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08-09 5:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 9, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it's the third quarters of the food show here on the big 87 EW WL and WWL low five point three FM. This is -- the -- A relic of radios past history. It did anyone hear that but me. But now they've -- -- our producers said -- after I said that he said a -- Meaning that it it ought to be over and we will move on is that which. In I'll never do that a year you're right of course but I'll never do it. It in its back with these a third course and food show and we talk about food restaurants in -- 260. 1872601870. Right before. We left for the news I did the commercial but end ones in their cool and -- Menu and during the break here I -- is going through my email and just -- by coincidence what was that. Did you hear that. I always. And going through. A mighty my email iPhone and ones culinary cool and every dinner special they just sent that to me just came in just now. You start off with -- -- rotten. With bread -- and you know they do it in the French style rotten. It does not imply. That it's covered with with -- cities. -- grow at is anything. That has a little hosted crossed on the topic could be trees. Bread crumbs are actually more common friends but anyway there -- doing the -- with some cheese but also some -- rooms that is very ring and a little you know Castro. We can have their creole gumbo which make door crew at Watson crabs and shrimp and oysters. The need of a choice of entrees -- -- over -- ball this is an old old patient they've been doing forever over there. It's a really nice lighters laws. It means with the white wine. There is white wine and they'll -- that is not a dominant place. They serve serve that with the shrimp -- with the fish it's really good here and doing it with puppy drum which is just the small drop which is. Or you can have a French pork shop. By that they mean that they've put away everything bones -- it was an apple port -- office. And problem potatoes and for dessert pecan bread putting. Or parish -- this is simple. Ancient. Desert made of ice cream raspberry sauce a fresh peach. And since sprinkling them nuts over the top but delicious dessert all -- this is that and once it is all of 35 dollars. It's available every night. Except I think there are open for Sunday and beliefs and that's the only night that that would be here. Until labored the cool and -- It's a program being put on by the New Orleans. Convention and visitors bureau there of 57 restaurants doing it most of them have the -- course -- -- 35 dollars some of them even have one for twenty. And if you wanna know more about this if you go to my website I have a hole. On big section of the website right now just click on summer specials. To go -- click on summer specials. And you'll see a bunch of the restaurants that I think are among the better ones doing culinary menus and the tales of their menu and some thoughts. At no -- -- -- 2060187. -- here is -- Is that right. Welcome Marco. Come and. I don't know and part of before continual. Beef Wellington is an extinct finish. This is something that used to be around. In fancy restaurants but fancy restaurants have begun disappearing has -- effective long since -- begun just about dead. Yeah and this is a dish that was a very popular in the seventies but kind of went away. The only place I know that does -- it all and this is gonna blow your mind where it is this shows just how much things have changed. Ye -- college again. Of all places. I don't think they have it all the time but they have a pretty often. Because they raised their own colleagues who hit or not -- college and has its own herds of cow it's. And they they use most of it for the hamburgers. But they take the full lays out and they make beef Wellington with. I just called harassment and asking what they they have I'm I'm pretty sure this the. Ever want to -- or Randy and that's what newspaper did. It's not a good this year it has a bit -- problem. The here's the problem with its for those who have never had beef Wellington. It's a senator cut away but -- really like about 34 inches long so you have basically two -- At least that much and then they they culprit. With the -- style of mushrooms it's chop mushrooms and onions and some other things that they -- get the salutes. Calico rock sort of plus salary and they put this around the state and then they. Then they rampant with pastry in the debate it in the -- problem is that you really kept the cook the steak and because. Inside the pastry it's not me you know it's just that you have all this in relation. And but it's all pulled together it's it sounds a lot better than it is in my opinion and I added you know maybe twenty times but. It's a nothing. -- would thank you see it's the food show 260. 602601870. Of the better dish I think is a chateau realigned. Shot debris on this the same cut of center. Circle of those center of the way. Center of the Porter another the port house it's actually part of the warehouse -- think the but it's. The senator cut the tenderloin. And with a shot debris on it can be done on the grill it can be done in the oven and then that serve typically. With bare -- -- And beautifully. Turned out vegetables. It's not. A of spoonful of squash and who keep that wouldn't do that wouldn't cut -- You little fancy witness. Asparagus but Chicago off the woody ends of them maybe there's another songs that just. Becomes others have beautiful plate but this who is not something you see very much. 26063. We'll excuse to 60187. It's the food show. Do lets him know. I don't think I have -- -- club to tell -- but there was one we were planning for either this is two weeks or three weeks from now but to -- venture of we're gonna. If it's gonna happen and not some summertime everything slows down it's just the way it is. Too cute cute cute cute cute figured -- our program today -- LC that. Well let's see what what else we have no room. On our room. Message machine here. -- -- people who. Who had some that -- Tom I tried your barbecue shrimp recipe fantastic thanks Sally. Thank you Sally. The barbecue shrimp recipe in my cookbook Tom Fitzmorris is New Orleans food is in my opinion the best -- in the whole book. Which implies that there is some dishes in the book that are not very good and I will admit to that. But that one that when is my my personal favorite of all the vicious netbook. -- -- -- Tom have you ever eaten at Liz is where you at diners they've been that opened five years that the have been there longer than that. There in the -- -- they have a can't -- menu yes I've eaten there many times. It is on Florida street in May end of bill. They do breakfast and lunch the practices I think the big deal. There is a salient fact about loses where he had cafe that you must know when you go there and that is. That place is full. Fall the time and if there's a time when it's not full I haven't been there at that time you wind up having to wait for a table most of the time. -- parking spaces or at a premium. It's just because they're popular it's not because they're doing bad job of getting them it's Kohl loses where yet cafe they are on. Florida street it's the continuation of the east causeway approach. Highway 190. And it's a fun place oh. A nutty -- really they have a lot of very original food on the mini but in very good I've always enjoyed it every time I've been. But won an ordeal that get there why now I mean gist of the parking well. But it is worth it's worth the trouble. Here is Wayne Wayne welcome. Welcome -- what can -- place on due to the tree on the cat. Them. Though it doesn't around and not actively. I can't speak for the cat the cat calls he wants to do all the I -- Surgery. Required to do what age. My favorite it. Won't feel like you and now one injury you have a recipe pompano. That's my favorite -- the best to me the best way to prepare pompano is to come up with a whole. -- Con-way you could catch one. Or -- it but that's kind of hard to find if you ever get a hole 10 god it obviously and clean it. And then the road on the grill. And when it's finish cooking on that side turn it over and do the other side and then just sit down and eat everything that you -- except the bones. And that fish to meet is so good. That it needs nothing more than a little sprinkle salt and pepper if that and then you know maybe a little dash of -- or -- squeeze a lemon or something like that it's just plain delicious fish -- you -- put a hand with butter and coconut and decide -- that's what a plea means. I'm telling you it doesn't get a lot better -- Well equipped well where -- The big problem. But no. It must be lying Claude does not school. And when it's flown it typically comes up it during trips he's in which I think is on right now and I'm not positive but it takes and if of the guys who go out to catch shrimp. If they get pompano caught in their net there were allowed to to keep that in -- it is legal to do that. And so during trips he's greasy little more often but this is one of those things you go to a fish market. Like Schieffer in Russa would be the first place by now. And the and they might have -- they might that tell you they had it yesterday. Maybe you might have a two days from then and then it might be a weakened without having an -- a week that they do have an every day means is one of those things you get it when you find it. OK so how much of the substitute in the defeat Syria. Bad child or -- the other. I wouldn't use the Latvian myself I just don't think it has any flavor all I feel like it you like it. Of red snapper if you're lucky enough to get your hands and then red fish is certainly a good finish speckled Trout is certainly -- good finish. There -- some oddities -- -- or someone called me earlier about Wahoo Wahoo is delicious. Very good. With this whoever told you to -- flake. Fish and wonder what he or she meant by that -- -- -- all fish come -- flakes except maybe the big big big big who. -- They wish Interpol the flight. Is that it factor it would Lockheed would you like so like. Yeah. Com. Well. I mean you won't find any cod you can -- that. But this mean I think what you want is just the white uncle finished the -- -- -- one that I think is the most under rated fish we have these sheep's head. She sounds really good. And that it has nice white flaky quality to it. He sees some of that somewhere -- All right thank you saw in the news these food show. -- ahead here Conrad welcome. Well. I'm I'm. -- just now that we reservations can't pay men and -- That. What to Wear wares in. The. It's on canal street it's a half block from Carol. Heading towards the cemeteries. It's a Vietnamese restaurants. Sort of but in in -- a lot of the dishes that they do or not. Particularly Vietnamese and all except for maybe a little taste here a little ingredient there. My favorite on trade here and they have this most of the time. It it's the name of it is something like. Flounder basket or something like forget what these games have been that matters they'll they'll know which it dogma they take. Big flounder. Away. And they push it into was sort of a little basket about six inches across and about maybe two or three inches deep. And they sort of -- to the inside here in the and they they -- And then they -- Philip. They it -- and it comes out like sort of -- cult oral bull and then they are with these herbs and and little you know very little bit of slot so it doesn't fall. -- so. Good at it. It's a beautiful to see and foolish. Enough. A lot of the other you know the Vietnamese. As -- -- the bond issues and some of the soups and all -- but that guy really knows how to cook and it's a terrific at least. You're becoming a particular shot. -- recommend or just lower. What did you -- quite. There's probably in particular side there's that Dallas. I don't know everything every you know like most. Asian cuisines. This win everything on the plate sorted together. Oh yeah yeah that's all -- But but this is not your typical Asian restaurant that the guy didn't we he is his name. He has on an unbelievable story to tell about how he made it from Vietnam to hear it it will colonel your mind if if earliest time that tell you about it. He worked at commander's palace for a when he first got to town. And he's just. A sharp sharp sharp guy and he knows his food and I've never had anything less than a great meal there it's a four star restaurant -- How long. It opened -- whole island was. It was about a but. I'm I'm gonna say since. 2006. Or 2007. At the latest I -- that place used to be Michael's mid city grill but that went down in the hour. So might well enjoy called me and no matter how are on. Order that's superb. We will come back with more of the food -- in a moment but first please this hello it's the food show this -- -- -- Morris. 260. It's 2601 late seventies and phone number here we have will will. -- I don't. It's. I thought -- can -- accurate. View. Here in. Place to go on the -- shorten your report. All part which is that. Wonderful really really great. Out of this place yeah yeah which which had. The it says that the the shouldn't pocket. -- all of yeah nobody. Not. You know I have that -- was. Water kept it in the bread and remember that. Oh works. It was great great ma told you recommend and treated like -- Literally. It was really not sure it's funny because when I believe in the world. I talked I talked highly highly of so it was a great recommendation of general manager level had a great about why -- squared. Column. Just a great -- -- you know excerpts. This is one that I think a lot of people are unaware of especially on the North Shore because it's in that L shape strip mall. And that gives that the book of may be okay you'll congressman loses anyway but you don't think of it is a first class five star restaurant until you sit down. And they start serving you and -- you know oh yeah this is a real rest -- great great place to -- Oh yeah and you're right -- you'd you'd drive not just America and go go. What you a little bit. When you walk it and it lightly and and everything it was great that. Will go well thanks for the report. But yeah I'm -- currency. You arrest when he is talking about is called hard news. RDO. Apostrophe S. And it's in a little strip mall actually it's not all that little but it's right across the street right across highway 21. From that huge shot a stretch of shopping malls with -- targeted at the bell in all of that it's directly across the highway from that. And just a great place I I gave him five stars about a month ago. And I feel real good that it did that it's. It's just been fantastic. -- its kind arrest that we really do not have on the -- -- really kind of a new addition to the scene so theories Roy Roy welcome. -- -- and ride it that the 3 o'clock today and somehow waited -- chick in about it today. A recipe. As efficiently. And they grew up in Wichita and hasn't said. That -- commitment -- easy. And that. Well I don't know if that was you will it was a red fish. Yeah right after this says that. Thousand mile. And McCain -- In the skin and into -- the -- -- you -- -- this -- -- Obama and Clinton about. He you you've just about got them rushing along here is I have to hit the CBS news report about less than a minute but here's the deal basically. You you you. Just pull those that bones the main bones out of the middle and split in half but you don't scale you don't you don't. The fully and all the rest of the way -- fire appear grill really good hot you put the fish right on top of the grill. Put some melted butter garlic herbs parmesan cheese whatever you like the idea of on the finish. It's ready to go win the fish is no longer. Translucent it becomes opaque. And it's gonna smell to high heaven once the the heat hits those. Those. Scales but you'll just love that goes away completely okay and that's really all there is to -- hot hot grill. We will be back we have a report from CBS the food -- just keeps on re occurring you can't get rid of -- it's like a banana. Tree you know you got to pave it over to get rid of it but here is catfish welcome. I'm doing. Here. Two quarters on the struggle or organization that got some sort of common China helps child away. Are they may. There should X 1617 year old daughter. They've made double to trip and and check out to -- urged. The goal line so. I was so. How can that wait wait to let me check on some here. Daughter going to -- Dave what do you think of that. -- A billion theories that might my producer over here Dave potter his daughter went to Tulane in my daughter went to to link to. Oh so. You -- brilliantly in a -- or church should be encouraged it. All but I would like to -- potential bubble pop will be internal their attempts. But I like to get on like. -- additional. They'll be staying odds and probably. They'll be uptown for school probably a bigger check oh. But I was like most of these discount -- give. Which you know a yeah. For someone visiting new war Owens. And just you know wanting to do a casual thing without a big big deal. To me there is no better restaurant to go to mr. -- it's got food it's got the scene it's easy going you know. The reservations. That system is very squirrelly basically just show up and waited out you know there's no other way Iraq. Then there while you're waiting their drinks -- doubles. This is the life you know music most nights. And the food is just -- -- And a fan of the place since three days before they opened. I don't know -- And Alibaba. Group. Wondering torched. They better come out more a casual. Yeah it's pretty casual. What of the falling into what I'd like it a lot but for someone coming here from out of town. It's I don't think I'd send them there. Not because is anything wrong with -- but because it's a French restaurant really it's not a new interest. And and when you're in New Orleans and you're traveling you really wanna go to places with New Orleans food in my opinion of people who would might disagree with that went. But I think in this case I would I have no problems with the with all the flaming torch our local people but he in the. I edit one last quick. Refrigerator. Bill -- told -- surgery so that. If -- the spears they completely submerged so why Alex the yeah they completely submerged. How long they thought about that -- what about what. On all -- them but what you have what you have here use -- a lot of vinegar. -- there. And all right there I mean that's up that's a preservative about as good as any preservative that anybody knows so would that takes care of it. And you sometimes you'll see bottles that have things like that unit in the parts that are sticking up out of the liquid sometimes even get a mold on them but that tends to be you know things like olive oil and you know it's sweet sauces. When it's vinegar for some pickles you almost don't -- the war. -- -- Thank you CO2. 60. 187. Is the telephone numbers. 2601870. I am now going to introduce you to an idea that may strike you guys. So new is to be bizarre -- so unusual is to be strange. It's the seafood. -- The two words don't sound like they go together to. Well try it once. And you'll see. That. It does indeed. The seafood -- and it is a specialty arranged for boys. I don't think they invented it but I remember they grabbed onto it. Almost immediately after the place which is no longer around anyway. That did invented invented. And it's been there ever since and this goes back to the 1970s. Here's what it is you take them off a little. It's a small -- a tiny -- when but he you know it's not the big victory monster. Pride catfish catfish fried oysters fried -- They have this spicy. Cajun style -- And then so minus and that's the same which it's really enough for two people though probably a lot of people -- hole one by themselves. By the way I like it is a little variation on that I tellem Olivo the mayonnaise and instead. Just put some melted butter and toast that -- a little bit and just roll fistful pickles on there. And away we go. Or you can really have a however you like it you know lettuce and tomatoes you could probably even get the olive salad although that doesn't sound like Greek to me but it might be I'm never tried -- -- I don't know. Brand for -- is their every day Monday. Through. Saturday. For lunch. And on Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday they continue. Through the afternoon all afternoon long to about 8 o'clock at night. And in addition to the poor boys who all the other sandwiches they also have seafood platters and Italian platters and red beans and rice every day. And lots more pizza even. RR -- in apostrophe S 3939. Veterans just -- Cleary. -- -- -- -- Remember your Perez you've got four. Beauty beauty and you can do what you do. Here's Peter. Peter welcome. Peter. Maybe I have to push the button harder I'm sorry that was mine. I still can't seem to get this thing Hillary. Here at less site Peter that was my mistake and welcome George. Great thanks thank you glad to be here we're going to -- not -- and you are probably about a deserve in the introduction to your web site. That you could well. Well there is one important thing and that is about it 34 months ago they moved to a new location but it's actually a much nicer space than what they moved out of it if you ask me. It's funny or is great -- Is that -- I didn't notice I didn't know that now Lionel who will be easy to remember. The the the menu it's a steak houses and sure you know it's done in the Argentine style in Argentina and -- even more steak than we see. And because they race -- so much but they have cuts of beef there that you and I are unlikely to see endless you know you. Plea in the butcher shop -- -- In some of these are really great the one I like best is the skirt -- that's the classic -- use before he does but the way they -- -- in the way they marinated it really doesn't come out like he does it comes only grilled beef. And it's just great they also have. A -- called the bistro tenderloin because with a caller this is really. What is also known as a shock mock tender. But if you work -- this and put her on the plate you would say it's sort of like a petite filet -- a little bit. Taller in two Greek economy I really love that whenever I see in the store I always buy it may have been on the menu. I think pretty much all the time and the flank and they have five hanger steak and they have flat iron steak all these interest in -- But they also have the police in the strips in the revised. Beautiful beautiful here and cut French Fries. Grilled big fat asparagus it's a good restaurant I I've always enjoyed going there. Organization. And that sounds great and much as you read you. Usually get a notebooks -- or is and the original. I hate go boxes and I don't have to worry about it because my wife. Is a go bucks phonetic is a matter of fact. She insists on putting to go boxes together herself personally and -- she doesn't let the way to do it. And I've often said that she does this because it's her art form and then. By some crazy turn of the fate. The New Orleans museum of art -- did show. And she actually had one of her go boxes. As her exhibit in the show at the museum of art so I don't worry about. The Olympics. But sure brought on by Hubert I would thank you see. The food show. 260187. About twenty minutes left and we have lots of but space on the phone if you call right now you get Reagan. And let's see some questions from the from the message machine. Hi Tom what year did. And it just stops there. I'm really taking guests in 1930. Here's one -- do you like district sliders. This is the restaurant. On and the magazine street. That is its official name is district. Sliders. Donuts. Bruise. And the doughnut served doughnuts. Although although they are bigger and fatter and more complicated than standard and the sliders. All all include a variety of little sandwiches. With the like little pieces of meet other and other sciences things such as beef and it's not just Pampers that you all kinds. Stuff and then the bruise. That sounds like beer but it isn't it's a -- And I have not been there. Mainly because of my radio. Schedule now makes it almost impossible -- ago. But I've hear good things. Another question have you eaten at Roberto knows and if so what you recommend I've never even heard of reporter knows what is this where is that right -- back and tell me I don't know a restaurant called the report goes. Hi Tom what year did -- and start serving their seafood -- that I know I probably misspelled their name pop I think I wanna say 1976. This I remember having it there. When Dominic in post idol who's the guy who started the place and who went to high school with me. Or I did with him is really more appropriate. The I remember he had it on the menu there was this other place in the cantor that is the first place I saw it but he had -- shortly after. So these. Tom what is your favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge I don't get to Baton Rouge very much but I would say that would be. Did deal. You know. Yeah. Griffey knows routine -- the chef over the years a super nice guy I've known him and his dad for a long time Peter's school fanning the third. And the via his his partner over there Ruffin Rodrigue. Is a super nice guy too that is a good looking restaurant with a mix of Italian food great -- great seafood. Wonderful place and you have to shoot your way into it practically because. It is room. Possibly the busiest. White tablecloth restaurant in the state Louisiana I mean it's -- Always. An unbelievable mob of people. We want me to do gave. Take a call he says shock. Welcome. I'm doing great one. On what show would -- yell -- Tom appreciate your genes in the insight did you give -- almost wondered about. Where they brought in my life out to a place and -- -- that probably work on white tablecloths. Around there. Oh he -- on its morning on. I was there just this past Tuesday. And I love the place and what I've said in print about it is that I I think it's the best restaurant in the history of saint Bernard parish. But the chef back -- his name is Lincoln. As its first cameras last time I was. I can never remember he's very talented and I hope that they can hang on -- him is he's one of these guys who. Just the good nature of the -- -- business being what it is on the majors are always look in the -- a new -- upcoming shift from somewhere. His food is to respect. And though it's baked oysters I've. He makes four different ways everytime I go I've just got to have that because it's so good. But he does great -- eagle nice seafood and real nice variety of things it's a cute little dining room it is a little restaurant though you really need to reservation. Or exceptional. But I don't -- -- -- great debt this great date place my wife and I we had a wonderful time this past Tuesday. Great thank you sort I appreciate my -- It's it's called. Mean knees and EM he. Like you Graham law. And it's on judge Perez drive. At the corner of trio street which I'm -- estimated something between six and eight blocks before you get to Paris road. We will be back with more of the food show after first please that's a low blow we know this busy busy showed today here is such Travis Travis welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like not to look at they'd -- in the -- assortment -- well on -- very -- -- box yet. I didn't have any candidate be or non road. Yeah -- and -- that apple does that little blue okay well thanks -- that I think you. So yeah -- bug that was here not long ago I don't remember that but you can always make new things future. Sam welcome. -- just just call me uncle now. No income TO two months ago. -- -- A dimension you talk about that but -- threats of AA. -- about the college -- -- last year but its research and that they. And we take the boat out -- actually church -- Swedish. Flash apparently. Widgets from him right there on on the and it -- we just. On that scale side down on the real struggle to suck on -- and people would eat up that. That's great a bit. About the only way you could not -- if you didn't like fish. Well I'm actually defeat. And the guys on the which is -- god would you do that it. China electric in -- but think that. Yeah that is Oakland. -- Want to -- on the outcome really. -- like people. If you -- ingredients you really don't need to do a whole lot to. And -- simpler it is sometimes the better it is most of its. Well thank you thank you for the insight. You to the Puccio that you know that this program while won a lot like it but with different callers. Is on the -- every day every weekday from noon until three. On thirteen 53. WL which is what we called WWW. Oil over the here. Same program. And do we would love to have you join us over their two. If you're driving right now and you can do so safely that somebody else who could to a wouldn't mind sending me reset button on your core read this -- -- -- again. An old old -- use the ocean but we -- him to keep it going man when he five -- -- 260. One late seventies are a couple. A couple minutes left hears of you got some call you get right but first please. Although it is the food show it's negates any WWL here is. Yes -- that's not a very different. I can't thank him for example 30 record -- -- -- shall verbally state that you might bring them out. Shoulder blade shoulder and later two different things but shoulders stake -- this is -- This is and and the best thing to do with that in my opinion is greater odds in grants. And you call it. Down with a wrong time a lot of water in the what. Nobody else. You -- needs at any great if you don't have that he had several at potatoes or rice or whatever you like. But it's it's agreed to issue but it takes hours to do. I was -- it it has to sit there. This is -- cut of -- that is not designed to be put on the grill or -- -- thrown in the oven and then fifteen minutes lady Edith. This needs to be -- old fairly long lot of moisture is some tomato saws and there is some onions bell pepper is -- celery. It's -- it's so low and slow pitch. -- no matter how you make it otherwise -- very unhappy with the yeah well I yeah yes you of their ego -- look up any recipe for agree odds GR IL LA DES degree -- And it's it's a great issue I have one on my website if you go to -- and you dot com and click on recipes and then looked on the list. Good. Somebody called me a couple of minutes ago and we're kind of running out of time which is why -- am doing it this way and asked. Where do you go to get seed pass. I have a problem answering that question because. There is CBS true -- -- Does not show up here very much it is mostly. -- eaten in the north east. You'll see it in New York all the time Boston they are all the time Washington DC Philadelphia all those places. Sea bass striped bass. Very common. Yeah -- I I've seen -- a few times on menus here but not very often but then there is this other -- That goes by the name Chilean sea bass which is a made up name. Because Patagonian tooth fish. Doesn't sound like a good name. And in fact this is not a -- that I believe you were -- should be eating -- because there's anything wrong with it but because. The fishermen of the world. Have gone down to the Southern Ocean this is the ocean around in Arctic that's where that fish comes from. And they have reduced the population of the -- by something like 90%. During the last. -- twenty years when he thirty years. And I don't think it's all that good to begin. To me it's it looks beautiful it is just beautiful fish but it don't like the texture I don't like the flavor. And it really feel like this environmental problem and -- Soul. I I don't. That's not so I would have a look for it's something it would never order. So I can't answer you either way in no variability and that is there's no easy answer that if if -- had been able talking on the phone it reconfigured. -- anything before we know. These things probably over on the field message board. What are you expecting from -- version of Brennan's on royal street good question. I expect that it is not gonna have the same in US the old Brennan's but it will have. A menu that is a little on the conservative side definitely New Orleans food. The breakfast will be back in force that that I cannot imagine them not doing. Think the beauty it's going to be a beautiful place they have certainly spent a lot of money and time renovating it. Ralph Brennan is one of the most talented and best rounded. Restaurant people I know so I expect that Britain's royal street when it opens in probably October. It is going to be -- the biggest news. We've seen in a long time so. -- It's the almost as being in Africa and variances. During halftime. Who'd like -- is the more. The better chef chef Paul Prudhomme where chef Warren will Ruth. Both of those -- real geniuses they know cooking backwards and forwards fascinating people to talk to -- will -- was a personal friend of mine. But I think I have to give the nod to a chef Paula that just because. He has been so influential. And help so many people get into the business. It would be be number one. WWL. Radio -- New Orleans WWL FMH the one -- New Orleans where the news is next though for most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 6 o'clock.

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