WWL>Topics>>8-10-14 3:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp: Hour 1

8-10-14 3:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp: Hour 1

Aug 10, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian report on Saints training camp from the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's an afternoon groupings from the -- practice facility -- degree like oh you'll states that practice democracy Eric along with the -- and Bobby ate there. Latest here comes to Sean Payton and the players. Up following practice. Speech won in normal today at practice beaten in the team. Is like 36 hours body. Yeah. That pre season opener -- -- right now. Two tees were a couple of guys that. -- furcal. Back and be. Oh. Shorts. That were but slow -- But again. Real right. Well they are artful era and normally they have they gain. Arts it it is exactly that beater dale Tuesday. That it is -- schedule. Of the orient full -- that he's still in training camp mode and initially when they came out here. You know that they work -- on like it was you know punt block an out it would you know kick off turn and that's one area. Any returning -- return. The things. And not do anything against the Rams at the -- -- -- -- might -- -- the enemy technical culprit. But the pants and and we needed approval and and that it at a different ethnic to kick return Derrick Rose and two pars that and they average both eighteen yards we need to get them. York twenty yards. Would be -- so therefore. -- you've got a couple less birds now. It's. You gotta get at least what it -- that that's Canada measured state Crittenton and then. And then if you'll be a year status -- I'm going to be a pro bowler. And he got a B like Jacoby Jones that dude let 3233. -- in an apartment a pretty got to get the ten yard. And I doubt this game evil at its rules that he would like it six point eight or. Well actually got to get at least that and if your Pro Bowl returner. You at least at fourteen yards and that's one area they got approval and hopefully that'll be the -- of Friday night. With the planes coming to town now but they are in full gear. And it worked -- -- feels right now and I a lot of it is part of -- -- middle alignment. Ugly which -- -- yet know what to do so when you go hopefuls beat you have any excuses. And his typical the way they usually start practice obviously they'll do specialties to start get into walk through the stretch and you'll -- a whole aura of the of physical portion of practice however I expect today be that they're you know removed McCain just 48 hours ago. That in all likelihood you got to see all that much is -- it is. Well visit is Noah when you that you might not see that much has the talent in the old days you would see it that now what it's like why do we do -- -- say that. The -- limits at that. Now that you played a whole game you have guys that maybe. Play. You know a dozen plays army denied them as depending. Well sustain drives when you look at it. As far as plays in this the link urgent that from the game and a night that when you look at it. The New Orleans scored on five of the team's first set possessions. They including consecutive touchdown drives. But this that I look at when you look at the starters -- the starters. Prop merited that's an egg and I think it's going to be like that it week to get the Titans you look at the first -- in the first quarter. Pro which -- looked the rams' starters played nearly it's entirety. Of the State's -- pick Saint Louis a hundred yards to six feet and at 71 downs that they race so. If you multiply that times four I -- -- for 81 downs and it's four yards so we are playing winning off the football. -- it in that first quarter. Body on -- encouraging -- it and again. We can preface every statement here it is the season but there are some things I think you can learn. A team even and the -- -- game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would exceed 2009 when he plays the big hoops is all off season on forcing turnovers when we see. Why turnovers on defense scored -- thing this offseason with it placing it recommitment to go on. They did that Agassi Lewis and his success doing it but I found really actually is the first three running plays. With side. Left side -- two rounds yet so they're playing to their 21 of those streaks he's one of the better run blockers. Well like -- room. But it just repeat that is birds game as a rookie at -- being in the draft that you feeling that we got another branding cooks it but nowhere did he -- Mark Ingram might have been. His best not to -- a beautiful -- building count if you -- eight carries for 83 yards that say a quarter when he needs yard -- down run. I mean he had a great step for -- He was naked people miss. So yeah -- it is like tackling. So you gotta give credit they're not just need to continue to build upon that to keep his confidence. But when you when you look at it overall I thought both teams really ran the ball when you look at just average. Not the Rams the Rams ran the ball 32 times that things 24. We averaged five point 01 average four point seven top and get that edge. The vote rushing offense is going to look at the turnover ratio we're ready Doug also -- we're minus two. In turnover ratio you want that to be at least even always on the plus side and realistically. That -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the bottom line is that give up many times you have to creature -- but what you put the ball. Creating a -- -- interception. Even with that Pierre award he dropped interception we've seen them have good hands practice you got -- that pick. -- still would have been minus one in it through -- -- see any other opportunities. Except the obvious one Lapierre award yet. Of course early first drive. Accountants and ovals street Akron coach Jake Long of Chris and yet it's his hand up there -- go -- yeah. It's it that there because reception but what do you think run of -- I thought right grip that was outstanding. And who -- that he might end up in tour that play is that Tai tonight it seemed like accounts are the game against the Rams. Then all of a sudden with the wall to their first water and that replying Griffin. It's -- in a start in the game if you look at eating command. Under center -- the second quarter but it could have been sixteen of 2379. -- it's a quarterback. 107. Anytime you end the high nineties it is they need eight you getting it done at a high level and and you look at McCown though even though yet that's terrible mistake. With an interception. He putted that bad he eat you -- was goal at the ball you got to say seven of ten passes 49 yards. But my grip it kind of took it to a different level. When he came in this -- a quarter -- to exceed. He drew does not play kind of just swap but it out. Where all of us and depending on how many snaps have you have a sustained drive and Ryan group Finn would start to gain -- lose the collar come in that second quarter. Their running grip and I'm telling you. A book about progress that's a -- to look at far. I mean right now -- that playing did it -- -- when the conference with you know that I mean he's looked very good compared to last year I can't. And how he feels right now and at what he's doing. You're the quarterback expert certainly but just my observations. Throughout camp has been. He is is this wasn't just he showed up on Friday went well he's been playing well again we can -- Of -- first couple days it is different but. But alas we can have before -- pre season game any he he's looked like he sees culpable -- system knows where to go with the football. It doesn't make terrible was it. Well he's cup but it it's all about the could have a chance you got to know -- article of the football. To make quick irrational decision and just be that leader in the huddle and to -- to do that they'll attest to be second nature so I think with the terminology. -- you know -- -- to Tulane he even said this Ryan grip and it is very similar. As far as the concepts but then you get the for an hour ago where you can almost anticipate how the -- trying to stop you. Anything that confident right now. And now that being said now though still always a look at the play itself out. But if you look at that he keeps him to be to keep three quarterbacks and very. You wanna be held to keep two quarterbacks because that extra roster spot. They contribute on special teams but in my dictates -- safety Mike yet and it might get Jason -- right now what I think you might do Christian. Is that OK we be confident if bright -- continues to progress that the kind of game yet against the Rams. He's our number two do. And Dan but we've come on Jrue -- that right giving god I get them -- played a real NFL game and as the fitness yeah. You know it that -- Chase Daniel -- a couple of years ago Eddie do you take it as look at films and get their real game situation. And you and you do -- doing. And it's like a bit of pressure and it's not like he's going to -- game. Well you have to win and can you maybe manage. The -- -- a month or six me buckle wasn't a -- you know been healthy. But I it's isn't there you know not just speculating. They keep drew or -- Brian Griffin. And then all of a sign. At this seasonal habits them ever have a -- true. Look under the devised a -- of a company goes off its game to bring in they've got -- actually played an NFL game and it Bryant would be overweight. Then at least you have the candidate in shorts that a veteran like that would count he's Bobby. Yards into back on the practice field today after their pre season opener where practice right now it is both crispy and usually Jack you know. -- which. He's appeared in Los seek those folks back home don't look at that -- another no way it will be back. A New Orleans on Friday that's for stories -- -- Chris Garrett are that it already -- people should the Saints. Preston -- attack pre season. It's great to rest -- for week one to let -- play a hole out a lot. Talk about that not come yet only two thoughts on that he's body Christian. Sports talk WL and that an avenue. -- -- out Kristian garic here at this -- training camp -- goal on the practice field to make it through. Some installation process or portion of the practice with a two of them were alive. Count practice field it's. A lot of situational stuff here I mean it's. It's almost two minutes though. Right get it done it's better on both vehicles or Ryan group until -- leading -- offense to look accounts. Leading and -- -- it's the a lot of work done a side by socket and I think there's this kind of like if you look at the numbers a little confused and because -- interest of Jersey usually the offense. And white and ended defenses in the black -- and now. You gotta give it to players in a white and and the offense the blackened either working or hail marry and and no way he got Jimmy Graham going up and catching a morale like our chances there. That we we put him hail Mary as much as anyone in the league. The Drew Brees did not play Friday night we saw -- pregame work out still nursing staff coming in hold back from. Of the injury that sidelined him now for. Almost week and a half and he start to ask the question OK we average I thought up a two weeks have probably be out how likely it everything I've read. About an oblique strain is you know it could last two or three weeks in and -- if you push it too early it's an injury that can. Max you pointed out early on can nag you all seasoning don't want that I question becomes. Does should be to play the -- should they hold up -- we want no matter how much. Do you play. To experience every year is the new year not as she never really. Serious injury and you could do what you gotta do it and and and they have -- make your budget favorite. I know every year's U wanna get the the blow things you wanna get hit for real. Even though it doesn't count and what I mean by that the speed of the game even though it's fast in practice you always turn up a notch in the pre season regular season. Well also the way I look at it. It is look don't matter to tighten. When the political Saturday night the guys that are all that are Saturday nights -- -- by the time Indianapolis. -- axiom there I would see that won him. At least play half. And it made that last game receiving game player driver not even been at least. I think he -- a bit -- standpoint no matter how great -- quarterback you are. Eight standing -- Error Iraq and Tom Brady -- the same thing. That they still wanna get some actual snaps it in -- seeing that -- game that count. Soccer Buick on the friendly. I mean it's a friendly but he's still got -- fools they can Hingis. Tattooed out there and -- as physical thing hit a hit become real action when you go to look at it on the team the Falcons. Now if you had -- -- beat Florida out there and I think you got to use your experience who got the handle of -- -- solid target or right now. To speculate that ability to seriousness of the injury would be more that third game against -- on the road. 2601872. Or 38668890878. For the Saints -- to read the entire pre season just get ready for that one opener. It's the Atlanta Falcons they're at practice -- you can write it. Little TNT by AC CC cricket in the background the Saints of usually -- practice our date music throughout practice -- training camp during the stretch portion even. Parents of team portion of -- drills and nobody thought about it quite a bit with. I like the wrinkle that you did before in regular season but he kind of prepared you for some of the distractions that might be out there when here. Playing a game he'll hold always you can that is used to shoot in that -- -- game day climate it's another way to simulate that. I thought. It's a matter of staying focused and that's mentally. Not your favorite to open your rush in the past that you probably could sing a long -- events on the guy playing but offensively you almost have to. Put that aside and not get distracted receiving this crowd noise if you focus on what you as time. I think it's time the right music. Pool water because the Bears board in the office. The because a lot of what you do with essentially is -- -- things. And I actually haven't processed. Information like that on the that whereas if you beat vigils glad that it really hitting the secondary and linebackers. But time is these quarterbacks have been men and they averaged. They got them -- easy to own little later some in the Indy you don't need anywhere as things get public -- -- prepared ready to cover up so yeah that. Coming up big it's good it's. -- -- night's -- and so yes it's just you know I guess in the brutal open as the is that almost a game like situation where. The fan that there's a reasonable to have music in the stands. -- do you know what is. Silently observing practice he's actually -- feel like. You're participating. In practice the other -- quantity. Probably. That first drive for the c.'s defense gave up a touchdown on on a -- that clear busted coverage. It here a couple things that stood out to you that you you feel like hey I can dial this their pre season and make sure they. If Dixon who were some of the -- as good as you -- -- dislikes -- -- likes. From a in the first he wears on defense that you would let go like it yet. Well you can have a sticker thing and that's why the birds who teasing game I don't know I'm in the -- Rule but that to be Dallas did a -- the order Curtis Lofton. Who busted their coverage and date we've experienced to let that happen. Cricket I think you -- -- -- But there's no there that you can't afford to eat nobody knew that when he RS he got it back and if you look at it. If it is communication between -- Laughlin. Finish doubling. You can't afford to have realistically if you look at it easier to -- took. Hey coach would tell you -- politically it would lead. So you don't wanna dig yourself a hole now now we're capable obviously out coming back. Double digits and if you're always set -- W putting records fall on your opponent snapped a and already two minute. Oh what Spurs are our second. Our office to secret what they'd hit it I look at more the pre season. What individual of players do. Were there opportunities that isn't something. We see the bracket I think the MVP of the defense tire -- it wouldn't -- close I mean we've seen him in practice. That he's done that not open like -- in the past replace -- hit the -- and played I think if you look down. But he did that disrupt when he did that in the brands game. Where he had three tackles well Wallace hit that nobody team -- six tackles five solo and if we get a good penetration. It could also compete Foster. Coming out of that -- kind of like. If -- taught was that a defense that you look at last year he led they truth and facts and -- he added three -- -- public so over the also had a sack in music guide Italy are comedy whatever ever. The property a couple of gave it the pre season. And yeah I'll make this team. You know going to use that common that's that you what you like that swagger that almost like listen you might try bought me but on the win more time could you want me that's the PG. Disruptive that to carry over last year Bobby I think from -- but that -- we saw last year. Even -- the -- -- a -- with a couple of injuries -- that we're committed if I don't walk when I got help yeah listen. I also think it Tyler Walker who's a stiff for about six weeks where he was injured it sixty weeks but I -- -- faceoff that. Teams you know this -- tell you really don't know. He he'll keep you partly at the roster -- -- -- that -- really really like you you're dealing with a major typically that yeah I already they and I are equal -- -- to death so you don't have that got a helmet yet so I'm -- they'd like to go back to last year Tyler Walker now homage to see. What he can do -- if he stays healthy and at the line of patient. Well we haven't even seen judging -- you know judging if -- we need him and that makes this who specifically. To stop the run defeat it -- step -- the -- Buckley thought that brought you brought Buckley on his back efforts have thank you look real explosive. What did you hit that bush whoever that tackle up the middle. That all of a sudden -- Atlantic ten yard they get double digit sacks. Could the quarterback had no place to Pope can't give up in the pocket and and they come on offense with the one thing about -- walker and I got like this you know. Because well I've been home -- don't look at it. Evaluate yourself -- from Liberia yeah I mean I don't know that you know you get a -- grotto -- at the saint you know you gotta go back to Patterson. I've heard on the -- you know that area -- -- -- -- and are familiar with him -- -- -- you -- because you -- Of -- walk at night -- looked on the on the offensive side. Obviously we've been stroke in brenly -- Made up any bad saint. Receiving with five receptions. 55 yards although that 45 yard touchdown reception. When I was about fifteen yards of all them -- -- yards after the catch and Campbell is also about that. That's none -- -- and Nate they were blitzing Gregg Williams is being aggressive and that the young quarterback. You know their job and you were to go to -- you know he got smacked in a mile. The ball to playmakers and all of a sudden you've got to -- a popular drugs and he threw it. Like eight in your part of that Nivins hit driver decisions are right grip but that's -- quarterback and then if you look at Brandon looks. But we've been talking about him a very similar to what we can do this at a -- teasing game. That bubble -- a middle screen that it had to say that that are regular season. When if you get a a couple blocked that one guy miss all the 37 yard touchdown while they try to set it up early and have. Thought it was Luke McCown threw the interception that's who were trying to set up all day I was I was I was watching. Critical to his first play of the game -- -- two in the field they're relaxed it's that they were. They were trying to -- gutsy play up to the right side eating either over Chris Long ended up being an interception but they were trying to get him involved. And I thought I mean if you look at it. It was a -- Smart I find you try to get Redick looks involved early in the central with wood is usually just double play call it that simple. Played an excuse but when you do what Chris block his path is not as easy you know -- driver and then not mean -- instincts and of wily veteran. Dallas and he kind of read what's happening follows that because let you go -- is it that that's not normal. And let me read this green and made agreed a sexual abuse didn't throw it. I'm open hi there. And not -- -- -- -- -- talk is that nothing in his -- he says that you're not a lot of should've gone down he should've got him down he dedicated his head yeah yeah always like. As a quarterback -- he's the those slant and all that if you go to threes -- dropped them that you get rid of the ball. We got to get those big balls that ultimately need talent the don't know -- to look at the chop them look at our -- is getting better be ready to put their hands down. Vs just let them out like aren't through through Florida -- those people well that a quick slant and -- screen all those -- pro. We read Saints training camp practice and of course the received sketch of football's going through. What would be a couple of tackler is in the arms -- they go through this. This machine this -- is drillers and I strip them yeah I like it it's also pretty difficult in the office wanna start work on their for work over your defense. On the field. To have -- -- don't DeRozan. No real way to get into the team portion of practice and certainly. -- didn't see if some of these things we saw in. The pre season care over at least some of the season opener carry over. You know with with a number of players you know calendar day came to Marcel Jones the absence of Vick broke Bobby. And -- it's there are you Evans. I thought they played pretty well. Fiat considering. You know what they did to start -- even. So when you do you lives. That when you block -- who you going against the Rams in 2000 tennis and hasn't regained. They led the whole NFL in sacks. Still. You would have thought of so -- -- -- -- -- again. -- or it's actually glad those -- maybe the Rams put up. So what all said it and the Saints ended up with four sacks in any game in the array of ticket and it was so that was with regard -- And another version of whoever's out there right now he's back out -- political here -- -- is not -- -- number 73. All right obviously. Grow up with that throughout their bodies and Theo brought -- the ninth and then depending on what which are a bit. Good to know though that the player and coach being -- open on Josh hill value might look at the competition they're tied in. You got Doron Lamb and he had a good OTAs mini camera Louisiana Monroe even on Dick Jacobs who that LSU with a bang knees. For many Louisiana. That a but I think they have to do something really special. The few -- are -- with the type limit for the number three spot. The two year -- -- -- couple of state now -- bit reluctant there one -- -- if you look at -- hill which Peyton. Said this in a post game press computer realign itself -- Are -- is in how he contributes on special teams. How they trust him and if -- in the game. There 46 yard reception the second quarter that set up that I expect -- run my car Robinson. They had and a 21 yard grab also so if you look at that a couple of catches. A game high 67 yards. And that is another weapon we have -- -- -- against those who created the scene what comes about it's Friday night directed pre season games. What -- Hammond they used to do. A -- to get to go to die that pitches like doubts that any game this Garcia had week one against the Rams. Right now drew. Brees only far field earlier to a left. Going through his own individual. Palestinian Nixon but it would be stuff rehab work. Trying to work as we -- that. The oblique strain he suffered -- for the black and gold scrimmage in. If he's the he looks like he's making steady progress hobby yet as I made. He were -- more boosting movements in and a lot of his. Rookies now which you would do the first couple days that was often weeks yeah yeah actually that you know I think it fifteen million dollars -- -- -- so warm it up a prison yards of that in mind and don't get recognized hitting skills looks like. Champ Bailey's over there -- Champ Bailey -- true. Tennessee Kenny stills that that a couple of the players a case like mine and I we're about a 150 yards away so. It's still. Are are that good but Shayne Graham. Probably -- can keep this race is wide open DL why I don't know -- communicate I do and -- knows you can't miss an extra player. He did you experimenting was there will be joining is that after this after the after the game we sit. I would like this that we can make that I would like thing we can make an action action -- -- well well I took the club Oklahoma leave it at this. It below the fifty yard line and you got -- game and Duke where you better not miss it here. As they they just shot -- spectator yes NFL on that that that have to be automatic. And on that but I kind of like it it makes it where that they had a couple of misses he killed me. Out of the gate -- if Carolina. Then it's an extra point and I think Erica the -- back to receiving game. Actually this -- what. Fifteen yard line it's better for -- on the goal line -- -- now. The caller called in to post game press conference -- game. So where does the what after the that -- -- -- if you -- go to the to put OCR you know we're back at the fifteenth you get to go from the Bulls but. And it's -- a reporter to previews the game. But I think. Look look at the repetitive. And and how punitive or physically you with a long extra points. That does that might be permanent maybe but if you don't fifteenth season -- maybe sixty. He's not be there -- Kristian -- we're alive from. -- training camp practice that he had your practice facility here require Westbrook is you -- -- black goes back into their pre season opening victory. Over the St. Louis Rams 4644. We'll get bodies take on Ronald Powell or -- draft -- for the -- -- -- he had a good day. Probably of the rookies on Friday night other than Brady coached. Here the most topical form a target bodies take on that come back. He QA it is well to 627 until 3866889087. In the sport thought Saints training camp coverage right here on C radio. We could relate after the dot com. I welcome back Bobby Hebert Christian Derek you're an ST training camp it's out of practice and Siegel who support individual drills and were looking -- dungy Bobby in full pads he's. Started out on the PUP list I would imagine he's coming off today. Yeah who were truthful that is but that that's good to see him info Claritin. I think he's a big part of what we did that -- effectively on. Especially hit the run and you know dealing with -- -- -- pick Andrea I think he got a little overweight their maximum trading him trying to get him back at Shea but he still amount of them and it's almost like I thought I have a hard time telling. That tell -- -- a recent but it reap what part of it if he is looks. Have you look out he looked out there but as long as you don't you don't get knocked their linebackers you can pick on a double team I think that's good. He really does need to play his role in -- looked like he said oh I thought. And he came out and so -- is great is this sort of draft failures situation. But has publicity stunt that Jake back up there. -- another rookie. Draft choice for the to a season -- to work your day I thought and a sack in -- which is an opener Ronald Powell. A bit of rout of Florida and a wonderful we're not one recruit in the country battles of the injury issues. In college but you can see we've seen now for two weeks. He looks it looks the part I would I would doubt he can run. And you saw some of -- -- On Friday -- wonder though does he has the -- to grasp of the game right and he needs to. Well the thing and I think it's there to a lot of countless times did you always got a note still and now he -- young learning what to do overs. Do you make mistake golf would you make a mistake -- -- to tell you what to do three or four times that you payroll unpalatable as far as physical ability. I know you can you can see he has all the -- now you do that to be reliable. -- -- that he may have mentioned he had wanted to force Zach and his came in the fourth quarter through playing at a high motor then all of triple. He had a special teams tackle. You know we look get a rookie who's contributing. On special teams and they've admitted they're training camp. I'm not. Not not tea cup not. Hard knocks he had a tackle and now Brad Coleman had attack a person he's been. Yeah I cut about nick your kind of game against the red throughout the season that he batted -- like a volleyball Haley got interception don't work as well you know like -- -- -- commitments -- us. That's it -- tackle. And it hit it in the big joke -- with interest in that led the team -- teams tackle and he's been. Cutting whatever you see them make plays. He is a better -- -- have also seen him hit a bit. -- -- -- -- They're veteran you got to Arizona wildcat. He had. To inspection teams tackle so maybe even -- what you got to keep making those plays. That's flyer on the bank in. Look at the final numbers and all that if you look at who's actually catch in the coach's eyes that he's visiting -- -- special teams. And it could be a point where we don't really see that -- where. Who's they get a key -- that he returned. But it's -- whoever you're with you can know one -- if but coverage who's -- tackles yeah I mean yeah you could see it happening so props go other Javon wade. As he led it's best to keep the tackles against the Rams to. Bobby goes to show you wouldn't think of Parker's ball what you are looking early in the ballgame -- -- -- When he was that three safety look who's working uphill push kick it out it was not a Smart football so they don't give you a glimpse as to where they kind of have him ranked what the safeties. You say what they are right behind ghostly -- and an agent. Yet it ended -- -- -- war and since -- this is why we were talking earlier about the backup quarterback position. The potential of a -- three heavy three on the roster or two that would give you the flexibility keep all six of those safeties. You do you gonna keep the first three that's fair bit but it'll be kept fighting between -- Warren. It being sincere. You know you look at Florida's vol that he really follow football you like more volatile moves that. I know you know the running back -- was -- with the Broncos Monica evolved yet I don't -- -- -- -- -- better -- than -- -- the ball. What is -- -- boy you better not admit this. Where it did he caught that it didn't think scouts in the Canadian Football League he -- almost start to but he went. To admit that I mean he's 61 -- gentiles. He's just doubts they'd get I think he could put in the box. We've seen him make plays on the ball and this guy you look at pretty -- Pierre Allard. Pierre learned sixties we're going to Jacksonville the the little -- in the groove at that the cut school. But you know competing in there and we see towards. Kind of a dark hard they played the practice interceptions in -- Not be Peters actually -- the game against the reds were. A couple of you have to make that play occurred at that then who's going to be the difference maker yet and that's initially how the Saints. It's night -- -- -- Because at least he made with the Buffalo Bills. -- -- -- -- -- -- A three -- this year could see a scenario where. Okay -- talk about the quarterback and what that could be with wouldn't that mean to the -- and company number of safety -- But because if they kept six in because of the versatility it can countless slot. -- that would allow another number to slide to or maybe you don't keep. Is he orders as you would think they would they traditionally -- right yes vote that this could get it do like so what number you think when you combine that quarterbacks. And safeties and everything quarter -- -- the ball and the but yeah I think total. Michael nudity they've been around eleven. Okay eleven on it now -- well -- that they would have no problem. Keep -- -- state these and Levine who they gonna keep advanced one and -- on the back in and makes plays on special teams and then also get that flexibility. Bet you Pete played not only -- like hit -- apparel -- corner or vice Versa like Corey white Natalie quarterback. We can play safety build the more you can do it's amazing it till they go to six demand roster. Might be future of the collective boring game India more jobs but that -- especially if you go to eighteen -- regular season not only sixteen. You most we need a sixty man roster that thing. The players union would almost demand that their right now. This agreement and Ross that you got to do he is this the more you could do however you -- to be that that that that's tight and make. And I mean to a corner or safety or Carcillo -- down a Marcel Jones. OK about it that hard that you have a weight but he could immediately tackle to. So let his guard tackle tackle guards are like -- guard guard center. I think quarterback safety in a Christian now he blew the horn -- -- that -- drew buried there and -- looked down. Is it the -- right now Marty gets -- ones vs ones. In a TE Perry and now nickel back oh yeah there were on a double play yet still might be some situation oh. I think this might be a case to -- it. It took square. It is their time to do a certain formation to -- -- the defense gets aligned right. But I think it looks like England lives especially they lining up. Team drills here at the Saints training camp and start off with a -- played its -- right up the middle Alan -- I would have been at that -- gain ten. And one meant to went -- and -- tonight I'll put it ain't like he did against Iran and then I'd be about a what are your side -- outside it was the left you're going to have less side yeah I mean. And not artists. As -- -- be -- and I'm not try to be Debbie -- right now that -- being -- -- right -- and no -- improvement is at its and it went right last year and everything to anabolic and even now. Off I'll run up run deep group of guys that concerned about ruined the -- that. I don't look at justice in getting gash. I tried it like a car pilots -- the that they could actually that was the analyst Terry and that that at it and Christian that's the fifteen yard gain in. Few breaks a tackle who knows. You might be thirty yard dig that out. That's what we're so are you more -- I am -- now he thought I mean you've seen -- times where they've they've looked a little a little should he abilities seeded times aren't. Training camp they buckled down you know evident evident that it still out yet and that run defense Jake has been there see how the fixes in the mix we live NC -- Campbell that way for a couple minutes is a Luke McCown it's a playmaker on an ice. Passing out over the middle your reaction you have public 33 big plays you've got the break but offered all of a sudden it's three plays that we got seventy yards off its total offense he's. Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic this sport's dog on WB well special -- Sunday this right here on. -- radio. Team drills here six -- at the same thing in the world Saints back on the practice field after a fire that pre season opening victory over the sale was 126 -- foursome. Good spot some not so good spots highlighting those here. On this solutions -- Sunday. And about it in team drills and whereas we're talking about the run defense getting gas a little bit right as we go to commercial. With the Broderick Bunkley comes up and ice nice stuff. You have Roger Brooklyn out stands out to stuff the run of the zero yards and a and also right Griffin covenant the twos and you dirty mismatch you want to choose things over to defense. He had a great priest every -- junior Olympic coverage vs branding coach worrying and as though Annika that was like a ten yard reception. And then he got a quick slant Carl talked and then and it's nice -- right driven that's what you gotta do he had his hands in a ball and -- Also August the third hole bolted to take what it with and hopefully it's a practice like guys. Yet it's an -- -- -- you could see is still set off bats he has an out which is numbers though yeah it in numbers than also Tarvaris can Dan had a opportunity to run. Now they got stroke there at running back he had a nice. But not this vision -- these were plus eight. Yard gains so right now support the team period I delegate at the office well not a network. Who's that nice and and if that 58 out knocks again. -- and luckily he made a double plays last year if they sign him you know a Fresno state in L all rookie opted to awesome number that. Fumble he forced against the Falcons now -- so that was inside the red zone as -- -- -- colors one yard line. Goals linebackers in the middle you know Bobby when you look at the team's depth chart so speaker. Depth at certain positions I think that I were pleasantly surprised by his there was question mark there in the middle. In cut -- playing well in in camp Dawson Kevin and Ramon -- Ramon number who I thought had a really good game. And you remote numbers turn into any coach Peyton her coach bit the route running now too much more. He found his niche initially come into the NFL the special teams split. You know -- political to getting more experience but a very reliable. Reliever Ryan thing about Ramon -- You play pass happy team. He might weren't as bad pass -- well -- Packers. As far as this time is that always at the right place and nice reverse pockets that. That was pretty good at it is but he got picked on night I think that the Kiffin called west Missouri State at Dixon. Yeah and he could -- dark horses. But and a saint -- -- pagan and -- towards it and making it. But going back to Ramon Humber. They get to know your role on the team if you could commit -- as an exact fifteen day it might only play fifteen snaps but it might be a chill of fifteen. As -- a place and now see him he probably me. As interception if so -- down the middle. One handy batted it to himself reflect what it would it by our -- this. I know rob is a big approval number of fan. They can Ramon Humber you gotta be proud of is not a lot of Christians they went back to back. National championships at North Dakota State. A lot of it has to to see if you look at that roster North Dakota yet. And -- football players actually from North Dakota. As the got a -- starters and -- Probably two or three are right that fickle and they brought in Chicago wearing different -- in the midwest. But Ramon -- I take it. Coach Rob Ryan and really had a lot of confidence in him. -- but we today remember the the corner six foot -- have -- out of Georgia Tech entering his technique a big part not a big part but. The other special teams a year ago Ryan -- in in. -- in the service last year and at Philadelphia Eagles -- he's not valued at practice -- -- to the latest from Saints coach Sean Payton and the players alone Patrick Robinson. Who dressed and he'll draw following practice all right here live on a special edition of sports talk on this Sunday evening -- it. At the Greenbrier to after practice facility woo back the top of the hour he's -- we have Christian this is sports talk on WLA anathema dot com.