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8-11 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 11, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby recap today’s Saints training camp and Friday’s preseason opener and win against the St. Louis Rams and listen to Saints Player Aikem Hicks address the media earlier today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcoming our over to a sports talk here on Saints radio WW LAM Anthony WWL dot com along with Bobby bare the KG cannot Kristian -- phone lines why don't point 260. 187 Neitzel three. 8668890. Late seventies. Cubs get to this hour at a -- all the -- any video. It's all lines for you at WL dot com about Tennessee football another funny one problem any Brothers Eli and Peyton. It's fun and finally I presume that they DirecTV. As DirecTV and in a preview Tennessee football. Bobby you made happy at the physical ball certainly Q -- is yes I am we have a blast with it up. I can't give any -- a fantasy football allies that that makes him well yeah. I mean I know who could put up numbers and McCain I mean you know where -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- I don't know. Maybe letting it all the more bored. Them I think -- football right now I mean I know who. Who do you value picks go to speak you know when you look at the round at all in -- who you wanted to team -- who's who's actually become -- of fantasy football first round pick. His point coats who aren't out that's a Santo on the on the to me. On the low end. I'd be surprised if he -- -- -- -- Yeah you consider a rookie I mean. Mean you know his contributions so you have to say the ceremony. Receptions. You have to look at. Drew Brees and the Saints offense now you know was it -- interest -- It's his pro football -- you know I'm being pro football -- Design ability Patriots ended the gala -- at the -- They have right now when you look at the skill position running back. Wide receiver and quarterback. The Saints are no more Dolphins and NFL through Tyreke. Not yet -- the whole running back corps -- -- whole receiving corps but they are number one. -- ahead of the chronicles that Peyton Manning. You look at the Broncos all the records they set. We got the big advantage over them with -- running back position. You know Monte ball and all that and and and -- look at the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. No our our receiving corps. It Wear red because the projection of branding coat no we're noble one. So I think fantasy. Participants. Realized that as far as far as the weapons sure when you look at what we have a quarterback. Now you know they put their -- that Peyton Manning above Drew Brees. But where we're at. We got the lead on them with a wide receivers and the running back package. 2601878. All free 866 city 9087. Yeah party jaguar of people on line for yet. At WL outcome who do you want to win the job as the state senator temple Lito. Or Jonathan Goodwin and obviously it's -- there is the best. For the team right now 64% saying -- think it would 36%. Say -- -- cast your vote at. W do well like Tom or calls at 260 point seven lethal 3866890817. Body. John it would Toledo still alternately. Yes had a target in fifty deal it the first hour it was a 5050 -- Yep and out and I could see why all of a sudden cooling goes -- -- why did you -- in the league. That experience. Skins on the wall is also part of that note I'd give it UT all of my camp is it is the Ruble team and in. Let's look with the success here but the 49ers. Sami and theory you with the young got a workout it going to be an insurance policy. But all -- know -- you can never have problems with -- that. Now. Whether it's Drew Brees though right -- A Luke -- -- economic and this and you gotta be hit that indicate he. Okay we matters that Sammy got ninety got a hundred. Though is that once that that you don't have success thank -- -- -- game you gotta be a 100%. And and I think similarly to those very capable. I think the one advantage -- say it was an upgrade over bright yellow went camping bright -- Wednesday is an NFL player. But at times he got manhandled the -- overpowered. I think particularly to has more sound base or foundation. But it -- he does it John I think Dillon has accomplished. In the NFL you see that jury's still out. And I think and and I think Tim Alito. Is has a very promising career. But as of right now it's a learning process that the -- it then and let's put it this way. -- or trust coach Peyton and what they do offensively. And that's a line coach guys things that -- -- line. -- just talked quite -- -- he had eagles' coaching a couple of that they are putting. They kind of in their outcome we wanna is that bowels of the role that he hoped you. I hope he works out -- I know they put it that guy in there that they are confident. That it is is the starter so with that being said. Phil is the starter. I'm totally comfortable at that. And if -- -- -- the start of totally comfortable with that I think it is that close. Now. Now would you want to -- Toyota had a few does when the job. To have a long prolific career. Like it Jonathan go. Because all of a sudden. That you -- editor. 445 years in the and you look at Drew Brees is Corey iron you have that. That camaraderie Annika aside the right -- carotid the chemistry -- that -- -- cohesive as a team the quarterback in this thinner. We needed that has to be developed. And one on the practice go to ultimately won in pre season games. And I actually game experience now you think about it. To show you how NFL Lisbon get the opportunity you take advantage of it. When you think of bright -- went today. We were all concerned because he came into the game in a real game. It was a little development. And Angela developmental phase he was thrown to the -- in a real game and he developed and that season became that the greatest -- -- -- Instead record now I doubt that there Olin Kreutz and yet all recruits because don't wanna play no more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because his left Goran is right guard to help him feel confident that even though he was sort of a regular season. He's Bobby -- crushing Derrick this is sports talk to 601878038668890. Early Tiffany if you haven't seen this video. Is rap video promoting Tennessee football from the -- Eli and Peyton Manning or even Archie in the makes you got to check it out it's all long lines for yet. At Debbie -- we will dot com it's DirecTV and check it out again the sports talk he's Bobby and Christian is -- have you LA anathema -- I -- back to sports -- the cajun cannon Bobby there Kristian -- here on WL Berrian Okaloosa. You're on W year old Bobby -- our argument. On blowing good this and I'm I'm a better. Look -- about the -- -- they've got to rebuild -- to bowl people. The break -- -- Chicago weird. Outside the field and the weather conditions forgotten factor at the what that was when you go -- Bob. Patricia let's put them hang up when you look more wet conditions. On what the record concentration that it also think that again. Both I think yeah the I'd -- disabled. You know you're in training camp and realistically again they have not had a bad practice or -- practice whatever you want to describe it or like atlas there. So and it is human nature that -- -- that a that a medal. You know like -- in day out so I think it was a combination of you know that an outstanding practice -- tell you played the game Friday night on Sunday it the practice was outstanding. So then I don't know if you read on your laurels. But you gotta pay attention to the hill club. You don't -- your senator quarterback I mean. You can't have a positive plays you don't hit the center quarterback yeah change now with that being said. And I think as a fan and you'd definitely would -- with this is that acceptable. On the stadium inclement weather in Chicago. Middle these -- all right Pittsburgh who -- this September the mean the weather could be perfect in Cleveland. But in this state is reigning UK fumble. Three or four snaps so with that being said. -- Sean Payton was holding him accountable and he was irritated. And and if it was an acceptable but it was a like every one. Toll struggle. Like we said they're just brought two guys out there -- -- Tim -- kicker. I mean he wasn't fazed by the whether he was very acrid -- -- -- Kate. And then also -- -- -- -- -- I guarantee is price in this kind of weather and -- before -- -- balance. If you get I university -- an -- the players yeah the price in these conditions before and they definitely were not affected. 260187. Neitzel 3866890. -- and also would you like it dislike. From. The pre season opener against. The -- programs. Is -- so -- have Neitzel 3866 that it nine. There awaits a real solid -- on an 8787 es body there. I'm Kristian -- this sport Buckingham nicks coming up next big over 76 for the All Saints keep Knicks have whale of a training camp. Spoke to the media earlier today affairs sloppy practices coach Sean Payton described a bit of flat practice for the Saints but. Number 76 at Phoenix addresses the media earlier today it was. So it came out at -- did the film. I mean obviously the average birthday approaching that no one. Considering they've they ran the ball. We don't get that film. But loses a step of establishing a month at the defense you know they won't be a hard hitting aggressive defense. And yet to play with that team if you play right so they're gonna run the ball we got to play the -- That I try to sit back and tossed around. We've got to play that you know and you know. We felt like -- with solid we've established in the couple we want to do out there that did not. I keep today. I guess. Live through was this actually comes from the -- -- 31 short yardage. Well played. We don't prepare for -- -- they would go and live now not just. Open and actually trying to ignore it I think. You don't drink and get prepared just about anything right to like get the depth right to read it 100 you know it's just something you got to be ready to do that episode. Now that you don't speak and looks like. The one thing that you don't know gritty style. And had success towards the latter -- but as the dynamite -- Miguel. Take 31. Well towards goal line. That we have to be sound that's been. You really get a reputation as a stout defense and stop those situations. Oh definitely you're you're really setting the tempo for your defense throughout the year when you have those I think with my rookie year two years ago win we played against Tampa and we stopped them short nor does that really give us the boost to get our record just a little bit of we've we're -- -- a bit of a -- during that time -- go to me. And so that really just established its kind of a defense that mentality that that no matter what the gifts as we can we can present it. -- about Corey white. He doesn't play. We've always been an expert they gave me you know we haven't been that almost like with an athletic guy very competitive depth at that that nature bodily but like. Compete for any ball in the air and he's just a great athlete. Yeah. I'm not too much I mean you know course it kind of guy so you know you you really let him do what he wants to do but nobody likes the -- Absolutely not but I did work out. And the display your dad Bos -- home and home runs. I guess how much did that help -- as you line going against that open line everyday players. Keep Bob being my favorite media personality but so anyway it definitely -- but -- get -- -- in -- -- -- so. Of course of course. It. Well -- yeah. No big surprises you always. You -- feel like. The same way on defense. All I let go. What we want to debate as a deep but just like a thing or do what we want that to be a result we want that to be. We -- want to be dumping him and he got the entire time but out with a bruise on it was definitely. It was a -- practice in the stuff that we're gonna have to bounce back from tomorrow is going to be which is not unlikely during camp -- you have those days were guys that perform like they want to even though that. But -- who is there. But -- -- don't expect tomorrow to do better. This game is good wrap this. -- That's good I mean military image but just the -- it looked liberated -- -- kids read -- favourite to about. Do you really you've played through. -- -- -- -- -- They have a weather and. It seemed like some people thrive. It kind of goes like you know we we definitely have the weather in the dome and go to -- whether it's the crowd noise there air conditioning you know -- we have that we're able to the summit of the domes and those that don't miss that you know. Now you have to combat note after the it gave him at all. Oh yeah great hands very athletic. What you want from our that it might be -- growth European. Our program that you did not even. Good. Let's -- that was expected for the got to suit what you know it means it's not that that I'm not -- to that magnitude of so -- at that level it -- within them that ability to do it. Even when I have great result -- -- came to do it. It felt it was so you want. Not one that it will that it -- -- what we are you guys -- -- it's sort of -- a developing and I like it -- about them the only thing I do do more to it. Seriously though. I think that the Atlanta or the black is the truth is that really you you're back and play. Yeah ambivalent about the matter and you definitely go back rest. No but I it's gonna graders are better than red they've been nothing but hospitable. You know it's it's nice to actually get away for a little bit hit and and have a different surrounding. But yeah definitely do it but yeah market well it. Obviously you could have -- -- It. Now. That you've gotten where you are happy. This. But -- There's actually funny the Toronto organized with the ones that wanted to -- play when island they'll issue -- you -- was so. It was a I've said that I had to I'd go back to school get my degree and all that other stuff that I use. It's going to be great to me but it is it. The only people felt that at the very -- It it it's. -- Those really important it was it was something that I wanted to do with -- one of my college experience you know and that's. That's why I chose to go back to school even -- wasn't Regina the schedule which. I'd never heard of what was there and it was. It was worth it. Saints defensive tackle at Phoenix -- it's -- key -- well and played inside and outside. During practice she's looked. Outstanding. So at least -- -- body Bears take on a team makes Kona that that is this is sports talk on WL him that haven't outcome. I -- while along here on sports talk. The -- cannon Bobby there Kristian -- next hour you'll hear from. Saints coach Sean Payton. Along with Corey white who slashed at times. Natalie that quarterback spot also working a little bit safety. In your phone calls at 260187. Lethal 386689. It's doing it's only. -- -- -- And operated jaguar people on line at W elect Tom who do you want to win the job as the Saints and -- -- Or Jonathan doing -- to vote right there -- that we do know like Tom or calls at 2601870. Till 3866. 890 -- of the this is sports talk right here on -- radio. WLA -- -- QB well now.

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