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8-11-14 2:10pm Angela: on animal issues

Aug 11, 2014|

Angela talks with Jacob Stroman and Ana Zorilla of the SPCA, Chris Beebe of PAWS, and SLVA president Dr. Amanda Perkins about animal issues during hurricane season.

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We talk so often of how far the world animal care has come in the last say thirty years in the New Orleans area. So many of the animal shelters have created modern humane shelters. Are being very creative in their efforts to minimize euthanasia. Through increased adoptions. And have built armies of supporters. But your miles to go. So it's good to have the generals and the humane movement with us to talk about what's next an animal welfare. Not only in shelters but in programs to help pet owners. So joining us today is and is a real president and CEO of the Louisiana SP CA. Jacob stroman president of the Jefferson SPC game. Chris BP executive director of the documents animal welfare society Paulus. And doctor Amanda Perkins president of the southeast Louisiana veterinary association. I swear I feel like I'm surrounded by great. If you are the heroes you truly are the heroes that day in day out worker people. We have a lot to talk about time we want talk about how we make sure that all of our pets are ready if god forbid her -- -- But I want all of our listeners to know that you have access for the next hour. Two people anybody you have a question for -- as -- wonderful veterinarian if you have the dog -- -- issues or journals or whatever. Certainly to our shelter people any issues 260187. I always feel like that you truly are you more than generals on the front line of of trying to do what's right tonight like to know from each of you. Where you're seeing great progress. So. At the Louisiana SP CA. We continue to focus on spay -- and on adoptions I mean those are really the two. Central. Programs and services that are so critical to be able to change the community in terms of just the number of animals out there. And we're just so fortunate we're in the middle of construction and we've got a new building that will be opening early 2015. And that will give us great capacity in terms of those two functions. Right now one of our biggest challenges is just meeting the community demand for services like spay -- Lots of folks out there. Are having great conversations about having their animals sterilized and we just need to make sure that there's plenty of services available that it's accessible and it's affordable. So that everyone can have their pets Spaniards I feel like we've made some great progress and answering questions in getting people to think about how important this is. I'm in the next big leap for us is being able to offer more of those services to the community and twenty cents on the new building is going to be specifically. Those medical services and to adoptions -- yet so there's actually four functions in the new facilities so we'll have a new adoption wing. And so state of the art real life cat dog rooms we'll have a space for a little critters so our bunnies and larger goals and hamsters now the other guys' -- at great location. I -- classroom spaces so we can expand our program specifically around dog obedience dog training. Summer camps kids' programs adult learning workshops. A new veterinary clinic so we're expanding our surgical capacity were actually tripling. Our surgical suites that we can continue to meet the community demand. And then offices so having that administrative space that we can provide the back of house services that keeps everything running. Well that's a very goodness very exciting -- What is happening. Well as you know Jefferson Parish she's a huge number animals we services to large area attempt to paris'. Surround you -- exactly so. We seem opt out -- and a thirteen thousand animals come -- our doors. Year round and where slowly seen and down -- and that number of troops in your initiatives like in Atlanta and and -- -- -- we're really proud of course being the -- and we work with the partner with veterinarians in the community so it feels great tennis and that money back into the community. And it it it puts clinics closer Cuba -- areas where there's a greater -- first thing -- there. It and you are attributing the few of them. Fewer animals coming in to Spain and -- hasn't been a great past number. Down tech just yet that we're we're certainly feel -- and where we are are reaching out. And different -- him community members through. Door to door campaigns and and and having positive messaging. Campaigns verses that hand in your face right approach it doesn't -- you know doesn't work. No it doesn't work your Harbaugh human being if you don't get to know it doesn't work it's it's exactly what both of you saying. It's getting people finally have that conversation. And it is a victory Jefferson has done a phenomenal job with their voucher program and so again. Making it affordable and accessible. For anyone to have that service regardless of income and so great kudos to Jake and and -- and then all of the guys over the -- Jefferson. For really putting some emphasis on. Getting funds re directed to spay -- through their licensing what is what is the price. In Jefferson. To have a dog fixed him fifty dollars for any dog no matter the weight focus on -- Jeffers a resident you can find -- -- such advertise BC dot org. I'm guessing that's a really great price and if it's a -- -- very. I'm all you do is -- pick up about -- at the east or West Bank shelter. And you schedule your appointment and -- participating clinics -- -- easy. What about feral cats don't you have a program for Ferrell did you and it's completely free that the cat is an attempt attack -- -- -- easily for. The public that the cat is fixed and it they also get a rabies vaccination. And -- SP CA Louisiana has -- heavy free. Feral -- program we occasionally do it depends on grant funding so we have some zip code specific initiatives based on. Large numbers of cats coming in we've had some similar. Funding for pimples from time to time it just depends we do. Raise a lot of money to subsidized spay neuter for low income more fixed income individuals and so we always encourage people to call us. At 3681333. And talked to one of our staff members. If they have financial need. And are interested in spay -- we wanna help make it happen so whether that's through dedicated grant dollars or other kinds of subsidy programs if you live in Orleans parish. We really wanna see that those -- cats as well as those cats and dogs in your home. Are spayed or neutered if a person does and does a fair look at them and what is the price should charge so it's 25 dollars for a Ferrell had and again they do have their -- tipped and there are vaccinated for rabies. Owned cats are forty and then dogs. Are between 75 and a hundred depending on the size of the dog but again that's just the full fee -- We -- discount and we to reduce the fees based on different grant programs or. Different eligibility requirements can. I'm moving over to Chris baby -- and pause wonderful plug them into animal welfare. How are you all doing over there or. Really doing well. We've spent the last year rebuilding and recouping from. Some of the things that have happened some in the past and we were getting our strength back or stable. And or are beginning to build on stronger foundation. As far as spay and neuter program on journalists that show -- those were in the process of we've submitted for some grants and we hope to have that soon. One of the things that we've done over the past year which I think is is really outstanding is we focused on building a relationship with animal control which is where our animals come from and last year. The euthanasia rate at in plaque -- was 300 which isn't big compared to the other -- I'm sure but were very small parish and not this year through the month of 5 June. Only 26 animals were euthanized and so we've made some significant impact into that area. We've done a lot of assistance stabilize scene of the shelter and and building a stronger team. We've got some staff members that have been a huge impact in the -- area. And as well as our dogs and and more excited about I just -- In erupting just I guess we did programs on it you had the unfortunate thing where someone an who was your manager was taking money allegedly taking money. And that did it sort of knocked everybody to their knees that's why it's such a victory pitcher back up and year you're doing great things. Yeah we actually we're not sure if we're going to be open past November last year and we did an outreach to the community and a very short period of time. The community step forward and we raised over a 100000 dollars through a variety of different things which helped us to stabilize and it was really overwhelming. Amount of people that came forward and on the support that. We well we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back camera gonna talk to the good veterinarians sitting here about issue she may be facing right after this. Will we are back with the people like called the generals in the battle for animal care. And that is up with the Louisiana SPC -- -- with the Jefferson SP CA -- stroman from pause -- and general welfare society -- being. And we have doctor Amanda Perkins who -- president of the southeast Louisiana veterinary association. She's also the owner of the cat practice over in Metairie. And I'd like to ask doctor Perkins. Issues that you might be seen that have gotten better or or have gotten worse -- other. Lot changes pattern at last. -- has. Seen a lot more our patients. Eighty meters. There might. It's his adjustment. To pay his rent. Them. See. Still points. They're -- care. And there are programs like yes peace day. The -- Connection. As president southeast. Asian. -- -- -- -- -- -- There are programs at its actors. And -- Spain meter -- culture. And audiences. I think it is. Adjusting to changes. In. All -- with the rescue organizations as well. In reality -- Spain -- that larger percentage. Of most ordinary practices. On the practice on over cat hospital -- Are there specific -- medical issues. Personally I. Stay. Certainly. Basis. That should. Perhaps. Or. Maybe it anymore. People. To. Support the efforts of the -- bringing. Well the air pets. Here reducing -- each. Aspects that behavioral issues. Orders for. Which the -- he's working. Let's talk about the the medical end of it as long as the go to cinema to because. -- bush is well do I really have to get the shots every year why do we need them and it's very important all of our pats a particularly cats and dogs as well I'll speak about are susceptible to infectious disease. Vaccinations are necessary to essentially teach the immune system to recognize any bacteria and viruses that are pats will get. And in the case felines. I get that call -- my cats indoors only why don't need to -- and it. But for rabies vaccination that's essential that is a public health issue and that is legally required for. All hats. If an animal had rabies for some reason. Got it from wild animal in the household. And a person particularly a child on they are the most susceptible to it Brady's as a 100% fatal disease. In our country because -- so good acts and meeting against rabies we've rarely see people contracted. You look at Third World countries in Asia and Africa and up to 55000. People die every year for rabies which is a preventable disease because they don't have good vaccination programs like we do in the states. And act bring my own personal story -- at indoor only cats at -- got into -- when we are going to sleep one night. My cats chased it around and and I was able to track that back. And had it tested for rabies and it was positive for rabies and user similar attack as it does happen you know I do I -- name my pets yes. As far as other infectious diseases. You know you look at puppies and dogs you know the most familiar. Infectious disease that people are aware is part of Harris and that is extremely contagious extremely fatal. Poppies need a series of vaccines to ensure their protection and they need that protection as there older animals as well. If your dog goes outside goes to a dog park isn't any contact with. You know any dogs at all or -- there waste they can potentially get those diseases. -- as well that are indoor only why does my cat need an upper respiratory acts. Cats are very commonly contracted that disease and the vaccine doesn't prevent them from catching it that prevents them from. Getting a really severe form. Breast respiratory virus so. Now very very important as it is I am looking at all -- because ultimately if we do have another hurricane which hopefully we won't but if we do you all going to be. Want to get on the front -- relaunch of helping people get their animals move which is why the microchip is so meaningful so critical and actually out just. Go back to a second per second to the vaccinations. When you evacuate. If you have to go board your animals anywhere. You have to have records of your immunizations. Whether you're going to groom your pets any kind of -- service you have to have that records are right now. Is the time is national immunization among them if they're great just annual reminder it's back to school put it on your calendar makes for your pet is current on their shots. Because should something pop up in the in the gulf. And we have to move quickly. You know your veterinarian is going to be dealing with their clients that you know we're scheduled that day they may not be able to stop and get all the extra records that you need to be able to evacuate safely. But that microchip as you mentioned is such a critical piece. Not only for an evacuation which. Animals get scared you know they're in a car you might be driving for allows it opens the door the animal pops out. But just in the city I can't tell you how many animals coming in Louisiana as BCA. Clearly have to have an owner groomed sweet nice animals. No microchip or they have a microchip but it was never updated with the owners' current information. And there's no way we confined to those owners it's not a GPS it's not a tracking device if the owner doesn't update their information. It's useless and so we have owners commend all the time disable my -- had a collar and attack. I thought that was enough you know they had their freebies license isn't that all they need. The -- can come off the collar can come off that microchip is the only permanent identification so. I we just can't stress enough. How critically important is it is one of the few ways that we get animals back to their owners did I hear correctly that you have reunited 400 -- The host of the Mike because of the microchip while and so and I can tell you less than twenty. From any other form of identification so and I. And microchip is what gets animals home Jacob do a -- concur with that in Jefferson. Who I wouldn't and it's quite interesting to it to know patently lately we've been looking know a lot of information for Ehrlich lost and found -- upon you find your lost pet especially cats. On every cat make it displays for different reason there's like eight different. Types of cats one that might be more personable and come -- back up but it. If a neighbor's dog chases that it's gonna -- differ few weeks well it as a pet owner -- a cat owner. Emotionally you might need to move on and at some point in just tell yourself a whatever you need to tell yourself -- we see that. All the time these cats can and they're perfectly healthy and -- have some order collar on an Arctic slaughter whatever it is and we -- these -- -- -- spent. People move on and me they give up so. There's a lot of good resource out there and how to fine year how to find your hat nine and the missing pet partnership dot com that's incredible website and how to help you. I find your lost pet if you do. And attack looser. Stay with us everyone -- take a break go to the newsroom but we're going to be back talking to mark. Animal friends right after this I'm Angela under the W well. Well we're talking with just some wonderful animal leaders and our community and we got a call Scott you had a question. -- And I'm actually -- -- dolce and I had a couple of first the ball that. I came and -- -- like or what you female. Erekat. -- We need to do what war financially and cable well I'll have Olympics so. I'm not sure of that couple. These people work with Alter -- But anyway we ought to go pick up our -- Erekat. And they came back -- the next day after the six. And about a month later the older. Female cat when entry. And it will hopeful in -- -- cycle. So I contacted the people. That. -- initial. And long story short they came back and pick up the cat. There so called exploratory surgery. Well send them -- Marquette has had two surgeries. And is -- traumatize and it still going into. A so called heat cycle every. Six to eight weeks. So. Make people concerned. Would be free you know people or it's just so you know. Something happened. But. Maybe the could veterinarian -- here doctrine and a I think that does happen. I think it's fairly rare this year. Katz is -- -- meters. Spain particulars we. From the local shelters and Mary Lacey does come at once -- At -- Q repeat surgeries on. -- had an ovarian ran its. Mean two surgeries mean it still could be a possibility -- that there may still be some Mary and issue them. And add that that is an unusual -- certainly -- me. Congenital differences that surely the typical spades. On. Says well you know. I think that's not typical thing you know lightning. -- -- caught like. Either surgery you know. But he trying to -- the -- older female. And com. It's that. Europe are -- there every. And two or or threes are anyway -- female thing. Because now the one. The troubles she's still about the same size. She never really well on any additional as people were suspect. They have -- you know greater neutered. And it's concerning and -- Animal back through another exploratory. Surgery. You know without -- -- don't like I've just been dealing you know. Me now and then and scratch and that dole or you know just the people. As if she's not you know space so. Anyway I like that it's there and we're very fortunate that -- bachelor. And calm maybe maybe it's been you know rarely happened it's happened to follow. Yeah I would agree I mean this can happen to view. Excellent veterinarians -- as PC I do mean they're they're in high quality surgeries but it very efficiently. It is disease happens then has to do via private practitioner as wells I think that is unusual. Or you know I mean. He is spade she cannot get pregnant and Britain's entry of a population. -- is potentially stressful presidency and -- heat cycles. And not demanded to ever have those behaviors without having. Two -- and then there are other abilities and psychological issues. I need some behavioral issues involved in an usual for it she still lives outside her acts. Mean there you know there could be some behavioral issues at the hands on. Behavior is true anti stress or -- behaviors. -- there are some other possibilities there on anyone uses -- Warm and green you know there's -- in house news. Transparently. Captain in -- that it is. And there could be other in more than usual and current diseases. Well. We wait we likes indulging and we were fortunate that neighbor. Would there be a contributor to all name at all and Angela. My. -- her black. And anyway. She -- -- you know you have that the insert reduction act are registered nurse by trade. And -- you know upper thigh and -- beat beat all community. And com social recommended you know. Each other singing. My cat and -- like they should get critics. Alike yet she'd -- and you know what during the second there instill that out column. But the but definitely displayed so. She got different means that aren't an issue right after her uterus is gone but she may still have an ovarian ran there -- -- me because it's -- our wonderful to collar really appreciate it. Kelly I want you to hold on -- take a quick break we'll be right back. Well it's all about animal care and the people who have taken -- so far in the last 1020 years phenomenal. Let's go to war caller Kelly in New Orleans killing. I am not much for taking my column Asia -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My best friend for years and eat what I meant with Adams and -- and just before Easter I can make these very heartbreaking to Beijing -- and now. And my question three channel is is that the current. And then -- cancer screening he's been very healthy active and are all of his. Take better care and that it would take care and I'll look at and done he mapping effort showed up on -- what more -- I just noticed. A little knock on child one day and and it was an incident came -- later he would call. -- -- -- Moment ten years first of all they -- do you and your care and I'm just I'm very sorry I'm I'm I'm happy to hear you say he was just such a wonderful doctors. -- -- but what is that she's asking a very good question here better. Yes definitely. There aren't veterinary oncologists use specialize. In and in this area treatment. And and there are. Places that raise money for cancer research and meal once I'm familiar with and you'd donate new Morse animal foundation. Also we and feline foundation as well. And and I think. And whenever I have to make that terrible tightness of cancer and shocked many people but it's actually the number one guys and our hats. Right high -- and the reason is because Lee did -- take such good care keeping up with their vaccines bring an incident that every year. Keeping up with their howl excellent nutrition and you know they -- to an age where there elderly and cancers diseases are more likely to pop up. And and Anders pain just like -- human medicine either so many varieties of cancer. He answered dozens you know follow a specific pathways in the way right as and it does it ones. He may not find anything and that -- screen. You know especially you know bone cancer there you know as disease advances there are some things NC. The -- hostages are home match and that's what's your dog he had that's that's a terrible disease in depth and real aggressive I mean that gamers doubled and write about every week against Minnesota on his or bonus shots Julia yeah now. But on yet but they're definitely our groups that are working on that. Veterinary teaching hospitals that have oncology programs there are being excellent oncologists out there. That provide basically human great care. And a lot of oncology research and and veterinary medicine. They're better able to get funding if it's if there's a human analogue it so you know like breast cancer in humans is very similar to. Breast cancer in animals so you might get more you know funds going toward that research. Verses something that's more specific to pats that beat it doesn't happen he a human medical. Counterpart to it so but the -- but I definitely think. It's much better as far as. Advances in oncology and veterinary medicine. I was just shocked because I mean I look at my patent that no money no object like what are bad and he basically told me that they are not. We did you mention it. You certainly in. -- and another but there it is now. -- I would get the eyes that they -- era now India on it got me wondering about the research and funding for concerns are what -- available at pet owners out there are screening. And I know that it L issues they -- because I've actually news stories for years ago when they built there. There oncology center in hand and took it's fun not just like for humans right around the room and how they did irradiation irradiation plants area. Treatment and and there are EL SU's excellence that our local colleges here yet. Runs he can always seek second opinions and it is a wonderful thing that is available to tease them partners. Kelly I think you Burberry -- you know -- coming from listening. Before we run and it's time and just some final thoughts a phone numbers have -- -- you can re. Still Louisiana as BCA -- 363. Thirteen 33. That is our community clinic number. We do have a wellness program that's very limited to we only do vaccinations microchip thing. Very very basic kinds of services to keep animals healthy. And answer questions about spay neuter. And then we also do public spay neuter -- there's no geographic limitations so whether your plaque humans Jefferson Orleans Saint Bernard. We can set you up with an appointment. In Orleans parish. We also have additional subsidy. Funds and depending on your situation we might even be able to coordinate transportation if that's the challenge Asia tickets you know specifically for some of the senior members of our community that don't drive you know public transportation's. Not always -- option when you're trying to move your -- your dog for an appointment. And then and the Ferrell kept thing is just when you get grant money Ferrell can only get grant money we do you have -- phenomenal woman on our staff Heather read me who. Is doing tremendous work in the community training people how to. Trapped feral cats really working with some colonies. Doing some great mediation to solve problems and keep cats in the community. And not bringing them into the shelters we've learned so much about the benefits of cats in the community but they have to be spayed or neutered yes they're very important. But Jacob you have a big gov pat us on this weekend. We do and -- summertime it's perfect time again your pet for your family so Saturday will be -- Jefferson's feet from eleven to three and all. Pets are 67 dollars currently all of their vaccinations and medical needs so I come join -- C got the kids in school it's time to get at a time yeah I don't -- and I heard Jefferson and documents in Orleans when you adopt T do you get the gift of insurance. So your -- for the first thirty days is covered on anything that's not been diagnosed prior to adoption. There is a deductible but you can go to any private veterinarian. And if your dog or cat has the sniffles as. You know some Tommy ups something on their skin that wasn't noticed before adoption you've got this -- safety net. And we want people to go to their private veterinarian go to. You know whether it's the cat practice there so many great clinics all over the region there are one you want people don't get their animals checked out. And over there in platinum and spare -- to think about heart. Norms yes we are thinking about -- or arms and wanting to encourage people to remember that they do need to give their animals heart or preventative. Every month and that one mosquito bite can contract heart warm for a dog -- just takes one and it's so heartbreaking when it happens it is harper -- him once they've -- or wants if they get it again it's it can be devastating for them. You all of the absolute best and I mean that from the heart I really do I can't thank you enough doctor Amanda Perkins. Answering all of our questions but. Telling us we need to get those shots done and yes absolutely yes and is a relic crispy -- and of course Jacobs stroman. Continue the good fight you're making a difference and stay what is everyone we'll be right back. Love those animal people in the people who called in love their animals. We're gonna do big shift stay with this we're going to be talking about big issues in plaque -- in Jefferson on the West Bank it's called coal.