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Aug 12, 2014|

Dave talks about the life and death of Robin Williams, stop light or red light, and cold front

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this twelfth of August 2014. It's Tuesday -- or say something about. Cold front on the isn't out Monday. Did you feel anything different -- Little bit. Maybe it's tennis that touch I think most of market after the rain yeah IOC it's early and it's Amaro in the next day answering. When we're gonna field this you know remember we got July -- Dry your error thing I don't know facility would be that dramatic but it. It's not Monday so we made it -- it is there a pat on the back regulatory and take for everyone knew. It through Monday in here on Tuesday Aniston it on through the rest of the workweek. Com. Robin Williams all right what -- story. And I heard the news. It was one of those as it now. You know yeah and now. Rob. When. In just such an amazing comedic mind. -- Clear. Deep connection to use the acting grade -- -- New -- capture an audience than. Thrill us and make us cry and make us laugh. I mean I was put together a list for WWL dot com. Just some of the stand -- stuff he did you can't list at all this. On and on and on and on and on. But when I started looking at the scene he was in his early days in television on laugh it. And then happy days. And then market -- prompted the movie Popeye in the middle. And then you -- thank and in the world according to Garp. And his first huge movie success good morning Vietnam followed up by dead poets this. One of the most. Dramatically acclaimed films of that era. And in -- he wasn't. While some of his things funny in them movie that was really the first time we get a -- and his ability should be. An amazing dramatic exactly you know awakening Fisher king hook I'll lad in oh god and we laugh at him Latin. Toys mrs. doubtfire Jumanji just watch that the other day jacket this on TV the other day. He plays a kid in a man's body. Times he appeared on he never was a free -- TV can't come back he appeared on friends. Fly over. What a funny movie Good Will Hunting patch yeah Adams had a very serious side to put money comes back with the voice for the cartoon in in robots then happy feet is Roland happy feet was epic random. Who knows the museum movies they've already shot a third that still has come out and I was a fan of his TV -- the crazy ones. -- December -- I think you know the the term legend. Today you know sometimes gets used more of an insured but in this case. There's there's just no doubt about it this businesses that -- -- loss of eight Hollywood. Legend while it probably. No other person that can match up to him. You know it's funny I was on the trending show yesterday afternoon with Angela hill and and we started talking about all you know it's. Jammer was in talking about some of the crazy things celebrities had been up to. And we started thinking OK let's think of music artists that are normal. And it was a challenge. For the group to come up with five names. Of brilliant. Artists. Who were not either. Having drug and alcohol problems depression problems. -- centric behavior issues and mental health issues. The truth of the matter is that it scenes. And I'm no doctor. But it seems that the brilliant. Artists. Are always in -- inflicted or very often in some way. And in his case he was. -- on the comedy side. He was going like it a thousand miles an hour just all over the place nobody could keep up with him well as he was just going to hear -- boom boom boom. And then you get this great acting performance in the -- while he can do all of us. And while fighting drug and alcohol -- you know the whole time and apparently intense. The -- as well. So the flips off -- I mean it's just something about people who were extremely. Artistic. Seem to be extreme and other portions of the life and that's a sad. Reality in many many cases in this case. Depression got him. Man is online which is Sosa -- and I know people last questions are under way the -- certainly didn't have any money problems. And so money. Money was not an issue because now he was -- he -- TV Ceres now just made another Ned you know movie he had just signed on making a sequel to mrs. doubt the entire. The man had all the money and in that he could ever want. But she but it went money that he won it yet you can't. You know the east couldn't beat the demons -- -- let's be cliche you can't buy happiness. He can't buy your way away from your demons. Money's not the answer to everything had. Thank you there are tucked in fifteen minutes of news here on WW well. People are texted me about rapidly -- your favorite Robin williams' performance ever television. Movie. -- you know -- you will remember him most for. Some -- party. Being critical of the way everyone's gushan -- and Robin Williams -- those text messages as well. Give accommodate 7870. Take a look at what's going out this quote unquote cold front next in your weather forecasting that Steve Geller in here. Second the last day of training camp in West Virginia for the cents. Coming up your text messages on your favorite Robin Williams performances by the way we have been sharing what day it is according national day calendar. And today is national middle child's day among middle child and middle children the most successful -- personal. And national vinyl record -- -- Austin listen to records and forecast comes to us from the Eyewitness News pinpoint. Pinpoint forecast center on this not Monday morning. For this Tuesday look for increasing clouds throughout the morning and afternoon hours and developing showers and storms say 50% chance today. That you could be heavy with lots of rain fall -- to around ninety but the -- front begins to work and tonight. Still keep it up 40% chance overnight but it drops for Wednesday and Thursday since slightly drier air driving rain chances down to just about 10%. At a -- still warm both days near ninety from the pinpoint forecast sent her an integral to Slava tell. -- -- the less humidity tomorrow but this attack cooler this morning 74 degrees at the airport in Kenner and mostly cloudy sky as we had been part year -- -- the days. Clear and 73. In Slidell -- Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news. When person texts me at 878 semi manual and who Dave obviously more more cramped. Patch Adams bicentennial man my favorites is another text message about Robin Williams dead at the -- -- 63. Ridiculous to gush over Williams typical Hollywood degenerates as another one. Don't put Williams on a pedestal says another. Now Robin Williams is one of a kind it'll never be enough says another -- is my favorite mrs. doubtfire. Dead poet's society -- mediums as another text message at 8787. Keep them common. Yeah I get I get that some people think Robin Williams was a problem man a man who was hooked on drugs and alcohol and was just weird and bizarre and and maybe we shouldn't be. Idolizing him OK you're welcome to think that it. I don't know how you can argue with the fact that he was an amazing performer. Scream -- funnyman. And really. I enjoyed watching him on screen and it known personally but you know Steve -- I know he's got sports. From West Virginia here at WWL. More and from the mountains folks which Drew Brees still database with an oblique strain fellow quarterbacks Ryan Griffin and Luke -- have been getting a lot more reps in practice at the to fight for the backup role Griffin's aware that his roster spot is far from being guarantees. I know in this league it's kind of fell sounds an awful long so this time they get every year and so this here so difference every practice again judge -- -- they're evaluating all you can do is I never really feel safe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I got my -- can't tell you there. We have special abilities and we will be -- to -- definitely. You believe in you also buying into it and you definitely listened to we have to -- because of his past. Believe it -- his -- been poor and he's been dealing with injuries Tiger Woods is not being ruled out for the US Ryder Cup team in fact the captain Tom Watson says a lot of that decision will come down to woods. He brings a lot through the team if he is bill if he has the ability to play these health. He brings a lot to the -- be a fool not to consider. And Tony Stewart who didn't compete in Sunday's NASCAR spring cup race after three struck and killed driver Kevin ward junior has also pulled out of -- upcoming dirt track race employment Indiana -- mother's been no immediate decision if Stewart will drive in this weekend's NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway today -- -- on sports -- hear from Sean -- -- following today's practice plus are you -- -- LSU uses a platoon -- -- quarterback this year could it work for the tigers or would -- be a disaster from saints can't -- West Virginia Steve -- WW -- War Steve coming right back yet you are talking about Dallas feud does the two quarterback system worked in college there's going to be Florida LSU will we see it again lost talks saints right -- this. Five point six Dave Cohen Steve Geller wick yes Steve second the last practice today for the saints in West Virginia the be home in the dome for pre season battle on Friday night. Then they practiced in front of the public in Metairie on Sunday more on that in 25 minutes. You brought up the platoon system in the two quarterback system analyst is done it before do you think LSU does it again and can it work. For the tigers. I think they're more focused on deathly getting one's -- to order for the year and among -- the old football belief that if you have to starting quarterbacks. It means you don't have one. So I think less miles is waiting to make his decision because he wants to make sure. It's the right one obviously but they're gonna have one quarterback this season even if they meet Jennings or Brandon Harris now won that one is -- And that that quarterback decides to struggle. Well then you could see -- switch but I don't see them shuffling it out different personnel during the game deal like that two quarterback system in general to prefer to just pick one tango. I -- -- one guy. Leading the pack idols being -- voices in the huddle during the game makes a lot of sense to me who you think it's going to be Wanamaker prediction. You know I haven't gotten the see much of anything and I don't know what has at LSU practice I don't let that -- then reporters then. But I'm gonna go with the guy who has a little bit of experience and I'll say sophomore -- that he Jennings starts game one against Wisconsin Aaron we'll start you again with more sports and 25 minutes here on WWL Steve -- I'm Dave -- your forecast. We will watch for some thunderstorms around today and a few could be strong along that cold front heading Southport. So keep a 50% chance and an a couple of highs right around ninety today. And even overnight tonight their front still moving south oracle people 40% chance and for the overnight hours. But with some slightly drier air are right in on Wednesday and Thursday. Those rain chances drop down to about 10% both days it stays warm though each afternoon highs reach about ninety. From the pinpoint forecast center and the urologist large box out. Britain says there isn't moving it didn't like with Robin Williams but the highlight Patch Adams for the grew -- watching watching more and Mindy Moore protect. 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners on this twelfth of August 2014. Gates Tuesday -- not Monday anymore and that's a good thing you know it just about twelve hours ago -- hearing about. Robin Williams reportedly dead. Man and it feels like forever ago because it was such a shocking. Thing but it was just around 6 o'clock last night when we confirmed. Through authorities and California that Robin Williams apparently taken his own life and the news has been nonstop. Since then again. You know it is a debate underway though a lot of people are texting their favorite Robin Williams performances and document how much they loved him. One person says it wasn't a very popular movie but he was great in one hour photo he played very convincing serial killer often -- insomnia without the -- Notices Robin Williams in one powerful off some -- them into it it was it was a little disturbing but it was ago. August rush was again on another awakening an out and says I just watched his debut appearance as more than happy days and -- Is to win which is apparent from the start bonds he couldn't keep up. Cook says another -- over another Patch Adams is my favorite commodity birdcage. But then there's these text messages. On presidents don't -- at the Robin Williams. Couldn't watch his movies does it mean -- comparable. I always thought he was mentally -- Those says legend status is disqualified if you commit suicide. He was different high. He was a strange strange -- yeah I think I was clearly a conflict -- out and you know you didn't know when you're watching him if he was. -- a wild drug trip. Or if it was just the amazing comedic mind -- -- that words assuming a character role and he was playing to its fullest. And I think especially on some of his. Optional appearances. And other things like that you did sometimes wonder what school. Yeah -- it's like one minute he would be sitting there like on the Tonight Show and actually be right on the desk. You know literally on the -- yeah I remember watching them on Letterman rates are climbing up short of the -- I'd be running up in the audience and in the interest in what appeared to be. -- manic crazy. Display of wildness. In his mind you seem to be moving it. You know. Ten times what everybody else's cameras that was that the drugs was that mental illness or was that his comedic genius series you know you always wondered. And so may have been a little bit of -- -- -- maybe. I don't know I don't know and are met him never edited out -- -- You know I think back tell Latin I mean he made me laugh so hard as the genie in Latin I'd love that I thought it was. Just unbelievable and now the wonderful thing is. My kids watch a Latin you know they weren't alive when that came out but you know we pull it out they wanted a lot harsher timeless kind of stuff. Lover I mean just -- Patch Adams I mean the list goes he can't list all the great performances he had whether comedic or dramatic. And in some people accuse us of gushing over Robin but. When somebody who is so much a staple in our. Entertainment world anyway justice suddenly gone so unexpectedly. In some can argue you should've expected this guy I was always -- off his rocker well. I did expect this no I I can expect a lot of different things out of him and some of them would. Would not be good but I didn't think that he would take is on. Probably dead at sixty think it will pocket when he met -- -- Chris Miller joins us. The -- court court the coming court the common core court battle. That and times. Is just beginning he'll have a look at what's going on and how will. The decision be made and our kids are gonna be taught in schools and what tested again -- to decide if they're doing well enough. The test by the Wilson decides that the teachers the principals in the schools are doing well enough. A lot at stake. Uh oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning. -- -- meteorologist Laura but now I'm doing I want to congratulate you. You made it through Monday -- -- here we are Tuesday together we survive tastings tours the Monday that for me it is. Yeah that I was doing something nice and ours. Is now once Tuesday's -- -- -- -- tomorrow will do that we'll be at the end Wednesday. You know hot -- you cannot go in the Mara asked to answer to. What. You do -- you struggle until we -- in the studio earlier Mike has no Mondays or worse it's even at LET cities it is now okay -- put it out that our listeners to this right now it's 7870 what's worse Monday or Tuesday and -- it's harder for you while they were accused. I'm more tired I think teased it might against the coming off the week and it's pretty rested up you know from the weekend. On Monday may be still going on adrenaline here -- Tuesday. According to -- -- meeting prompted alarm but now well Tuesday will be a little blah if you don't want rain as we got them come. Can't beat you scattered downpours coming everywhere but is that actual cold front a little weak fried beacons and -- later today it's gonna help the pop up a couple of showers and storms so. Where they develop they may be a little on the heavy side but we won't see them everywhere so they'll be scattered. Okay well I mean we're starting off a little bit cooler this morning 74 at the airport halfback had been hurt near 80 we have Monday morning yellow rain cool there you don't get that that. Ray -- -- then XE LC Venus you know kind of timeframe. And yet we're down into the seventies Politico Steven grant dials 79 Booth filled 79 at. The ideal of my other this and after the rain today we may actually feel a little cooler little dryer for tomorrow especially north of Philly they always get that good stuff -- Abbott. A little dryer went Salem -- Thursday still hot ties are -- and hit ninety. We get the humidity will be knocked down just a bit so helpful you know maybe not as dramatic -- that July. Dry front we had but that was beautiful but he happens and he'll -- -- sixties with the early Thursday morning and it may translate well into the sixties so. And then does that stick around and all -- you know if -- actually stays pretty dry all the leads that we can get 10% chance -- for rain on Friday. And then maybe a month year and just about a 20% chance of. I rookie Diana wave way out by Africa otherwise we don't worry about the topic at gulf -- repeated -- and all. I gotta ask you and I have talked. Before about. Challenges of being on television every day and everyone and I am looking at what you're wearing. Talking about your clothing shall -- yesterday something very strange happened over there and pinpoint forecast and her face infect the entire -- over 104. You wore a beautiful red dress -- I was wearing red yes to Mika. Wearing Yellow -- And Sheba was wearing green yet she and you tweeted out a picture that says elementary here stoplight news weather and traffic. Stop caution ago that the that now was this -- -- -- -- you out and say hey let's dress like a stop -- will -- where one of the -- and. Here's the craziest thing would we got I mean it took us until 830 before one of us looked over and went you know we can. -- yet though -- it was kind of not even of the week it even dawned on the book after the show. A planet -- decided that. You were stopped. To -- it was caution yes and Sheba is ago yes sure we read anything into that on the collar. I know we also received the same thing we thought you know that kind of goes with our personalities. You know we kind of we kind of got no one would be like -- alt X dot com line. You know season I'll hand you -- she was all and it's a kind of -- gran used to keep that is both balanced you know here's -- interesting -- to suspend him -- my -- last night. I have always called them stoplight. Yes I columns stoplight -- well but my wife calls them as lights a red light even when their green then she calls it a red light had a lot of people who do. People were correcting its staff affects -- I'll catch like a well that it's probably too but -- how many things -- -- -- here. It's maybe not that. Car -- remaining in the Mac that's accurate term Clinton rate taggants that inspection sticker that kind of -- and we just apple isn't. Some treatment of people call maybe just one -- stoplight now I called a stoplight is well even I don't have to go life. Well I asked my complete and cook who is not from here he's from north Mississippi and he also called the stop light yet but I bet on red lights -- did -- traffic -- -- -- on traffic signals I. I now I thought it was funny that that that -- garnered that kind of response not to be normal average like stopped like it that. What I call people. Like light. It to -- -- only pick on the closure right pick and the words you choose I am I -- at a try to be theory they're accurate economic -- before that you know probably wouldn't call it's not like that. Little girl. I've by the way some text message I -- -- any day that is not Friday is the worst and hope that they both stating. About Monday and Tuesday another says Laura environment to be so late two days bites. When -- -- -- you have some people agree with that with -- -- government this Tuesday I'm 47 years old. And it's always been the worst day Tuesday that -- -- when we can look forward to I'm so sick on Monday. I don't like ending the weakening come back they're -- -- is a step closer to Friday thank you Laura advocate more about now live and direct from the standpoint forecasts that. One person -- -- 7870 bicentennial man is my favorite Robin Williams movie. I was as I found out about his death while watching. What dreams may come how ironic. Several other people talking about that movie maybe was on yesterday with his favorite Robin Williams movie what dreams may come awesome but rarely discussed in real deep movie. I reiterated says another text message what dreams may come. About that. Robin Williams and pop I'd missed out -- bicentennial man. Now this tax Jumanji all these text messages coming in about what movies they vote with Robin Williams a funny it was Robin Williams and Jack. There's another text message and we have some people taxing us with things about Robin Williams and he was not -- economy was not an idol loser degenerate he was -- He was sick man. But then we get these people will be negative but he was one of the best actors of all times. Another who says please don't read the mean -- about Robin Williams makes me sad to hear that eight. People come -- -- Texas City 7870 while we had that West Virginia for Steve -- sports good morning. Good morning lewd -- Luke McCown and Ryan Griffin are more friends -- close despite the two quarterbacks competing for the sings backup quarterback role McCown feels that there's no reason to hide any trade secrets from the youngster ripped him what makes. If you look there's we'll make thirteen that's so we take that attitude and take that approach then you wanna share information. Wanna share your you know my experiences over eleven years to try to help and -- they're -- Over at LSU pre season workouts the tigers have their own QB competition but for the starting job true freshman quarterback Brandon Harris continues to battle with sophomore Anthony Jennings and Harris admits there's not much separating the two. He's a guy who can run just like actor running the data would throw just let him for a I don't know anything that may separate us from each other pumped solid he's sort I don't know I mean I couldn't American give your reason you bet that's the coaches I don't know US Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson has not yet ruled an ailing Tiger Woods out of his team to take on defending champion European Scotland so woods missed the fourth major cut of his professional career at the PGA championship after playing a limited schedule this year following back surgery Watson is still considering him as a possible wildcard -- He brings something to the team in a big way we've been really good in the team rooms both recent and he's been. He's a factor with the players and know that for a fact he's a very positive influence on the. Lawyers -- speedway announced that Tony Stewart won't be racing there this weekend Stewart struck and killed driver Kevin Morton junior was scheduled to race at the dirt track on Saturday meanwhile Stuart's status for Sunday's race at Michigan International Speedway is unknown. And Greg -- is now facing -- felony charge after reportedly punching his ex girlfriend in the face a felony carries a penalty of one to six years of jail time and he'll have his initial hearing today the former number one overall -- is currently an unrestricted free -- but this news will likely derail any -- return to the MB today they have four on sports -- hear from Sean -- employers following the -- practice plus are you -- if LSU uses a platoon system -- quarterback this year could it work for the tigers or would -- be -- disaster. From -- can't -- west Virginia's Steve -- WW wells. Lords they've gone into our own Steve gallon West Virginia don't go away the saints are almost done there's that actually probably start to pack their bags up there. In West Virginia we'll talk about the schedule with Steve coming up right after this. Steve Geller West Virginia as answer about ready to head home -- two more practices and they're coming here for a pre season game Friday night. Yet today and tomorrow and their full day of both days there will be practicing in the morning that have their evening walk through sessions Thursday. Packet up for New Orleans and then Friday night in the superdome against the titans and then Sunday. Opened practice to the public in Metairie. Yeah it's amazing that you know saints fans -- clamoring to see their team if they have been able to make it up to West Virginia and we'll have about a week of -- You know training camp until wraps up they'll be in better and I know that getting used to the temperatures. Back home will be a you know. A drastic speaks from here because they ask you this there was so much optimism heading into camp up there in West Virginia so much excitement about the team's potential so much talk about potential Super Bowl contenders. Here we are just about wrapping things up in West Virginia and is still feel that same swagger and he still feel like the saints are right there. Yeah absolutely Dave because this team has come out and shown. That it's been committed to two things right now and that's becoming more physical and that'll definitely establishing the run game. They have to compete with the tougher teams in the NFC. Like the Carolina Panthers the 49ers in the Seattle Seahawks and they're definitely on that level and looking forward to a magical aborted run this season. They've got to thank you all get to Morgan magic in fifteen minutes here and -- WL I am FM and -- 50% rain chance today cool front lowers the humidity for tomorrow will be a big cooler than it felt that you yeah it was 74 degrees at the airport right I do nothing about the cold front. You know what then get into tonight so but it is cooler -- rain overnight and last evening so that it argued. It's it definitely feels a little bullet. People Texas and it's seventy it's every market Mindy as a favorite. Patch Adams good morning Vietnam mrs. doubtfire Aladdin dead poets IR and -- RV pardon me kids love it they say what about -- says one person and license to -- was really funny so. Really just about everything Robin Williams did it appears people up. I may be weird but can I am weird but if everything he did. My favorite was when he played. A creek. There is is movie one hour photo where gas stock the family. And there was another one in Alaska with Alpa chino -- out which you know insomnia I think was -- -- and it was a serial killer. Man I thought his dramatic work was dubbed best I think -- is is his niche I think it was where it was ghost -- is up beside Iranian news here for the next four hours upon yet time Robin William's mother things well. Yeah. I don't -- I think Aladdin is my favorite overall one of those things where you remember where you were when you -- now affluent less than twelve hours.

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