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8-12 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 12, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints and the possible roster from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify welcome back into sports talk out of three here on WL IMF and -- WL dot com along with the cajun cannon Bobby -- on Kristian -- phone -- vital for it to 60187 he told three. 866889. Weights and talking Saints football in training camp the black and gold back on the practice field this morning -- of course with a walk through the big news from. Today Champ Bailey it Drew Brees both work full shoulder pads but there. Awful bad but not just beating any team drove but we did see some progress from Drew Brees throwing on the side doing a lot of twisting and -- motions and looks like he's back -- of it pretty quickly. Also. Attribute to a dot com operative -- war people. Should -- you use the the -- is that a quarterback would it be a disaster or would it work. Cast your vote online at W -- come. Or calls at 260187. He -- 3866889087. Would like to also take this time -- was very happy 21 birthday to. Katherine and Zoe Smith. Paul Smith the director of saint sales the station. Happy birthday so it was -- Catherine had a birthday. Be careful 21 -- Campbell. Hit the ball club source part of the yeah. Yet the calls that oh yeah. I didn't say that you -- -- Well I guess we're all getting old yeah I mean I have when I turned 54 August 19 -- is going to be 32. So if that's the weapon yeah a week -- few parties. So it you know it's amazing how. You mine can stay like late 20s27. When he -- your body continues to. Security or are you progress -- AFC and there's a number today and if you're. 45 hits and 2.5 or whatever -- mind whatever your mind that you heard Drew Brees a couple weeks back that you know he feels like he's 25 -- he's a young 35 refused to a five so therefore you play. He's 45. But if you feel a little bleak or any kind of entry that's the thing is. All the time -- football whatever you wanna call it it is still -- the same way. And and -- -- -- 36 and I still don't feel it yet as this so. I mean that's the challenge you know and it hit me Christian. When I was 33. That I honestly. A quick example. Now when I was young I can't beat the crap on Sunday. Monday I felt like a minute of accelerate but with -- ready to rule. -- -- home. You work out. All of us you know latter twenties early thirties you get veto a few more balls that you go to -- away at the still -- go from Sunday. Indicates Davie Thursday Friday. That you do in red zone almost like a special teams walked through like that veto for the previous game. -- forget. 1996. -- -- I mean he was that to -- a plane in Dallas Cowboys. And -- -- of marketing -- the stairs I mean I felt like you know look at Fred Sanford. So I mean I felt. Really old. -- It's a shame because I mean 33 via a although this house 36 -- -- I'm not that old. But I feel like about 66 -- seven years of age. And there again. Is that you have over Cowboys the next morning beautifully -- -- -- deal -- lose you know scared well that the wind picked up if you don't. You keep talking Al pitchers. But when you look at. We couldn't we came about what's it say is that. That is Filipino ornament out here we we do this sort of sitting outside enjoying his beautiful weather. -- an and Al could do this to Louisiana. But what I remember is that Cowboys game. I was still veto that's Saddam out of the all right. But I wasn't all right even though I'm 33 years of age. We've played -- -- -- in the blizzard. And I know they gonna come. A look at that Sunday morning. In an -- about four miles -- -- -- -- -- behind -- again and I'm still. It's when is -- that's why my -- I know we Brett Favre is going through ten. That is truly. Amazing. I mean it's almost like super human. I don't know how to describe it. But I'm telling you what you going at them out of party career. Facility this Sunday. Just feel veto the previous week. That you start asking questions that of well oh okay. Is that fun it is a job in his competing. The best way to support your family and you enjoy the competition. But it it UK make that throw like Q1 two mile ovals all -- job and and and it gets to be frustrating at that point. But. -- with that being said. There's nothing like game day and I think even with -- right now. That right now I know. I don't know left full bleak whatever -- bleak it is. Come at Atlanta a week one Drew Brees could be ready to roll. If he's still bothered by that yes -- he he played a whole season and -- he still bother -- but he is that. An appeal to suck it up but. If that's the thing is if you wanna. Maybe stretch it out you play for five years or beyond. You don't want those nagging injuries -- or your life. In it it it's just miserable. It is miserable because you're in pain every team you'd dealing with something technical you don't -- deal with in his -- becomes mind over matter. -- this as a as a quarterback Bobby. The thing I can I related -- as a pitcher right if so if you're not a 100% maybe your core right up there he truck tough and how do you put. Strains because you're trying to compensate yes but -- doubt you push straight in our areas you know in other areas so that that would be a concern also. That all of us because you kind of quality field level bleak. You don't have that torque and you know at the right positions -- you put -- -- -- the RB OL blow your shoulder or whatever it and you start complicating things in their problems in those areas. There's like a chain reaction. So that that's why you wanna get it right. That's like saying -- that. But during the season. It likely to approach -- the Saints organization. -- we need you you have to suck it up. The -- about the offseason. Rehab and all that stuff but right now you're fortunate. That the games don't count. You know -- you can do. Mean. Who cares though Drew Brees plays is that types Friday night and he's outstanding. With how does that mean nothing. Mean you don't turn him in particular is no other guys that are trying to make the team you would have been Impreza. You know like -- -- -- -- You want a -- like -- -- -- Griffith -- gravitate to him yet you can go through almost every position battle. I kind of like which aren't walker. What he did against the Rams. He proved himself last year heading into it now. Shows that you're healthy what you could do. -- exactly the team in tackles though. -- That they -- as I don't lie your -- MacLeish David. Cruel when you're evaluating the film. And are you winning a losing. I'll say the coaches look at individual battles Italy you know look at what the final score they look at -- they break down every position. Every snap are you winning are you losing. And you can have a push tactically the way but the bottom line. Is that a positive or negative as far as agree. And what the -- special teams. He's supposed to block this guy that you block them. -- -- block him no excuses. If you block again so he didn't block them. -- of you know -- kick -- -- coverage. And Elaine responsibility did you make that tackle. Are we on this when he got out Delaney and Elvis and opposing team had a big run -- every team. Is evaluated so it's it's very selfish. The pre season training camp what you think about it even though it is a team game it's a very selfish concept. As far as if you wanna make it. You've got to do what you have to do and and do it at a high level where you winning more and you lose and if you do that and that you make this team. Are to get caught over the numbers game you know make this team you can make another -- There's people at that although it's easy if film. And make all those guys that -- not -- -- kind of like ovals every year haven't we bring it Paris Harrelson. Well for you 49ers Chase Daniel -- Daniel from the Redskins. You look at Scott Fujita and Scott Shanle. -- -- -- They've better than the guys that we have that's why you might even see. As it happens every every team to a three guys that that RD minute training camp in all of -- and come the season there on the active roster. He's the -- -- body of our Christian Derek coming up next you'll hear from saint to that to back West Bank Keenan Lewis right here on resident well -- -- -- I welcome back -- West Bank. Q Lewis 128 for the Saints have a really solid camp. Every time. Quarterbacks look his way. It's not easy if I complete the past but it's not out wide open. It's usually contested in one way or another -- complete or sometimes opening in an interception. And -- Q Lewis addressed the media well what that obvious yet. You know -- Olympic heroes I don't know who makes approval not the Pro Bowl. Like always -- it was a legit stellar. Have you got 32 teams and you look at like two quarterbacks. So he he he's in -- now only 24 and better yet but he didn't have a -- for yeah -- 2425. Yep that about him. So knows that that's money well spent actually -- when they brought him on board for the Steelers. And he had that swagger to Vietnam cornerback. Now to get recognized approval you know he needs to do I'll tell you because I know as a player. When you look at all the quarterbacks growth of the -- gotta get the -- You gotta get -- or a year ago. Not -- he get about seven or -- -- and at that that's that they were dealt to the conversation with Patrick Peterson and Sherman and Ellison -- being collected approvals are here is Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis earlier today. You -- to get them back a couple. -- you know we we we come who only knows they're got a lot of hit. Good you know with a -- we were a little. Bringing in the young guys and let him know understanding there when he -- calling me out to be ready no matter was so. Just trying to eliminate I -- the big plays make turnovers. You guys haven't had a chance to all get on the field together yet it is there any concern there how long and how long do you need. To work with with everybody especially the new guys and -- you really feel. -- we feel that you're doing sort of some you might have they're gonna feel boom he was assuming we going over. You're not playing well we expect he would it be to have a lot of Love Boat. We know you don't feel again that might be a little scared and what about getting -- back today I mean. No we don't neither does a guy who didn't doing -- -- Think that's randomly thought of what we're doing a great career a great team -- have a -- young guys come alone it is always doing you know that I guess I must of looked. And I hit can definitely do you know who got. 68 games last year. Because you -- a great playoff really do. You know -- -- Buehrle might know this thought of my cousin now book when he get it out until -- thought the level of play doesn't go on you know. Like -- talk to about that nickname. And by. We're indignant prospect you know for the -- we've got to. Total has really done us well from. Not take pride in that on that no team no melody or you know look at some of the high school football clueless play. He does -- in the list -- -- -- in a groove now. We've been -- getting absurd amount of tickets. Well or is this immediate family how do you handle that every home game it's a no they told and at the bit to see in the -- -- -- and the tickets to a. And I don't do that says this is you know people are in the -- And I think they get tickets for the game and that book probably leave -- -- -- person you know make those decisions in my mom so you know CC -- The way. Lot of guys that tonight -- -- in the moment gets you a lot of young guys fresh guys -- their defense mean stand and then you see a lot of Martin's ball up there and and how much he -- It's one thing you don't have these veteran guys I think it was. You have a lot of young guys being on yeah. How much obviously it's a benefit religious describe how much of the benefit if you just today. The devil you know is not only give those young guys to come alone especially when they -- against the elite receivers -- it's good though we have one of the best offenses in the Elton come -- they going to give those guys and I'm Marcus Colston. Robert Meachem and on those time so. They get an opportunity as he looked more like NFL football -- gonna get the appears to have that kind of thing we need to we need to -- Double up and make plays against those type of guy so. Just learning the game and finish to another game that's the thing different time. Saints cornerback. Keenan Lewis here earlier today at a saint practice -- about it we talked about it -- you know you have the league guys you have which chairman you have. Patrick Peterson yet Joseph Haden right right then you know show me a guy that he's at it next year or yes and I think he's knock on the door the first year. Occurs that you've been a whole -- while Philadelphia over what you a little. Yeah I think no I think I think that if you take Richard Sherman have put him on this defense. Does he have that honestly sets because. Now last year Obama because he didn't have that Earl Thomas safety over top either now an athlete but I'm Jared Jared Burton I think Jared Burton has that same impact on Q Lewis. Yeah that's the thing is you gotta make the plays available. You gotta get takeaways. You know that -- stop if you play bump and run and you're running with a receiver. And try to beat you over the top -- the recognition to get your head around make a play on the ball. -- they try to do that fact shall -- play a seed and number of times. It is that back children play. When the court is going over to top that the Seahawks cornerbacks in the couple interceptions. Without that you need now crystal and I talked about right quake in. And you know like I brought this up because I personally had the view that. Being from south Louisiana and you playing your backyard. Everybody with the sort of -- game is at -- -- who handles the ticket situation yeah. Stephenson and -- ain't got time to all that you know bottom upon as a lot of friends they wanna company game so they got to go through my mama. And Keenan says he'll let you wanna go to Saints game you gotta deal Omar -- lists if you Ohman to get you tickets because I mean. And he could be -- almost like a ticket broker yeah I mean. Scores a -- on that note you unity a distraction now I still can't Sean Payton Zach street -- tickets the first news headlines with -- Welcome back to sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian garic. And but we were talking on the seat position earlier. And you know whether they keep five or six in a couple of those guys that were battling are talking about. We do that three of those guys are going to be on the roster. Locks it and here. Warren in that conversation would mark his ball I think it's fourth right now that depth chart race at serie B six guys still have Pierre Warren. Head of -- -- -- move onto the wide receiver position. Who -- anyway it just how much you do have Pierre Allard headed in his -- yeah. Because you love him though I do I'm but I mean I looked at it objectively -- -- -- better safety. The overall whose ability but I think I still think they find a way. Did that -- -- six players in that position OK so that's why have a -- I mean I think -- Jerry has great special teams about. -- you can -- tackle yet in the whole thing in knowing what to do is cut almost it is a liability on defense I would say. But by the ease that it'd be. When you look at Steve Gleason Chris threes those is to be a special teams guy and if you throw in the -- and emergency he may be -- yet but do you think I mean to me he could navy beat that. Now -- -- Matt Bryant runner who just. Jim doesn't Jim -- jailer of with the Jets and -- when he was here last year yet and and I have made that observation early camp. He reminded me a lot and Rob Ryan but I know that that's the vision and I think that's the -- that they'd want him. To become now talking about wide receivers yet to meet yet. Randy coach you have more schools that. Yet can still yet we have eleven receivers giving me a break it down rain here but it they got 11 receivers and I am going to be point blank. Branding coach column -- talk like him. Mark physicals then. And then now Kenny stills he's practiced one time at the pinnacle and what he did last year so who's. There for the fifth guy. They say like that I can they keep 58 by yeah yeah I IP but in the fairway and I keep it does a program because eleven receivers not only Jimmy Graham. But all those eleven why receivers there's no -- -- If anybody's cat. A -- kick off the plate coverage and make a tackle. Though that the eighty -- and maybe the final that's my its point with the safety position. That's my point there like we're seeing a number but he's the creator a number at wide receiver for Courtney -- They created numbers say he was -- or war or or being right because their contribution especially teams -- and again extra -- you know what you're doing and did it difference maker Courtney Roby was the difference maker. Receipt and not only as a returner. I mean that that once special season. And any human -- what is doable. We lose 24 point three yards out that adults. I don't get that -- -- in -- year -- start the second start missing and haven't got the momentum exactly but I I'll look at him as like. -- tackler. I mean does that kick off the plate covered he's always in that top one -- two. -- sports -- numbers a total tackles. Now into the cookie bread because smartest schools that jewels of Morgan a -- backed him and -- -- Andy Kennedy to go to a different team. I mean I think it played in a double one hell we try to keep it in the states. I mean if he could keep five receivers you got 32 teams you gotta go to different farm. So a look at -- -- David Jones. I give him the advantage over Brandon Coleman but as -- done and others seem more like a practice squad candidate at that guy Alexei kind of right there. Now the competition I'm coming to Robert Meachem Robert Meachem to -- right now was chosen Morgan and Joseph does Joseph Morgan -- says the Rams game. In practice has made more plays that Robert Meachem -- -- -- hawk it's. Definitely. Practice squad candidate I can't seem on. Regular roster the kind of in the category I was Doug -- Jones Brandon Coleman. Is it different type athlete. A -- he's from New Orleans doctor -- August August in -- category Steve vulgarity cut him. And that was the rookie about it Illinois was kind of like that with -- boy. I would use in him as the Gunner and it was double team them away -- had a pretty hard he had a lot of coverage that you're throwing at Kenny stills in the June. So you go down the list and you look at eleven different guys so I look at -- -- where the company should come about. Goes about -- chosen Oregon. Look with a Q party night shut David Jones Randy Coleman Robert Meachem and Charles Hawkins so with that five guys. Five guys ultimately try to fight the two spot -- An athlete at the front runners because that experience. You have to put Joseph -- and Robert Meachem. I mean I am not all been objective about that and I'm not mean I don't care where you from all of those my production. Win and what Meachem has going for him and talk to early camp and early in the offseason. Was he knows the system now in -- -- -- okay so I got him in over yet so that and you know there's something be said for that win it comes down to. Trim this roster -- -- -- hey can we trust that we know what he's not the same player he was in 09 hits in and a for the city but can they trust them and again. -- weight -- -- they could trust him but he had a middle -- -- this morning. They were blitzed him and I'm telling you he did not -- -- us a bit. I know he they'll route he kept going -- yes I mean at the money has to be a quick slant a quick out. The ball as the come out with a quarterback getting hit in the -- You gotta get rid of the ball. And that was the middle buzz that you would expect Robert Meachem to have that. You would expect that more from those that Morgan now he's a four year veteran. You'd think he's been -- a wide receiver meeting rooms that would happen. That that team -- maybe -- or John Davies jolt of Randy Coleman having those close and not a Robert -- about it to you right now. They did a real game. And Robert -- to business side it just Andrew rediscovered. He's gonna hear it from Drew Brees got lucky you touch your mama. Hey you gotta -- -- how to -- it has to -- come with the youth and you have to make a play. I mean is that a personal. That you get we saw Harding right have needed just like a man to man. I mean you know you have to be accountable and that's why would I look at every play now look at okay that's unacceptable. Mistake about better like me too but I -- this morning. He's the cajun cannon Bobby there will also hear from Zach -- -- that the sports talk on WOMF and dot com. I quickly. Body we were talking they're gonna break in the point with Morgan beat you with those -- that the final two guys for one spot. Who's the better run blocker. And it's Morgan. Biting in my estimation well played that role lot when he would have -- wide receiver sets. When he was healthy the year before last yet he played that and where they could push the ball down the field that run pass the -- pass element of that game. Works with him in there because he's such could easily -- better blocker so that perception of being able get over the top on on a play pass. Goes in his favor. Well that's one thing I think a lot of fans it you know realize. How valuable. He was on the roster. With every in this you know we talk or whatever the only had a drop past and this and that. But every -- -- into full. Public stretch of defense. That the -- -- the big play capability. But he Q freaking run block. Okay whoever react to block. They were -- Now what you do is you put the quarterback in a jam. When all of a sudden have to cover some -- is really fast. But you gotta be tough to get about the run block because what happens in utilizing play action. If truce they could have volume of success running. With the cornerback almost has to honor that they could to could be a run. And then if that the receiver. But the Rezko and Adam they can actually block that cornerback in the thin there and it's like hey you know it is so frustrating. It didn't all of -- at the cornerback starts guessing. So all of a sudden -- about every or Joseph Morgan or even impeachment time's gonna run right past me. And you know -- -- you handled the vote -- run support we can't be giving ground. It'd be trying to cheat in Pete deadlock then you get hurt. The that they did it run right -- how many times we've seen look at the highlights November with a bit of buzz they Harvard's Devery Henderson wide open. -- beat him at times. Take these guys. It organized Tampa yeah -- important is Saturday that goes both both of those plays at -- go back and look. But I am pretty certain that was in there in their big package with a -- in only one wide receiver they were show little heavy run heavy running Iran he was the only really the only receiver. Yeah they beat the cornerback. The -- the fitting in the rotation. In the middle but what was so impressive by Joseph Morgan. And I have to early in the history of this Saints franchise. It is going back in the history then. Durables dynamic plays it was by Joseph Morgan the reason why -- say that there might have been the 6065. Yard big play. We did he got an Angel. Team gay guys miss he Q Tim. -- -- -- guys but it public guys you know broke a tackle flipped over his back and he kept going. Note don't -- well until you right now with Joseph Morgan -- in those couple of plays that's what -- reliant applaud. If he's able and it looks like he's he's healthy. What he did a couple of seasons ago that if he can do it again come this season 2014. He's the cajun cannon Bobby there will step away when we come back we'll hear from -- office -- Zach Strief. Been -- battle watching him Jordan go after each other throughout training camp practices the sports talk on WB well -- hit -- -- W to do well dot com. I look back to sports talk that a phone lines go in the uptown but route right -- WL -- Felt. Yeah and -- coach. But -- comment did. The belong you guys seen that Wall Street Journal articles on thank you dad being the news view it that thing since sliced bread you see that both the I have not no I have not either and I and I'd like yeah yeah yeah -- got quality you need just Google it up. In July and now look at it. It's really interesting and hit my comment apparently question that I got more out of what the defense got a name. Yeah buddy Ryan's initial 46 he -- -- about. Now I played is that parties to the -- and I can remember that he won -- duel we went up the plant that was done in practice again. Perhaps they -- god we've scored against him I don't think it Cooperstown in a row but ultimately. It was bad -- -- Q can you read the article. -- music. It. That. Sense that and remembered. In Chicago -- that they're. But unconventional thing and kept saying OK where I'm at but is out there. And I'm real world and -- -- homework before I can't think and basically that really. -- Before. You know when you came onboard I mean. Don't feel like Mike Ditka always while Mike -- -- is doable telling you could avoid running. Or take the public they crushed the Patriots that they picked up. You'd never seated -- -- global ND pick up two coaches. Well and like two different teams it's gonna wait it out and Buddy Ryan. It would be that would be. He actually due to you saw here I mean he he screwed up -- they should probably one more cynical old but he was that right. Now the now and in the end basically when you're a journal article any of the shock. You've really shocked because -- we -- right now. Yeah -- Figured -- thing on. In. On Peyton. Would say. It gobble up and get it while Campbell is. The upshot was that actually record. For the air you know when you don't strike out an amateur at the right in the build up the coordinator. And so we've shown blatant. -- yielded -- and big rightly and he hit it's. -- that it. Last year was Troy Polamalu. And you know in. Even in play but it would be a lot it would only thing you know 18 yards I believe. And it is going to be on the odd. And an annual does is it difficult. And. -- necessary listen. This article body. Makes my case they -- succeed. At it already that this makes my case. You don't -- don't they don't they -- it Ali -- is that -- is the it's that I can remember. That's why look at who's -- beaded number two corner besides Keenan Lewis. With the put those guys on an island. At times we're not NEC he -- And I think he -- knows I think he can paying. Obviously I damaged confidence. But right now -- tell you. I don't know Patrick Robinson I think has that ability I don't know we had that swagger but to meet you don't have that second quarter. Now that you can't -- lightning in a bottle club. The one season like we it would Darren Sharper in Champ Bailey. Beat that other guy because right now. I would see opposing teams because they got to the point where you gonna get that 46 -- and how quickly be rejected opposing quarterback. Is that it's a three step drop our if you try to go five or seven step drop more -- teams to five step drop. The quarterbacks get tattooed him hit them out now they shipwreck they protected a quarterback who let it was a quick slant -- -- Or hits rob have you played bump and run it got to be like be quick out a slant or the eight and you got about a all of the -- second to get rid of football so I'll tell you at this age right now to be try to do that. Then they would go right after. Corey YER. Patrick Robertson whoever's the second corner. And candy Hank. Because to about yards after the catch the game the Bears loss is because they got a mismatch it but it right guy kinda hard headed. Win a winnable war -- even -- as a linebacker at safety. Coverage ability. And if you look at The Marx Brothers mark duper Mark Clayton. If they had Nat Moore in the slot and mobile marshals guarding receivers and Dallas that game and Dan Marino beat him or are they would've went undefeated. And but if -- -- the cover guys with that defense. Would a quarterback you get beat the crap. And then when his time that the -- is nobody open. He indicated to anybody they're great call this article in the Wall Street Journal about the Saints defense. Pretty interest in the future of defense in the NFL as Katie -- rob Neil Bush. This picture right there and it and goes in the Zito last out they can potentially do it and with safeties at that next hour Sean Payton. Zach -- judging it right here on WB well this is sports talk. Saints radio.