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Aug 11, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight I have they said job of talking to you about the apparent suicide -- comedian Robin Williams so loved by so many. We'll talk about his movies here's a -- -- -- party general opinion poll tonight. How would you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian. Or series actor. Finisher Daniel I go to our website at W real dot com a share with you my story of meeting him and spending -- little time with him interviewing him. And what side of Robin Williams it was most obvious to me it was a sight of him that set apparently is coming out now but I saw this when I interviewed him. Years ago. And it's it's decide that did many. Brilliant comedians path. And it always impressed me so we'll be talking about that so on the -- -- and be thinking about your. Favorite memory of Robin Williams what was the movie but -- there were so many great points but I'd I'd certainly have my favorite. -- there's rain in the area and if there's any doubt in your mind how powerful water is. I saw two different manhole covers. You know how heavy manhole cover it is two different manhole covers in the CVD. They were being tossed around like wafers. Because the water was gushing out from underneath and it just shows you how powerful watery eyes. Also the saints a play Friday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome we've got all the information on our website at WWL dot com. And we've got -- line up for our Friday night's coverage actually sorts of Friday afternoon but. Exciting that the -- will be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against the Tennessee Titans will be talking about it on the show tonight as well but first it's time for tonight's. Trending topic to dates here at the top -- -- things we'd like you know before we begin our show tonight. -- -- -- Number eight. Poison lead singer Bret Michaels has announced to motivate. Shall seminar for September 24 the hard rock cafe in Orlando Florida it's going to be an interactive seminar titled. Life rock seminars. And Brett says that he'll talk about life. Health wealth. Love music. The pursuit of happiness he -- you name it we're gonna talk about it. One subject it will not be covered. We'll be at the right to Brett. And -- party in the French Quarter apparently an assortment -- and the seminar but any part Michael's body is is. Is a good person to be new motivational guru. I mean the guy's been through a lot these two with diabetes and so many things in his life he's just seen so much as soon as a rock star as a father. As a person. -- I enjoyed this and I enjoy tonight that I spent with him in the first quarter. There was Tony Robbins and stick ziglar and now maybe Bret Michaels. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A seven year old boy mr. -- shortly -- straight party afternoon. An expert police it was a bull shark. Which are plentiful in the -- times. Had no idea. And double short discipline the man eating sharks in the world. Does this make you afraid to swim in the -- To seven year old was just frolicking like the Stanley. On Friday afternoon. And something did his foot doctors looked at his -- his -- and determined that shark after viewing photographs of the room. That you know I shark experts these troops -- volume. -- A lot of people are not aware of the fact that there are sharks Italy -- you train especially at certain times of the year. And there could be plenty of them and they could people short I had no idea. I mean I thought the worst thing that you could run into -- In the lake was an angry moment. Something like that but apparently there are sharks in the -- so you might wanna -- of -- aware of that. I don't think that's gonna keep anybody from -- looking in the lake and you know these these sharks don't go on there way to aggressively attack you. But if if they happen to be swimming by and you kick them out of defense they may react number six on tonight's list of the top dated eight. Hours and days -- the only assume dirty nobody swimming and it was safe you have to worry about the sharks. A number six on tonight's list of the top -- eight other seems to be a trend of rape and sexual assaults increasing it concerts across the country we talked about this recently our show. About two adjusted to departure that erupted -- Keith Urban concert in Massachusetts. So this is not just rock concerts and apparently there's a trend of this happening of country music concerts. Experts say that alcohol is the number one date rape drug. And that many concerts don't have enough security. Have you ever been groped sexually assaulted her concerts. Have you ever. Felt threatened at a concert will talk about that on the show to like number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Yesterday afternoon I was at a suburban McDonald's and I don't feel the need to say exactly where once. But I was at a suburban McDonald's and when it passed by and I just finished up a meeting. And died I was at a coffee shop and a pass a McDonald's and I saw eleven cars in line at Detroit -- So I thought -- you know -- just I guess I'm just curious is this so crowded inside that everybody's sitting in line and in the trucks. So I stopped parked went inside. They were two people to different registers. And only one customer insight. Now there was ferry ferry lights intermittent sprinkles but it wasn't rain and you would even be an umbrella to get from your car even if you parked out in a parking lot to to to get in in the in the restaurant. And it made me ask myself the question are people so lazy that they don't wanna get out of the course to get food. And what would you have done eleven cars in line in only one person inside with two registers. But we should've done which you've gone insider would you have waited in that long line -- what tonight is titled is the fast food -- through contributing to the obesity problem in America. That's on our website you can read and share with others it's Adobe WL -- come. And I think this really just brings up the that the bigger question of on how often we use convenience. Instead of actually moving. I like to move now obviously I don't wanna be naive there are situations where it's easy for some -- -- in the car but I just I can't imagine that that. At this particular. This particular McDonald's at the beginning of a very nice. Well -- subdivision in a suburb of New Orleans. I can't imagine that they were that many people that had some kind of real excuse to be in the car and it just I just got the impression that may be. May be people just want to take advantage of the convenience of not getting out of their car and is this the kind of thing that adds to the cemetery life. -- we lead in America. If you gonna join us with a comment tonight about -- we talk about our numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 890 -- seven to. And a text number is a 7870. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Charges have not been ruled out after NASCAR race star Tony Stewart hit and killed a dirt track driver. Over the weekend -- and Mora junior his car spun out of control apparently hit by Tony Stewart's car. I mean obviously it was an -- well it appears to have been an accident. And he apparently blames -- the accident. Kevin -- junior got out of his wrecked vehicle walked onto the middle of the track. And made a defiant gesture to Stewart as he came around the track in his car. Is hitting many he killed. Tony Stewart to -- race the next day. And it's. Has still not determined if he's going to race and NASCAR. This coming weekend he apparently is shaken. And distraught. And sent out a very. Term. Sensitive message about how this is horrific time for him and he just feels terrible about what happened. Do you think criminal charges should be filed against Tony Stewart. I mean the guy got out of his car and I'm hearing all these NASCAR drivers and race car drivers say this is not uncommon. You know you you're you're running -- and emotions run high or something happens and you be upon their car -- we all watch these these races this is not a precise science. In these cars are born into each other and it's well it's it's part of the race. And yet some people. Really want it taken out on a particular driver and look I'm not saying I don't know enough about NASCAR to to know what the drivers that are known for this. But I'm sure there's some dirty play dirty tricks going on and it should -- drivers should known for. After being rather aggressive on the track and maybe actually causing accidents. But when you're in -- in an event like this. And you get out of your vehicle. Now there were a couple of cars that passed -- -- This guy which was out in the middle of the track I'm sure you've seen the video if you haven't you can find it on on while on line. He's walking in the middle of the track you know I've noticed that sometimes. Win a cart in front of me. Swerves. To miss something say on the interstate. It's if -- the car right behind and it's very easy for me almost hit that thing whenever it was in the road because I don't I don't. Have a chance to to see it in advance. And maybe that's what happened with Tony Stewart. Maybe these other cars. Came around and the guy was wearing black a black helmet and on a black suit. Maybe these cars were coming around -- kind of blocked his he is his image and then Tony Stewart came around. And hitting -- I I can't imagine that this would have been on purpose and and investigation does continue that it seems as if it would be very very difficult. To prove criminal intent. And that's what would have to be done only toll only Tony Stewart knows exactly. What was his heart and his mind when that happened number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Riots and looting erupted following the shooting of a young black teen -- suburb of a Saint Louis over the weekend he was scheduled to begin college. Today the chaos broke out after a vigil was held for eighteen year old Michael Brown. What do you think ignited this violence. I get a sense that in this country there are so many areas so many communities. Cities. Where there is an undercurrent of rage. And it doesn't take much for that raged come to the surface. There were people who were rioting in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict. -- -- Rodney King wants. They just had a chance to write and they write it. And when I see people walking out of a stores in this suburban area Saint Louis with tires what store they were stealing car tires. -- and all kinds of thing anything he get their hands -- Why is that a correct response that the parents of eighteen year old Michael Brown said no violence stop that that's not what we should be doing. There should be an investigation. And people should be upset when. A young person -- And there are questions about the treatment of young black males in this country by law enforcement their questions about it. But there should be questions about any any young person who any person who still there should be investigation. The race -- the police officer has not been revealed he says secure -- with the police department in Ferguson Missouri just outside of a Saint Louis. So there should be investigation. And if something was done wrong then it if it should come to the surface. Now there are different eyewitnesses reporting. Reporting that they've you know they've they believe that the police overreacted. And maybe they did it but you know what's your saints fan. And and you see. On a penalty take place. Sometimes. If it's against the saints. You might think it was a penalty. If you run the other side you might not about it really wasn't a penalty. So our judgment of what we see sometimes is subjective. And related to our our our personal feelings of what we think. Is going on. But writing is never the answer. And it's it's it's sad and and frightening. That there is this undercurrent of rage. Among many people in America. And I I -- that we talked about this on the show before. I believe that a lot of crimes are committed more out of revenge. Retaliation. Not against an individual. But retaliation against. A group of people. As much as cities about about stealing -- If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. At a tech's number State's -- every beginning to your text here in just a moment number two in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It was another violent summer weekend in New Orleans sixteen people were shot five killed one of those killed was a sixteen year old scheduled to start school today. It was a drive by shooting. Left two dead five injured Lower Ninth Ward last night. There were also two injured critically two year old and a -- your world there was also a shooting at the Westin hotel when you ports. In New Orleans these two people were found shot in a car. And it was a quadruple shooting in home. They're there should be an answer to every problem. What do you think -- the answer to this problem. Maybe there's a long range solution. May be there's a short range solution. But it's time that we talk about solutions. And I realize that you and I can't solve this tonight here and have a WL. But this is an opportunity as a community to get together. And talk about it. And maybe. When frustrations come out and we talk about. Why things are happening. Maybe that's the first step toward ultimately changing things. To join our -- to -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number is 877. And finally tonight number one on tonight's list. -- and yet. Sad that we talk about the apparent suicide. Comedian actor Robin Williams submarine county sheriff's office said that they found the actor dead. It is home -- north December Cisco. And that there is an investigation into his death but it was an apparent suicide. Here's and agents says that he was dealing with depression which is something that Robin Williams. Has dealt with also a substance abuse and he's gone into rehab and come out of rehab and he's been good and he's been banned and it's just it's it's sad that at the age of 63. Somebody feels like the best option is suicide. I walk by people every day and every night in the CBT. And you wonder what keeps them go. Why oh why -- they wanna keep going but they do. There is this human spirit that instinctively wants to to keep going no matter how tough the the the times are forced. And if you've gone through tough times. It's really rare that somebody would consider suicide. You know you you might have had a passing thought I just don't want to be here anymore. But to actively. Take that step to commit suicide. Is a major statement. To make correct. And again I see so many people on a daily basis and Wonderwall what keeps them going and then. -- Robin Williams. Has so much to live for no matter how depressed you already had so much to live for he had money he had things that. He had things that so many people don't have what the people that icing on the street. -- have anything. And yet they keep forging ahead in life they keep going. So it's particularly sad when somebody appears to still have so much to live for. And yet they take their life. And depression is a horrible horrible thing to deal. Coming up tonight awarded share. The brief time I spent with Robin Williams it was at the century hotel in Los Angeles. And I've had an interview with him and we talked in. I've spent time in his interview with him but there was something about Robin Williams that really stood out in my mind. And here's my -- if you'll pretty general opinion poll how will you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian. Or serious actor. -- your pain in my go to our website WWL dot com it will tractor pull through our show you -- update coming up in just a few minutes also will be talking about that Robin Williams movies. And there were so many phenomenal movies so many movies that were meaningful movies that made us -- and movies that may describe. When you think about Robin Williams. Now dead. What movie stands out what role stands out most in your mind. Our numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a text number is 87070. This is the crucial there's so much going on in the world we're gonna have a CBS news update coming up at 831. And 31 after every hour from now until mr. -- We'll be right back on this Monday night on to -- WL Robin Williams C beloved actor comedian found dead apparently of of a suicide. Very sad that he reached a point where he thought that was his his best option. So tonight on the -- shall we we have a lot to talk about it we can talk about whatever we have brought up in the top later date if you're an update on the topic to date you can always go to our website WWL dot com. There's a bar at the top which shows and schedules or click on that click on the -- page. And get an update of what we're talking about but there's been a lot going on in this country and around the world talk about. Any of the things that you wanna talk about. But we're kind of focusing on remembering a Robin Williams so what role stands out most in your mind about Robin Williams. He started out to comedians doing really weird things in this character but he played him more for more. Played his character and on happy days. And quite frankly it was never a fan of of work from work and I really didn't watch more -- -- but it was interest in -- definitely displayed his incredible talent. But I was a big fan of Robin Williams mean to from the movie she'd do it. And it wasn't just the comedies. It was that serious side of Robin Williams and and again just a few minutes it was -- I wanna share with you the the memories I have of meeting him and and talking to him. Here's a Texan -- dead poet's society captain my captain and that is from holly. Here's a text good morning Vietnam great movie. What movie do you remember most. That Robin Williams was in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text and receive 77 in -- or WB will pretty general opinion poll tonight how you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian or serious actor. 80% will remember him most as a comedian. 20% -- remember him most as a serious actor. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com from New Orleans Paul you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- A -- I want to Ottawa and genie -- -- He he did the voice of genie in Aladdin. Yeah sure did. Oh you know when you remember him more as a serious actor or comedian. You know. You always seems like some of the greatest. Comedians are serious actors and I'm thinking about Steve Martin who. Is a great comedian but also I was very very credible that a lot of very serious roles. Paul I appreciate calling a short right takes a listing. Thanks if you rejoice tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- every -- -- 77. I observed something yesterday at a McDonald's. There were eleven cars in line drive -- and I I wasn't. Planning to stop their price that you like a what do going to see how many people there are inside. To registers open inside. Two people waiting on people but there was only one customer and -- eleven people in line. Here's a title -- to blog tonight are fast food drive -- contributing to the obesity problem. Would you rather sit in your car. And take more time to get your order or would you rather. Get out of your car make the effort to get a -- car and then. -- get the York. Talk about that you can read the blog incher with others it's on our website at WWL. I -- we talk about the seven year old boy who Friday afternoon boy it's what's been Mya a shark is believed to be a bull shark. And here's a Texas says. How can you blame the bull shark. After all grosses it is is specializing their cause in the black tipped shark this week. Seems only fair. Only humans. Only humans taste nasty to two bull shark that's interesting and here's another text. But that. That says -- bull sharks are aggressive and very hunt and always country. The attacks are usually fatal because of blood loss. They are big hungry tough bad boys and they will bite on anything. And they're known to spit you out because UT spent. But the damage is done after they spit you out and apparently there are bull sharks. Only -- to try and I don't wanna scare you but it's fair to warn you that and the lake is known for its bull sharks that they can be aggressive. From the Carl Danny here on WWL. -- Our honorary member. -- awakening. In patch it. You know I I didn't allow myself to see patches because it just look like a sand movie and I -- others like happy sad but I just I deceived because I was afraid -- -- gonna make me cry. -- It was a it was a good -- was it was sad analyst -- the other one billion and video I don't worry be happy. Don't know anybody remembers -- -- remembered when he was very funny unit. Yeah I don't I don't remember I'd that was another movie that I stayed away for say because again I've I've got this says this radar up when it comes to to -- movies and I know that makes me every shallow person but I'm being honest. And market man. In the army market many -- you aren't happy day. Yeah. That's right I -- I appreciate you calling thanks listen tonight if you wanna join us tonight with your comments are numbers 2601870. Among other things are remembering a while I'm Robin Williams who were stone dead of an apparent suicide today disarm. And the severance a story just north of votes ever Cisco and marine county. Our toll free number is 8668890. Points over the in our text number is 87870. -- from New Orleans -- you're on WWL. There. Remember again. Such a great actor he remembered as a here it back it you know he played also -- it zero accurate remember that movie name of the movie. But I'll start remembered and are. You remember that. The world according to -- -- -- great movie you might you be thinking about team playing opposite Alpa chino in insomnia. Now now -- it was Robert De Niro like where he would he had some sort of pay. The neurological. Disease and he would sit out there at all. And Robin Williams was the top here any reached treating him -- that it be any and they are. -- keep up but the notes that this matter that it was a really great movie. I can't remember that name up at the. -- are -- appreciate calling assured by thanks for contributing. I remembered some near where Robin Williams when it's this this killer and he taunted. How -- character was set in Alaska I thought it was just intriguing. -- here's a text that read senator great properly williams' movie good morning Vietnam. Here's a check my favorites movie that I love Robin Williams in which birdcage. He will he will be missed. Here's attacks bull sharks have more testosterone than ever be any living animal. Wow. And apparently. There -- bull sharks. In the wake another Texan by -- sharks they can live in fresh water in the lake is Brack issue it's a combination of salt water coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and and they. The the first quarter defeats in from all the tributaries that are going to the -- Here's attacks report of an attack is far north as Missouri. -- -- While. The -- -- just a moment here's a text I just hope he made it to heaven like in the movie he played in. How what dreams may come. The Bible speaks Spanish suicide. -- I saw that I saw the previews for that moving what dreams may come and that's another one where my said movie radar just. Just exploded and I could not bring myself to. A -- but I know what's one of those kind of feel glitz and movie so if you saw and I hope you. -- a -- I enjoyed it and and -- that's another topic do you think god I mean the Bible speaks. Badly about suicide do you think god forgives and giving Robin Williams is in as it happened. If you were to join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Semi -- number -- 87070. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight should tell you best remember remember Robin Williams as a comedian or serious actor. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites DaVita QL. Dot com. Here's a Texan -- Robert Robin Williams was also great in Popeye. And another text mrs. doubtfire great movie and that's from. RW Greg appreciate that. We'll be right back and every. The well yeah. -- we're remembering actor comedian Robin Williams who is found -- today even handedness suicide -- practicing movie with Barbara to Maryland earlier. -- was from 1992 movie was awakening and he sent awakening and he says this was song from for the -- Personally I remember Robin Williams more as a serious actor then a comedian hilly as the millions comedians. And that's -- Debbie as you up pretty table opinion -- tonight's -- your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com. CNN is reporting that more violence has erupted that tonight in Ferguson Missouri which is a suburb of Saint Louis there was rioting and looting last night. After a vigil was held for eighteen year old name Michael Brown who was killed by police. What is igniting this violence and I realize that we can be very frustrated. In life. Things are the way we want things aren't fair. But violence really should never be the answer will -- we'll talk about this as well we'll continue to follow that story. A -- you tomorrow morning and -- of your first is with Tommy Tucker and hotel we'll be talking about the death of Robin Williams but also a fallout continues from Tony Stewart's -- an accident that killed. This young young race car driver. Discrete card on the dirt track -- driver who's at fault the driver behind the wheel or the driver who got out of his car. And also we are talking join Tom we will continue this conversation tomorrow. About a late -- seven year old was attacked by a shark in -- -- you train apparently it's a bull shark and they can be very aggressive. And there are bull sharks in the lake but you don't really hear about the many attacks but you get some good information that tomorrow morning wake up -- feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning six to ten on every if you will. From man to feel Chad you're on the -- shown to be WL. Basically -- collegiate. As -- plot by probably you know not be thirty to timber and egg -- which probably shouldn't all of his. Movies missed the little -- 40 good morning Vietnam and India and what was your character you played talking better executed. Like awarded to Shannon's -- -- -- had -- later stuff there is more power Earl. 00 market more and India -- he was he was a brilliant comedic disclose it -- my style I saw its brilliance as a comedian but I'm I'm modest at. That was in my. -- I agree it was like the taxi that we your -- attack yeah I didn't understand their you know guys like that that whatever. GM -- but he was kind of funny though. No no no no you're thinking about -- A lot -- -- -- and Leann and dean called sprint and yeah yeah. Kind of expect that again but he he like group all the movies look at Chatham well. You know the game differently scuffling with Saddam -- in -- in our number so vividly it was just letters -- -- -- -- but it is an underrated. Serious factor. And it's incredible rain bird one of those movies a lot of their people or are you would call or equally creepy. Likes photo. This bill that was that was one hour photo where he was like go to is like a lawyer can receive this kind of stalking this family he was. This was in the days when people actually took film to be developed by. Buy it on outlets. Righty so so weird but it's such incredible range of artists so. Human. -- must have been tormented soul because YouTube and interviews -- well good David Letterman he was always all he never. Stop being all. -- I saw excited him chair when I interviewed him. In Los Angeles I saw a sign him and I'm gonna share that after after the news at nine tonight I saw this. I saw this other side of him -- he was on and he was funny but I really honestly saw. Another side of him and that's the one thing that overall these years it really stood out in my mind about Robin Williams. And that's why I respected him personally more isn't a serious actor than than even a comedian but he was indeed he was indeed tortured and something that was quite -- to me. Movies. I don't rookie. In this comedic. Side of -- seemed like he had an insatiable appetite that many people out and just couldn't get an awful incidents they can really kind of backfired it was defense -- Yes maybe it right and a lot of comedian satirist -- trait I talked to Gene Wilder about the exact same thing and it's. It's a way of of covering up -- a darker side -- more. -- more. Sensitive. I guess you might even say he and we needed our side but it. In the -- but also you know trying to it was their own medicine to cover their own sadness. No exit poll you -- jail -- and I'd stay in Portugal where forego. All of its comedic actor. It's serious. Roles such as liberators -- are there really never got the critical player I think he deserves but it. On Broadway. In the ninety's and remember. Yeah all the impressions and we've talked about golf and all the stuff. And bet that. I watched that my reference -- quite school wondered on that brought -- specially made -- for getting that to that spot anyway and appreciated. Chad I appreciate you listening and -- -- trying to color show here's a text about bull sharks have been catching bull sharks out in west stand at the point. At night since the seventies. To the six feet long. Tummy -- is gonna talk more about this on a show tomorrow morning and he will obviously continue the conversation about. The death of Robin Williams which -- talking about tonight on his -- of your -- stay with this will be right back with your comments on WWL. Tonight -- remembering more from Williams who was first introduced to us as a character on happy days more from -- from another planet and has turned into a spin off. More humidity. Robin Williams if you just joined us carefully that suicide was found dead -- is services -- area home. Earlier today. Here's the text say yes to what dreams may come was extremely said be glad you didn't see it yeah I can't I can't bring myself to see certain -- movies. It policy actually said movie honestly mean I can look in my diary. Mean I don't I don't if I would -- -- I'm really happy person but there's enough and in my life that I can find to be. San about it I know that everybody is a different opinion about as sad movies but. I just I have a problem with somebody says sensitive movies Robin Williams would see an -- those kinds of movies in anybody's in. However he is such a brilliant brilliant actor. It also were talking about the attack a seven year old boy by a bull shark and atomic gonna continue that conversation tomorrow morning and every WL I don't know whether this is true or not. But I know there's a theory that. That sharks do not attack lawyers just not a professional courtesy. I'm from Metairie Sandra your -- choice every WL. Yeah I can remember probably Tibet and -- buyers. Yeah weaker opponent and I watched and read -- I thought about it. Now and that was that was kind of a sad movie because it was a father wanted to see is his kids so we'd be dressed up like a woman like somebody was gonna take care of the kids. Yeah I had. So it. What -- you remember him more as a serious actor than that a comedian. I. Mean you -- Call is. He does like RV truly. That he. I need to why he would do that job. But -- -- that -- -- Yeah good morning Vietnam had some very serious moments but it was very funny but he he was able to play the serious -- -- -- -- I'd like to call -- thanks for listening to W -- night. Here's a Texan reach every interview I saw of Robin Williams reminded me of the mentally ill people I worked with. We had a very supportive group at work I wonder if he had a truly supportive accepting group of non celebrities around him. If he had such a group maybe he would still be with us today. And -- is taxed. -- if you want to approve freed this first depression is so scary. You're thinking. Can be so clouded that such a horrible act seems so logical. I I I guess I can understand that because I know a lot of really good people. Commit suicide. And it's just it's all it's it's a horrible thought that. Somebody chooses that as the best option in their lives. And again I I think about it. I think about the people that I I've passed every day in New Orleans who. Seemed to have little or nothing to live for they seem to have little or nothing and something inside them causes them to keep going. And then you've got just brilliant people surrounded by so much wealth and and and the food that they need in and so many things in yet. Suicide ends up being the best option. If your -- stay with us this is this do show we're talking about the death of Robin Williams will come right back with more of your comments and more of your tax and I'll talk about meeting Robin Williams right after editors.