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8-11-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Aug 11, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL First Take host Todd Menesses and B97's Jammer about what news stories are trending on social media.

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Well welcome to super Monday and I hope your weekend was terrific. -- going to begin our show with what's trending but I hope you stay with us and our second hour. We have representatives from the Louisiana SP CA the Jefferson SP CA the -- -- animal welfare society. And the president of southeast Louisiana veterinary association. To talk about what we all need to know -- animal lovers about some programs they have what you should be doing. Getting your pat ready for hurricane season even though were intuit the reading to peak. And then in our third hour on its citizen power again this time in the West Bank. Residents on both in plaque commence in Jefferson parishes banding together to find an increase in coal. I'm very very interesting what they're doing so I hope you'll join us for both those hours but. Let's start with what's trending for news. With our data that it -- news director Dave Cullen. Happy Monday as much as they can be yes and from the wild world of sports town and Cisco -- its first to show. The state court on Friday and don't close to and from the world of social media are -- we love Mondays we do look. We'd love Monday's and we love -- him and we're gonna start with the series now is that that's a lot of levity out there. But let's start with some day was jealous -- him. -- it was a difficult day in the city of New Orleans from one end to the other in the French Quarter. At the Westin hotel police get called to report of shots fired at 6:30 AM. This is one of the finest hotels in the city and police arrived they go to the door of the room where others allegedly gone play. And they're greeted by a man with a gun. So they retreated to a state positioning called in the swat team. And after about three hours of negotiation. They were able finally to get access to the room. Turned out that at that time the man they've been negotiating with that take in his own life these days that he was a tourist from Lafayette Louisiana. -- four man in the room altogether for people in the room. And this story as detectives believe it is now as they continue to investigate. Is that the gunman shot a friend of pages. In the room after long nights and long and previous day of partying and it's not clear the exact motive but it. Apparently shot his friend -- then. Realized that this was not what you wanted to do and during the negotiations police and the gun on himself and took them so they finally get into the room they found the one man with a gunshot wound to his chest he's hospitalized. And it on the body of the second man. And they be. Completed as quickly as they could there investigation they don't evacuated the rooms immediately surrounding this room. And they've laughed interestingly though I sort of talking to a lot of the -- both who had been evacuated it would not. And to a -- everybody we talk to. While they did think it was sad and unfortunate -- well. These things happen happens in cities all over the country happens all around the world I can keep us from coming back to New Orleans. That's that could this be everybody's attitude so I kept interviewing captain -- kept interviewing people. From different parts of the country and you know whoever -- could find out that the talent. -- -- -- -- know what was really to a sad about this happening at the hotel where they were staying. So it's like normal sweet and I look at it yet you see it's a much. On the news and around the world and -- everywhere I mean you know everyone has the you have these preconceptions notions like New York -- a big dangerous horrible city to go to that stuff like that happens all the time in New York so. People there you Stewart people from him -- used to that kind of stuff. No wonder it was maybe twenty years ago we've got used to it fifteen years ago I think that it really came with the advent of cable news. -- web site news of news delivered to our telephones. I mean if you lose submerge yourself on the news these days that show much more news coming to everybody there ever was before and so much of it as bad news. But I think really a lot of people are becoming desensitized. Because if every day somewhere. Horrible things are happening horrible things and become normal. And unfortunately. I really damning them nearly everybody I talked to really just not sadness that someone -- someone wounded but. Now no big deal to us let's go -- -- it now. Got to account shows back to that story we've mentioned last week that statement have been on the twenties and thirties or actually more violent. And when they are now but people perceive now 91 in the 1930s to be more violent because -- -- -- about news media and hear about it as quickly at least yeah it was newspaper. Felt you know you didn't hear about the exit. Something happened across the ocean it took. Weeks sometimes reading here on the news third you know couple days have now it's instantaneous. But you know something I grew up as well perhaps none of you. Where you went outside played -- unit in my blood at the door after breakfast and he -- better time for lunch -- dinner. And there was never the fear of somebody's gonna grab you and I know it's a different time. But that is a huge sea change in our perception of safety. Com and happened back then. Happened a lot it's probably did have just never heard of heard about right in fact there were more child abductions in the thirties than there have been in the eighties and nineties are now fourteen hours later. Police are called to the Lower Ninth Ward. And there is the scene seven people who have been shot on a porch. On her Gundy and a home car pulls up. One or more people inside the vehicle opened fire spraying the crowd on the porch that ranged from two years old. Two young adults. Seven people. You end up dead five wounded the two year old and a four year old on the porch critically injured still hospitalized. And police are looking to see if they can identify these people we talked to neighbors who said well. Too bad things going on that house there was drug dealing going on that house we knew something bad was going to happen at that house. But as far as we can tell thus far when we talking to the police chief more about this this afternoon. No one had. Reported this to police there was no active investigation that was evident anyway again we'll talk to the chief but. Raising the question of everybody in the neighborhood knew something bad was gonna happen at this house a while we're all these children hanging out on the porch at this house and be. You would think something would have been done to prevent this from happening. Questions unanswered. Nonetheless a horrible tragedy. One of the victims sixteen year old girl who was supposed to go to school for the first time today their first -- back its school. A male victim was the other victim who died hand. You know -- A sad story all the way around but many questions unanswered. But you know that goes back to date and time snitch. Feeling yes. Snitches get stitches right and and what a shame shouldn't talk to the police could you bad if you do and some people obviously in and crime ridden neighborhoods fearful that if they get involved they'll become. A target. And so a lot of you know a lot of things have to be examined in this case but it was just shocking when the neighbors said openly -- handsome man was gonna happen. We'll stay with us every one are gonna take a quick break we're going to be back and not top Manassas system. -- -- kind of upsetting news and sports too but in social media we're still talking sharks and didn't and attempted to stay with this will be the only. I really love Dave -- job Manassas and Jammer. They just brighten my Monday well we love to be yes for having me and we are we are trending and and trending in sports on. Just such an interest in stored at such a tragic story and that's. Yeah. Tony Stewart Saturday he was racing in a any dirt track race it was a -- -- -- -- the sprint race. And he hit another driver. And killed him now what happened. Is it and social media blew up with it because. Tony Stewart is known for being. An aggressive driver for having a temper. For attacking other drivers getting in fights he actually -- a fight with a fan ones and and so forth and so on. He is a three time NASCAR sprint champion. Series champion racer but this is the that the dirt tracks are race and these little cars and have the big fans on the actual sprint car. And he was doing that on Saturday and apparently. There was a video that was posted briefly on YouTube it's since been removed but it's starts with a Steward and via the driver. Kevin ward juniors the driver that he struck and and gotten and died. There were racing side by side through turn number two. Then ward gets squeezed tying into the side -- spun Tony Stewart kind of pushed him and that's what racers do they nudge and push each other and he got pushed into high -- spun his car out got a flat tire. In the process so he was -- out of the race but he got out of the car. This is Kevin Kevin ward junior got out of the car and then proceeded down the track. Towards. The oncoming cars he kept walking towards them and he was pointing at Tony Stewart's car. Tony Stewart's car then clipped him and threw him fifty feet back and he was they've been instrumental track but it. He died was pronounced later did at the hospital the official word is. The driver of the car that's on exited the race car walked down the track onto the racing surface. To race cars traveling in tandem approach at the driver continued down the track. Gesturing to the two approaching cars this city of one of the current Tony -- pointing at him you know you kick me out of the race you did this. Now the first car swerved to avoid the driver on the track the second car operated by Stewart's stock struck the driver so he didn't get out of the way now. Immediately social media blew up did he do it on purpose. That Tony Stewart hit this guy on purpose was it something because of this anger and his temper and so forth. He's cooperating with investigators and they don't think it was down stupor on on purpose I think it was an accident. He did release a statement yesterday he didn't race. Yesterday he released a statement he said the the these there aren't words to describe the sadness I feel about the accident that took the life of Kevin ward junior. It's very emotional time for all involved and it's the reason I decided not participate in today's race at Watkins Glen and he didn't despite yesterday's NASCAR race. My thoughts and prayers are with his family friends and everyone afflict affected by this tragedy. Additional men who died have the reputation of being hot hit two that he would -- it's hard. As cars currently well I mean a lot of drivers get out of the car and you know yell at the other driver point or whatever but it -- Usually they don't walk into the lane of the other cars. Oncoming cars now dirt tracks or little they're from the which is seat. On a sprint race on and on a NASCAR race. They're a little smaller. Okay others are smaller tracks are not as wide they're not a great big target knowing travels fast car travel as fast but they're still whizzing by pretty fast out the caution flag did go out. Meaning the cars are supposed to slowdown when there's an accident. So they came around the turn again and they were going to slow but still even if he was hit struck by a car going I mean if you're in a race. And when they waive the caution flag mean she drop down from you know. Hundred miles an hour to maybe fifty miles an hour forty miles an hour hour and a -- your resume and I still maintain your -- don't ask anybody in every -- -- aren't going the same speed so -- to him to walk into the -- that's what they're saying you know could he avoided the -- guy in front of him swerved. Know when you're in these race cars out of whoever got a chance to sit in and NASCAR car I covered NASCAR briefly when I was in up in Tennessee. And and got two Ryder. Your vision is very very restricted. In those cars and and especially in the smaller cars to. You don't get the C -- your heads you know they're strapped in and so forth they have spotters that kind of tellem who where to go with -- -- Who's coming up behind him where to turn and they -- so forth and so on. You know I don't know if you have spotters in these cars in the in the dirt track races usually you don't but everything happens so fast. I don't think he could have reacted to get out of the way if that guy in front of him if they're traveling in -- night and on the radio. But you're traveling one right in front of you in the guard guy in front of you swerves. Then the car behind him hits it because he doesn't have time to react because he didn't probably exceeded -- -- there's an -- with them. Lot of people there asking. There is video of it the video like this that has been taken out from YouTube investigators are looking at it right now. Most investigators don't think that Tony Stewart did this on purpose so. Yeah there's apparently -- leading the local investigations that they do not have any evidence or fax saying that there was intent to harm the victim by. You know Tony Stewart. Is an aggressive driver buy everything I've read and all the commissary at his reputation is what precedes him and that's what leads to the speculation has got to imagine that even in the heat. Of an intense competition. And this guy is intense competitor. That he would not try to injure or kill. A fellow competitor. If only not because he's a human being in because he knows right from wrong but also. How much he stands to lose however -- you know what there's range yet but what they're saying however is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've maybe an effort to scare had to send a signal Sonya I think. That video you're gonna have people on both sides of the fence on one again it's I don't know -- called on two year shark week. And and and and come on love it it's all about the water all about the sharks and you know I don't know -- today but it's been 26 years in the making this thing going on. Since 1988 it's been on you know cable different channels been doing different we long aren't we -- on that knee. And originally written in 1988 month to over and the each year normally in July or August now which are -- week has been raising awareness and respect for shark -- Cheney did originally originally it didn't originally what does. Look how dangerous they -- are probably -- look at all the things only got to have respect for them -- And it's everywhere now it's all her FaceBook all over Twitter I mean accuracy everything mystery about it 72 countries. And so if you're shark confuses story enthusiast or lover that it's going to be your week and it's going to be the sharpest one ever and the sharpest. I month I can tell that it does and you also say that. Hey David there was one in not like -- yet there was a reported shark bite of a seven year old boy in Lake Pontchartrain now. This the fact that they are sharks and like -- has actually nothing new we've known for decades does everybody know that because I didn't well. And to smartly in a news well and as we've reported all arsenal lays it does exist of ago so yeah it into practice -- -- apparently. Apparently mother sharks like to go have their baby sharks in the late because there are -- creditors the waters hallmark protected. And they generally. Don't bother anybody in fact. In the last two decades I never recall anyone being bitten by shark I know fishermen have caught sharks and I know there have been shark sightings in the lake. Many times I know that I we've discussed at the Pontchartrain basin foundation about there being -- sharks in the late but this seven year old boy jumped into the lake. The good news is all of his injuries he will recover from them he did not loose. At the shark apparently and it was probably an accident -- Contrary to much popular -- shark -- sharks do not like to eat people. Having that be like -- eating some completely odd animal he never considered hockey heritage old some people do that unfortunate I don't know -- But that's a good example for most human -- right so my anorexia cockroach in you know what I need to pick that thing up and -- at. But some sharks can't tell whether it's it's you who's an accident usually there there -- investigating its was called an investigative by need to know by aid and realize it's not the normal -- like go get out whatever it stays like you're hitting it well enough I might -- -- they need a bit. Now and then -- and a vast majority of shark bites. Happen at dusk or dawn which is -- time for sure it. And they happen when humans and up surrounded by the fish that sharks eat -- is trying to eat the fish -- gets in the way. Now shark week will lead us to believe that people are attacked by sharks all of the world all the time every day. And it's something you need to be afraid of every time you get any water just an Australian south Africa. Cup. Outside apparently you can get bitten by shark in the on strain that has happened. And it is something to be aware of but it's extremely. Rare to get bitten by a shark. Anywhere in the world a better chance of winning the powerball while getting struck by lightning. And more people die from spider bites and turn out okay. And we OK we've shot you know three right yes it's probably coming makes things are now now maybe they'll sedated like pockets created new world. Still with us every -- we really are not finished trending let's go to the -- to attempt. And we've got some things trending I'd love this champ car. Sort of a new way to dine out. Yeah. If you like eating out a lot if you like on a fancy restaurants classy restaurants across the country are doing something a little bit different. About calling making reservations -- that instead diners are going to buy tickets. Hundred dollar tickets sold a five course meal ticket and that's gonna include tax and tip so everything's included. And there's a lot of different restaurants doing it because people make reservations and they don't show up. So if you buy your ticket you're gonna go pretty much right seniority like you get an underdog literally there's a five there's a different menus different selections OK and you know it's an all equals about a hundred dollars in value. So others restaurants in LA and San Francisco doing announce it's doing very very well and it's cut back on people on the notion -- you know. And now without working -- Portland so. Now wait if you show up you get the hundred dollars tortured take Georgia meal should open any addition here is my ticket and eating -- already pay 400 dollars right thing it's just not a hundred doesn't -- went out and and and you're already got your dinner at the but you know I've been putting out deposit on the table basic share. Doctors appointments where they will charge you if you don't caliber cancel within twenty. I'm surprised that restaurants haven't on the same thing to -- BC for notion not yeah. I guess I'll probably be enforcing it with a deficit probably had your credit -- -- you know I don't have to get you'd have to give me credit and -- and making a reservation has -- credit card number I don't show isn't. And they're actually bought online you can go to web -- -- restaurant's website -- you can buy it online so that seems -- it's -- really you know up and -- -- idea. And it's working violence deficits aren't you heard it here as we trend and pretty issue soon I'm sure that have an acquittal you don't have -- Ford produce a wake up for. Everything that's not Fitzmorris recently wrote about the problems in the difficulties getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant that's trending at WWL dot com right now. And he says the reason is because people wanna make. Reservations at times that are not good for the restaurant. They try to actually -- two cycles and unite. To maximize. How many people thinking seats. At one table repetitive -- throughout the evening so they can make the most money. But someone calls and he says and tries to make a reservation for say 730. Forget about that falls right in the middle -- where they want you to be in 26 or nine yeah early or late. And today it's fascinating read it may -- this would solve that problem maybe you don't have to worry about it's kind of almost like. Buy your ticket for movie or write your concert ticket you know you're going to be there and here's your time outs I'll offer you some tips for you on getting reservations here while we don't have a ticket system yet in that -- -- to the final. This will go an unnamed restaurant local very good and I call one time this and are for earliest 1 is 10 o'clock. Went over there anyway recruit him to the table -- the -- liar liar pants on fire we turned around. Well yes isn't that charming let this go think happy thoughts with Eli and Peyton Manning this is adorable. Well you know whenever you put the Manning Brothers together and you've got to do a commercial and -- gonna endorse something. Lately it's come up pretty funny last year it was the whole football on my phone and loan that commercial and grab them like you know -- -- they're dead dressed in the seventies style in football. Well this year they're talking about a new fantasy. Football. Service from the DirecTV people who they do the commercials four. And there wrapping once again. And it's it's pretty funny it goes through so it's not as good as the football on your phone rap I think that was a little bit more catchy. But this one is pretty funnies got another cameo by Archie who's in outer space apparently. Because since it's all fantasy. It's that all he spent all eyes and they're fantasizing about things so one point Eli fantasize as he's right now. Pony up into the sky and all the way out into space and then he's gluten and the music stops and there's no music but my dad is there -- and his -- shows up like an astronaut floating around so. And and this with my mom -- name it's in there haven't you know cooking Stew with your mother or something like that he's in the kitchen cooking with your mom so. It's just it's it's funny if you watch it it's done in the style of many rap videos. You know of the dancing girls and so forth the kid -- -- to me was a guy in the shower. Instead of water coming on video didn't blueberry before advice like Joseph -- obviously he's showered by football idea on what I don't know why anyone would fantasize about taking a shower and I can put what I liked was the football cracks open and it's full of cheesy nachos that was the other around that I said that's the footballers. The fantasy you've yet -- says the fantasies like kitchen a football from me and then you open and it's not not Jews and she's in it so. You could see it on our website at WW dot com you have apparently posted a few hours ago and it's already the number three most viewed. And page on our website. You wanna have some final check that out but the. Well let's just move on to. -- maid's -- of Michael Jackson's alleged Phil. Yes this is trending nationwide in fact it's done several of the national news web sites one of the top stories it was actually from the New York Post. And they got a hold of a couple of maids who worked for Michael Jackson. And the first line of the story is he was the king of -- Not pop. -- And these maids alleged to tell what they do tell allege stories. Michael Jackson threatening to throw. Dude who snowball. That on -- Knoll. They tell stories future when bubbles it was threaten to throw. Well I thought this was apparently animal -- do that. -- Quote from the article Michael sometimes ran around where the animals war and -- track. -- through the house. And thinking nothing of it. Then if you said something he'd threaten to make due to snow balls and throw it -- you. According to a woman identified -- made number one. They tell a story about Michael Jackson allegedly. After. Oprah Winfrey came to do an interview. At neverland. That. Date he made them clean the place meticulously for over but it's an issue left and her crews walked out the doors. Made number two alleges in this article that Michael Jackson made number one on the floor. Right -- roper had been sitting apparently just unzipped and yes and it goes into detail that. All of this started happening. With Michael Jackson after. The first time allegations were made public that he molested a child they said he had been happy person prior to that. But that is spiral downward was dramatic inside and after the public allegations of trouble station that he developed drug problems erratic behavior and became a completely different. He was a great talent and it's just very sad to hear all of these things even after his death. You kind of hate that when when things come out like that actors stars. And alive and -- there there no way they can defend themselves and people short form that needed some. -- a lot of musicians making that this accent but. They're extremely their -- people called an entry eccentrics get bored yet because they're crazy talents now I think the -- -- cheesy meat and we know Kanye West is crazier elements. But. There's -- talk about cheesy and be bouncy little bit. Author Justin Timberlake the only normal most of -- arm out yeah it'll be possible in the top aren't normal people. And -- know it's hard to collective. -- Or four remember in this room. What about that -- normal people in entertain. We'll be right back stay with this financial on WW well. And we are continuing our trending in Jimmer we figured out some pretty normal people. You know he had to stop and think for second and a lot of them are in country music we have a Blake Shelton -- kind of normal. Reba McEntire which is your favorite right -- -- your rhetoric and -- -- about not country. How about Kelly Clarkson she's done a little country but she's more pop up again the source the first American Idol. Justin Timberlake I brought up before he was during normal got a lot of money got a lot of you know. His head's on straight. At what you've moved through that Michael -- blade who have so much fun of him so much fun in concert. Is refreshing ending. He is refreshing he and he's got a gorgeous voice yeah. It is an entertainer full entertainment. Some of the bands that are still together and and touring the eagles' Don Henley ain't. I think Joseph -- is not normal for a long deputies he settled down now they have kids and all the illegals are normal Glenn -- is comprised of a normal guy Def Leppard they've been around since the eighties early eighties. And they seem to be really altogether army we have some normal people also want our our listeners to know we talk about normal people are not just the bizarre. Health Tyson and that's good news is our center -- more and a trending that we may be number one. On yeah pro for. All focus. They do their projected rankings they did that one earlier last week about the teams just overall team. And that was the Seattle Seahawks they said overall they wore the best team the best team. This one they they did one on the offense who is projected as -- top offense in the NFL and they say this season. And number one it's a New Orleans Saints. And they say quote. This could be their most dangerous offense. Ever this year. The Denver Broncos ranked at number two basically on him on the strength of Peyton Manning being the quarterback. But. It was based on our quarterback running backs receivers and offensive line they each got a ranking. And when you add it all up they said the saints. Were the best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- let's just switch gears a little bit go to some serious news we're talking about to air strikes. You know the president is on vacation but that doesn't mean that the commander in chief is taking a break from ordering additional airstrikes and now not only is the US. Dropping bombs on the Islamic radicals who are trying to take over in. Iraq but now they're actually arming the on the opposition. So we're sending US military arms to the opposition to try and take up the ground positions to also help stop the progression. Of the militant of the militant Islamic in Iraq. And were opting. The businessmen such powerfully sad story. But they are literally tried to airlift some about the filling up helicopters -- well what's. Happening is when they're getting close enough to the ground to drop supplies that are -- climbing up the supply lines or if their landing planes that drop off supplies they're just company in the and because operation while they're starving and there in a position where they're really in no man's land. With no food no water and -- ago. So it's it's a humanitarian crisis now it's a country in upheaval that. The US is trying to at least stabilize. Particularly since we have two huge investment in Iraq the trillions that was spent destroying it rebuilding it. But the looming question is is this the beginning. Of another. US involved. War in Iraq another round right now all the president is insisting no it's just limited airstrikes. To achieve these specific goals to stabilize to protect US. Forces and citizens are US interest in Iraq. But there's actually no plan to send ground troops back into Iraq. But obviously the effort to train the Iraqis to defend themselves failed. And now we're having to provide more arms to the Iraqis to try and defend themselves. At some -- -- the question come up again doing Heath and US troops back in to stabilize around in the will be watching that. I was very happy to see that this people often say why that only the United States that sends its humanitarian aid in fact Britain has stepped up and they're dropping. Doing airdrops is what other countries via. Very quickly -- -- let's just talk about how great brand and cook once this first time. Well again he got his first a touchdown in the pre season 25 yard scamper caught the ball and -- alluded. The of the vendors -- very impressive and and was able to get into the end zone in you know overall the sings it well in the Europe pre season. Game Mark Ingram averaged. Ten point four yards per carry. Is that real I mean yes that's a real 90 it had. Happen but Kyra Robinson averaged four point six yards per carry Ingram had a 22 yard touchdown scamper where he ran hard broke a couple of tackles and and got through. No there were a lot of penalties in the game in and he talks about that are in our website but. There were a lot of penalties this whole first week in pre season because. The officials are calling things. Very strict stricter than they normally would for these first two weeks to get the guys ready for the regulars. Act like stay with this will be right back. Want to thank our trainer since they have -- that it Tommy Tucker we love you today FaceBook here you go in honor of shark week hold down shift in -- 9666. 96660. In the comments for nice surprise you got thirteen year old girl pages -- shut out gets her team that the Little League World Series we loved the girl on.