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8-10-14 5:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp: Hour 3

Aug 10, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian report on Saints training camp from the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia and hear from Saints coach Sean Payton as well as Ryan Griffin, Tyrunn Walker, and Tim Lelito.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the cajun cannon Bobby ate out Kristian -- welcome back to the Saints Sunday in black eagle wrapping up practice after their pre season opener against the Saint Louis -- the 26 point four victory. For New Orleans and we're expecting here for the Saints coach Sean Payton and several players here for the next hour. There are doing their conditioning drills now and Bobby got rid of the banana man that was over here and a lot of -- Terrell from the plastic is very disappointed. While they were seeing this banana had a life of its own. I think it was an offense they were brutalized and there's still hanging around the juice settle on the right behind the podium. But you worry about getting into equipment so I just -- -- in she's she's dejected over the -- -- slight beside herself she is chronicling the life of the banana and the minute he has a blow that thing was jet -- I don't know beginning in. Classified as a banana anymore so. Those are like -- -- brought together a -- 83. The you know deterioration. In Holland was gonna take the toll. Be gone there have been a number of fly that thing around area because -- that the appointment Christian as we walk in here and you know close at a price forty rents rents. According -- -- had a pick six or grip than in. You know Corey white like he's had a slow start -- training camp. Now he's picked things -- really that last week -- border Rams and then. You know you know Woody was able to do it in practice and that's -- Vegas is -- experience dealing him and Roger -- and have an edge all the damage on back tees and you know now a Champ Bailey and not being out there you're not deceive their fighting but it number two spot alongside. They've all been depleted and up 45 cover guys so really what these second and third. When you in the game you -- to be that weak link or. You know the Carla thing go to top or -- -- Carroll is infinite number of us top four cover guys and also. The closeout prices did hail Mary. This with Ryan Griffin. That 5055 yards midway point. And through a hail -- -- Watson was they would become down. With the catch for the touchdown then it started. North of conditioning drills -- -- which means wrap it up and talk it to him but that's. So they -- thought they were usually get that soreness Saudi he had a few snaps. And now like a normal game. Sort of players the day off. -- was yesterday and today so you still wanna. Refused writers. He gets ominous sort itself that that's kind of like what you do. The day after a game. And even sometimes and -- the hitting out or you are on one day off accused the. We'll go to Greg on a on a cellphone at Houston. Squeeze in a quick phone call Greg how are you you're on WWL. Yes I do about it I didn't regret it. Call me. Well this improbable. Who -- involved in the putting football. You know and I looked at me. But I wouldn't prep football. Well well well enough that you do well. -- up quite a bit about -- ball yet the Canadian yeah that's that's that we have dessert tray -- -- missed the justices drains well Colvin just hit it all the cold out there on the way back. The go pick up some more Colvin I hurt his train. That it's about sixteen million dollars that they really that goes it to him -- mr. Gary Arnold tidbits the only mr. Jim justice the Greenbrier. -- he's in I think goes kinda conversation I heard. They -- the -- got to get together and and no one billionaire took it to another billionaire thing with the -- to kind of joked that limited. -- You know. I think you've got about. A million or two more in me you know kind of thing and but it but it is amazing what he's done with this facility in this -- finally passed. What talk about Marcus Volvo. We we've. He looks the part and I think they're confident in him he had a special teams tackle. He's definitely. And then makes you look it that he's on the top three safeties. Obviously -- the case for and -- this is solid for right. I was working and when Gerris bird didn't play he was in that three safety package raffia bush. Thinking David -- early in the ball game he played almost the whole game yet and he Peyton is -- that that he can seize them and them at 36 is. He may have belonged to his dreadlocks on the team. And he has a couple of lines -- to that go to big Eagles felt his waist yeah it's that kind of covers his back number sometimes that you Kane is about 612 -- -- -- -- -- The -- but a very very promising prospect. I think Canadian Football League and and to say to find -- there's got an apartment on the weather and a whip broke. I mean look at Hakeem Nicks. You know and in what does that Ellis -- no longer there. He's nothing -- Canada needs a lot of Regina. So -- that they'll -- in north south east to west Walsh College did you chance yet. What Joseph Morgan yeah I mean it is yet there's no doubt about it is that they know where. You know where you are still at this level Stillman hit then yeah there's a number of the number of players and that they found in these smaller colleges I mean look. But it is found they found your mom push -- found Jahri Evans out of Bloomberg jamaat push rod. Thousands of them gonna find them -- Mark Ingram Saints running back coming to the podium here solid day for him back on Friday night. -- -- the -- over eighty yards rushing on ten carries for Mark Ingram against the Rams in the pre season opener and I will -- up to the podium for. Number 22 for your black eagle. -- Mean this is the star wanted to. Who wanted to come here you're whooping it up so fast ourselves. And just. What we had I think was Dario was great and public defender is not things that we -- you can keep your veteran so I think we wanted to get off to a fast I think we did a good job doing that you think you more. Kansas learned just to be. You know just -- my eyes. No no no no question myself from making mistake just corrected when I get to from just. You have to be patient and skated and we made decisions -- noted that -- with what -- -- a -- Everything has is not going we're better have a little -- work on. Score of defenders. And making a better move. Pass protection and everything and is always room for improvement. It's combination of both and just me. Trust in -- But I'm into it great. -- -- -- -- of the ball in a physical level -- both things well for us to run through and -- the combination of trojans came -- them going out and execute in. Thickness of the associated. -- Yeah. Had a couple injuries every time -- they have been pretty healthy. But yeah I -- Phillips for a healthy and keep it going and it's my fourth here so I've -- right here the player. It's got to continue to improve. They're right. Yeah RG Mori's great player. Ever since he's first you know we knew he had a big arm and he's Smart. And you know he's this. In Buffalo reporters -- Just. Well -- it protections and -- In and out of good plays. Out of bed please -- and play. -- -- answered professor so and he's been critical of regret lament our office and he's definitely have the ability him. -- ability to -- this one week. Nomar go. Now -- as RG four man. He's RG three runs RG four does little to do you know yeah. Then Nomar when you're an open field when he decides. He uses -- bomb or two -- guys that his instincts. Depending on the angle but he had an outstanding performer on. You know put the defense -- player on his back against the right thing in the Theo. Mean a lot of -- if you ask me explain around or are you not explain it. Because I was just reacting and just feeling a defender or. No one of those at home and those fans or Nolan made the right. So it's just kind of just reaction you go through your read in Hugh hated and then after that I was pretty much reaction. This team. It. And he. Actually. Yes the main thing you know you -- have great. Right areas that team offensively defensively special teams and as a unit and off field so on just our communication each other. How we. Really misses to each other. How we encourage each other stay on each other plays and be better and -- -- communication process throughout a -- team I think that's what have you. Over -- artery in essentially develop success with things you. -- capability and. I think is as I think this is our organization -- they aren't very organization and we voices communicate well with each other so. I think this is what public organization. -- product marketing year on us that we -- well -- the one -- wrapping -- practice. -- more players commit to the podium I think we had. This Ramon Humber. It appears imminent -- Ramon Humber Saints coach Sean Payton also addressed the media. Practice winding down here training camp -- at least Greenbrier about it -- back on the field. Tomorrow morning at 850 -- them an afternoon practice at their pre season no Olsen. Well -- now instead of Ramon on excellence on Peyton this execute them. Given -- Christian right quick when I look at marketing and also marking your fans say oh -- the run 20/20 five times to get moves to get it going. You know he's that I ever running back while I don't know he had eight carries 83 yards -- mean that that's -- you look at four years which. Just read real quick couple roster moves. So nose tackle Jonathan Jenkins came off a few feet to the roster. That we signed fullback Greg Jones. Then that puts shredded nine. -- schedule a little different than we do video and and weights in the morning with a single practice much like what we can go after the scrimmage. And then tomorrow will be back to normal to -- mode so the question. Yeah I think I think couple things I'm. I mentioned after game the penalties. That there are some things it looked -- Is always a lot for us. Overall -- up to actually -- and that pretty well. I think overall. The effort was with solid. That we try to grade. Effort on every play. There were just there were a lot of situations little. Mistakes that that we can clean up on him and we've begun doing that even with today's practice. We can be better. And fortunately we were so real long way to go -- return so. Those would be to some you know observations. With the with the whole group. If you guys stood out you know obviously. Thomas did well we get a couple long field goals that situation at the end of the game is unique the comes up. You know 102 runoff. That left them with the second it's a situation that you know we pay attention to him in and be ready to. You know kick the field goal. I thought there were a handful of guys though Ramon numbers -- god that we we know plays very well so hitting get a lot of snaps but when he was -- is very productive. You know few of the younger linebackers were solid some of the guys on defense Josh -- Played pretty well -- some. Some some names right off the -- You know we didn't have were okay in the return game that we can be better. I thought. By and large coverage coverage units were pretty good -- they had a fake field goal it. When we were really like a six man box. And yet you know we've got to build stuff that. There was a lot of tape for us and and it was the fraud it was you know really beginning to see these guys. In the game mode execute and special teams in. You know hopefully we'll continue to gather more information with these guys -- ago she. Yeah no update though you know. I really mean it will will go day today he's making progress and yet I just wanna make sure that. It's something we don't we don't hurry back similar -- you'll just be Smart day today. -- you look the contribution attire and walker in the Rams game do you think he'd had more of a role he would have been injured last year. As far as it's riveting well that's good question. He played well -- is very disruptive and very active when it comes to agree. Number one he's someone very Smart so he knows how to get lined up quickly and he's got pretty good football awareness that serves and pretty well so. But he had a hit a good game the other night very productive. Yeah. What are you talking about who. What I mean. -- -- Not -- meet you mentioned that I I don't know that that by nature's personality. I don't think it's and it. You know I know he's just four -- rehab. And like all these guys trying to take advantage of every snap -- get. I thought overall. You know with with what we did. Complained Zarryon band. You know is it gave. A lot of guys more work. -- anytime you take numbers from a group they're older we get more reps in the game go by and large. That that is solid job that group. On the there were some tough match ups at times but I thought. Overall I was I was pleased with with -- from play. They're playing against a pretty good defense from so thought. Some guys moved up into the lineup. And your plane with the ones that normally haven't been other guys. Played more snaps we tried to get the first wave. Somewhere fifteen. We -- the second wave was going to be more closer to thirty some guys were little of that below it and then the last wave. Is going to be similar the first -- somewhere between fifteen and eighteen snaps of that overall substitute shall leave you the numbers worked out pretty well but I thought. By and large there's some good things degrade. Regarding offensive line. Don't know -- it being I would say. Did some good things and and there's some things we tried to clean up today. You know he got a good number of snaps. I thought. Played well in his and his role. But I wouldn't say anything coming off that game with regards to the two of them -- just nice field get some snaps. Obviously without drifting -- and it's it's giving those guys more than. So we'll look at the role this week is we get ready to play Tennessee and will make passes later in the week. With regards to -- -- totals. Yeah. It's. I don't know I mean I'm. But try to pay attention to that and yet and those that have changed really. You know when it when used to start off yourself try to get program in place of who might feel more hands on and yet. You know we're fortunate I'm fortunate enough to have some guys have been with us and Sosa you know both on offense and defense so. You know it's important empower them and and make sure that you know. They're having. Responsibility to coach who not only those they units offense defense. -- special teams but also their positions but I don't know that that's changed certainly from last year this year I don't. I don't I don't know specifically. That's that it's any different I'm sure it's a little different from -- six though. -- look at that. That revenue -- here's a cornerback we haven't talked much about three year veteran. Israel -- the bachelor thing is like secular four tackles a couple of special teams tackle but what would you when you see him as right now so. I think number one he's got good football instincts he's got quick. And he's got good doubles skills ideally. Veteran in the rule. You know both with zone and man. But he's someone that -- has got pretty good awareness and so I think that's what you know he's compete for that opportunity. As well as help in the kicking game than he did some good things the other night. It would easily see. Well short term first it's -- it. Being back in on the roster and practice and one thing but we gotta be mindful that. There's a transition here it's not everything right away. He's in he's in better shape it's -- -- down I think it's difficult sometimes when you're injured and your big guy. But but I thought he had pretty solid rookie season and I'm sure there's some technique things. And from a snap count you know he's gonna. Big other factors and and and hopefully use. Plays a role did a year ago makes improvement like like all those guys that are going into year two. But he is conscientious. And he's. Someone that -- fairly quickly. You know so short term wise it's just get him up speeds that we feel like he's ready to play the game. And strong enough. In the area that he injured. No update. -- out but I think I think. You know I think. Look it's it's tough to be. Injured in in. And still get the workouts and necessary and so I think is. You know his weight last year was solid. But it's something that he's conscientious and there's it was a perfect way for him. And when it gets north and that it you'd be conceded it affects his play so. You know the next week will be important for him transitioning back into what we're doing. It. With. -- -- Well. I think it's. It's certainly a -- retirement so I don't know that it's really transitioned overall weight is your hydrate more probably. In the heat. But overall. I haven't seen a ball when we're not. Pardon. Greg. He's experience. He's he's someone that's very physical and look in his tape from a year ago before we -- You know played pretty well that offense so he is tough. Plays with good pad level and he'll strike is so he's got good size. Eleven years now ten or eleven years and you know be good look for us and and for him -- these. There's a couple of guys are what I'm gonna play in the game just as they discuss this time last week so who gets more this week in and it would get some work in the game. Well I can't change you know in other words. There's nothing between now and when we start the regular season that's gonna change the experience he had a year ago overall we felt like you progressed. Pretty well for rookie quarterback. He understands what we're trying to do when. You know he like everyone else is working on some of the technique. Things to come up situationally. In and out of the -- -- -- although specifics that you really only get when you're actually -- the game so we got a lot of snaps overnight. Will continue to give him a little. When he worked I don't I don't know that. Because he hadn't had experience that that's not gonna be a factor as to. Where we see him this season. -- Well it's pretty common. I would say this towards the last third of the season. And it doesn't just happen then but it it's not uncommon where you know look your practice squad is. A group of players that are technically available to active roster throughout the league and we try to stay out. Through our pro personnel department you know everyone's. Pro players specifically the practice squad players. And but toward the latter part of the season it's not uncommon to to lose a player potentially. That we lost punt returner. To Chicago. We've we've signed players off other team's practice squad so it's pretty common it's a group it's a talent pool. That's available the other 31 teams no different than. When you first. Get down to 53 there's some shuffling that goes on Chase Daniel was a player that was available Washington we were able to sign him. -- Well listen it's a fair. Fair -- further. We saw some we like the neighbors -- and eight made the practice squad B we felt like he was development and there's a time on tests involved in so. Yeah I'm that. That's fair I mean. You know he he's someone that we felt like develop and that we wanted to protect you know. I don't understand the question though in other words he's healthy. And we want him. Well. -- I think look I think he's twofold he's a player that we think plays outside -- -- and -- inside. With another player not. Get reps right now is it means that everyone in that group it's more -- but I don't know that is our vision for his role is any different. And what was sort training camp in other words. You know -- he's competing. To be one of our quarterbacks and then also. He has the ability from inside so he's got. Real sudden movement skills. Those were all encouraging things in him being healthy and all of those things factor into. You know what our vision is for the player but I don't know that the other things factor into what is my. John when you look a guy like Ronald Powell he looks the part physical specimen. It's is that it's as far as teams tackle. Is that a case of slowed him just him being on top of things mentally and knowing what to do or not make we repeating a mistake. Got it it's it's. It would be that way for most of that not just rookie players first year players. Technique and alignment and assignment. As formations -- for someone went outside linebacker. There's you know there's a lot that goes into it and so there's some. Glimpses from the other night that were real good and then some things where you have pointed out that's got to be better you know we got a penalty one. -- situation. In the kicking game you know sort of thing trying to eliminate. Honestly it's Sunday so I I view us -- a whole week. And so I don't know that I won't. Ready to leave the temperatures facilities or anything else. But it's. As it is with hopeful we practice. Probably as if closers in the weeks you know I'm sure everyone has got family back home court to get back in -- -- -- -- but. I think it's them. It's early right now I see it like it would go forward work here. No I don't I don't I don't anticipate. And he moves like that. So know specifically you know. Well he was it was an unsigned it was free agent. One of the things about Mo or all of his measurable were ones that were very comparable to -- to high graphics. And so fortunately we got a player who came in and ran exceptionally well tested well. And then the ability for him to play and special teams. What role at all or news is a big deal you know especially at tight then so. He's a quick study I think he's got very good hands and I think. He's a player it just keeps getting better he's Smart. So I would say. He's made pretty good. In fact it. Certainly opened our eyes during this time last year in. For players. Elect him to commend. As a free agent make the roster. And then be active each week it's the president. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Jimmy was bill with an injury. And that that really I would say was a big. Reason for for some his. Snaps some of the you know the opportunities he had. I would say that would be one of the one of the things that. Give him more chances. Our thanks Saints coach -- and his -- -- on. The field. -- Yet illegal often behind you Christian and George -- the main podium. -- -- -- right now as a back up. Here on the B well. A really good together with -- do you some of the that. I -- that contingency -- them some things. -- I think. I'm home. So valuable to. My first -- wasn't -- especially important. There's always got to progress and if we -- -- for me it was good to that. Now tyrant. A lot of wood at nation building that they don't realize the see you from tells -- of any of the home -- from New Iberia so hot again it's also all the way from New Iberia. No actually starters don't do it. When -- went out there and probably two years. Coaches -- -- says and we sanitize my name governments and they recruited me a loyal to tells two great years and I mean it was also there -- I came home. I came I came into the season under the trees and Steelers period. Sorry your battled some injuries last year right and how much. And I want to play but we will sit back -- -- at least the Seattle Monty. And watch that process that would send help to. I'm going in this. Though the whole time tested all the time -- -- -- kind of motivated me talking in this particular Mumbai and in America a couple of veteran guys. Nobody got a ticket you -- you. Don't know -- -- taking them for very and it's us and I'm doing not just -- -- -- by the sooners did. Now are looking at you it Foster you know everyone sees value destructive of the field. Getting after the quarterback but it seems like you've also step that you gain against the run. And it had been a complete player what would it get to work on -- -- fast rushing. Does that come easier. Being more discipline as far as gap controlled the run just a break that. If they -- it's not about him that he's in the one thing. I mean you are very aggressive you know we we try to work on you know if you were right -- Try to work on stuff and -- -- the -- -- adversity you know something right you get up to the right. -- like to have done. Royals often done done a doubt a lot of energy. He gets out there -- -- -- on the -- also seeing John back in a -- to see him back in the fold and -- -- but he. I'll make -- be -- To -- off on me you I didn't embarking today dollars and those that would do those two great nose tackle -- I mean. You very interested in the united they'll got a lot of good job and I mean those guys and. Armey RS when you're going to be when you when you you know that you failed on in the -- it. -- was -- -- and so. We kind of got a lidge -- in there they -- exactly where we -- very different there's though it was off funny games after the after it happened we talked about who left the by the so it was. -- -- Do you feel. Army was saying the same got a lot of big fan bases -- got a lot of fans a lot different places I mean. There's those who value was great and the loudest fans in the long as they win for us to get back on the training camp and those things we can't wait to get back with the receptive and off. -- I'm not -- to come it's not a -- was on the field and I'm in not too -- -- affairs. I rested it and I support is easier dating -- lot about them their due -- collapses the -- -- -- as being very the think there. -- walker here. Have a his media parents and eleven Toledo walking -- season. Yeah I think they can I'm just happy to be a liability. Nice to get there. Toledo that he can bring you do in case we. It's all about that. Our team. Communications really there's posters everywhere. The zone. Earlier didn't give up on just let them throw -- -- an -- of -- so. Professors give up there and follow guys. You know hey we're gonna here or there world so. Professors you know -- it's our slow Julio Soto on the buses just do what they're just it is so. That's what we're doing. Obviously -- and me. As -- A go ahead and play this. There's there's a lot of the well. Just taking that. Turning it. Tournaments in. -- Things over there let's just. Knock him out. The younger over his dawn wells was very the -- -- feel -- -- up there and then and great you know it's a very real soft. You know bend over on the sideline. Tomo some. Little things we're here and there so just because he was out there. And. Him off how Florida the don't get that -- -- -- like -- in the meeting when you see. Those type type around the Mark Ingram -- higher Robinson were deep gash in his defense and it would also it and then you average it. Five point 01 yards and it hit the young get excited is budgeting of those of those whoever runs I -- That or get excited about it but we always look at an electric cable with a perfect voters voters still more. There was more we can improve on there so -- -- I think the most exciting part about it. Not only okay we got five or whatever you know yards but hey -- it was a -- so we can you know to batter so what. What's that going to be a good what we do hit it perfectly here both the perfect. Both -- as possible. Yes it is I mean. And it's on me you know clipper drove it I think it's it's. It's very demanding. Chemicals that details of the game and still. You know later on in the starter actually so. I think. The way he handles you know adversity is is -- -- Probably -- that he'll ever get down oh and he never got -- it was just was awful well. I think. Is probably. -- one of the most. It was a real formula if you so optimistic. But -- and things. Didn't. But Saints and instantly go. And talk about it in about. We stayed in as leader. On this football team. A young player like Toledo or gives them confidence -- and that's part of it he'd have -- as the trying to. Get acclimated to the center position which -- last deeply guarded and made it an opportunity. Armas starting job. It's an. We had -- especially and waiting Ryan grip it's covered in a podium now but would it does the confidence and also the quarterbacks gonna make you look better. Particularly that hole look through ball to get rid of it is that you can you do get beat may go to the dances that. So of it with over the line went like that. Saints quarterback Brian Griffin here. There's some good there's some bad hurt -- the film room and there's a lot of things are in do correct them isn't there wants. I get the guy lined in this in the shifts. Guys that before -- do anything else so as -- mistakes aren't fixed whether it was all positive. And but they've mowing their real news there and was zero so nose and had taken him from somebody -- -- just. There's gonna happens I try to get it out just as fast as possible and I mean you saw him and and our scrimmage this exact same -- just put the brakes on his right about somebody and it's easier you know. On an out. No doubt especially when he scores I mean I didn't happen as far as I'm concerned. This spring season. Just knowing I don't do expect you know last -- get in there. -- my -- -- -- sheets in all reality of playing guys that are in your senator Sam position you know their planet -- guys can make the team. So go on others -- -- the same thought process you know what you guys trying to make the team. Those same situations I. -- -- Get moved up last year on an active rosters are playing. Confirmed some. Some -- that I had that maybe guys like to keep me around so. But I know in this this this league it's you know NFL stands not belong so these trying times they get every every year and so this here. The difference every practicing and does there practices they're evaluated when you can do is I never really feel safe zones. Well I don't have a whole lot experience -- name is going on the team last year. -- Phenomenon -- that's one factor that is all that matters and it comes under -- back to quarter record -- the quarterback in this league. Those kinds of intangibles and so. I'm just being able to execute and the guys out there. Can now -- a lot of things are going to and so it's process and I'm trying to get better every day. And grind us begin a process wouldn't be also aware of -- every. That you can -- that dissipate with a defense is try and how they try to stop you. And then where all of a sudden you look back at the bills and you go all of a priest that -- those pretty right on their four you have success. That's -- and not all my present is a very long points so there's a lot to work on. And they brought a different pressures and so. I was able look at the film and you know those sidelines that was a pretty helpful to us to try to use those. What comes easily now -- still. Real different. Is an early show the same and so on his long list -- -- my mind. That I was paying him right off because there's like news herald the -- right there. -- -- that -- -- that it is at the point now you know the blues and they indicators and so. I guess that's process and I'd pick up on him but it everyone's got a different there's no. -- name you know -- dog is no next game covers here. -- And made some adjustments -- -- -- feeds just my roommate so puzzle -- we love right there. I am and he got it made a safety miss and you know he'll -- in the house. -- happen to love and I was I was when my guy and have played. Just with the coverage we got him and tell I'm maggert did his normal day he got them Arsenal are there. And saw I knew that it is gonna take -- -- in the off of them played a great job trust it trust was a big factor. On the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Harbaugh I have forum played so. It was about we're checking and so every every -- get a plus for a decision that's like Mike idea and and whether or not you've chosen that from Bledsoe. The most -- those -- pretty good there's one that I. -- jacked up there's a first Appel is so different elements of that book. I think right. Two -- Brian Griffin. Here who have a strong receives four bodies asked about -- experience level or lack aero. Yeah I mean you know -- only educate the media here a little bit that of I've -- that green when they if you don't understand the concept although. You know priests everywhere and that kind of be the -- every team will know. I mean it covers the Iran now blitz different teams this this guy is it different ways. They have a different approach. You know some teams there if they're really good. That's good that they might line up like it say the Bears and Buddy Ryan. David lineup a lot of times. Will what do what we're doing. It didn't matter that you knew they were doing is still connects -- so when you look at like that priest every knowing where to go the ball. -- trying to be a 100%. That's always your goal. But that's easier said than done that's why things have to be second nature so you can make. Chris throughout famous line quake in irrational decisions that you have to really know like what you're doing the backe hand. And it -- be like we have time to think about it is that it build the steps in the process. And that's why I could see to me this year right now worries that compared to last year. Is just -- in his stance mortar concept. The priests that read how the defense is trying to stop the offense whether it's first second -- third down line. Out here on this special this Saints Sunday is seats wrapping up practice their -- acceptable -- to -- but Steve Geller. -- -- Steve -- WL. Watched a good portion of practice certainly elevated here. The field level or couple things that you if they both of them the offensive line -- -- -- -- -- I've really been impressed. -- from what I've seen from not from the big names that a lot of people expect so that's over the continue monitoring and I know bad. The run offenses you know predicated on the success of the offensive line. And we saw that -- successful the first pre season game hopefully that carries over Friday against the Titans now also the defense. We wanna see them get more turn over there and happened again any pre season game number one. And another that's her via a major focus. Comes Friday in the superdome against Tennessee these things go world body there aren't crushing Garrick sports -- will be on tomorrow 48 o'clock recap. Practice 8:50 of all morning also -- -- body there on double coverage we have 1213 53 of our team fifty. Dot com we -- out here from the Greenbrier at the -- practice facility foresee trading him.