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Aug 12, 2014|

Funny man Robin Williams is dead at the age of 63 from an apparent suicide. We’ll talk about his life and career…what character or movie was he in that made you laugh. How will he be remembered by you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where ever you are in America tonight. If it's clear. Take a look at the Mona know there was a big full super moon over the weekend but there is a beautiful moon. Hanging in the sky right now so take a look at it you know sometimes in life you just have to stop and just take a moment to appreciate the great the beauties of of the world that are god given natural beauties and the and the moon is is one of them. I'm in various. There's just spent so much news stick to talk about it and fortunately so much of it is violent we're also. Remembering Robin Williams who was found dead at the age of 63 of an apparent suicide. I remember Robin Williams that it showed up of very. On sands a torment its side when I met him and it's decide if I saw him in in there at the serious roles that he played could -- -- dead poet's society. A few aspects of a good morning Vietnam. And if that was the sight of him that stands out most in my mind what you remember him more as a comedian or serious actor. That's -- WW a party general people give is your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that as for tracker poll throughout the evening. There was into the final weekend this summer in New Orleans this past weekend sixteen people were shot five were killed. In one of the shootings it was a drive by a sixteen year old who was scheduled to start school today. Was killed. Two were left -- Five were injured this is in the Lower Ninth Ward last night body clock. To the injured or in critical condition once too. And once for. And apparently it's drugs and guns. In this neighborhood. What he's gonna stop this. What is going to change this this cycle. If you hundreds of comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Told free. 866889. -- semi tech's number states every case every. Also CNN was reporting earlier tonight that violence had erupted again tonight in Ferguson Missouri a suburb of Saint Louis. And rioting and looting erupted last night following the shooting of a young black male and a suburb of Saint Louis eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police. -- chaos broke out after a vigil. A peace vigil. Coming together to remember this this young man. And his parents have pleaded for the violence to stop. But I think this just goes to show how close to the surface. There is such reach. In so many people. And people looking for an opportunity to retaliate. Against two for -- I can't say. But there is this desire to retaliate to seek revenge to vent frustration since. You know we all remember the riots in Los Angeles after the news version of Rodney King trial. There were people who were looting. And rioting. Didn't even know anything about the -- One guy was asked by by TV reporter. Something about Rodney king and he goes no I don't follow sports. So there were people who were rioting. Who who didn't even know anything about Rodney King. Truly sad so there are people who just want to commit violent acts. And you see people looting and walking out of stores with with tires. In Ferguson Missouri. And all these other items and what is it about eight to meet their needs to be an investigation. In a police did not handle this an appropriate manner. They needed before they need to be punished. Period that this is -- if they did not handle this in a proper manner this absolutely unacceptable. But so was the violence. Jurist -- with your comment -- numbers 2601870. -- free. 86688 on steroids every text number -- 878 separate here's a texted did you mention the movie the world according to Garp that was mentioned earlier and a lot of people invention that is there. Favor to Robin Williams movie when you heard about him committing suicide in -- that he was dead today -- 63. What's the first rolled it came to mind from Robin Williams. Here is a -- Robin Williams a man who left life much too soon. Will be sorely missed by everyone whose lives he touched with his comedy. And brought huge files to their faces the world is a different place without him tonight but we've remember him with love and our hearts and fond memories. In our minds. A beautiful text. A from Gulfport Troy you're on the -- shown to be WL. You can hear me -- execute -- -- two quick comments hello Robin Williams remembered for for pop -- You don't sleep. On the voice of the genie in Aladdin yes which a lot of people probably don't realize. And it's just it's a sad sad thing in any -- -- was you know the violence people on. All understand what's going on down -- in New -- -- all of us should be approach towards people out here talking about that I'm never going back to the French Quarter. Because of the shoe is going on appears just they don't feel safe regardless comic culture down there and well being open to listen to which you have to -- in. In reply to that. -- I've I've I appreciate calling I lived downtown I was in the quarter over the weekend so I'm -- quarter quite often it's essentially in my neighborhood. As well as downtown -- close to the beginning of -- permanent canal. And I'm careful. But I still go. And New Orleans is still safe the perception is that it might not be safe but you know what we're talking about is also violence that happened in. And a suburb of Saint Louis. And then what apparently happened. This drive by shooting among the violent acts that took place over the weekend are involved drugs. And it's. -- this is what bothers me most about all of its. Is people who are seeking revenge or retaliation. Over a drug deal or a girl or some kind of feud. Or territory. Or being disrespect it. None of those reasons or reason to shoot some. But what amazes me is the lack of respect for innocent people. In a cry out. Innocent people were shot and killed. Not just the person who into acceptance the person who's the target. Isn't the one who see it. We hear about this birthday party gatherings how cowardly do you have to be. To target somebody at somebody's birthday party. And obviously a lot of these people are not very good shots they're not good and they don't have good name. Too many innocent end and everybody's innocent until proven guilty so I'm not saying that that the death of the person they're seeking revenge against. It is justified. I think about how unjustified ideas for innocent people to be enjoying themselves. And and somebody has an argument with somebody else. There's a shooting. And they end -- debt. And it's just the -- the lack of that's what scares me how inhumane. You must be part in mind. How inhumane you must be. In order to just shoot at somebody and not really care about the innocent people around quite often children. There are solutions to every problem. So what's the solution to this problem. It's. A deep problem. And there's -- long term solution. But it is also a short term solution. So what are we doing the short term what do we do in the long term. It's something we need to talk about until we find answers and so far. There have not been any good answers and I'm not trying to exaggerate the decline that we've had because you can stated that crime is down. But that doesn't matter to the people who were shot and killed -- for the weekend. And this this. Recent attitude of again I'm just I'm so bothered by the ideas that somebody is targeted in a cramped. And the people who are targeting somebody -- care. I mean that's how. That's how emotionally dead. They must be inside. If you enjoyed our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Tool free. 86688. Nines here which simply a text -- -- 78 cents. Here's a Texan reach kids who grow up and broken homes in violent neighborhoods are not taught morals ethics or value of life that's true. I'm I'm really surprised that that there has not been comprehensive research. On people who or in fall in in inched in in shootings. People who are so quick to settle an argument with -- gone. I'm surprised there haven't been more comprehensive studies done. That tried to determine the root of the problem. And it's obviously parenting. Meet some of it is society but the booted the lowest common denominator. Has got to be parent. And I don't know how we do it. But we as a society. Need to figure out a way to stop. Rewarding people. Who have babies for the purpose of getting money from the government. It doesn't mean that everybody like that isn't a good parent. And it doesn't mean that there aren't we talked about this quite often there are a lot of wealthy families there are wealthy people who aren't good parents -- So this is something that transcends socio economic boundaries this is not just inner city problems. There are rich people there are well to do people who don't take the time to parent their kids. And they might even think their kids are doing nothing wrong their kids are doing drugs their kids are doing bad stuff their kids -- mystery to some of the details are mistreating women. Girls. And they're not -- But there is a concentrated problem. In some parts of a varsity and other cities as well. And violent should not be. The acceptable response here's a text children come from broken homes in violent neighborhoods. Are not -- intelligent responsible conflict resolution. -- right. Or not. Because it in many cases. Their mothers. Doing an activity with a man it's gonna lead to another day. I'm just -- I'm saddened when I I see these kids sit. That may not even have a chance. And it's not their fault. Are brought into this world and departed this world by people who don't care. They think they care they might act like they care might tell you they care they might tell you that the systems against them. -- -- a -- there are obstacles that I don't understand or appreciate. But at some point you you have to pick. Everybody everybody on this planet needs to accept responsibility for themselves. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or text numbers 877. Here's a Texan Reid said the answer is real simple have the National Guard take over the city. And treat criminals like they do overseas. No questions asked. It seems like a simple answer but you know that we've got this thing called the constitution. -- dean -- under the W dog anything. And then comment and on the ticket and all of that I am what I'm saying is. What are the fact there that disregard for and about standards. In groups of people when these. When these target whatever they are it would -- It's even more so because. Have you ever and then suddenly. -- -- usually -- like it's like horizontal to the ground. Right. It's the range and I'll try to -- at all it's almost impossible -- To actually hit what terrain that if you're at it that there. So that means that. Temperature and that way and they all year I mean that's not accurate if not I'm not condone. Shooting somebody to be accurate but on this thing. You know and that it is to assure -- that national and here I mean it. No they did not like they're alienating loyal and well they might be aiming at somebody but not accurately and and -- I don't I know I don't know that much about -- -- -- -- mean -- shot a pistol -- -- rifle before. But it does make sense that it you're not going to be good -- -- year if you're holding the gun sideways and that seems to be a very prominent way. To firing -- people so you know it that's just another at another symptom of the fact that they don't -- I mean you'd rather you'd rather get -- point. Then be accurate and possibly kill and about. Well and it and then dean the other question is why don't they cared I think that's that's the big question about the man. Dean I appreciate you calling tonight we'll take a quick break here and a coming up that at 1031 we're gonna have another CBS news update. And tonight these CBS news updates have been about the death of Robin Williams an apparent suicide at the age of 63. On the tragedy we've been talking about that tonight in some of the FAA rules it we've seen Robin Williams in her RWW a pretty general opinion poll is about. How will you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian or as a serious actor. Give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com to join -- with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. X numbers 87870. I'm scoot him be right back on this Monday nights on W well. And had him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robin Williams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you can yell at. We're continuing to memento Robin Williams sewers have found that today that -- suicide. He's 63 has -- in northern area of San Francisco. And we're remembering our favorite roles and hit a relatively assume it's one of those actors who could make you laugh he can make you think and he could make you cry were also talking about violence. And it was another violent summer weekend in New Orleans this past weekend sixteen people shot five or killed. And one of those cases were sent a drive by shooting an innocent people including a two year old and a four year old me what do they do wrong. Nothing they were born. And they shouldn't be shocked me they're not deny children were -- they were shot. There are critical condition and let's let's pray for. It's. Why of people you know I know we we talk about this it's almost a rhetorical question we continue to talk about the news. But until -- really start to figure out what the answer is I think we need to continue to talk about. Why are people so quick to use guns. And why -- people so quick to just. Target somebody in a crowd like at a birthday party Europe by a gathering of some kind you don't have the courage to face that person face to face he got to shoot them. In a crowd. From -- a change -- WL. I commend my favorite movie of all time and -- -- favorite movies is probably and Jeff Bridges and the Fisher king. Yes a lot of people haven't seen it quick synopsis for those who have and a shock jock EJ makes at all in remark on the air sparks a tragedy. A person listening to show and goes and shoots up but Manhattan bar. And the DJ gets fired down low he's about to commit suicide in -- in out from the depths clocks. Robin Williams plays an acre and a kind of street urged and the ball. A lack of a better word and pretty much saved his life and find out that the character probably and catcher. -- was killed in Manhattan bar strategic should appoint himself to try and help this gentleman's gentleman at the course of -- that the holy Grail. And now it's the story Richard -- trying to modernize but it's also poignant who what you you're talking about tonight because of even though the movie was like. There was rarely a -- Changed -- hang on for just a moment to I'll continue this conversation we gotta get two quick CBS news update on this is -- -- show. Under VW oil and this is this crucial and a Monday night was -- to your conversation with the -- at home. James one of the things that I remember about the Fisher king boys it was about Chris about overcoming that -- mythical. Obstacle or -- -- tangible obstacle to having your in your life -- it was collected slaying of the red night it was. It was again it was a it was facing and overcoming tremendous obstacle. And need and a little bit competence and his life centers like step he would see the red light and and it was a mental battle for themselves. And two people that needed each other from different walks of life each other help each other. And the could be you know your -- uplifting and I can never describe the movie to anyone has it made me laugh it a crime scared rural. And now expression was social media these days off and remark by radio DJ called a spark is because I was looking for. I guess well through the radio so payroll. And it's so it's a lot to do that the shooting and things are today and so some people are so on and it's. Socially outsider. Networks and sort of getting out there and and and in which you were saying earlier about though what. Too cheap to to get into the minds of these people would just rather go sure somebody it's like there's not enough work well enough research done. And especially. Or someone as despondent posted. Quote are probably a couple of days ago. And if so which aren't being. -- -- That he says he usually think it's it's bad to be alone but it's worse -- your surrounded by people that make you feel -- Was so grateful that courts but. I got the surgery -- sit there and now I'm wondering. You know if if there was any visit because this statement that he made when he made it in and and -- which you say about. Where. James -- which stands out in my mind about Meade Robin Williams and interviewing him. What was this other side of him this was 1987 when the movie club paradise that came out to -- Los Angeles and -- here and -- earlier in the show. And he was funny it was crazy -- it's on my hair which was really long at the time he made fun of me and I I made fun of my hair I thought that was what was funny India that really crazy side. But then I talked to him about Robin Williams the person. What is it about him that people don't know that he'd like -- to now. That they just don't understand about him. He talked about this very sensitive side. He talked about. This slowly side. And I have told many friends that were going through difficult times that. The loneliness that I've ever felt. In my life. Which -- I was around people. And supposed to be happy. But -- really inside. Very lonely. And some of the happy -- Times have been when I have been totally alone. So you know Robin Williams his is right you you you you feel lonely list. When you're around people because you don't think you're supposed to be only the team to feel this tremendous loneliness inside -- of the contrast of feeling lonely in people being around you. Is is is one of those moments that just it accentuates how lonely. You really are because you're not supposed to be long. If you gonna joiner showed your comment tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. -- a text -- a 77. How well you best remember Robin Williams as a comedian or serious actor. That's a bevy of -- pretty general opinion poll here's a quick updates. 83% say they will remember him as a comedian. Only 18% will remember him more as a serious actor. So many great movies and and it's so many of the movies that there was comedy but there was also a serious side and that was the brilliance. A somebody like -- Robin Williams and I'm thinking about Steve Martin. Has that ability to notice a comedian but then became a serious actor. I think you could say that if to some degree of Eddie Murphy. And Gene Wilder was another -- that I've met and interviewed and and talked about this this side of comedy held the comedy is is a facade the comedy is a costume for their. There lonely. Dark emotions. And Robin Williams was in and out of rehab had substance abuse issues. And why is apparently deeply depressed and says that's what we're hearing about his apparent suicide was that. He was dealing with that very deep depression. And it's a very very serious. Illness it's a very silly serious condition of the brain and if you know somebody who is depressed there there are a lot of things you can do to get help. Medically and emotionally. And I hope that you would get that helped and hope that you would think well OK I'm really down and I'm really depressed. Learn from learned from this. Appreciate what Robin we uses it is was going through before he died. And don't. Really don't consider suicide as as an option. That is just so sad when somebody who has so much. He didn't have the problems that that many view that. He didn't have the problems that that that I might have been in my life. He still have a lot going for and a lot left in him in terms of performing. And -- the greatest option. Was suicide. That was truly sent. If you enjoy Schneider numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- simply -- -- -- various 877. A Bob Mitchell will be in tomorrow to do to -- show I did it last year and has been connected to it again and so it's it's it's an honor the the annual idol competition. Is set the World War II museum this staged -- canteen. Tomorrow night and they asked if I would come back and a judge that once again it's really -- you know you get to talk about the different performances and it's it just a great. Or rate of talent from the the New Orleans area so -- -- -- doing and I appreciate the chance to come back it is it's O Bob which will be here tomorrow night. And then they'll be back on on -- indicted and don't forget you look at the saints came to look forward to Friday night the saints will be home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome first home. Pre season game against the Tennessee Titans. And our coverage begins at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. And kickoff is at seven and then the point after it goes on till 1 o'clock ten hours of wall to wall extreme saints coverage. On the flagship. WWL six radio from Gulfport Wayne -- and having to be well. And move. -- on windows only. I have been all didn't. People don't know what it is -- but he. What do you go to war. Loneliness that you yet. You know get it to our ports are they'll be. -- feel is a failure. When you when you don't really it's a lonely and is of course was built in failure. When and financial problem. Robin Williams and it sure is scheduled call all you -- -- Cory he had could be places that he really may be one of them. Maybe you needed which you. -- you when you wanna call it all the dough that's commendable but that's really. Well -- what we do what I do is I just talk about it just talk about. Life experiences that I know that I'm not the only one who has dealt with different aspects of life that that I deal with and I just wanted to. To share my impression of Robin Williams which really was this. This lonely. In sight of him that really stood out in the interview in -- was in 1987 has afforded many of the serious roles that he went on to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Egypt -- or should I can do but some arms when the loneliness as so -- -- -- Just -- alarm in the UK audible lost someone very close these -- The same way millionaire. And a war but I think. But none -- that was about it it was the it was it was the loneliness. He created all in all drug induced all this is you know it to change. That that people here. The strong. It is Don this is such or a contrast for me and I've mentioned this a couple of times tonight but when I think about. As the people that I see every day on the street to downtown people living on the streets literally. And nights and they seem during the day I see him at night people who look like they have nothing to live for. And -- look like they have nothing and yet there's something inside of them they're just keeps it keeps them keeps them alive. And do one thing that we can't ever lose no matter what we go through is is hope and faith that things are gonna get better. And report warned Wednesday. Or will agree we viewed. It was one of the great outlook. So little in -- out at the it's ingenious. What authority. Is yes it's all only or call. I thought the movie what -- are a lot of people have been. Well. -- a good job because. These guys on windows. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I appreciate appreciate minister and I. -- -- your whole stay -- this if you are joining us with the pure comedy also if you're if you're going through a lonely time now and it's just stay with that. Have hope has faith. You are gonna get through this so many people do. The only way you don't get through it is if you. If you take your own life then you don't have a chance to get through. -- how bad it is if you stay alive. You get through it. Our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in tech's number 87070. I'm scoots and will be right back on WWL. Tonight we remembering Robin Williams when you heard that he had apparently committed suicide was found dead today at the age of 63 -- homeowner's ever Cisco. What was the first roles that did that came to your mind. -- remember him more as a comedian or as a serious actor. That's or WW pretty general opinion poll gives your opinion by going to our web site to be communal dot com and we'll give you know European that is just a moment. Here's a text a favorite Robin Williams movies mrs. doubtfire and by sending a bison I'm bicentennial man. Here's another when I really liked him in dead poet's society. I -- -- thought there was a great great movie. Here's another text to a week innings and Patch Adams I mentioned this earlier I have this this sad movie radar. That it goes off it it'll work to me about -- movies. And did that this doesn't mean that sometimes I don't go to a movie and find it very touching and and I might cry. But I never go out of my way to -- -- movies. Robin Williams is such a great actor. Natalie comedian but so convincing and and very touching movie roles that they were movies that I couldn't bring myself to see on. There will be about dreams. Coming true when dreams come true -- -- -- -- -- like a fun name specifically. What dreams may come. Now I saw the previous -- like there's no way and if you so I'm sure it's a great movie and I'm sure you enjoyed. We'll get to a more of your text here in just a moment from Baton Rouge Nathan here and a BWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nathan I really appreciate you calling I think we need subtitles. From the West Bank Michael -- WWL. As you go. One -- -- -- ever a moment but probably somewhat removed particular weapon on the well would. And he looked. It had been period and we'll open it or pay any stone America today mom and -- -- really really remembered my behavior I don't move disease I'd like to -- like to sign that. That I remember it's so big event that we talk about apparently do. And you know we it is. True about him about what. It is yeah yeah yeah believes among the. Well and you didn't know you you weren't sure what he was talking about when he was going through this. And that and them and move would remain -- And it and again and today we tell my about it and and get. And -- and world. They -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- We've well we've been we've got a whole nation of people that bag may be real -- and American and the other. And -- minority whip them into this country but with Robert reiterated what I would do whatever real regrettable. In my you can look back through history and and then there were -- where there was violence that really was part of the beginning of almost every front. And we we don't. We as Americans we don't talk about it. It it would say other than a military article that -- loser. Okay what the regular. People don't throw -- they're rated would vote -- -- yet mate he wanted to make in the and that they do and say it will -- -- it. Sometimes that people -- And an -- at Paula cook we talked about and why not accept rep about. Out of output that trio. Mandela. Picked to predict -- -- of what you backward radio I'm Rick. Yeah -- let it bring it. We global booted reconsidered campaign if you're about to be -- this fraud been executed by the people. You've given what you do so attracted -- you wanted you. But America yeah it's I hated that well oh. -- Michael I I I do agree with you and I think that this is one of the things that stands in the way of better race relations today and we were not ready to happen on his conversation about a lot of things in this country. It has been in -- honesty on on on both parts of. -- saying I appreciate. About. Oh Victor. When. -- he'd. Blow. -- -- you know what game. And and we got talk about under the pay it -- all the way probably put -- I don't know what. If it was -- Well and let's let's talk about the sins of the past and how they led us to where we are today. But we don't have to live in the past and there's. No no candidate when a player but with the -- and didn't let me. Will we debate in particular. Okay what you did and barriers are -- part about I'd look at a prayer today. They get our guys here and the robot with a different about. You don't know wherever wherever you're right you don't know. It's -- you've got to have a patent ought to what you -- It's gonna say when they're young. And and so -- didn't know what you can round. It's probably it would wouldn't it be okay but it landed because our I came from here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a text good morning Vietnam and that was on my favorites as well here's a -- -- Robin Williams and cowardly thing. He left his loved ones with a lot of pain. -- Sanford then he loved only himself. I don't think that's I don't think that's the right way to look at it the cowardly thing you can make that argument that. We'll talk about that we come back after this break and VW in Iraq. Who's on first. What's on circuit. Is the US bombing its own guns and does this equal total failure in Iraq. Do you even know whether or not the United States. They should be targeting the nicest militants -- a girl we'll talk about that tomorrow -- -- in the think tank. A tomorrow for that in a conversation on many other things tomorrow pretend ones here on -- -- this is a -- show and from Memphis Chris welcome to WWL. Scared that it -- the year I'm here talking about. Probably in his loneliness and things like that you know. A disorderly is that the loan is that I ever tell. As far as just buried deep loneliness and I am not talking about depression it. When my mother. That was it she you know I know or grandparents. My dad was already dead and she was caught. And it was that apple and I realized that my gosh who am I gonna go to C. Man I -- questions about certain situations and I need is dumb and tightened. And it looked at that point that out realize that I'm now. Pat do you depend upon my itself as an adult and what they taught me about certain situations in how to deal with people. Problem but also. Out to armed. Managed my own situation as far as it could be anything from a relationship to business dealings to you. Eat anything at all and think that was the lonely -- whatever it was that -- not realize there. Wow I am really now an adult because all of he would go that were in my life -- -- on does that make any. It's a totally and and you know it's it's even it's even scary before you lose your parents when you get to that point when. You realize that you become the parent of your parents because they can no longer -- take care of themselves it's. It's a startling moment in in one's life when when you realize that you're the adults whether you're taking care of them or or or you've lost like totally relate to that feeling. Yes there and and and that's what occurred taking care of my mother last few months of can't terror you know -- -- work. I'd like that's a good debate was. Taught me there it -- So what was asking them. You know what BJ do in this situation. It's a conversation came up about. You know careers. Or dealing with irons or family or what and it would help me. You know this is out with this and then you know the number one. Factor was -- Is that. They always appreciated someone who -- August. With spam whether it was someone -- -- -- looking -- -- someone who's doing work program and somebody come back and say it. A lot you know solid balance working you're not you step -- that there's there are so the states. And and that the one thing I'll learn from them is that honesty is the policy -- that. The best policy in your career if you make a mistake -- in the Bob and you'd say okay. A when it this way and I I thought it would work its way and I do -- And I am really sorry and I'm gonna work my butt to get this to count back. You know -- it regardless it could be you know. -- I I understand I I appreciate calling Schoen thanks listening tonight in Memphis. I don't have time to get to this Tex right now budget it's ourself with I hope you read this on the air because I really wanna get this message out. I lost my mother to suicide. We'll read that text. Coming up after the news -- like tonight is title or fast food drive -- contributing to the obesity problem in America -- and shared it's on WW real dot com.