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WWL>Topics>>8-12 9:10am Tommy, Common Core

8-12 9:10am Tommy, Common Core

Aug 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Leslie Jacobs, the founder of Educate Now, about Common Core in Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wanna talk about this common core business because. Now -- understand it did teachers are going to be evaluated. At least that's the plan students are gonna be evaluated. On a curriculum that they're being taught. Or are today. By a test. Which voter could not match. The curriculum. It's being taught now that that doesn't seem like a good thing to me and maybe I haven't wrong we'll find out the minute. And the question I have in order to make a separate jaguar opinion apple. Jordan is has the common core debate helped or hurt the education system for Louisiana kids in that -- in the second. Leslie Jacobs is our go to person as it relates to it. Everything coming course he studied it extensively as well overstated and she's the founder of educate now. Leslie morning to you Dillon. Thanks to -- -- the timeliness. I don't think it would be. Accurate to say that politics is nodded and integral part of this. Whole debate about common chord do you think. This is now political. I mean the governor. I'll agree -- that asking for an injunction because this. Is going to be catastrophic that having federal government control educational. And also filed. -- belief that neither he nor his Diego can be deposed under -- Those -- two very big did. Well as the only it has the most open governor we've ever had Leslie. I'll save everybody. I say that time in eight. -- now protected expected yes it's hard to get information out of him than any other governor -- and but yet. You know you stand up there and you say -- the -- open governor ever and ethics reform when in fact it's. Easier to hide things now than it's ever been the governor's office and sometimes people believe that time that is common to what would initially. Got peoples so wound up about common -- was it political manipulation. Was it rumors on the Internet. I think there's three things that happened number one. Is. On the far right came out very much against common core calling it Obama core. Because the federal government did help fund states to develop the path that we're talking. And so it began on you know with a few individuals and it took off on the block in social media and the far right. Number two you have some people who object. Two they don't like that news. What they interpreted is if common core and how it's been tied. The irony about this is there's not a standard curriculum what they are at standard. -- content standards which saved what we want students to not be able to do we want the capital region nonfiction -- -- and talk about. That now which Howell at school chooses to teach that what literature they have a child read it very much the school's choice. This is. This isn't by no means aids -- intrusion but exactly what of the curriculum. And that's out of luck percent of that a lesson plans that are in question nor is that the state doing that. These the second trend is what I call the status quo big unions and school boards associations many of them are very worried about the increase -- -- And difficulty in expectations of common core and while -- that national unions have supported those standards. They support implementing them well. So in your opening comments you mentioned teacher evaluations that we -- we passed the law. A couple of years ago that teachers would be evaluated by something called value added and Mac and how much improvement to their -- shallow. And that is measured by test score well Betsy this state board of education and we can't wage. About using these tests to evaluate teachers until more is known about the past about the -- using these past. High stakes testing for students so they're no longer tied in -- student people progression from. Fourth the fifth grade or eighth and ninth because there's just too much. That was done prior to the -- but the government just to give time. For teachers and every one to adjust to than new standards so there's been hurt by national teachers' unions that go well. And that you really have those three things you have political that this is somehow -- other Obama Koran and national conspiracy. You have some people who really just felt like. -- change in the content standards or it's been -- poorly in their child's classroom and they are upset. Allah or three you have. Teachers unions then and school boards associations that take -- -- in Louisiana those three has unite. To try to kill common core. I'd seuss goal is in session for -- about every day except Orleans parish -- think public school. What is being -- what is being taught what curriculum. Well it. I can tell. People like that into an article I've read. Across the state of Louisiana public. Schools are teaching in the to the common core content standards because then spent four years migrating that. All these school district's schools and teachers had developed their own curriculum and lesson plan is aligned with dignity and standard. And you just can't change on a dime -- -- -- a four year implementation stage in Louisiana -- teaching entity they. Soul. Whatever the motive is. The governors now says left of four years of preparation. We're not gonna test on this because I think the federal government has taken over education. When in fact. At some point he approved of this so now we're between. Loudness it is delicately. Squatting in standing up -- Because. You don't know how doable for -- -- go back to why is that so important. When it comes standardized testing at the end of the year both those students and the teachers and parents. Well. What I would want -- impress upon your relationship. If you talk to people you pull it everybody's story accountability they want teacher accountability in one school accountability. At the end of the day need to measure that. And so the way we mastered it with this past. And they -- that not one passes we're talking grades three through eight. English and math and then -- rule out the testing standards and that also science and social studies. And we look at the performance of students on the past and -- we make decisions of how. Schools are performing and how that students performing. Teachers in the classroom is performing. Everything relies upon Billy the quality of the it -- it promulgate school let upgrades it's how you decide which school which didn't qualify for about cultures. It all depends upon the -- and the bad passes. People think it may well peaches and it -- to attack my response if -- collect samples we need really good. -- -- what we want teachers to teach. I mean if you think about it advanced placement test. Teach teachers he -- the past if you take an eight seats here at saint Pete perhaps he can teach habitat. If you take -- -- cats or are -- -- that or your medical board you'd study for the past in the so the question becomes how good the past. Testing what we want teachers to teach. Wouldn't that ballot by a consortium of states engaging teachers and -- -- back -- a close to a hundred Louisiana educators. Involved in design in the pac ten. It all that we definitely different. It is just not going to be the same quality. That. People spend. Millions of dollars in years developing. And it's not an -- the curriculum that's being taught isn't. While The -- did it again I want to be very clear there's no state curriculum there is no national. Correct Carol how do you go from that to a standardized tests because of people in. The district's get together and meet and decide which should be on a test. No there's going to be that they did districts are teaching to the standards again the standard. A student should understand make height chart. Fractions and death all always there indicating. Part of a whole how bad school is back concept is the curriculum. So the standard say these that the concept we expected and -- be able to do. -- decide how able teach it. And but the -- line to those standards what we. Acted -- he made the curriculum aligned to their standards and the test should be -- -- to that standard well we don't know his. Will be allied as an issue aptly correcting your opening statement we did not -- department time. -- that has been cake at the end of this school -- will be aligned to what teachers have taught. And -- the governor hands way it will not be. -- and makes any sense medium. Maybe I'm missing something here other than. Political move by the governor to appeal to a certain segment and I'm not trying to drag I don't. I mean how being very quiet there is no way having this uncertainty. Tried to change your mind this lady in the in the course of action on this little time frame is good for students teachers and school. But at supporting it for four years because he knew this is going on getting nine. Only the government mind whether. He verbally. Advocated for the common -- he supported the law that he's now following the administration. The governor and instincts supported -- law that was passed that they too. -- three years ago that. Forget that we will adopt -- national standard of national record and compare our student test results -- -- the students and other states. That would be governor supported law passed by the legislature probably the end. I get a taxi comes in asking about leap and I leap. Those words -- tests that's what the governor once now he wants a hybrid between the two. Well let's understand leap and I leaked by name for the past week and that we can't educational assessment program. We could have quite apart and -- -- it doesn't matter but -- he'd do year. Yeah last year bill will be -- was much more on line to common core at the transitions the last year schools were agent. Again really ramping up to teach the common core standards. The last few believe have had some very different types of questions comments -- the preceding years fully pass because we already began. Developing common core questions the issue is knowing that we see -- was going to leave. How old hat and go to this consortium of states called par. The state. Developing have questions. Typically every year has there could be tough questions that -- field questions you. The question in the field that he doesn't read -- and didn't understand. As a student I expect that student who is being made to be answered this question do basic students across the state get the question right. And last year Louisiana students instead of field testing we began to develop past. About 50000 of them field tested park question. Because you have to put it -- in the field to make certain question that that question toward it correctly. That it isn't valid questions about these traps and checks you go through and well being attacked. I'd -- anyway exactly and that's -- you know and and then look for validity look for bias -- look for clarity and sometimes that that question. And then they'll get thrown out and I used on the attack that you feel at the question. Last year 50000 students in Louisiana field tested our questions that would oppose the -- be on the -- that they took this year. Leslie we're out of time and -- issue whom questions of who we feel as it relates to your personal preference pie chart or Barbara. I actually did better with Barbara I do to let out of high -- -- a guy. Come apart that radical impact I appreciate -- time -- do you.

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