WWL>Topics>>8-11-14 11:10am Garland: on new NCAA rules

8-11-14 11:10am Garland: on new NCAA rules

Aug 11, 2014|

Garland talks with sports agent Leigh Steinberg and WWL legal analyst Doug Sunseri about the deregulation of the NCAA concerning benefits for players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It'll immediately court because deal Bober -- and try to do this hour there and try to get hold of Roy deals. And today college football college athletics all kind of changes which Ramos said -- -- computer. Well okay. Well and personable. And blog and news yeah. It implies that. We have we don't any number of shows over the years. College athlete should be Perry in particular there and aptly bring you in a war out of money -- view numbers for the team for the school. For education for the sports. And a brag about Joseph she in through concluded. That much of the way the NCA be viewed its athletics. As amateurs. Was wrong and and -- running. -- When it's noticeable Borger -- parents and and and -- usual sort grumbling and try to give more -- or run into numerous lawsuits. Against. B and C Tuesday. Then broadened to a senate hearing. Where the president of buoyancy today. Give seven did reforms that he's gonna implement one of those report. If I understood it correctly. He's gonna get 65 universities not his words Martin. To force -- 11100 flights universities. Her goal all along with the use seven changes. In the an -- ruling in March -- the National Labor Relations Board. Ground football players at Northwestern University. The option to seek recognition. As a trade human. And it's quick and rule amendment is bringing in the next -- because I -- confuse. And as always. Turn Lisa and verbal -- lucky enough to get him sports agent. Not much experience usually about a 150 of them highest profile. Hopefully you can possibly think that. As clients. Even that little movie called Jerry Maguire. Based on him league you have to always thank -- -- and them. Everybody and their cousin wants to talk to. Good morning girl. You there were true. Major apparent last week we truly. Change that. Where in which college athletes. Are treated forever. The first one wasn't granting. By the NCAA. It's. Six top called super comp functions. Including the FCC. To go ahead informally. There own rules. And to put together they're own legislation. So. What that means is that for the top conferences. Many of whom Larry in the stadium that are much bigger. Then. The rest of the colleges they raise much more money they get more television revenue. They have naming rights today. Give an example Texas saying them. As an 80000 seat stadium. They just raise 450 million dollar. To expand the 209. They have a hundred look tree boxes in the news structure. The cheapest of which costs a million dollars secure our that you. The most expensive cost fifteen million dollar and they've sold all the hunger. Their. Revenue. Is. Massive compared to other schools from the football program. And they're basketball programs so now what happens is. These schools. Can go ahead and institute. Attendance clauses which pay. Athletes you know 5000 -- they can go ahead and grant full scholarships. Currently most schools have year by year scholarship so when you see that a clear sign the scholarship. Really does the school and were broken at any time. All of a sudden they're going to be at a internally different level of what's taken or for athletes. Then the rest of the conference and so you've got a gap between the haves and they have not effective. May be that. Schools took place. Any other conferences. May. Either try to compete with the super conferences. And if they do in the money's got to -- for some worse so it probably lead to elimination of lectures for you know you college freshman. And it has an effect on women's sports. So it created I have had no firm looks like diversity -- And we'll see the ramifications the second thing has happened is that the total ban on lawsuits. Where he claimed that his name and likeness were used in a and for video game. Rehearsals and the judge saying that players. That's the Collins spoke with its students. Can't have their name likeness appropriated. By -- school Cook County city and so that's system. In visions that that money would go to athletes who were used in any kind of not just ever tries who would say -- a commercial enterprise. And that money would be put in the truck through the abuse after work so that brings in the consummate amateur and so. If he would forgo -- pay players were for endorsements and and campus. All of this opens the door for the crumbling of the NCAA. For what happens is that the big schools. In college have decided you know a lot. There we can make an SEC network you know -- Texas can make -- Texas Longhorn Network the farmers source. Of revenue outside the gates. Becomes something that that there is. Again apple and that's also when Notre Dame at their own confidential. What you're hearing the cracking settled. Of the system changing. And this is the beginning you'll see her go. All right when we come back the news question good bad thing or somewhere in the middle. And if -- got enough time I got -- of the transcript. A billion certainly committee hearing with the mr. -- to figure it is present in -- -- And and he gave the seven -- forms that are talking about. Loved keep it long enough talk about those aren't right back -- -- bigoted celebrity via more than 53. While. You'll slide the earth is moving under the DN CAA -- like the took too long new move on the role in the and now opting reserves start to come apart O'Connell all suit court ruling. Senate hearing it's -- believe suburb where the rumor called super agent to use that because you've represented some of the biggest things and sports. Little orchard which you've seen it happen being as good or bad or somewhere and twenty. And I think it creates a gap between those schools. That in football and basketball. Charity every revenue. Competition like the FCC. Pac the respectful. The big troll. And the rest of schools. -- drill and the coaches -- wrote Merkel for the USA game which he says it's the only way. That the rest of the colleges could compete would be by playing for Poland spring. By separating their season actually can do more TV revenue or one last. But the reality is if you're. Boise State today or your. The whole slew of hundred lenders and schools. The top recruit. In sports like football impassable or going to go to the schools that have more to offer. And those six conferences will -- five schools. -- have much more to offer a player. I've been saying for years with the system is broken. And needs repair. What happened is the NCAA just moved too slowly for what was happening in television. And state -- And social media and memorabilia. And the rest of the revenue sources in the whole concept amateurism. His. He really changed. Forever so. It's not good for minor sports. It's not good for non revenue sports it's not good for smaller schools. It's the university. He exists to provide the most educational opportunities for the most people. Then having women's softball. Provide. And having a whole Aureus works provides but I think you see it shipped. If so little schools. Try to compete with with -- 65. They're gonna have to get the revenue from somewhere that you I think you'll have a negative impact. Lead -- elimination of some of those non revenue sports. The effect on tunnels mine is yet to be seen because it talks about. -- school funding for women's and men's sports. But that's not going to be practical. Under this system. But when you president of the in cute when port Gibson and thankfully a week. And gave them the seven group formed his organization planned number seven wants. The agencies in NCAA must support title and protections for -- -- the leads. They should ensure that report and -- -- come to the extent. Of those non revenue generating sports. Do you think that makes that that answers that concern. I don't think so because of America than to say -- but here's the truth most. Colleges in the United States lose money on the -- athletic program -- run in the deficit the money's coming from the world. It's it's coming from reading university rancher recover from a long but it's. Bringing in as -- for a music course and so now if those schools and make your revenue. So. A school like -- house straighter Michigan or war or you're Russian sections. Or Alabama. You know bringing him 57 the ninety million dollars in profit. On their football program that I wouldn't be exposed to compete in essence there. -- is another universe Chanel on making their own rules. Making garnering major amounts of revenue fees you've got that split. And so. It really exclusion in so many -- Splits in revenue were sitting in the -- country work you know Boehner makes. 40%. Of the revenue in the United States. And these factions for all to be seen because were were about the seats in 2016. -- next year or the year after. What happens with these big schools -- the how can you -- in case. They have to compensate. Top athletes for. Revenues that that he. Generated through the name and likeness. So not sure how they help patrol -- schools that's why were. In that time where the and so she giveaway is dramatically losing the control it and the whole concept amateurism. If you're. Creating. Revenue for four -- athletes but not for -- Mean it did will be. Not necessarily hold. The totality collegiate athletic. But it certainly recognizes the reality. That a school like Alabama. LSU. These schools. Are there and terribly different low and the Russian. Well bold move we talk about. That have been I have no Q you were broke prudence that earlier. When you look at the organ. Of the pick and high tech locker room with the opinion golden. And no bogeys roads. Doors unlocked would bio -- for conference. Ohio State has. Two and one half million dollars. More for recruits -- water fall. In -- Politico -- building you've got. Head coach Saban of Alabama making seven million years depends coordinator. Making one point three use rink and conditioning coach Macon 400 belt and and the separation already there and they were just moved to a situation where. If you want an amateur program for something other than the big money maker. Alumni goes out and resume Monday otherwise you don't haven't you have to do something called starting. At school. Well that is which are -- except through me through this this gap exists now at this point. And we're shorten the season in no way he realizes it's got a finger and Americans like breaking and yet. A situation where. And again if you go back to this root question. Why. Are there athletics at a college well. And then you say because as part of the educational experience that university. Is providing. In using our bodies and political education. Has always been part of education. So the reality of the situation is that concept. Wouldn't be Asian. War in men and women it's. Who were brought -- it and incompetence. You know thousands of athletes on the college campus. And because of the emphasis on football. And has some cases basketball. It's going to be hard to support. Typical to support that yet. If a school try to compete with a 65. Superpower. So. Basically. Then they play in the spring. Figured playing this spring they can do. A brighter things taken just accept the fact that they're -- The same level but will that be acceptable of their alone will that be acceptable for there -- Legislators. Not sure that's where we're not really. Evolutionary time and it's all gonna play out over the next few years. -- figured to have sorting. Kim we get treated committed to a -- them 600 more sure votes. Allegedly -- -- ledger I don't know. Our book cover the ride back. Good -- moves and embalmed with the news and boom come -- talked to a local. Legal and and sports expert and a Buddhist say with a few question to import. A good comment Gibbs called 260187. Where does a lot of chosen as to whether or not immature athletes and college should be saved or waltzes and -- It's all very complicated at least for me never has complicated is now. First overall pick of -- Californian. In and page decision. To ban and these were there. The former football player college football player that is image had been used in video game and -- board. She ruled that the NCAA. Beauty its athletes as amateurs and that was. And she took 99 pages to explain it. -- read their numerous lawsuits. Other than it is against the in and he. Read. Mark hammered the president. -- -- -- porous and it Hillary. And gives him seven huge reform. That can be looked like. The NCAA. Is kind of an earthquake and break and then the pizzas. In the senate hearing he says. Get tickets -- incompetent Atlantic -- with Big Ten big twelve and well. Debra present about 65 -- Robertson is. And they're gonna have them promote his new agenda. And imports. One fouled and lots universities. To go a long -- -- Then great last march. You got the national rural labor relations board a magistrate. Granted football players and northwestern universe would be option to seek. Recognition. As trade union. 00. Complicated it's always. Called experts we got -- and serie. Double uphill legal analyst and host the ball things legal welcome the show. And go OK but I an injury expertise this feels like to maybe. That an earthquake started in the NCAA did -- what's happening. And right before the ground started cracking open the -- let's do some. -- -- -- a decade has been. Getting out of speakers were 25 years it's such -- -- let argues that it's -- -- On the administration count out clinics and were often criticize are they happy and that tactic. Heavy -- implementation of rules. And I think a lot of people try to get him in contention no avail. And that's our people Paul lost its salon com our allies -- could take action as -- It's not fair equitable. Oh yeah me yeah and they would not they would not addressing a lot of these indices that are being great these lawsuits and so -- a last resort. And what is happening now. Is that. And -- these laws which -- the minister. Athletics -- -- it in minded judges are going to be helping. Separate policy. Which is good because -- but from the perspective of athletics. Do you want you know a lot. Of weight control. How did distressed by an extra judges as they you know you've been there way compared. They're not and the business the nurturing. So. Is it would be be the NCAA and so heavy handed the past thirty years. And not listening to turn the crap that -- -- they. Their playing career and also for the exploitation. -- damage in that the money not return. For the benefit -- -- Mark hammered the president and C. And probe of the Sunni communities. It would get seven group formed in progress and if you don't modem try to get to news Kim or allusion. First thing that said. Collin college athlete should be guaranteed scholarships. For white. Right out of the in the per billing limit of one -- scholarship. Renewable. In schools discretion. Well what would you make of that. I think would decline -- views. It is to -- incorporate. Educational aspect. Yeah our -- guys who got education. Because what happened out there in. -- -- -- -- -- players who won diner you know one on. And there are they had no. Ha. They're not politicians who runs to play one -- that it would approach. RD India with the tried to use it some type. Compensation. The players in away that -- user education. President gave them money so. At a good reform sent book. -- -- -- -- -- You get the scholarship the whole you know the old way when the -- about when -- -- it can't take away your ship. If you get hurt or follow all Lotta people with the coach. The other aspect coveted -- cartoons that are educational pursuit because that sculpture could expand to grad school maybe that school law schools -- add. So I think what -- -- news by the way to compensate. The players. Or there are. Four for the Arab Iraq in this universe without actually you have money in a way to beneficial to players over the long term. All right a lit -- break come right back if you have questions or comments were -- the yeah sports in the legal expert -- this. Ground shaking under the UNC. 88. O'Connell lawsuits. Judges making rulings. Head of the -- going before -- -- going to report congress. And saying we've been wrong we're gonna radically change. What do you think good ideas -- do it seems like amateurism. In colleges and it is gonna have a little bit Joba. Maybe instead of amateur rapidly blue BM which were employee. -- -- Well would you what are those credible been pneumonia they're wanting. Amateur pollutants that make a lot of money from colleges. To get their chance to buy it looks like all bowl there's little play and I can -- and should do exactly that there are changes in the -- NCAA. President went for the senate went before congress. And presented seven big reforms want to do more than. Guarantees scholarship with the entire life put there lives at the colleges and said the one years of college scholarship. -- scholarships will be increase to cover the full cost of tendon which I think -- saying things number one number four. NCA must work or sort of a central will fall prevention. And support for victims. Because 30%. Of all in CA in schools. A while they are let it departments and the allegations of sexual assault by it up and for me is just have been no brainer and it's called rape or sexual abuse. -- -- -- -- -- Initiate the NC the have to have something to get it out and do the bird once accused of doing. Of the NCAA. Must close any gap in coverage of medical treatment. Including. 9000 dollar deductible in the NCAA insurance policy for catastrophic injury. Federal understand all this -- sincerity is given as some of those valuable economies are. Governor bill legal analysts crucible things -- that when Doug. Gaps of coverage to 90000. Dollar deductible and exporting. Basically. The it is an issue a lot of players who were injured. And then it -- the whole -- it is and it turned out careers that don't have that you'll that there are more. Active college created. -- -- day. Appeared to have the ability -- and I don't think medical car urged -- even though the injury was carts. While they were presumably. The end. -- but he couldn't universities and in -- way he'd financially exploited. And so would be much like in any other profession here injured on the job you work you have more cops say that that would protect. Well you don't really these -- it's protecting you. As a college -- especially. Care for Europe completed with your eligibility or you complete or Scott straight away. Form treason or with -- So what -- what issues in drafting is about her -- app means -- and athletic. -- -- medical coverage and so that tradition has totally resolve a lot like conditions are all yours yours sum up. In the apartment addiction. That. You have to address to rest your life so that's what the issue you know that again on their quotation. You -- or they're very clear injury. And then when he -- -- casualties. It is trying to figure aren't you know. Which would be great you know financial departure from and in that situation. Some -- event plans. To rely on kind of a you know I need to do -- initiative those 65 universities and I'm major. Athletic conferences including Southeastern Conference. And -- -- giving too much power and they're going to be big big -- can bring to have them have not. But -- I was talking about this earlier Nick Saban makes seven million his strength coach -- 400000. You've got Oregon. With the rods made in the poll hand woven. There locks on their doors or bio metric conference. Ohio. It's been 2.5. Million on their quarters. And handle water all the English law. I mean there aren't they haven't have not already there. Yeah they -- doing majority happen. Avid art and catch -- with the regulation. You addressed that protect situation that they would. -- super schools basically said the a lot this year that we're operating under doesn't apply all schools that -- level school. And were basically on a -- mop. And our. And in the in the rules that are governing in mid major. -- who. All holding -- back. So they're basically pulled power play and so we're vulnerable. And open up for tomorrow. Administration. We did not extracts from confession up -- CA -- -- -- -- that -- It's early out there YouTube bulge probably groups were gone that you -- get it could assess the state with. With this because -- -- cute to lift the overall. Viability. And tea by. So basically it was a power play and you know the NCAA play. You know twenty years and he's a good point. I mean afterwards there aren't cheap it -- -- still -- about their opinion and but now I think again to restore it that they overplayed her hand and a lot of ways that now there. And a lot of backtrack and try do. Tried. He stop in the truck stop -- you know put the finger and and it. Dot I don't think I think we're only beginning to see the beginning of this sort of love to get to back -- leader David thank you -- the time in the expertise. Are. Albert Belle brigade celebrity immoral -- to -- Nice to preserve of the nation's thirty million uninsured will not -- -- penalty and or obamacare. Because of more and more exemptions will see what that means what it calls everybody predicts.