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810am Marty OConnell

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Marty O'Connell joins us right now ahead of the you know -- in research laboratory. Affiliated with the you know punch train institute for environmental sciences talk about a shark. I'm -- colleague good morning Marty would you call it Genentech. The -- thing is this official turns -- and it's traded but. They called -- -- tower. A shark encounter. And so we can sell a -- Smart yet. Exactly and it's. It was probably a small ball short be humbled short. Probably younger than the boy was bitten them do -- three years old. And the boy mentions it you have newspapers some charge the actual bomb -- Before they attacked a kind of testing well existing edible and my under regular workers -- -- happened. But he was sampling does it's summer and whose point an animal -- come up and bomb pupil short and that they think man that might be -- given a shot. The Baltic bite and I think what the shark it is he bumps -- they'll splash. And the many confident the boys what he probably realized that it was not a fish and he'd do it like -- -- trying to -- the boy he would have held on and kept going after but the -- that he you know just like go he realized that -- So kennel like when you know eight and -- say you look at insight plan. On all of a brush against this it is edible or not. It is it is a basic -- -- responses say well we. Can't -- that well like on -- Test to see what's going on and that it seemed like some black and consume on elaborate. Idle at lake -- strain of course and -- summary is actually an ad estuary with things moving in and out constantly out. How common are sharks in -- time to train of of people that ride jet skis. I -- go go to being skiing one handy in a leg is that a legitimate concern. There -- and I think fishermen on the -- we've known this for years but we have just started tracked them last year it would work. -- forces stopped and Davis and there on the North Shore people think that mostly on the nor shall we also found something on South Shore up. It's like anything like living in the war and -- didn't know that there is there but you don't curtailing your activities like country to replace by. Keep doing your jet skiing keep doing your fishing. I'd just be aware that there their animals out there again we're not talking. You we've seen some big ones in the summer like I think big bold charge fumbled the ball short and like -- going to be small animals 34 feet long. They're juvenile they're they're trying to figure out -- legalized and like I've I've been worked heavily fourteen years is the first personal and actually get bitten. And is being cleared sharks are mammals and shorten it up and make you laugh but. -- -- and that's open -- but they're definitely person. I thank you Marty appreciate -- time early to embody LO UNL ahead of the you know -- and research laboratory affiliated with the you know punch training institute for environmental sciences.

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