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8-12 9:45am Tommy, Saints update...Drew's back in pads

Aug 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to T-Bob Hebert, co-host of Double Coverage on 3WL, about Saints camp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker we've been remembering Robin Williams so morning -- Davida BO cigarettes on some time for your calls at 260187. He -- pre. 86 exit 89087. In what is on the favorite things you remember about him in and -- favorite characters were. Roles -- bits of -- may have done. -- Bob Hebert joins us right now tell us about the saints. And we have to be brief with him because he's got to run out practiced -- Bob good morning. You know my favorite thing to do is to verbally abuse team Bob and hallway because he's twice my size and half my age. And he could snap my neck like a -- it he wanted. But he's so nice he won't and it just makes me feel like a big shot and -- -- -- The edge that should that archer and all exactly. Your respect where respect is -- it a lot. Forced back out darker now it's an easy you know you'd does Drew Brees in the back on the field. Yeah yeah I. Mean. Actual action day much heralded return of the messiah. Rumor that you hate being. He's just not -- any. Unique. -- -- Fourth game and we acclimate to them why and where it. Yeah you don't need much. So you'll all. You'll really like that died in the -- library in port opening and land well. But but. There's no need to rush him back so a lot. I agree with you totally -- -- and at their pre season I don't think you needing this weekend I think in the third pre season game. Yeah maybe get in my hand or at least find a good drive and on. There was a when he employment. Now that Kimberly that third game here starters but most importantly issued march India for a week. I hit it would describe it that quick. Reichert got a battle it out of that pack job last week both looked pretty it. -- got more that you really put together there age outline. I think seventeen of twenty street about one yard touchdown. You. Did you record chair with a thirteen per couple hearing ended. May be out it's what should. Get that's what. I'll tell it all out war. Yeah. The lure packages poorer. But are urged pepper. One -- -- to ask you about it you know you're -- the -- you handled the ball a lot Sean -- and it was sloppy practice yesterday in the rain but he was glad it happened as you can really. Simulate the conditions. Branding cooks and he was used to playing in Corvallis are practicing our balascak. Is -- big dealing him. Did did he ever really get used to that an an and I don't mean this to sound funny but as big as your hands dollar in relation of the football. Is it that big of a deal -- the ball was way. You know I actually. Cool -- and like the urge commercial yeah I have ever. -- the issue. All wet weather just -- Maybe it takes a little bit more okay she can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They apple bell got. It dead -- Possible. Sideline. They got to be rotating ball. Manager. You know it took the national level should not be an issue and a cup -- He's got. Out foresee it be an issue for sure speaking -- and could exceed he has definitely the real deal. Yes. -- Brandon -- is absolute monster com like. He was absolutely fine yesterday each exploits such -- -- go -- To catch a ball that's probably the most surprising part urged it that you netstat it's just got Corey and and it was no different in -- 212 yards big -- yesterday evening -- and really. I'd trade it in. Boca. And I don't see any reason to sort I'd been out talking a lot -- reached. About how I think it'll be even receiver. Or speaker -- history art are. Watching him these first -- has done nothing but confirm. Are those beliefs and wanting a coach's percentage big group. That -- there receivers get it early as market coal is one goes. You go out art in its first year. Does ran -- -- those Albert unions like you. I would have to -- -- -- -- at the ball at. -- -- -- On. You and the -- -- it. Ports aren't quite. So all -- so early in order so small abort but practiced. And the first in every walk out there. Today allied -- YouTube Edberg -- hands and Kansas team it's like okay you take the fielder's glove off now and then. Israel and Tammy quickly about Robin Williams the big -- -- isn't something that that you think of in retrospect to really liked. -- Obviously went out younger growing oh was actually -- -- Well it's not. Pretty being property as a -- But really gets one big impact. At being approached yeah because -- -- Classic high school age hormones Prejean sophomore year we watched movie in English class each and like the next few weeks I was convinced. That was destined to be some sort I mean I was all. Not so cool thought you go out so deep and remote. Regard. I'm probably just incredible performer. And sure on diversity. In his role. A lot of people's. But different time in his career. He also true -- that he -- -- acting chops. -- Beckett there's at least. You hear about it passing the votes I just I was in a ball that -- -- it first watched it. A team thanks a lot and they get a go to practice we talked again I. -- -- -- -- --

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