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8-11 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 11, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby recap today’s Saints training camp and Friday’s preseason opener and win against the St. Louis Rams and talk to WWL listeners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Along with Bobby there aren't crushing -- here what went to the fourth and final hour sports talk from the Greenbrier here at west is seat wrap up. Training camp this week they travel back home on Thursday. We'll practice on Tuesday and Wednesday -- Oh practice a walk through on both Tuesday and head back to do. New worlds on Thursday -- competency to on for -- but I mean I were just talking about. The the run defense for the Saints and if you watch training camp practices. The alarming. The alarming part. Might be a look they've got to pass rush we know that yet got a good coverage in the secondary read yes. It is an area of concern it might be through the first two and a half weeks of camp. It might be their abilities stop the run -- Well and you look out different teams are structured and and how their -- Well I think you know Tim the run the football at the Rams are structured that way. And as well we ran the ball you know we averaged five point three yards a carry and then 123 yards. Well the Rams and that rushing 32 times in. Had a 150 yards you know you want and it could be on the sit through -- 9 -- yards an average. -- four point 24 point three yards. A carry. And -- realistically. You know there's been any utility keep it for political. -- that that that ultimately you want it. 3.5 whatever or even lower few -- -- -- now you know it's had PK we needed to be a dominant the fifth in all phases. Has the he has passed for us you know sacks. As for his third down conversion. You know run defense the one thing I always tell you is that. One thing don't care ranked fourth total defense as you look at yardage. You can name -- don't break you but that's scoring the reports -- -- -- -- there. And hold opponents. In the teens. As far as you know let them scored 1998 at nineteen points a game. That I think we're going to be all right. And now with that being said -- -- right now. -- -- defense. Has been style that at times. I don't know who -- majority. When I look at it can have their fair share though you have when I look at -- -- -- against our defense when we've gotten cash. It's been barrel team Miller rule. That would have been a big run and even short yardage. Particularly with the fact camps when he's trying to establish depth. And you know who's that rotation. But even the first unit has been able the cash so. Well when I look at it and you know where we can be run defense. Who wanna be. Olivia. Not nineteen -- -- the -- there twelfth yet is somewhere around there. You know that then at least you. Monks. At the top defense is as far as being complete. Now and Dominique give credit has always like to do -- even if -- -- pre season game. That's why a -- walker. I mean. Chris -- as they Mimi in club like Clyde. Yet just because Bill Johnson the Saints. Had never heard of the name tyrant -- call -- Clyde heir apparent. Accuracy he -- -- column Tyrone. So I decided to call him -- -- from New Iberia played at Tulsa. And and we kind of -- him like great loss to the pass rusher. But he's also been pretty stout against the run if you look at that Rams game -- five unassisted tackles. Six totally also had a sack. Now -- I look at Davidson -- -- whoever's runs supporting. An extra pound weight from a way to cornerback. Holly you truth of special teams yet to. But it also was tied with the any caesarean Ramon Humber now Ramon Humber I would -- -- no rob Bryant defender Ramon Humber. Particularly. If you put him he viewed him maybe out of North Dakota State. As. And coach Rob Ryan say this as a past defending linebacker. But he's so he's also been pretty stout and space. Coach's son kind of a coach in the field. He's been up and down we've seen elected they get at beating practice. And. But he knows -- to either open -- he -- it to beaver Eudora dealmakers and I guarantee if I seen it many gain. And out -- current job going right at him sure Terry you know -- -- And Steve Gleason that that he gets and yes. And -- eight. Steve Gleason. Chris three's yeah out of Georgia -- they make the team. As far as his team to a museum and an eight game regular defense. In that you pick you know. And seeing challenging. Their ability. To cover. Back went out for -- with the Saints. Frank what. Out of Kansas State. Oh with the same thing and there's always those kind of the with the backs -- looked me that I weakling. And that's why you'd ever want to become that. Public indecency gimmicky as those guys get -- teams contributors right that is that be necessary mind be. You know reminds -- of like Brian Leonard. When you look at Rex and rob -- Who beat from milieu it into the trusts you look you look back to Baltimore Ravens Jim letter that -- that Brian Jim Leonard. You have with that the Ravens and New -- GA idea. Kind of that kind of the -- Brian and Jim letter was -- in the camp with the Saints last year right yet yep and and Minnesota's I have a chance that 819 year double digit career. Of that I'm just telling me at times. To get exploited. Went into regular defense bridges on the -- right now. You don't Tim Tebow got off. Mobile -- up with a camera Broncos think it's the Steelers that they had they had one bullets though I'll wanna see with the Jets might have in their about it well in the regular season. Jim Leonard coming on a blitz. And he should attack to Tim Tebow he -- assuming gets around the edge and there's no contain and therefore he gave vote. A big play -- that fanaticism. That cousin that plays in but. You know looking at. You know it Ramon Humber again. But I think he is a main. He's Demeco. Linebacker to me. That's in the mix because they trust what he could do more or. At the end navy somebody young guys now two guys that have stepped up. To me is the kid. Fresno state. Here or know that your -- linebacker out of Fresno state of trying to think what we call me out laps yes like hard not yet. He act column -- now you look at what he has done. A number of times and he might seek army board of Ronald Powell. You wanted to step up right now teach legally buy what they do and every play. I'm not look at it outside the weather right now. That give column knocks it Ramon Humber. Day to a lower run Apollo. -- -- -- -- Now the coaches cutesy or are they gonna develop. But I'm just going by what they accomplish it now in practice it and making situation. And go with that being said. Christian that's one thing that well look at the start this season. But they giggle I don't know how -- -- that are trying to attack this thing. And go look at it the first handful of games obviously a personal gain. Is against the Minnesota but I like it the united -- -- play. Adrian Peterson the pre season now on those who have Matt Cassel the quarterback for the Vikings. To make Matt Cassel beat you. He better be out to stop the run you know good of the bottom line is in the same thing out of those aspects proven that he can't necessarily. Consistently B yes. -- but what I'm saying in he's still got to go produce in the field. And stop the run and and force them and maybe what you perceived as the weak link. I'm Matt Ryan is that a weekly with the Falcons. But I UK right now Matt Ryan over the whole life better. Is Steven Jackson whoever's running the football for the Falcons if we have a success. Note that -- get an academic success running big game one at Atlanta. You'd be hard pressed the stop. Matt -- you got to try to make every team one dimensional. He's not be there aren't crushing Jericho next you'll hear from Saints wide receiver Brittany cook too. Absolutely dominated today the only player related stood out hit the kicker yet and as an agent Ian. Brady took probably. Four receptions 17200. -- potentially. He Boston a seventy yarder. Now -- in the entire defense. -- from the rookie wide receiver out of Oregon State the beaver. Pretty cooks right year on the VW LA that -- any kind of part of that the current. Look back -- sports talk here. On that. -- do well in math and it WL dot com -- why receiver Brittany Kooks. Have a solid day at camp today. By our estimation Bobby -- myself. Watched about four receptions one they took about seven yards to the house. We talked about it a lot. But here is wide receiver Brandon -- Pioneers say said that -- -- -- assessment and not I'll -- McCain had -- us they'd get up around back then. Yeah I mean and who knows. We if we give the rays going get a real -- -- like the practice in this type weather stronghold that kind of sloppy from the short answer short yard field. -- did -- -- one -- was it like actually get to this weather. You know it's good to be able to have this opportunity and obviously we plain and almost the sun throughout the year but. You know we we have will have games outside maybe ranks so we need here. You know that's still loaded and you know you make some adjustments and things like this would you think that that the days of practice this yeah I grew -- you know little sloppy. He knows inconsistent. You know we can't come I realize that we got to come next time it you know if it rains again we got to be better than what we did today. You didn't seem to have a lot of jobs that are different played in Corvallis a lot of their. Studied air -- like this all the time so owls got to use of these guys from down south that -- really -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I mean is this a feel they have to be honest he's got to get used to it I don't know needs is I get my glove almost do that come off that I was like I have my hands of. About how much. Which you can you basically with the kind of brings the mental makeup that you know a lot of teams. Draft process. They can do. Had in recent visits which kind of what you did -- I -- started. These stunts on my face you know god and you know just be able to you know use him know in those cover ability this is a -- -- to say. In grew you know being young is a four -- side -- that your fans something that's worth a lot of conference. What happened on that play with Keenan Lewis and when he was chasing you and you start -- run and it looked like he he was determining catch you and you kind of said. Know is that -- -- -- -- you know adjustments in the play you know -- -- follow us on some. It's out of Canada saw haven't -- the -- a bit and make it -- -- sitting as a you've kind of you've -- -- like when guys try to do that -- ME music is good you know because this case that -- inning game. Knowing his delays are a little bit you know you they don't get to do that -- -- months. -- -- -- You record talk about this -- every day out there to give more when it. -- future is great not a lot they just going to some on our defense period you know as good to go against top seed being young guy. We have a great idea to score. Unionize they just -- referred to was game time. Or that particular day categories and he's a great player. Grip it and had to. Is it is state of California for a while Phil decided this. Job if Obama passes so. It's one of these guys that attitude on our win that would keep this usual -- -- should not easily see I think it is a Gaza but. Odyssey you know you can't -- an NFL as a receiver so it's aluminum team that wasn't happy Ernie about it. Now know. We feel like you are -- here on BC's. Yeah I feel alas that I have a lot of room to grow a lot of work in this things to work on. Me and asked to -- the media about the pre season has practiced that kind of gives me a -- great aware in I can just keep good throughout the season. Playing in the dome for the first time and excited to get back here. You know flavor of the game yeah pretty high yeah right now. I'm wishing you side due to defect -- stories here about our fans it. Hi feels like I was all over again how great they are Salma I'm excited go to play in the dome in you know get a feel for -- Any time any thought it -- yeah. Saints virus you're branding cooks the rookie wide receiver five were. Perception over fifty yards a touchdown in the pre season opener yet he's going to be specialty it's safe to say that here on. -- to do well and now we'll get the CBS news update on. Robin Williams here. Corey white in the mix at quarterback for the royal saint Patrick Robinson missed and today with an injury an undisclosed injury. And -- we saw a Champ Bailey goes down early in training camp he's not back yet. But Corey white certainly that makes Seneca good couple of days. Will hear is Corey light addresses the media early today. It's. It's always. I destroy -- Learned experience you know it's coming through a lot of this a lot of fun -- this club talent lot of competition. So it isn't up to do you know my future -- a lot of two vehicle for me. So let them to work -- learn bits. We've got and the -- -- people the -- talk here about how they've good approach. That an -- too much into editor. Florida slogan for the lets -- know just work. I don't look at numbers -- you don't count numbers go. You don't see Williams of play or if he should play just started so she can -- through and go from there or so players. He click -- for the people who. What you've done that. They are but are you ups and downs will. We'll mix here but. Just got to keep going through to about those as tough as a grown accustomed. Not just got to keep pushing forward I've been are just trying to keep going forward. We're one of the last year but you that it's thrown into -- by the way. To -- game. They -- -- -- you know anytime you can get experience in this league and -- hope alive you know especially playing out there located in the learned from him. -- to just play -- -- whom they held colossal my confidence got lobbed at us. What was your review. Same thing as he just had some highs some lows and abilities. -- if somehow solos you know just. Take it game by game more formulas were there for the most -- So I was got to keep going keep pushing you know Q can accomplish what looked. For the media overall talent depth of this. This -- -- there -- have you seen any camp a little bit maybe it's hard a little hard to judge couldn't. Our owner -- everyone knows you know we were deep defensively you know benefits we got a young guy for the plays locate that. You know bush bush is playing very -- -- go a little bit when you know you can do no except to do. So overall I think there would be no competition. -- rob rob probably uses you don't have always been that. Good -- -- a new role for you you've been sort of blend. When you thought might -- it we've always had a favorites those of you we'll play it. They always had offensively and hopefully we'll sit college and a lot of corner and nickel. I'm just I'm distorted rob won't do them a moment part you know just playable -- know -- -- You know I know what I'm I'm next man up. You know whatever I got to do the Cubs to win. And the -- hasn't done anything it's different this year without regard to score around moment you've got to give a lot of and how much more vocal leadership role -- feel ship. Yes a lot different you know we'll. Not -- woman on Jabar morneau vocal leaders out there and I just different look you know my rookie years just learn from -- -- -- -- bonus that it's a different look but. You know we we got you know we got leaders that I know Curtis still still lead in tears that simple -- -- doing a good job -- -- so. I'm not a vocal leader myself -- -- so not just -- we'll. When you look around which it has to hurt your league job. This is your opportunity. That make you more become bit getting that started reading coverages you back up to about register your -- that -- won't be that gap. Yeah yeah ever wants to get noticed burned out academy excellence we've got to -- -- -- the names that. But you know sometimes -- don't work that we all I can do is control what I can do. Nobody here -- so what I can do it's a place in we'll see how is it. There are battling -- about badly you feel like you're always. Really competing you -- our home field yeah me. If it's if it costs competition you know throw some gasoline some super competitive. Prices could -- just -- plays -- there's no. Walked teams no US compete at and that's enough that you got to do to get him in mass start road got to got to make plays -- compete every play every -- system. I'll try to get a gold but it didn't work out too well but. They are just doing some different and always do some different spontaneous person so let's try some different. Yes. Yes I dug a little bit you know they are they don't have -- back. Is this the receiving -- like this where there appears to be a lot of stuff. Do you view that as something that's it it's a big deal or do you think you know you can do you just stay healthy. -- if they used to doing a lot of blood is on. Sailor in the maintain sole there are going to bust my -- noticeably absent from me so I've got. You know failed. No just just in case you'll. So so Robert Jackson played you know that's the place of the ground and used to have been mr. big -- is all definitely always -- good things that until. In my career so I mean that's what I like to do I like to do it. Knowledge to make plays for Simpson definitely -- -- you know I started out. Know our power had NFC you know whatever whatever they wanted to do special teams they want to kick out -- whatever woman. Effect of maybe being had a small. Good round pick you just knew that I had just get used to notice. -- I'm just personally it is our home person so. And I never look at -- I'm -- -- -- amount of discussing them I'm gonna do business. Know our plays that way it is inevitable Eagles were small school being drafted they just didn't -- It was way back Gibson. -- just pick up a little flat today but there you have pretty nice but we is. We don't get a rainy days to feel right now we just couldn't sleep total since. So yeah we came out looked flat didn't pick up close enough to get to play and it's now just. Yeah I would not absolutely there are some back to this game over got a lot of games on the road just -- little -- You know and holed his third so -- got a lot of outside when the games were just good -- this book awards on the deployment. Getting a -- thing about this practiced well and did you say that the -- can you give you -- little boy don't you. You do feel sorry I wouldn't count aggravated to see you face a New York defensively particularly. Go you recognize it. But I mean. No not really helping you in DBs really delivered slowly got to help and ultimately that. Something that's a good thing you know you blown. To be -- about. Oh -- Hairston definitely event and it. A collective thank. Saints cornerback and safety really. A lot of nickel packages right Corey -- here and Bobby your thoughts on quote I guess it worked out. I mean -- truly. All secondary to be where it needs to be with Jabari greater. Getting hurt -- who do you expect who has some skin in the wall. And ultimately you -- that window of experience. Comes to fruition. You look at -- Lewiston throwing -- paction Robinson -- -- like. That that. Does that have to step up. I mean you're in the NFL you know what it takes to have success. Now I can tell you this Corey white. We got off to slow start in training camp. I think and he kind of turned a corner the last week. Even before. The Rams scheme this August and August's. We came here late July and August came around I think a Corey -- Corey white started stepping up. Where he's CM I'm -- interceptions. -- -- in the practice picked off robber right -- he had picked sixth yeah. He had a pick six. It seems like when is his hands. He's caught the ball well remember last year. It's like feasts and a debacle. When he could had a thing or an X yes and -- they -- meaning what that was. He fumbled the one yard line but you could see that ability there. But he's had a strong camp. Towards the latter part. Not necessarily initially but where we at right now at heading in. You know to the game Friday night against the Titans. Now to show he has versatility. He's kind of the backward version. I'm leaving -- the level -- the currently looking at the Cairo's safety. Who can also be a cover corner put him in nickel. Well I think Corey wide and he mentioned that -- the place of safety in high school when Rob Ryan knows to keep your cornerback. But also utilizing him. At this safety position -- -- establish an in depth and different packages where. You might have three safeties. And we've seen a break on the ball and make interceptions. Passes that ended. A from a deep position -- safety position he is instinct that so much. Purely as as a cornerback. So if I'm -- speculate right now. I think he'll be in that number obviously in a big part. We gonna have success. The 2014. Season in the secondary. -- holes ago Dillon Metairie on line one. You're on W to do well dale. Creation -- about it you know like looked good -- -- call thank god that -- the aggression out that it you know program why it's called the issue on dog eating about eight. Portugal body JD was there and I'm not in the particular. What is it Bobby aligned. Meachem and -- mentioned. I'm curious about that and. I'll wait Robertson -- We guy -- Robin -- the guy he runs but it might be that our office that haven't been out. Here. Okay. Well course. I'll publicity. That was God's -- -- always. And I expect it probably at body ball built. Outright and a little ball is here -- out and I get bumped up like the ball is here -- Friday night even though it doesn't count as it ultimately real global. Yet it's fun yet it Delmas -- and old with the business. -- and that's the case. Be it can't make it to but those two guys Bobbi Kristina has been a great night. -- -- Yet now you look Pat Robertson I think like Corey white. I think well I think ultimately to have success in the secondary needs to step up. You where he was drafted in the first round we need him. You know to get it done and as far as. He's hit Robert Meachem. Not immediately when you look at Robert Meachem. I don't know I think it's competition between him Angels of arguably did see it. Come to fruition and that preceding game is the Rams maybe it might be in the Titans. Game I think student. -- -- that fourth guy right now who's going to be -- fifth guy Joseph Morgan -- Morgan had an outstanding catch today probably is catcher at a camp a 45 yard. Touchdown it was a long pass along the sidelines. Of the with that being said. I don't know who's gonna win the job I think it is wide open yeah between jewels of Morgan Robert Meachem get to see awaits the -- it plays out. Will you look at this roster mean -- stills Colston on the roster. Yet tune etc. with the CBS update on Robin Williams apparently dead and 860 threes bodyguard Kristian garic. More sports talk that is sports -- winding down here Kristian -- with a cajun cannon. Bobby a -- And nobody we've talked so much about. Training camp practice for the saint. Looking ahead -- Friday night's game against the Tennessee Titans. For week one to week two in the pre season what are you as a player what are you looking for in terms of improvement. Well. It just that as an individual he's just gonna win. Individual batter of the battles again. I mean even at the Rams with a kick that team winning fuel at the end as a matter who went to lose the game. Now -- things get a little 500 in the first pre season game. As far as it would only against the Titans that that's irrelevant. But if you look at. You know especially the first unit first quarter and a half -- are you winning how are you winning in and that type of situation. That -- -- Olerud as blue collar team is very similar at a Rams at setting -- -- another good test in the trenches. You know. Now although we also get to see. LSU fans who love this outfielder yet -- alarm and then you know we look at the Arizona Cardinals though with Patrick Peterson and the money back you were now was I meant burner. He'll probably come in optimistically maybe the second quarter. Reasonably get the Saints so that that's animators and an observer and come Friday night the third refusing game is always the most important that's going to be a nationally. Televised game on the road against the Colts. But but it's all about progression when he goes individual battles. He's not even arm Kristian -- tomorrow morning check out he got a bear on double coverage who -- set for the Saints. Final couple of practices here at the Greenbrier and of course the about it -- -- -- for 8 o'clock here on. WL on sports talk and hopefully things have a better go at it tomorrow without the rain. And that body -- Christian. Do you think men are right bullet that we elation dull goodnight people who today.

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