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08-11 11pm Scoot, Robin Williams

Aug 12, 2014|

Scoot discusses the apparent suicide of actor/comedian Robin Williams. What role will you remember him best by?

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A seven year old boy was beaten by a shark. In what is usually known as the friendly waters a -- posturing this happened Friday afternoon. Experts believe it was a bull shark. Which apparently. They're plentiful and link -- times the most shark is among the man eating sharks of the world. And I receives a text earlier for people who said that the bull shark is very aggressive and always hungry. And when attacked. Usually die from blood loss because the -- doesn't really like the way you taste. There were experts who took a look at the bites on this this boy's. Leg foot in an ankle. And determined that it was a shark and and an expert and today you receive New Orleans you know Patricia volleying. He's a shark expert he said that it was it was a bull shark candidates know of their a lot of bull sharks that like much does this make you less likely to go into the late. Apparently there there don't want to scare you but I just thought we let you know thank goddess it's going to be all right. A joint where we're talking about. The loss of Robin Williams. A great actor agreed to. Ian -- you remember him more as soon as serious actor or comedian. That's or WW a pretty general people give -- -- opinion like going to our web site to be WL to account and I saw something yesterday afternoon that the inspired the scoop blog tonight. Yesterday afternoon at a suburban McDonald's. There were eleven cars in line at Detroit -- And I thought you know I'm just -- I was passing by and it's gonna walk inside I wanna see how crowded it is inside. Because I thought you know maybe a lot of people are just sitting in their cars because -- only get out of their cars. There were two active registers inside and only one customer. An eleven cars lined up in the drive through line. Scoop like tonight is titles are fast food drive throughs. Contributing to the obesity problem in America. Think about it do you go out of your way to not get out of your car you gaudy way to not do anything active. That's on our website at WW dot com you can read and share with others had -- talked about that coming up in just a few minutes. Also I don't know if this is gonna ruin anybody's weaker but Louisiana state police discovered what they believe was 300 pounds of marijuana. In the back of a Mazda CX five. This was during a traffic stop on -- 12 yesterday morning. 300 pounds of marijuana. What's a good for about three stops and Willie Nelson tour. Here's an update on our divvy up to a pretty -- opinion poll tonight tell how well you best remember Robin Williams. 85% say is a comedian 15% say as a serious actor again give us your opinion underwent such -- behavioral dot com. Here's a text that -- I hope you read this on the year skewed because I really wanna get this message out here. I lost my mother to suicide. She was only 44 years old. With what happened to Robin Williams I feel compelled to. Say that the people who who knows someone who is going through depression. If someone comes to you and tells you they need to talk. Take time to listen. Don't judge them don't tell them that they're just in a funk and they'll get offered to those of the worst things that you could say. And god forbid they take their own life you were ready for the rest of your life knowing that those were the last words you said to them. You know this is just another opportunity to talk about depression. And for those who don't deal with any kind of brain disorder. For those who don't feel the depths of depression. It's really easy to say -- take a -- have a couple of drinks. Smoke a joint. Or you know just. Start thinking about thinking about happy things we you can't really do that if you're if you're depressed. So I think that's a really good point don't don't judge people. Don't -- people who war. Who are depressed. Because that it is he is a deep dark. Affliction. And to some people who are dealing with that. Suicide is the best option suicide should never be the best option. Mean this is an opportunity to to talk about how if you are going through a tough time enemy have you been lonely in your life. Have you been depressed. How did you get through it. If you rejoice I read your story -- numbers 260187. Told free. 866889. Steroids or protection or -- 77. When you're really depression really lonely. How did you get me if you're if you're here you you obviously. You've got through it. Well you're still here hoping that you continue to get through. If you're going to a depression lonely time talk to somebody. It's not that there's a magic cure for. The try to find. Enough hope in -- To wanna live another day. Think about all the people who have nothing. We're very little compared to us. Compared to Jew me and many people. Think about the many people who seem to have very little to live for. And yet. There's something inside of them. That drives them to live another day and end of the day -- another day. Because the only way you can get out of them that the depression mr. going to -- really get through the bad times. Is to stay alive. If you commit suicide you'll never get over the bad times. Here's a -- Robin Williams took the coward's way out. Of whatever problems he had selflessly hurting people so obviously hurting anyone. Who made the mistake of caring about him. And I understand how people feel that way. But to me that's a very a cold hearted. View of it. And especially if you have never dealt with any kind of brain issue emotional issue like depression. It's it's really easy to judge but it. When you get to the point where you feel like that is the only option. That's a really sad moment and when it there are things like this that happened when. -- you see somebody who is so happy who apparently has so much to live for. You have to also appreciate the fact that there's a real lonely side here. And apparently Robin -- going through deep deep depression. Quite often did the desire to do drugs that desire to. -- get involved in different substances. Is to escape from from the depression. Is to escape from from that person you -- supposed to try to get away from themselves. Sometimes. The person you fear the most. Is yourself. And to get away from that. You'd you'd do -- -- for some people it's sex. Percent delist its drugs or alcohol. They're trying to escape. And then when you when you get clean as Robin Williams did on on several occasions. As you if you get clean. It doesn't necessarily go away at an end and there's there's you you might be clean but you're still dealing with the depression. And then you're not seeking that way to get over it. If people I'm not gonna go back to that so what is the only option suicide. If you -- join our children and our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. Texas 877. A project Tilly Eric you're on the spiritual into the WL. Hey -- you do good good to talk to you again. A couple weeks ago in -- to -- yet to issue but the best breakup song should remember that yes I do ligament which. Would it -- on though forest view rose so it would took it pretty hard in retirement product -- kind of garrido married which I went -- -- think. Saying that man football game in that manner much ride the bus trying to it took -- In significant in that stadium on Monday and 8000 people. Bill what do mumbo moments. If that it's been good about my day except my two kids. And I -- that stayed out that there again but not the one. That that the. Well you sound you sound better now. You know when you are when you're dealing with loneliness and and and depression. You know it's almost as if the loneliness is accentuated by the fact that you you're you're a crowded place or you've got people around you. Yeah yeah. And it you know. The board cubicle I have to say it now again do a little bit in the war in the back -- it. You know what I'm glad it sounds like you -- a lot better Erica appreciate sure that when it's very different kind pleasure received. Here is a text thank you so much for your words about depression battling chronic depression. Can be lonely and overwhelming. A tool for calm my darkest times. I try to remind myself of something I choose to belief. Which is that every one does feel my pain and share it. Likewise I share everyone's joy. Depression Israel. And. If you are dealing with it if you know somebody who is dealing with it. Talked to somebody there -- answers. Medication that will help you deal with that I don't think anything make something magically goal way. In a quite often when it's something like depression or. And anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder these different disorders additional people of Mexico way. But the pill does acted as a as a weapon to help you better fight. From homer -- you're on WWL. Straight through the night good. Now Robin Williams. I would bet today she good morning Vietnam that was classic idea or you or are more dignity that you are. There yeah. It wasn't a more in the Indy fan it was a very popular show it and that that was a spin off from happy days character played more for more. And it went when the more character appear on happy days and thought you know I mean. I saw the -- talent and I appreciate his his comic talent and I thought it was brilliant. But I really wasn't into that that character and I would it was it into the show why I came to appreciate more and the -- -- probably is but I thought he was just brilliantly funny and those those early roles as Bork definitely showed -- his talent. Bright and can get -- our society. And that was that was an -- movie then you can actually you know pop star OJ you know you don't deep question you know. Do I go to this every day you know a lot more other. It's they've turned to senior legal. Our own drum kit guitar you know army -- the -- I'm -- -- her that day on earth. Here it's been you know but mr. grant date and shouldn't paint -- writing and this CD. You know the last day. Yeah and my little sister she you know that he would never forgive him for that. Yeah and outlook Doug -- sister you know what -- can't. -- Oh lord probably number -- or Edgar has not been. How many you know and -- it until would be proud story that at times. You don't know audience and who knows -- No -- now they're ER I got my little sister. -- -- -- -- Where she was she talked to you. And I -- know that is it you know I don't think so you know maybe you now you know idea I don't know actually. -- with you know with social media with with news and so many resources today I would think that you. Could find tour. -- EL BP you would think -- Leo Leo under the literate when it comes to computers. You know I don't know I would -- and I would turn to Peter. Local and find somebody I mean do you know somebody who has a computer. RE VE. I probably would. -- -- find somebody US computer and asked them to help you see if you can finder. You know the that you are -- darker you know targeted -- yet nobody she's not nature you know arena the on the side of what I did. -- It -- I wouldn't I wouldn't beat yourself up over this because she might totally forgive you might be living with the burden that you shouldn't be living with like I hope you find -- and I I hope you find somebody with a computer to help you finder but. We make we make mistakes in our in our lives and you know we have to figure ourselves we have to forgive others and others need to forgive us but we also have to forgive ourselves some times. You know you are I'd -- you know our core security. You know I don't drink at all. You know and I pretty much the game itself you know the power to give me you know I -- you know -- is sold -- -- or your mom don't forget Hewitt and you know maybe that was a moment and in your life when you when you changed and soul. -- in the in her passing she. Helped you -- gave you something. Youngsters -- you know -- -- the closest to see that it's easily get an out. Well I'll open -- your little sister and I want you to call is Bakken tell us to do it. On an article by Douglas. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a 7870. You know I love to have -- on the show but sometimes you just have to be -- talk about. And talk about real life. And the death of an apparent suicide of Robin Williams at the age of a 63 is it time to talk about. Not only the great actor comedian Robin Williams who has. But also talk about people who deal with with depression. And people who seemingly have so much to live for. Who decide the best option. -- suicide. Here's a text shocked. In his last stand up comedy show after heart surgery Robin Williams was energetic. Funny than ever. And looked. Renewed. For life. He seemed like a brand new person. The entire show was absolutely hilarious. Sad to see him go I hope the world will remember. The charity benefits and the good things he did. Not the way he died god bless Robin Williams. From Metairie Cassandra -- WWL. Right. You. And then one night you know. Now. You now. I warming and I. Other than that. What -- Kyra. -- ones yeah yeah. My mother who. Really -- I would moment. And you know I basically you know I wanna say anybody. Is -- My -- That. -- com news. You doing out there and hope -- -- Basically -- program pop. And the people believed. -- Don't -- It hard. When it. Whenever. He won't have to feed them. -- Anything. -- -- Yet in your text I thought there was an important when you said dale Jones a sick old you'll get over it this is just a funk figure in -- And while that might be that might be true describing it in such a simplistic way. Doesn't help the person is going through depression. -- now. Of course my mother. And you know one you know Obama. You know get over that. -- -- -- and remember in and my mother and -- 3 o'clock. Out and I am I haven't met in Hawaii where. -- mom and even -- Will be seen one check at all. Own it. But of course and in that know. Me -- and out that way and. Only Harlow hello that's just that's -- that's treating and I guess more of their that is the symptom of the depression rather than what is making you depressed. Even saying that means to me. -- Typical I can't one on one side or like if you act and I'm. In my movement in the inning and we -- What -- I sat. At the top of me all. About coming back court and -- Not only from. Can tell me that my mother. -- -- Yeah. Stop. Why she got in line and let me. I mean you know while. It well like. The top. Even so well and call. Him. You don't. Appeal bound by. And you. Know. -- Cassandra that's relief. Really profound advice and sorry for what you went through and got bush and I appreciate you sharing that mystery did help a lot of people for you calling. In an apartment I won't -- 2000. Yeah. I don't mind if you called twice in and night I appreciate you calling him -- really -- to share that with us and thanks for the -- -- for the confidence that a text. Here's a text a -- -- social worker -- lead this of a depression I'll read a text from compact also coming up that to 1131 another CBS news update. On the death of Robin Williams this is astute she'll -- will be back -- definitely well. This is a Scotia we have another special CBS news update coming up here and just a moment then right after that we'll get back to abort your text and also. More to your phone calls so we've been talking about the death of Robin Williams in apparent suicide at the age of 63 year truly sand and a great loss to. -- the world of entertainment so beloved by so many people. But it does raise the question about depression raises questions about. About suicide. And there are times when you're gonna be down but it's not like he really dealing with serious depression will continue this conversation when we come back. It's Monday night in the -- showing here's a special CBS news updates. Under VW -- connect to the Scotia living share this at Texas years as Cisco and I'm a social worker and I have spent over 25 years working with folks. Who have some form of mental illness. It is an illness just like diabetes and cancer. But it affects. On the chemicals in the brain depression is not a selfish choice. It's not something that we can change by acknowledging that we have to be grateful for. Things in life depression is an illness. They can't prevent us from enjoying life. It is often accompanied by guilt because most of us. Do you have much to be grateful for. The deal makes it worse depression is an illness that requires treatment. Suicide occurs when the depression is unbearable. Help is available my heart breaks the woman who lost her mother could just do that is from Laura. And here's a textile -- is a great reason for living if Robin Williams cared and loved. Anybody else other than himself. He would not have hurt him by committing suicide and I understand that. And to somebody who has no relationship with. Depression. It's it's easy to think about what a selfish act it is but is this a text from social worker just just points out. This is it it's a lot deeper and more complicated then then you think it is an and I I I I share this with you tonight. The Robin Williams and -- net. In Los Angeles. The person that really stood out most to me. Was lonely. And eight you know it is sort of the interview and it was fun and happy made fun of me and I think Al that was great. But then I asked him about himself and what is it about himself that people don't know that he would like them to know and what is it about comedy. Yeah in his life what would -- this comedy play in his life. And he got very pensive and and and serious. And that's what really stood out in my mind about meeting Robin Williams. He was only person. In a comedy was really a shroud. To -- his demons. And to cover up this this dark side. And it's that it it was the extremes of the comedy. It really gave a hint as to the death of who who we want us. And this was say it in 1987. And this was -- Los Angeles. After the movie a club paradise was released which is still one of -- much tapered over some funny movie. But I noticed the serious side of Robin Williams and this was before he did a lot of the serious roles that he that he he became famous for. The when he did those serious roles it always came back to me. That moment when he started talking seriously to me about this. This sand and and and lonely side. And I could see health comedy was a way of trying to hide it if you -- join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. -- free. 8668890. Or seventy. And a text numbers 877. Any year on this crucial and every WL. Got to mention about. Earlier we -- talk about. He would. -- Well now a member wrote celebration church. -- -- ministry of certain -- would. -- Number November. -- you know Boehner wants Syria out pre op. -- But anger that he -- Our enduring some sort of the -- -- trauma you know he even scored and dropped -- And he just you know don't want to. Anybody wanna -- wanna. What you dirty laundry. Out right now. Don't -- you know either so and so much more people that we all. Two church and want it struck -- you know it's a small part of -- old church you know. He she will be -- -- it -- Tremendous work. Where. I. Work but the trauma fresh. I don't want. Women. -- Him. And don't. Or -- you know I was like oh god. 008. Here. Our guys you know you don't really want what. It's a turning point for you ready when you're dealing with this really downtime. -- I would say that our point was when I woke up on the board damage. At my house and Bridget and call on -- -- or -- and a quote. Aren't. -- -- that -- woke up. Good. So yet -- force. Jesus was slapped -- and ever since then. Eight years he's not -- in November so around. It is. Into the -- out. There are. Still out there that day. Just -- huge spotlight on out -- and that's where. Like I won't vote and I'll make it. I'll cheat them out and nobody -- You know. The. -- that's true and and when you got it figured out something else happens and then you realize you don't have it figured out. You know. You know quote scripture ago. A -- and who wrong. Our. Client -- At all. You know the secret agent from all war. You know they trapped. And what the world of course they do what. Works. And you know when you when you first. We knew when you first. Get over something like an addiction or alcoholism or something like that. You you actually go through this you you had this friend. Is this alcohol this was you're the bottle was your friend it was a it was a bad friend. And it wasn't a good friend for you but it was something that was always there and even the process of sneaking it the process of of of of doing it that was so part of your life that you you have to learn how to deal with missing that even though it's a bad friend it was party like for a long time. Absolute app though and about you know of course I'm sure a lot of guys out there and of the seine that day in day. Those guys go to saint -- -- -- -- -- grounds you know them. And and I think. -- -- -- change or edit drop and it would be easy no. Support from -- I don't think that it is four G but then. And -- the I am stopped early -- and then Paris and then that was. You know why India you know pretty steeple of the church and he looked at school when you are for an. -- Did did you get back where your life. She took me back I think -- going to do. And yet she called silly but I don't want to get. Yeah the -- and choose you know point in my ammonium when that picture. Is. What are some say as well and I actually. Check into my -- real. -- I was crying. Oh me me me me and -- NN. Probably -- we doubt that was so rapidly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now court you know I'm sure -- should -- it. But I'm sure it. Or. I debt that is heated to so many people not like he themselves or being tortured. I'm with the end and a guy I see this in a lot of people and I guess I saw an aspect of adding and Robin Williams in this very serious. On the side of him that they came out today and in this interview and he was very you know very lonely and I guess not happy with himself which again the comedy is a distraction. Fur fur performers sometimes it's the music that's a distraction. From what they're trying to get away from which is themselves. Absolutely. You know. The word from our men and court procedures in place where. You know deep. And so -- well. With an understanding and you know minute and go and you know what -- your own. -- -- and the the one. -- -- -- more well you know absorb what we're. Better. -- -- People don't want. All -- about the secret and you know and until something. You know -- -- at some. And what the budget. Oh and I had it all. I appreciate calling -- -- thanks so much for sharing a passionate story with us. This is -- -- show. And we'll be right back. And every WL. Fans are leaving flowers on his star on Hollywood's walk of fame Robin Williams found dead today in apparent suicide at the age of 63. Here is attacks says that -- it seems like people who commit suicide would do anything for anyone. So why do they do. Something so selfish. And lost a good friend to this last year. It's -- Here is a text I've been severely depressed for four years I'm not responded to numerous drug treatments throughout the past four years. I know what it's like. To struggle with despair and hopelessness every day without one moment of happiness. I feel -- It's like being added deep pit. And dirt is being -- on top of me it's a struggle every day I certainly know how Robin Williams was feeling. When he gave up. It's so sad that other people in the family. And work. In the circles of friends do not understand the horror of depression. I'm under care of a psychiatrist and counselor. And taking drug therapy now I pray this burden to be lifted from me. And that's from right. Rate it's not easy to share those things that appreciation atlas. You get depressed. Getting depressed is a lot different than dealing with depression. That I don't deal with depression so this is not something that I understand firsthand. I see how it affects people. And I do know what it's like. Through my obsessive compulsive disorder. To. Deal -- Things -- to struggle with things that. You really have a hard time controlling the mean you do have to control these things because you can't always control these feelings that. They come over you the feelings that that that isolates of the I'm fine. My life was stuffed with OCD is sick kid in in and going up and he amended through most of my adult years. But it's it's under control on thought I am very happy person. Don't hear about sort of like Robin Williams. Committed suicide. I think about all the people that have so much less. Who appear to have nothing to live for but there's something inside them that -- keep going. If you are going through a tough time. You can stay in the game. And things will get better. I know that sounds like -- kind of like passing a magic wand over something but it's not. The only way to make things better listed. Is to keep going. And not give up. Here is a text. And thanks -- for not being power on the airwaves and you allow faith to be expressed. And did not make excuses for two appreciate the text. When we come back I want to wrap up the show. Talking about something that I saw at a suburban McDonald's. Yesterday. Eleven cars in line at the drive through. Two active registers inside and only one customer inside why were all of those people. In line drive through. Talk about that we can back into the WL here is attacks that quotes Winston Churchill if you're going through hell. Keep going. -- only way to get through it. Here's a text I have a two year old that loves to bowl in parking lots despite the death grip on her hand. Even if there's no one inside I will go through drive through lazy but safe less stressful well that I understand. But this could have been the case for everybody and wind yesterday there was there was some light rain really was it. Just occasional occasional sprinkles and you wouldn't even need an umbrella to go from. If it deep in the parking lot inside. So I was have a meeting with somebody in a nearby coffee shop and I went by this McDonald's and I am just curious shortly cars backed -- could imagine being -- line. There were eleven cars in line. So I thought what if anybody's inside. What -- so criticized university and in line. So go inside there's two active registers only one person at the register. So I was really curious about. These these people in line and I I answered thinking about it you know time is such a precious and valuable nationalize. It was surprising to me that so many people would take the time to wait rather than get out of their car and go inside. Now I don't want this to sound like it's criticism. I just can't imagine choosing the option of sitting in a long line of drive through. -- say one of the worst things you could ever do is get in line in a drive through behind a man. Because there's people in that and usually kids. And it takes for ever to a quarter. So which you have gone inside the restaurant or waited in line with -- eleven cars at -- throw. Mean obviously there's no consideration to the return of the car wasted gas not to mention the auto emissions bellowing into the year reprieve not that I'm an environmental whacko. But sacrificing time for convenience. Of never getting out of the car just astounds me. What is it that is so compelling about the drive to and a fast food restaurant. Is it really that convenient. Waiting in line doesn't always save time and yet some people choose to wait in line behind a lot of cars to go to drive through. If you're Detroit -- your orders not correct what -- institute. You have to pull it parking lot -- out of the car take your order then go stand in line if there -- went inside to get the correct order. Does that make sense. The fact that they were eleven cars in the drive through line. And only one person at the two registers inside. I think is a micro cosmic vision of the interactivity that contributes to the growing obesity problem in America. Now if there is an option in life to choose convenience over making an effort to save time. Is it to is it any wonder that we have a a problem in this country we we need to be more active. Everybody needs to be more active kids and adults. Have we become so sedate. That we waste valuable time waiting in line. In a car. Rather than choosing. Physical activity. I don't wanna be naive I'm sure there's some situations like this person who sent a text within a two year old -- -- situations where. People handicapped at some point. Or if a parent is it me in a car with an infant. And the drive through would be easier than taking that child out bringing the child in and carry the child and the or I I understand. But it is hard to believe that there weren't that many special cases yesterday with essentially nobody in line and eleven cars. This is a prominent suburb in the New Orleans area. The conveniences of our world today including drive through windows at fast food restaurants. Invite laziness. And -- this contributes to obesity. Whether you're at work or home. How many times are you making the decision to favor convenience over exerting efforts. Think about the people who text each other across the room or in another room rather than getting up and walking to see them. If you're in inner office do you get up and walk and see somebody or do you email them or do you text them. Maybe we should not be so quick to submit to all of the conveniences that are available including drive throughs and look for opportunities to get out. And move. -- blog tonight is titled are fast food drive throughs contributing to the obesity problem in America. Read it shared it's on our website at WWL dot com here's a final update on our WW property jaguar people tonight. How would you most remember Robin Williams as a comedian or serious actor. Not surprisingly 87% say comedian 13% say a serious actor and I remember remember him most. As a serious actor. One thing John wicker -- producer also reject heresy at a studio a Bob Mitchell will be -- -- -- -- -- -- and I'll be back on Wednesday night have a great evening. Love -- New Orleans.