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8-12-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Aug 12, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, Steve Suter of Magic 101.9, and 3WL host T-Bob Hebert about that stories are trending on social media.

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In order of your siblings. -- the first born the last somewhere in the middle. And what difference did it make in your relationships with your Brothers and sisters now pitcher in adults then at 3 o'clock. A report on public education in New Orleans from the college institute at Tulane. Some very encouraging news and some challenging realities. And on this very special day where we have lost really one of the great talents. I think of all time. We're going to do it a little bit differently in our training we're gonna start buying. I'd like to read a poem that was another great comedic talent stand laurels favorite poem. God bless all clowns who star in the world with laughter. Who ring the rafters with flying jets. Who make the world spin marry on its way. God bless all clowns. So -- the world would be lacking their. God bless all clowns. Give them a long good life make bright their way their race apart. Al chemistry most who turned their hearts pain in to a dazzling just to lift the heart. God bless all plants. We'll take a break and we will be back with more. On the tremendous lost weekend. Will we welcome you back and we are going to -- are trending. I want to welcome as always state Colin -- news director dubbed a -- radio and yes and Steve -- program director won a one point nine. And in sports so we have T Bob all the way from on from camp. And we we'll get to that but I believe that on everyone's mind today is the loss of such a tremendous talent Robert William. And we've just learned from lieutenant Keith -- in the marine county sheriff's office coroner's division that Robin Williams hanged himself. And does appear to be a suicide let's listen to lieutenant Keith sport. On August 11 2014. At approximately 11:55. AM Marin county communications. Received -- 91 telephone call reporting that a male adult -- located unconscious. And not -- inside his residence located at 95 saint Thomas weigh in on incorporated Tiburon California. The caller was distraught. And indicated at that time that was an apparent suicide due to a hanging had taken place and -- reporters had said in. The sheriff's office as well as representatives of the Tiburon fire department and southern -- fire protection district. Were dispatched to the incidence with emergency personnel arriving on scene at 12 PM. The male subject. Who was pronounced seized -- firefighters from the -- fire department at 1202 PM. Has been identified as Robin -- and Williams a 63 year old resident of an incorporated Tiburon California. Preliminary information developed during the investigation. My corner division personnel. As revealed mr. Williams had been seeking treatment for depression. Mr. Williams was last seen alive by his wife at approximately 10:30 PM on August 10 2014. When she retired for the evening in a room in the home. It is unknown at this time when mr. Williams retired for the evening in a bedroom in his home. At approximately. 10:30 AM. On August 11 2014. Mr. williams' wife left the hall believing mr. Williams to still be asleep. Mr. Williams personal assistant became concerned at approximately 11:45. AM. When he failed to respond. To knocks on his bedroom door. At that time the personal assistant was able to gain access to mr. williams' bedroom. And entered the bedroom to find mr. William. Closed in a seated position. Unresponsive. With a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the clause the clothes closet door and the door frame. His right shoulder area was touching the door with his body perpendicular to the door and slightly suspended. Mr. Williams at that time was called to the touch with a reward us president and his body. And Livermore has positioned appropriately for the position he was located in. The inside of mr. Williams left wrist had several acute superficial transverse cuts. The pocket knife with a closed labels located in close proximity to mr. Williams. The pocket knife was examined at a dry red material was located on the let it is a blade of the night which appeared consistent to dried blood. It is unknown at this time of the dried red material is in fact blood. Or if it is mr. Williams blood but scientific testing will be conducted to evaluate its investigative value. Mr. Roy Jones was transported from the scene to the Napa county sheriff's office more. But -- corner division pending a forensic examination. Which was conducted this morning prior to this press conference. The forensic examination. Conducted by doctor Joseph Cohen who is the sheriff's office from Orange county's chief forensic pathologists. Did not reveal any injuries indicating mr. Williams had been in a struggle. Or physical altercation prior to him being located deceased. The preliminary and I again say preliminary results of the forensic examination. Revealed supporting physical signs that mr. Williams life and it from the sticks did due to hanging. Toxicology testing will be conducted to determine if mr. Williams had any chemical substances. In his system at the time of his death. Toxicology results will be available. What this is we will not be available for approximately two to six weeks while the testing is being performed. Please note that this is an active investigation into the cause and manner of circumstances and destroy its depth. The work of the corners office is not complete at this time. The final cause and manner of death will not be certified until the conclusion of the investigation which is several weeks away. That's lieutenant Keith Boyd of the marine county sheriff's office corners division telling us that they found the body. Have Robin Williams hanging from a door. In a room in his home it appears that that was the cause of death. He apparently tried to slit his wrists. But that did not take his life and any hanged himself while much more on this coming up the very latest now from CBS news and back to trending. With Angela here at WWL. Well we are back again. Just a marvelous talent and and I'm so glad that they colonists here that Steve suitors here and of course -- Bob and I know Steve that you could. We're watching what was trending. As really the whole nation may be in the whole world who appreciated him is is thinking about. Well I guess you know years ago when there'd be these kinds of things happening with the celebrity -- beloved one when your family friend her celebrity would pass away there wasn't that instant immediate reaction because you'd have to wait for a press release for statement to be released will these days with social media. You get immediate reaction. Even from the closest people like his wife who -- tweeted out something in his daughters elder also tweeted out something in a lot of celebrities are now tweeting out. It really is amazing when you think about it you know how much the world has changed her husband is dead. She is in the very initial stages of morning. And she goes to Twitter. To deliver. Information. To the people who loved him and who care about him. What it -- that -- just remarkable but that's now how we. Process things and how we -- And I think that might be a good part of social media there are a lot of things talked about you know how things can be so instant but you know where it -- been where she would have felt alone in that instance. Where this way she was sharing her thoughts and emotions with the thousands of other people and she reduced she was getting responses right right away from people who you know love business. You know -- I'm sure totally understood the love the people felt for him. People who of course it never met him but just appreciated the gift he wise. And just -- for his family. What a horrendous. Horrendous loss to resolve but such a personal. Devastating loss to them as we were saying it wasn't from you know -- heart problem. This was an overt act that people have to come to grips with and you just loved him so much -- thought in those final moments. That he was so desperate analog. And I think that's also created a trend on social media today on. Depression and how serious it is and how it can lead -- -- serious issues even for a person that appeared to be so one of the funniest man. On the planet one of the funniest man in the history of entertainment. Could be while people who saw him just days earlier said he was hilariously. Right entertaining as he always is. But inside. He was so sad and in the demons were tearing him apart to a point we tries to apparently slit his wrists and can't do it. And then hanged himself with his belt. From the door in his office and I think that's something world dealing with together I think all of us are feeling that sometimes the saddest. And most depressed people are the ones who make other people. Happy and that's very confusing. It is very confusing and I have spoken to people who have lost ones from suicide. And oftentimes they will say. -- the day before previous you know happy or she was great. And oftentimes it's because they've already made the decision to do it so there is the sense of relief within them. That it -- wasn't ten minutes before this have been a thought process. So hopefully those final conversations with his wife we have -- that day perhaps even with the children were uplifting. You hope so I mean obviously she knew nothing of it she didn't neglected she was in the house at the time and had no idea what was happening as we learned from that news conference with -- -- the sheriff's office Cameron Tammy and and I you know eight. This is someone who you gotta go back to the early 19. Debuts on television and was still to this day. On television and the silver screen making movies he has a part of the lives. So many human beings to be over so many generate joined -- the happy days yeah well he was on the Richard -- show. Then laughing he was not laughing -- worker before happy days before making -- before then more in Mindy. You know and -- Mindy was the big yellow that's what launched him into the stratosphere. No pun intended with him playing an alien in that role but. That was really what launched the career that to this day has not stopped in. I don't know about you but I so badly now wanna go watch good morning Vietnam and dead poet's society and hook in Aladdin again and mrs. doubtfire jamaat Jean jacket. I just want it. And see them all and you know -- show the crazy ones still on demand right now so we can go watch them. And I and I love that -- And today I heard today that they are he had completed form movies and how they'll do moving it sits on the shelf for the year. So we will see him again well the next one that we expect to see is that it meets in secret of the -- where he again plays his role as Teddy Roosevelt. But yet there were several others one and and some of them are going to be interesting this the other handled because. He has one film coming out where he plays an adult man struggling with admitting he's -- later in life. And he he never stopped working he never stopped. Wanting to entertain. And inform and and join people and you know I I I I'm trying to pick what my favorite. Think he ever did was and that's hard at and I don't know there was even talk of a missed out part -- yeah he would -- on foreign and now the -- and act gonna do it. You can show you how can you -- missed out fire without him missed out by that that and dead poet's society. The fact that he had the range -- -- his comedic range definitely but there was such a profound seriousness. To that he could could handle and he's learning of them so universe and you bring those together I mean you look at Patch Adams. Yeah hilarious but very serious goodwill hunting he made -- laugh he won the Oscar for that right but he was. So serious and that and you know it's interesting and and it out to -- I'm curious as you bring. The younger than most of us. What rob Williams -- what's your favorite thing from volume Robin Williams whether it's. You know happy feet or her and -- in -- what what did you up imports -- A lot of the same reason that -- we're just talking obviously Aladdin was in my ages wheel house. Listen. To that abject Karl at times all -- Latino community how many times one. As much but slightly scared but I also love this kid was -- The -- board game one. Where you're kind of lost in the board game for thirty plus years were -- that you -- the kid but honestly. To me. Emerge acting that was released at a good time but when that IAE. Really -- got a test with the and high school and it hit me at that time like now. I guess they'll hormones are raging. Yeah a bit of -- romantic -- sophomore year dead poet's society. But those incredible ever the first time I saw dead poet's society I left. And I think -- that I was going to be. You know I think that I was like please -- -- right now -- Only out I was only reading over injury. I watched newbie like three more times that we the first time -- -- so as far as rebel -- probably dead poet's society -- -- -- that classic alone it. Had just thought it was great. I want you know he turned you -- politics I think you are believing your own mind. It's very -- The yeah alignment. Mastering other kinds of words out of the with a great line in the movie. No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world yes -- realize that it is you know I think I think I may still have. Dead poet's society and VCR somewhere but -- they'll have to keep -- fine but stay in the cabinet where all the VCR tapes have been shoved away to. Now maybe never be watched again but but if if I can find it now like to have a VCR yet we actually have a couple -- -- that are out of Iraq and at least. It's also calls on movies that make you like to go back and want to beat the Arctic to react to keep movies here. Well there's great addition to that. We you know -- just said you almost take to move on but we're going to we have some other things that are trending as well. But again all of our hearts go for the family of Robin Williams and into all of his friends and in the movie and television industry I'm sure they have just. I felt tremendous loss and will for awhile well six. -- seconds from now get one more update from CBS news on the latest developments in the death of Robin Williams. And we'll bring that to you -- -- this new information from the marine county sheriff's office so we'll do that. It. OK so we will go take a break now yellen CBS say -- that business then you know -- It's hard to stop talking about it when you think if you look around the globe right now this is do you go about what's trending. Right now Robin Williams on every social media platform every web site every discussion that you have with. It's it's about Robin Williams and it's amazing to think the day with less than 24 hours ago we learned that he died but. I don't know about you but I've been soaking it up so much it feels like it's been days it right and I've been thinking about that it was. It was just such a shock and now it's hitting all of us now. We will be right back. And so much is trending in an awful lot is trending on saints camp and that's why we have our beloved T Bob there. -- -- pay the big news. Well. Yeah. Is your Brees put -- shoulder pads. Mac yeah. On their shoulder pads which led much the same thing he's been there and look at this the deal with the breeze situation. Com while I am not of the opinion that he should not play at all. -- -- season there are some duels go it doesn't -- all the reasons way to -- he's he's not gonna play in this next -- they need to think he needs yet. Maybe a little extended time in that third pre season game. Maybe a couple of series in the fourth in the will be ready you know he needs at least it's all live -- in -- game type situation. I just had knocked the rust off before they square off against the Atlanta falcons' week one in the dome but. It does it have to be this Friday. Against tightened so. Reads back -- point and rushing him back from his oblique injury and I don't think the saints game that so. Scores breeds that Todd who's. Champ Bailey it's a vote back in -- is the point camp though. Where these little injuries nagging stuff. Starts to pile up and that's what you're seeing -- so for the saints and dodge -- get lucky. Then their -- did indeed in the -- injuries knock it. They'll continue. Because that's the main game and then you'll want to avoid. During this time you're actually wrote about your reasoning it's a long season let's keep in his health is we can't little dust off as you say but or rust off. But yeah let's keep them let's keep doing and a long haul. If there are two guys that you feel like well OK if they don't. Participate much in camp it's okay it's Drew Brees and campaign I mean -- there are two of the -- ball around the block -- and then the veterans to get it that the smartest football players on the team. And as a fan. I'm not too worried if Drew Brees. Past to rest a little more and if is if that means that he'll be that much better and ready to go for the regular season. -- -- -- -- -- -- You about is it the same story with the freeagent bird. Yeah it it's that Canada is an entire summer he was the number one for agent available. This quarter pro football focus it is kind of you know the the end all be all nowadays with the -- game and -- -- this ain't ever right countryside he has voluntary back surgery and while Peyton. You know -- -- get sketchy with what's really on now with the injuries in the past. This seems like. They got a call like it is if it was during the season you had surgery he would about. Topped out just continued to play -- ever since they had some time. It figured why not get it done. I'd try to get him back to a 100% full speed ready for the season and is still in the midst of that process. On these guys he put -- extra work every single day and the rehab. Room and on the field as he's out on the jugs machine doing drills car -- Raphael bush -- Thirty minutes to Al Gore after the actual practice in so yeah I mean that's my deal. Agassi a year and criticized. Word kind of start rumors about these great players. Before there's actually reason to lectures Byrd's work on the field speaks for itself breezes work on the fields experts so. To kind of speculate. Or implied differently at this point -- wrong. Stay with the -- -- Bob we're gonna take another break moment come back we've got some news about Garth Brooks. In coming back end. Yeah. And are trending continues with T bombed and Dave Cohen. And the great Steve -- who is talking good news about Garth Brooks. Well on for fans of Garth Brooks in another or all our problems are more here's a question peso if Garth Brooks announced a show here in town and it may be the superdome or smooth -- sinner would you buy tickets. Like immediately like you would you be worried about selling out you know he's got a lot of friends -- places I'd have to beat them today and Natalie is that a pocket so he did announced. He did announce a few shadows in two cities Atlanta and Chicago. And two. Prove how popular he still is. Ticket master actually. Shot down as tickets went on sale for the show's I don't know but it happened for -- did you know and. I'm not heard of this happening before but when his thirty. He stole he put on sale ten shows in seven days in Chicago some days he's doing two shows by one day. And then they put on the shows in Atlanta he's up to three shows by the time the third one was added. So many people tried to buy tickets at the same time that he broke Ticketmaster and actually that shut it down. And regroup and say why now we didn't expect this and they did not have the server space. -- that's a handle all the requests they were getting progress for tickets all the same topic trade. Stiff oriented -- I think people are striving for a little country. Something that others are striving for I love this day. Doctors say cosmetic surgery boom is fueled by cell fees yet. Yes you know the whole self. The craze well. We have been talking to several. Cosmetic surgeons locally and there telling one in three nationwide -- the same thing. That they are seeing a booming business with the younger people younger people than they've ever seen before coming in to get on her lips. -- noses. And tighter eyebrows. Face lifts even boob jobs while all because they want better. In their wealthy so the -- isn't fazed her. Here forever well the way one doctor told us and you can read more about it at WW about the economic and -- spot Americans still trending. Is that. What patients tell him is listen this is my face publicly. More people will see my face on FaceBook and Twitter and in to Graham and -- on whatever social media they're using. That's with their face to the world. And they want it to look wonderful but in their apps that you can. -- around and -- Photoshop. Photoshop hello there's probably something better than that now -- and -- -- a little bigger -- my nose a little smaller. Smooth out my escape they're probably is but it. One. Did the evidence does not lie. Plastic surgeons are seeing it like crazy people specifically is telling them. That they want to look better in the southeast and this is just part is there's been about a decade long trend now. Plastic surgeons doing booming business and the other popular thing now more than ever is the -- is what they're telling us. And that may be partially due itself -- you know could it be about Brian knows more about the tonight but that you know the turn half way and take this they'll be in the -- thing. Taken the profile of the but at the same time take it. Many itself you're -- -- night. Personally. -- there isn't over -- nation but ultimately you don't get a lot of -- He's got excellent didn't need -- it's not hard data Sheehan. Well it's like borderline but can try to better take over and I think says. What about this and I'll send my little factoid thanks yes William Taylor anyway. Eight years ago today eight years ago today what happened eight years in 2006. It is today. Well -- and amp. And let me tell you what it is WWL I am launches first -- pregame show. This is not an -- -- day originally hosted by Vince -- and later with host mark JVC. -- Manassas plus analyst -- -- It's a great time in the yeah. No it is not tell us about the pleas to not tell us about -- tiger jello molds on sale. Yeah I don't know. I guess how it actually kind of -- me this against -- Leo threatening us that are irrelevant now it's take it everybody heist or by I don't know maybe -- a little. Behind the curve here I've. Never found myself Q interest in different -- -- hey. Each zone whatever flu to bird that is Paulson and -- I feel this will immediately translate. In this game day drink shenanigans as the Joe's shot right takes on a more fisted. And may be -- appropriate. Form as now you can now supports your key logging drug you can. Support team getting drunk and eating jell -- that also supports. Little protein well and we ask that -- out -- would Ellis made. You probably don't -- do you -- know what to O -- no I would like to ask questions. OK well maybe when team Bob's gone we'll tell you widows -- but. We ask the folks that know about this because. These are tiny little -- models they're selling a box with purple and gold -- is -- the flavors are great and yet criminal element yes and yeah it has the directions to make that Hitler's which is the thicker canning too -- year jail almost like gummy battered. But -- is quick to point out while the molds may be about the size of a shot. And while they may be in the image of your favorite college team which often people think about jello shot when that thing about college game day. There recipe does not include alcohol that was not their intent but I don't think there's any denying that like T Bob many people's mind to immediately go. Clue LSU -- sat in the form of the LSU well out. It's yeah it is the tiger. And of the three letters -- LL SU. Creative. Spark. -- I think -- when you can only go so intricate with a jello mold because if you get McQuistan turns out you try to pull an attic and fault. How -- -- oh educated on no I don't think there it's one half jealous the fact I. I have four kids and I do enjoy good -- Oceanic renowned and snow. Or -- and I've never had. You never I've never had a jail -- -- we that talent we have if you find a reason. To get Angela tell us that we're gonna have to put them whipped cream on an anti consumer with no hands. That's a little thing this has got bigger Travis -- and yeah. Speaking -- -- it is today -- issue -- then. Knows Monday night but -- -- bigs got about -- she media -- really I guess. What has most of the fans kind of worried. Is that it seems zip relish these kind of lean towards. A dual quarterback system. Where they'll probably both guys. Talking about. On MTV games and Brandon -- will get a chance to play most people traditionally are very anti. To court -- -- but in my mind the problem isn't -- air. With running that you quarterbacks it's how you manage those two quarterbacks. Chris leak and Tim Tebow did successfully of Florida when that subject to Nebraska that a couple times -- nineties. To win national championships LSU. You know seven. Would have putter and apparently donated 2011 very close. With Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson so we've done correctly. It can't work especially on the college level that the problem is when you're switching in and out too much switching the starter up -- -- he's still have to have one guy. Get a seat majority of your snaps and that somebody else may be 31 series ratios of along those lines. Will come in and give him relief. -- when you say though that you know in certain instances when you have the two quarterback system one quarterback is really may be a good throwing quarterback near the quarterback -- running quarterbacks what kind of messes up the defense is where. In this situation don't you think these quarterbacks -- battery similar. Yet that is really I guess the odd part about this is that they are similar com -- -- I'm not exactly sure what you gain. Bite that you -- out pretty in other banks broad experience both run very well the vote. You would imagine can throw the ball well it's the other big while cardinal this -- We really such a small sample size to work with would discuss these guys and -- so closed off. To the media you know we can surmise -- Kinda ponder all we want really not know until we get odds on which won't be -- game. All we know is we're appreciative of you being on our trending show that they keep on. Everybody always a pleasure we'll be right back. Thank you T Bob Steve -- and -- a final thought. Trending on Debbie WLI com 300 pounds of pot found in the back of and it's back. On I twelve check out the picture bales of plastic -- pothole filling the car. Stay with this we're gonna continue right after this.