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8-11 6am Tommy, Saints triumphant

Aug 11, 2014|

The Saints were triumphant over the St. Louis Rams. Tommy talks to NFL Analyst Mike Detillier and Saints Sideline Reporter, Kristian Garic about the keys to that victory.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now back to Tommy Tucker. WW well I am FM and dot com. I here we are Monday August 11 David and I always try to. Give all of us a little. The political motivation a little little guidance. Countless awards -- the work week a booster yes -- confidence boosters argue like two or motivation I guess I'd like to start your day like this. And I management's and -- -- is out for weeks. And I'm not to give up though so that's in severance left. Cobra is ineffective expensive and health insurance. My guess I may have to go to obamacare I don't know but at least. For the time Deanna I get some severance I'll continue to send out -- -- all -- though. They're not really in my field. And just pay the bills in Korea to cancel cable we had to cancel cable yup -- I try to keep the kids more in about money honey you know you cannot have another pair of shoes and that purses out of out of -- question like -- -- satellite got bigger -- is a lesson not to do everything that the other -- It's kids do all saying now like animals sly way of doing a strategist so belongs right before you broke or you get angry about driving to work today keep in mind you can always be worse and I don't mean. Angry in that you know you hate your job always just Monday and Geraldo go to rumor crap. And a lot of people if you in a position god election that would give everything have to. To be work in. Buddhists are talking about saints football because that's a limited schedule. And pre season game but then is this shooting operating jaguar opinion poll is asking you a ticket shooting. One and west in which is crazy -- you know mid west and that is a very nice hotel very nice and talking about motel six over on some. Woody column is some side street or something like there's -- it's a hotel in case you've never been at the lobby is on the eleventh floor -- -- I think used to serve like classic woody colored tee aria with a little sandwich your balance now. So you have four guys weekend in new long Owens then. David come in -- three implement drawn -- more rumbles gun. Shoots the other one any other two leaves a lot rolls on and islands of kittens a killer and so pretty much that's about it. I then you know on Indians and text here about nuances drug crazy new loans is dangerous I never. Bring my family there what a joke of a city while he can happen anywhere and it. There's nothing gets me it's like OK if you gonna say this crime is drug dealer on drug dealer and you don't care about it. This thing gets Munich kids. Yelled why he always kids little periods -- year old in critical condition and I think if it happens once or twice during his say it's an anomaly and I don't see how you can not view. The number of of young. Innocent children that are being shot. As anything but that's the trend that's what's happening now on -- -- with. I'm condemned opened fire and a whole porch. And the people that are pulling the trigger as we've heard you know over and over again I have no regard for human life whether it be a child's life. Adult doesn't make any difference and they also apparently have no problem was going to Angola for the rest of their life. Yeah I don't know of their high when they -- on and I don't it's just pretty crazy very angry when they're doing and I do know this ransom and in the paper the other day that got my attention because now he -- about shootings is supposed to murders and now if you look at how many people are shot. But for medical science. Or. For somebody having a better team that the number of murders to be crazy not that they -- now. But better read something about a guy who signed iChat I think any said he was shot in the late -- and if they want to killing nearly killed in this is a warning. Or some kind of pay back some wonderful lot of the shooting certainly not as it relates to children. But if some of the shootings that don't kill are designed for that because I wonder about that a view about how many people shot how many live. Yah -- your right. This is the numbers are staggering because normally think they wearing them yet exactly and the and you think -- Unita better shot -- matters medical science and good but sometimes I think it is. Warning anyway we'll talk about that will talk to meg Ferris who's out on the scene for channel four and want a deal to. Because -- ready jaguar opinion -- simply reads a nuclear and interpreted how every one. Have you become nuns all of the good numb to all of the gun violence. And I'm not -- -- -- up 45 guns I'm not anti gun ban anything in terms of accuracy you would have to say. That is gun violence but do you think you know what. Manhattan's Bartlett in the United States we'll talk about that is saints what did you see what did you like what -- -- like what you still worried about. And -- pre season -- idea and glad to have you with us on this hot steamy Monday August 11 which you know what. It was an unseen is something would be wrong -- Terry -- is right now debit WL NFL and college football analysts to dissect. As a scout. I as a talent evaluate air if from the whoever played began and I say that -- disparagingly but it's hard to tell toward the end whose client. Actually on iPhone mind trying to watch his game and even didn't Tivo and re winding in and march and it's hard to tell me and numbers with the camera angles. Yeah I think a couple things I came away from means -- wanted that would be questioned about. Because like this. Do in the -- product and you've got -- I think Brandon -- Well. It is if -- got -- -- but watching what he did. Television. And radio station. He really is an impact -- football player. That is the principles was so quick and so should be out in the open entry. But. Brittany cook is -- but -- well I mean you the most electrifying football player offensively the strength of pat and Reggie Bush. And I think you should over a little bit of all of Friday night -- -- -- in open mobile and it is intelligence. -- he played wide receiver position. Why is -- in the slot. The boat looking to pick up in the play doubles positions. That is amazing to me -- it and something all given him his props for. It is football intelligence but he did -- may complete picture. That would change the way he prints as warcraft it cut -- football team we've got a glimpse of but the one thing not to go away if this gains that I think is the key to this team -- the Super Bowl Sunday. Is their ability to run the ball. They're -- much is made and certainly that would look at the numbers of what congress routes and market abuse. The play -- for sensible and so want to propagate pretty well Graham front. All the that was Connell and gets one of strength in the job via bankrupt. There or making them being blocks and so big holes for. And how is it really impressed with their campuses all run the ball. And development Iran -- that left tackle we saw glimpse of the last year when he got actually wait. The sanctuary a lot of ways early hole and double that involved it was. It was something he jokingly told me about all -- -- we all watch. Real. Low. This guy -- what you watching them well all know that track he's sacked who's now. And you got some depth on defense of -- and -- -- label. That jumped out and meet Tyler Walker. You -- shall Louisiana -- it tells. All he didn't really develop very well -- about -- you'd be triple on that. You think about you know you got Kim Jordan and John Jenkins. And now he's back he'll -- And a team picks you always like rotation and fostered in what she'd walk. And watching his part is the ideal PA in training can't compare well it very big game itself. Usable in Kabul that now it's so much quicker -- -- battle that would -- a lot like well watch. From -- walker and also development of mobile home. I -- inside linebacker position. And I think so -- real soon if you -- your -- Morales. At the end of being a star player -- basically been a special teams. Like we're looking at him and certainly the past for a potential. -- -- -- Johnson junior will be selectively election year so. All sorts of things you wanna sort of clean up you'd like to get a little bit better in the average. And the return gain. And that's something that comes with playing together. And you know you did a lot of regulars in the lineup but -- -- back gain very impressed. -- -- certainly you they're repaying that we've talked about the play at all and so wanted which was real stroll. And development in -- defensive lineman because it comes down rotational. And though we saw some potential flow mall walker certainly would apportion -- jobs in June. I was take a break we'll come back we'll talk about you mentioning Brandon cooks. In that Drew Brees Roland join -- he did have. Luke McCown and Mike and having a hard time that they -- Brian Griffin that's right and we'll talk about backup quarterbacks and who. Who impressed you in an uneasy that. Turning out eventually at the end of the pre season -- to tell EA a friend of buyers WW Elena telling college football analyst Mike when it comes. Quarterbacks on Friday night. He Luke McCown started in the game through the pick in aliens in him anymore well no not him that's right we saw. Ryan Griffin and and I don't remember the other guy what's his name. Will be looking to. Ons they're what do you what did you think about McConaughey and get yanked because of that big daddy was that a planned end of the two that played what did you think. Well also does well while limited in crossing development -- group. As you know the two quarterback and I think really boring. Any sort of serious in Sweden drew who uses global change probably only gonna carry two quarterbacks. That big quarterbacks like Griffin. He's done a really nice job. What I think it argue that it every -- you think you'd be quarterback in the future. That's a month ago I think he's a good back water packet as he. But the eventual successor Drew Brees does not outlaw -- -- But I think that you're talking about what fourteen. Lying Griffin has really mean a lot of flies out after his person's skills. The ability to pick up that secondary it's about people. And again the offense as a symbol what you -- that you wanted to -- -- all of a former -- slot receiver quotes will be -- in terms possible. Well look look around you got to give him credit and the cities that double digit seasons in the NFL outlook pat patsy to a great read -- -- course all that at all. But. -- fail. Back questioned more according to -- the other three games and you'll see much in the third game but. In my opinion -- growth and it is the Chinese -- rather. Beaded number two quarterback on this team and could be the only other quarterback honesty -- and Newbury. It's. Mike guy kicking -- you know you get them that new extra point rule for the pre season I guess it's drive from 33 I think as it is and Shayne Graham missed one. And the other guy. Can that be -- Yes he it was pretty good -- any advantage to either wonders is still a battle throughout the training camp. I think there's still about as -- veteran in Jay gore had a built -- did damage he's done it both war and so. A trust back -- bill -- -- he had little can't. And even -- it probably -- but -- -- about polishing them you know. And still pending retirement. What was -- warrior. Had deep inside and shall Bob Dole will be yeah well I'm just telling -- the last cut a couple different team. This is his opportunity. Here just seeing the -- But. It's still be determined in receipt of all the practice speaking means you're really not equitable life and others in the back in which you -- practice I think. Action is going to be determining factor. Between Graham and didn't keep. I think -- got what it but it doesn't kick this opens up that the war would be key to your views gobble. Would you think about the the rule with a long extra point and -- I have a question -- like I did -- -- but it features a golfer to do they put it on a three. Well that either way what I think you don't see more law and this is just experimental. At this point now. It that they really saw a lot of people were actually on an almost complete and and I think they want teams to go for two points. All they did it. Is Jean Condit you want to be almost. Every second in it until what do think it has changed his game more than anything it felt -- It wanted to. What you get in that war -- -- football. And that keeps you watching in technical with two point. And so the extended academic thing now is an experiment. At this point upon them telling -- It's going to be reality that Britain would like to -- would actually point completely. If they do NBA teams to -- would chew it keeps you watching it keeps the audience. All people that it will not acknowledge watches games or -- not what particular team. Football players. Because they're program laws -- laws that are involved in -- people all because. Their grandsons our great cause or involved. They've supported regain that and a belt doesn't like to talk about there is gambling aspect in a fantasy football aspect. That it really gotten people who watch more than any other thing over the last ten years. You don't hear from the NFL but it is reality. Thank you Mike I appreciate your time erode you'll RT are you -- Mike retaliated -- -- W I'll NFL and college football analyst. What are your from yell at T six 187 -- 386 exit 89087. Your thoughts. On this Maine's performance against the David latest organist I don't know what's wrong with. Watch the game -- winding but I don't I just think that Thomas with their curly born again -- thank you. Arms so they did and in some textures sane if they go for too they put the ball on the two yard line when I would do business. To give the -- the offensive room operate if you go over to put it on -- ten. If you kick the extra pointedly did just like it is but if they're kicking I would split the screen and have a commercial on the other side. Gotcha I get beyond beautiful I get a -- about Garrett Hartley is -- -- is still in the picture and that is dollars and stickers and things in the -- -- NFL kickers on on the dealers area -- -- pretty good record and usually people get a second or third chance that. I would get him on Twitter LE Simmons and you can Hampson wrestling alligators -- appear in Alaska. At all. Detectors a little an awfully strange alliance especially in the middle of the season they'll be sitting there you know eating twinkies watching TV and then they get a phone call c'mon. Mean agent in others are affected their eating -- well you know just painting the picture desired it was a tactics are really am OK I guess. Depends on which kicking your -- ago. Now which -- gonna be tough few yen in in this case Garrett currently got a two point six something million dollar signing bonus so. Certainly none of money last you for the rest your lives unless yet. Start a business or somehow invested very very wisely. Com that is going to be tough man -- Venus on my Austin had a lot of late lifting a lot of time and clocks taken off pretty jaguar opinion poll. Heavy become numb to all of the gun violence 69%. Are saying note David 31%. Saying yes and I think I have become -- other than when he comes of the kids. Because a guy you can never be used to that kind of hard to believe that. Two year old or four year old rip somebody off or didn't pay whatever they are supposed to pay in terms of a drug deal I don't think that happened. So -- my heart goes out to them a continued talk about that this morning. -- you mentioned earlier about the possibility of of the start of an attack being a warning. Well -- to scare not somebody has not -- specifically but I saw a quote from a father of somebody who got shot no laid out and they say this is a warning if they want to kill and they would I say I didn't take some people -- saying. No other no warning anything -- ages by these guns they don't know how to use of many just heard sprain and cents on the wrong people being killed and sometimes people don't -- and another tax talking about the work that they do it. The emergency rooms and and that brings up another court today have a knife up off at university. And the trauma all my goodness. -- to talk about Tony Stewart to at some point because. You alleged video this -- trained NASCAR driver and I'm not trying to be flippant here but unless he was texting somebody while it is drive and the boy it's arguably -- running guy -- thing. Would have to go to their revered man because if you look at the video it's pretty apparent does not again it's. New behind the Wheeler anything I was even fool around this stuff well I it's. There's a lot of difference angles on this story and it still -- unfold to. I don't know if it's road rage in you would think a driver like that much I know indigo children but elections and this ultimate fighting on. Saturday night and it was on phonics. And I'm not a guy that normally is against you know violence in sports and all that but this. Pretty brutal. Oh when -- they get the guy on the grounds -- and they'd just stomach and they keep punching him. His seems like you're goes on forever and I would think at that point you stop the damn thing but they don't. And on it and it looked -- Com at one point a guy needs the other one and you can name and a stomach but it it's a low blows then you know you don't suppose to do that another much about it. Put -- a touch gloves like everything's fine and go back to punch in the to turn things that a life of me I don't know how. And goes back to the thing it's not personal to his business how somebody punching you in the -- cannot be personal talking about the saints games south Friday night against the St. Louis Rams Kristian garic saints' sideline reporting here. The -- -- a Christian. I don't know argument more yield. More -- apathy so we return in the world but -- -- business did you figure appeared in the atlas. They don't you tell me -- what's on tap for this week in terms of practice. And leave men and come -- home etc. Yeah on a practice that debate him on Wednesday. At the end did you crack stability on the air and so the Greenbrier. Time to travel back home to new world on Thursday. They'll play Friday night it does he tightened increasing -- number two in the in the opted out Saturday and there's a couple of week of care of starting on Sunday in Metairie and -- practice the minute ago later in the week. Next week so that we tackle though -- and I. So what com -- was feeling after the game about the players and and how they felt they performed or maybe didn't perform so well. What picture on eighteen point two. Was stiff penalties in two turnovers and in you know Tommy. You -- so a lot of all your life and the pre season openers all sloppy it's always still it'll be in the across the national -- oh lead in the first week of the breaches in. Several teens -- appointment is that the -- but the permanent. And make sure that the players know that there are certain to grip that the bigger -- on you all -- -- spike in penalties in the pre season a number of reasons. A lot of guys glance at present game back right exactly and so but. I think you know probably debate like certainly -- the player crying -- from. Quarterback. Secretary. Over well 100 quarterback rating a group for a ordered the because you art Mark Ingram. Eight charity per yard that morning gamer -- Gregorian we've seen. This team look forward sale at a particular point of emphasis. During the offseason and as a way of spilling into the regular season think. You start -- get a little bit are potentially. With the running game it's been supportive and so all offseason they wanted to -- -- and they certainly did that in the pre season opener. You think mark -- Ingram is ever going to be happy. As a member of the running back committee at -- will be chairman of the board. I think you know what that -- collection could not -- you know he says publicly at least. And he he's lucrative committee saying that they I do -- Eat eat you would like cricket in all likelihood he's going to be our he wants to be. The chairman of the board user term but. He's a you don't have a choice to be here in the -- all Kirk. They're not gonna feature one back and I -- -- content honestly. Dribble which also back is he going to be -- Robinson. I will seek racial talk to again thanks a lot. -- current have a great day enjoy West Virginia. Christine Garrett saints' sideline reporter say that jokingly west Virginian. Green -- White Sulphur Springs beautiful place but I think everybody a few away from home for a couple of weeks saints players included ready come -- I Tommy Tucker -- WLR. Ready jaguar opinion poll asking you have you become numb to all of the gun violence. And a 70% you're saying no 31% are saying are saying yes you have become none numb rather. And we'll talk about that next hour we -- joined now meg Ferris who's line outside a university medical standards palaces. Incredible story to me it is two people killed five others shot and -- Ninth Ward. To the victims two year old and a four year old Terry in critical condition. -- Ngo and it is in one as he weighs. If you who are on the wrong side of a drug deal. Then you should never have you kids around you if you think somebody's gunning for -- Or you could look at it says these people had no idea they were gonna get shot. It could be mistaken identity who knows and then from -- people drive by and they don't care they shoot. Whether it's kids toddlers need you name it. Wanna hear from me about data -- 601878203866889087. Is seventy I think we are getting now might I think it's just. I -- shooting. Now lord not a couple of kids shot now would you gonna do. It was it was on a cable Tommy Tucker come back at W.

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