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8-12 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 12, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints and the possible roster from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- enroll here on this Tuesday evening in West Virginia cajun cannon Bobby Ingram Christian -- in -- Deke Bellavia. Welcome in the sports talk here. 2601872. -- 3866889. As it relates in the -- -- football. Also on text line and 87870. Right now on the phone lines easy in Houston is waiting patiently easy you don't sports talk WB well. -- -- -- -- -- Great. Question. Brad Coleman you know what are the chances -- tree. It out. Goldman -- the game is that we need big. Physical as they give them good dominated. I've been privileged. To be I don't know I don't -- Well -- Bluntly estimate drops. -- is. On the B objective. You look at that Rams game drop the past that level Woody he volleyball sedated and intercepted it. And you know we'd always struggled liked every. Every -- -- -- other practice and I haven't dropped that it should've caught the ball now. He's six foot 6225. Pounds. Now I'm not saying he's perfect. Both individuals also big receiver who's there have been more productive. Would be shot -- is Jones. Now he's six foot 3200. Pound the rookie out of felt -- state. Such -- who's been more consistent between -- -- David Jones of Brett Winkelman. I give it the shot David Jones to be talking about. A big receiver. And who media markets calls to get past the -- I mean. I have this and -- back -- -- right now. It's -- Octavia Jones. I've had a vote but I definitely get they -- to jolt over Coleman Bobby I think Charles Hawkins as or case to make the practice squad that critical. Yeah I think if you would think because so what he brings to the table. Now EE EE has it been as electrified our explosive as he was in OTA's and mini camp he's only. 5880 pals that you want to develop him navy. You know that you put -- on the practice well without a doubt because of his skills then as far as his speed and his quickness. The Coyotes to step up and do it and a real game and we knew that it is far as size is big too. Big to lose six foot 4220. Pounds. That needs to be as the individual needs to be this thing in common. A Marcus Colston. Who went -- about what I'm looking at young guys sent David Jones of Brandon Coleman. Brandon Coleman I mean he'll make plays you can make plays every now -- -- Cologne at this evening heavily -- to an -- jet ski. They noted that -- game when he dropped the pass right in his hands and other one with the likes of his hands in his interception. Well at a pre season game after Brandon Coleman did last week. Last Friday night against the Rams. So right now. I -- it theory. The way he was drafted as a matter if you're free agent or where you were drafted. But that they're expecting because they see every day most of the time at practice. That Marcus -- that would passing of the -- today too I mean that's the guy on the roster right now if it if there was an individual. 260187. They're told 3866889087. Saints are back on the practice field tomorrow morning. And it in the tomorrow afternoon in a walk through them. Thursday morning they had on out to new world back to new worlds for the final week of camp and you can hear it Bobby in the players' voices even if they coach Peyton today's press conference that. What they wanna get back certainly but they feel like the got a lot of quality work in. Up here because of the weather cooperated -- yeah they cooperated with -- -- for the most part side two days right but. Zach -- you know said today you'll hear from actually he said it doesn't. You don't get tougher by practicing. It tough conditions get tougher by having tough guys -- basically. Right coming -- -- schools like they got a like a tough about it you know get the drinking water. -- -- it is cause you to the high -- Media people more educated now. And -- then a Q what exactly is toughness. You know all -- know is that the united shape. No matter what the conditions. That the key. Who will make a coward on anyone. It is not a Bobby Hebert quote that if that that the article quo. And that is true you think about it. -- you went through boot camp and that was the Marines. If you're tired you can beat -- son of a gun in the world you with that nobody is not excuse and I'm army each article five. Weary of hearing practice. Because the conditions you know I try to survive practice that you actually can get better so that's why it. I think it's gonna go beyond three years that they gonna come up here now. But with that speaks at an -- and you look at it the conditions and and the Saints fans might statement. And -- an agent I wanna see my favorite team. Practice well if you look at it and I think this is critical about the next a few years Sunday. All with the seventeen that's open up. That's this in their second phase of training camp in. And overall. The Saints fans the local Saints fancy rubio to witness. Seven practices in Louisiana. At that -- with the republic is starting Sunday afternoon. At 4 PM. The weather has though you know the weather permitting. And then that I Goran it's nice facility at the end and it also Coleman practices. At a 8:50 AM on Monday. In -- you that's when they start stretching. In the end not as is that is that because of lot of teams do this that to give back to the community the local high schools. And that -- -- we had when local high school we had at night practice. At a strawberries stadium as southeast and Hammond. But they're -- -- take an approach. That if you look at it on Wednesday night. They can hit and an arch or and that they can have a special priced at 7 PM and then the -- high school. So and men of high school will be jam packed like it demanded both skippers are in a play I'll -- right. They can't they'll watch the Saints in NFL players but Christian arm going back to Allah how practicing. What happened and I wanted to bring this up. So yeah I'm not just sugar coating. What I see. And I and I go by -- what I observe I don't know who's who and you know to take that approach and amassing eight sex. -- last routine here's a guy you're exaggerating at that there's no way well. -- with the Saints did last year. If you look at it you'll board that's an NFL would -- their party nine -- hope with Dicky get. They're low forties in and out without 49 sacks. And listen this is also because if you look at the Rams. Their 53 sacks and a game we ended up with four sacks and and they had zero. Now you look at. I adversary in -- oh we have to overtaken NFC cellular to the Carolina Panthers. They had sixty sacks. Now their team with a tackle Colin Cole. Now think about the would get the average per game to get to this the Carolina Panthers had sixty sacks. Last season with double in the NFL. Colin Cole who is that. He did the rotation Christian he's in the rotation Miller AA any day he's not -- all of those they got a picture of him all the pennant USA today. That that you go to him and see who is that. It because you might lives Latvia and his and he did a no he did this -- to -- like couple have certainly not a household name. No but -- Saint John at that Jacque it's like I mean he looks like he if you sit on you and Andy EB beg for mercy what I do and anything. He looks about 360 pounds and he probably obviously has high motor but when it when he made this statement. And -- -- -- about what you have to average. He that I shared at sixty sacks that was level one in the NFL he says. It leave it to -- that our goal. Is this surpass. That's sixty -- well more obviously get up there with the -- doll with the big dogs that the past years and fit records. Now the big dogs in the past years. Is that -- started you know -- expect. You know you look at Reggie White. -- -- where every might -- -- whoever it might think is that dominant. Sacked getters. Michael Strahan and you know anybody didn't get after the quarterback he's saying that I thought this is cool Howell. He recognized the go to surpass. That that mark of the NFL record number of bring it up and get up there with the big dogs that are pass. Years it's set records. And that's a pad his -- with the tackle Colin Cole. And what he's talking about breaking the single -- -- sack record of 72. Bit sixty sacks in his double one they have to have. 122 more -- just to tie it. And thirteen. You go to achieve that I'm no math magician as the -- would say. But that's an average almost five per day. That indicate. If big hit five per game did did you when he gained thirteen here and it doesn't matter. And like it if you all bets are who's there receiver yet who hit yeah or -- -- -- we can -- middle because you when he goes dedicate games. And scoring defense that's why Carolina won twelve games they gave up like thirteen point two gave we gave up nineteen. We need is the at nineteen and I tell you right there over Carolina to an NFC -- He can't he can't Bobby bare cabinet seats -- the coordinator Rob Ryan right here on WB well it definitely duo dot com. A better day. For the Saints offense and defense really is a team today. That's a coordinator Rob Ryan you're just a better team for a yes but. The defense of particular early on it took a little while for the eagle but -- they started that kind of go 5050 with that offense and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Spoke about tyrant Walker's efforts last week in the pre season opener certainly it's -- went along with. Alone don't tickets and much much more that it was in the states that the corner route right back. They brought a little it's not brilliant but now we need he needs to keep doing that I'm -- that's. You know we drafted a tough Smart guy. No great bloodlines so that's what we're expected from that's what he needs to do. Give us a chance in and you know who we like his progress he's station you know coaching in and obviously coaches kids so we're excited about learning. Probably -- that -- didn't. Then he wants to work out there and it's great having him back there. I guess you know when going everything gets cleared all that you know John it's going to be a big. Big part of our defense so -- anytime being get a excellent player back it's it's good thing for us about people about Walker's. The results yeah. Last week was. Yeah he's always he's a gamer him he shows up during the games he did last year but big phases keeping them healthy. He's he's battled through some injuries ever since I've been here so. You know he has become more available for losses to use him but he sees. An excellent players really Smart knows how to play knows how to rush. And you know. He flies you know he he's always make good plays and and he's a Smart player and and those are type we like I run a little fouls -- like he's doing goodies this young guy that. You know obviously. Got a lot of growing to do it that linebacker distance -- you know there's a lot to it these you know as a rookie but we're happy with the progress. -- looking at back to back days of 31 live tackling. -- to be more impressed with today's performance than yesterday in the -- wanted to. Dammit I take every bit as they just. You know depth on both sides of the ball and won the short yardage so hey you know anybody's used to so this was much more like hit -- like -- hitting there. You know and obviously third one's a big part of football and if you're good in that situation -- huge for you get off the field and that's a big deal. The Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will get the -- to get his take on a couple of those players out I asked though Rob Ryan about along with. More thoughts from the -- on -- practice today. At Greenbrier in West Virginia its news time. We with Jimmy as a along with Bobby -- Kristian -- hanging out on your radio this is sports Hawkins phone lines are open -- it to 60187 it's all 3866889. It's nearly seventy. Bobby heard Rob Ryan called Tyler Walker. -- -- -- you talk about. Alien -- I've -- -- Andre rises and I don't know he should have every morning. And nice to tell them you know the locals that but you Angels because you smell it. That would mean -- well. But not BO no it was kind of like I guess if you walk around. In a public place in and Colorado Washington and it doesn't matter right. He was -- icicles that the caller Aaron and but I know we come any time. In 1993. Through fifteenth -- as fast as he was a gamer. That's what we -- nick toon to be a game in theory. You wanna be a great practice player and a great gamer but yet to show any team. I've come game time and -- walker is one of those guys. You know it's amazing how he is now with the Saints have a New Iberia. He goes that you could locals that tells the -- Robert Wright didn't pitch in this is true. You gotta look within -- going to be available. And nobody can do with if you dealing with injuries. In his he'd been wave more in the mix last year it would have been. -- -- injuries that. If you look at it six total tackles a sack. Five this is not yet to look at who's going to it's also. But he's heavily toward those guys that they'd be in the rotation. Along with -- Foster. The rookie free agent. You know -- fighting Illini. He also and I had a sack but he need those role players. And if we you have to -- -- -- have to have a look and injuries. And that that's why -- Tyler Walker. McChrystal -- think neatly in Clyde Clyde. Yeah Clyde. Because Bill Johnson never heard of the name. -- and I heard it Tyrone. -- but and I -- -- he why are you in the in the yeah yeah yeah so is a unique flair. And you see their skills said it did seem like he has a bad day. He's always happy go lucky smiling. -- against a great personality got to stay in the locker room and obviously come game time he. Produces. 260187. It's all 38668890. It's everybody as we start the look at me after this week they'll have to -- down. 75 players from roster from 1975. In the eventually down at 53 was as we started to eclipse a peek at that. It makes you wonder if there's a lot of variables to it you know they keep three quarterbacks do they keep to -- to the -- five -- utility -- they keep six a lot of gonna. There's still a lot to be determined here. But let's start with the safeties. Ultimately he can make the case to keep six safeties on the roster you know more of beneath his -- And me and now that hate and Alabama on the I'm just telling you that. If any since it was gonna gain and like real deep pit stop picking on him sure. But I don't think that it took me aside from injuries. That require. Though as he matures as a player gets more experience. On a lot of times in practice you have a big hit him in Elvis and a -- get -- breakout which he is tied into him. But still it's a little completion. And after the got a big hit on those Josh -- caught one pass that he. And he ran straight took -- since Jerry had to run him over. He goes yeah okay you get to -- Jacobs and everybody loved the kids have bought -- Coolidge street for you -- that the -- you'll work but you look at. Past experience that. That's that that's where you had that is it Terry got that -- -- in his favor. That intelligent. That he won't have a mental bloods never. But as far as the skills that -- on the level mark -- -- I mean in naked via a tossup right now. You're looking instincts. In I don't know Pierre award. Mean now peer awards in Jacksonville State not that good about humbling. And this WAU from. They've both of -- state of Alabama Alabama universities. The Crimson Tide vs the Jackson -- I -- Cox. But I get there right now appear Warren can hang with any since there. Now. Walker's balls the foresee. Right now I get via a that to -- Markus Paul is physical stature. If you look at 612 to ten pounds. Not Ian. -- it was a combination you know working sort of blitzed today. -- the Carroll at the end of a high five and Snedeker is kind of how they set up. I don't know if it was at that time right Griffin or Luke McCown. But it been like. You don't wanna get a legal hit. Our. Like the -- -- Jerry got against the Rams quarterback. But old school you had a free -- -- -- pretty helmet right in the vigilant now what you need to do is. And you know players they'll need to get too excited. When they come Scot free on the quarterback. Go for the ball. They'll work by attack to the quarterback. Go for the ball and not a slowly and knocked the ball up that you get a turnover so that is so word about kill the quarterback at times. That it's counterproductive. But that was the case -- point that are -- they would that's gonna help. The cut to -- -- you work. The Caroline Marcus ball that's the stunt a considerably and his psyche blew past the quarterback -- high five and and all that -- so. They who's gonna make it. You know Chris and I -- that that last safety. It's all about what you need to do to me special teams tackles. Now sincerity. To his credit. Against the Rams -- -- -- six total tackles. But you look there was a pack of them. To find a way to make -- special teams tackles. Ramon Humber. -- Davis increases throughout the Al had four tackles ball all on regular defense. Throws -- that counts of something given knows that a football. And you around the football also of note there's a lot of competition the thing is right now. And I think even though we are heading back to New Orleans. Obviously the game on August 15 against the Titans. That these several position battles. Ordered his training camp Ortiz minicamp is still there. Who's the center I don't know. Italy -- I think -- -- who's the kicker Shayne Graham. You know why receiver. I mean if you look at it to me a big to do is do you could do in the game if you -- -- in practice. That slice it Robert Meachem -- -- bargain. Now Kenny stills we've seen him one day. The Kenny -- and not going anywhere and you look at -- cooked so to be right dance better. Kicker and wide receiver. Or then any other position. As Florida that's ovals kind of flip a coin at times. He indicate he -- about -- will continue breaking down the saints' roster with the potential. 53 man roster could look like this is sports talk on WB well NF -- be to be well now. Welcome back to sports talk. Bobby -- Kristian -- here in West Virginia. The Saints have two more practices ultimately won more full padded practice tomorrow morning. They don't have a walk through and get on down the road. To New Orleans to take on the Titans on Friday night in this pre season home opener could -- -- member former LSU tiger. Quarterback. At some point that while it probably the second. Half. A -- you know it the Tennessee Titans you know to Tennessee Titans are that's old school. I mean he you'll than that the Houston -- yes. Yeah so so when you look at it at all it's it's unique. That if you look at the exhibition distributed thirtieth. Mean you can NFL history already -- meeting between the two clubs. Make it the Titans in New Orleans the most common pre season opponent but that goes back -- like you said the Houston dollars and pre season doesn't mean anything but it just goes to show -- parity. As the rubber match. The pre season series is currently tied 1414. And one. Now the regular season -- thirteen times in -- owners trying to organizations elite 75. Who won -- I can remember one game in the superdome. According as the Houston dollars. We -- beat him all wanna -- like 2313. Only that. And that's what they were really hit the Warren Moon the win that feeding -- murmured superdome so it's been real competitor when you look at that. The pre season regular season series. Between the both organizations that the Oilers and Titans. And the Saints. They get any better in that look at parity. Pre season 1414. And one. Legacy of the rubber match of Friday night -- you look at the regular season. The -- to slightly. Seven. Wins five losses and one -- so a very entertaining. Series to look at the last regular season meeting. Going back to that year when. And the -- greatest show on turf the Saints beat the Titans 22 to seventeen in Nashville. And I gained a clinched a playoff. You know it you know -- -- -- think they'll let you know whatever you Woody and I can remember. To -- the coach -- 1987. Winning their game at Pittsburgh. With finally got that he finally we're had a big interception yet and you read a big goal line stand that was it yet that we finally. Remember thrown this is negative I threw pick six that Woodson who is a hall of Famer and was still in that well winning that game. It's a franchise like the Steelers and that was the first time the Saints organization. Ever got an -- that I can remember. You know you look at if drinking some meaningful. One time beating haven't been at elm record -- playoff so -- playoff berths and winning the NFC where that's what that's. What we're able to accomplish to 2000 last -- beat Tennessee. We clinched a playoff berth. We give out a top twenty to seventeen. He indicated can Bobby there -- Kristian -- 260187803866890870. If -- you. -- uses a platoon system at quarterback will work or will it be a disaster that separate jaguar the people on line. At WW well -- out in favor of that platoon system I'm not sold on the idea. -- -- -- -- -- I just think you take away from the rhythm of the offense. But you played it you played the position. That's somebody could speak about certainly is coming in and out it's going to be difficult to thoughts on that go back to sports talk on W well.