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8-11 8am Tommy, Violence in New Orleans

Aug 11, 2014|

Another drive by shooting in the 9th ward with seven people shot, two dead and three in critical condition, has spawned a conversation of violence in New Orleans. Also, a set of tourists decided to settle a dispute with a gun that led to one shot and the other fatal by his own hand. Is violence a welcomed culture in the city of New Orleans? Why are shootings the norm in New Orleans? Have we become numb to all the gun violence?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Tommy Tucker on WW LA MI -- dot com comic hurting here David after a weekend of pressure washing because. Dallas Lincoln it's notches the pressure washing I mean look at play in the NFL ten years at a rich full -- there is certainly did well then then went on to a professional rodeo out. And bull riding for about twelve years -- Angela. Allen would be a helmet. No I don't -- cowboy hat yeah you don't Yosemite Sam. Is not right to end Kuznetsov and it looked like the elderly and that was bigger than you and I are tough prescribing bull market. Messed up your back and her murder and that's what I think it is I think it's so. You know NFL ten years the NFL did 1012 years in a professional rodeo desert -- just banged up and tired and then there was you know what it you know I am. I'm broke broken and broke down I'll look at it as a man coming up our country saw American work on -- and I don't. Doctor Noel -- why. Sounds like a character from a movie doesn't it but she is actually in Petaluma California she's the owner of -- consulting. And uses new study out -- -- So don't introduce her and apparently there's been -- what are we doing next. Our love these it's about violence okay 260 when it's problem. Keep in mind I did get kicked by a couple of bulls. Swell the dollar and they had their -- -- thank you David and thank you Sheldon. Imus are going to the meetings from now on Peter and in mid city. To talk about curbing the violence in new all ends and for those of view that didn't hear the news is now just gotten caught another shooting. Overnight we're going to be street horrible with. Spring as -- arsenals and channel -- and he is second here Peter. -- neighborhood not not care about hitting the target the neighbors say you know what they knew something was gonna happen at this house is there is drug dealing going on. And unfortunately. One teenager gets shot get in a bottle of water I think from from the area and did you toddlers -- -- even. Part of any of this and idol live -- in a double the police are still sort all of that out ahead Peter thank you for calling in for your patience. Yeah. Possible solutions probably. Bill. The people. Struggle and have to do drugs heroin has ramped. Out on the street here in Norman and especially -- nine Wharton -- and that hand. I deliberately issue. That the first thing in conflict they don't think normally because a lot of times their eyes excite. And and there and when you're not Heidi Jones important and they want to get high. So a lot of times -- when a drug deal goes you might get shot because something like that going on. -- -- -- -- Do you think it's all about drug users and sometimes when got a. Absolutely look -- -- about drugs OK. Things. -- drug related. And how to do drugs okay. You cannot stop drugs because they're everywhere they're rampant on the street. You -- talk among all you want the time has proven that money has not going to be yet it's the problem. The problem out here. It is kind of complex one but it's probable no you know -- religion. Should have a huge impact upon our society and it does not because. Our society now days is. Seemed to be eager to -- -- more toward taking them and abomination. Them. We needed and institute. More back and to art school. And when he and two more bodies back out on the street with people the people that you need you into everyday -- are going to church. The other. Well hardly slid downloaded KG has you covered a lot of ground here yeah and a lot of time. No I know I know that -- and when you say religion a lot of times people say turning guy and Terry at grade level level line and a mean that disrespectfully and all that. -- -- -- -- -- Seizing out but but I I just wonder if if these people have any religion in their lines at all and I would have to -- known. Now that you know is there -- point two days and partners -- not exactly on the people. Not care about out there innocent or guilty and admit you and say that they are guilty of whatever and I would monitors of its own name. Pretty much. And Kelly Kelly if you were the words -- gonna wind eventually and that you know what people. -- Which we'll get. So last night. Two people killed five other shot in the Ninth Ward. -- on the street to the victims 12 year old won four year old critical condition. That ball again you know know that when you hear that what do you think do you think this is outrageous. And that. We can't continue to have children shot slaughtered on the streets. Or do you think now all -- in Evans when -- -- those people deal in drugs as -- moved to the outside areas and finger in his own live there. I guess what I'm asking is are you moved. By a two year old and a four year old doing nothing wrong not that they really good at that age. And how would you feel it was a relatively yours will would you put your foot down -- by god that's enough -- -- because -- nine the ball hard. A lot of money there you know on it happens Tommy Tucker let me hear from you when we come back to 60187. Until 3866. -- 89087. In Bryant attacks that comes in and says. Any kind of hear about. It wasn't an accident. With these children didn't shot. But that. They're targeting not only they. Firing and I caring of toddlers get it seems they're targeting toddlers send a message which I would. Say could be possible according to make errors in this instance. And it's still being investigated the police don't think. That these toddlers were in any way related to the house that was targeted that they were hit by accident but -- the investigation is still on going and what ever the reason. It does seem as though. And -- to sands -- right now executive director of crime stoppers -- morning darling. -- good thanks taking the time what does it is sit. Just perception heard does it seem that there are more toddlers are more children. B and shot than -- -- I think it shows on the callous acts on the individual market who have gone in Ireland figuring. I'll -- they're not concerned about who's in the wake of that -- that's possible bowl. And you know we're very concerned and you know hope that there are people who. They get information on understand that without you know they can come to a pack -- in here. Now I'm just a bill that would get called at all. It's seems like give and you know in Carolina and -- does your business and and you deal this on a day to day basis but it seems like that that the poor young lady that. Died in a father's arms it was heaven a birthday party and I'm trying to remember how long ago that was. Com it's seems like from that point on its. It's not an exception anymore than if you ordered to plotted on a -- there's this seems to me a new trend. Nike closed at a new trend. Arm you know again whenever we see children in the -- -- ball -- do you see more outcry in the community and neighborhood but in an overall. -- -- The city. And I think that's what it takes it takes 80 tolerance from Costa. And a lot immediate thing happened in order to happen in your community. And more on what they do want -- expressed our concern is by getting involved in it I didn't hit by supporting law enforcement epic. Are currently the coordinator and saintly. They definitely need prayers to her and get our help but the. -- you know debate makes -- tells us from channel four who with whom we spoke earlier says that that the neighbors says that they thought something like this is gonna happen because. They presumed from the behavior there's a lot of drug dealing gone on from that house. Com the 810 people called crime stoppers -- they suspect something like -- Definitely probably several top most of many -- -- from suspicious activity that could soon. By London neighborhood when they have been repeated actions taken place. I'll enter it and begin the call because law enforcement and -- -- art you'll -- -- and to really kind of Trace the pattern of activity in the sikh community term. And we take that information in the count that multiple people on the different area call -- nation which. Really helped gather at the time that the talent opportunity -- law enforcement trick or. So you don't have to wait until there's a reward. He had to wait until somebody gets shot god forbid a child if you and if you think some and is going on. Call crimes covers it's completely anonymous and you'll intern pass along to the police. Absolutely and again -- -- vehicle citizens understand that you're never been beaten up -- should not appear. Kept on Indian patient and whenever the grass in the case in your eligible -- would have an impact -- don't decline could be. On -- certainly don't wait for actually it happened. And look now no disrespect and OPD but you know we've gotten calls anecdotally about. Colin at least. And and good friend told a story actually about Colin police because they thought there was. Some drug activity known on the police pull up to there house. Call them votes to get them appoint not the metaphorically but actually called them out of the house to point to what house they think it is. Again imagine people would be afraid afraid of retaliation it would seem like to be a lot easier. And a lot safer to call crime stoppers initially presuming it's not an emergency. Then the police. Well I think and you know again your point well taken -- -- -- -- that we use our hotline. Solemn and should take it your way to look at where not many independent argue a call. That certainly -- it's a very safe mode technical and doing. We -- and make the call. I dug quickly before religion go darlings and you're busy and we have to move on me any reward. About the shooting up around it to be claimed -- money can give you some tips. Definitely the -- -- 5000 dollar reward. That's odd thousand dollar expansion that's on the arrests in the court's indictment of the individual response individual or individuals responsible. On the people generally come forward. After you also the reward or even if you increases. I'm witnessed children involved we get called right away certainly increase troop or attempting to help. Armed whatever he -- is speaking angered -- by district picnic but I'll call. May -- appreciate your time rarely do well and everything you do the community Darlington sands and executive director of crime stoppers and -- steal another question I think he has. If you knew there was drug hit activity going on. In your neighborhood would you call a police. Would you just as a text says. Go inside watch TV leave the area go to the movies or visit relatives will will will would you do. And from what I've heard. You know all in terms of revolving door in terms of people getting out on bail right after -- column. There's a drug lord if you wanna call it better at least big swing in drug dealer. And year cull ablaze and at least make no attempt to hide your identity and guys back on history and twelve hours I'm not sure I would do it when you talk about. Putting people in jail thrown away the key locking it up as you like Emma is that he asserts ironing gun and you don't care if he would. Kids or whatever I think it's place for you for a young long. Well long time men apparently. Not much thought. Being given to that as well currency -- problem is summoning us to pay for. And -- overcrowding and then when you talk about. More relaying it more jail times they talk about prisons warehousing people but. And -- you make that case if you and I understand minor drug offenses etc. but if you. If you shoot somebody and in a criminal thank you go to jail for a long long time here's here's what I thought about -- The people. That. This violence really effects. Are those most. Or least able to pay more taxes. To build more prisons. So the people who perhaps have a higher income not that there's anything wrong with -- as you were to get that yet. You work hard you educate yourself you move up the letter you make more money that's what America's all about. But I think where the disconnect is the people who say we gotta do something about this put people in jail locked away. -- News would be -- they might be willing to pay more but they don't and can't now the people that are doing more successful are more successful. They would not be willing to pay more because is not directly affecting them does that make any sense I -- -- guy jumbled mass staff you know Sowers is really affecting your neighborhood but eleven a poor neighborhoods you can afford. To pay more taxes. For jails to lock up of people that are -- yet. The people can afford to pay more taxes for jails. To lock up people -- they aren't necessarily get heard so there's no incentive for them to pay. Archive with -- now I'm ready I'm so we'll see if if that theory holds water -- 601878. Till 3866. It 890 aids and any talent on the would you think any if you. Make more money and I know socialists believe me I swear I'm not in about it knows me know I'm all about working hard and get money. But do you feel a responsibility when you hear that these toddlers -- shot. -- pay more in taxes if that money or would you be willing to do that if that money. Was dedicated. To more prisons house more dangerous offenders. You may colony no you know I can't tell you may be on desensitized. To it to an advanced drug on drug violence GA -- you -- game begin -- -- but. When when I see toddler shot debt that is gets my attention and and hurts me and I get a taxi comes in -- -- shooting happen happen at 8 o'clock last night. Texas worked EMS in the nineties and Ninth Ward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pardon me later on your observation absolutely makes sense -- problem is people that are directly affected. Not only can't afford. To pay more taxes they probably don't pay taxes at all. And diet that might be true I don't know individuals that live in neighborhoods and and you get to the point. What happened with the hum man from saint -- it came in the studio they got beat up by a gang. I guess gentrification at some point goes in this where. People that are not involved in drug activities that wanna move into a new neighborhood. We have a lot of other people that aren't involved in drug activity. Aren't necessarily welcomed then they say will the nature of the neighborhood -- change -- so. I don't know how yeah how you get all this. And make everybody happy and fix it I really don't and protect the -- -- and applause good morning or data WL thank you for calling. Well I don't think it. They say any story when the situation on the corner. -- We want people to tour. I'm a bit. We. Should. Meet up with. Good. It do you think game has a theory that I I proffered before and I think here's something to it that was a glorification of athletes. And a guy -- entertainers I think sometimes people. That are. -- -- -- and they know realize that there's a heck of a lot in this Uzi a point about mentoring that there's a heck of a lot of lives and between poor and being a fabulously paid entertainer. Or athlete that -- as being an electrician -- -- Vienna computer programmer one averages Lebanon middle class life. It is a lot of things that I don't think people would feel as though there -- hopeless situation. Necessarily think of the following a thing to look at it is all or nothing at all is if I can hand that big lifestyle. That is soon be dead and and that makes no sense rationally but do you think that could be the feeling. Got a question in button and it is growing up with -- Now and we need -- you know school. I can't. You know. At. The end. Poor. So we get into school. Not nearly eighteen. -- economy. Cannot -- Well we. -- You know not. -- They. Do it and the bottom and begin. Yeah. And appeasing anybody does. You. Want. A -- and what. You're saying. Which you know win in in and I can tell you where this goes next and appreciate the call so many of these conversations. They're like branches it starts here -- ink goes there and a training goes there who have but it leads nowhere and what I mean by that is. I don't think any of us would have a hard time paying more taxes or or an objection that if we thought the money was going to be spent responsibly. -- when you you know you see apace -- you see so much of it come out for federal withholding. And you hear about complete and total wastes of money in Washington that your little share of taxes wouldn't even cover. Then I think you get the feeling you know what. And look at casino gaming in Louisiana. The money was supposed to be dedicated to education it was a went into the general fund the big slush fund. So we have a conversation as well Mario Slidell thanks for holding your double W out the morning. And it -- night -- I would born and raised in Normandy in you know that's my old. It -- -- -- playground. -- -- right now I would I would bet and then go back all the oh it didn't keep me from active city is crime. Now would bet -- I thought about that you know these guys and people. I wanna put -- subtitle audience and you know you'd you'd use it well what if we. But -- Patriot Act. In effect. -- and it definitely guys it's criminals are about to denigrate them. Domestic terrorist. Because they don't want to write a city. I don't think it's thank you for the column marionette a lot of people we go for the at a special. Especially the civil libertarians because there have been -- makes abuses by the federal government with an -- etc. That -- might be just the blanket forever but to be classified a drug dealer and and everybody spied upon. And in some -- apparently yell misunderstand one -- at no point am -- saying. That you should pay higher taxes that I am advocating that because your me just say. I don't think any of us would mind if we thought completely and totally all of the waste was on and a money. Was stolen. Two to what we wanted now I don't think everybody can agree on where their tax dollars go because everybody has different. Priorities and ended there was not a solution I've proposed all I was saying is. The people they would most be willing to build more jails. To protect themselves are probably least likely. Are least able to pay for that it was just an irony I don't I don't think you can quibble with the numbers and I'm not. Saying that that the you know all of a sudden. Gave people should be taxed more and all that I'm just saying. I think that she is looking added as a snapshot is an irony. And maybe it's not just about taxes maybe it's about responsibility and accountability as well. Where you know maybe people that donate allowed to campaigns. Yes. They had a real vested interest in this where it was affecting them dated day. Then maybe they would hold the elected official a bit more responsible saying now Billy Ed I hang on as they get out and out and give me this contribution to get. A new road from nowhere to enough then I gave his money. -- oriented campaign to get elected. So that you could actually do something about crime -- would you think when we come back gate 537 before nine were kinda. Free will and then -- and out of the box here and I think you have to leave because. I think more kids -- to be shot it's a shame. But I -- -- here right now and say that the violence that rocked. A Ninth Ward last night announcing a million mellow dramatic elements say that burden on the street about 8 o'clock. Seven people shot to dead. Three in critical condition and among those the mother. And her children mother of two toddlers who in four years old who by all accounts had nothing to do. With the shooting -- what was on on in that targeted house which was. According to some neighbors. And -- foursome drug. Distributions and drug deals are gone on that's what the neighbors said. And we're talking about solutions here we're talking about outrage we're talking about the frequency of kids getting shot in New Orleans by accident. And one other thing I wanted to throw out there. Was we only site about legalizing drugs. And taking away the profit incentive blow you got a whole. Group of an educated people that loves violence so. What they -- do. What do they do related get a job and irregular economy.

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