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8-12 7:10am Tommy, homeless people under the bridge

Aug 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Meg Farris about the number of homeless people under the bridge

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remembering Robin Williams David we're getting calls all morning long -- six 18780386. Exit 890. Rates money. About Robin Williams earlier what was your favorite moment made maybe it was a night comedy movie of -- these. Did comedy maybe is a dramatic actor and maybe some standup routine that you particularly. Remember don't do know that he returns TV he said at least in with him in advocates LV is joking or not. Aziz said he needed the money after divorce. We've all been a lot of us have been there and you're -- you're getting you know lose a lot. Stimulus actually said he and as much cash -- -- yeah jobless steady. Idea of having a steady job appealing immediately go on a road do you stand -- is small independent movies working almost from them union today passed. Movies ago but a lot of times there and even distributed. All right I'll tell you what that's a scary thought. You know with tier two horses under his belt and he was in his third marriage. Yeah. He did does have some movies that are better left to come out so he was working in films again I don't know what kind of salary he commanded -- the movies that are meant to come out he plays Teddy Roosevelt reprise is that role and -- the museum secret of the two moments holiday release its right Mary free in Christmas and I presume which I presume would be a holiday releases well. And then there is movie called the boulevard. Hasn't been widely released seemed like more of an art film and then he and his voice and absolutely anything playing Dennis the dog. In a different films so. It will talk about Robin Williams also this Tony Stewart. Kevin ward accident that happened and -- accident about 6040. In terms of people texting insane and I think it was an accident 40% saying I know. After watching the video after talk and in Jordan after talk and they shield in and what about those NASCAR guy -- -- it was an interesting -- him while he said you and I think this really comes. Sums it all up and it comes -- you can't go in the Tony Stewart's mind but if you watch the video. You can see. Kevin -- get out of the car and for the first four cars that pass him. Com. He's on the side Danny begins to walk toward the middle of the road and it might be a thing where because you're not hi you know mud track. The car has very -- high horsepower than the USA today guys that we know that sometimes you gotta accelerate to controller car. I think it may have been a combination of course nobody knows what was going through Tony Stewart's mind that a combination of I got to control a car I can't believe disguise really gonna step out and from Miami. And -- it was just an accident yeah he would have to not be of his right mind -- -- it's a run somebody else actually argued it's very hard to holy -- ever would do that however I think is a case of road rage at a professional level in this goes to what you and I were talking about last week. Witch's house somebody earlier this week in USC. Or boxing can hit each other in the days and not take it personally and not be man yeah. Because you stand in there and ring sometimes the gloves are handed sometimes in USC not so padded. Are not target about one little pop out very source argun about some cases hundreds you don't take it personally it's just. Part of the job and out of touch gloves there are things I grow it will same thing here right you wouldn't think road rage in any place on a professional racing track. It's just we don't do to win right exactly so I'm not out there to kill anybody will continue to talk about this but yet there have been cases of road rage in. In a racetrack and I know they they Italian boxing them once you lose your temper you're done. Because the other guys gunning strategize UN and TS clean your clock and what if it's not the same thing and in racing -- -- to get mad. Now music Nagin and before you know it could be in trouble either clean and out AG user David Blake say under the -- drain expressway -- -- every couple years where. They get a huge crowd of people living under the expressway then they go and clean nine guaranteed two years from now. We'll be talking about the same thing meg -- out terrorists from data WL TV channel four is out there will talk to our and Johnny new loans on to talk about it we'll get to him. And utilities -- when -- 720386688908. So if you wanna talk that talk about the Tony Stewart Kevin ward accident all war. Robin Williams here memory of him we'll be right that Johnny Tucker -- W. 718 Tommy Tucker remembering Robin Williams with you in -- NT six -- 187 Neitzel 3866. 89087. And also talking about a story that's unfolding under the punch train expressway as it. Relates to homeless people and a lot of them mentally ill and of course one of Robin Williams. Notable roles the future king when he actually plays. Homeless man that has some mental issues that would go to meg for him make Fabrice rather and -- -- WL TV reporter. A friend of ours who is there at. The pot -- expressly good morning again meg nice tortilla. Economic. Lot out here this morning is because. The city Health Department. On the set out an advisory. At the people at 72 hours to leave the premises arm on and on China last way mom. Played more all wait to thank all -- and what what is sad is that -- to worry it's light it's garbage it's the plot accident. Drawing laughter. And and that is not for people believe that go -- some of the shelter now we talked in the long mission people say they're they're adding. And they can't accommodate these people when you talk to some of the homeless people they say no avail lately he stayed there. Opt for 21 days and on a long wait. So. The main issue you brought up while Williams is essential elements and many of these people. Our have untreated mental -- Which has long complained about especially since Katrina in that area that we don't treat the mentally ill we don't have the bad as they are up but not facility. And of course that's what we've all looked nice so. You know -- or even the ball is on the support. And money -- -- sources with spot -- are. He still -- to deal out of the points so you know it's interesting that we're talking about these issues on the same day. Com and what is going on out there meg in terms of people willingly leaving where they began taking in. Is there room for all of them that. The shelters and and you -- a bunch of questions inning jump in where you feel comfortable. It seems like every couple years we go through this swear. The homeless people are cleaned out a -- when he used that phrase from under the -- told to leave the punched an expressway. Underneath they they low leave it the city cleans it up and then. -- filter bag you see one. UC two then before you know ten people there and then you right back to where you work. Did DDI understand why the city doesn't. Either handle it money see one or two people under there and wait until it gets of this type of nuisance a problem. There aren't in question and that morning I am not an opportunity to talk with anyone on the city. To get their comment I'll tell you that one of our school in session. Said why do we let people try and handle your debt. One corner you can make 300 -- the day easily without doing any and there actually said that. People -- wonderful well intentioned he set but basically you're enabling people to sit there. And do not think and this study there he said it -- all the different I'll -- that the vote. That we trying people that are actually mental element. They're doing something for the future. So your point lies why does the video out and handling -- -- -- a lot panhandling it would. Trickled out that the people would say there are people would say there in the it would. There at night so you're asking are questions that we need to opt out about it's the people who enforce these. On the law. I thought that's been challenged before and and courts have held at its Korean mistreat them might be wrong and what kind of cooperation -- they get in from. The people let their move and and who has -- NO PD that's out there movement people and again where they taken them. Well now it's not only slight L be out people who -- at the position have come out with garbage bag and they're going. And cleaning up app to beat people up out here yet because remember it's just came out yesterday. The day that few hours. Fourth app the -- so. No actually it's out and happening now but when I talked to some of these people and and they are clearly. Meant to -- tool. Generally mentally ill some of them take a doctored figure that out. They say are agitated and -- a -- So -- might go and went mental ailments com self medication which -- make up in the metal elements there it should have looked at all mentioned. That would -- talk to these people who are addicted. Why can't the mission at the -- and used on there so that -- com that people. -- I can't even get there missionary can't even get. To come out from under there so. How it's gonna happen is the question what -- -- to put in the city. And they are there any. Provisions for detox when. When they go do a -- me and I know -- remission -- treatment center but I'm just wondering if they tell yet. Some and it's addicted then all of a sudden you can use alcohol you can't use drugs and they had to say -- for two point one day should come out somebody basically kick and it did cold Turkey or they can use when they're not in the -- on premises. -- right in this area. Health problems that become that now that they do you have program. And that they're. They handle mentally ill facility not fertility within but treatment. For almost by. You know and I and I get letters from parents live on the cap money. And people have homes that we that there aspect what they can do with their child who had an addiction that it's not enough affordable. Addiction treatment you know very interestingly one man interviewed -- was felt like. Through. -- in the shape. Alligators and oracle didn't eat that's in the virgin Mary he -- like under box the -- that makes money. She didn't slip under the bridge he'd tell me. That a lot of people about it -- -- here. Because they know they can't -- -- -- basically get -- and get drunk and that's what content along the -- Now that is not scientific. Just. A couple of who -- that. If there opinion dot com or that changes and that's the work that out among a whole lot in the country. Thank you meg I appreciate -- time I really do and we'll talk to you again I'm sure. Thank you and just be clear make says that -- you know. People of means with children with. Issues as -- alcohol and drugs have treatment issues that's from my research my daughter has no problems without all drugs. The way it was attic and understand where people start saying things and rumors get around it's not -- heard Johnny hang on we'll take your column a minute about the homelessness situation. And tell yeah we got on this about two or three weeks ago to what meg said in quoted the mission guy. If you would stop giving the panhandlers and and you would give the money to homeless shelters there agencies. It panhandlers who disappears so every time somebody gives a dollar two dollars as somebody on a street corner. You're insuring that they're going to be there the following day 725 timely hit traffic. -- -- -- -- I Tommy Tucker and a little bit late talking about Robin Williams and David Blake you know this and one of the things I'll always remember with Robin Williams. There's there's there's an -- comedians that are comics and wash a while rarely somebody. Rises above and supersedes that in becomes a comic respond to themselves I'm never cease to be amazed at the versatility and they. Wonderful work that Robin Williams does would you welcome him please Robin. Johnny Carson here slash yellow on May 21 1992. And in IE NC and and books and articles at -- there was an intense demand to be on. The tonight -- Johnny Carson the final show. Everybody wanted to do that -- wrapped it up the the next night with just him on a on a stool talk and that. For Johnny Carson to hand pick Robin Williams -- final she all along with Bette Midler wage. -- never seen as a very special moment in TV I think that says a lot in terms of you wanna call -- about comedy references you know. Are -- and I can remember some of those tonight shows were. You know are any number of appearances were Robin Williams and he was just seemed you could use the word crazy and you know just gone a mile amenities than leaping up on the Baskin -- was everywhere. And gone back to the Dave Chappelle. Thing we're talking about earlier you know if -- -- -- you show up you -- your lines and there's a lot of pressure on you I get that but if you're coming up with the original material as a comedian. Sometimes you can be a victim of your own success because the better you lard the better people expect you'd be. Then you push yourself to be better than people expected to be even better than than and they can drive you crazy. I agree or at least -- -- -- goes through periods agree on top of the world and and you know on the bottom of the world and then mattered to that. So -- earlier segment him being bipolar make fairs and things yeah. Tough life but he he had a good life and he's linking it at all and ended to mean he was one of those restless sales will talk about that as well at -- 60187. Neitzel 3866. 8890872. You know people that are just. Again I don't know another phrase he use than last restless soul -- You know the bipolar thing it's just like a light switch and you know they they couldn't go one way go the other way and it seems at least from hearing some of the experts. This morning that and many talented people like Robin Williams. Sometimes have that reflection. An -- -- console biggest search for happiness is when I'm trying to say I have wealth you have now and you have cars. But you just can't find like they said in what was that city slickers at one thing you're looking forward Johnny new loans thanks for calling your and other -- talk about homelessness. Necessary fine. Opera evolved. That it everybody at home under the break out of there -- Now there's a reason those people. Coming up in -- those people did not want that that is where this war emblem who didn't want war. It's our favorite it would depend on but he'll probably -- money and and I'm really -- about making -- go back. Hussein's son music at all. Are you saying some not all of the. -- -- Not the Google. -- -- -- -- people what to do so would make you think like should help. When he that would regulation that article -- -- -- -- -- of them probably. In the city of issues. Who continually -- to have that -- to the station this morning. And explain why. The reason that ultimately because it is you we have conventions. And of football games and all of kind of content connector that in the city. It happens. To him because that between. But let me ask you honey do you think it's all about tourists I think there are a lot of locals that. They don't like seen at a drive and pass in the have been aggressively panhandle dork in some cases threatened by the people who live under there so I don't think it's all about tourism do you. That's true what they keep reminding people and not all the pollen. Regulate the appointment of the great that he couldn't get them -- of wanted it to drop. So what do you do Johnny. The -- -- expressway and make that a community -- All but one thing you don't do. It repeat this same method. Every two years Bob I probably couldn't that it can't come back right back at the -- -- you -- not lack of but apple if you want an example we wouldn't be going to -- -- -- them that -- well. John I am glad you called it and -- thing I would say is that. You know maybe. In terms of enabling and meg -- use that word I do have a believes that if we'd all stop giving the panhandlers and and listen -- sad stories. And beat ourselves up for not doing it if we don't then they would disappear because there'd be no reason to be out on the street corner. And then if you give. Two shelters you give to whatever charity you want to and I know there are some overhead cost involved in a lot of charities but if you if you give to the charity at least. You would think they could delineate who needed it from who didn't and you wouldn't have to worry about being scammed. You wouldn't have to worry about being scammed by people who take you money. So we'll talk about that 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Robin Williams. You think he was ever happy here on earth. And -- you your favorite remembrance of him either as an actor do you think is better actor dramatic actor. Comedian stand up comedian voice over artists. And tell me about the people living under the punch -- expressway. -- would you do they got 72 hours to leave you deserved it. Johnny say that well they obviously keep coming back we'll. What he would do ideally create that mess back in a flash tummy -- going for you to hear from you on WW. I Tommy Tucker double WL -- let Robin Williams. Remembering him this morning with. Or let me call and tell me -- she favored the that he did her favorite movie one thing I always liked him in this movie inning get a lot of acclaim was Cadillac man. Where he's got a mistress my attorney man. At the dealership he's got his wife. They -- at the same time as I remember correctly in all -- while it's hostage situation as. He owns a dealership in some of these -- rob the place and he's got a lot of domestic issues -- that he's trying to balance speaking of balance as well as the the hostage thing it's gone on Carlos -- morning talk about the homeless under the bridge. -- good morning. Ala -- ultimately it's. A little much and welcome all the industry's. And the support of the person and Mexico. Grades. Tribal but -- the lifestyle isn't living. To get you to a good. So -- saying that. Because they're saying here in the in the mechanisms. That's one. If you go to realistically go. On in the U lenders. Are two guys and women down. In the mature there's maybe -- -- people and you know peel around the Serbia rub it letters so so that the reason the strangers -- -- money like that. And made understanding there for the person that those there to try to -- or alternative. Way. Cheaper portfolio. Is because a lot of course middle field. They can charge so much also security -- -- There's Q. Anyway and you'll like -- in. Sort of a double to fifty. You know good -- but now he's gotten -- into court where these guys. And equipment -- there because of one dollar and so now -- -- Eat. You know it's somewhere. Where he goes out and -- and. But that isn't there is correct me if I'm wrong. If federal assistance that's available for people -- they can't afford to live section eight housing and senator or. Other other. Safety net the issues that kicking it. -- -- -- -- Olympic course is saturated there's a long time ago -- these guys what -- can open on the streets. If you think. You know -- -- apply it possible. That well -- forced -- or Mortimer. Orders that well as stable connection. Whatever the majority. It would you are your equipment you've -- that location in Fallujah but what you're caught in the situation. Like -- -- these guys all our maltego. Like record both these guys are that if you go shelter. The mission Ottawa isn't that rodeo immediately. You got a full source or would it be nurtured the Bible. Its -- -- Cuba before parliament next month -- you to aggregate. In the regular Lenovo McQuarters who is not all. I'm word removal of the two weeks earlier were. Have you looked a little -- -- -- -- -- -- he says all the go into mr. Tom a year -- -- -- their before there there and it's supposed to be able and they were so good. -- -- Not the monster and we don't know boat with a certain people want to prepared on all. Cool what you have to give -- alternative it. So we're all ourselves out that it wanna be out there and I recognize their investigative Wednesday went out there. A lot of them like you sort of mentally ill with a lot of different from -- -- -- -- resources that are available like rich and so there. There are several approach little bit and piece of recent -- but a lot of -- and it. Or -- you know clean enough or whatever the total all the studios. Negotiate those bad information out yet. Do you think people have a right to live on mistreated they wanted. -- I'd. Been mistreated. Or. And got around to concentrate expressway that's Vegas and as you can have a right to live there. -- -- And that's because a lot closer. Oh because what I -- you much in the mission in the mission and -- -- -- your quick before we go. Well -- we had. A gentleman from the mission on and he said that would -- rule came that they were forced to go to missions a lot of people didn't like it. And a guy that runs emissions and you know what we can only keep them for X -- days of wheat and Adam for a longer we could set -- right. Path because there were forces say they didn't they couldn't come and go like deeply drugs are -- etc. Richard did you know that the mission -- of those places. Yes you sit there in the event at a certain time that this Wednesday morning that other. Chose. For certain celebrities where they got -- the -- I'd like. -- might be wrong but what the gentleman told us and thank you Carlos away at a time for the call is that. And Jordan correct me if I'm wrong I thought he said it was super bully could have accomplished more and even forced to stay. And not allowed to leave the will continue to talk about a 754 time -- traffic and for that we go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker we're gonna talk about the clean out under the -- train expressway -- talk about Robin Williams take you memories of him. And -- move on and talk about the situation in Iraq. Because they're saying that. Two experts as saying different things one camera saying you need to do this to prevent it from. Being in other al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and 9/11 others saying is exactly what could cause another nine elevenths try to sort it out when we come back.

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