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8-12 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 12, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints and the possible roster from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big welcoming in the two hours or four of sports talk here on WWL -- anathema to be WL dot com along with the cajun cannon Bobby -- I'm Kristian -- phone lines. Liable for it to 601870. Told 3866 inning nine is fairly typical of this hour you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton -- street -- -- climate because -- 64 reporting as eligible. Along with John Jacobs who was recently moved off the PUP list. In a week and picking cannon Bobby Hebert at Louisville Watson John -- very closely as he was. School throughout training camp and it's conditioning drills and they talk about surgery on a bigger guys a little bit more difficult come back from its of the youth. You're about to be several times. Well and and the thing is. I don't know so what is being -- mean. When you get over 321 like that low end of the big is that you got to go to movement he said he was 347. Pounds. He would -- 350 through 347 played at Georgia 360. Yet so and I noticed at times that Georgia he would be. Outstanding. In the first quarter the first half they -- it. You know kind of get -- are a little hard but I was in the rotation -- -- you don't have to play every snap but. He knows his role yes occupy blockers -- linebackers can blow. And make plays. The guy who's been impressive became aware of the exact I was -- Bunkley. And if you look at Buckley. I think is the right veteran leadership that you have there -- -- he tackles and a -- a few bits of line meeting room. And show. Basically showing you what it takes the view professionals solo. Look at the Jonathan Jacobs. You know quickly when he comes up against the -- I'm not saying. He has to make 45 tackles are get a sack. But I'll be -- watching what he does in the trenches he's controlling the line of scrimmage because at that that's what it takes it all sorts of pro will sit and all the time but run defense. And that's one area obviously. That -- we can improve. And I think this does not happen by accident. And and I said this in the pregame. Before the Rams game and it's amazing. That it is. Against the magic number for. We had a fourth ranked defense. We will fourth that total sacks. You know -- when you look at it and I'm talking about. Both as a team. And then also can accommodation and cam Jordan junior a lit bit toward Florida have as a team. With 49 sacks that was fourth best. You look at you'll look camp started junior levels for the events. We always talk about scoring defense they -- normal for. That to me that's -- got to stay in them before said that before scoring defense. But when you look at it how could you get better. How could you give better defensively too obvious areas. Can see -- as much broader than that and Rob Ryan brings this I was like third down defense that as the continued. And 30% range. And in -- red zone defense with the force it through those given a touchdown. Bullet. The one area obviously. We night. I think we're nineteenth. When even in the middle of the pack run defense. Eventually got to try to get better. I think that's one -- we can improve and Jonathan -- it's to be a big. Part of that help wouldn't help put us be a better. Run defense overall but. Even if you -- -- breaking third down defense scoring defense. All of a sudden like Rob Ryan says that two days in a row we did. 31 drills where he had when he basically so that the percentages. Are on the offensive side today it was a wash US the Dolphins had an an advantage. Twelve plays either seven under twelve or eight out of twelve office one. Where if you can get all the field considering how explosive offense. This -- more opportunity. That you Drew Brees in his hands on the ball. That not only control what time of possession. But it but it sort of symbol of the game and get the lead. It in their four. Opposing teams' play from behind. And the more one dimensional. Like for instance if you look at the Carolina Panthers game. That did not happen against Carolina gets any other team if I can recall. I think you know winning like him at three in the first quarter all of a sudden we scored three touchdowns. In the second quarter YK right now you'd eat you you do that against Carolina it became it became one. So it be because -- you get into where you fours and you know having to beat you into Iraq Bryant and opinions here that -- -- dollop. A different kind of coverages and all that you gotta be destructive. You know that's why it all starts with. On first down first and ten. Can't you be stout against the run. And not make a scenario where it's like. You know second and six seconds or minutes -- run pass down the and you keep even though ballots if you get it to where it's like at worst case scenario. Second and seven. But best case scenario second pin. We stuffed them or like second and nine and NFL you have to pass in his and that's how you get a winning situation defensively. And ultimately get on the field and give you the office of a position. About it we're talking about this article that was reported out. The Wall Street Journal on line the future defense in the NFL or read a couple things about it I find inched. Its and its written by. Kevin Clark. The private truth about NFL -- the coaches is that you know immediate Miller looked right been victimized by offenses that relentlessly -- their schemes collected athletic freaks him benefit from rule changes living. Excessive contact last year routine -- last year NFL defense in a new low this 697 total. Yards earned in an average team -- the most in league history the previous high was set -- point well and that pleased to when he eleven's mark. He goes on. Right okay Christian -- play right it. Think about this they broke -- very very years people think but if they broke a record. You talk about the Rams that we BK did you -- shall interpret 2011. That the Broncos break dollar racquet. But they got humbled at the crap beat out of him -- he -- Iowa team. -- aggressive. You faced tight defense so there's still room for that. Okay so he goes Wallace's one team is fighting back Kevin Clark says. Those inside the league save the world Owens. Is quietly crafting an orthodox defense that could change the game and become the shape of defense is to calm. Now. Has recorded there from Rob Ryan I'm always ready to get weird Bryant says the key to this change sounds simple. And he got weird thing about this week Cleveland that. The Yankees in the superdome dug deep the defense yet because their kids who -- the block cool and all that confusion who's standing up who -- dedicating. As far as. You know what you -- Simon who's the middle linebacker to -- all the blocking assignment. React to it it's a chance that. If the catamounts -- -- right now fox though that so Kevin Clark goes policy. The key this -- sounds simple but it is dramatic shift from that film -- was basically. The Saints want to play the best eleven players they can find size and position. Are of lesser importance former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah Allen NFL. Analyst on NFL network. Calls seat -- the most fascinating scheme of the point fourteenth season. This is a normal lip service. About the best about playing the best players as a team. Betting big on the idea football positions changing it soon now this from the Wall Street journals Kevin Clark. The idea with -- By accident last year -- injuries to linebackers. Gave Ryan a dilemma play that linebackers or creative with positions we saw that. Who is Victor Butler obvious -- -- right he's not as ill Will Smith yet I got available right so Ryan. With the latter route and stressed the safety position plays and it's foresee Pete that once it played three at a time. And is the fault that the package in the NFL something plays -- it once safety. And almost no team ever employs more than two. Safeties are bigger than cornerbacks who typically cover a wide receivers with an athlete dinner and play better against the run in a -- corners and linebackers. Who have built stop the running attack it off line etc. they can beat sixty pounds lighter. -- most linebackers but when it out average than some quarters yet went on out there. You know it out -- out and eight and that's why -- -- than any of communicating with Harold he's almost too good to be true. We even though he's a safety and he doesn't miss tackles. In the as cornerback coverage skills. So whether you putting them in the slot as a corner or run in run support. I mean it's less like a smallish linebackers. That can actually cover arrive receivers. Kevin Clark goes on a state. Safeties can cover the NC athletic crop of tight ends now the next couple polian take on the league's rising crop of group both tall receivers mall while giving up only a little bit of speed from cornerback now opponents Ryan. Mad scientist scheme is that. He -- position -- anywhere from twenty yards away. For the quarterback to write a line of scrimmage rushing the quarterback off the edge. The idea is clear find as many players who can do everything they let him do it. The result the Saints improved from last in the NFL in yards allowed point 20 -- -- don't -- in NFL history riots the first with the team. In the months leading up to training camp at West Virginia they. That plenty of money on the CD -- big reason now we know that they -- Jerry's -- when they do they match the Falcons -- rob field bush. After that they select bases Jerry they sign Pierre warranted got sent Marcus ball. Marcus ball from the CF well so there's there was two safeties on the roster a year ago. That awful out of the 64 that are okay so that's why your theory -- about six feet he's very practical. In game Kevin Clark says. And with a quote from Rob Ryan. The three safety package comes a lot more than it's ever done -- football we have finally count we have five really -- the safety on roster we plan on playing. All of them there really good players. So five out of the six. High in the case of there's five and yet sixes -- that Wesley McGriff. Saints DB coach said so -- safeties. Have the benefit aside from having a big tall guys that the right tackle he set offenses can't change. Calls at the line effectively because they don't know what positions the safeties play on any given down a and you look at Boris as well 61 to -- You know so like that -- smallish type linebacker. That I could run. And not want to put -- the same way yes -- field bush to a lesser degree yet no one is more. -- used more different in the Carroll who is. One of two safeties in the National Football League last year played more than 7% -- snapped an eight yard line of scrimmage record pro football focus the other ones that your guess. -- Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu. And -- Ryan Clark are Tim Clark who has seen the rise of offenses. Which is one back of the back field. We have we seen at fullback kind of transitioned out of his game right right because he's spreading the ball around and try to outflank the defense that made it easier for the Saints to experiment McGriff said. Is that they don't have to worry much about big BT blockers colliding with safeties. Who were considered small when it comes to the run game. Now Ryan. As -- -- -- is our three safety deal is because the game is changing yet to have more guys who -- run. -- Kim -- to do all those things the experiment doesn't surprise Jeremiah. Lamented he's the NFL analyst for -- network a former Baltimore Ravens scout who was in the room during the 2006 FL draft. Went something ot happen rob Ryan's brother Rex. The New York Jets coach who was the Ravens defensive coordinator at the front office to draft at third safety Michael Huff. He was the deal about how he used them. -- was -- house safeties were the wave of the future. And Michael Huff went university -- went generators. Ultimately at the same kind of disappointing career. With the Raiders but that you would be the right place in the right situation is the right scheme right scheme you know what out of doubt so rob -- it -- saying. We would find a way to use it. The Ravens didn't draft -- -- ever since received the package have mostly been an oddity NFL until now. Anything about that and whatever that from him lately and it's almost got to have a vision for the future. You're talking about 2006 will look where we get now 2013. Right 2014. Transition. He EE got to stay one step ahead. You look at the rule changes and everything which comes about. That's why I'm telling you that's why -- Saints have a great chance. Because. The scheme and what we're doing. The personnel. That I know when you trend towards the future and you have a franchise quarterback -- that -- vina homer that shows you why the Saints again national recognition. He's the cajun cannon Bobby there. I'm crushing -- coming up next you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton earlier today at the practiced for the annual -- this is sports talk on WLA anathema dot com. I look at CBS news update here. About two minutes. But in any doubt we're talking about this gonna break out about this article of the Wall Street Journal but these safeties this new vote. Then the Saints might be starting -- that it might be ahead of time here -- this new athletic -- as linebackers -- but yet safety cover corner skills. It's the counter to those tightens the group house he's the grants and gates and gates. You know now -- -- you know Tony Gonzales is way ahead of his time. -- you look at Jimmy Graham Gradkowski. How do you matchup. No and I part of the U because it 53 man roster though -- eventually. If they go to eighteen games you might have a sixteen man roster with. The more he could do we always talk about on the offensive lines in -- guards thinner. Not -- look what it would Marcel Jones now -- they attack will be able to play guard with the saint being in the secondary. You know leaving Hakeem hicks playing in the middle of the edge at the same thing with the bits of backs in McKinney of apparel IE here's a safety. Who can also be a slot cover corner. Now you get that a point where other safeties. It's almost like a smallest linebacker. You know who who could be stout against the run but who can run and and covered. I mean it is just the rules and what's come about. And -- is staying ahead of the game in collier tagged offenses. It solidifies it really does and I tried to moan on here but. You get through -- the reason why I feel like they're gonna keep six safeties if they're gonna play fives. I -- Rob -- stated that and in an article will that you gotta have some depth there to right there's your sixth. If you play five here Warren. Marcus ball in the end -- the Carroll and bush yeah there's your five and we've seen it the pre season. Then got allude to that that that they're gonna use Marcus ball he's not just the special teams guy here Warren also got some snaps. You have at this thing is in theory though you know -- -- -- If you are back of saint Timothy like. -- for six safety. I mean. Privileges because you dressed out you know holding a quick clip or like a back of quarterback but. Would you do have to do is build a contributor on special team that's why whoever that it was 68 the not only is Rob -- could -- you what you got to contribute -- -- -- I had this CBS news -- we'll hear from Saints coach Sean -- right here sports talk that we did you along with cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- what -- sports -- Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media today after the black and gold. Winding down there. Presence here in West Virginia. Really we had our first full practice down here on the lower fields. I thought we get some good work in better than yesterday morning. -- but one period. In. We'll have a normal walk through. This PM in. Kind of repeat schedule won't be questions. On. It. Just you know it. He's progressing well. So all those things are good signs in each day -- put more. You know with the with the training room and then out here we just keep. You keep working on three had been in making sure. Well actually that we're not stress -- -- where -- -- some back home. In ancient. Well -- that that nature in them but I also think he's Smart and he BB understands that. You know that the type of -- has its something that can reoccur or not careful when you don't let it heal properly. But yes. Any chance. Yet another and you know he he's progressing well. Feel better. In. You know it's occurred to me. So many guys that you -- you talk about Shane without even asking about him. Can you describe what kind of influence he's already. Well. He's been to eleven pro bowls and so -- number one it's hard to do not Smart facilities. Really got a good football and intelligence and IQ. I think when you have someone like that in the room it it helps everyone that's in the meeting you know the rookies. Other players. And you know he's been able to when he's not on the field your take on that role is a little bit of a leader -- I would say that. It's definitely been a plus for us. Getting him I don't I don't know -- you know specifically. You know are you hear so many things in and you you do enough homework that all the reports that put him came were very positive and course I know John Fox real well so. But. But that's it's been good it's been real good -- team. So I can rattle off a bunch of guys they kill met Dave Jones. A lot of guys have been playing because some of these patterns and how much wanting to rest and that you didn't utilize -- -- much this. Really help them develop and and you know really. You know make some roster spots and they play well. Each year it happens in training camp a year ago we saw. Kenny stills and -- to get a lot of work because the receivers were nicked up and so you don't know position group it's going to be but it's. Somewhat typical training camp and that's important for the next guy up to know what to do and take advantage. So don't QB. They do -- week. Or it could be headed it. -- -- him I thought it was better just from both sides when they're arguing over whether animated -- and you know we'll look at it on tape and try to grade each one but I thought it was more that was more like. So what that you maybe this is that if it did very team that team to pick which I've played like god looks -- picked it -- -- -- third one. It's that having an opening was gonna get the first. Typically. With today's practice we get a script debate plays in. You know there was one being shot maybe to play action problem is that type. Ratio and still don't -- you want to see if fiscal period you won't see. You know your ability gaining your -- -- -- and then you put sharply in there that was scripted. So nurturing him sped over your evaluation of coming up here. Finished as positive as you hoped it would be and do you see any tweaks -- future like maybe haven't seen them here scrimmage. Well to your first question it's been everything and more. The set up here in the facilities the grass fields that you care center that that was built so quickly the accommodations I mean. We start doing a short list of potential tweaks or changes. It's less than half page really. The people more than anything you've been outstanding. In regards to get another team often times when there's two teams practicing it's generally prior to a pre season so. You know I know we'd like to get a pre season game closer this venue. You know be it Pittsburgh Baltimore Washington Cincinnati won't come as -- fizzle away game. But whether or not. We can pull off to a joint practice is -- something that you got to work through because obviously after the practices. You don't travel back somewhere as opposed to. You're in the city get a joint practice and then you play games so there's travel issue. Logistically but outside of that though. The set up here's been outstanding and I can't think of really one thing that we won't change it it's been that good people been great -- outstanding. Where they said just the logistics of at all he gets -- chance to see it now for the better part of two and a half weeks it's been. It's been great weather obviously is cooperating. Do you think also that the kind of I don't know -- it's -- -- -- -- environment it's good -- -- players mentally and -- -- time just like. You know thing. What I what I like is that it's an enclosed environment if you will and so there's. There's not much to do with the idea of of of trying to get away from. Just the circumference of the grounds here and so now within the framework of that if there's there's. Ways for players to relax -- But all that set up I think is good. I think it neighbors workers and yes I think so yeah I think so and we talked about it meeting last night and I think players respond to this morning well. Generally speaking what are. You kind of decided -- eighteen points. Yeah standing on the increasingly right -- -- is there anything you need and then the other teams do go away usually within their region. At a college or something and you're one of the few teams that when you know almost a thousand miles away what are the factors that half the total estimated that. Investment logistics and money and time we're. Well. You start with the environment you know the temperature. With regards to what were practicing in that that played a big role in -- and then. I think through the routine and we've we we do pretty well when we're able to change the routine up we'd spent three years and Jackson. Five years. Back in Metairie and you know this year coming here for three weeks and then going back you know it's gonna feel like. Just like right now and I I -- got a hot right now anyway. But I think from a from a working environment the conditions were were practicing in in training and been. Really really good so that plays an important role and then on on the receiving -- on this and then there's got to be. To do that a short period of time you know it it's because you're one person wants to make that happen in this case you Jim justice wanted to make this happen. And and to see what you know they were able accomplishing a short period of time this is really amazing and it for us as an organization that sets the bar higher for us when we're here. How foods prepared how -- fields are taking care of the housing. Those are all standards and so often times you come away from an experience like this and you might look at the checklist. Both things here but it also forced you to look at your own checklist. And I think they definitely risen or. That was say take coach Sean Paton earlier today at practice and it was the hottest. -- ethic has -- been up here the last couple weeks aren't -- -- comeback you'll hear from Saints nose tackle John Jenkins. Right here on sports talk WL along with a cajun cannon Bobby there Kristian -- -- -- back to sports talk. -- tackle John tickets about the PUP list yesterday kind of slowly but surely easing his way in to training camp practices. Here is big number 9210. I how would you just. Aren't good enough so good -- -- I'm reasonably Becker like well my direction and there are some of the things that was. Was it the timing of it being very frustrating because this is. Big year for you wanted to build on that than last season. I mean. I just -- -- the -- Obama team is now so let me go through the process that it like the big guy eye opener for me and let them responsibility get back there isn't much. We've been working out on the side for a long time it seems like you've been. Doing a lot of work for me was it frustrating as that Agassi trying to be cautious and we're bringing you back into. Yeah I mean and oppose their -- from college there by an awful lot my rookie season so it is a long season house bill one pushed days. Get her. You get that. Like you are makes it as well do Portland's. I'm excited. You can't get completely. Are both good but -- garlic you know lots and -- -- and comfortable waited you acuity and right now I mean. I wanna get -- I'm uncomfortable with a horrible what about me going down to the hurt maybe get a big guy -- a more way -- -- -- -- -- -- to get better so -- -- -- 34 so that was the biggest played sport by. About six -- seven of Georgia and I think our image but at that. I mean authorities are good. You can't find it I spent how hard is it -- your weight down here and it. Like this not in your injury completely offensive minds. I'm Davis are you just got to be discipline I mean if you're able to move around them is not a problem. -- the other if you're if you're stationary or you're hurt -- can't do anything that's the hard part because they're not the cardiovascular stumbled but once you started a little more round possibly. It things like that and it broke. Does. That mean. That went in. A little strong so little that. It yet but I gotta get that yeah. Everyone. Did you this season can you kind of talked about. But your role in this defense and what. Worked for you means you played really well. I mean moral and his defense is the freedom linebackers up I think one of many blocks I can't cross the pocket and you're right. Am like a lot of things I do is figure for granted people understand the job that I have to do about -- today along the goal of supposed to do and the stats so far in rushing yards and and pressured us quarterback stuff like that showed up and I'm happy. You guys -- it seemed to feed off. The emotion of the people who weren't the real ready to get back plane being one of the hometown fans -- -- Oh yeah it's there's there's no greater feeling we leave the hotel the hotel on game day and we just -- everybody on the side of the road -- who -- that. I want to that's like -- made it feels like and we target back in person. We're about to be down there I mean. Obviously tonight you. Can cross country there's blow by having to deal with that there. Yeah I mean because we look at it this way nobody else practice and that humidity and heat like we do so we take pride in -- that he we're able to conquer. -- -- -- -- Nothing last. You know. I mean no matter watching things happen asking people -- -- -- -- -- -- situation that somebody -- this was a small farmer enough laps I was going to take everything. -- -- If you're seeing your injury it happens so -- it in the way. Yeah we're. That there to -- it's just area. Just. I. Remember reading log on to get out there -- goes so far no. Houllier would make you tough guy that you -- it for a couple of minutes Timo. Coaches and you don't you'll need one individual that hit him. I mean. This talk of -- not old Logan as one person. I'm always going gets two maybe three regular put -- at the whole San Fran had a good mind foreign. Power bat power rush things up like that some of the series has sent him home. -- think of anything. It's. Everything. I don't know if Sizemore and right with -- Mostly have power. -- I Saints nose tackle John tickets you heard earlier Sean Payton. So much Bobby has been made about Sean Payton in the in the Saints coming up here for training camp -- overall I'll have to say. You think it's a positive experience. All without a doubt. And I think above and beyond expectations because you do have high expectations -- not only the three year do you think the going to be here for years to come this'll does that mean. I mean. I'm kind of tree it and I think Ted Lewis though -- of this question. A writer for advocate about maybe compete against other teams. You know the proximity I think that fans always loved that. Your policy like it media -- it appears it's Pittsburgh or Washington yes you look at Cincinnati the proximity. Either Steelers that the Redskins. And he also mention -- -- -- -- that is the maintenance -- ahead. But you know in the black Eagles it was it was for 5000 people out here and a fan bases and a continue to grow. And utilized is so kind of from so -- standpoint you like music competition your because this is close -- -- -- because the wheel almost to be embarrassed. So I could see. Before we leave here I'm going to be here the next two Warriors don't -- leave on Thursday. Two more training camp and I think you'll see that come about -- like. With the Saints going against the Texans yeah we went there one year and then they came here now the logistics of it. You almost have to play at a pre season game which it makes sense. I guess the Steelers the in the AFC. Are the angles that the -- better even at the Redskins to the united playing injured during the season. That John Jenkins. Coming off that pectoral muscle injury that he sustained in the weight room is Kurt there at the end of the interview but. What are your expectations of Broderick -- that -- but certainly he'll be in the rotation but what are your expectations. -- -- you to. Well just to be consistent and and to be disruptive. Mean he's a big man and he said he played at Georgia three years 67 pounds. He's 347. I'm sure Bill Johnson -- with a line coach he'd rather him be. A more and at 330 to 340 range. It's a -- budget if this is stamina Irina how long can you last -- the same type player. What you number of snaps in the fourth quarter like you or in the first quarter. Actually this question and it was and again it's one individual. But. How did he perform against. Agreed off with a blind and he talked about the 49ers. How you think you better bring your a game you better tacklers vision and a dog fight. -- -- me he become competitive that game was last year in the Mercedes-Benz superdome when they come in back to down again. So you'd billion that driving game in the game double team. Thank you Scott occupy blockers in the the linebackers -- have to do their job. And I think he has to be playing a more confident silly because he's not a rookies on the in his second season a winner rob Bryant is that so. He should have more success than it is a long season compared to college. When you look at it and he's the last the whole season. Enough hole -- will be the case because he's going to be a big part. Of review and approval or have success with their run defense. I come up tomorrow will be back with the on sports talk for 8 PM back home. The final edition of sports talk appear at least -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but tomorrow the Saints are back on the practice field at 850. And and at that walk through tomorrow afternoon and then we can wrap things up put a bow on the everything our coverage appear. At the Greenbrier in in in states training camp point back -- -- next. Some or win the seat open training camp but then this is this is that a very productive I think very productive training camp for the world it. Aside from a couple of well 10 oblique muscle strain yeah it's been pretty it's been pretty safe and healthy. It will look the thing is then what they get -- do is. You know thing half a page Patrice said that when he -- stuff. You know how do you make you better -- -- to make you better. You know first time experience. You learn how could you give me -- -- have a better experience. And -- you know opinions about you know the community. And I can truly become a stay at home for a three week period. And I think that's what we all be looking forward to coming up here next year gonna how opinion and I look forward to come here considering. The weather today was a hot day yet anyway like -- eighties into -- saw how could you not appreciate getaway for that who has yet he a few weeks. He indicated candid about Vietnam Christian -- Youkilis to Saints radio it's a profile about -- do anything on the regulation -- Good night people who who today.