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8-12 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell, 8pm Ambien

Aug 12, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show…Bob Mitchell is sitting in. As always—lots of interesting topics: Do you use Ambien or any other sleep med to doze off at night? Did you suffer any side effects like memory loss? A judge ruled that former federal prosecutor Sal Perricone may no longer practice law in federal court in Baton Rouge, because of his infamous on line comments. Perricone appealed the ban, saying he can't remember his infamous online comments, partly because he was taking the sleeping-aid drug Ambien.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in porous do tonight. Welcome to the show -- buck. We have a few things that you might be interest to the talk about. Do you use Ambien. Lot of people do do you use Ambien or any other sleep -- the bills off that night. If you do. Do you ever supper on the side effects like memory loss. And we'll talk about that. What would it take for you. Become a member of the New Orleans Police Department. -- dale rarely. Am in a hard time getting recruits. What would it take for you to become a member of the New Orleans Police Department or any. Police force. -- -- kids used to want to grow up to be police officers and now. Lot of people well don't want the job as it often enough. Is it too dangerous. I don't know I know in New Orleans they are having a very difficult problem recruiting people. They'd changed a couple of the laws to make it easier for people to join the force and still. They cannot get a police officers on the ground because nobody wants the job 260. 9595. You can text me at age 7870. A judge ruled that former federal prosecutors opera chrome. In a longer practiced law in federal court in Baton Rouge because. Those online comments that you know pretty -- brought down the whole department. Eric told appealed to ban saying you can't remember his. All line comment partly because it was taking the sleeping drug Ambien. And one of the side of flakes of Ambien is. Memory loss so I'm looking for people tonight. Who have tried Ambien and and it's a very very popular drug notes knotty legal or anything like that. For every very popular sleep medication of people today it. And I've I've I've taken before. And it's certainly what helped my memory on a couple things are remember one night we rented a movie. And the next day. Win but I've talked to my wife -- said something about the movie. And she said we watched that movie last night and I did not recall one thing. About the movie you saw nobody Ambien. You know ten affect remember -- I was looking for people may -- you've got some interest in funny stores I've heard of people. Who have actually left the house gone somewhere -- -- been -- brought the food -- Coleman don't -- -- remember making the trip. So view abused Ambien and you've experienced sunny side effects -- a true. Share them with us at 260959. Plug and what would it take for you to become a member. Of the new Orleans police department -- 02 John and coming to power you John. I'm -- by -- what would take you to become a member of the New Orleans Police Department. Well I actually -- interrupt me like that pirate applications all the paperwork the background check it might be. And everything never heard from. I don't believe that one you never heard the old. Reply. Did you did you fall -- that. Aren't you mean to drop by order offered regret. No comment followed with a pulled caller text message or on -- email. Are you never are right none at all you know why why would you want to be a new Orleans police officer. I I think because there around the city needs help they -- on. People they need on of people actually looked into the city and I'm actually believe him pretty. -- couldn't keep -- going in order for welcome the money's not there -- -- -- people that had to promise. However they want power. And control people belittle people. And I don't need either that would -- which hurt job and actually help serve my community. Are you concerned about it being a very dangerous job. And I think what you go through the proper training and you are handle it yourself and you follow the rule. That I mean beating people to beat tiger profiling them. I think if you follow the rules and you go through the proper training I think you're going to be fine. Do you think that that's the main problem why a lot of people do not wanna join the police force right now was that pops in general have a bad image. Well absolutely they -- on nick created for them well I'm you out for help in the city. Arm from them they keep your attitude her org you know they -- aren't -- -- pan. They're there to create. -- do you notice a difference between the cops in New Orleans and cops and other areas of the state. Absolutely I'm originally from here. So would you consider being a police officer let's say in another parish. In another -- I would. So what's the option for mental up apply and does some of the other parishes. Arm. Or nor archer. Is that it would it would seem to me that New Orleans would need people like you that that's the kind of people we would want to join the police arts. And I think it starts with not achieved but the mayor the mayor -- attack -- the issues that are have. Mean -- city I think that might be why the aren't at the end of the month. Be part of the ball for option because there -- with him he's got a comment a bit like idioms that -- -- -- not -- going back he. What changes would you like -- made in the police department that would that would let's say entice more people to sign up. Oh we we need being -- we need that mayor and achieve more involved -- we need the leadership do we have a did you. And -- -- Do we have a good police chief. I don't think we -- Because it seems like what what I'm reading is that for every one cup we are we're losing two. Here. There are -- were you a fan of Robin Williams. I I want them they'll comment -- at least it would be interesting -- find out that you -- so many movies actually coming out. That. I mean. You had to keep it gets recorded before that. -- I think he's got. They just got three movies coming out. Yeah I mean what what a -- outset that we don't even we don't even recognize the fact that there are many people like you know that are sick that has money. On the you get any doctor any kind of treatment they want but yet it does not correct. Well you know it's a dust proof of course that you know money can't buy you everything and people people looked at him I was talking to some people today. And the general opinion was goodness gracious he's got all this popularity. Is -- all this money well what could he be depressed about. You now well I mean I -- that where you know where I will mean you know we get depressed about something it it's not where it's a chemical thing it did you know you know at the dog in the morning and told. Us that bad blood -- -- actually chemical you can. Duke but try to get the medication and that's where that it's it's not totally in the doctors and we got a look there's somebody bears. -- appreciation appreciation -- -- -- I'm sorry I mean so you're saying that you applauded refill and hurry down and nothing at all. Now in you you how. All of your document you gotta be the background check in your driver's life and then all that opinion it yeah and you -- -- -- with. And dictated from BP will be in contact with you'll nobody contact me by followed up with an email. And nothing happened like it figured well. Yeah I -- it. Go ahead John that diminished such often had murdered in and problem -- -- -- it my way at the city where you. Let's get back -- would like to rubble Williams yet to pick out 201 favorite movie. -- -- I get mine would it it's kind of torn between. Where argue -- the upper K -- the armor plated. The old woman who is -- Yeah. In that area. In our I was put it over the movies in the TV things that he did like the dead poet's society awakening to Fisher king. Good morning Vietnam there is there's one movie I've cannot remember the name of it. And that's when he was in a concentration camp. And -- it was pretending to that they have news with a radio I cannot remember the name of that movie at all. You know that on it like I got the picture might. No it's not morning Vietnam no down -- no this is one that he was in a Jewish concentration. -- with the Nazis and he was trying to. Keep on his fellow. Inmates. -- up by Bob by creating. A fake reports on -- radio. I don't know penalties that John Clayton thank you performing an okay out. Thank you we -- on the radio. All right thank you so much to 601 late 78668890. Late seventy complexity and it's evident it's level of people that have tried Ambien. And if you've tried Ambien to the heavenly side effects. 260. 1878668. At -- -- seventy text me at 8770. Bob Mitchell in -- coming right back on WWL and -- Bob Mitchell and for student tonight. Looking for people who take Ambien and the candidates side effects on Ambien talking about. Memories of Robin Williams you're -- your favorite Robin Williams either special movie or. TV interview on ice deliberately would go on like the Johnny Carson show. Or. And asking the question what would it take to make you a member of the New Orleans Police Department Andrew and a -- -- -- -- the and just -- an opponent gonna go to a bill on the -- bill how are you. Or -- -- bill what would it take to get you to become a member of the New Orleans Police Department. What would it take. I don't know if there. There's -- I think that would get me to go to air. You know law enforcement 25 years and did that changes announcing in law enforcement in general not just with -- PD and other agency it's just not the same started when I was. Walls in the eighties and I have seen -- change in the law enforcement that just -- and so drastic. Even your department that people would -- to go to panel -- other other departments within the lead and come to. It it's still. Just ever changing and not the same. Those and NO PD you have. A bad rap for cops by that. When I mean is that if you wanted to join law enforcement. Is it'll PD the last place should look. Well I will say this. Q on the over the years and anybody else and New Orleans. They had had a bad rap phase. But a lot of it on. Themselves but are also. The same here coworker her. There's certain archer and -- problem here's this you know awards in Latin. Is in order -- conclude you know PD it's got to be done. But. You're gonna have to get to DA's office and PD. City Council many here. Everybody's going to be a joint effort to clean up and decide to do something with more once and at -- Tuesday -- you make -- joint effort but it works together. I think he could change. And I know for a fact now a lot of officers apparently -- prettier going places on the -- or. Law enforcement there and -- -- them. It's just. It's it's it's the parade it's not just went from pretty it's a crime against the politics is decorum that's only matters that go on and on it's not just won't play. Is -- a very dangerous department worked in the talk -- as far as working in new world Leon's itself. Oh yeah I mean. The other agencies now around the North Shore so competitive -- with salaries that when you think about it that -- now works so. With him thousands of dollars each other so if you -- policemen now and with the way things have changed. Would you want to go to new war ones. Was this statement -- Olga. -- -- -- Heard more crime more calls for service more dangers obviously. Or either nor shall department -- columnist and he's out now a year. Same way -- calls last danger. More equipment more to try and mean it's it's really you know our decision. It seems to me that in general police officers do not get the type of respect again like when I was growing up when. When I watch and -- I know a lot of it is movies and a lot of it is reality and stuff like that. But when new year. The way people talked to police officers and encouraged them out when I was growing up I wouldn't have even considered. Doing anything like. Well that goes recollect that I told you earlier works with me start in the eighties I've seen where that trend was at a certain level and eighty. You know graduate. You know. Your regardless 00 the circumstances in order change throughout the years societies change crimes at saint. But -- such a drastic change in twenty years. That you're right the respect. That used to you know and eat eat eat in the 90s you know I am now and I'm only Matt but. That their officers -- do you tried to do. The Pepsi cans and resort to their training are scrutinized to such a point where -- almost afraid to do that. Bills that you are in law enforcement do you have what have you heard about the situation that happened in Saint Louis with that eighteen year old young men getting shot. The only thing I know is is basically what the public's. Knows at this point what has been released. Which is so not a lot I will carry you. No matter how it around at this point that you really the way to the investigation. Is completed. You don't know with Korda case -- the comic twist and turn the war. I mean it doesn't sound good now from what I am reading in and -- mortars at least. But it's it's always takes -- -- have to wait and hope that the investigation is gonna go correct and complete review. They're scrutinized and that the end and that's going to make this -- Of course now we have two different stories one saying that he was trying to. Get the gun from a police publisher and the other side says that he had his hands up there was just gunned down. Now but it even. My opinion and that is that even if he was gunned down which of course would be a terrible thing that to happen. The looting. That it's. Let's do separately in -- it you can't you can't get back at it that if you don't like a situation by doing more crimes. I agree I mean. I will say this if it does turn out who was gunned down yes I mean that. Bet on call for I don't care here please talk so much trying here to serve which. That would be a terrible thing he would have to be dealt with like he should be. But the looting. And everything else that goes with it. You know to me that just makes things worse because when you do that it take it now it takes to spoke softly and and but it just compound everything else onto it in there are you really don't and a. Got you bill I appreciate all your input tonight anything you wanna add to the show. No -- sure you're great but thank you thank you builds go to Andrew in New Orleans -- or you. Okay -- -- Islamic government -- -- saying that we'll be talking about Jacob thought I was such a move on into the view him in a concentration camp I mean. That. A gory movie. You know and when they mention all of his movies and that natural apple brought -- -- of Reading the the list of credits they gave him you know Bork and -- dead poet's society a tip that you -- -- what. What was that movie when he was in the Jewish concentration camp and was trying to. Keep all their spirits up the subject of the -- that to me that that was one of his best performances. Good Will Hunting -- it and made it well on them. Angelou about -- were trying to -- Now and and as our enemy in the cup. Yeah. That that other politically about the rot away their ticket a lot of -- go on being a good bet for about it get credit for that comedian don't get much credit these days are. Being artists and -- account that they are. Andrew would you ever consider being a police officer. Forward. Not probably not I'm not -- thank you -- completion date. Let's go to Steve in national -- -- Steve can you I'm doing well welcome to joke. All your cheap hopefully she used to be Archie completion. Knuckles and he has. -- very effective. -- low pressure. Area that's great -- and the apartment in four. Years. Old. She. Should. OJ. Here there they are really having a hard time hiring police officers. -- -- so in what -- -- 200000. Dollars a year indicated -- quality people. People can get a job supported 42000. Now where you have been the same problem in Nashville. And commit well -- Should get used to the -- in this rapidly growing and we're good people won't stop there because bigger problem. -- one person to. Steve what about you ever take something like Ambien or some type of -- medication that. -- -- some type of crazy side effect. Well -- you brought that up because. And they also in the form or shall -- yeah. Well the whole oh it's all of -- generic name and description -- But I don't -- a text much of Bob I had a comment about Ambien but I can't remember what it is yeah. Got you know they have been some incredible story is about people who. Have have left their homes and gone it's something that he'd like through a drive through come home. And eat it and don't even remember -- ultimate. I tried it. And I mean I have the dog will well one time I actually I saw -- on the an honest. I saw on the podium and tell my wife said is -- Napoleon civic is that you -- what are you doing you know. Go to bed and one or what one night we won 2012 red box and not a movie. And watch the movie and the next morning I asked her I no longer take Ambien bodily because of that and I said. I don't remember anything about last night would we do she said we watched the movie and what movie that you should look. The movie you got from red box and I said. We didn't watch that movie -- that yes we did. Possible that I fall asleep during the bush didn't know you watched the whole movie we talked about it the whole time we went to bed. We have a snack after the -- went to bed. And -- and I couldn't remember one thing not one thing. I won't work if your -- You're eventually when -- in. Montreal because it's an article on the you go visit. All along that the Obama probably weren't the -- -- All built for the short structure that you didn't problem although we talk about. -- it would be we just announced it would have been a bit. A we've got a genius and. We you know -- at it it's scares you when when a person like that. That you. Look at and appear to be so happy and -- on these shows and is just beaming with personality and coming up would have been a good time and you look at them and -- How could they be depressed. Don't know their game in general won't. That's exactly right and that's the and it's its -- how you deal with those and it it it is so easy and you were so blessed if you don't have to deal with that and -- an -- this this makes me take. I lost lost a friend to almost the same type of suicide about the about 23 months ago and you know did not know he was and that on the condition. And I know that. A Robin Williams as has battled alcoholism. Battled drugs and depression but. I don't think anyone knew the -- gonna happen. So I'd start they didn't all right Steve thanks so much. All right to secure a late 786689087. Let me grab a couple of text -- -- quick like. Favorite Robin Williams movie. Good morning Vietnam. I'm a veteran and take Ambien from VA hospital worked but nothing to play with can't drive drink even wander around on it. Take totally straight down the that's about right. About cant believe. You mentioned Ambien. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. And I'm now paralyzed and have a hard time staying asleep and was gonna try ambient tonight. For the first time -- if you take it. And you go right to sleep. You should be okay. It's. It's you know it's it's like this done the VA hospitals and it's not a drug to mess around as a drug mutate. And you go to bed. 260878668890878. If you a you have experienced taking Ambien and it's -- on his side effects of like to -- premiere we're remembering. Of course Robin Williams tonight let me know what you're what your favorite Robin Williams movie your interview was just. Any any thought to have them. Of course -- still remember more commended affect our emerged misty had him on happy days that's all four go back with him and what would it take. For you to become a member of the New Orleans Police Department or any police department I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. Well indicates seventy WW -- get the full numbers straight here. I think I'm having an an -- hang over him for getting the phone numbers that's 260. 187. Or 866889. Awaits them you can text me. And -- 7870. Our WW Oprah jaguar opinion poll question and a fellow officials say they intend to call even more penalties this season. Is it good for the game would you prefer to let the players. Oh that little bit more I'm I'm for let them go a little bit more if you cast your vote at WW dot com let's go to the polls gonna go to a Jeff in the Chicago all right Jeff. -- -- -- I'm fund -- what about. Robin Williams what what what what your thoughts on that. Well it's a great tragedy and -- is -- I always wonder what what took beast so. -- army does somebody that being definitely better than being alive I just I just can't imagine the depths of despair that would send their. When you when you looked at him and you see the fact that -- well when he does these interviews are always seems to the so happy then so carefree and you know always the talent that. That when you're watching him that if you're down on the down to tell. Will issue up you don't expect from someone like. Now packages there's always two sides everybody alive at a close friend who recently the to people like a similar action. And that but. You know -- -- to him for actually is that you know he has the upsides and downside yet it issues. But. Nor Rocco went I think I've received it on TV capture the people coastal saw. I was site to a street fight hard pretty hard to hide debt burger or close contacts that you'll see on television. -- you know these guys are all up but the but it can't resolve. Well you senate -- set it happened to to a friend of yours to -- Your heavenly do you see any signs of a pity as that that that did he reach out for help bring thing. You're actually under the care of that psychiatrists the psychologists. They have prescribed medication for which she didn't wanna take. And it's got some kind of tea. During an involuntary admission after after they. Think it does to a site gesture yeah a few weeks Spartan. But actually after it was may help but -- just. He couldn't see take it and hell -- -- what is wasn't. Do it to him there was to the collapses all these absentee not at fault and it is considered part. Did he seemed to have you know pretty good life like was the and lots. Financial trouble was -- wasn't physically in good shape. It's physically in good shape that financially he -- fine. There he has some. -- -- your relations with China as it -- -- but but it you know a lot more people get the course that actual results dull. It was. You know I don't think that's that the -- -- good reason to take her own life. Originations like that. Where. Did it. Where -- the suicide take place. A different result. It was an exit that -- six Asian you know that. You know similar. To what happens to Iraq or. It's eight idea -- way to -- -- the peculiar to open. You know it -- Fight you know fight -- diapers you know I cannot -- -- you know choking to death. And say -- this is okay there have to be like oh how are we the -- or. Well why at all all I'll release the belt whatever happened I -- as a people that. Would you have to be totally drugged up to do that. I think we're making the year I don't know either Qaeda that was the case you know I don't know -- those who -- threat or -- -- but the Sudanese. If you are. If you're sent to hazard dull look -- do that I would get. Number tell -- your body. I dive also and and I remember. I have a situation once word got a -- and got caught and in an updraft that. Rip the regulator out of -- -- the mask off my face and not my first thought was I've got to breathe and I grabbed my regulator. Cleared it all all all like to think about at that point was getting air and to my lungs and so I cannot imagine. And unless you were so totally drugged up that you did that -- just. A law that to happen. Ordinary that's just rhetoric -- I think you and I can't imagine doing this without being so -- that you know -- you -- but we don't do work. We're at -- inept person she didn't you know. Yet that you can't double the pit area as -- -- separate there I was there in Cuba well. It was a -- -- Oh yeah yeah and at the cocos island -- that -- -- that's an active sterile iPhone and that's for sure you know. You know it's it's it's amazing that. This week -- shark week. And you watch shark week. And you and I both had been. Open -- diving with sharks and yet on the on the shark we didn't make it make so much of it and yet in reality. One year in the water with with the sharks as long as there's a lot of marine life row and you you really aren't in much danger. Their at bats certainly took place -- -- -- -- underwater it's true I'd rather Ortiz does. Leave it does someplace and look quite quite quite as straightforward ideas but usually -- the grabber Warwick when we caught the -- -- I remember that you walked on water that -- it get -- it -- leave it do that but I did it did not. Well my favorite my favorite -- story. Is we were at a 145. Feet which we should not have been you're not supposed to dive that -- But we'd go down 245. To defeat because we want to see this big goal. Hammerhead shark if you remember this and all the sudden we were we were trailing the shark. And we were so deep that we we knew we couldn't stay there long we we have our diet plan to do when you're down that deep you breathing a lot of there. And that shark turned on us and stopped and everybody's that solve. This is it -- got behind the fat -- figure in the shark -- is gonna eat through the fact. And -- and you took a picture. And it was that the flash bulb that that made the shark go away and then only we came up and I remember we asked the dive master. Where worry in any danger at least that I've done this a whole bunch of times -- that's the first time I was released there. So. But more or sort of it's here no you're right we want them Jeff thanks only to -- the -- -- to show. Yeah yeah that you talked about that the poor president great start there -- oh yeah and I forgot you do you you do like to drive fast on the track what has. Happened there. Well you know -- I've talked to bunch of people you know they said they electric performance art school. Stimulus to that tell you when you first start the -- is eager end in -- inside the the the car. -- keeper and inside and -- which is much more important is he never get out your car and was on -- That data is only what you believe a car on the track. We come up until you get out -- boats that operate. And that is Karzai a brother that you'd never -- leader are so. You know life that video that they got is obviously out you know -- an angry at. An acting out but you know -- -- -- ice in his professional driver the other the other one's serve was it. And they were news that matters so programmed charter whoever it is you know it's a terrible terrible tragedy. But he should never out of our. I'm going to be up to Chicago and about a way to -- it'll be. Take the car out on the track and go what about a 150 miles an hour. I've got I've got bought periods -- and if you're good look at about large audio on the backstretch and wait for it. All right but I'll see it about a week are right thank -- All right though let's go ahead and that take a break and Glenn and Leon and -- nine with bail out I'll come right back. A couple of questions we want an -- have you ever tried Ambien or any other sleeping aid that gave you some kind of a weird side effects of what would it take. For you to become a member of NO PD or any police sports I'm Bob Mitchell and put -- -- WW -- I'm Bob Mitchell and for us do tonight. Let's go right to our closest to the Glen in home woodland bank queue up for holding on how warriors tonight Glenn. I appreciate your saying you know personal. You favored Robin Williams movie what. Our detectives say good morning Vietnam. Know it's adult fire. More timidity. And actually. The man -- pot from you that you are repeated genius. Good morning. Good morning Vietnam I guess because he plays a distraught he was by Apple's favor one. Yet -- -- -- I doubt in your area and we you know good on obvious yeah -- -- -- It's just an you warned India woody did. Look I didn't understand. What you want you on the outlook which. Period you know he had alcohol probably hit drug problem which he kept on going to murder apps and Cha. And you know -- you -- mean. Nobody bearded -- early call to get -- -- you know he he YouTube. It is block. -- sure there is family did literally too good but I guess just couldn't get through Glen what about you would you ever be. A member of the New Orleans Police Department or any police department. You know. We know wild life is just the job done that in that respect. Allowed no respect the there you know this City Council talks. Okay. Are you are born -- into all you know city to city county you know we need to buyers that City Council. Britain home. You came wireless to detail -- I don't know -- it felt about it. Dropped my bill read my loyal. You know they -- I teach -- much. And EL UK -- he one. Why do you blame I'm curious why do you blame the police on the City Council not the police superintendent. Ali you you know. Under the police are corrupt. You know army that's evident to. It felt really good -- yeah you read it and I mean why should that live in the city do it immediately drop. Well you don't have to anymore they'd they change I glad I appreciate your -- NN. Leon Larry and John I'm out of time if you can do we have. Big favorite notes as did a lot but it if you hang on a get to you right after the top of the hour news on WW well.

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