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8-12 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 12, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints and the possible roster from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplified Tuesday evening here hope you have an ability to drive home. Along with a cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- welcome the sports talk. From a West Virginia as the black -- winding down training yet at the Greenbrier. Couple more days normal practice tomorrow Saints quarterback Drew Brees in full pads today at the morning practice he's with the team. Participating in the walk through this afternoon. More and more encouraging signs for number nine in the world Saints however Bobby. He's still to take this very slow. Give about the progress you've seen him make especially over the last couple of days you still think it's still in its next Saturday before we see an early -- Men. As they need to hit it just takes me off when he was trying to make -- -- Suddenly there's really not something. And that was why I say that is because. We're Drew Brees you practice and I price and pocket and then that. He's in pads why hasn't taken a regular rep we just we haven't as yet to be ready to roll a week one. And when you look at it right now to try to come back. Careless put him in. The Titans game Friday night because they're playing in the superdome the -- -- Among the -- and -- the Saints fans relies. You know who cares that mean they -- irrelevant. And you're Drew Brees the last the whole season you look at his age of cities -- young 35 hole please these. A young 35 you don't know aggravating the injury he could play right now every game. When a strained left or bleak outside of me -- and I even tell you that look are we at right now. And it's like a walking down this path is to put a little bit do you -- I haven't Iraqi news shoe. And if you gonna suck at a party EU could play through that. But it's liking you or Kenny keeps poking you -- in -- you. And you like I was I wasn't there right so you eat out of built to overcome that with the same thing you don't want it to be aggravate him throughout the season. So this is so it is that gonna keep Drew Brees -- To any team. I would think -- said that. When they go to -- think about it and that's kind of for a week few rehab. And yet and should have any setbacks. Because holiday monitoring this. I'm going to be a nationally televised game against the Colts in the world that's what I would think. Drew Brees we come back now speculating. But that's just my opinion. And I think that's the case then this is that this is really a non story. But you know obviously we collect through -- you know amongst the best. Tom Brady arrived is Peyton Manning the in this one practice. That -- is going to be in hopeful about the you know I -- getting in and -- OK what is actually. With that scenario situation. Right now though. Just let -- Griffin. Look now let them compete and see red now who's gonna beat him back. The true reason. And just go from there because. I am right now I am zero consider what people keep actually about them. What are you talking about I don't know that Venus totally blown reports. RW to a pretty -- are people all lined it to be to -- -- dot com intelligent use a platoon system at quarterback will work. Or be a disaster cast your vote on line. At that he'd -- well dot com or calls at 504260187. Meets all 3866. Inning nine is nearly seven -- body is the quarterback. Battle between -- -- Jennings and Brandon Harris -- down there L issue in camp camp at the office coordinator. Kind of making reference that if there's a possibility. Then he could see packages. Right or Anthony and he's our package for Brandon Harris. And -- Are you OK with that count platoon system -- quarterback. Yeah I mean right now at this point it's all -- production. Doesn't matter who's the quarterback you got to produce that they're young and that the Eagles side. And now it's all about production withdrew -- for the team. I truly believe that if Brendan Harris may be. Had it pretty unique experiences force last season. The 2013. Season that he would he would be the guy. We -- look at the innings. Where he's at right now. That you look Harris. And how he's projected in. Holly came through -- -- Where it was -- -- by recruiting stars at all that's though but if I'll look at it right now. That you look at -- each innings as sophomore. That segment -- with the guys that bird is an NFL court. We gonna see him Friday that it is the Saints and with the Titans. I don't know -- quarter quarter and half -- How much playtime in the game which I didn't -- segment Auburn head of the year we Cam Cameron and and -- for a fight tightness. Because I think. That's a much I think he's progressed because I know him as an NF form. We do look at the decaying in you know the back of the 2013. -- lose thirteen to 29. 181 yards like the yards you know like the percentage. And then you know you look at how do you manage the game and what comes about let Belichick know last minute it's victory oval or insult. I was like he is battling it out there and he's fortunate that's good -- at the help. Could you comment any guided LSU to a total of fourteen win over Iowa. In the Outback Bowl but so what exactly does that say. But I classic despite his -- and experience. That I think can be truly look at that and future. That you know who's going to be the guy he Brendan Harris. That. Need to be when you look at this spring ball yet that -- the guy is -- out of high school did you go to beat him out. But to be heated separate himself from a true freshman like Brandon Harrison -- spraying. And then you look at Paris where he was recruited -- recruited to -- with fourteen. Signing class and and it dual threat ability and when I look at dual threat ability idol Cam Cameron knows what the hell he's doing it to about that. You don't get a quarterback in Indiana. Antwaan Randle out and look at the numbers just look at the numbers what he did when Antowain ran. At Indiana. Now Antwaan Randle well as the NFL receiver not NFL quarterback yet it does. It's a matter got him drafted yes yes Bob being that examples -- -- -- really matter. So if you look at. Mean I don't know a Christian Jennings may think he's probably you know -- The year as a starter. But I think eventually gonna get paris' gonna take the starting spot. And I think he will be by committee at the beginning but as a matter. I think right now they're humble enough what does Harrison innings -- to do it by committee. But whatever it takes to be Wisconsin -- August 30 pitches over -- be honest not that far -- and unique lines stadium yet and the as the production that position. And you know his old policy team that he -- always has that much talent. Now with that being said I think eventually. Harris will be the quarterback down the road. On the back into this season but I think at the beginning for sure is going to be a couple of innings at Harrison. The you to share that -- He's taking care about me down Kristian -- -- -- throughout the show today you'll hear from -- take coach Sean Payton off as a lineman Zach -- Keenan Lewis defensive lineman John Jenkins along with -- offensive coordinator Rob Ryan of course you miss the quarterback Drew -- back in pads today that you needed not to -- in any team drills or individual those that -- he's working on the side but again carry his pads and delegates signed it. Number nine is on his way back sooner rather than later. All the cajun cannon bodyguard Kristian -- this sports talk on WL IM FN dot com I welcome back WL pretty that we are people on line. It tells you use a platoon system at quarterback will worker -- disaster catcher vote right there at W -- dot com. Or calls at 504260187. It's all three. 866 -- guys early 70 excellent as well 87870. Right now 67 sensing disaster. 33%. Saying he could work. And about the Saints wrapped up practice one more day of your degree prior a thorough walk this -- -- but. A pretty good practice much more crisp that we saw yesterday write a book that play right H on Payton calling it one of the flatter practice they've had. Sit up here the what did you see who stood out to you. Well -- to start out you know always love it when -- alive. Because it's like old school game like situation. On the path we've seen goal line -- it's like -- -- you know Eagles gave him Altman that he is personal offense that. He's taken the approach in the might do a life goal line went back in New Orleans. I don't think he -- -- -- -- -- -- the game Friday against the Titans. But he -- back to back Sean -- at 31. And it was live tackling short yardage. I guess that he did it twelve plays they did eight. And it was a walk. It was Puerto four but I they would the -- had a lot of enthusiasm. And you can definitely tell that listen. You'll have to question. Whether or not it's a tackling -- because we've taken. The running backs or whoever has the ball -- and we take you to the ground that it's there. Now was this the first time they practice. On the field or they've been on the grass fields -- corporate fielders to feels there in the field turf they've kind of then walked through there evidence. Full practice. On that field -- now it rained. I guess at the middle Pryce who the banking and the second at thirteen -- It is starting up into a little sigh yeah yes that make more threat and he wanted a better traction and considering. I think joint -- it OK if we. Then on a grass field is raining we have experience there or implode appeal to earth we have experience there if it's rainy. Now but the team has got off to a great start back to back. Times that they won. And they're all pumped up -- their high five and all of that in. In you look at it don't want to live with four the reps and then the -- that would for revs but you look at. After the -- that 12 times. -- the offense. It was 31 only got two yards against what it's -- first down. Now that that is the play of the day it really. And you you've been to Safeco coach -- for the juggler. Even -- 31 museum. Utilize play action or ever. You know wanted to get the first down because of mistake complete. I think a long foul ball like a greatly -- -- that that's pats owners pass interference or -- now that the and you get burned but. You -- all of a sudden. That the pitches to award. And in great defense looks like Joseph Morgan. It's going to be a touchdown and a post -- Corey white unbelievable. Catching up. And batting the ball away on that -- so great he spent all of a sudden his tutor to. -- and then this is clean. He talked about depth. Who's gonna step. Often. The rotating Q who's in there often splits by personnel office plus prefers now. Offense. Plus 51. Down and rob -- going of the Zurich or he's really showed a lot of enthusiasm. You've got to get down hill come on it's third and one. You have to be aggressive. In the very last play. Team defense that office at 31. The defense stuffed Dolphins at zero York so mediate it is kind of like how it went Fordham four solo I -- that competitive battle. Right there because it was like that's what you see when they play the Rams are when they can play the type of Friday night actually alive situation. In their vote will go on to talk about the rest of practice but that what coach being decided to do to set the tempo. More from the cajun cannon in his at practice recap of about that a news headlines you'll also hear from Saints defensive coordinator. Rob -- Bobby -- Kristian -- this -- sports talk on WB well. Go to the bottom of the sour about. Thirteen minutes you'll hear from saint that the coordinator Rob Ryan at the practice today. In any time along with a cajun cannon Bobby crushing our sports talk bodies continued to recap. -- the highlights from practice this is due to double -- injury notes first. Champ Bailey also back in -- they again did not to speak. The team drills Drew Brees back in pads but did not participate in the inning with the players bird here as Byrd right and it's very clear. It will get to Cathy there on the all veterans. Why push right now. Hello what is that guy has plenty of time they won them ready to roll when it counts you might say well he's getting it back and that slowed things. You know. The Champ -- went to -- It carries -- do you see enough. That. You know okay. We would you be a 100% we knew what she beat you any kind of issues. Now you're playing thinking that all of a -- issues who have well. That's it goes without putting it in the wall and the coaches that trust and you Christian and continue to break -- -- -- -- it. July 31 situations. You know back to back days that was one of my favorite periods. Obviously when -- look totaled twenty please. And Dolphins definitely had that advantage yesterday. If there was an eight to four with 75 with that it was if the if the witches in theory. Pretty good we mean immediate goals and off the to the its staff. And then it went on to do special teams so. You know working on blocking big honor thing but as the governor is that guy on the edge. That really tries disrupt the return mother part returner. That by the time the ball gets there he's trying to problem. So even have a chance in -- not excelled in that area. In department during VE. Got to give the returner chants speaking have somebody in his face. As soon as he receives the -- -- it worked on a blocking because that's all the -- -- do you see in the game and you observing leaking it to use he would double team. They have like one -- one sided cooler on the other side until you have them double team and a team like that week. Now they did got -- something. To -- -- -- that was reminiscent. A -- Auburn Alabama game. You might able would be talking about him this long field goal return. They worked on that let's say you're trying. I don't know 5560. Yarder and short. Who worked in their return game. In making sure. That the few local team covers. Almost like punt or kick returns so -- all by paying attention to detail. Also. They worked on kickoff return. I thought -- at looked outstanding we'll know -- the big return had a is the 49ers. A last year of about seventy yards helped us in the game also -- in the -- In coaching me and Holler and find a hole because it's that ET like okay you gotta go here is that like -- here. If they have blocking assignments and different schemes but you have to add yet use instincts. It dead an outstanding job of that today. -- they did a three team periods. Looking at the first team period highlighted that. And now we need to see is so hopefully Friday night. Right grip and today to mean that that wasn't -- -- -- -- was in the conversation. It was a fifty yard touchdown. Ryan group at that -- to not -- was. You know on that piece Stanley you on that -- now we need him. -- -- that -- it it's a he stepped though by 30% at a time 7% of the time. He has a ways ago but went out Pat -- about him price then -- -- he is getting a lot of reps. And now he's made plays of the fairly when he makes two with him by inept going to get some -- Hopefully we can see that Friday night against the Tennessee -- Griffin attitude. Because -- has been outstanding. In practice overall nominees either transfer. Kicking situation -- it was a guy. -- -- Mean western Kentucky of one year guy. I mention him out two days in a row they mention his name before. And it's been like feast of fame and he had a good as the tenth. And then if a look at down the road the end -- you know getting the and you know and that thing was it was the one before last play. So it was a Kilgore. At a middle Tennessee. You know the fourth quarterback hits -- David -- 55 yard touchdown. Indeed beat Darius wrote. So you know just look at numbers you look who's making plays and so that's like highs and lows and you look at the young guys. Trying to make the team now. At a situation 35. -- 34. Is this thing eighteen period looks like your world or number of blitzes. You know nice pass he -- now. You know I'm always Stanley shown that -- Look at nice pass defense platoon and a slant route biblically and he doesn't there you know let -- -- -- slant route -- bat the ball now so that's the positive from talking about. That everyone positive he's about to a three negatives and I think he's still learning. The position considering he was a wide receiver but he has those long arms. He's that big corner so I think it definitely developed now look at it. Numbers the blitz McCallum. You know my policy is probably need to be a better. Mean they're -- he misses decided yes. In the count on telling handle it the right place and beat Jim does not respond and adjust his route. There -- looks like ol' Wear a Helm Luke McCown on the ball in the realm. But I -- right now I have enough experience. In order Robin me Meachem that he missed. The blitz assignment and -- -- decided to us the -- on that now Ingram continues to impress the counting room plus the game. It was the third hit situation account to Graham. Now this is battle of the stud players. Metallica Jimmy Graham could pass defense by -- but Carroll incomplete I was just positioning though yet. Those -- like. This have you noticed that Jimmy Graham to me. He came -- the key like smoke yeah I'm gonna show you at the shorter robotic. I think he's bored. Now I think he's out there is I -- as they -- whatever. It I think of that single emotion and it might be summit at. But it's like so what if if you could do this in turn on the game Utley that I agree rise and if they're putters they were always liked it but come game time Yankee game any time. That was good Patrick is. -- the -- not to look at McCown that Joseph Morgan. A nice catch on this one Joseph Morgan has made more plays as of late the B Corey white. Now this is right of -- what you have to do and you cannot ever report this. He misses Josh Fields aren't you an outstanding game against the Rams he was wide open. Like -- have been a twenty yard gain you can not miss a receiver like that when he missed the one that particular play I think what you go to tight -- hate. And -- and ended it might be a fight sooner or later. The at least in theory odd Alabama. He's he's been delivered some -- this chippy. He's been chippy so to speak where he big Jake gives it to fifteen yard. Pass and and they're borderline hits now. So yeah yes yes does that theory it's him in the jobs kind of being in. You know brought the wisdom and an active status Eagles. Well you gotta get ready could be kind of cheap shot and -- -- Judge Joseph caught a pass have a right Griffin. In that thirteen period as about it came to Auburn team. He went hunt Vinny sincere and caught the ball he ranks straight go through -- bunt him over and he kind of tattooed him. So as double the SEC and Alabama is that they've built any sincerity you got it -- -- is tied it and I think if any of it right after them. Now if as I continued. If you look at it as a thirty -- situation I get that defense big props right here. Because that they've gotten burned a couple of times with the bubble screen. Yeah it a scheme our branding coach who was third in that situation. And that the pit stop Randy coaches have been about it six yard gain and a with -- intensity got to give them a props right there's definitely. How many sacks what they've had an okay Christian that's relative to -- And you look at this. And and I go I'm -- objective. Because he's seen that vantage point that I had on -- the ball is in the quarterback hand in the that's what you don't pin. To appreciate how Drew Brees gets rid of Republican Ryan group and a column. The last team players that have been sacked eight times -- -- -- I never got sacked -- in three times in the game in my life. And I felt very discouraged I'm not helping my brother and Ramada -- and so to speak -- but the line though they got eight sacks. The last two team period to break it -- right quick. Cory -- and of glitzy you can knock the crap about the quarterback. Now. You know and on that play they continue to run the -- it was -- Griffin in a young quarterback learning. He continue to play it -- is bush that was only chance he dropped an interception. -- on kick the ball. You're right there make a play on the ball he dropped an interception. But that would have been a sag even before they even occurred. I'll look at it up Parys Haralson. We got him in the 49ers. He sacks Mikhail. Cam Jordan. -- -- And then look at a Marcus ball. A sack. Brandon -- And another -- he's the guy that we got that nose tackle from bam a freak you from the tax would Jaguars he -- grip. Look at it a carry for another -- Look at now eat all the quarter receiving -- middle Tennessee comes in. In the volley at unproductive Reich has seen these names that would echo from the rookie of the Boston College. Yeah he as a sack there in the end. -- -- deep volley and Branyan he can combination they get a -- So early it was like and it would get -- a quarterback in that drought it was a blitz period it just shows you gotta get rid of the ball. It in the close out that -- that's when. You know areas Brooks who try to make the team -- was Kentucky gets beat. That -- the five yard touchdown. Joseph Gordon is on Octavia Jones out of Valdosta. But in the back in that the -- does bring -- it. And listen we with a at the fourth most sacks in NFL does not like oh you're -- -- the Saints though I'll tell you they were bringing it. And if the ball goes and goes out there against that was an emphasis emphasis period of of that particular team I mean. That's what they are working there were specifically work on bringing on -- Chris -- you -- via the -- certainly think Drew Brees or whatever. He's UT eight approach I'm telling you right now on the matter of their bulletin. That you can't beat Jack -- He -- the jacket of football you've got to get rid of again and not yet and are you gonna get hit them out -- girls holds up it it's a sack even out a way to see. It is part counts for these quarterbacks commit to slow that past resident and we've always -- -- he he'll see it in the -- on -- fly. -- throwing hard count and get into extra showed that work show him where it's coming from. The good of a tip their hand he's really their hand really -- out that inning Bobby Hebert has -- and it -- media. Basically of notes here it will -- that some more of today's practice timid Dallas at tables that way the sports talk on WB well I am confident that -- I what about sports talk here on WL that phones we go let's go to -- in Dallas on them well. -- -- -- -- -- a bit this team appears to be. More trouble to prepare or. It would be sort of Paris rules now -- the back so more personal experience depth in our game and put net gain. It is it in between appear to be much more up and prepare well you'll and you. Well the thing is -- who would want Darren Sproles on their team. I mean I think you'll be outstanding with the Eagles but it's better to get rid of a player a year too soon did a year too late. I think he's economic Darren Sproles fans I think -- be outstanding. But with the Eagles but I think we have enough weapons to look at -- cooks. Tarvaris today kind of play that role in the NL Ingram. The common is that he has an annual Carter -- here. So yeah I mean to be more power. -- we need that we need to be Morse back solid at the Florida -- -- they elect -- at times when they would Iran. You don't Frank Gore and I'm not so much this day and eight but in the Marshawn Lynch peaceable at times you need to be more of his back spot is that a fitness. Thanks -- phone call more Nextel Rob Ryan indicated cannons. Breakdown right here on WB well sports talk rules on.