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Aug 11, 2014|

Funny man Robin Williams is dead at the age of 63 from an apparent suicide. We’ll talk about his life and career…what character or movie was he in that made you laugh. How will he be remembered by you?

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Right we're talking about the death of Robin Williams he was 63 years -- apparently committed suicide in his home in a suburb of in northern part of December Cisco it's. It truly sad day is just such a great reversal actor and there're there are so many actors who wore very funny so many comedic actors. Who have a very deep. Deep side to them. And sometimes it's as if the comedy is a facade to cover up with a truly are. -- depressed your calls in and more years the text here. And Alex what -- share memories I have of meeting Robin Williams and -- sitting down and having interviewing him. I interviewed unanimity that in the century hotel. In Los Angeles. And it was. In the eighties during the movie the filming of the movie. Actually mistress right after the movie. Had come out club paradise. And it was a very funny movie this one of those movies that I won't watch whenever it's on -- I think it's hysterical. But yet. When I interviewed him. He was funny and he was so wacky and he was crazy and he he made fun of my hair. Made fun of me which I thought was what was a compliment I forget exactly what he said but he is -- said Downey made fun in my hair and poked fun at me and that was really cool. But what I really noticed about him was a serious side. And I asked him about that I asked him about. His his comic side -- and it is is comedy way of of covering up who you really are. Many said yes. He said that. That. He has this ferry. Sensitive. Deep side that he deals with. And quite often you you hear that about comedians and I I didn't I did a feature once owned. Aren't comedians and how they they use their comedy to hide a very sensitive side Gene Wilder was another what. Who like I talked to about that in its its very common in brilliant. Brilliant comedians. That they have this this dark side and Robin Williams dealt with substance abuse dealt with -- depression. And it. Even though I I was interviewing him right after this of movie come out club paradise. And are -- about his his comic side the one thing that really stood out in my mind about Robin Williams was. This. The serious person. This person who had me he got really serious. And that's why that the roles that he's played in movies like. Good Will Hunting. In the series ruby senate -- dead poet's society. Those roles. Were more the real Robin Williams to me. From what I saw. What I what I. Took from that interview. And I asked him I said to you have a public you have a public image of yourself. What's something that people don't know about you that you like them to know. And he did talk about this this side of him that it is a happy side of him that is is sent. Quite often the greatest comedians. -- decide. So as we remember Robin Williams what movie what role do you most remember him in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our text numbers attorneys have got a text here about a a bad wreck West Bank expressway at Lafayette park rant caught off ramp so keep that in mind. And here is protects the reason Robin Williams had heart. Which cannot in my opinion be said of most entertainers nowadays. The world is comedy for those who think. The world -- tragedy. For those who feel. And that. Really does capture. Robin Williams. Here's a text do di Leo work at LSU hospital when a young person is on the surgery table with a bullet hole in his head. -- nothing cool -- glamorous. On -- Hollywood about it here's a text don't forget to Jumanji that was another movie that Robin Williams said it was -- so many. Let me get back your calls -- tour via text -- just a moment here's -- W -- -- -- pretty general opinion poll tonight how will you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian or serious actor. Give us your opinion like going to our website WW dot com also like I saw something yesterday afternoon at a McDonald's and on the very prominent suburb of the New Orleans area. There were eleven cars in line at the drive through. And I walked inside just to see how many people recites are I was passing by and I'm just curious. There was only one customer to active registers in one customer insight an eleven cars outside. Here's the scoop like tonight. Are fast food drive throughs. Contributing to the obesity problem in America. Read -- share with others it's on our website at WW -- -- for -- -- -- on the -- In the unit -- -- Cassandra how are you armed yeah. Well -- acne -- it was kind of funny that protect their bottom yeah Monty because that all of that hit what I thought about. -- -- -- -- along time ago. You Mardy was aborted gains before it became a. Yes and it with the movie was about the board game coming to life right. Yeah and went out here at -- begging for. Anybody. Was eighty -- me came -- in the eighties and I need. -- back. And I can play like we're ready. -- one movie freaks me how loud. Really did the idea that a game could come to life. -- -- I never. Had. That kind of impact. That note I'll. Fill. It. Up. At. We. You know I am in I'm. Gonna pop out of the government. I'm sure he would appreciate that I think that's a very appropriate way to to remember Robin Williams. Idea the idea of a board game coming to light so is is kind of scary and there were some -- things -- in the -- I didn't see a movie but I know the premise of the movie and the game. Speaking of board games I saw a preview for new movies coming out soon. I think it's called -- G and it's about a week he -- -- are people playing a ouija board and stuff comes to life it's freaking me out. -- yeah you know it's like I always been part. You know for both. Yeah yeah -- then I'm trying. And I'm a couple of friends of mine we decided you don't you know a lot of ejecting. -- does not commented that we keyboard and piney. One and it is quite -- like a million. So yeah as -- as I am like Italy and that it's going to be a good movie. There's no count on the. Cassandra I'm going to call the show faceless and yeah it was obvious preview this movie we -- I think it's called Ricci that we Jeep. And these decent people where playing it in and one's going you know you're moving that an -- for -- complain that we -- -- when I was young. Remember that thing moving around. And wasn't moving it and nobody else said they were moving it and and always kinda weird I've played it once and that was that was about it. Here is taxed. That reads. The shooting was in the upper Ninth Ward got the lower ninth for a -- the reports were it was in the lower ninth there was you know -- violent weekend in New Orleans over the weekend we've. I touched on that as well here's a text Robin Williams best -- to me was mrs. doubtfire it was both serious and funny. Here's a text Jumanji is on Netflix cute to watch -- as soon as you can't. If you rejoice for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a tax receipts and it's everywhere remembering Robin Williams a great actor a great comedian will you remember him more as a comedian or serious actor. That's the debit and he will pretty -- opinion poll go to our web sites W google.com and you're -- to annual if you update on that today just few minutes. If you majorities for your comment tonight what movie do you most remember Robin Williams in -- you might remember him at a lot of different movies as I do. We heard about Robin Williams being found -- today of an apparent suicide. What what movie role stood out most in your mind are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here right seventy. -- -- -- -- -- A Bob Mitchell will be doing this to show tomorrow night's the World War II museum is having their big annual idol competition and I judged it last year Davis and come back and judged against so I appreciate Bob. Coming in and doing the show tomorrow night following a good judge sent it to the World War II museum we're coming right back but more the sketch show on WWL Robin Williams wind. Won awards and nominated for so many awards he was in so many great movies such a beloved actor and comedian and he truly was both. And and and there are a lot of really wonderful comedians who were so great comedy. But often accompanies a wave of of hiding. A deeper side. A senator's side a little earlier -- stick it stick to compensate for the that decide that they they wanna cover up Robin Williams was just in so many brilliant movies one of my favorites was good morning Vietnam. Hey this is not a test this is rock and roll. And a rocket from the -- -- the -- day. That's summit that the president -- very nine goal will be below done lying denying and denying there and on the get a rove and high rare days. Too -- for being that paid too -- 0600 -- -- 1040 my god it's early speaking of early. How about that cro mag now Marty I would thank him out of the southeast masonic atomic Peggy late. Yeah days and the end better than I have repeatedly rejected a great job and I'll right now. In the army and a cub scout pack up Scott don't have any regular on the field and Alex and I went out there aren't. That you. We played an important. And -- -- -- Who didn't want mission to -- them out it's Friday and -- -- rats. Ramps. -- different government on the wrong speed for the interview. Were recovering from my -- that's the song just right. Let's put Iraq back down a little faster in -- and a little bit but get up on MTV and I got and it actually. I like -- attack that all of don't ask don't -- it. Because that's something that's where it backwards and it gets any better is -- it but he did have a look at you it put it that. Man man man and yeah. Picture man Golan captured outside and sound. He's left -- he's entered the demilitarized zone. The man. Didn't happen while -- Has to neutralize them when -- being policed action. And demilitarized zones and exhibit no that was involved. And -- didn't go in bad. Or -- Hold human. Yeah yeah yeah admitted. Yeah among them into people who now. Mean the idea that -- -- an and then Tammy I don't know I. College and am trying to navigate them. I'm pretty -- my -- the Reagan went to the and had Carnahan. Yeah yeah and didn't yeah. And yet. I mean it's an intent. And use slot you've been on everything but a Titanic stuff that right now and a packing up imagining. I'd go -- go go is that what Tony's passionate upstaged Hebrew Thai. I don't know what the weather and I got -- hot. And not be a hot hot spots short acting -- think that -- -- -- -- up and let that fool but you can't read more about it. -- As a Robin Williams from good morning Vietnam 1987. Played the part of a real disc jockey in the military who is sick quite rebellious quite revolutionary. And it was a movie also that had to have a serious side to mean were there were serious moments in that movie in this was that the brilliance of Robin Williams. I think that this was one of the movies that really showed him as a I'm a great comedian. But also showed him as a as a very serious actor in those touching moments about Vietnam. The other interesting thing about good morning Vietnam was and I remember talking about this on the year when this came out and in 87. This was the first time a miracle laughed. At Vietnam. Not laughed -- -- the first time that we had fun with Vietnam so it was a groundbreaking movie in 1987. The war for that generation hand held such as stigma. And it was such. Such a negative thing time and in so many ways. And yet that was the first time that was such a breakthrough movie because it was the first time we we actually. Laughter I guess it had been long enough we actually left it. And Vietnam we don't laugh at the people who weren't. We feel we didn't laugh that Vietnam is much is between. We were able to have fun with a very very. Serious situation. Which we quite often do but that was the first time we did it with the Vietnam. Everything is okay. We're remembering Robin Williams if you wanna join us with a comment tonight our numbers 2601870. -- -- 86688. -- or seventy or text numbers 87870. There -- so which breaking news today we're gonna have another special CBS news update coming up in just a few minutes at 931. And at 31 past the hour every hour until midnight. Here is attacks that reads there we're losing in many great people scoots Paul Walker Philip Seymour Hoffman. And now Robin Williams here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight how -- you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian or serious actor. 80% say comedian and 20% say a serious actor can -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com Michael you're on the -- show good evening. These guys are talking vodka people an. Opportunity. And -- I haven't Powell who votes. He worked Tuesday. Well that was so 11 hour photo. And you know equality. Fidelity it is it is out because it is on the subject -- wide -- society is infatuated -- you have other elements. Is that they'll see that side of it and all it. -- I was that was 2002 it was a creepy creepy part deeply receives kind of stalking the Stanley and and as stalking this family through the photographs that they were bringing in to have developed at a time when people actually brought -- to be developed. But what drug -- Credit a couple of widely thought of what looked cultural. -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- by the senate that have. Michael I I appreciate going to have a have a good evening. If you and George -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- simply text number -- have in the senate another series ruby was in I just it was actually brilliant was a dead poet's society. -- from -- Kenneth here on WW real good evening. You know while they were movie that Robin Williams Good Will Hunting yeah but I agree that email a lot of great movies integrate community. But there wasn't will be amazed. At -- that wasn't real popular -- but -- like that he'd played. -- -- -- played like true degeneration that's -- travel. -- to court. He declared human. Do you -- the name of the movie. -- was that it was that the AI artificial intelligence. OK I if anybody remembers that movie it's certainly Kohler show. Kenneth I appreciate you calling -- got to get to a CBS news update here but thanks for listing here's the text the evil Robin Williams in insomnia with Alpa chino. Love that movie. And -- actually which in the movies well but that was a really eerie creepy side of Robin Williams. And he did it's a well. There has been a lot of breaking news today -- gonna bring you another CBS news update will be right back with more it's crucial. Here -- to -- -- video to your old Saint Louis and welcome back to this future we're continue to bring you those as CBS news updates and excellent at 1031 -- an update we CBS news at. 10 o'clock. -- -- -- about Robin Williams said bicentennial man as a movie a couple of text of the lasted about that is Colin was talking about the movie bicentennial man I wish I'd I didn't -- I didn't -- probably -- movies. I mean I do admit that I had this this this part of me that just simply does not allow me to a one cent movies. I think that's kinda sad -- and maybe you think it's. A sign and I'm very shallow person but I really I just there's there's enough in life. To be said about and I go out of my way not to see. Sad movies now that doesn't mean that I haven't cried in movies that I've seen because they're just good movies in their touching. And I realize that there is good sand and sometimes it's cathartic across understand all that. I just choose. To not go to San movies so like at pet channel I know there were happy sites in that. On mrs. doubtfire -- A very difficult movie to watch for. For anybody who. Which divorced with children. On Jack was another movie that I I couldn't bring myself to watch but I know was a phenomenal movie nine months was it was a fun movie. On I really did like the movie one hour a photo night was it's sad he just showed a really creepy side as did insomnia. Or you played -- -- and Hilary Swank. But there were some touchy movies there was another movie that came out in 1991. And you might remember there's the Fisher -- Which are Robin Williams in that showed a very serious side if Robin Williams. And he played this character of the movie was. Jeff Bridges was also in the Fisher king. This was a movie that had a tremendous message and it was about. You we we all have things in our lives that we have to -- We all have things in our lives that we have to overcome. And Robin Williams was a character who had much to overcome in his life and it was essentially about slaying the red night. In his life overcoming. That an obstacle. So that was a very very touching and meaningful will be to make a got a number of Texas people say cook -- replace Peter Pan. Which was very funny I was really confused about Peter panic is when I was a kid growing up mirroring -- Play Peter Pan. So there was -- there was a girl playing Peter Pan and we grow up -- it was like on every year like there was -- blocks in every year remember sitting around and watching. -- Japan. And my parents went out of -- went out of their way to tell us that's that's a woman playing Peter Pan. So. Of course were all confused about gender today if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. It's every Texas 877. For -- -- here on WW elevated. But I get skewed just aren't it's chronic I cannot remember that -- -- but. By the chair actor's life. Commit suicide in. -- -- -- to get it out to rescue her. It was such as it would be any children. Let them. I'm looking. When he came back into the impart. That you rescued there eight it was buried deep deep but strange movie that he couldn't -- him cry out and be. And cry about being happy. Because -- took you so much of his wife and rescue her out of. -- Even you know I don't know afflicted to watch it but you know I probably -- to force myself to watch some decent movies that I him over the years. I understand. -- like these it. I think watching in more -- just crazy. You can hear that to himself after that India would say eat -- -- them. -- -- -- Still like I appreciate bring it up thanks for bicycle. The with the move vehicle according to a couple of texted just blasted in. What dreams become and you know again I saw the previews for that I thought it's just no way -- -- the -- -- can watch this movie I mean I don't wanna be miserable for two hours. If you saw and loved it again I'm sure they were happy. Sides of that two by two I just couldn't bring myself to watch it. Here's a text Patch Adams was really good he also did well in pop life. From downtown Antawn you're on the -- shown to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the world record -- -- Yes I did but it is a long time ago and I don't remember that much about it. All -- Colquitt who's mother. You have under. Like a military nerves. And he actually. Eric who live. Oh leader who could move on me and that -- I mean it would bar and you lose -- There are a number of voters -- could either there. And it was about his life. I'm gonna have to go -- -- I knew it was a deep movie you know I I have to share memories of a -- I need to go back and see that again. You know. And Charlie you remember him more as a comedian or a series actor. I'm actually ball and it could I've been here. -- you know everybody knows him in this -- -- in the end -- Greenberg from you know as you got to be older and the you know you started you know realized he wasn't just that can be -- you're a complete. I mean what is this thing in the -- if -- he would conclude that you haven't justified yet America Jeremy. And I appreciate it and am you know -- -- and -- -- -- he yeah. He could make you laugh he could make you cry make you think. Anton I appreciate calling thanks hosting a downtown if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Enter text numbers 87870. Here's a Texan Reid says he also played -- line. He was all poked up during a during -- I don't know but I do know that he -- substance abuse issues he was in rehab he was out of rehab. Sometimes. Even though you're. Even though you're clean. You're not cured. And Robin Williams did had this. Deep. Sensitive. Sand side. And in meeting him interviewing him in Los Angeles that's the one part of him that all these years has stood out most in my mind and -- was in 1987. And from that moment on that's what I that's what stood out most in my mind was that's was when I was talkative and cutting into talking about himself. And this is his facial expression changed. And it became very serious. And I could see that this was a -- very deep person who had real issues and the comedy was just the company was like a custom. The company was was his way of of dealing with a steep side it was a it was covering up. The deep side it was it was said to him and there are a lot of comedians. It has kept pressing issue. Don't euros -- under the WL. I don't who could man my favorite move was. Robin Williams. The world record -- the Oakland goes Micah -- urgent reforms go. You know it is very. Possible that that chain from -- time. -- -- mile mark -- more of time. And so what it called earlier sit Jumanji was her favorably -- she's gonna dust off the danger -- and play with friends this weekend. Just on he -- To that. The only. And victim. You know. This is more I'd -- -- about who broke. Up. An opera got. -- -- And the problem that. Met Robin Williams -- They're not only that -- It is important -- joke at the -- don't you know he he he read. Some from terrorist on that George Bush. You know our order has been com. I happen to be in the area not an annual physical. But I admit it. Courage and -- and the Smart and you know a lot more impersonate they don't. He's not he has not on tall person in fact he's about he might even below shorter than me which is -- short. You need to use these maybe. -- -- to -- you are yeah. But what is. In the Mitch yeah. You're right by the -- I appreciate you sharing that with this. Thanks -- tonight. Here is attacks to the reads death to smooching. With Ed Norton and Robin Williams I didn't see that goofy. Again there were so many movies that Robin Williams was in -- most people haven't seen all of but a couple of people now of just raved about. Jumanji which is the the board game. But come to life and suggesting is this a caller earlier Cassie says she's connected together with surprise this week in places that she she didn't play it. She she didn't play it after she's on the move into the picture. Here's the first time we met Robin Williams. From happy days. -- this is more much more committed on this and think the more I mean okay thinking Morgan and -- We've got some cuts of him in the early years. And what are my favorite things was. The bird -- it's one of those movies that I watched when ever that movie comes on and I'll watch it from beginning to end I think it is just such a brilliant move. And makes such an interesting statement about. About accepting individuals. It was brilliant we'll play clip from her cage coming up this is this to show like. WWL. Welcome back to our show will play cut from the movie -- coming -- you're just a moment to we're remembering Robin Williams who was found dead today. Prepare suicide at the age of 63 a 2 -- morning to -- -- afternoon Angela hill begins -- show every day at 1 o'clock with what's trending now want to be WL. It's a -- fun in depth discussion about the top trending stories of the day. News sports. Social media. Dave Cohen of WW news director the multi channel to Todd Manassas co -- floor for stick with Steve court. And seats -- -- from magical -- one point nine will be her guest for what's trending on WWL. Every day tomorrow included at 1 o'clock it's a great way to catch up on what's trending so make sure you tune in every afternoon at 1 o'clock to actually help. Then now at 2 o'clock. What what role -- birth order. With your siblings played who you became as an adult. First -- Middle child baby of the family -- child that it -- clock would grade should do world's public schools cashed in divers heading back to school right now. All of that tomorrow with Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one to four -- WL. Our fans are leaving flowers on his store in Hollywood so walk of fame Robin Williams so beloved by so many. Here is taxed -- that reads -- scoot to very nice of you to talk about Robin Williams the man. Depression can be devastating illness. When trying to self medicate and ease the pain addiction can result. I hope anyone dealing with depression themselves or a loved one will be moved to ask for help. By it is sad news. From a listener with experience. And like I could tell it in in in the meeting that I have with him that he was a very very. Tortured person. A lot of a lot of songwriters a lot of a lot of rock performers are -- tortured. And -- are actors in an ensor comedians. And it was just a definitely a distinctive thing that I still to this day. A remember about Robin Williams and so when I saw him in the more serious roles that he played that meant more to me I thought that was more the real Robin Williams. -- -- -- a from Missouri Shannon your under the WL. On each 11. -- And -- Now those were two really great when Shannon. I appreciate you calling our show thanks for listening. Here's a text. As in the movie Cadillac man he played serious roles within comedies Jumanji. As well. And think about mrs. doubtfire. Mean it was funny he was a drag it was funny but there was a really serious. Theme behind it I just wanted to be with his kids. So we dressed up like a woman. So we can be around his kids. And anybody who's divorced. Anybody who has been away from their kids. Could so empathize. With their character. And so relate to. Would Robin Williams was attempting to do. If you gonna join us with a comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text or -- 77 here's a Texan -- Robin Williams began as a mine. In Central Park in the mid seventies -- -- wish we -- audio that -- to play that week we don't for obvious reasons. When we come back we'll play a clip from the bird -- as we remember Robin Williams tonight's -- -- -- -- hero when you heard today that Robin Williams was found dead of an apparent suicides at the age of 63. What's the first thing that came to your mind about Robin Williams what role first came to mind. Here's a Texan reason I really remember him doing crazy -- it's and they Johnny Carson show potential Johnny Carson. Here's a text right about now. Four saint Peter is at the pearly gates scratching his head as Robin Williams is doing all his best stuff. Here is attacks that says says speak about comic relief he was also a great philanthropy philanthropist. He did give back. And here's a text I I think one of the best movies Robert Williams was in it was fly over I just love that movie and I've gotten a number of text from people lover was their favorite movie. I like good morning Vietnam I love Good Will Hunting I've loved it poet's society those were mine so my favorite probably his movies. But my actually favorite ones the birdcage. Course you can pass them. Great form and great to rent and that we can do what's. Behind me absolutely. We've got five hours. -- first. Too -- down up again. -- -- -- Teaching act like a man. All right. Attitude and -- that's what the food. Spitzer must on the toast. Don't just whom I don't have a little about the mustard and now taken night. And yes media. Men sneaks. Me. -- -- yeah Kiki don't look like make your fingers like I am all right fence topped him overnight pulled me it's. So what's. The important thing to members not to go to pieces when that happens. Get to react like command prompt. Save yourself. Albert. You -- the -- so plots not the Indian life I don't know. How big yet -- that knows no holes left. But it is -- need to get pissed them. All have to remember if I can only -- we're -- -- the spirit these amendments trying to walk us holdings and routes to. Was Robin Williams of the bird -- you're teaching -- -- costar in the movie and Nathan Lane how to be a man. And this was about a gay couple in South Beach Miami. And -- Pacman was the father of Calista Flockhart who was engaged to Robin Williams son. Who was raised by Robin Williams and his male partner Nathan Lane who ran this club called the per occasion in South Beach. And here was a conservative senator. Who was actually helped by them and actually. The into the movie came to a except them but the movie was just subtle so brilliant I. I hope which on again in the next couple days because I'm I'm looking forward to seeing them again. If you haven't seen the birdcage. A Washington it's a brilliant in so many ways. Here is attacks -- -- perhaps the comic genius resulted. From such a tortured core. As a coping mechanism rest in peace favorite Robin Williams movie what dreams may come its profound. Here's another text that -- -- one of the hardest times I've ever laughed in my life was at Robin Williams in nine months. And Hugh Grant was in that movie so wanting. Here's another text it's the first time that I've heard on the radio that conservatives. Have not blamed on Obama. I'm sorry to hear it -- we will miss him. Well it may be some haven't had a chance to figure -- -- nobody's gonna blame Obama for the death of Robin Williams is truly a -- I heard about this earlier today and at first I I just didn't want to believe it today and then heard it was an apparent suicide in and and that's. Any death is tragic. But it's a tragic when someone like Robin Williams with so much to live for. He still has so much left in him. Decided that suicide was the best option. But depression can be a very. Very deep dark illness. And if you're dealing with it if somebody you know is dealing with get help. And as I said earlier in the show I walked by people everyday in every night in the CBD. Who look like they have nothing. They look like they have no reason to live and yet something incited them keeps them going. And they stay alive and they live for the next day. Pick up all the resources -- of all the wealth it in in terms of money unit terms of just people around and think of all that Robin Williams had to live for. And he decided apparently the suicide was the best option which is truly truly stand. I'm scoot -- we'll be right back.