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8-11 7am Tommy, airstrikes in Iraq

Aug 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Retired Army Major Mike Lyons about U.S. Military airstikes in Iraq.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Tommy charter WW LA MI famine dot com. You know David. Sometimes we stumble on -- things. And people have a lot of comments on him just in conversation -- And then tonight I've slipped across on -- looked around the table one Saturday night after the saints game and found -- in UFC ultimate fighting gang contest championship Leno. Ice I -- -- you -- did the same thing and I know anything about this apparently was the championship fight there was a -- one. And I don't know who won because it turned it off and simulate and that sensitive. It didn't offend me or any you know you is do you watch boxing before but it's just like. You can only I can only be entertained so much at one guy's guts out the other would. And just take heed the heels of his Indiana this he'll have is yeah. And trying to pounded -- the other guy's face much disease and it goes on and on and you exist and I should be better than this it should offend me but it doesn't it just kind of gets. All -- after awhile now. That it frightens me terribly because I know I'd have to shoot either one of these guys at least three times well and I know like cutting rhino. Unlike you I'm not that informed on on the on the sport but. I don't like the fact that they almost immediately end up on the -- And then they squirrel around on the and that you know making wrestling moves in with none on -- -- again I would get rid of that. And make them stand and do whatever they do. I'd think you'd have boxing. Well tick a box and martial arts and a as beautiful I just don't know how. You can and boxers do all the time to look I get punched in the face. And not -- personal because remember a long time ago and I took a couple of boxing you know it's it's not a big thing anything but. You know I tell you can't get it you daddy you've got to keep your mind on your business you can't make it personal -- -- -- -- not getting punched in based. Was about his personal leave you hair loss personal and they all look let's -- Letting everything about it football you run -- guy -- ninety -- -- baseball hockey league in nine of course golf. My little ball. Of those golfers. I just when you think you heard at all. Remember cell to -- on our friend. -- year -- -- say that tongue in -- online -- -- game wound up with Jim Latin resigning. Not a prosecutor G and man up resigning I think her husband eventually quit -- allegedly I don't know exactly because they were doing online blog -- a lot of people they were. Prosecutor exactly. 29 anonymous comments out of 5100 he says they had no bearing at all on the Danziger bridge. Verdicts although they resulted in new trials and he says now the reason new court filing he he he didn't even know what he was doing. Because he had taken Ambien. Are now on Barack is that is embarrassing incidents that room Megan any of the comments. Ascribe to me. You don't remember that's what he's a guy now he said he realizes that some may snicker at this and some Atlanta but that's what happened. So basically he was sleeping I don't know if he was sleeping and I think he's. Without doubt dreaming that. Wild. Knowing Bill Clinton in -- when it now. Anything effective date and extended Q yeah I heard you you don't remembered especially by borrowed money from. I I'm not responsible because of M and hope says says if they were paying me naked. Punch me in the face -- -- a lot of us get angry about what happens at work. And at the -- the -- we're getting paid board and that's nowhere near as. Personal -- is insulting is getting punched in the pacers painfully get mad about it it's on and on and on their ringgit punched in the face and ninth inning. We'll talk to major Mike -- about the situation in Iraq. And the West Bank with Israel and Hamas major Mike Lyons retired. Military major obviously and CBS non correspondent is with this major good morning. A group thinks is taking the time -- a preexisting conversation on Friday about what led duke. Ability women children men being on a mountaintop polluted do to get them off I know some people lists over the weekend of succumbed to the heat and died and I guess the first question is what's changed since Friday when weeks. Well not much from the perspective that I did not go after them and try to -- -- make the situation worse we've tried to the British have. Involved as well. With the humanitarian aid and drops of food water that they are still operational plan. To get them off that mountain that likely will be more casualties -- that unfortunately. The president did bring that up. His press conference to announce that before he left. At least think about that that's gonna take people on the ground in the net athletes Iraqis who -- and possibly the forces from Pittsburgh. I guess metaphor is appropriate when you're talking about bombs that is a cell noise there's this really accomplishing anything. Not I think -- It's something in at least it's showing that we're engaged. In Iraq at a -- that. And until the those web -- that is definitely a big threat. Not only to the United States would seem to the rest of the world so I think from that perspective it's doing something with. It's gonna be as some kind of resolution in the short term terms as -- -- -- and then on top forever. In a humanitarian efforts of Sidon and I don't say that. Carelessly or politically delicious look at it strategically. Al al-Qaeda or at least Afghanistan's understand it became. Had their -- -- in. Afghanistan. After the the Taliban invited a man and and Afghanistan kind of became a guess and took over the house squatter that would leave. And in this case strategically if the United States says you know what not -- -- sorry. We killed so many people in Dresden with the bombing raids in World War II sometimes things just haven't. And ice as overruns Iraq will what the woods is a map lookalike in what are the dangers the United States and that. Scenario major. Yeah that's -- completely. Think that what the Republicans want from the president right now as little bit more strategic. Focus on this and his. This approach has been limited from a military perspective. -- he had in that part of the world that we wanted you know one hour. To have control. Everything whether it be a -- opinion on whether China and Russia. But in this. In particular situation like this is clearly taking a charge and this is not a organizational and negotiate with these as well so. And Republicans want something more strategic not just the containment -- them at this point. But also that and to be actually pushed back. Military strike to -- -- and possibly to keep them from enforcing. And the opportunity -- equipment personally think we should be going after some equipment that they've taken from -- -- -- -- forces it's easy targets. A couple of them that. Yeah I'm just wondering about. Long term. You know on morning -- on the damage collateral damage. People any end in that part of the world -- the United States wanting more terrorist attacks when they do they know they were trying to help me even though. We've we've -- accidentally kill some people. I I think so I think I need help tremendously -- the Iraqi Government that does become. More inclusive and and decides to do we get into the fight Iraqi Security Forces I think that's going to be important. Part of this but I'm I really am often not one that says that we treat these terrorists and let it we don't really follow it up and community. No way Marshall plan's size operations the first probably in Gaza you look at that situation first. But these countries you know it's called police by the military operation and we've just been so war. We went into Iraq for the beginning to understand that there there was going to be insinuating that that depend. For taking him out its expectation that the country which is gonna stand empire zone. Was just I didn't really reasonable. We can we can argue there's I just no question having troops in Iraq today. Would have -- -- -- -- from being in Iraq and I think it would have been in Syria but they wouldn't have been in Iraq. Annan and Saddam Hussein in power they definitely wouldn't have been in Iraq because if you would control about Porter as well. Com bottom line in the US intervention ended do we do that primarily. Force strategic purposes for security for humanitarian efforts. I think strategic security and last -- -- I think we're coaching. We're doing right now with the humanitarian effort and as has been seeing. You could mean the same argument that we shouldn't -- -- the same in 200000 people were killed there. This is a very isolated humanitarian mission that could be solved in the next couple weeks. The questions that we're gonna do going forward and again from what I I think you're gonna see an -- significant air and air campaign -- Especially once Iraqi Government has that got its that hands -- situation because of course of. Real quick before it when it comes to beating out nicest Ken has done just with airstrikes. Now if it's gonna take more than that. The airstrikes will prevent them from taking European. It'll provide. That the security but it won't defeat them I hope but there's something -- in history that that's the case you have to build a bomb. A country in two and submission and surrender. But it's. It likely he'll run a campaign. Would be necessary. To treat them down to make them -- that we can of which then. The -- the forces in the region should be able to take care of them. Incredible thank you major -- -- and it really deal that I knew that have a great day a retired army major obviously and CBS correspondent. And let me ask you only come back -- T six donate 7203866889087. -- -- to -- Iraq. DD one boots on the ground do you wanna beat bank crisis do you wanna leave it alone you had an awful war. And and you wind up with a terrorist group. Running a country which is pretty much what you had in Afghanistan. Which led to the 9/11 attacks. And would you get involved only to help to people on a mountain and then leave vices alone what he -- President Obama to do. Asking you with are ready jaguar opinion poll are you numb. -- -- gun violence and anger me it's happening nationwide here in new loans wherever a little bit quoted doctor meg Ferris who's out at the university hospital believe after the overnight shooting. On -- Gundy that left two people dead and two kids -- critical condition and 12 and one for. And as it stands now 58% are saying no they have not but 43% are saying yeah. They are numb to the and gun violence. In terms of Iraq I ask you what are what are -- what President Obama to do lab tech's guns in there as far as Iraq goes say a lot on Obama to leave -- alone. Let them deal with their own site is -- a long as they don't coming United States. Although will not them. Now is on his own company USA there -- not a money rear end well. Al-Qaeda came to to the United States and killed 13000 people I think his -- told the World Trade Center. And -- it's easy to say that after something happens. Tommy ices is a cancer whose stated goal is to destroy us and our way of life you don't negotiate with cancer. And another once they show proof that -- is a threat to the US that is not been. Shown as a war of religion nothing more civil continue to kind. Conversation. It -- -- them a lot of physical work over the weekend. And the way I feel right now honestly and I should be an intensive care house yup that's young major right. I don't have your pressure washing again merger -- I should have and the pressure wash your bro what an ambulance but listen I should be in -- hospital with AIG's. Constant monitors a lot of beeping going on all around me but yet I am here so if I'm struggling a little please excuse while. That's a man in west. -- -- -- Yes it is anybody they can pressure launch. Over the weekend and then cut and alert by god if you move over USC there's a new tough guy in town -- in the kids extends an Tommy tells David Blake the board of trustees. Has ruled in his favor here at the Texas branch of the David Blake fan club I'll realize. You're expanding. While I any any in Louisiana and yeah zippy and -- of that in Beirut on west as well yeah. You know we're asking people with are ready jaguar opinion poll are you numb to the gun violence Manning had a text combinations and months and Ireland do with guns. It's about drugs and it's about parents not taken responsibility for their kids which I think that's a root cause and we -- certainly didn't mean anything against guns but. That is the weapon of choice when it comes a violent -- and some great. So we'll continue our conversation we'll talk -- Meg Ferris has been covering the story. Since late last night for channel four will get the latest. And Nam did you know I think it's interesting if you juxtapose what's going on in Iraq. With sizes with people's stock on a mountaintop and humanitarian efforts and an even bombing missions is that's not free. With violence in the inner city and our money's not unlimited so if you if you have to pick it should the United States mean more involved with. Curbing the violence and a threat here. Then. Worry about a crisis. We've heard people in the past say that the National Guard needs to come down. But you know that's not what we know what the city driven by tourism now and I you know the only thing I would think is maybe veterans that. Served in Iraq before Afghanistan might be a good choice because they were Dylan was more. Like police -- aren't at one else. Horrific shooting whenever toddlers -- killed I don't know what else to call it in the Ninth Ward number -- -- street last night. Two children two people dead two kids understand in critical condition and meg Farris from -- WL TV a friend joins us now in the morning nag. More it's absolutely like say two people dead. One Jack Anderson do -- to say it was 1615. We are going to stay at school today it was a good student. By all accounts another man who is not on the actual identity but neighbors say his name parents. We could be anywhere from 152030. Years old it's still unclear. As you mentioned you lot of people actually three people were shot and it's true. Top words one with a two year old shot VI critical position. Not that we have for you all shot in the head in critical condition and she was shot in the ballot. In critical condition here at university hospital about two others were shot making a total and and one was treated and released. Auburn university and the other silly university under under valuation we understand one of the thirteen you'll another 37 year old but. Atomic I'll -- many of these people who shot were innocent bystanders. Jeff -- teenagers who will not be in school today. Which is going to get a bottle water by. -- really starving is the eyewitnesses tell reporters talked to -- it will rumors. It was going to be shooting. They that what Warren said that she knew something quote that was gonna happen. At that house because she said. There appear to be drug activity constantly going on the air. And so that we hear the same story again. Possible shooting over drugs -- innocent people bystanders. Being yet now tell you what police are looking for. Police say it was that dark late -- it and possibly on the court. We believe in commercial license plate. That had trouble African American male. -- as they tell us and that is what they are looking for at this point so. Of course can't operate you can get anonymous -- and that -- -- too small eight 21111. So meg I'm I'm will be confused in that. It's one person said something's gonna happen at the house because they thought they had drug activity. And everybody that what shot was at that house. There -- The way to understand that there are people out on -- and it could double. So you know other people or neighborhood. Or -- -- 8 o'clock and Sunday evening people hanging out people walking around. On the sixteen year old who was killed riddled with bullets was to get on -- by one there to go get a bottle water out. So you know people that amnesty and sit on their fortunes and our car -- on open. -- one man said he heard at least fifteen gunshot. So from its start people drawn -- by shooting haphazardly in the of people hanging out. You know they're gonna be innocent bystanders. So when we understand it of course. Some of these deals which are still sketchy but that we're being told at this point. Incredible meg appreciate you time -- did you get to talk to anybody in the neighborhood and all designs a lady that said she knew something like this is gonna happen I'm just wondering in terms of -- about needed it seems he gets set up on something like this happens but then before you know Letterman he's back to normal. Exactly right that your mail has come out -- Reporter and photographer who on the scene. Last night didn't talk to people. They're sickened. They don't want that she didn't want her mom are children who live -- won't be even competitor that she scared. One man. With -- saying they'll. Remember it being the at bat in the Lower Ninth Ward and Hewitt saying that. Yeah it's just it's gotten war that it would always been all talk you don't remember. -- So. You know -- -- or something else that -- -- people so get in trouble it's not that. Well I'm not there. The criminal it's not the first time. They are in trouble. The law but then born jail wants someone killed and not when they're out there and it's so yeah. There and as you read the -- for people are -- all sorts of things via. There is some indication going. May get a anything commented all made by LTD about what kind of patrol was on that nine under how many officers were on the shift. Not at this point but we we won't get some answers to that in the partially that they sent out at that point it's just the basic facts -- They were called to the same people were shot out of the residents. And you don't they count how many shots and that type thing in what they're looking for but by. Love China -- with the the question the day -- and go to the question now order. Will be working on today because you're absolutely right there are a lot of unanswered questions we have. Why the -- and you want to see happening. And just wanting knowledge of the toddlers overshot. The condition on them. Apple that we -- story critical we had to get it teenagers yet we're so critical marker and that -- -- four year old children. And that we have a father who want it released at one under valuation and so you have an entire family that we bystanders. Just in in the fact that some of their lives change. And the toddlers lived at the house where the violence took place. I'm not sure. What what being old but unofficially. Is that they wore either or didn't topple like next door. For the next house over the the question will be asking today but yeah they live to white -- -- -- intended target. But they weren't in the home. The house where the people. Alleged drug activity is when I'm trying to get. Don't know understand. -- What we understand that innocent bystanders. Out on the -- Thank you may appreciate your time. Have a good dads and 519 before -- -- caller yeah area numb to this kind of violence. And when you hear about it toddlers didn't shot now it seems like it's not the not the anomaly it's it's a trend. People fired and not can they care about -- and little kids are issued a little kids. Does that the or is this year's parred eleven American town that does not happen. You numb to it basically some more violence in the city last night I think these two are different what happened in the in a hotel yesterday because. That was to media just an incident that was alcohol fueled I don't know what they had in common room -- -- first place you're entitled of course. Just do it every one for people come in from out of town. One albums in the room as I understand -- then three of them come back there's an alcohol involved one of them pulls a gun pointed at another guy. The other two leave and I think he shot the other guy right killed Lehman and kill themselves I think is no he didn't shoot anybody. Will check it out and gets him into going on today it's hard to remember an onion the terrible shooting in the Ninth Ward last night David good morning and got a W out. -- -- Obama. Are at 6 o'clock McCarty but you outlook. Like yeah. I want due only. To the wall. Packed outdoor. -- Jerry who. A wall. Here -- -- on the what was police. Police China guru at the the watch it. -- Bob Dole -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I totally agree David but why you know because it seems like now. They don't care if they kill kids. OK I agree I like that say. It compared Opel has already ordered -- church but they -- it to stop me. Usually -- so much to Egypt and I'll expect. Or eight guys go back -- -- -- they're great supporters I think that that's not nor any -- Now when they don't care about jail. -- seemed doom. David when it come when it comes in numbers of shootings and I'm just curious about this that it doesn't lessen any tragedy. But do you do you think these kids are hit. On purpose do you think it's that they just don't care dealing not really know what they're doing with a weapon when you get right down to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Traders -- -- -- there's the merger. So all it. I always liked it to draw -- I. Didn't. Only big. Day today at a -- we had to do something because if if if these people don't care about killing kids they won't waste fuel. Or me in a heartbeat and maybe even a police officer.

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