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8-11-14 10:10am Garland: on corrupt banks

Aug 11, 2014|

Garland talks with author/DEA undercover agent Robert Mazur about corruption tied to big banks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back busy day and -- to agree authors Obama care. Scripted a penalty those who didn't weren't selling -- for the portable here helped plan. Now the government new government study its own our own government show study shows that night president of the nation's uninsured. We'll all be paying a penalty because of the big growing list of exemptions. Were raised the question. -- that many people gathered -- the -- who's going into the economic. To pay everybody. So we'll have a couple of experts on that issue. 11 o'clock of who prime -- again Babylon -- all -- to explain can be. The explosion of all of the different legal decisions that have been made concerning. College football so called amateur the X. And and the decisions of big could be coming in the near future looks like. A -- changed but upon that kinda confused and on the show we have done probably. Ten show. Ever since I've found out that the HSBC bank in the world -- and toured the real that the much of the major banks. What's -- fellow dogs they had been. Caution. By our government. Over years. For only laundering money for drug court goes through in particular the two big buttons and South America. But they also -- laundering terrorist money. Wouldn't really call. And it just these seat as an example of the others. Was worn three different times and finally the government moved moved and said that's his work cut up. You could keep laundering money for the people trying to destroy this country we're gonna give your -- And nobody was there. And nobody which -- And if you died just made the wrong phone call. This legal system. Can prosecute office. Britain of them -- -- Charged with computer. They'll look at the drug problems we face in this country homeward from morning move. Sheriff's departments. Whose budgets. Or or. Pretty big percentage. Of money gotten from drug. Equipment. Property confiscation. Looking at. What the Justice Department and local and state law enforcement agencies share. When they seized something like building or expensive are or vote. Seeing all the connections to drug money. I gotta -- over the years. Become and wonder if we're serious number one. About stopping. Drugs in this country. And the Boston rob global imports from persons believe and do. We're a bit about troop movements weaker and dinners it's open. They have come up in college bureau -- -- me because of my feeling. About the drug war. And it's good to them okay I'm and it changed ma -- I'm gonna come over viewers. Your right way to keep this reward goal. But the DE eight figures and I broke liable on the show. Ten to 12%. Is what you were successful in stopping in the Rose Bowl. I don't know about the rest of Veoh worked in television were in new national corporation. A -- mater. All little company did did worldwide. Work. And I've been on the show for a -- and -- -- for. And -- when when I look at all. If I had been 10% successful. Or fifteen or twenty. -- listed in the hip. So my question is because I don't. -- the drug war is such a good thing. And it's so successful. What are we buyer of the people. -- -- Being success to lose their jobs ticket that increase. Why do we allow that. So. We'll call it sent a delegate to talk to an expert -- actually somebody that's been in bed. Inside the drug cartel. In -- the drug world and end all we don't -- in natural banks are seizing opportunities. Without a welcome back Robert measured the unity undercover agent an all out there about -- book called the installed -- Much adrenaline inside that dirty banks and Pablo escobar's Medellin card to Robert welcome back the sure appreciate it. Tell me about your book of Barbara of your book would do anything surprised me. Or of the York audience. I hope it does. One of the few people mum on this planet that had the opportunity to be able to. Live within. A Colombian cartel Medellin cartel for years says the money launder. I'm in an undercover capacity to gather information about. They're commanding control. There routes for there -- movement of tons of cocaine in wandering. Literally billions of dollars. I think the thing that's most startling that people's -- in my book is that make very very clear the cozy relationship. Between the international banking community. And the underworld. Basically not just drug traffickers but anyone possessing what. The bankers explained to -- it was money seeking secrecy from government. And so you might be a drug dealer and arms dealer. Attacks elevator. Vader of customs duties human people -- treasuries. In Third World countries are you could be trying to deal with prohibited nations. That face sanctions like Iran. But people who have that type of money -- wanna move around the planet. Across borders. Park catered to move by -- small segment of the international banking community. That markets this money and one might say why. Until you look at. Credible reports like one done by the United Nations on drugs and crime. Attempting to measure. The -- seeking money laundering services every year. And they report which you can find on line. One dated to October of 2011. It's identified that that the time that money to be roughly two point one trillion dollars a year. That's a lot of money year a year 400 billion of which is generated. -- the sale of illegal drugs. You mentioned before that Arab country has attempted to address. In some fashion. The involvement of the international banking community with the cartels and with the underworld. But they've done it very very anemic way just in the last few months. We've seen more admissions of criminal conduct by eight international banks just this past month. We had BNP Paribas which is the fourth largest bank. In the world. -- and people are as a huge French bank. It's admitted to the fact is that over a period of a number of years they had moved nearly nine billion dollars. In US dollars transactions. -- through. Falsified records to enable. Individuals to deal with prohibited nations including Iran. Few months before that Credit -- Detonated by the fact that they had committed criminal offenses conspiring. With more than 42000 US citizens. To hide roughly ten billion. In untaxed dollars. I can go through a list of probably. Twenty. Banks. That has admitted -- to personal conduct unfortunately. It's been a department -- justice's position. That up until recently they didn't even require the bank to admit guilt. In an indictment. They didn't have to plead guilty they were given a contract. Called a deferred prosecution. -- this deferred prosecution agreement. Basically says yes you have an indictment you can bring against us. The government agrees to -- the prosecution. The defendant bank agrees to pay a fine. They agreed to stop there. Bad conduct and they agreed to monitors being. And usually it's one of the big accounting firms. Monitors to watch over their transactions for a given number of years to make sure that they don't commit these. Offenses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got about 20000 questions for his own Jones would troops. We're coming right back in the audience does that surprise you anymore and if it does. What does that say. About. Our beliefs. And our legal system and our planet closest. In our government holds this. Does it not affect your beliefs at all or -- still living by the civic collections from rate school. Or -- in the it is stored to ship or crossed. To secure 187. Lead troll free 866890. He says. We've. Don't even minute shows on this primarily against because. -- -- -- facts and -- Always assumed that if India does got caught the drug or are -- -- Guarantee you a couple of things and I'm the go to prison or gore broke trying to defend ourselves or both. Broke trying to defend ourselves and then prison. The bank you have to bank after bank in this company your country and rule the world. Have been caught. No huddle and laundering. Illegal Monday but drug money and terrorist money helping our organization. Nobody named nobody went to jail and we're. Joan -- who understand all this Robert -- who were. You as the author of be in pulled from under my secret life. Inside the dirty banks behind one of the other big drug cartels. The PAU undercover 8 June worked around the world. -- criminal investigation. Who has a students. You name it. Robert knew -- were just telling us about -- and you said open to recently. The Justice Department primarily have the banks come to an agreement where there wouldn't be name wouldn't be jailed is is that changing you know. Justin semantics. The last two. Indictments and banks that can keep our last month and Credit Suisse. By the banks were actually required to plead guilty to an indictment. And and they pay the fine. And agreed not to do this again and but what what did it and is that they didn't lose their license and the bank that is charged with a criminal offense. Again if the regulators want to yanked the license but. Just across you haven't plead guilty to an indictment unless you go forward in maker consequence to that it's really kind of meaningless. Most of the banks has been given deferred prosecution to now other being to plead guilty to an indictment that there's really no consequence. To that whatsoever. You know -- decent statistics in the beginning about. The estimated. Amount of seizures of drugs in comparison to the total amount of illegal drugs being important to this country. And it came in somewhere between twelve and 15%. What is even more disappointing. Is that unequivocally. There's less than 1%. Of the 400 billion each year generated from the sale of illegal drugs. That it seized by the US government. -- less than 1%. And verifiable because of the fact that it's August it is good to the asset forfeiture web site. But the Department of Justice state list. -- there for temperatures have been in each year. Now that sometimes they don't broken down by drugs and and others most of the fine that we collector fines that are collected. In health care fraud type cases were big pharmaceutical companies. Paid big fines but let's even just assumed that everything is seized by the department of justice and beginning year came from illegal drugs it's. And from individuals -- proceeds from illegal drug trafficking. That's the billion compared to 400. Billion dollars a year we're not having the slightest effect. On. The coffers of the drug cartels. Never before our courts. Prisons hospitals and morgues -- more drug abusers. Never before have terrorist groups worked so closely with drug cartels. Never before have governments including our own experience more corruption at the hands of drug cartels and never before has it been more important. For us to get this word out to the public because obviously. What we're doing. Is not working. And what we need to do in my view. Yes we do we need to continue to go after what I consider to be -- mistakes but really really big guys is just a small part of the federal government. That does that. And they do it very very well special operations division of the -- -- very closely with the military and intelligence community not just in our country. The national internationally. They had extra territorial statute that they enforce. And go get -- guys no matter where they are in the world and prosecute and deport -- back. -- -- proud -- -- every time they get more than that pops up. Yeah -- he did it -- to disrupt command and control it's like. For the New Orleans Saints were Drew Brees goes out and the next died from it and that it's a different team. And if you take the second -- out it's a very very different team so the leadership the experience of leadership does need to be. Removed but I think what we do it is we missed the fact that there are certain course things that we couldn't do. To get the biggest guys that are out there the biggest money launderers. A little -- talk about that let me take -- -- news crews Miller. Sending by when this when we come back. Will continue this conversation with Robert -- who were the DEA undercover agent author well. The infield -- -- secret life inside the dirty -- acts. All the true we'd go in and dirty banks national leader -- and hopefully be big. That have been laundering -- for terrorists and law wonderment for drug cartels being girl Paula bar goes -- -- Robert Hughes who were. He's done it always been with the our arrest criminal investigation unit goes cause students. Of yesterday. And he's written a book called vehicle for a my secret life inside the dirty spy on Pablo escobar's Medellin cartel. Robert. Let's due to applaud. Of the experts that we've battled and and that it shows that we don't. A basic question I don't think the media sold you seldom if ever and a school known why is this being a lot. Well you know I I don't understand how HSBC. Can have its he has stand before the public. And apologize for making quote mistakes. What is going on is that our Department of Justice. And in particular Eric Holder. And they have the former chief of the criminal division Lanny brewer. But the two man most responsible for the strategy it's been used in disposing of these cases. Relative to the international. Could walk the Justice Department. Doesn't even sitting ninety's something percent of their cases to law anymore there at their plea bargain now. People were threatened. In order to get a guilty plea. They're they're sending citizens to jail for 20304050. Years. And we're not even charging. The the people Google laundering money for drugs in. Terrorists. -- Here's the failed theory that Eric Holder puts forward and I'm -- read a quote that he. Offered at the time that he was getting heat from congress about the disposition of the HSBC case in his comments -- I'm concerned that the -- of some of these institutions become so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them. When we -- with indications that if you can prosecute it can do. Bring criminal a criminal charge it would have a negative impact on the national economy perhaps even the world economy. To -- that's absurd. Our number one law enforcement officer in this nation should not be making economic decisions about -- to prosecute and who not to prosecute. And it has been one thing that I've always found interesting. Is that Eric Holder and Lanny brewer. The former chief of the criminal division's work with him on these issues both came from all law firm called Covington and Burlington. Covington and Burlington is the law firm in Washington DC. That defend the biggest bank in the world that's helping make their business. Alan Lanny brewer tips each. On the cost of a PBS. Special that I urge your listeners to Google. It's called the untouchables but just the media the untouchables. And HSBC. You'll get that twenty minute or so -- And in that case. Again this failed theory was articulated by Lanny brewer he then took so much he decided to resign -- ego. He went back to Covington and Burlington according to the New York Times in -- four million dollars year's salary. Let me let me let me Salter -- their funeral moment apologize but a moment about something news. The depends of doing this kind of -- says that the banks are too big to fail and too big to -- It would bring don't -- -- That terrorists from other countries -- world. Drug -- from all the coaches around the world. And -- stupid the big show extreme intelligence on what they do. -- eight years that are in they believe that. Now I saved things as -- read this is from a group of Border Patrol agents that's what they say. The influx of illegals coming to cross the border. -- -- for something helps that happen. We see a person no infrastructure weapons. All morning while Watson open border. With everybody's attention directed towards illegal miners. Here's what the Marine Corps general John Kelly said commander of the US -- -- -- it's southern border. Has bingo and crime and terrorist convergence. All this corruption and violence is directly or indirectly -- and to be insatiable demand for drugs and money or if you put all of that together. In this and I know this sounds silly sounds like -- -- hit. Nobody want to cross the border with the dirty now. Nobody's tried anything with mass destruction. By crossing that border. Do they need to. Do the powers that be. Understand. That if they bring us down it shoots their economy in the -- too. So it's all look kind of mishmash that works together to make an excellent. Well it does make sense that and I can tell you that terrorist organizations especially Hezbollah. Worked very very closely with the Mexican and Colombian cartels they have pipelines that bring in tons of cocaine and take out untold amounts of money. But not only is that occurring. There have been prosecutions. That clearly shows that there is an ongoing attempt in an effort to boring. Illegal weapons. Not just sell them in Mexico forced sale but north. Into the you know into the United States there's a congressional subcommittee that I urge your listeners to Google. It's called a line in the sand and it's that that chairman of that subcommittee is that congressman McCall from Texas. And debt is an eye opener. A report. It talks about human trafficking arms dealing drug trafficking and the complete. Lack of security that exist with respect to our border our border is not a border -- frontier. I know that firsthand I know it firsthand based upon discussions that I've had with individuals who not that long ago. Where Whitney and the Mexican cartels. I have the occasion to speak to those people. Because currently I wrote an investigative agency with that employees and former federal agents and among things that we do. Is that this defense counsel that have clients that want to provide substantial assistance in hopes of getting out of prison maybe someday. In order to do that they think they need to become very valuable resources for the US government and for the intelligence community. So we work in process. To debrief and to make sure -- incredible to make sure that they are truly ready to provide all the information. And to corroborate what what it is that they have to say as best we can. And what I hear time and time again from these people is. But getting drugs north. Getting humans nor. Getting money and guns south is a walk in the park they can get false ID on either side of the border Mexican or US. For relatively small amounts of money. -- -- your record don't don't -- a dog. Because when we come back a -- as -- and some will question why in. Me. Why does this continue. To be a lot. We're we're talking about in public a bad law enforcement tells me. You better be careful about these subjects and should keep talking about on the year. The general public doesn't fully understand that but the powers would be do come -- I find the interceding -- -- -- it was a Google. Thanks laundering. Money. And here's the headline -- his freedom quickly. How big bank US bank laundered billions from Mexico's most murders drug -- Wells Fargo. Your neighborhood Magnum of laundering drug war for an. Awash in cash drugs and terrorists money banks launder profits and I'm looking at nine consumer headlines. And they're 58 Jews of the -- Of of any book brings this home it's called beat infiltrators. My secret life inside the dirty back behind Pablo escobar's Medellin cartel. Robert -- who were with. Robert we we were just getting in cute. Why -- supporters and you mentioned people missed the holder -- -- certainly -- basically says look back in the emitting these people can apartment JO. Because the banks that laundered terrorists money in atlas shrugged money. Or two big appeal. -- Yeah and you know he has no excuse for not prosecuting individual bankers. Is excuse of not indicting the bank him and causing it to lose its license. It was based on that statement that you just summarize. You know he's never ever come up with -- an answer about why. We do not to prosecute the individuals that -- -- conduct out banks don't -- -- people do and. End the here's my question and more awareness of this form another talent. When we -- Law enforcement. Government officials. Foreign about it. Say. We're fighting crime. Were thriving a drug war. Should we believe. There are a lot of brave souls out there that are. Genuinely trying to. I don't mean to work for Brees. I mean the ones that made the decision. The -- and make the decisions to me. -- have done a number of things in the past that caused me curious question in my mind about their sincerity. I mean I'd I mentioned before about the -- and that a congressional report. Right in that report. After cross examination then head of Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano who. She and many other government Talking Heads have been before on TV saying that our border to the south this -- What they ultimately determine who has the US Department of Homeland Security in its most recent report at the time. Of the writing of the alliance and asserted that it could control only 44%. Of our border with Mexico. Why or do we have Talking Heads to get out there and say things like the borders secure. We don't have anything to worry about. Need to get worried about the -- perceptions that the American people can't handle the truth. I think the American people can handle the truth. And for those that were elected positions that don't -- tell us the truth we need to make a conscious effort to get out. Because we analysts say these facts and last week -- There is. A huge. Storm. Coming from ourselves. We have countries Guatemala Honduras these -- satellite nations of the Mexican cartels. Where. The -- huge sections of those countries that no one can step forward. Across the cartels control. Seven point seven. Commercial sized jets. Bringing in tons and tons of cocaine. From Columbia in -- Mexico. Semi submersible submarines of fleet of sixty plus. That the Colombian court trial cartels control we received about seven of them. They moved ten commons that illegal product at a time semi submersible for four days at a time. -- we are not going to win this war. -- totally being focused. On the supply side we have to recognize you have to look at the -- And the American people have to recognize that we are a part of the problem we have been most insatiable appetite for illegal drugs in the world and unless and until. We as a people are willing to invest in argues. And helping to educate and treat those that use these illegal drugs this is going to go on for ever. -- I would try that six hours and talk to. Tell people where they go to book being pulled -- much secret life inside the dirty banks on Pablo escobar's. Medellin cartel he also mentioned PBS show in dimensional line in the sand fell -- we fund all of them. Sure first with regard to a line in the sand just -- those words and congressman McCall and you'll you'll get it. Yeah you can also on the PBS special called the untouchables. Just put in -- The untouchables. And maybe Lanny brewer. His name or Eric Holder. But you probably get it just based on PBS and the untouchables. And with respect -- my book there's a web site for the book in the related movie project proud to say that we hope to get into production. Within the next ten months. And hope to bring this story of the infiltrators. Two major motion picture picture theatres is around the world the web site is the gash. In fall trader dot com it's the height and -- -- -- dot com on there you can go to where two bodies click on -- digital links to Amazon.com and the other major book distributor. To -- he'd -- that would come we have you'll learn its content thing truths to. Thank you double bill come and if. And visited. You can go to our web site -- -- have your vote come through to Monday and -- And you'll follow -- feed via the impossible. Oh. In this. Texas. -- -- from the mobile call. Don't have that we're talking sports. And in the in the eight -- BC news talk and sports leader they'll create -- seven DW WL New Orleans 1053 WW LFM and HD 110 in New Orleans and WWL dot com.