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8-11 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 11, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby recap today’s Saints training camp and Friday’s preseason opener and win against the St. Louis Rams and listen to Saint’s Coach Sean Payton address the media earlier today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roll right along here supervise our number three of sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby there aren't crushing -- phone lines let them Wear it to 601870 -- -- 86 exit eight ninths who recently sentenced Bobby which is hurt in the CBS up the argues that. Actor comedian Robin Williams didn't commit suicide. Both. That is truly shocking end. And I don't know how you handle your personal problems. What comes about if you get to that point. And that that is very discouraging. Christian because. It. He wasn't about debris comedian. The break immediately he had so that's abuse problems. Yeah he was animals who -- Individuals. That I've ever known as followers. Impromptu -- is forced to come -- with -- so me come home when -- that down and it down. I mean it that that's depressing. As far as to say the least. You know and when I think event because you think. Someone can handle no matter what situation -- and you have to beat down and out to get to that point. And -- dealt with that before. I tell you that before. For personally experienced some back in 1990 with my sister. You know I was only in an ambulance. -- than her and that that the B you know part of that and you know that was here -- play in. I don't know it was divine intervention whatever but I would have been hard pressed to built to handle everything in the NFL. Have to deal you know we -- a problem with my sister salon. No it's. It's crazy few -- Tonight doubtfire and -- that's one of the things that we remember about -- waves along what -- can mean the right. I mean he has it in and just stand up and and just an individual interview with the young David Letterman or those -- chills. Know that that we told me that I I was definitely shocked yeah and kind of bummed out. I don't personally know probably is that youth or vehement. That that that is that that is truly a sad day. And it just shows you I guess mental illness. And today's sixty that worried about well he was 63. Well Christen. Hopefully. As I progress in years that I ever get to that point and then I'll call you and or someone you know he get he -- an -- you think about it it's like you're that down and out do you feel like it's hopeless. I mean you have to have someone to -- a Poland. And to go to go forward. And you and you just never know. I just never know -- cannot see that light at the end of the tunnel and -- hopefully. Anyone been struggling with that it never gives that a point. 260187. Neitzel 3866 city 90 it's evident that we have a lot of Robin Williams fans out there. Your favorite Robin Williams moment whether it's Morton mean the year. What is it. It's right deeply tootsie. Well this that this thing isn't out and he played as good as they thought they are right now ABC -- his standup comic bits and he admitted to this. And I'm Michael -- -- this habit of some the most outrageous though was that him when he was influenced by cocaine. Socialists so what is that talent. That it didn't matter if you reach those highs you ought to only gonna get to the lows. But -- might -- that that this is truly unbelievable so that's. Against teaching everyone lessons yeah you know what you're dealing with his -- substance abuse so. Mean. I mean is that it's a tragic situation and very sad. You know to say -- -- And Alou and off topic from the Saints that global bullet. Well this is one that he was everywhere and he probably yet he was a big sports -- anyway. Yeah you know so that's one that it's fitting. In this in this conversation that's for sure. We come back we'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton also advocating Candace take on this one of that by committee this extra point Pierre Thomas back on the practice field they witnessed defeated. You know Chris had a along those lines running by -- by committee is. 32 teams is not a 100% everyone does that. When you have the likes of Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles with the Chiefs. Had an x.s than he's in the USA today to talk about. And Andy Reid it doesn't necessarily have to be running back by committee. If you have a guy at a computer all do it -- you don't wanna Wear him down who talk about that after the break. He's Bobby there -- Kristian -- the sports -- Saints coach Sean Payton coming up next here on W relative estimate that come. Along with a cajun cannon Bobby bear -- crushing Garrick. 260187. Neitzel 386689087. -- just turn their from CBS news' Robin Williams actor comedian. Dead at the age of 63. Certainly some sad news Morton -- -- The mind. Mrs. doubtfire comes to mind what a talented talented guy and it wasn't it was so it wasn't. Robin Williams and it makes up with -- that was another of the Dallas that guy played great mission. Yeah it's. -- reasoning. -- Not out Mateen and all that no matter right. Just the -- Dustin Johnson that's it that's against the but it. But anyway yeah shifting gears to the Saints running back position is one by committee Pierre Thomas back on the practice field today -- after missing a couple of days yet to -- today you have Kerry Robinson you -- Thomas and Mark Ingram. Yes now I don't know. If Sean Payton whenever changes ways. If he had Adrian Peterson. Are if he had a Jamaal Charles. And when you look at to any at 32 teams that should say. Adam not everyone -- have the same formula but I think the majority is more. A by committee. Then dealing with the individual. And every dollar as far as us that now you look at it and and that's why I take this approach there is more. Specialist nation than ever within NFL offenses and you know teams are wary of the you know it just become reliant on a traditional work cars. Fall three down that that guy ever gets hurt. That you kind of in a bind if you countered on a one guy. Although three downs but. Some individual running backs are capable of handling. That stress and and and and the strain on your body you're in Euro. And Jamaal Charles is one of those now -- -- that's the obvious that we made today repeated that but also. Shady McCoy LeSean McCoy. Now that they got Darren Sproles but he's also an individual. That gets a lot of Texas when you look at us now only rushing attempt. But it's also. You know as a pass receiver running back for instance. You look at Jamaal Charles. Last season and hit 2329. Touches. Georgia 59 carries -- right and at thirteen hundred yards. But he had 700 I mean I he had seventy catches this it's aimed at 700. Seventy catches right and a 700 yards and he had nineteen. Total touchdowns. Not to show you how the game has changed. When you go back to old school Tampa Bay Buccaneers teams while there. From the Missouri Tigers. Now he said the single season record. In 1984. Now is playing in the USFL at that time and I just started nineteen 83 great. He had 400. And 92. Touches now you think about it. For almost five -- touches. And Jamaal Charles that was considered a lot when last seen -- hit 329. So that's only nobody trains in the human capabilities. I mean it is different because. -- human. You know running backs like -- James while there have been able to touch the ball almost five urgent task at times honestly say. But I time he reached thirty years they'll like you're an old man. The football but when you look at last year LeSean McCoy shady McCoy. Compared it to Molitor all is -- a three -- to deny touches he had 300. And 66. Now if you look at the Philadelphia Eagles. That that was the lowest total. In -- nothing about this other league has transpired. Those three meters 66 touches. That was the lowest total in the league since 1990. So it just goes to show you an and this statement is so true. That there is more special is -- than -- within the NFL offenses. And teams are wary becoming relying on a traditional work courses. Fall three down -- -- committee. Would be considered a pass receiving and running back wed be like marking of a first down where cars are. -- Ramos didn't he just does not at -- happened. When you have every down per second third down being the same running back now. I thought this is in his -- it is skill set but Jamaal Charles against like Adrian Peterson. Alex Smith at quarterback for the Chiefs at. Bottom line is whether he's started yardage. We'll let that we goal line. Jamaal Charles is a so -- best player so why would we have them. You know in the game now he and in and a Alex -- on Tuesday he's who you -- out there. It's crazy that he can handle all of those situations. -- but he can't. And I appreciate Andy Reid in the chiefs' organization. For rewarding a guy like Jamaal Charles because. I love it when players which -- the ball and he produced. In and I think therefore you should reward -- we'll look at Jamaal Charles. Hit them getting a contract extension with two years remaining. Given a four point four million race. In 2014. As part of a new four year deal. Worked 48 million that keeps him among the NFL's highest paid back to -- sees them too. And you'll make eight point three million this season they have no problem. Would -- in the guys separate news. And Jamaal Charles is one of those guys that he is the exception. Where most teams -- Duke by committee. The Chiefs witnessed first second or third down they utilized in Jamaal Charles in all situations whether. It's first down short yardage on the goal line that we all -- statement on the -- productive Jamaal Charles can beat. When all's said and done to fall to the -- line as we go sprout and Skinner wants to Buffalo but air the lord your on WLQ. Sprout. Beating guys cannot question you heard much about amenity -- another fullback batter which means -- -- -- -- but. That was more a question that is which is stats and actually it. Bomb it based on their talent level what do you think the offense I mean I was sitting at fullback in there at the note typically going to be -- in -- played -- When it might carding a statement it will do so much more special with the goal line because I'll. They've got a actuary about that fullback on on the flat or us. Well -- glory has undisclosed injury that were not. Necessarily aware of Sean -- again does not address and kind of injuries but he did signed fullback Greg Jones who. You'll hear Sean Payton talk about here after the news headlines. Eleven year veteran played with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. But err lord we don't know exactly. With the injury is there in Austin Johnson right now body. Well if you look Austin Johnson. He's at a Tennessee. Six with 2240 pound. I know he's a pass receiving running back we've seen him 81 and the catches. Even in training camp in New Orleans Oakland back to last year when they put him one. Practice squad. Now Christian -- -- getting his knee within the Lions. In free agency who was a starting fullback. Jay college talent. CJ Collins beat out Austin Johnson. He's in a practice squad to an -- Collins as part of the lines team. That they thought they could upgrade neighboring Eric Florida which I think is an upgrade considering how well. Captivate the of or they were relying on the the run and he was the lead blocker now he's hurt. We don't know the extent of that. And then you got to speculate okay blow the next man up but one thing. That I know Austin Johnson and he can be. A pass receiving running back that you want to lead blocker. And now you look at Eric -- 64. 250. Austin Johnson is like 62 party. They've both doubtful bags -- -- bringing Eric glory getting here -- we -- -- lead blocker. And this signing a three year deal EH yet that it -- thought it was an upgrade. They would have brought him in here boy you look Austin Johnson. That that I know you talk about being. A pass receiver and running back. It's should state fullback on the back field. But he's very capabilities that spastic. And try to get the ball on the back field. 2601878. -- 3866890878. -- -- taking your phone calls also Saints coach Sean Payton. Will it DSC BS. News update on Robin Williams coming out next. A flat practice for the New Orleans Saints today as the black and gold are winding down training camp at least up here. In Greenbrier West Virginia White Sulphur Springs. And -- -- coach Sean Payton addressed the media today after practice not a good one. -- -- -- -- There. So we we. We got an AM practice and little bit the install was short yardage. Some empty formation. He walked through again in the PM. Overall kind of sloppy -- thought a lot of balls on the ground. Too much really for my liking our liking. -- -- the short yardage periods the same way it was just. Just okay so. Probably. One or more flat practices. Since we've been up here and the weather's not that we're gonna play in weather like this so many questions like that they like it. Say this -- yeah yeah because you. Try to have a wet ball -- day and it's not the same this is more realistic so. More than anything else you wanna see how they respond and it -- we've got to do better job. As coaches you know we get that type of practice and that's that's on me everyone everyone. Coach -- well. Well I think. They're the first thing is what do you do when you don't have an indoor facilities so you practice lessons lightning. So I think we've been fortunate if -- training camp. Finishes up this week in and we had a day or two and reign in the rest of it in good weather than I think. I think part of the deal when you don't have an indoors knowing that you're gonna. Without lightening your -- of practice outside so I thought it was a it was good for us see it in and recognize that we've got make you know make some improvements obviously and enabling him the ball. And just function. Well I didn't get worse so many mobile and it changes. It if it the first time. -- listen that's. You know it just was sloppy you know panel -- the football guys got gloves on get wet. But it would be the first. True test where we're we're you know we're we're not just simulating. It is sort -- It's very is that typical. Like it was like. It well there it was it was it like it. No it was a lot for yards period was -- Now. It's not a good sign when you have that if it was like. Yeah yeah. Yeah but I definitely. They did that you going back to the ground down the field yet but it's not yeah. It so it gave it if you we've looked pretty good on film what we did see him. Well look. I think he's made some progress you know it it wasn't perfect the other night. But he's compete and and won't make an impression. I think he moves his feet pretty well. You know we -- you considerable rush but. You know he still has a ways ago but it. It would be wrong well I think and say that the technique plain position. Pass protection. You know get not get set. For those linemen there's there's a ton of things but that's the impression he made he's made early on it's been fairly solid you know so he's. He's done a pretty good job will continue to give him a ton of work in and -- -- but. He was solid the other night. Right and left and it just that it -- it well. -- he's a guy that has -- play both tackles you know for going to a game typically we're going with an outside guy that can back up and inside got to come back up. Zach played that role earlier in his career. So with the numbers the way their unfold and he could easily play right we've got to taken reps at left. Basically it's your sets. Didn't used to the nuances obviously it took the time you draw a tougher match up may be. But. But he you know. Listen he understands. Its limitations and and he's Smart enough to try to. Overcome those with. With his knowledge of the game in so we'll continue to work there but we can also play in the right he's gonna need to know both you -- that as well and you go out. It but he was our backup tackle last year. So obviously. If he keeps the greens if we like my dad knew him well these rookies. Fairly mature. Middle East too often and he's someone that prepares each day you see him out here practice and he's. Very disciplined. -- I would say very eager to please and in. Works hard at it. We're one Patriots that support you out you. It's apparently developed -- it would Phillies vague he's good tackler. Think. Know the closer to the volley is. The more comfortable or a lot of times more success he has. He's played in the slot for us get to play outside last year towards about a letter or the season with the injuries we had. So. And I think he's got pretty good ball skills. So those are all. Pretty good. Traits to have this corner he's getting a lot of work lot of reps in and compete for playing time and not only in the nickel but in the base. He is. Yeah I mean we've we've got four weeks still so we're comfortable. Right now we're comfortable developing these guys but he was -- started forcing -- goes so. The meantime we'll work him to improve them and bring him up to speed and get better you know he's in his third year now. There's some things he does that are very very good result in a -- Until matters LA and looked at this the yeah. That I'm sure it there I'm sure he's moving. Getting there. So look at it I think they're looking thing like. His legs are really strong as far as not only is actors you've been you know because you know -- -- -- more spin but pitied these conditions he's pretty active. I thought it was I thought it was pretty good not I think all three of them when I say that including. Thomas all three of them have good like drive when it comes to the -- so. But I. That was the one element today I thought we handled pretty well with the conditions you know the snapple the -- -- -- -- Well. If it does affect how you know get ready to practice them -- and it we've got to be. We've got to we've got to do a better job we've got to have a little bit more sense of urgency and I'm sure we will. It's done we might repeat it over to. More outspoken about a the importance of availability. Of the program years ago we some of the quarterbacks like -- Thing is it. At this point can't be that different kinds of that concept differently than based on history. Well we're two different. Players. Just with regards to champ and is years in the league I think he you know he's he's making progress and I think sooner than later he's going to be back out here. I think with regards to Patrick. I don't anticipate. You know him being not a whole lot lot of lot of time he's in good shape and -- he was Smart enough yesterday just fell to get -- -- pulled off so. But I think. Patrick's coming off major surgery and in champ someone that that Smart enough to nose body and obviously. Wants to make sure he's under percent -- -- That they'll. I think in the kicking game we played well it's snaps on defense where you had his hand in the ground as a rusher. You're always working a lot at Sam. And I thought there were there there were a handful of plays he did some good things on so. But come in to bat on the ball position as opposed to being stacked behind the defense. Is is -- transition so you know for a player like him it's gonna start the kicking game that's what he's gonna have to. To really excelled so I thought the other night was so. But thanks got. Saints coach Sean Paton earlier today. Following practice and Bobbie there Christian -- here on sports talk and -- with when players this one or two practice. Is it's not that big of a deal now sometimes the media you look at something to write about that really a story trying to make a story like. For it as Pierre Thomas he practices that he practiced today. And sometimes you get it better and privilege that. C'mon what you wanna be all August. You know -- -- had out -- -- is that ya all August oh. If they think -- provinces heading in the right direction. As well which it did exactly Champ Bailey. That the saving him I mean he might be that a point Wheeler. That's -- we weren't ready to a role come week one against the Falcons whatever is gonna be in that makes the right now and although sort of gone -- practiced. I think that total -- it to blow our reports on anything right now. You know with the coolest guy we -- That's -- Jones. 1000 on the back -- and had elbow surgery. I'm telling -- probably was able to play a couple of years in. And have significant wins in Falcons uniform. The -- -- care a five you know -- volatility in the is one of the you know the prices handle the ball. And Eagles out previous -- and -- thinking. You know I want to see Browning Nagle. Perry Kline these young guys. He he goes on to what you can do it almost like a player coach. Which you have George seemingly Champ Bailey. He's in his meeting rooms he's -- -- -- the -- of the actual. Whether Champ -- contributes or not. It's not because he's not in the top four is if it does have that. Passion to be able to commit to be able to contribute the one more season so adult blown out of proportion. When all of a sudden it's the guys that are available right now lots more concerned late August early September now. I can -- this goes back to day the first day of camp with Sean Payton says we don't need to see it all the time. Which is to see some of the time. With -- it if you've accomplished. Things in National Football League in real -- player's perspective they're OK with that when I -- -- a doubt. You know I think a lot of bright scenario white champs not practice man. The players don't care about that that that they know if the players produce even a hall of fame level. They don't have a problem that they weren't about themselves. In outward about someone else I got to take care of my goodness like Corey YE. All of the young cornerbacks than safeties. And know that they look at Champ Bailey as a mentor even though. He's not out there -- the -- in the out it it basically thirty -- of me. Greg and he since that I won't take your phone call -- -- this is sports talk on WL AN FL dot com. I welcome back sports talk Bobby Hebert crushing Garrett the go to the phones Greg in Houston. You're on WW well Greg Greg. I was going Christian about it you guys do. -- -- -- I won't want to the state did it appear that one out -- the Saints cornerbacks aren't ones. Like on court wise and -- actually last week so many younger cornerbacks. -- you don't they always trio while you can get back in good position to -- actually. All it'll turn here at the -- no talent. I wanna actually go out you -- yeah coaching position coaching or what you. No I think they. Do. The Wesley McGriff is one of the better Kodiak National Football League at defensive back so it that I don't think is coaching on everything Wesley McGriff. What he's done in one year that being his first year last year to -- said the number two. Pass defense now he was fortunate. Keenan Lewis came on board and had a Jabari career. So the very instinctive. And now I'm just observing him and how vocal he is that how he puts. The B with the backs in position to succeed. And -- you have to look at you look at the progression can have a -- Mean he will -- only like no rookie. That now we have the right coaches more instinctive I think. President Felix daily jog back -- he would beat that touchdown new position. And he -- got to get your head around and make a play on the ball so. I mean the one thing that I think he was Shell shocked and he's definitely. I think now more experiences -- Patrick Robinson. If that was his first game ever played in and real game. He was going to Green -- a cancer Aaron Rodgers well white got it -- -- as the NFL. I don't have a snowball chance in hell kind of think -- -- white's getting better. So when I look at haven't got the right coach and you've seen him mature and progress. Would experience and I think that's -- IP Robin Corey white. An advantage over the other callers will be televised top four cover guys right now even -- -- a -- the safety. He's in that number in and -- Champ Bailey don't know if he's ever ever available in. But I it's there right now -- -- Carroll is still the top of four -- guys if you go put him in the quarterback position. Next our -- and I'll break down the position groups safety corner at -- on defense and also you hear from. When he -- that a whale of a date today and a training camp practice along with. Luke McCown and Corey white state to sports -- rules on next hour.

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