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8-10-14 4:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp: Hour 2

Aug 10, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian report on Saints training camp from the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the final four. Body -- about it very clear along with Steve Keller so the final four -- sports team. It through the duration here training camp at the end the care facility. -- -- at the -- for is the Saints are back on the practice field after Friday's season opener picture pre season opener victors he's. Over the St. Louis Rams look at it -- reason won't field. Throw some simulator routes pretty much to Kenny stills he's not going. Full speed by any stretch but that is some sprouts. -- the ball pretty a pretty effectively in -- like he. He still well the you know like he's hurting me right. I don't know if the way thrown -- you know it will -- 5225. Yards and and is on the trials. To learn drops. But -- native you wanted to be a 100% beat on any slight aggravation. That you take one hit and you never know that's -- I'm thinking. I would be surprised if you don't play is that Titans on -- hopefuls Ian but I'll probably think I would be surprised though. Getting -- right right at all if he would play against the Colts. In that third pre season game in -- to look at it -- -- they do special teams drill right now. And truly trying to. It's getting -- we need to get better in those areas on the regular force. With a blocked punt and that's that they work or not they -- like Steve -- is -- what is yeah. Take it come as deeply thank the Falcons game real wouldn't only -- dichotomy. Except they had a blocked punt since then I don't think Calvin -- I can't recollect but. And that's what they're working on right now different angles and swim moves. To his blog but because -- how significant is how jacked up especially you playing at home the fans it whatever you block a -- his vision of the terrorist attacks. I'm not sure where I heard the -- read it but. He blocked a -- and -- innocent and -- a game your chances of winning I think. Until today today 85 and top percentile of what out ago. May yet get the -- is not now not last year was in 2011. What are eleven what is in the Saints loss that arrived at that what Thomas Moore -- -- -- yet in the boos and like game day east look at. As the numbers kind of bear that out I came -- from what I read if someone told me I think it's an 85 to ninety percentile when he blocked a pawn in the game. Well he did it thing is that we needed do it. -- believe we were only -- last year. It didn't have that befits a return for terrorism -- -- -- okay we characterized those who would score. The -- recovered tires on the interception. I have a touchdown we all know. That the -- on this oval and seven. Good scores if the scores me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you might have a might need those kind of plays to truly have a special season. And have a chance. Go back to this -- pretty good crowd on hand to watch the Saints go through training camp practice the far. Stands over there where the Saints. This then they're a VIP -- set up now so lonely and assault -- polian and of course the stance here there were sitting in. Look at the practice field I would say half -- yeah the other -- a little but recorder full. -- yet they had today let. It was packed that a black Eagles scrimmage dame had Florida 5000 people out here if I'm just against the dating. And I don't think get to do a better. -- -- process. I felt like you right at Disneyland or Six Flags waiting for our -- facilities people. Prices are ready over and they were to follow trying to give back to their car because they -- limit here. So I practice I'm sure they'll have a better system. Come next year because when you do it that many people you don't wanna discourage him they won't come to saint price and think the crowds will continue to grow. As though we going to be there for sure through -- if not longer. That you know once franks is over you want him. Have that flexibility that the that Stuckey -- they do is go about their business and usually that's and a week in and in that deal waiting -- -- like. You know there were there waiting four I added amusement park. We were they'll have a break in the action here I think Sean Payton. As it does typically halfway through practice addresses in addresses and probably a dumb points out a couple of emphasis points that he wants to you know. To work on. At least through throughout this team portion maybe the tempo that is an accidental finish -- a high note yet so right now that's was gone here at a Saints training camp. Practice is there a kind of hope the promise forty yard line. And that's something talked to this football team I'm sure will seek a more team drills we have seen a whole lot passing duty gonna see that at some point. That we don't -- seen it's been Ortiz though individual like 7071. On one. It's been more of a team concept boat off the defense to look at. We looked over here. What we are we have about five an hour practice yet and it's. Get a little chilly Christian. From my black jacket that I put it on. They needed. -- get it ominous that the key drop it pretty quickly and that is that that it's worth it to Rich's win here. All right you're up in the mountains and we're looking at. Who we first got here can you imagine uncover them down that Jerry West. Wasn't exposed it they got Pete Sampras. Jerry West Nick Faldo Bubba Watson he has had an off day and Christie Garrett and his -- are positives and has a lot right there. A little -- myself I couldn't afford only follow one of those counties are much less. Excellent as the absolute -- can go within. Budget they have or five years on the national team he took the who's who you gonna have football. You -- -- have first you have you whereas basketball you have tennis then hit a golf when -- involve Bubba Watson who -- the NFL -- vacation yet and it's not like there's just a phase of their net as stepping away from -- news group whose body is the NCAA in in having more autonomy to the the five power conferences. He what do you think about that good that -- Well I think you have to do something to stay one step ahead -- the league system and all as far as the money involved and and how are you come to seeding the players or -- -- -- because there's so much money. And at a site that whoever that's gonna come about that is the right thing to do looks like we're in back in the team drills -- about via red zone. Yeah like I dread and -- spring pretzel -- green looks at the reds because he's so explosive. -- twenty on it more -- thirty on in. And the balls -- actually on what he thought excellent. That you consider direct result. Top team period for the Saints and over the -- walked through yet look at it as Simon looks like Gaza situation stuff -- -- trying to. To get down and get line as far as a quick time out to get in. There in ratio over the entire is with -- unit so they are working on. Exactly that one play C got one play left right and out -- you got a time out to burn you running out route catches. And just try to make it close about the balls on the nineteenth those that are so you being six yards and but it looks like you might -- this -- -- what does this. At the clock play as you Christina gave -- like that. No no that's why I'll try poking gem explain. What action as a -- TV it didn't do a very good job and and and what it was about that you bobbled the stabbing you can clock it right. We'll watch yet if you fumble the snap he can't. You position crowded yet is because it'd become you know longer trying to avoid a -- plays as I understand it is. You -- it's just like Kuhn ran the ball on a sat. He's trying to win -- -- play so therefore are either a penalty that applies though it is seconds off the clock I've never seen team in quite like that IRI do remember though. He Chicago the posting actor who was in this goes back to -- it was Steve Walsh was quarterback and he fumbled each of the clock in fumble. In the Bears recovered the weight -- I'm channel I think which the well too much you have what I reviewed it it turned out to be lately -- -- -- -- Steve boasting -- he really clocked it as a -- clock like behind us right you've got to throw flat whereas stats what do what we gotta throw up. In the ground -- -- ethnic or relate that I was behind them so yeah that's a -- he had ended the Bears. That is about my talent alone it was replay the defense though that there -- and -- Brooks started backwards but Steve Wallace threw bags and wasn't that in a while corking. Chris I think it might have been I think -- a playoff game. 99 inning that. Had to be it was ninety when you wrote yeah at -- the it was it was ninety when he when he made that trade for Steve Walsh who's quarterback and it at -- Chicago in a playoff game back to a little more team drills here in the seats were working on. Now it's not there's nothing we like -- because more half looks like a half and on the offense when you got. But notice that the publicity in the half blind people one on one pass rush so you got you can second quarter I can poke at the been there. And it over here on the far in on this feel 77. Pascal this so this usually did do this before team -- that kind of makes -- -- -- about who looks like but we did see Cuba. Of Marcus Colston in the opener but just throughout camp he looks like he blew out a whole lot better and looks like a much healthier player yeah I -- and it didn't and in first press conference to talk to him how he feels prepared. The last year and kind of turned the corner toward the latter part season. Where he was in the -- does that I shared camp he was injured and what was his or something. Put his foot is -- foot yet and the c'mon. Your -- your wheels -- hurt you gain run I mean when you play that he events the ability -- right. He's there are Kristian -- we're at -- training camp practice here at the Greenbrier at the care training facility poster -- to come back with more of this. Saints special edition Sunday. At training camp. You'll listen to two -- radio WB well I anathema to beat him to elect on. But in practice. Where you're from Saints coach Sean Payton. Black and gold bureau for their second pre season game their home pre season opener against Tennessee Titans this Friday -- to get a look at. I remembered. -- is Tennessee Titans. Yeah that come to Louisiana a legitimate cardinal shoes and we can't guarantee that -- it really. You know -- took the corner. You know Chris looking at the one on one pass rush Jonathan. Bruce read below shaking your bitterness -- really popular in the third and catch it and -- the third -- I saw the second one. Where he he drew -- Toledo about five yards to the back field puzzlement. To lose his footing a little bit and they want that one of the first against it was his -- Laguna I guess maybe. I give there was a draw the the good yet I would say. The reason like -- -- it's a little slow getting off but yet you maybe against giving awards it. Look at 101 junior in Atlanta. Really those outstanding and the first when he beat Armstead then that recover the next -- Camp Jordan had a good bull rushed. It's actually on the Zach with David that we make more for his hit on as a on skates he gave you think him or get ready for that spin move Morris beat that Russian. Cam was able the bull rush him and then. It's didn't like Hakeem hicks developed a nice little secure one prove now that team needs to do so yeah -- and get a -- like that. Because he's looked outstanding and he acts a couple of times. Rushed the quarterback we've even a key period. We've wrote on his knee what is that you know we didn't get it did against the Titans. But look at that a team -- What his power. Ages them it's like who we get it going against he gets that an obvious that but that's what goes up -- A roof with Johnson could be like a dark cars considering from -- state and sixth round draft pick this year. 6 spot to 7 o'clock at. I mean if -- it is. You know play a couple of handful of snaps fifteenth messages. Get a sack the quarterback pressures that he will drop out yet now that they doing your -- -- a lot of competition there. Gary -- that -- excuse me carry four. Also competing is that outside linebackers is not it -- -- both the inside and outside the cross train. These linebackers especially car before coming out of -- -- though what he was selected a resident now fourth round the cal Bears defense was terrible he was not. At cal BA went right if -- -- it pretty well at times of the year and they like at least from Connecticut while the -- though he was at against the in Albert buckle as it states we've Xavier Strasburg. That's -- that that's why in that epic cal. At ease and Babylon. That -- -- splash. Let the look at that you know Powell. You look at a board. Group with these like young players young linebackers. That's why probably fit and knocked his name mumble it Indian Wells I mean an arm that they coaching goes by what he sees in the film but. -- where you were draft itself. I keep an eye on those guys that. Not this household Saints things we're gonna play a part. I would think that would do this -- been a complete team and -- Cox -- -- -- -- specialty. RW to be operated jaguar beatable on line for you had to -- to do well dot -- shoot Saints restaurant is the entire hold out and get ready for. Week will you -- vote online at W to do well like com or call us at 504. 260187. Their -- threes that's a team that he's come back with the interception as soon as you want Pierre Allard has definitely -- during the -- at night. He is they yet but it's his second pick Nate is third pick in camp in result the -- that I daylight. At times that discipline they've shown it rental as the -- now. They -- at a place strictly the past that it's 707. But then they've really used the silent and in zone in and really force all of the quarterbacks and majority that the rules to dump it off that'd been. Outstanding you don't see any bus. That's fours and drew a nice streak of all of a pick or an uncle and opening interception. All on seven to seven throughout the close of that out again ready to go to -- team period it. Recyclables. Where it would victim. They'll be a great practice player. We need to be a great game where not a great I its way to great gamer that that's ideally what you wanted to do but through the -- say that that's so much. That big -- that I think it's brand there was a couple of plays -- particular it was like 34. He caught the ball like two yards that he was. Tackles a solid player you've got to make the first down. There were if you catch a break it -- squirt and keep it that -- yard Utah battle you are when. Your individual battle and that's one where. They gave you an opportunity that's short pass easy high percentage chance to break a tackle he can eat you get the first down drive continued it is -- a -- there -- plays that. That Vickers who drives it is it a continuing drug -- instead of putting an is that so let you break and attack to get what you gain. You break it at tackle even though -- -- on TV you get that extra two -- three yards to keep -- on pitching. Back in the team drills here. But who I split out of whack there's who has that is it up the middle. The bills the Packers are there any of Paris their starters -- yet knows why he was taking it all stuff on the inside outside directed give misses that at all with little blocked it that would have been a -- a Parys Haralson look at his story. It almost -- he would and they went Scotch and the GDP the team it really was in training camp. Now with the right sort of started season they the roster. And we did a tree with the 49ers that of topic yet anyway I really think about it. That's -- what seventh -- Pakistani team would seventh round picks and contribute like that. Was seventh round pick property at that as the experienced -- -- gains of the 49ers you've been told to hit. Let that get to number there. Was that on our stateroom. I think it was yeah it was is -- -- it is though that is a -- second level I think it was Africa and Canada that based data but that he shook him pretty. Almost like game like speed on that particular Corey want. Get reps with the first team defense here quarterback opposite of a Keenan Lewis that's of the net that's a race that we've kept that -- -- Throughout pre season throughout training camp and how much go on for the Saints offense here a lot of check downs from -- count us -- -- push the ball on the field up. A -- down loading the defense that which is a good thing. Possibly they of their previous -- that might have been Humber got that that the homers in narrow right now and he is the football. Yes and he did their he's -- they got him alongside. And of Hawthorne is in there he got Ramon over Curtis Lofton. Middle in this particular defense. Lofton and ex junior. So that that the interest in that. Good nice catch that. Vintage Cole pujols hit his catch and it went back guards Mike Keenan Lewis that is what a placement by a volleys you know and it is. You know first assemble. And the twelve yard type he always seem to -- big pickles and and McConnell -- able to do that so you keep moving the -- is that still that fourth. While receiver spot that is what what Iverson response the wide OP think between pitches Meachem. Issues they'll look dot org -- still think -- got that and it -- that last spot his sport the human Joseph Morgan now. Were -- we haven't really. Doesn't iced a right Griffin blitz type reading it's Jimmy Graham down the pedal and a plan under him dementieva yesterday Pierre -- coverage with -- grab it back up Richie. He gave prevent the completion of the regular -- They attacked the about a 78 yard gain that good a blitz -- nick up there about right Griffin. Understand the kinds about it -- is trying to get him get rid of the ball quickly what do you secretive on -- So far. He likened there's a mean streak and I don't know how he that guy could not. Have been hurt anybody's radar they'll let any notes -- -- that to me that that's for sure he looks more like a for the fifth round pick. That then you know a route or free to type player mean and I've been impressed with. And I haven't seen him at blocker -- but how let me pass block in his feet and it's and it's a lot that that would -- what we've seen so far. You would think Brooks VP at least to protect us but there. Yeah and it comes down Ian -- Paris but. Again it goes to versatility price Harris. That experience he can play right Kenny play left -- Brooks has worked at right tackle and left tackle and training camp so. What do you away what do you value we talk about the typically address -- offered to him sometimes seven. So who's gonna be the swing man for the inside who's gonna be this -- and for the outside. And price Harrison -- team on -- it'll be between those two guys I think. And now public interest that the -- at the bottom look at it cruised until -- league extra innings in yoga as a that is hands government said. Illustration apples -- -- billion exercising do something you stop you -- while. And it Titans. That it almost looks like. Maybe try to prevent this thing loose. Clearly goes and obviously I think it's that time the treatment that is what does mental reps so you could see him -- right next to the play calling key says that right mix the quarterbacks coach Mike knew there there like and I'll play calls -- -- right -- -- -- glory in. I cornerback we it would his unit -- just talk about what plays on and you know do what you take -- middle rep every time. We. We got out of critical youth movement in the too high at the Hawkins then. It's going to be a -- -- -- outside at outside of the number eleven via both heated battles with Charles talking as we talked about earlier. Started to own battle week ago in peace we he was asked. Who's the fastest player in the state pieces Brandon cooks entity. So yeah yeah yeah but it does show you at least they've that he says he fourth through there with Brandon cooks. They did it Taylor Taylor like threatening offense yet -- that it -- -- dollar race is now let's try to get her come accomplished so. In erasing his but I think nick gave Randy cooked his 120. Yeah yeah. I'm back to equal one -- one day Patrick Robinson Bobby. Played the most consistently I think of the quarterbacks and that's an Adam. Well I play any more people they are at opposite the key. -- said he could be playing a global level of the big those picks -- had a couple of picks who have maybe three could have -- like six or seven. But at least he's getting his hands of the ball but you are right now. That. You could say that there is number two better -- catcher -- is what we've seen in practice or. I winding down there's a practice here Saints training camp to prevent a sack where he drew Julio does -- not one -- -- -- Christian. I was looking as the early that the can't remember. So is it that's it loss is solid and it probably as that's a good and announced Ryan Wright he's Bobby there. I'm Christian equal -- -- some. So the commercials out of the way civil -- press conferences here. Was Sean Payton and the players following practice the guys to hear block him. Right here on stage radio WW LA anathema to -- to be well -- out. I welcome back inside of the saints' training camp practice at the at the care facility in the green -- It's either not finds on the campus at the Greenbrier and the black and gold good going through -- special teams were beat them a couple of team portions of drills. -- -- stability. I popping today. One on one pass rush. -- broke that down earlier work on the return game Brittany coach had a solidly receiving on Friday night being in the pre season opener but. There were term return game up on the. -- -- while that a little bit yeah really the whole unit and I think that's lazy and do an extra work. Now on the kickoff return. No punt return. And it just so they would do is gonna get better I mean we got that thing. If it's not individual batters in the blocking scheme or whatever route. If you look and we give the benefit of the doubt little Kevin resurgence this week. What the type -- -- -- Put coverage and kick cover to the rant about a good is that they were noble and put -- up a return coverage actually set an NFL it. That's that that's out a -- the Rams were in. We only averaged cook two returns for five yards. I mean he needed to have at least two -- two returns for twenty art. He got to get the double digits and also -- turn. Today and it shows that are they average eighty yards -- be at least 25 C Ethiopian actual work. And just setting up the blocks and return here like differs kick open a three and out the it to get it religious setting up that. Wet now you know because that's what they're working on it I -- to go into -- in the paint the picture is there some reason that they don't have the full eleven on eleven years there right there issued a ball of a joke out of it jokes. Ending at 545. Guys actually just before guys -- counting count return -- You know if you look at just announced today that when his strategy dealing concussions and all their seat. The you don't have the traditional way where -- mean he's -- five guys going across. I and -- that inning more than 22 yet at bats with their worker right now. The third guy being in the proximity. And I think they get ready to do rent -- -- kind of describe it. Where you could see it's almost like you do half line offense and on the offensive line the left side at the right side. This is like on the back tied a kick return. Where you see that you guys holding hands that that that's the old wedge in there one guy independent -- and break it off -- that -- with a lead blocker. With the returner because you got to get off to a quick start Dolan being. We look get a kick off return. OK not only got to make -- guy miss but you have to have an -- Workers and -- that so you bring the ball back at the 3035 yards and not the fifth and when you kick off coverage. The ultimate goal is to get obviously -- -- and inside the twenty yard line. Or even an outstanding teams boy he did all he took -- charged it to get out old thought I was but he got tackled on the twelve yard line. You know about that if you are -- after the kids and even he passed one yes it is that it's got whereas though. You could see him out coached me paying a lot of emphasis on the returning game was -- -- return. Now you see them working on kickoff return and let's go to practice but now he's got -- Indicating he wanted to do well fewer or. I mean we've seen. These dynamic special teams return guy as you call -- dollars. That Devin Hester -- it Jacoby Jones they've been diminished because and I shook -- if you know his kickoffs moved from thirty to 35 a few years ago a more balls are sailing 89 and 89 yards into the hands are out of the end zone right so. I guess my point is. That part of -- team you're not gonna get obviously is much hidden yardage there. Right up against Virginia origin not even the punters have gotten outstanding at the NFL level that the more is that it's a directional they can. Doubles like -- golfer they can put that ball professional golf wherever they want. What they can always kick it you know they have to insight and opinion are uneven angle. But at the teams that do that can't excel at -- level. Especially I'd say apart or don't like them about Dave price and -- they're stroh's if taken off these gets -- a ball. Four yards the net downing it so -- any yet to come out being in the zone and hopefully get a big play. About I'd say we are the better in which we did not. We will words last year and a return. Kick -- we were like. I want to say we we finished thirty I don't know what Tom would like one before last and you had -- frozen. And being with dense prose to reach an average of Morton's six point eight yards a returner. And and that's with -- trying to get better. Bobby going back to the kicking competition between -- and -- and Shayne Graham for a minute now if you noticed but if he on kickoffs. And he he was drilled a ball 670 Argentinian -- and I think that's where. -- youth he ignores you get a break in India or either you don't. If there's an injury there right -- or or it's just a nice other injured -- can do it goes back to safety B -- look. Draw screen to -- the trucks cross train and play. Corner and vice Versa for -- to be able committed at Italy kick off duties that I don't know lose anything. I think it. Add more value. What Laviolette like bridges Garrett Hartley when he was the kicker. He was there a field goal extra point kicker but he hasn't been as kick off. More that it was better than him as a kick -- -- I have it what if you as the engine putting the ball. Where you and had those -- -- -- -- -- when you look at Eric picked it up only making few goals and extra points. But he can't communicate call and what happens later in your career when Thomas -- that when. Which is are trying to. -- that lake a little bit it is the putt and -- we're up by kickoff yesterday that there's another there's another answer to that and ended that would be obviously I think H five accountant the inspiration. That purely technical guy not accuracy. Kick off got you to it and keep it and it's all which -- -- he's Bobby. Our -- -- following practice today. Here on -- Saints Sunday you'll from a Saints coach Sean Payton the players Patrick Robinson expected to address the media. As well walls that way you'll come back and they'll start in ourselves ready. Over there by the podium watch him practice and -- -- rated carry those live press conference right here on C radio WWL and -- and WWL. Dot com. I welcome back. Practiced pretty much over here for the analysts say to hear from the Saints coach Sean Payton momentarily. To go to Poland captain -- you're on -- -- Or. And Schilling. Yes that the put my jacket on captaincy and I was there is that good they'll win jail until eight or 9000 in the low sixties. So Kobe did it for a rude awake he goalie come back to town. Thursday -- get ready for tonight's game on Friday. You better believe it but that now is -- our guys -- in the college summer's here and offensive -- play it was obvious that looked kind of thought would be awful but from see it now I think yeah -- Well labor -- candidates they don't all you play achieving -- that -- and not -- first quarter -- a hundred yards offense. Here it is -- and I got it. But it seems like perfectly on the right direction no it -- it went today and I think I'd be OK. But my. Well I -- you let yeah I think we've providing a lot of depth considering that Jahri Evans and being grunting played their first game. You look at -- in my today what he did. And then now the -- can do Marcel Jones. You know he's not -- Nebraska was kind of a tackling epidemic guard. And they -- -- the kind of but even had him at center a few times that brags that regard you know the more you can do we deadly providing a more depth at but I think the key is. Not that's too much to be even meeting on Brian Pelham -- need to -- be a jump -- was it towards the latter part of this season. And how he turned a corner. With Toronto -- that to help us run the Volvo last. Last four games and it and I think to run Armstead where he's at right now. He's still learning. You'd see as far as experience as still wet behind -- years but as far as ability I think it that you could be. One in advance tackles he's been outstanding. Pass blocking out here -- -- dog fights all the time which junior -- and and and you could see holding his own. Still that I think that's the main reason. You could throw an upgrade because he's stronger than the legal right dealt with it but I think even more to run artist and all over Charles -- -- act. Absolutely. It was. Here. And I'm not a new problem being troubled -- I think you know from this year I think they'd be. -- simple I think the only thing that's gonna hurt the very thing as -- it's we will -- he's not active. Yeah. Yeah but I doubt captain in saint he's got to be lucky with injuries. And if you -- at but that any team yeah you know if you can avoid those -- a handful of injuries. I think that once it's there right now. Eight team or you know colon area. Besides that return and punt or kick return it would probably be. Run defense. That's the -- not Jonathan Jake gets his first practice today. We've gotten better and Brodrick Bunkley the almost had to keep him. Considering his experience. And you might say out of -- were four million he's worth four million. To this team and he restructured his deal. You know but that that's where I'm look at it right now. That can't -- be stout against the run than let's say that'd be top five run defense. The -- improving that area along with the takeaways I think Chris -- like 1819. Against the run. I'll look back there yeah I'd be like TP -- somewhere around a kid eleven or twelve could -- as the fifth. And a big part of that and he's no longer here with Jabari Greer. Any help this happen on the -- overall pass defense that we sacked the quarterback. We had an overall good past the fifth he hit better against -- fit obviously in and it sure you know take no way to football yet. More interceptions or forced fumble captaincy nothing short of phone call full lines are open for it to 60187 it's all 36689087. We'll squeeze in a couple phone calls before. Before Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media they're still. Going to a couple more things on the practice field that now about it we haven't talked about Stanley Jean Baptiste. Too much at least the last couple hours on -- show today. And we know he got burned out by the touchdown he dropped an interception elements off them off on the count right and down again I ran practices before the Rams game yep. He started due to a certain -- yet turn a corner about. And -- he's going to be on the team because what they got invested in him and I think they could -- go outside. With you know if it pretty good position like he was -- ransacking. Find the ball vote locate the football the receiver kind of slightly pushed off. It was it was you got a sense that -- guilty to get a pass that's been -- or why not -- experience yes for sure. The short at. But but he did give up a touchdown and I guarantee right now fused in a real game. You know I was talking about -- a particular. He'd have a -- How to -- it because ride him -- he shows he can make plays how much of which she saw especially on things like that. Some of the things that plagued this team on Friday are correct. Well at that that's over and as deadly correct to bowl because if you that's agility none of that does not as I've physical ability is instinct now. You could say instincts you can't coach that but we experience it more reps. I mean he was really receiver. Just winning at the Nebraska turned into cornerbacks that they look at his long arms his height and his size. But to say right now. That and let's say okay you guys Keenan Lewis and who would you look at not even counting the Carroll who's the other cornerbacks. You have to say Patrick Robinson. Corey white and we're Champ -- is healthy. So he would be. That's damage on that he's in the fifth guy it. But arm and then India what I'll. You know that's our decision and put it this way if he listed on -- -- Champ Bailey that's okay we got its damage on that -- at the -- guy. Of course Carroll could -- guy would be -- David Carroll for sure over him yet you know so he did he got to get more in the mix. With Corey white and Patrick Robinson and that. Number right now you could see it devil to have experience over him as far as that goes. 260187. Neutral 366890. It's an average at work that you ball line for it to be to be well. Dot com should the Saints rest -- the entire pre season and have ready for week one body America feels like. He can Horry should play at least by the week three contest -- in the -- -- now but the week three of recent against the Colts I kind of feel like hey look. Don't push it. Let the rest so you order in the middle pre season -- bottoming out the I wouldn't argue with it well -- and is not a player -- in his third or fourth year like an Andrew walker so -- like that we set IA. He still in the process of of learning the position. -- was master the position so. Well adult the only thing is you know to be the first time you really gets hit. We do without looking at him even now. If you think you can -- -- get oriented yet you have to wait. But if he's ready to play I'm telling you. Christina 1000 in my thirties that. -- that the re train your mind that the hang in the pocket and get hit. And you only can do that in a real games that's life whether it via a couple of series against the Colts or whatever and it's we could see it stretch -- on the volume today 15225. Yards I would think. Within a two week you know period that he keep getting treatment. That it would be ready to roll them I'm not talking about. You know you get that that that last -- -- game. You know played -- then United's French going into the season. But I think you -- -- maybe a couple of series now ideally it would be awesome. Company Colts gained. Goes in about a twelve plate and it's good stuff down. And then take him out yet this dugout Kleenex yeah yeah yeah I guess his -- that they have the feel of things. He's ready to roll that helps your confidence here and now that drew that confident but it is. You know -- during that says this every season is in his season and that would be the case in point. Why you'd take that approach even though you have a future hall of Famer like -- but I'm sure Tom Brady. Are Peyton Manning they like to get in -- flow of things their largest. You know -- Rogers coming back. You know from a broken column bowl you know also -- in giving his team in the nineteen adamant that a playoffs in a tell -- a player. That you wanna play you know -- You can get arrested better than -- now like arresting young guy but John Elway still say chances to get out there he'd like to give him a couple times even in the regular season just kind of make. I -- a ball game. Right right at the -- that -- kind of make you aware of -- that this is the reality is that not to went -- he's -- there. I'm Christian Derek likable black eagle wrapping up practice we'll hear from the Saints coaches and players to -- next.