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8-11 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 11, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby recap today’s Saints training camp and Friday’s preseason opener and win against the St. Louis Rams and talk to WWL listeners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- and plenty to talk about. Here on sports talk for the next four hours here's the Saints got back on the practice field. Two days removed are few days removed from their first pre season action. Of the season along with cajun cannon Bobby berries are at bro I'm rushing yards in four. Deke Bellavia phone line it's wide open for it to 60187. Neitzel 386689. Early seventy. Question -- comment about the -- -- contest on Friday question for Bobby about. What were seeing appear at a training camp. Feel free to -- so when he seventy Colts creates that sixth inning nine -- it's also tech's 8787. Year. In West Virginia is Saints are winding down training camp the next couple days they'll be back on the practice two point eight that the the practice this after. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yesterday afternoon and then this morning. But Bobby a couple things that stood out obviously Sean Payton said it was a sloppy practice they've. Since they've been up here in West Virginia in it was very clear at six. Fumbled exchanges between the center and quarterback. Well but I'd be more concerned if it was Drew Brees phones that but you know -- -- take in consideration is and I look at and -- take. You know the quarterback sided thing you know keep Volvo we talked he's gonna take considered to try to things. I've done it long enough that I know when you -- is that that that it should never happen. No matter what conditions you dealing with. Now let me just break it out as a quarterback he should always ride this -- literally ride the -- you got to put a pressure on their -- That would be tough and which if you're right -- it is your right hand. -- any little thing I -- you lifting been riding so. As a sitter no matter they have a tilted Knowles. Are they got everybody 00 in both a gaps and you covered. You still got to snap the ball first. And they hit their top ten. Not you don't look that tough and who -- where the ball's gonna go. That's why I've taken the approach. That when I seen at this period. That -- home fumbled twice with Jonathan go and I mean we all think John I think it was pretty good I mean they'll win I mean it is it is when he's at the safety to reside at TD fumbles that scorers suitable. We've -- the 49ers. Do you see any fumbles that's that mean and nothing that I was aware of so. I do remember seeing Brian dealt with they would -- that transition. That training camp yeah. In eleven yet who's won eleven yeah Dublin at the greatest that it did you -- -- trivia so. I will receive that training camp between three right right with a bit. Yeah because that is he can't chalk up just a new quarterback exchange with have been at this for two weeks. The bottom line is you can't have it and I think at the weather has them to do -- that you have to pay attention at the tail Matty do actual work ticket when he. The thirty snaps at Duke before practice negated. Post practice but but but what you gonna frustrate a coach Peyton. And a kind word used instead of a sloppy -- sale will reply. Yeah not a flat what is that lethargic. I mean god on the -- kind of like all knows that the first practice. That they had that they did you wanna be out there. But it was nothing that you write home about now. I can tell you this you know who was not flat and lethargic play with -- -- cook yeah now -- it's made a -- out there today. That's that you get an -- in all the time. And I and I -- is that this is people away that are. Will weather the reason why sit people whether Chris -- with target state targets state beavers but you could sit Duckworth the market ducks in Eugene targets the -- -- Corvallis. No does that kind of -- they probably have every other day in practice where it is that Devlin got hot. But he could be. In the high fifties are low sixties -- sixties and it's raining and it's way. Well autos Brandon cooks and dominant throughout these numbers and which was. Christian I think I'm being conservative. When I said he had four catches for 150 yards hit it it out of it 200. Thought there was -- 75 yarder as the seven this out a five yarder but that's a question. That he that he was in we raved about Brady -- for three weeks now OK but. This is not just this I can honestly say this is not a case of the media over hyping it everything that they that he's done. -- been described by the media by you by the by -- I mean by Cuba it's legitimate and there's a 75 yard reception. And probably seventy of it was a catch another at the yards after the catch. Without a doubt they'll I might be wrong and and I've been wrong before but you know everyone has an opinion even though I tellem. Economic tell you why you opinions thrown and that could be totally wrong about branding cooks. But I think he'll be a lot of number ten jerseys you think how the progression. This season you know hand -- years to come. If you look at that window like 45 years and it's Hewitt -- that but I think he UCL a lot of highlights from Grammy -- number ten. I mean I just to give your reflection of what -- Democrat. Break down a few plays here that is the first time. And we used to see this in inside the ten yard line goal line actually. We'll coach Peyton decides to go live goal line whereas like a pre season game -- a game what -- weren't exactly. And instead of doing that goal line situation inside the ten he made every scenario. Be 31. A 31 chart yardage of target's help from the very first let -- -- -- and a and -- by you and Steve -- -- and a it's not this is live. Because how they taken the running backs to the ground to reply said that. The very first play Procter and broccoli and stuff the run it was either zero. Or minus one -- ten in it was a flat out tackle. But overall. The defense started great right group that started this drill Bunkley. Legacy is 01 yards Griffey -- -- what a secular beat Duke play action at times. We've seen the Saints and a coach Peyton. A lot of times that have a common is that we can run thirty wanted to do play action and they convert or you might it take approach -- they don't remember now we got to go to run the ball. Well 31 and not out trick. You know the opponent. Well I'll look at the twelve please. I it's a short yardage. That. You what you want to -- you wanna give that adds to that losing the seventh at five. Or 824 in favor of the -- it but I actually -- defense to have it definitely did better. In the back of the pits and the reason why Dolphins close. Like style. That there was a play -- Kooks Leonard drought drag route. Account hit them. I mean that's at least a fifty yard gain and now a team called the thin -- he'd had that trip Brandon cooks all of a sudden he might of taken that to the house. But I said -- Dallas OK he got him down 2015 yard game. But they had back to back running plays that coach rob Bryant in his defense that knew that he was really ticked off and -- Johnson and he -- bit. Where -- -- all of a sudden he got the edge right all the right side. And no Welch the right tackle had a great block. And Dallas plus 18 it didn't play after that the polls out this drill Tarvaris cadet. 41 yard touchdown run. Off the left edge. And that the the two coaches were going pretty good or cut back to what level he went wide negotiated -- -- could still got the -- it was the Holbrooke has evolved a -- a big fan of took a bad angle. He took a bad angle that the with a back coach. And if you look at that combination note where's that gap control not only did -- to back. The -- that have been so the combination it was just one player -- with a couple of players but all I know is Marcus ball you can night. Let what what's been a car like a 41 yard touchdown it might be like eight yard gain. We could not let KK gash -- big play that's why else would be with them back coach will mark his ball but. Cricket as we get regular break I'm looking at Brandon cooks that's where it all started. Hit that big play there that don't seven on seven Ryan agreement to -- He had a forty yard touchdown that you know got smoked today. Is dailies on bad teeth. If he doesn't even pick have called good practices yes and is about a dozen times to me he's right there to make a play. I don't know his awareness so wet the ball -- make a play that get hit around I don't know if it's thinks. But that's when Brandon -- -- for a forty yard touchdown. The ideas that got him in that same thrill it was down the middle could help -- we were away from it. But it's like -- attacking recovered to. He had about a forty yard touchdown that a 35 yard touchdown and then had to come back from the break. -- -- describe also the middle of bubbles Korea that that that it took to the house. NL West Bank Keenan Lewis I mean it hit me I think he had the right ankle angle but it meant them not not so fast -- how. Though so fat yes yeah yes the reality book by Annika has that effect but I think -- because Phillip as you might figure -- -- -- -- I don't think that may turn out. The desert towards the end I he's. The -- cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- you'll hear from. Saints wide receiver -- -- along with Saints coach Sean Payton. Quarterback Luke McCown a key -- and Corey white over the next four hours here the sports thoughtful wise wide open for -- to -- so. 1878 Seoul Korea 8668890870. Or listening to saint radio right here on WB -- about the dot com. Watch in this Peyton Manning Eli Manning rap video yeah. That's a plus that is the -- this is funny. Now that is good stuff right there Peyton Manning Eli Manning it's all line for it at WB well dot com talk about fantasy football. Then that is. Certainly this stuff are pretty jaguar opinion poll online at W google.com. What do you want a -- you want to win the job as the Saints in Toledo. For Jonathan Goodwin. The catcher -- it. W well like com or call us at 5042601872. -- 3866 inning nine. Nearly seven in the cajun cannon Bobby there. We'll get to the center position -- second but. You talk about that when it took place is a bigger today seven yards recovered really 65 of it was on the ground. Yeah Chris apartment get to that you know I -- the commercials and the times you know he's somebody got to pay the bills but it just reminded. I have a date night. Saturday night have been a way I Kampman. At The Gipsy Kings. Cellular -- double -- crediting a goal that Danny is Sydney this year old neighbors him and -- bill. Angela seated at Gypsy kings Saturday night at the same. Might they would tell you publicly Gypsy kings that we -- Holly and introduced that it -- seeking is the late 1990s. I'm all the signing an album Mort Andersen and they beat France in southern France that they're being year. And -- all of that -- -- playing by cue ball in the village. And that's the big damage to Gypsy -- So all the -- -- Gypsy kings to Toledo bend. When you play up by cue ball so it is literally these Gypsies. That. That -- from Spain. But they you know Spain's southern France if you look at the geography though so I mean they they jam and so I don't know why I've just heard that we had -- trying to practical on that now. Wonderful big two mile wide come Saturday night here to Gypsy kings though it be a great showing go with that being said. Well you always say the politically correct things with it -- date night it. We that you know I gotta -- -- -- football crazy though right he got it makes it debut one dimensional yeah I mean exactly personal he'll play long if you're one trick pony you gotta bring it out of the league and a couple years have been. -- a good thing no one thing is if that I that I know is that I I could say that you bring it on and off the field. At those so I mean it and I'm impressed that you. That that yet you know I just the unbelievable. Saint silent reporter if you bring in at the highest level the field so I have to acknowledge. They have a -- talkative how. You know that that play by our branding coach didn't he truly -- he was not black. If you hear those are sloppy practice him he was at the highest level. And we talked about the previous plays in the Woody -- on 31. Yeah. I mean I don't know yet fifteen yards this sort of like. If you don't get tripped -- we -- it's bigger -- a house about six the and they don't 77 as a forty yard touchdown. A 35 yard touchdown. Now we've seen this before. What you want to call -- a middle screen go bubbles green. I mean he was like shot out of a cannon everybody's got away at feel but it seems like he's under -- feel. It was a seventy yard touchdown. It was right Griffin. The branding cooks and what was comical about it because you -- can run the -- West Bank can run. Oh West Bank is -- best corner again while Eddie could hang it all the corners in the league any thought -- hand if he had that angle. After about a forty yard gain. But Randy cooked got to sit not so fast in the -- put it is that it. You know I guess he shifted in the fifth gear. Intending that a little worrying about eight guys missed yet anyway evidently he got an open field. In the -- -- who's got the angle and you think -- is he gonna cut back. Though he did have to cut back. He just all of a sudden seemed an angle and Keenan thought against other receivers you have that angle or you don't open field. But all of a sudden -- -- -- differing Gary could see why he ran the fastest party. Kind of like the end Sanders slightly -- for a consistent for three and all of -- -- he just hit it. Is Michael. Couldn't get him Donna I would gets. CBS there was no one or two hadn't hit a CBS news update will be back or sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby American Christian -- for the ability of who do you wanna win. The Saints center position. Toledo John Goodwin and cast your vote and are pretty jaguar people. All line at WWL dot com or call us at 2601878. Told 386689087. And now we're talking about. Training camp practice for the Saints today a bit about. I guess flat one as sharp -- described. And you'll hear from the Saints coach go to next hour. But six fumbled exchanges between the center and quarterback. Along with a ball. A full -- bubble one. I mean ultimately got part of that ultimately -- I've never seen -- I'd never seen that you know we haven't seen that would diaries. I mean. There have been part of that high school college or professional. I mean a couple of you gotta get this inner. Quarterback exchange. It's totally an acceptable. Now. With that being said they got to go to the with -- it isn't the thing about it. Mean you -- believe that don't look neutral environment all the time -- in the with -- bad weather is going to be in Pittsburgh. Was Nevada beat in November at the mid middle -- -- -- go to Chicago at night. I mean -- -- -- September. In -- game it could be -- Cleveland yeah I mean. And he got about to handle that that's why. Is that if you have the firmament I don't know I -- -- -- out right now. I mean it has to be autumn that. And -- stay actively practice because different quarterbacks are are different. Vs different Sanders but it has to be went okay you know you've taken a snap from. And that you have to know how they snapped the ball in the you have to tell him as a quarterback. I don't care system lead 20. If it's John Tico and whatever you have to Pelham -- you want the ball Iowa Q. They hit my top hand I am not pulling out. I'm all right with you and I'm not going to be trying to -- about it and get back. But you've got to get my top hand I don't want it to be an adventure. I don't know where the -- school and that's why. A public that the professional level. I mean is totally unacceptable. And Mena they about it we take it for granted because. And never occurs was when you look that he could have with Drew Brees who wanted to resent in public snaps in practice whose fault it -- You couple speaking Millwood eight Drew Brees does well -- what he's accomplished. A timlin lethal trying to learn the position. Try to get the snap -- his assignment and all that. That's life has to be second nature that you know I think -- have to get the ball first ended -- there were in a particular play got to think about so much stuff. I mean I hit the right place the right run check out. Would is that the thing is doing that trying to stop -- as far as height unit. Attacked you know to -- that ready. You know to make a quick irrational this that you -- we learn about this that that's all I know. From day one now. That they it's gonna be interesting. Is that any coach -- and I guarantee challenged him because I've been there before. With different coaches in that meeting rule. Is that okay how do you bounce back it's almost like tomorrow. It cycles -- do you bounce bounce back from a disappointing game. If you're like how do you bounce back from a performance like he had against the -- how do you bounce back from both a performer had against the red. Rookie all of us that you going to lose this streak though right now would be a good measuring stick where OK we had a pour. Practice. To be politically correct whatever protocol like flat that mean at that that flag that we didn't bottom like you saw. And you let the flag than it was it was very disappointing united beat nobody that got to practice so would you gotta do is challenge yourself with individual. And what can I can control and they come back and ready to roll out tomorrow and after the team has to do now you don't like coach Peyton. In the post game press conference tomorrow so I don't know we had -- -- flat practice that's that you don't wanna hear. Shayne Graham no Shayne Graham today at practice Derek did keep getting a lot of kicks up if he was outstanding and -- -- and -- -- your thoughts on this because. I really believe that -- he has. A shot here today I wanted to do I wanna hear more from you coming up next year is sports talk on WWL am FM. And that you elect -- All of the cajun cannon Bobby -- Christian Derek. Welcome and sports talk three to go carts usually W low lights out in the long honestly -- on now I got only. Four different stations -- remembered for different that's a phone numbers but nonetheless you have your right multi death your right absolutely. But body were talking -- before the news about the kicking competition. -- if he Shayne Graham Shayne Graham. Apparently suffered an injury we don't know the exact injury because Sean Payton. Talk about the thing is about an entry if you can speculate. So to speak because of a leg whip. Is that -- -- line and hit like that are. And they said it yet at that that out that all comes about yeah in that area. Well on -- Derrick -- key. The conditions today he wasn't polite. Mean he was outstanding -- in short medium and long this mistakes he made all the -- in the rain yeah. Not if you look Penske -- universe Illinois it's amazing. The fighting Illini the pipeline that they have. With the -- you know starting with Pierre Thomas -- spores that are free agent ugly and Foster. But if you look at. I think it's always the more you can do. Jerry can't he -- his leg strength. But obviously when -- Graham and Jerry gives people mobile both me. -- 854 yards that's a long field goal where Shayne Graham was like how I got in there with Derek Canty. We had more height. You know and it was like man at that that that would have they had good boom he could hear the thud that -- Cleveland -- -- good from sixty yards now with that being said you have leg scrutiny got to be accurate. We don't Morse then that only punt Thomas Morse there but he also kicks off it just seems like -- -- -- also. Has that ability to kick call I mean you can't. In this day and age -- -- tickets at the goal line. I think he got a ticket at the measuring stick at least four yards or deeper and -- -- out they canceled and that is unbelievable lucky call -- But with that being said. I would give the edge I mean -- a flip a coin but based on where what do we know from him lately worry yet now and based on the price is that -- -- he had today very similar. The branding -- outstanding even go to team that have been flat as individuals. That going to that are tight game on Friday I'll give. -- camped edge over Shayne Graham silly because Shayne Graham. He missed a glorified extra point. -- colon if you with a fifteen yard line to win the game. And you this if you go. That I would you do it as a professional. We all know we can't. I'm chomping at the press yes -- during the growth he said I'd like to think that I don't like to think we can make it. The fifty yard they should push back to a fifty yard -- and by NFL standards like you said. That's that -- should. Mentally you have to me yet to make you know they can again and the kicker I mean it's a tough club business the -- and whatever you wanna call it I want to say after a week one -- pre season. There were a couple of extra point makes this stuff on the fifty yard line now. They experimented they pushed it back up for the first two preceding games I think it's gonna come about. In the 2015 season with that's going to be standard. Not -- go -- too eager to put it back on the two yard line but. I think definitely gonna keep -- -- not automatic. To a business so what -- pitcher. But you can't let that cost you to gain that at this day because of his entry. And what happened in the Rams game and with Darren can't keep it today. I think it's a tight race with -- Snooki is is ahead of Jimmy Graham right now. And -- all things being equal. You keep you young guys younger player -- on it absolutely. But you want to win the job as saint senator Joseph Toledo or John Goodwin that's a pretty jaguar people long line where it WW well dot com. He calls at 2601878. All 386688908. Senator -- vote. Right there at WW dot com almost 5050 right now between John ligament to Toledo. Good -- in the league with -- five to 45 page over Lido. He -- educated Bobby Hebert on Kristian -- this is sports talk on WWL. I look back sports talk. Bobby Hebert Christian -- the phones we go. Mike you better a year on the below. Today so it didn't look at. For a rules that they are you ought to get it right and make it back and drop kicked it out right would you get there. Well you probably get -- one that he kicked it. But. You know it's all the experiment and go with a fifteen yard line they can do that against the Titans. You know it in the superdome and I think that's going to be the rule. You know when they come and owners meetings in May for the next season because it just makes sense if you think about it. There's a number of people you kind of look at it turns out okay that's seven point will vote but realistically you want it to be a play that counts they don't want it to be automatic. And oh by the way Mike it's got -- cross the goal line so actually. It wouldn't it wouldn't count as any points. So go for the two point conversion. It's got to you got across the goal. The Phillies to go -- they go back I know what I thought about it. It's -- across the goal line on a plane for I don't know grouping that you may be more educated in the court two point conversion. It destroys kids of NATO rules -- way it would still be one point and he dropping. Right Nokia -- it to feel conversion what did you do originally came befits a failed two point conversion could go for too. You got to approach -- the goal. Augment that is we have this same thing -- -- it's the same thing now on I'll look it up don't know top -- look I'm just do it all by common sense. I'd like sports talk rolls on next hour this WB well I NF haven't knock down.

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