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Aug 11, 2014|

The Journal of Neuroscience says it takes less than a second for us to decide whether we trust strangers. Do you make snap judgments about people and are you usually right…or wrong…in your evaluation? And when it comes to quick decisions…do you believe in love at first sight? Tommy talks to Dr. Michelle Moore LSU Health Sciences Center Clinical Psychologist.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Tommy -- WW LA MI famine dot com. I David Blake imminent -- some text here let me tell you something. Went and looked I knew the job was dangerous when I took it on and sand when they offered me 340000. Miles a year do this just. -- A RA can't even say with a straight yes places slap -- -- about product. But I knew. That you know you gotta watch everything you say Ian and during my training period of working at nines of wood because. When every get on a subject that controversy -- though you wouldn't think. That. Being opposed to a two year old and a four year old didn't shot his controversy -- and trying to do something like that bit but I read the text and minute. And yeah you'll watch a lot of reality TV. I guess it's pretty hard to avoid it is meant I am right now first off I've sworn off of what is it one way they would Gordon -- goes and -- is a restaurant yeah yeah yeah I've gotten tired of kitchen nightmares yet done Tijuana -- dollars so I'm in my life is better since I get rid of that. For whatever reason is the daughter and I started watching this net next Food Network star whatever it is. Which is crazy because you you can't really make somebody -- is saying is it's almost like watching a preliminary television class. Analyzed it is season and then there's cowboy guy won last night when the alike that are -- -- down. And right now went off the list to -- -- other thing what about turtle man. I'd even -- that is. You're you're not you don't wash turtle -- now I don't I don't know. What about blizzard like you watch out what is turtle man what sound judge did -- tells mansion to a sound about turtle man. Right he doesn't like yell on market recreate the street Louis is staggered -- turtles as we get out yeah I bring your column out. Hughes and -- he jumps into the pond. In this horrible green mock and that he digs around down in -- -- goes underneath goes under the water. And bring it up multiple big huge snapping turtles. Big eye well god I hate us. Which brings me to my next point and that is you know now than the new thing is naked they had naked and are you -- afraid when they put him on the hood I. It initially. And if maybe I'm wrong on this it it was no romance now they got their romance go one club mounting a naked and dating yeah as well -- and I -- and arguing and I think they should. Just. Make everything naked naked crab fishing. Naked alligator hunting. You see you signing up naked Nagin Alaska is state troopers renegade cops do naked cooking shows connected car -- all got enough of our debt but. -- -- -- -- I -- -- 260187. He told creates -- -- -- we get -- -- said well because I was. I'm always angry about that the -- that -- Joseph because the networks are because like I wait I wasted god knows how many Sundays on this and it was so bad. Then about fifteen minutes into it when we we just fast forward to see who won. Now Ireland has still watches that. That master -- and -- hell's kitchen but who knows I could I could turn my back on -- no heartbeat archer. The journal of neuroscience David in Ann and Casey and Spencer hang on where it takes your calls and in a second about. The shootings in the violence and so forth -- text comes in and says. So what you're saying is the we shouldn't legalize drugs because people are going to be unemployed. That's all I'm saying at all when I'm asking you is is it really going to do anything to stem violence. Or will these miscreants these murders. Just move on and -- and -- illegal because I can't imagine. A guy that's willing to shoot up. Houseful of people and and if there's collateral damage he needed to and four year olds. And if he doesn't go to jail when drugs and -- illegals if they were to become legal who's -- here's something else you just -- is gunned down there I don't know I don't know office get a -- dollars are going to be running over to target -- -- let me go to a -- another round -- electricians he'll learn how to -- -- now. I can't imagine net. So new journal David -- in the journal neuroscience as it takes less than a second -- to decide whether we trust strangers. Less than a certain micro second out. So do you make snap judgments about people and are usually right. Or wrong in your valuation and I think this kind of goes back to the conversation that we were heaven where. Not you know -- rude up. Do you focus on without using the pejorative word profile and can you really tell who's good or band that you overtime and I think there's also leads to a question about love at first -- If you think there's such a thing is that doctor Michel Moore joins us. Brandon -- over at LSU Health Sciences Center she is a clinical psychologist morning direct. Tell me about. The study in the journal of neuroscience how in the world. Can we make a snap judgment about somebody in less than a second and are these judgments -- -- there was any follow up accurate. You think you hit it there are accurate there is a part of our brain that is changing in the debate expansion of -- -- saying. Up or are conscious mind actually Wear them I like to think -- the same way that we talk about a gut reaction. -- -- -- a gut feeling about somebody says in your gut is telling year. That that -- stretch where near maybe for applying that I think gut reaction that really expect that going up her brain and alerting us to that. I saw a thing on on CBS news whatever it is morning yesterday Sunday aren't things and payment. But eyebrows and a featured Anthony Davis and age you know brown on how that's become a personality. Unto itself and they talked about how eyebrows. Themselves say a lot about people so we when he comes in this study analysts and a second. Are we gauging it all do we perceive everybody wins. Some type of eyebrows differently than the other everybody with certain cheeks -- different than the other chickens. While they think they're -- features that usually the end out it department -- -- trying to treat. I grabbed it certainly want them an unmet CBS show it's morning. Your -- sometimes the election shaped and -- -- year high for the white stretch your diet Howell on base your pupils are that it also other indicators to it was a Q in the -- trustworthy and by the. Are there. Universal to hills if somebody's lying if they shift their eyes from one side or the other if they start scratching the back to their neck and I don't. Everything says that there is that there are a -- non verbal cues people get off that allied and people can get. Or lie detectors can understand that pipeline. Because they're looking brother number of cute but I think -- -- where it usually paying attention to back quite as much. And AM. We often go to meetings and handle the good lord I can you remember last time at a job interview but I make. Attempt a conscious attempt not to fold my arms and I just keep the arms out to make it seem like a -- and everything is that's still accurate. Yeah -- accurate duly crossed your late. Let delay right. Which party and state and somebody eerie straight on turn to the side of things that you. Absolutely. You know what impact at the on the telephone time. You. And your kids there I happened with the health -- that some analysts say he looked. -- in a statement that even some excite era. They look at you pioneer they -- -- funny there eyebrow and a and that mentality and about at present packing and that's checkbook typically -- jump to conclusions you. And quickly -- somebody creates a problem that would net proceeds for -- intentions -- But an important part that you really think about. Would mean. You know by corporate it facial expressions and what unconscious in the coming up well we're looking at present and they're looking at us. -- bluntly do you make snap judgment about people and we profile people when we shouldn't be. I was leaving here one night and an untold story before but. That's the only time in my life that I so look in some money side I was approach in the -- money was coming down. It's as Constance and -- would street that is a Lafayette maybe Lafayette street. And I a barely gotten the parking lot and -- like behind me and I am convinced. From the look on his guy's face that he would've killed me that night is set. Now is that melodramatic -- -- and I only saw him for his second or. Is that something in he in my intuition something and with my eyes -- him leasing unit coming in and out. Story but about the perception. You could that mean he could actually really hard community understand because. It seemed like nothing bad happened right. And I think pat pat and it is that you perceive that on its way out thing. At the really hard call to make but it sounds like you have a gut feeling your -- -- Tokyo there's danger here. And so I need to get my car in Delhi should go -- partner but they need direction up I think simply. But sometimes they do think that apparently actions we feel let that your brain telling us. -- -- -- And we need to run you know we removed the aptly timed. That you think that people are looking for -- problem. You know they -- -- seeking a problematic. And make everybody. -- target everybody problem. In a different circumstances. Now finally if we do make. Judgments about people we in less than a second. And in those judgments are often right does that prove love at first sight. It certainly -- It's certainly applaud that that you get that feeling about somebody did Leo. Actually what they say right it's no news that -- present year did get back -- hearing about and then there's something going out in your brain that. Make that connection to that person that I'll. And then a couple of years later the lawyers getting involved but we don't need to go and -- -- thank you for your time docked in a private sessions and will continue to do so have our day -- I -- Michelle Moyer. With the LSU Health Sciences Center clinical psychologist. Will continue our conversation about crime as well at T six 187 Neitzel 38668890870. And it's X games in Tommy I'm noticing a trend in your TV watching habits may be needed change channel everything is about food. And speaking of private sessions the yeah might be right Spencer in Dallas morning talk about crime you're on WW. I mean it should Michael let -- -- all wanted to kind of maybe change the focal didn't talk a little bit about the role are pretty consistent as in the current current. And you know most people know that are at high prison population in the world and 60% of those people are nonviolent drug. It may be counted on your thing about people getting beat up the post office no probably not the boat people are -- violent criminals. -- hang on let's not single out the post office and put that in context. Of people just got in the car what I said was. If you were to make all drugs legal. And eliminate the profit motive what are the people that are engaging in violent activity now that they're spraying neighborhoods with bullets resuming. They don't have to answer legally for that. What I said was what they do put their guns down and go get a job at the post office or target. And I has taken places in out of the -- or even become. -- under an electrician all of a sudden decide to be a computer programmer I can't see that happening. Internet and their record but. A quick and I'm trying to get curious what people are born hardened criminal a lot of people end up -- first defenses some kind of nonviolent drug and they go to jail. And they come out hardened criminal. So you're -- decriminalized. Drugs is that what you're saying. -- markets such at what point is that there's obviously -- percent of our prison population about drug offenders that would indicate to me. That are law enforcement and prioritizes those parts of the I -- ever have any you know number. -- can obviously tell that 60% of our prison population. Nonviolent offender and that that takes certain indication from what were they gave the people into the jail. And the question is that what do we read it and priorities and start really. Focusing more on the violent. Well and that's when I'm asking you DNN -- Texas is what do weak argument wanna make an argument about anything and just. Wondering what would happen to the people that are engaged in the violent drug trade right now if that were to be made legal. And there was no -- an incentive and a Texans in what a weak argument when they made liquor legally killed Al Capone. And that killed Al component is violence and gang still lead gambling but it didn't involve the violence. Except if you made up. -- Lawson didn't paid those were your arms that were broken the amount gambling is legal so I don't know what you going to give any answer to that Spencer in terms of vacuum that would exist if there was no opportunity to make quick easy -- dangerous cash and a drug trade. All week I mean the present situation no but we have to really look in the future for a lot we think we have start out where they'll it's putting. Are putting nonviolent offenders mixing man with the most violent criminals that are Elton letting him back outreach really that answer. I day dispenser a lady called -- listening to us and Dallas via the Internet. Got yelled WW on I'm originally from the area that would never go over and morning turn on the apple on. They get down as Dallas County Spencer we appreciate it right -- thanks that we -- 2601870. Till 3866. 889087. -- will take a break come back take some more calls -- text says. They're not spraying houses with bullets and shooting kids over pot it's something a lot stronger. And more lucrative aside enough that makes the argument for legalizing everything. Or not legalizing any thing and I said -- the question what happens of the people. That are involved in the violent drug trade now do they. Did did they lay their weapons down to be something legitimate for a living do they find some other criminal activity. John and I get another takes it comes in and says. If the people new drug activity was gone on in -- house next door. And bill makes terrorist cells is they didn't know it they were suspicious of it. Then there is guilty as the dealers and murderers. I don't. By that at all and it's certainly don't think it. The two year old and a four year old they had any -- any of that at all you know David you refer to what we do here is writing the morning lightning and making get exciting of course other times it's just work and bring that up because. It would be extremely difficult. For me and I'm presuming you was well. To go to would job. Where you sat at a desk and there's nothing wrong with any of this I'm just saying. Because of of the the excitement the fly yeah see media parents pants thing we do hear a thing called why you've radio -- well it would be hard to go from that to a punch candidate third we leave at 5 o'clock and it. On -- I'm going to the lunch room and kind of hang out for like half hour cotton with people and and on the other side some people. I very much more comfortable doing that and they would hate to do this. And I guess the point I'm making is if you have had the excitement. And I domain is a good thing at all. But you've lived the lifestyle of drugs that money any easy cash and you know they wondered if you were -- killed her yet he kills somebody and I am not glorifying. This -- But honey go from advantages working a normal job. Because we always talk about legalizing drugs. About mentoring etc. Manning integrate text that comes in here. That's what plays like cafe reconcile liberty kitchen of course again -- hope over Marrero. Are awesome for the problem of getting quote kids out of life of crime. They give Werth and our values and the individuals there should be more industries setting up this business model and -- and -- Internet -- But once. They are immersed. In the lifestyle and your life becomes. Guns drugs easy cash. I'm a nice change generally now I know the only thing that would challenge me. That I could get excited about is this is owning my own business. That would be your very exciting we'll let you start of our hard work that it but I'm just saying that's the only thing I can think that I can go too liberal -- right other than doing this thank you David Casey mid city good morning and Devin Nabil thank you so much for your patience. Well war where -- topic on the look at the first news watcher oath that you told that reunion when you look up or holds that over -- always. Really at. War in -- cap that anyway and we've got a new joke about. And it bit good morning bill that followed the news broke army. What we need to do not illegal or legal -- political. Him covered pro marijuana. There in relation to what should the Denver. The pointers isn't that the book of 49% sell products that put him back all of a topic of -- -- -- -- that we call. Also in that case if you're gonna do that heavily taxes a lot of people propose. As seems to me is that to be a black market Minnesota be violence. What -- much it's obvious that we need to turn to weigh the poor and in Ottawa. It shall we -- -- the opposite of what you legal. We're not gonna change any thing. So. Poppy its -- More money you should respect that's while we now we've -- -- When -- quote not belong in jail. It really big Monaco. And -- the -- what -- which it from what would or could trigger a million or so the double faulted. His. It's a production at that you know we're talking about him the other day and it's funny you should bring him up. And for people would definitely use spokesman for NO PD and correct me if I'm going off the track here Casey but during Katrina he thought that he lost his family's so he went to. Believe it was alleged errors and hospital got a body being put himself in it and kill themselves and actor broke. Stuck -- the -- that story. And look through an interim government. Quite short time ago it looked a bit in that ointment in the Angel and. And he had not losses family I don't think any. Value -- answer that circuit so it was so. The exposing the true with the so but yeah there and you that we hear that committed suicide. One or two other -- between but that -- but I tell you that maybe my spoke well and at all. We shot we got from production player and that would the police. And what I did just that it. Realized the ya -- question this would reduce our. A public to present at first you look easy too easy when the principal reductions reported for -- rewards that the the approach from new. And -- -- to a lot of -- we're doing and -- while the port and the only record that. -- market predictions. It would that your paper and what you wrote about -- -- Which then take that we'd been on what you have a book or conviction. There's would have Muppet sort of mimic to what you're you know part -- that -- the district level. So a threat of violence is not enough to get people. Call in and ran out what you say drug dealers -- in -- on them. -- crow outlawed and it's about like. Which we go to war. Their body Leno ladies aid doesn't work in terms of article about opera on the circuit shouldn't get the ball well. -- -- if you listening in and you wonder if you that you more welcome -- and I just to be fair about it there. But there are probably wouldn't it also probably. I appreciate it and Casey just to follow up do you think. That somebody can gill net lifestyle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What made you decide to do that. Chris Douglas you execute product -- in the light of -- terminal. Then in the end you know still a drug and it should -- and so it white would vote with Bob Bob Bob Ehrlich. Did you carry a gun did you have did the thought when you went to a deal might get arrested might get shot might have to shoots. Malaysia Indonesia and -- article. You're about. The bullet. A lot. And also you know that the renewed look at. So many people locally that are parked shopping. And then executed what I -- -- -- the -- -- that have been wooden reading more than one reported -- the southern rural. Note that then it's surely do. At that level through. We do well you -- not believe it's that the state gives you got to show your ID in the the ironic part they thank you -- I'm glad you called -- not ironic coincidental I guess. When when I was in in Ireland there each drug story keeps track of Souter said. And we all know from breaking fat and bad it's used with the in the manufacture of crystal meth but. There's no network here I got to go to drugs -- every ten days. And get a package of -- said take one pill a day and if you're a day early you can get it but it's on a network with the state they -- they keep it. Drugstore to drugstore which seems kinda silly to make -- teamed on every drug store. -- may have make the rounds every ten days. Whatever you want. Alvin Nolan thanks for calling -- morning here on WWL. They -- Now then yes. I was I was W gimme more more time to scream album. -- go -- and valued under. Tend to think. Well -- Charge. Should be. -- should be. Regularly. And rushed. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You took the -- mean people in the -- it -- -- Q. Okay did not not all it's not government law enforcement and went there. It. Our our profit. Our regular. Registry. -- -- -- A governmental agency. In the street opting pencil unanimity actually all of the trial. Not think that -- opposition. To question ignore well. I think the children that you can end. -- And you know that much -- it. On the territory. Got a row. -- Egyptian. Some tough -- to prop. -- which one in the picture. Well CNN. Now brings up not talking about witches. If you if you if you legalize drugs and yet -- take away any kind of profit incentive. You know somebody's willing to shoot up a neighborhood where collateral -- they'd they hit and put in critical condition -- two month old and a four month old. I don't see how that person goes to heaven. A normal life it just seems to me like the violence gonna go somewhere miles. Well there. Are -- simple and open. It -- case. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the rules and not some all -- Prevents. Any need to be put it. But it. -- -- -- -- And protected by we will have -- it it would be ready to. Might get a -- comes in and says if you take away the profit motive. Violent offenders aren't gonna just go to normal lives there you'll see a guy indeed -- spike in armed robberies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So all about. Community. It's a story. Just. To. Keep. Alan I'm glad you called -- we gotta run I'll be a good day. Thank you in some texts about Casey's call he said that. Basically I guess if my neighbors. In forms -- of another neighborhood. Dealing drugs. That. Everything should be forfeited from the drug dealer and upon conviction in the neighboring gets it. Gets whatever it is that was. Seized zinni also said that the use deal drugs and and now he goes to a dealer to get pot. And a couple of text them in any case is no law abiding citizen and he uses dealer to get pot. Another one saying basically the same thing and here's -- Casey was probably raised by nurturing parents. I -- and neglected this season it was a drug dealer and and went straight. Although we generally goes streak is still buys putt therefore he was able to change these animals are heartened by five or six years of age. I don't says Casey that's the dumbest idea I ever heard owned by the way if he's still buy drugs from a dealer dealer -- you are not. Law abiding SA deal which makes me think of the linguistic they'll linguistic experts that we had. On Friday -- Harry and a morning thanks for calling you are on WWL. -- -- -- -- Strange to -- these secret and there are important if you put that you. -- -- the eagle did you. Did you know that you -- it a lot of people who know each other each other curtain. Yeah it you actually shoot the order ankle Arctic what are they don't care. Turkey. It should be from garment and it. That. Marquee. Maybe we get a break you'll be in order to arbitrary age and need not be able Arctic warrior -- -- And that. And for law because when your little fool you but -- -- it is go back to where you were. You don't know a lot of people on orbit that you mention that I know -- Do you think -- -- -- yet in terms of parents and how many parents still around with -- these violent offenders do you think that. They are on the right track -- all of -- -- they decide to visit TV shows said break abandoning go off on a road go wrong trackers are sons and that's been building up for a long long long long time with them. -- a decade it's been built and all but also thanked. It's a cultural. -- -- Retaliation in the city. The question the police can't sustain whatever about it about it lead and system anymore and it's just talk casting its shadow to give you them all. Select a better term tradition to go out and do things that we're. But like a trial UK can only go out Kagan at Lehman because they feel like -- can -- okay do you go do whatever you. -- Must do. To survive in this environment -- bull crap that they are selling. And I neighborhood art kids and our parents have given too much privacy. A child since. Given to the parent parent is supposed to be response operate each. To become productive to society that you can give our child. -- Completely and only straight in the -- and so so you have to monitor the job. Sean we're all I'm Earl we're out of time and I think you nailed it literally doing and so lady took time to call. Thank you sir I more calls and come back to six 1878. Soul free 8668890879. -- would Garland has coming up. In a think tank right here on WW well.

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