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WWL>Topics>>8-12 8:15am Tommy, American involvement in Iraq

8-12 8:15am Tommy, American involvement in Iraq

Aug 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Colin Clarke, an associate political scientist at the RAND Corporation, and Daniel Benjamin, former ambassador and Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth, about American strikes on ISIS

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Iowa quickly getting into our guests are about sharks in late -- -- train that -- you know Robin Williams. Died yesterday were trying to remember him and his mom my favorite clips he was. Entertaining the troops in Kuwait are -- and at the end of the day in a military base they they sound retreat witches when they bring the flag down. Now Robin Williams -- no there's -- on stage getting ready to perform as acts and this happens. Everybody turns into -- back. The content on stage not understanding. And all well and oh god what's happening. And this was the response he made to then. We're. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Very funny moment you plan on YouTube Marty O'Connell joins us right now ahead of the you know necked and research laboratory. Affiliated with the you know punch -- institute for environmental sciences -- a shark. I don't -- colleague good morning Marty would you call it Genentech. The odd thing is beneficial turn it -- and it's traded but. They called a shark encounter. A shark encounter. With. And so we can sell a tourist market. Exactly and it's. It was probably a small ball short beyond old short. I'm probably younger than the boy who's been through three years old. And the boy mentions and you have -- they've -- some charge the actual -- -- Before they attacked -- kind of testing well existing edible art. My under threat -- workers -- this happened. When he was sampling does it's summer and whose point an animal to come up and -- -- short and that they think now that might be -- -- a shot. The Baltic bite and I think -- the shark it is he -- -- they'll splash. And the many confident the boys what he probably realized that it was not a fish and eat it like -- DPP's trying to keep the boy. He would have held on and kept going after the committee that he you know just like go. He realized a lot of fish. So kennel like when you're eight and -- -- say -- you look at insight. And on all of the brush against this it does edible or not. It is it is the basic animal response -- -- well. We can't see that well like on -- Test to see what's going on and that it seemed like a black and concern among elaborate. Idle at lake punch train of course and his summer is actually an ad estuary with things moving in and out constantly -- How common are sharks in lake -- to train for people ride jet skis. I do go go to being skiing one handy in a leg is that a legitimate concern. Com. -- -- and I think fishermen on the -- here we've known this for years. But we have just started tracked them last year would work when my forces stopped Davis and there on the North -- people think that mostly on the Norfolk but we also found some cause social hour. It's again it's like living in the war -- do know that there is there but you don't curtailing your activities like country to replace -- by. Keep doing it jet skiing keep doing your fishing. To be aware that they're there animals out there again we're not talking. Huge I mean we've seen some big ones in the summer like I think people start -- -- ball shortly untrained -- -- Small animals. 34 feet long they're -- they're they're trying to figure out -- legalized and like I've been working heavily for fourteen years is the first -- of -- Mexican -- And is being cleared sharks are mammals aren't short but it. And make you laugh but. Four variant that's open about their -- -- person. I thank you Marty appreciate -- time -- to embody LOU a no -- the you know -- in research laboratory affiliated with the you know -- training institute for environmental sciences. I -- Clancy Dubose nauseating and you know built the middle class of this city when we come back we'll talk about the situation in Iraq with sizes and if you do something and day in Iraq is again oh lead to more 9/11 attack Syria if you don't do anything in Iraq. Is again lead to more 9/11 attacks that's a quandary will discuss when we come back Tommy Tucker -- W. I Tommy Tucker 88 team tournament the situation and rock. You know in a couple of different ways as a humanitarian. Portion of it is for us now for the United States you get involved to help people are being persecuted revenue mountaintop and and there's the strategic implication of it in terms of terrorism 9/11 nineties to -- I think. Days what's happening now if slices in this terror group under overruns Iran carried in and then have a haven and al-Qaeda had in Afghanistan before 9/11 joining us now to help sort all this out. The actor Colin Clark an associate political scientist at the Rand Corp. Specializing in insurgency and transitional. Terrorism. Morning -- thank you -- in the time -- Com I mean I know where we start with this I guess every action has won an equal and opposite reaction to a Lou what happens -- -- with sizes what are we trying to do in Iraq Heidi is sort out the humanitarian aspect of it from. The repercussions that may have. Sure certainly complicated picture on the ground. It's the -- note here campaign has -- the purpose to protect these CDs. But also the crisis from penetrating her appeal. Which is the Turkish Kurdish area. A without -- an electric Kurdish militia members were able to regain control over where or are you should PG county near deal. But it did -- some ground in Shalala and neighboring DL province on the order Kurdistan. American fighter jets continue to attack I started. Other vehicle checkpoint about change -- And destroyed armored personnel carriers and two more trucks well. That you mention this all must be court or structure that you. Is there a strategy because they're talking about action and reactionary is. The united states military and a commander in chief the president are they reacting to what happens as opposed to. Heaven and overall plan and seen in the end of the game how they would like to see -- -- Sure world you know certainly there's an open debate about whether this is part of a broader strategy we expect that the president articulated one. That this isn't a problem. The problem with how he who has opposed. As those rocks prime minister that he couldn't articulate a long term solution to. What really soared as the studio. Our own. Ice that is mixed in with several Baptist groups on the ground so we're in the US bombs. These targets we could be -- -- scripts. Were killing all -- -- to be cognizant that. Easier likely -- in groups folks that are going to be ejected. Be included in a political solution moved forward. -- up on a clear he said baptism not Baptist. Army -- is that like a doctor -- Baptist we have a news story. -- Yeah you know what. It. A literal I don't be the last benefit that is you know Larry has been mentality kudos to -- -- predict the future. -- -- Army about. Answer. Terrors and threats to the United States is. Prices -- to convert -- rock to convert the world and would. -- taken over here rock. Led tend to lend itself to more terrorist attack are more threats of terrorist attack on the United States there week. Is it is if you if you intervene and you can it will allies and -- even mortar attack -- If you don't intervene and -- -- a payment. To launch terrorist activities and I think a third component of this is do they already hate this month as they possibly can and is gonna make any difference. Great so I think -- Did that the recent US airstrikes and certainly given crisis. A reason to attack that you were there was. Maybe 14. But continued vigilance on the domestic front in terms of modern. Let's talk about what of social media we noticed group that is strictly about social media. As well as persons of interest entering but also leaving the country would fuel an intent to return home a point. Other probe that is what one of the problems that we don't go out there are fighting. So will need to share intelligence our European partners out of the partner's question fight in the region. Over the weekend salute the ice is fighters on Twitter began using -- Russia watcher back USA are passionate Obama announces arming Islamic state. One tweet even appear to shoot someone hole in the cell -- with the pros on the state message sending -- the White House. So there's the possibility that. You know these militants -- the time you return home but we're the case so motor. -- -- -- -- -- 22 year old first American suicide bomber. Don't carry -- -- sure you grow grow -- beach Florida were turning coal in between fighting Syria and then. Conducting -- -- -- suicide missions really scary stuff. And tell -- doctor I'm a big fan of movie quotes because I think sometimes again. Adequately reflect what the situation in real life -- -- and a -- and Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old -- when he said if it's not a mass it'll do until one gets here. Yeah not I mean there you know. But certainly -- -- -- there's also the possibility gesture. It's they'll returning from abroad to commit these terror US Obama. But someone that's been -- -- law on someone that's become a cluster Internet. And decides to take action keep in mind -- birdie at nineteen year old from Denver here. In the US for should be able to that your -- To wish she. You know as for proved to be a forum we're individuals become radicalized. Sort and despite all the or US they'll all go to. The very important -- to do and modern communications -- terrorists. Appreciate your time doctor hope we get to talk to you again or are you bet thank you doctor Colin Clark associate political scientists at the Rand Corp. Specializing in insurgency in transitional terrorism he said. That if -- didn't have reason attackers before they certainly do now. And we come back we'll talk to Daniel Benjamin. He's. The -- any McCullough junior director of the John Sloan -- senator -- in an international understanding. At Dartmouth and I believe he disagrees that he's Italian that. -- has no intention of attacking us and then. Not on the what is in this is complicated situation will let him say -- -- when he five attacks can sit here and sometimes people. Just look for reasons to get their feeling sentences killing Baptist is hilarious he. Absolutely not and I never said that what I said in what the doctor was left and about it is instead of that there's BE TH IS which was the party with which. A Saddam Hussein was aligned. We. I thought he said Baptist and the idea of Baptist people becoming involved in this mess. In Iraq yes that is funny -- I don't see that happen in time for traffic and donated Gerald Robinson I Tommy Tucker talking about Robin Williams at a clip that I'm gonna play. When we come back from good morning Vietnam that I really shows Robin Williams comedic genius and and as funny saying he'd always like to know how much of that stuff impromptu and how much is actually scripted. We're also talking about. Prices and Iraq. And -- what we're doing there is gonna make the United States more of a target. Forward terrorist attacks and analysts Q it's music's 187 needle free 866. 889087. The foreign policy should be based. On net Sierra attacked I don't think you can do that but then there -- much. More complicated questions in Iraq about. Do you deal let whatever happens. Happen in the country to you'd turn your ride toward a turn your back toward what's happening with innocent people there -- good. You know we did in Syria and we get a lot of places so. We'll talk about all that only come back another time for -- WL first news that we go to David I David remember Robin Williams today entry shocking. I guess suicide yesterday morning and is there is one of my favorite minutes of Robin Williams whole career. And and it does not test that is rock and roll. And a rocket from that doubt that at the end day. That's not like Elvis Presley movie revote nine that'll be below done lying denying and denying the and on the -- -- -- it's an end to -- for being that paid to make. 0600 let's it was 1040 my god it's early speaking of early. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When it's. Gotten on the wrong -- Whom do you were recovering from back and welcome zone that's right. That's put Iraq back down. The factors into -- a little bit but get up on -- and. -- now hey wouldn't it but I haven't. That's -- that backwards and it gets any better. If you can't bet he would have a look at me. I randomly is some good morning Vietnam Australia I'm coming genius -- -- earlier one of our kind. Yeah I am I don't know anybody can do -- and very talented man to run and my favorite performances of his all time. Word view him when he was playing creeps in that movie a one hour photo -- and he was serial killers in Nam insomnia thing that was name of the film with. -- we're joined now by guest Daniel Benjamin director of the John Sloan -- senator for international understanding. And Darden mouth Dartmouth Darden. And straight just put on improper and I'll read it at Dartmouth good morning professor -- I'm very well -- is it doctor Daniel. You know Brit director ambassador. One and a doctor how is everything it -- miles is it. Dartmouth is great in dispute -- wonderful time here. That it is gonna talk about hmmm what's going on in Iraq and what we're doing it with prices bombing is that you know lead to. The United States being a more attractive target as in nine elevenths -- the group ices. Well. Since for the for the group that starts out already wanting to kill Americans and carry out attacks against the United States so. The question really is whether pushes. It pushes the United States -- A bit on the targeting priorities but I think the important thing to you recognizes that this is primarily. An insurgency right now this is about. Six to 101000 foot soldiers who were carrying on. A war in Iraq they're very much focused on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's for a sec -- says if I can ambassador because. I think a lot of us don't really know what it is about one year terrorist organization nicest using -- they gonna kind conquer Iraq. And -- gonna go over. Go on rather and take over the rest of the world but it. That's not necessarily the goal of licenses it is it all about misrepresentation. Not him a voice in the government of Iraq. Well it's it's a lot of those things there's a question that there is -- really alienation between. Sunni and Shia. In Iraq this group would like to see Iraq torn apart and would really like to beat. This year. Trying to government and probably like killed quite a lot of them and it didn't. Killing lots if she gets sent. Al-Qaeda in Iraq which formed back -- 20032004. And this group is very much the defendant I mean it's. It's really renamed version of that it's gone through a lot of leadership changes but it is. Very much the successor group to al-Qaeda in Iraq do they want to conquer the world I think they'd like to change. How politics is done in the world. -- could and certainly get the United States out of the Middle East that's been the core goal of all al-Qaeda groups since beginning but right now they're focused. On taking over a large swath of territory. There in the region and creating state. -- so if they were to do that in and we hear about al-Qaeda and correct me if I'm wrong that. Almost like a relative that stayed too long they they were invited in. Or at least allowed in by the Taliban and and before you know an al-Qaeda was running Afghanistan is an accurate. No I wouldn't say that I would -- the Taliban would always running. Afghanistan. But there were. You know that was a close relationship between the leadership of the two groups and al-Qaeda. You know who became a welcome -- in. In Afghanistan. And you know in some ways it became -- apparently did that -- -- Because it brought such. You know such a cataclysm. On the head of the talent on. So I I would put it more that way I do not think al-Qaeda it was a running. Afghan. I -- today and that sort I think I was sink in but couldn't quite phrased it that way so when we talk about safe haven for terrorism we talking about. Obligated the way al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan. Make a comparison if you Willis there is any between. Ices. If they take over Iraq in what that would mean in terms of strategy in terms of strength funding etc. as. A potential. Attacker of the United States. Right so this is this is really the key point is that. That through its efforts in Syria and Iraq. Crisis has created. Essentially on -- be that goes from sort of central Syria. Two fairly deep into Iraq really not far from Baghdad and that is. And on government space and it's really very useful they hate incidents. Over the long term. This group will be capable abusing that's safe haven. And using it to. You know plot if it which is complex conspiracies against the United States and others and that's. The big concern for policy makers in Washington right now and I -- that for a government particularly in Europe which see this group that is drawing a lot of people from their country a lot of from their Muslim populations. And therefore having. Individuals to understand how to operate in no western countries and you -- Pose a real security threat so it's a long term a challenge the biggest safe haven is something that we're gonna have to do. I deal with and we are gonna have a confrontation with the basis. But there are a lot of people that care is on fire and think we're going to be bombed tomorrow because of what's going on in Iraq today and I don't think that's correct. -- and al-Qaeda have similar goals are linked in any way ages two. Two trains run and on different tracks. Well at the moment is a great -- of tension between the two groups because crisis is essentially claiming the leadership of the global. Islamist extremist. World and al-Qaeda -- that's what what it does. So there's a lot of tension there's a difference singled al-Qaeda has been focused less on holding territory. There and places has been -- crisis and firm. You know public profile it's really in the ascendant right now in -- way that the al-Qaeda is an -- is really back on the field. Especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan where it's suffered some Aurilia bruising blows from the United States. So there's a rivalry. There's an overlap they're both. You know board of in many ways the team. The same political dynamics what is different is that right this is much more focused on this sectarian conflict. Much more focused on killing. She and on ruling that that part of the world whereas al-Qaeda is the more focused on carrying a terrorist attacks. And the not as not quite as. Filled with sectarian hatred but the sectarian hatred as a good in the -- sales pitch it's working in team many parts of the Muslim world and that's something to worry about. I appreciate you time ambassador to talk to you for hours about this and I hope we get to talk to you again. Our pleasure you've been ambassador Andrew bend Daniel Benjamin director of the John Sloan Vicki senator for international understanding at Dartmouth. But connect we'll take -- calls at 260187. -- toll free 8668890878. Do you think the bombing that we're doing in Iraq makes it is more likely or less likely to be the target of a terrorist attack 848 well before nine coming back. And got a W. Tommy Tucker. Helen Williams play -- my favorite soon songs of all time when we come back we're gonna talk about. Continued talk about Robin Williams and ask you what was the funniest thing that the your favorite moment when you think Robin Williams. What pops into your mind. Soul talk about that will also continued talk about a crisis and Iraq in next hour we're gonna take on. Com bowl have a -- report for you Drew Brees back and -- -- Beckett practice -- -- about this. Common -- mass in Louisiana so the kids in on back to school. What are they being taught in terms of curriculum and how are they going to be tested and evaluated that's gone on. The argument going on in the courts right now and I think when it comes it teachers when it comes to students you gotta be on the same page -- -- How do you determine whether education is working or not and I -- and brings -- standardized text testing Antonio Joseph. Think about that when you hear and if you kids are in public schools. 853 time -- -- traffic that would have been -- Robinson Tommy Tucker talking about Robin Williams and remembering him and as sometimes it doesn't have to be a giant. Role. In order for either turn and big performance and I was looking at the fill my -- here Robin Williams license to wed was the name of the film. And he played the priest that married him I think he did an extraordinary job and that when we come back we'll talk about this common core mass. In Louisiana also tell me -- when you think Robin Williams. That you -- is one that particular role or one particular. Thing that he said her -- come to mind and and I really didn't realize that Morgan -- originally appeared on happy days and two years later they spun it. Into a series back in a flash and other WL.

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