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Aug 12, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show…Bob Mitchell is sitting in. As always—lots of interesting topics: Do you use Ambien or any other sleep med to doze off at night? Did you suffer any side effects like memory loss? A judge ruled that former federal prosecutor Sal Perricone may no longer practice law in federal court in Baton Rouge, because of his infamous on line comments. Perricone appealed the ban, saying he can't remember his infamous online comments, partly because he was taking the sleeping-aid drug Ambien. Does Sal Perricone have a case…or should he be held accountable for his actions, no matter what the circumstances? If you were negligent or did something illegal while taking Ambien or any other drug, would you company give you a pass? PLUS: What would it take for you to become a member of the New Orleans Police department? Why do you think New Orleans has such a hard time recruiting people to join the NOPD? Do you think cops have an easy job? Do you think police officers have the same respect now as compared when you were growing up?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- Bob Mitchell in the first dude a lot of people on the lunch let's get right to what we're talking about do you use Ambien. Or any of mostly -- to doze off at night did you suffer any side effects like memory loss. Well judge ruled that former federal prosecutor. So opera -- may no longer practiced law in federal court Baton Rouge because that is. On line comments his appeal says I was taking Ambien. -- -- -- And what would it take for you'd become a member of the New Orleans Police Department so I thought the interest in the look for people who take Indian. And it had some words out of that I've taken it man I forgot one let -- watch the movie -- -- Leon inlet tone power you Leon. I'm Bob what's on your mind -- also we are remembering Robin Williams to. Yeah. Remember them very deeply. Respect remand as -- in the -- -- and I'd say you -- it is no respect that Uganda and the yen. Standard joke he would come up with limelight. Yeah. My elation that he's more -- additional amount would just -- my. Do you you have a favorite Robin Williams movie or -- The well by the kind of needed. Mark community are now -- Good morning Vietnam -- on. Let me read this funny text message Robin William's character and Patch Adams was pardon me. To have the courage to ask a girl out because I saw how short life was unfortunately. She turned me down at a. I used it exactly. Why goes days. You know. And in that -- as well as that pleased plug in the Juan you. You know -- bar raised goes you know I'm not -- -- long ago period. -- -- -- Dave look the police were pleased day and -- today by. You know. Do we did a good thing about. And -- please partner prepared anything goes hand in the early stages. When. It's bad and why did the other night. We don't -- -- -- -- that cause those that stretched -- on fire. You know we deal with it. Do you think one other problems as of people don't give police troubles with the respect that they should be getting. Well now line I don't give respect they used -- -- used to. Promote more time yeah. The man disposed debate. Dutch and let's go to -- John how are you. On John you've tried Ambien. -- Bush met her college. All of the week it is the adult community -- the -- -- -- and table or are. -- and -- Indian. And it might call a ball the ball pretty quickly and then there. -- -- -- -- In the middle. And after -- Because and I'll -- All. Day and error. Unreal. But -- Loading. Up all of the -- yeah. Paul is pretty. All the unit that our. Bureau. No -- I believe the I saw napoleon's I was witness was. This would have been right after. Right after Katrina. And I was having a hard time actually been -- the doctor prescribed Ambien for me. And -- we were staying in some little small apartment that we had rented and I'm sitting on the shelf for them and tell my wife said. Do you see -- right there Houston who said what do you mean who -- that's napoleon's. The fact that that that the the sitting right there. And. Hot all. Yeah I don't know what. Do other like net land area got married the -- is all right but they're currently I mean is it like that it actually they're like you're actually -- all. Right you know also the at -- You know but I've I've heard of people. Who have have forgotten things on -- I have a body and he told me that. He would wake up in the middle of the night. And even go to the pantry it would dip a bag of cookies did eat the cookies and -- quart of milk and wake up the next morning and not remember it. And he -- that it had to be you Google no one else got a -- Paul and yet the -- one. -- about tightening your name in elm. Same thing. Michael Jackson was -- it -- like Jack and all our fault that Jack was on that night magnetic tape. That it. He might he might have also been taking. Ambien but the thing that I did that they are closed right the surgery drug -- what about you will take to. Get you to become a member of the LPD and -- why do you think it's so hard for them to get people to become police officers. I've -- in the day. Six speaker. And doll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You. Every time you go to war call. -- I did so well in I don't. You make enough money via -- -- the air. We've let -- in the war. No I'm I'm I'm with you dared to do it there's. I don't think I'd even -- a desk job. -- but it is all at the same. Eric armored unit everything outlook for our Jackman bit. And you -- -- -- forty years and you hit. Whatever her hide Albert was accurate -- you that it got. All -- -- are in the early years that 38 years old. And now. Ball and -- all. Big bomb belt dollar in progress but why making it by -- they'll. Have. You know that attitude that it. I found -- I've found out that four police officers. They're damned if they do their damned if they don't you know if if they tried to break up -- in the try to break up. Up fighters something. And they use too much force then they get accused of using excessive force of they don't use enough force and the person gets away are harmed someone else than they didn't do enough so. There's no way -- wanna be a police officer. Well. -- like people not -- -- That is. Involved in the pool ball. Street life. Or the -- And their odd bird all of them. Yeah and now they're out there. -- All the guys in their video. Would -- and it probably we're. And and I L and the would be. -- it's getting. Old you. It. And it at all. -- John I appreciate you -- and tonight yet there are hostile to Larry and Metairie Larry you have an -- story. Yes and I heard about the polian that you with the boat to take refuge to New Orleans and -- -- did your living room right it was a little. Of living. He. Mine -- mound again Ambien and the last four years of life. And she just like you -- she would take it. And then she would like you know go to sleep like fifteen minutes -- one night don't commotion here apartment complex. And you know the next decade calendar about it actually see it coming to live enrollment and we we released into -- -- not a windows look at what's going on. And should and believe me she thought outline. Well too bluntly about a couple months later we saw being -- On the man. He talked about how he took it and be -- it went to sleep and hotel room one night. Didn't he will company and I went out and piles of Internet. And he called the ambience of that Iraq. Believe me. Yeah it it it you know I don't take it anymore but you know little wolf. And it can make you -- to make the eight to. Yeah and -- fortunately. You know the sad part is she stopped taking it. She she had no experience which he woke up been. And she had different clothes on the and -- well yeah. I thought I would like to but look she stopped. That because of and then a couple of months later he died and I think it's because she she could deplete the. I let's -- my wife to exit and has no problems with the Devoe zero. The only -- right. -- that the problem with it's so strong you know so. But it you know there are so many stories of people doing things. Like getting getting in a car and -- and going someplace and picking up fast food and coming back home and don't you remember taking the trip. Yeah it's only everyone could like went 101000 -- and Internet after taking it that would be a good thing. But of course if you do something illegal. Like us -- Puerto defeatism and illegal you can't blame it on the Ambien use. -- in the palace. Good. Defense. And it oh world record at guard have people should like that when his second movie probably look at all right thank you are on demand. All right Brian and Anthony you guys are up next we have some lines open 260. 17866. And nine only seven text me at age seventy. 8:7 AM Bob Mitchell interest -- -- WWL. Where government feel good with the Tommy Tucker there's always lots of interesting stuff for your morning drive here's what's on tomorrow throw CNN news anchors of riots and looting and Saint Louis. -- about the treatment of men of color in our society. And that nothing will change until we realized blacks are treated different is that true. Plus why do people still have moved from businesses that had nothing to do -- got them angry. Has that ever happened to you -- and is the second most expensive state to hold a cardinal. Insurance has a lot to do that. But it's because of the soft tissue damages drunk drivers terrible drivers -- -- -- -- -- -- or all of these. Above that's tomorrow first news for Tommy Tucker. Weekday morning six to ten it's a good day to get started. On a WW I'll get to the -- that once likened it quick text message here. Bob in my opinion I would have to have zero common sense to be a police officer. In the new world were asking the question what would it take for use the become a police officer in New Orleans are our cup anywhere. And we're looking for people that I had or know someone who's had an ambient experience of doubled Bryan Bryan Howard you. I don't dwell on. Of Robin Williams now calls -- a huge fan of -- outlook and will stay and it goes something like that he didn't like bicentennial male I'm favorite. Are something that didn't really like it is but it. In when apparently come back to TV you were a year ago com -- I believe that the -- she called the angry one Mike. Greatly anarchic. And review to upgrade magazine's content now found out about this show. And it treat me a little bit -- in the European TP. Kate and now on the intact and we never known it. And I'll look back and Brad -- and imperial. Any -- -- -- -- its financial situation and coming he's basically in the going to be basically says -- -- at -- home in you. In the Villa and that book Alley and talk about you know how. He -- he beat him steady paycheck. And he called inaudible. Pretty much being blue period to divorces. And I read an article this morning it just came out apparently someone -- with them. He was talking about. How the oil money problems. He had lost 38 million dollar little -- English he's. To get -- or attending them imagine that much money. Well and the thing about it is -- California. If you do if you -- and years and whatever reason and opened the -- you -- -- -- -- It now or I'm never stopped. So he would basically be able through and -- show ended they canceled the one yeah I'm sure a lot to do that it. And that probably it is was saying that the pay -- he didn't wanna deal could could keep it keep up at all he probably gonna go to jail. -- -- A lot of she's got about three movies in the can that haven't come out yet. Price specifically the -- politics specifically. Name -- -- to some media more to do. I hated Williams really did not like doing sequels and that's just what is spending. And he would basically forced to take all the job needed more to do so funny and not the content killed and so yeah I mean nipple bit. And it it really celebrity's spyware program. They get a 130 mail article he merely with words. I mean he's paying out that -- an exorbitant monthly trading it. And he couldn't keep up on the EU city was 63 years old. You know what happened to a lot of people would show business or ticket today they excel become an irrelevant you know. You really haven't heard much from you know. Call for a while I mean part of that Pete beach. And I think you know when people go bankrupt or whatever Hollywood now and somebody -- Are very successful radio host that he would he was saying. You know it's like it's like that it's like a slap in the face and democratic our offense change. When you're the star -- And you go bankrupt. And it is. But I'll wrap everything up -- It is and it really is. That the family court can be that if somebody could not think that the big contributor. -- think he went -- and ain't a monopoly with a needle. -- a lot of mistakes but it. Thank and I think you know he knew he couldn't keep continue paying your bills and he gets -- themselves. That's a built -- go to analysis by Brian anything goes to Atlanta to show. About the police opposite a couple of retired police saw there was some problem and it's 35 plus years on the yeah. -- just retired not too long ago. A couple of years. Number and the circuit within a single come talk to these people become even Eddie. He doesn't know what he's going you're an idiot and I'm glad they got out naked. He think that's the main reason -- an obedient one they can hire people just. It all a a lot of times I look at a display. I know nothing about surplus on a melting them up the inside work until the police department. But here's why -- that if I wanted to be a police officer I think more on the first things I would do is I'm sure. Well let me let me back up I'm sure you don't -- I wanna be a police officer I'm sure there's someone you know on the force and you talk to them and then maybe you decide. So I would have to imagine if you decide you want the B a police officer and you start talking to a lot of people on the ports are different people that you know on the force. And none of them had anything good to say about it you can move someplace else. I have a lot of these retired police opposite that I spoken to political ads in a couple of years they tell -- all the same kind of terrible -- polluted. The paid not a -- debate it could be elk away. -- at the mean I think and -- they called it an honor I mean why would he could be a target OP -- run. When you can -- Somewhere named bill and even no matter. We'll look I've got to die on the next month calling from Georgia he's a former it'll -- -- booed at some scoop from him. Thank you Brian all right -- is that Anthony. -- I hear it or not you you were of -- member of the New Orleans Police Department how long ago. I was out of a member of the fifteen year I left the police department on the wall and and 2001. OK so why do you think LPD is having such a rough time. Hiring new officers and keeping them. Well first of all that I hired them. Wages if not competitive. I mean like right now I'm actually the Lebanon. Montgomery Alabama in the -- that he like -- -- -- police say is Morgan -- low. And I'm talking about a city a much smaller scale. Left crying everything else. Build opposite of it now with -- vehicles which is what now would ultimately it will be a bit ago -- go and get to ward Jeanne good mileage you'll using your gas. It in the police in addition to a -- And you know I I personally among these people that. I'd like the idea. Of police taking cars home because that way. I know on my daughter. We we live in saint Tammany parish in their a couple of police officers -- live in her subdivision. And it gives you a certain sense of of a comfort. And security does know that those police cars -- there. It would -- -- -- decline write me if I'm a criminal and I know they have believable glib and around here that government in the neighborhood. -- and every -- product boy he'd been. Oddly rigid religion and the police chief elections have been horrible. Hello yeah I'm listening. It's and horrible spot and Richard Pennington. It's really been is that really selection police chase in politics involved when an American and it. Who we want to beat the police chief. Not a problem. That is is they had. Is that the police chief -- is effective they don't have. Enough money to hire who they need to Holler. Well coming. If you're given perfectly salary which is what tended to I don't know what it was as in the in the third period when he was just so much -- And he's been on board those sensitive. But I. You know it's about this great country can -- -- they -- -- really wanna bring -- to an opportunity came with a sixty -- What about the salaries for the rank and file. Got a problem you not -- back drop inflate -- -- and. Their money but Bettman has got to come from the City Council the mayor right. It got to let the -- -- that most -- -- upon decision -- That the base -- and everything the police opposite end. If you really badly. Outplayed this. Even with the problem of Dubai police and what if any would steal trade. At least 90% of the political duplicate it but we will be -- Is is. NL lead the let's say more dangerous than let's say saint Tammany parish. Or wherever and parish. I wouldn't say because if one of the things -- an Olympic being with the department is. You can count on you'll probably. Backing you that's one thing that was great for. You know and Edgar could you get an injury and you -- off and I mean they're coming out that would work people you'd have a new. -- police. Open. It's not believe that because I know an incident where there. Police album is gonna have a burning -- on the board and told to elderly people gave -- a little little section of the tan Nguyen. -- -- As a police officer or what are you hearing about what happened in Saint Louis. Didn't really hear much about that and beat it at the shaker. My job right now it keeps me. Pretty much time on the inside. Right now I am -- -- security manager. For casino. That if we're hearing we're hearing two entirely different stores we're hearing one where the young man was trying to. Get the gun from the police officer and that's really gut shot. And the other side says he was walking on the street with the -- up in the air and was gunned down -- mean. Those are those are two diametrically opposed stories and I hope I hope that week. Have some type of a video papers -- of going to show exactly what happen. And those cute story full Paula. And one thing that people have to understand is that. Like them. When. It is the very dangerous. And everybody like yourself in me who are law abiding (%expletive) ever and abide. You have some people would demand. And good -- -- under no circumstances mean a week you keel. A police were pretty Keaton and what do I need to do. And at MI correct that I've heard a lot of police levels usually. That unfortunately you'd just can't trust I. And -- pubic. Not all witnessed a credible. And -- offer consider it witnessed there a problem with the police before. It -- much -- can be vindictive figured the police department. Are I am going to be true. A witness -- play. What happened that illustrate. Halt police probably good we know I think that your. How would actually on the force level -- it was deliberate thing was yeah. Tom. There are witnessing the camera does what -- when they'd be paying. Farmar chipped and I mean. There's some thirty police that it -- they are social real real good. On working. Out the -- get the credit did you. The battle this year. -- entity I'm really appreciate you share the information were crushed tonight. I'm glad I get -- where I. Again out of my company people. Thank you so much to -- 09. 2601878. One or are here oh wait on the wanted to break yet not only is not Ambien now. I don't want to break you know what to do the opinion poll. What -- we don't know what happened. I have I have a problem I've said this many times on the year have a probable number I actually wrote. The wrong numbers down on which he. Spoke. And now I've got to protect itself as for some reason my brain is not remember numbers never never never so I have to write numbers down even though. I've given this phone number probably a thousand times that I don't read the phone number of adult read. 260187. I'll hold its sights on in -- so before it came on the year in India by regular she wrote the number death. At that and a rope wrongful poll numbers. Okay -- do -- -- -- the opinion poll question NFL officials say they intend to call even more penalties this season. Is flawed pre season -- is is good for the game. Or would you prefer to let players go at -- a little bit more you can go on line at WWL dot com or you can call -- You ready I've got the phone number I'm gonna read it to make sure it's right to 601870. Take a break I'm Bob Mitchell in -- on WWL AM implement dot Bobbitt told. Back in upper scotus go to chart in basic -- -- -- I have can be on her radio -- RT you know Abraham and experience. I've had several -- nightmares. From what I can't let territory -- how important -- leaders in the worst place in the world. And it put me on Ambien and you -- -- severe sleep did disorders. One time it's seven load of laundry and it no matter no uniforms later privilege that. Once well Democrat was there boxer shorts in the order just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is. An Ambien and country needs children in -- nightmare. Army which. -- been -- an apple or no there. Did it is something else and but it doesn't have that effect on everybody. And -- teetering on -- that even worse. I mean he cannot really messes you -- Mean. What does it do just make you just Paisley. I -- that -- -- -- that magnifies the -- -- -- at the may be to some Ambien and left before section in a while. -- Well I think we've lost to -- If you need to call back OK let's go let's go to Mike in Slidell or you might. -- good. Thank for him call. Com partner at ambient look I thought I would call for. Another. Topic or -- show possibly. Thought. Is these people. Take chanting. Thank you can't fix what is that. The. Smoke volcanic reduction. By that that's caused some side effects to. Are a lot. I had people Trace of me virtualized they'll want to kill me. I was standing. In line. Or and and separated -- It'll drive you not. And will make Google -- on all of the shall might appreciate that -- -- -- not that one all right appreciative of the wrecked in the opposite approach you wrecked. But really what would it take does it make you become a member of penalties. I'll hold. On me. There would be eight that. I. Then. That won't. It won't. Our. If that bit. That -- put all of this and that movement and it is gonna help. I'm listening to -- -- probably try to make sensible to Shane. One look at the bullet and then and I can help. I'll bet I'm actually a police officer because. They have come out with a bit of both the -- -- out and -- pull it. You know fruit. You let -- Well the police department. And I'd bet that -- it will. Be blacked out on. I'm Bob. If it wanted to step forward pop out there not there I think you should -- -- -- -- what you need. The important -- you act by the opening day. Does that make it open and people. You know yeah why -- wouldn't -- here that Bernard. Well I believe that the the current police chief foe wants to police levels are that he did go rise of through the ranks of the -- went to. To Nashville. As police chief and came back. I can't even in the police say either -- -- external. I didn't vote that the paperwork while they're -- they're billing. But I believe he was a police officer abrupt portrait became a bit. It was a police solve the before he came police chief. And then in the and in good -- -- -- but it may -- And what about the -- sport but now it was more unity. Just like in the Manila yeah if you don't -- -- coming in in the note there are. Up. Well I'm quite sure from humble -- -- remember them up above our current police chief serpent I think he comic came up through the ranks of what I'm trying to say. So I think he was he did he he did have. Experience as -- police probably did come up through the ranks and then finally be became qualified. To go to natural -- police chief and then he came back here. I think that's correct. Rick where where you where you're Robin Williams -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah all of it read about the big day. And we get. One out walk sit and look at it. Didn't beat them than me. On. And all that I don't remember that. What is wanted on. It was I agree with Rick I appreciate your -- and okay. -- Thank you so much to 601 late 7866. And -- -- though it's seventy I'm Bob Mitchell. And I'm in pursuit of the big 870 WWL. -- -- All right. The that's for you recovered Williams finished the one emailed me is that they would gutting or good morning Vietnam. All right let's get to our phones we've been having a little problem. With of the phone system shall -- called. And you don't have an answer on the way to hang up and and and call bankrupt trying to worked everything -- let's go to. Bob the New Orleans Bobby have an Ambien experience to share what this. Yes -- Again and it's a great sleep aid -- -- ever you. Has some issues look at remember and and do good things like year. When you take it a wake up. Candidate in a lot pan I -- up Easter ice cream neglect and not really realize that it ends terrible output. Tell me the next they -- a couple of days later. Although I extreme or -- some cereal and I -- didn't I remember -- -- she's got a trek again. Well to -- Cutting how do you know this is not needing to blame in on you. -- You really doesn't like they might drink like. A year. I'm pretty sure that. You know it it's its Ambien and and you know it gracefully pages does not -- -- -- Aid group then to mortgage your little sluggish. In particular law. -- and -- charge huge. You know I think that I think they tell you you take Ambien go to bed. -- -- You know who -- -- you know you'd you'd tend to get a beat up even walk mine. -- Oh on the Ambien and really did recall too much. -- If you walk the dog -- a -- remember walking the dog. Yeah yeah Obama while Syria some Labatt you know law. The Bulldog. And -- I go to districts and remembered though you did about 4 o'clock in the morning. It is not a cure lake and going well. So you know you hit it where it you know. It's I guess to note stresses in the world you know that the thirty. You know -- I don't go out and didn't think foolish. Bob must see you're from New Orleans number one. I'm happy with the NO PD and what would it take for you to become a member of the police force. Well -- update you it would take. The criminal justice does it change because that order the problem is you get to do whatever. They can't they can keep bringing people man and it's like a revolving door -- court system I'll be there there's. They don't hold those people. Create crime in this area -- about. Common bond mobile a bond. You -- problem probably -- court. And I don't the colleagues tell them that you. Here during her career criminals. It's been an mattered. You know -- -- -- rhetorical in the yeah. Well. I think that would make it true geek out of these guys -- There's a lot of struck on those guys to you know. Ibizan. And so you know there's a lot of our ability you know make future is you know there if -- hear the bad. -- -- -- whoever you I mean. Or that I'm I'm great at that -- -- -- Never leave them -- not that I debated. You're old enough to know better over the in the join the police forces which -- and. Well you yeah you know. I don't know. Another hit you'll would be marketplaces oil exports means chocolate chocolate chocolate Myers with a -- You know you know they make promises and you know the biggest night. They don't have real plane. And you can only come out. We press conferences pretenders. A multiple martyr. And -- -- -- they -- -- that. The witnesses that come forward and they're not technical witnesses in. The witnesses -- orchestra. On the police. You know there -- differently as people the world unilateral and patients feel so. You know if you -- law and country equally be too pleased when mr. You know you commitment. So it. Our will and it is. You know they're trained. I guess as to deal with the Easter. With the community not. Interface with the community at all. Got to Bob and got to go appreciate your thought even tonight okay you one though George and take John if you do me a big favor. Hang on during the newscast and come back to you right after India. Top -- the hour I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit and this is the big day it's seventy WWL AM at them and dot com.

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