What's the name of that place it's like glorious something. It's kind of that's it but they do they do breaking -- kind of stuff like that. There's also. Poland banks street about a block enhancement package as with high school on the other side of banks this place called crescent pie and sausage company. And then all -- that that they have all kind of good stuff there that's the the which is rest. But you know this is being that's something that I get too often. I'm gonna put this out to the crowd and keep listening and will probably turn up -- more than a few four. Replied OK good thank you. All right the question is that this is a challenge to the audience you know place where we can get like a nice -- pine apple pie peach pond. In the -- pine. All its. Here is Casey Casey. Peace accord him this. R&R. Not very much good fried chicken on the North Shore. Miami's best would be mean Venus would certainly be one probably due to order and it's pretty generous and pretty good. I'm. Trying to remember whether they do it over at the crabby should act in Madison -- think they do. But that -- I haven't had that there but if they're good at frying oil prices -- way. I've been involved on the south toward doing the competition. That's like -- themselves shall. Oh well I mean. It's now -- strong island. On the right over here and Northrop but how to keep listening somebody might no place that I haven't heard of and we are. 00. Good good. Thanks for calling. -- we will be back in an adjustment because we have a news report coming to you from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. And just an update only minute long and they will be back -- more of the future. So stay tuned please thank you it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL and WWL 105 point three FM. May I invite you. To. Get the money stuff here's what I do the rest of my day. -- average six days actually but seventies that we are right to buy it somewhere between 3005000. Word today on the subject of beating around the war ones. When mostly local restaurant critics laggards that they are. Might put out a review once or every two weeks or once a week and if they're really on a roll. I do love about seven week and based on actual going out to eat experience and and all of that. And recipes all tested in my kitchen they -- -- have a newsletter put this out it's free go to no menu dot com click on. Welcome and right to below that you'll see -- thing that says subscribe free you get it every day. And I'm not trying to get your email address to do things with a -- only use it for that purpose. And certainly give it to anybody else so we you. Love to have you on our list there. We're about their -- cross Iranian. Cross the line with the subscribers that was we got a bunch of them. Nice little numbers coming up. Here is Bob Bob welcome. Welcome back on -- -- You both been very successful here lately getting some optional -- And I've eaten as much. What usually I think that -- -- at the -- you can cook it that collective. Wahoo is great on the grill that's a great grill fish and that they are broil to I. It's funny we keep coming back to the same recipe over and over again but I you win when you get different fish that kind of makes the difference. On that when I know Joseph Q will absolutely love that on the grill with some with some creole cajun seasoning over it in a very light may be a little lemon butter sauce is something I wouldn't get complicated I think it's a great finish. Preparing its great pushing me and make superstition at all. I would believe that I don't believe I've ever had it that way but I could easily believe it has it has that look and. It's incredible -- 100 -- I'm Todd located that the old yeah. -- bombing -- and -- -- -- things I was thinking about trying to architecture elected through the regular -- vision -- governor went -- No but it sounds good to me it's and that's up there aren't as a category of of food. It it's not just finish but just generally food that I refer to is delicacies. And so to a lot of other people. And these are things. That tastes so good simply done that you don't want a load him up with all kinds of other stuff. So. And it's been that busy doing it on the half shell has really very simple I mean just put it there you you don't even turned it he's. Little bit of garlic and herbs on the top and that's it. I have no idea about -- red snapper to me that's my second favorite Fisher to -- -- a -- It is very. Lucky you were getting on me it's that's something we'll have. It was important. Trip. Except. Well good for you well thanks electrical. Looking Mueller showed today is sponsored by opera line restaurant. Guess where that is yes you -- right it's in the opera on upper lined -- A pro line street you don't know where that name comes from it was the upper line. Although a plantation. -- still to this day especially when you go upstream. On the Mississippi River the lane and his from the river. -- and -- there were these lines that parallel sort of to the river at that point in the that way of converging with others such lines for the downstream in the -- if these sort of pie slice. Pieces of land. Anyway that's what the upper line was that street mark the upper line of of plantation -- can't remember which one Jefferson or that community of Jefferson anyway. On the upper line does every year put garlic festival this year number 27. That they've done that people come in from all over the country to get this that it is something that I hear from. People who read to my stuff they send me emails and so yeah we're going to be there for the garlic festival at the upper line would -- why wouldn't. You gotta start off with that guys putt showed that they make with fresh creole tomatoes. They sizzle some garlic slices and will the butter in the and they. They have some guacamole this is a cold soup that is so full of all -- had these two forgot to mention. That is. Absolutely wonderful they have. On a shrimp dish that they put together called team river country shrimp and nice size shrimp they serum for his. The sauce is like shrimp this except that it's more reduced it to a sauce consistency wonderful shrimp flavored they put all this on top of -- cake. It's a wonderful. And they had they have a fish dish -- a couple of the things. It's a three course dinner for all of 33 dollars they also still have the regular menu as well as they -- standing forty dollars. Three course dinner which is always on the menu at the upper lines they are open Wednesday through Sunday. Dinner only and remember that they are there on Sunday because that says. On the regulars a lot of locals go on that night. -- people from week to week. It's terrific restaurant the -- line and upland street just off Britannia. 260. 1870. Who is this over here I'll look I'll learn in just -- -- Tom welcome to the future. Home. And -- How do. You do. -- -- Should go up Gore's. Old knowledge. With all. A war. It -- Did. That is slipping away from us because see it typically is only done -- once. Even as a special much sizzle and special. And there aren't any restaurants open for lunch on the North Shore except for -- -- shops and things like that so. I couldn't even name you one place that does even a bad one and Lugo on the right. And -- live over here. And I would've run into it by now my wife -- stuff like that so that it's just not something -- oversee. And oh let's put this out to the audience may be somebody who loves it will have a great place but I I honestly couldn't tell you. Mean I might have a but it would only one day week. I wish I had a better answer for you -- I don't know everything. For example what do women want I don't know the answer to that does anyone. Call up spot didn't tell him. From three til six on thirteen 53 W well that's where he is these days in case you were wondering -- Mysteriously disappeared seemed to disappear but to what was a nine months ago. And so did I actually but we're we're still where were you oh well he moved over to three WO would be too so he's right after -- and I'm right before him. And we have a sports show in the morning with -- Bob. A beer and with Kristian -- and it's gotten to the time the season of that sole. -- over -- Over three WL we're a little struggling radio station. We're really a relic from a different theory is what he does not struggling but we do look pretty damn good job. Over there that little radio station -- 60. One late seventies our telephone number 2601870. Is it time for a break yet. You wanna do that okay. We will return with more of the food show after first please this text messages that people have been sending news here's. Some answers to questions we were just asking in Morton's Morton's is in Madison -- right on the river right by the -- outrage. Says here that Morton's the shrimp stuffed Miller time or shrimp stuffed peppers almost every day so that guy who is looking for that there's one place she can go on. Mortenson more he'll win. -- right here on the river in Madison. Here's someone who says fruit -- we have someone looking for fruit pies. Fuller deliberately bakery on Williams and candidates a fairly new place I don't have been there so I don't know but if you say so I'll take to report. And once -- stump boulevard and familiar. Another message who manages your website I do. Let's knows gracious bakery that was the the the the decree we were trying to think of one. Jeff Davis park -- right off the the overpass. Gracious bakery the lady who runs that was just on my show but two weeks ago very nice great product. You'd never pay attention to the texts coming in. I guess we just proved that wrong. Josh welcome to the food show. Partners here. -- you go on the great moment. Just Luis is that you again I echo in the well you know. Luis Coleman narrative that you oh okay. Yeah it was just call him a minute -- you know. About the mirror on Tuesday. Pretty much it is no way to do it and you got to just make it -- -- -- She tools merlot are a low ball and she -- bill couple. Which there's not many places that even do yeah well it's. In the everywhere but no more. Right record close you -- -- -- on it is that you need to -- a dual -- for -- don't know. And. But you're you're right it's easy it's really easy to make those things -- stuff on went with anything and you never really know what you're getting. -- on and on the -- short easy I mean I know bunch of places to administer ads. Fury east does a good one in the it's all over the place. On morality -- every day. Different days of the week I think if you're -- have an everyday. Oh sure they're there to. Well what happened thanks a lot. On nice hearing from you again it's the food show here is Jack Jack welcome. Not only just curious what type a turtle as turtles and NATO. Well when I first got into -- it was. It would because it was of a name for it that was than usual but it. Know that that that came later. Then we went two of what from the that whatever that wise then we went to the green sea turtle and that was declared. Endangered. And then they moved we moved onto the alligator snapping turtle and now that is considered threatened. And and now where up to. These -- that they're snapped ours. They come from typically Kansas. Iowa. Virginia. And North Carolina. Almost nothing from here anymore it's just not available. And I'm. A scared to say. That I think before. I shuffle off this mortal coil there will be no turtle -- anymore. I'm wonder if it's other comments snapped a that the import. I don't know exactly sure but I it's some kind of snapping turtle but as you know if you ever played with turtles sales now. I union never wanna have your finger in a turtles now because he can do some damage -- It mock turtle soup is made out of -- turtles of course is there any reader of I don't know on scales up right there. It's usually deal I'll tell you to. Examples of why this is no big deal. Two three at 30 even -- three of three -- soups that are generally regarded around the world wants is being among the very best and I would agree with this. All our commanders palace which only uses about 50% turtle meat in the -- that you feel for the rest. -- dean news which uses no turtle at all. And also the the of Goobuntu. With their famous for their turtle soup but they you only use turtle meat in -- you know likes to actually when they can get it because sometimes you just cannot get. And that's it. Thank you see. And I say this is no big deal because if it tastes good it is good. And there are some good mach -- souped up there. It's what's -- Carroll is here Carol welcome. And dialogue that can have a countdown no number. Don't enforce some spoke belt that you -- -- -- we restore. At that sent her a vote so it Charlton and Jackson. Oh look at we will look a bit that the guy I was looking for one on the North Shore that was the problem. All. Any item on the South Shore but nothing that we can think of on the North -- -- Well mine you know what what they what build North Shore does not have many is neighborhood restaurants. I don't it's either a chain or a big place or its ethnic -- the other. And that to you need to have an old style creole. Kind of a neighborhood harassment the only one that you think of ways is mentally as mean Venus has a lot of that time. Sure sure well. Mandating that -- the Turkish. It certainly -- wait someone just told was something. Our only I know I should've I shouldn't is this for you Dave. Or call it I should -- -- -- this the Christina is which is sort of the families in the off of rocky in court. Their their new year. The the parish. Courts. Saint Tammany parish court area there on. On Columbia street. And that place is really good but they do although those kind of old time media neighborhood specials so that would be a good place. But -- or. What -- -- I appreciate you calling via. We will return in just a moment with time -- have a word here about Oregon's ball boys -- there's another place where I would. Not be surprised that they do stuff -- there's 12 days a week. Because in the although clearly the name indicates with its specialties they make all sorts of poor boy's recurring in the mansion. But they all so. Do seafood platters they do want to Italian planners red beans rice every single day they have. They -- -- -- -- object in the game a little bit of everything just like the old time new -- neighborhood. Restaurants always. Huge. And they do everything -- -- they cook everything. There's new -- that room roast beef. The a year you don't speak -- -- -- pizza donated the whole thing. 75. Since 1975 that's all that's years yet but pushing towards. They are open tonight till about 8 o'clock. They're open the rest of the week every. Launched today except on Sunday and Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday. For supper at -- for boys 3930 better that we just passed theory. As that note on veterans. Koreans they are or in the past he has your career as you've got to six. 187 this is the food show is at break time or two we will return with more of the food show after first please below it's the food show. Big 870 WWL WWO five point three FM. Let's see here's Steve. Steve is -- means hello Steve welcome. This time. There are you. I'm doing little misty here for that idea. Was sent me a couple weeks ago and -- it. New restaurant. Awful old -- Obama. Well yeah. It means that bistro Orleans is the name New Orleans. This probe VI ST RO -- grow. Or lean this. -- -- broke or you all are suppose if you wanna call. Yeah its it's on homo boulevard just lakeside of veterans about. What seems to me to be three blocks actually it's one really long -- Behind me. Did the the little ball right there. Yeah it is it's you jet is in fact it's darn near the last thing on home boulevard before they get to those. Just completely open empty blocks right before you get to the hospital. It's easy enough to -- I hear I begged I haven't checked this out yet but I hear that they are talking about moving. To the location that used to be. Chad's bistro on west esplanade just off causeway boulevard but I haven't checked that with the -- that would be a good move for him. -- -- a good yes good place say I get nothing but good reports about it and -- might meals there have been very good to. -- Are nice -- thank you. The food show -- times Hamlet let's check some of these text messages because that he really. One or could do it and I could yeah. Let's see although no one is askew yet. Sudden someone says a good place to get hold fried catfish into one of his rookie chase on their -- and hold (%expletive) are they doing hole. Fried catfish. Christopher's and carried us peppers for lunch specials -- that's in Slidell so that qualifies as North Shore that is a very very good investment Christopher's and carry. In enough -- Say the truth you don't answer the text three weeks in a row you don't answer I ready to leave your show OK leave. I you know I have so many of them I can't possibly get to a mall and I'd I give. I give preference to phone calls I'd rather get a phone call than a text message. Let's see. How one man. Somebody spelling -- COW a NN is. I guess a fresh French or. -- a cajun name for the big alligator snapping fairly colony -- way CO WA yen. Which can't use them anymore. See you -- stuffed artichokes what does that mean. In your opinion who was the better chef Paul Prudhomme or war room and now there's a good question. Go into it when we come back on the other side of the news in the meantime. I would tell you that our program is sponsored by and ones and and ones has just rolled out. Its. Cool and every menu. You know about this don't you restaurants all over the whole area there are 57 of this year are doing a special menu. The typical. Cool and every menu is three courses. 35 dollars or some small variations on that but that is in fact the the routine over -- once you can go to and one's the oldest has been in America. When all the grandeur that it has in all the history and all the great food to. And have a three course dinner dinner. 435. Dollars you can you have from now until. Until Labor Day. Don't miss it 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter and all the world there is only one and ones. And FM on HD. On sky -- and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM HD one Kenner and New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS.

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