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8-12 6:10am Tommy, Tony Stewart car accident

Aug 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Nick Ludlum, the Senior VP of Corporate & Public Affairs for Ogilvy Public Relations, and Nate Ryan, a NASCAR reporter for the USA Today, about Tony Stewart's tragic accident

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know page -- -- too. -- the on the front. The first to make much time yes. When appropriate isn't. Other heroes that's why you may well time is still a -- In this same flower that smiles today tomorrow will be that. You missed it. -- you wrote let's you may. Latin -- that sentiment is Karr a deal. No patents. -- -- He's the de -- mr. leaks and leaks I don't usually. Seize the day. -- earth but aren't you may. But as a running these -- guys that are hurt no team. Trying anyway. Because we -- food for worms that's. Because believe it or not each and everyone of us in this room one day when stopped breathing. Chemicals. And -- That's Robin Williams from dead poet's society Toronto on my favorite films. And they were all shot yesterday we found out that Robin Williams. Took his own life and at 63 in. He he was bring -- comedian fine actor and I -- an idea as I said before they've Cohen my favorite. Rolls of him I think despite the fact that he came up as a comedian. And was known for his improvisation. I think his finest work was when he was in dramatic girls now. Goodwill honing dead poet's society and then. As those in earlier when he played a creep when he played that's Dockery in -- Colorado are scary terrifying movie. Italy when he played the the mass murderer toying with Alpa chino in. In Alaska I think it was insomnia. So we're gonna open the phone lines right here and talk to deal at 260187. Needle free 866. 8890. Late seventy about -- best memory of Robin Williams what it was about him that you liked the most and what role. That he performed that bush your favorite I mean there's so many heat and you know what else it was when -- guy who makes certain races -- rock iconic. Arm where people quote him all the time -- -- -- the Vietnam while. This incredible. And such a body of work and town -- and so many serious. With films as we said. And combinations serious. And comment comedic as well with -- -- -- -- -- -- mrs. doubtfire so. Like to hear from -- it's music so 170 -- 3866. 889087. It would get a ready jaguar opinion poll that you can -- you know tell you that a couple of minutes. And -- to talk about that then later -- talk about this Tony Stewart that accident we waited until the day on purpose. After that because -- -- about his see the video and become aware of Vietnam I understand it is a professional NASCAR driver. My opinion on s.'s there's no way he didn't intentionally run this guy over five cars passed him after he was in the middle of the road. And the guys that he had the beef with. All of a sudden. Tony Stewart can't pass him he hits in debt on. And it's not liking -- team with the right -- the car I didn't see any bomb attempt at all. To try to avoid did the -- they ran overs a Kevin ward will talk about that. Retire at a lake view seven year old who were trying to get these young -- talked to by him and he -- we I don't think were able to use so if your friend that young man if you -- -- parent asking the call in -- as I was I would love to talk to. A seven year old that has a good sense of humor about being attacked by a shark in Lake Pontchartrain you know Barney. And you know my daughters out there are a lot with friends what -- itself to being behind a boat in the lake and so on the closest to the North Shore -- Never given -- a second thought and I think most people are probably in that same group. You know you just go over the side of the boat now fooled around -- back there's nothing to worry about so Leo is that is it is a serious problem do we need a bigger boat. I know are out how emergencies bull sharks -- on the house who you scared me there for a second and you know it's true any others saying. See you said bull shark in the notes drew listen the other thing is that com. I would love to talk to a young man who's actually been bitten by a shark because he's going to be fine. But you realize a seven year old has a story for life all. Absolutely what you story. As attacked by a shark really -- does this -- seven years old now. He will never have a problem in his life meeting women. Because Ali Ali -- say is editor -- an atomic attack this year. -- -- I don't talk about the Iraq in an air strikes -- -- is no evidence is a candidate terror or inside another and I eleven with the kids come back to school today. Politics aside in my opinion as far as I know this is an. Huge mess because you don't know what. What. Testing is gonna happen out teaches anatomy of value would curriculum is being -- taught. And how alarm. How is audits or not I think everybody has to get on the same page soon take a break come back to Robin Williams. With you -- 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and evidently well I Tommy Tucker talking about Robin Williams and some -- -- memories of him did you think was a better dramatic actor our voice over artists or perhaps comedian when he got in prodding and a couple of text that come in. I'm never pop eyes still on my favorites who will be terribly -- all right. Google YouTube clips of Robin Williams and Jonathan winners -- comedy geniuses -- geniuses cracking each other up hilarious I remember when that happened because it was a huge. Jonathan Winters and -- level and joins us right now senior vice president of. Corporate and public affairs for. Ogilvy public relations talking about stone and Tony Stewart's. Week as a retirement Robin Williams title of a little bit distracted here at the so. Let's just like Tebow and -- -- apparently had a yellow thirty yellow thirty and I miss the audible. Nick Ludlum senior vice president corporate and public affairs for Ogilvy public relations -- morning -- Al -- Important -- -- popular element of surprise party but that's okay. That you've got enough time. We are yet you got nothing to do with that at all we're talking about Tony Stewart's weekend accident onions and text saying that. From me he wasn't hit head on the Tony Stewart and it is -- and on that -- of the -- tried -- Hopefully Manning got him with the rear wheels of the car items in the entire video but would any of that have anything to do. With Tony Stewart being a spokesperson for different organizations and sponsorships which are key against any NASCAR driver right. Yeah absolutely. You know any time and any professional but he. Tony Stewart structures involved in the -- And anything remotely controversial. Those questions are going to come up and they're going to come up in this case. And a lot to see where that goes right now the way the media is covering that they're covering it as an accident and -- while the you know what police are investigating if that conclusion holds them. The sponsorship perspective will probably be okay. Com day in terms of finding sponsors and and what it is that a celebrity York. In this case a race car driver brings to the table why is that so important to have. I get a good celebrity spokespeople do will people really buy he had time and will they -- Whatever it is that's that's. Printed on a car painted on the car. Sure well yes I indicated that current cars. Are tremendous the guy -- boldly -- there was there was a time in recent memory and you know. A big enough. You know graphic -- NASCAR car was one of the best investment you can make from a marketing perspective -- -- still before. And and these these rapid draw a lot of attention do you pay a lot of a lot of bibles they can put a lot of a lot of -- speculation depending on you know whatever it is there and they're talking about current course and so there's so there's no question and a lot of sponsors it is morals clauses and there's serious different and outs and their contracts -- -- -- -- something happens is important there. Whether athletes. I'm just it is in some ways they can. They can back out of the relationship that there is Miriam. You know forget it through the critic -- the content onto -- lucrative but you know what happened to -- -- booklet. Armed only in terms of driving ability if this was an accident did his sponsors the I guess when amassed in his strategy for sponsors so let the investigation play out. And then one by one drop off of Tony Stewart didn't do anything wrong because I guess and boom when it comes right down to this might be reflection is driving ability. You know. I'm not sure that and I'm interpreting it and that's a reflection that writing ability but based on. You know that happened that dirt track you know I don't know that and quite that was good but. If the investigation gets to a certain point where there's areas there are allegations -- there's an implication that maybe he. Deliberately did something wrong whether or not actually trying to -- this in manner not -- public -- -- is if the investigation leads to that point and yeah I think you'll definitely see at the very least some sponsors suspending some who work that they do with Tony Stewart I mean I I think -- -- very real possibility. And you know if you look across sports that you look at professional football and and and and other fields. You know a lot until he sponsors have been even more quickly when. One there's a very credible reason to believe and that because as -- missed an aids is it in them. I'm in this case of that stuff happened because again I think it's being portrayed at least -- somehow -- tragic accident. Thank you appreciate your time I really do nick and I hope we talk to you again. I got it nick Ludlum senior vice president of corporate and public affairs or Ogilvy public relations and in some text -- sand. No the rear wheels raining over you did not -- -- see the whole video while it did there's a big panels raised on the car and at the end of it you concede. The rear wheels sketchy but at the moment of impact from what I'm -- it looks like news. Pretty much head on now I think people have already decided. Who's guilty hero who's responsible and who's not. Ana -- a couple of text or via. That I think indicate that the idiots should not have gotten out of the car and run around on the track. Hot headed kids screwed up Smoak hit his brakes that the car slid and -- the disease. So they got it out of the cars the idiot the driver was you this -- he uses nicknamed smoke. They -- was walking in the Tony Stewart spent the rear wheel of Tony's car caught him while he was out and attract. For awhile 345 cars may have passed him so those drivers were able to avoid him. I'm so wrong on Tony Stewart talking about me this taxes for -- ward with the right rear quarter panel. Which got -- unless you have an access to video that I don't have an all night and see that second ward was sucked under the rear wheels not. Hit head on third the track was money in what causing Stewart to slide as he turned away at a I don't know. Much of our racing I didn't know though that you could be sucked under the wheels. Of a race car because I'll walk on highway 23 occasionally an eighteen wheelers spans literally. I'm talking about three feet away from you and I've never been sucked under the wheels of an eighteen Wheeler. Our Robin Williams some of the attacks are common and what dreams may come as it is their favorite movie about him. From another NASCAR -- Tommy NASCAR's a brand loyalty among fans larger than any other sport. Including the NFL and then there's there's it was an accident. Furthermore the guys -- say in his vehicle while on the truck on a while on the track well. That as I understand it and again just from watching the news it's not an uncommon thing for people to do that day it's not like his first got -- never got out of his vehicle. And secondly if you wanna be fair smoke who I guess is Tony Stewart's. Nicknames been known may have some anger trouble including throwing his helmet video I saw at another color so we'll continue talk about this and Robin Williams six when he five. Tommy Tucker time we get trappings of that would go to Terrell -- I Tommy Tucker some reports are saying that. Tony Stewart. He tried to avoid. The gentleman on the track and de coding with the rear wheel. -- other people are saying that this guy should never gotten out of his car and walked in the middle of -- of the track. Others point out that other cars passed and I guess bottom line is who do you blame for this is this just an unfortunate accident do you think that Tony Stewart had the skills on and about 35 miles an hour. To avoid this guy is three or four other drivers dead. So I'd like to know which is saying a text comes in everybody -- saying the car until. Safely until people arrived in. Yeah numbering a couple of articles here and there there really are no rules that. Say anything about that a NASCAR souls are about double continued talk about or sprint racing -- heavy in auto racing will continue to talk about. Com the the I'll -- doesn't Robin Williams. And your fondest memory of him and and in this case of Tony Stewart who do you blame for that accident right now time for -- WL first news that. We're -- David Blake. -- But that's a notable roles Robin Williams times are and that's iconic and you and you always think of him a plane Adrian -- now we're in a movie. Good morning Vietnam and you know did one thing I thought. As soon as this happened was that this TV series that he was in it was called the crazy ones -- And CBS ordered a full season of it. And then after one season that they did that thing bush shows and doing well they switch it was time slots. -- time slots with another -- around -- around town and in May of this year may -- they canceled its series. So I don't know if after a long career I don't know why he went back to television I don't know if he needed the money I don't know if it was. Terribly depressing to him that. Com. He try to come back on TV after being such a film -- didn't work out I don't know. I can't imagine with all -- -- mean that the movies that go on and on on the TV shows that he was hurting for money I just can't I can't imagine I mean sometimes and not impossible it has some drug issues sometimes happens sometimes people who manage -- money properly but when I'm with you David and die hard to believe now but you know he also look at the Dave Chappelle thing and he and a very he was hottest thing in common. And he is equally as he said he couldn't take the pressure of -- -- aria yeah constantly under pressure to come up with something new. Come up -- something better come up something -- come up with something better and there's a lot of it is a lot of pressure and then when you've got someone again the incredible talent. No one can dispute dot that you know that he was capable of doing just about everything but you know if you've got depression issues. A mixed with drug and alcohol. It's. Bad things happen. Man I just wonder if some. Is that if you could notice and it seems like I could it. His people are quoted now as saying there he was happy guy funny guy but there's always this -- This under current of them being a -- clown almost and I think some people are just born restless souls where they keep looking and looking in look and and even though they achieve success they achieve wealth they never can find exactly what it is they're looking for. And maybe after awhile you just get title and I don't know will will continue to talk about a right now -- -- Brian joins us. He covers NASCAR for USA today as fallout continues with stunt Tony Stewart AKA smoke is understands weekend accident. Killed Kevin Mort on the racetrack morning -- -- you do one. Extra thanks for taking the time -- suffer people letter casual NASCAR fans that aren't deep into the sport as. Some of the textile and didn't would imply. To tell us who this guy is Tony Stewart why he was racing at a different location when he had a bigger race the next day. And what you you saw from the video and and what the does the normal customs are getting out of cards that are. I don't start with Tony Stewart it's three time NASCAR champion. But he started on that dirt track global. Like a lot of drivers but. A lot of other drivers could move on and it's as they get cute beat the premiere circuit Sprint Cup Series. They tend to stop competing on the lower level that Tony Stewart never lost his love for for -- recreation. You don't dirt track team. And -- guilt like an obligation. -- -- kind of keep that brand of -- And don't even though it's it's very much minor league circuit that would be you know the equivalent of you know I don't know I eat dirt or another sport natural order back dropping down an electrical regionally ball. A level team to to play game armed that night or even explain man talking. It's it's early map and now August that it just virtually any -- or. As far as you know what happened Saturday. -- beast but it driver out that driver. And got. -- upset angry exited his vehicle. I'm locked or. That the line of circling car under yellow flag cute you know to try it at Tony Stewart expresses displeasure. And Edward junior was struck by Tony Stewart's car and kill -- and it doesn't facts. Beyond that I in I hesitate speculate. What what -- all of that I can tell -- asked about drivers like in your car. On it's pretty common practice for for drivers. I'm in repeal occur you. After after -- get out and doing gesture and it and the drivers are circling under caution. I'm I can tell you that that's being looked out there have been at least three short tracks the last couple days that changed their policy on that and and couldn't rules limiting drivers mixing your -- I think. Even though that what NASCAR sanctioned event it was the sprint car series against our winter track. And NASCAR which neatly stock Mercury. Bill that they're probably -- -- -- an -- potential rules changed -- well. And in the season video of Tony Stewart himself. Walking -- attractive thing was yeah Bristol Connecticut and thrown his helmet and a driver. I. Actually burst and Tennessee are there. Often it's -- -- -- -- loved Julius and I guess -- exactly yeah. A couple of years ago. -- to mr. spelling to delete at Bristol Motor Speedway. And get wrapped tight pack can -- and I can just continued on Stewart got started. It came to came by through the -- under yellow we dictionary. -- waited for -- -- and Earl and you can sit helmet and it can discard hit it. -- the whiz by like a few feet away or Stewart there's another instance. Involving Stewart on his rookie season 1999. Where. A car you know he spun out car circle combine it under caution that you were going after a teacher if you look at the driver and try to elect. Brian you know up to the drivers gotten chalk it actually reach and trying to hit him. That there were instant it's not a particularly in an instant -- Saturday's nationwide race. AAA level NASCAR. At Watkins Glen International New York or driver got spun and he blocked should be Richard traffic under yellow and pointed his finger and -- which is a common practice but. I think it's on the buildup like Margaret you're not just by racing sanctioning body to back critical dilemma that kind of action -- I think drivers well. Certainly be more hesitant to do it in the -- of sex. Do you have a couple more minutes. Okay because only as do we come back from the break in Florida I don't know much about racing and and about driving like to drive fest but. It's. In fully sanction areas -- -- directly into the insurance companies. But I don't understand how a professional driver going 35 could not completely and totally missed this guy because I would think I could. And three for fun depending it would video you watch other drivers were able to do that that's one thing yanking it. It Aniston and branching clear that a form when we come back -- Ryan. Covers NASCAR for USA today talking about the Tony Stewart incident. That happened Saturday night an inmate also we come back and it would. In effect this surface -- on all this affected it was in the third and not on. As I understand it not on concrete 646 or asphalt on the comeback. Will come back rather right now take a break -- evidently well. Your Tommy Tucker talking about the accident on Saturday -- Tony Stewart striking and killing Kevin -- -- -- Ryan who covers NASCAR. The USA today so that the question I Posey before hand -- and I think some people in this instance because of being in the hands of Tony Stewart or the other way around -- making up their mind and am looking for facts to back it up I don't have a vested interest under is trying to. To figure out actually what may or may not have happened I I don't know -- for drivers were able pants in first. And the road to heaven ward and and guy with Tony Stewart skills was enabled did that rule does surface -- anything to do -- then explain knows about sprint racing timing. Well first I should -- surprised that I think are. I don't know. What was going to -- Stewart's mind during the time of impacts so they're exploiting its I want make the team is that -- -- you know. I guess cat. They all I'm -- and I'm in Florida at the physics involved and leave the personalities. Yet. In sprint car racing you have a vehicle that has an amount of course our -- that or start weight ratio street power. In about 900 horsepower to a box or -- counts. The -- cut stock markets -- are correct that -- know course are well also is considered for her and vehicle weighs more than twice as much. -- -- -- Sodium per hour you're trying to apply to the ground and in this case he mentioned -- -- which is very slick and cars are sliding. Almost for the prior course like this slide into the church. On it's it's been extraordinarily difficult control might be the most difficult braking vehicle drive in American arteries and I'm so often. When you're driving east you all you have to accelerate. In order to control. The -- if that except that you actually have to hit it hit the throttle in -- to get to your what you didn't steer. And are thinking about the carton EU opt NAFTA like -- -- sort of -- the back we also. Added that going forward and haven't since. In this case where someone approaching vehicle running port it. And you know again I don't know what he saw. How limited the ability was. Is it is possible is it because I've been hit and they came back. Accidentally. Certainly paying given all the factors involved in -- these things are give it. -- on it he did it is coming off guard to have its absolutely close to this car yet. -- on the other hand is also possible that. He may have been try. Send a message by basically doing little in -- in between dirt and accidentally struck and that he really needed to close -- drivers and -- thing. An all or -- Errol and and do that sort thing to do a little -- like -- -- -- at at their competitors so. And those are all bit the factors in play but again like you know as to what. Actually and I don't think anybody that's determination yet here and here are your attempt to. -- -- -- I really do and I hope we get to talk to you again. Thanks for you bet thank username Ryan who covers NASCAR for USA today we'll continue to talk about this is well as Robin Williams 654 timely to traffic. They'll get a Terrell -- It's Johnny Tucker we come back -- heated argument here. In the control room about Tony Stewart and Kevin -- whether Tony Stewart could have avoided him or not. Again I don't know any of these guys and just gone by what I saw on the video on what I know from driving bit. I'd love to talk yell about it when we come back in it also astounds me that you could have road rage at this level.

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