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8-12 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell, 10pm Ambien

Aug 13, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show…Bob Mitchell is sitting in. As always—lots of interesting topics: Do you use Ambien or any other sleep med to doze off at night? Did you suffer any side effects like memory loss? A judge ruled that former federal prosecutor Sal Perricone may no longer practice law in federal court in Baton Rouge, because of his infamous on line comments. Perricone appealed the ban, saying he can't remember his infamous online comments, partly because he was taking the sleeping-aid drug Ambien. Does Sal Perricone have a case…or should he be held accountable for his actions, no matter what the circumstances? If you were negligent or did something illegal while taking Ambien or any other drug, would you company give you a pass?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell and Burris to tonight. Do you use Ambien or any other -- -- the bills off night. Do you have any Ambien experiences. If you were stubbornly side effects like memory loss and why are we talking about this. Well judge ruled that former federal prosecutor. So her helmet law may no longer practiced law and that cork -- -- That's the gather all the blog the stuff like that that little old apartment into an up -- Well is appealing the man saying he can't remember -- on -- comments partly because he was taking the Andrea. The salad and have a case there. I mean or do you think you should be held accountable for his actions no matter what the circumstances like in how -- they. Did get -- you can slide on this but those of you who have taken Ambien do you have in the Ambien stories. 2601878668890. It's seventy -- but he and it's 7870. We're talking about the New Orleans Police Department -- just you know -- -- able to find enough officers. Seemed like they take you know one step forward two steps backwards -- officers. Would you become a member of the -- PDO let's let's make it beyond that would you become a member of any police department. I think police. Are at the point where they're damned if they do that definitely don't. If they if they try to stop a crime and they use too much forced and they get accused -- police propelled if they don't use enough force. And the people get away than they did call out from that. There's no way I would want would be a police officer 2601878668890. -- -- Although not quite sure why we even need to all three number anymore. And everybody is that three you know long distance phone calls and we have our big 870. WW rope for the -- or opinion poll question. And a fellow officials say they intend to call even more penalties the -- If you saw the pre season and you know what I'm talking about is this good for the game or July -- news. And the officials let the players -- -- I'm for letting them go. Cast your vote at WW dot com you can call -- And we'll talk about let's go to the John good to have that right. I tell a -- or use. So what is your thought on the on the penalties -- oversee the official's call. More penalties and play it real stricter let the guys play a little bit. I don't know that it got. Opened the current candidates are. Actually. Yeah there -- even -- our contact. On a boxing. Making it as of right in my courtroom with it and game that door and making more people aren't that I want a lot. So what -- as far as the defensive back and the wide receiver. What would you allow them to do you know now if if you even -- -- -- understand either put your hands up and they -- gonna call -- call holding. Will -- how much. How much force would you give the defensive back against the wide receiver. I can't go right before impact. Our equipment and where are. Right in the EU. Economic council bako talking upgrade. Cornerback you are well Carter a little bit better by -- but. They in Iraq that it touched. On that -- Article one write out. -- didn't getting -- intending. You get -- packaging that you could go in and out it was quoted about. Being able to put out about why. -- mentally I'm I'm plural but more than that I -- com for a list them watched most heartedly -- -- -- in on -- important. But my wife has a great idea she thinks that. Defensive back should be able to tackle the wide receiver before they catch the ball well at at. That that would change the game quite a bit what -- what to Asia and how old guy argued. Mom I'm not a terrorist Latino -- better and it -- common. Still and and you played football now. What -- what position do you play in football. Running -- cornerback. Nick senior linebacker unit order back. You hope to be a member of the New Orleans Saints one day. That was my -- when I was little but now are very. There. Great. What what college -- gonna go to our organ you're not you're not on LSU. Our -- and we need your talent. That at. The ducks aren't all right but I appreciate you voting in so much okay. Thank you so much. 89 we'll do it and the -- the article but you know I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised that the Dutch company in. College is now a recruiting. You know kids in in junior -- and offering them scholarships. Let's go to one day and Picayune power you Wanda. I'm on one did you have an ambience or you wanna share what this. Yeah I think I'd say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Problem not rule and not you know and found them next I couldn't they couldn't get your match and then he. Why won't it made me feel real problems just like. It's it's -- of now. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I mean I do they have been nightmares and now I am you know trot them out won't we anyway captain king -- -- now. You're right yeah all right are you you're right you know Ohio on the go ahead. Why. Aren't. A well I I took him probably for off and on for a couple of months until I can't figure out exactly. You know what was causing everything and you would you you have these these dreams a night where -- Where you would wake up and it would take Q a few minutes to figure out did that really happened or wasn't -- -- and I. Did that happen and in my brain would have to start totally. Function in the I remember one time about a -- my wife was someplace else and and and I couldn't buy and it was -- -- wake up but I'm thinking. No no wait wait. There she is laying next to me but it it really is for some people. It it that not some people it's fun but for those of us who would causes side -- it and -- we're. Really it -- mine growing on me. Albums and I used to it and well I didn't. -- view of Robin Williams Flynn. Yet while and I can't you sound like music -- why did -- business isn't going to be what would you grade. He really. It it yeah I'm I'm reading this this assessment text masters -- Bob up people with severe depression say the pain is so great to really do anything to stop it. The pained -- mental distrust of -- I've I've never. I've I've never experienced and -- anything like that and it it it's it's just so difficult when you when you look at written. Andy eat eat you you see a guy on on the outside like Kim who was originally but joint fund in you never know what's going on inside a person's -- -- you want to narrow -- coming -- well I don't know about. Depression and it went bad because. His decision men physically. I'll I'll come under way more than ten. Might say you can look at -- would never -- we have a lot. That you're going to did you know. Right you didn't you know you can look at a person and if if the -- of that looks bad and depressed than there are no remote in you can so that purchased. Is is in -- in Iran but you can look at someone else who can -- the life of the party and they can be more depressed than that person. Want to capitalize. I mean and not particularly. He just like he said. Look at someone missing for a job in marketing and how long it could be cracked -- really won't -- -- -- their parent and bet it -- -- well. So the real hard to point and I appreciate you have well. Thank you -- appreciated so much okay. Well let's go to George in the Sharma Georgia have and Ambien story you wanna share with us. Yeah. He bought the arena. I was taken Ambien. And now. 1 morning now well woke up -- are pretty or -- One of my kids. And told most of it don't it is up twelve years ago in the sort of what you gonna. And so there are dark -- -- remembering here. A world that little bear that out the ban put the -- dutrow told you drop. -- -- daddy. I can't drama so well sit in street -- And eat dotted he got it. How old was not. Like 1213 years ago. And now. -- You know we eagerly Apollo 812 ought to wait in the government now. So I'll go out. The next morning and then why Tony should. And now. Wouldn't eat well. I don't know. And Dan Johnson. I mean -- my arm. Well we went back door and he means apple. Call all your old enough. Stop and the -- published or you put into neutral and roll and you told me drop. And now I've -- I did know. I know you. And India's. Out on the Internet on it again. And com. But my problem was elements -- Bar. You -- down. Traded chips and there could -- -- a little puppet now. Well I take it that little exchange you had yet. Well there are -- and I think. Oh in the in. It -- Not. Go. Cute at. All woke up a lot for it there. And you -- you may 00. That you put it actually that you. And but then you win. Ma ma am my. And tired so I thought -- So what that you pay in their -- sure what -- Not heard of people you know it. It cigarettes or did you practice all put them at a time yeah coming back. Now she says it the people. Ot it. So it got out. Is it no -- -- is what that it could -- Yeah it. Had been able. You know it it it is amazing that they don't have bold warnings on this because. I mean I'm I'm listening tonight to. Culminate -- and if Bolden and and -- -- -- thing. I'm mentioned earlier that the first time -- try to. Was after Katrina. I couldn't sleep and the doctor prescribed it and I -- Yeah. -- I I sat there one day. And a soft Katrina. And then that the next morning. And and when I woke up. My wife's done. Do you remember anything about last night. As a now came home from off from work we ate dinner went to bed which is dead. You don't remember any room for that you don't remember. Jumping up on jumping on the bed say -- on a trampoline jumping up and down and jump up and down. And -- and come up here on the trampoline and join me. And I said. Yeah -- just you're kidding me that did but she said I don't remember that a signal that come on and not tell us -- Enough of this stop kidding me. Apparently telling this joke and she's no poll it's not a joke you know. So what is it. Georgia and are -- a football fan. Yes I am and I -- NFL officials say they intend to call even more penalties this season especially on defensive backs. Is this good for the game would you like let them mix of coupled. I like that he would make it -- more -- right right now he can't touch to quarterback. Because you touch them. Is. -- -- -- and prepare for a team that you know you you got. You know maybe you can't -- and the dog and you know and it is in it it would be wary. This game is true mark and -- featured. They developed a baseball now the -- -- -- the Internet and is replay. You know now you. A prayer and it or -- -- -- -- looked at each other. Out. -- Because they Buick and now. The way he can't play that game away. From long. I'm afraid I'm presently come flag football before children. It is spirit and -- -- And and -- and that the auto getting. -- -- -- on it and you can't talk. The police at -- check things out but I'll 01 would be in my life. They're the police in our school teacher. Because they both don't. Put that should may and it held it and respect. You -- Georgia appreciate your call and thank you so much. We have some lines open those of you been calling and the bones have been will be messed up we do have wide open right now. 260. 18786689. Point seven religion of people but it -- have had Ambien experiences. And would what would it take for you to become a member of the New Orleans Police Department or any police department. Do you think that police just have an impossible job I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute -- WW. If that -- of course that was. Mrs. doubtfire. Robin Williams and were kind of honoring Robin Williams the night and taking your calls on your favorite. Robin Williams -- the taller or shorter interview whatever but don't Erik -- thanks for calling WW well tonight are you. -- -- -- Yeah there we go -- right our. And a CU or an attorney for of the New Orleans Police Department. Obama certainly. It's okay. Don't want and a former white in the one does it -- -- typical professional TD to hire. -- Well I think the problem they're -- is pretty much well publicized. And ten person that. Or look at on the important points out just certainly. Do. Research. On the topic and it worked for me and -- -- seated problems here. Think they have to take off and that when that -- -- salaries. I think that what would ultimately. Make citizen does it bait -- they look at that just hours of the neighboring. Areas in ranger series -- a mystery that has -- southern region and it realize that they can make more money. Be treated better be better equipped and better trained and. I think as a what you look like that it's pretty simple -- -- So what is it going to take is that is that the mayor is that the police treat this the City Council what needs to give. The the mayor and the police treat more money. -- -- yeah it's it's. -- that more money it's it's money that that spent wisely. What that the council. Chief of police and the mayor has to make it real. Real commitment to make an -- BB. What date they would they say the best equip the best trained in the best paid. Department and the and continued you can say what actually due to an end and take steps in that direction at all. I'm confused is there a residency laws not. There residency La is. It is there it's call it is his. Ouster that Kabul on. The job. Have to live here officers that -- -- better audit out already are. A case of the if if if if I want to be a police levels we're -- And I would have to live in -- world right. You can apply without being an all results are believed that you have to become. And six months of being -- yet to establish is that good or bad. While it is bad in there and that that it's fluctuated. Many arms administered. -- interpretations of a lot but it's it's not good because. You know many people that that it look at the job look at the cost of living in a long look at that you know what what. On that stick out not inspire children without announcement by north as opposed -- -- can -- A neighboring parish and school systems. That crime here believe that bilateral level of about sixty. What does does the current -- jail for a rookie. They start 34 while that's terrible. ER yeah it is at hand and the the opportunity. It is is it's getting better by. It's your laboratory -- that you can get promoted and should -- promote stand. That -- here to. I was out our job for seventeen years. And my first ten years on the job. Let -- take the shark just wants. And that it still took. Over three years. They promote from that list. And this thing about the tattoos. That seems a little childish to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- They have changed it to two a little bit. Out so stupid. They I would I would look at it like this today. Especially in in some of those tough neighborhoods and where you have some of these gangs where they all have tattoos. I'd want my police officers to have tattoos does then they could be just as big as the bad ass as the gang members of the way I would look at that. While -- what you want to please go to church. And end up not that that CNET. By an exposed to 10% on the professional and comes. Action from from the way to conduct themselves. And these men and women on street and let us say that. That the that the person you interact with that thing though. A police option get out of the passengers comparable characters and please get the outside -- just give it free and clear -- And -- know. Which officer. Test. And it doesn't have anything to do it -- it has to do how to present so. And so what is it going to take. And how soon -- this. The situation -- turn around thirtieth or do you think that we're we're a long way off before we concede this department rise to where it should be. You know a -- -- that question before I think it's. It's a simple answer that's a difficult. Task and I that they might not be able turned around but it. And it can be turned around -- taking politics out of the department. And it's that simple. But. I don't think any politician ever ever let that could name but -- power to. The cheap bleacher. -- You know I lived in them out of the New Orleans east of the war of Katrina and a I'm built a very beautiful home. I was I was very very happy. This was probably. Seven years so before Katrina. And no one afternoon I had Mumbai. At 530 in the afternoon while I wasn't home. Stolen from from my garage and a Wynton chased the guy. And I've I really wanted to live there and I -- one of the one of the things to be good. And we had of a block beating and they had some officers there. And I remember walking up to this a black police officer and -- you know something. A set I really have faith that this area is gonna come back it was going to be good little companies that. Have you lost your mind. He said I'm getting out here as soon as I possibly can. -- of this police department is in in in terrible shape and he said -- -- of this whole area is gonna go down and I didn't wanna believing but he was right. Well you know -- has two perspectives. Your sentences. In your and it could -- an inner inner workings of the police department. -- would which would sort of on that were approximately say you know that politicians. And and if that police didn't know any different and he didn't what part of the everyday -- -- of politics -- the city. It I would agree with it would work. -- hope that that what you are saying. What we watched it coming. The troops. But we see are we you know we know the police know. -- -- -- -- -- city to get compact car. God -- you know she knows what -- dot com back. It's about what to do. They can be done professionally can be done lately. It can be done within the confines of the consent decree does is to let the money. And what I think should be the source first priority in such. Public safety. And and that's simply not the case and they just for me the option was to -- Yes it distribute at -- and the police department that flush with money and endorse a great job. And don't need that extra money. Well that's great I don't think you'd find many citizens. That agreement. Erica appreciate your -- and I think they'll sure led to the show. Now again on this just you know believe it or not these police. -- the want to stay. They they want teaching. But but -- the -- start of the come. That the more wish you just got that green oppressed. It does seem to me that by the average person on the street. They really don't the police officers do not get the respect they deserve -- I would not wanna be a police officer. You know like we have this situation in Saint Louis. We don't know what's happened I'm I'm sure that we will find out what's happened. But like I I saw a sign that someone put Saint Louis and it said. The only good police officer of the only good opposite did cop and I mean people talk disrespect to -- to the police officers. There's there's just I mean. Society in general does not seem. The the honor and respect cops. Unconscious I think that your vocal minority but I think. I think what you have is again. Politics and I'll go back to a police officer Robert recently. That was confirmed with a deadly force situation where you know. Potentially is either. He -- surrogates got trapped in the little unfortunately you know he killed and fortunately there's you know some lobbying power and the police department. Basically -- on the sidelines. And defend and wouldn't come forth and say you know what he'd get retraining -- did he get exposed to. Alternately you know it took six months until that this child abuse case. But I think the department can do -- in need moved quickly to right and me to come forward and say that he's right and what if he's wrong. They need how important it. Have you heard anything about them the investigation in Saint Louis on on on what the facts are what the but. I know -- immediately hear the news out you know disrespect but that's. I don't think that is as our -- and. Well of the sides are so far apart mean one says that. He tried to taken to the policeman's weapon -- -- -- -- shot the other sides that he was walking on the street in the stands up. And the police just on the net so that's yeah. And in the most. You know. Not knowing anybody involved the most readable. I don't know of any any police does that destroy around there's certain people brought date like just because it's really. Discussion at. Well. You know that the -- have to be shown. And I'll just served it up. All right Gary thank you for -- into that okay. All right we have lines open 260187866890. It's seven it. -- people that had the what we'd like to call the Ambien experience of the an Ambien as well those drugs of some people connected. And it makes them see and do crazy things like this year. A text message I was on Ambien. And in the corner of my I saw a run. With moos. Antlers that was too freaky. I stopped taking Phillip you've had those one resident Ambien experience share a story with us that 26018. Levity. And NFL officials say they intend to call even more penalties this season. Is that good for the game -- -- purport to what the player to go at it a little bit more on Bob Mitchell and -- do this W don't know I'm Bob Mitchell and for us do tonight. We have some earlier problems that the phones but those of -- -- -- -- one opponent and take part of the show 26 Euro one late 786689. Point seven you can text -- and it's seventy -- avenue looking. For people and well liked to refer to as an Ambien. Experience I mean if you know if you know anyone who's -- Ambien. And had something crazy happened to -- give us a column let us know. Some people or explore and some some people you know I mean with me I can't take -- -- to take it. With them with no problem. 260187866890870. We're also looking about why do you think the New Orleans Police Department is having such a tough time. Getting officers to go to work for -- and what would it take for you. To become a member of the penalty and he and -- also aware -- were Rio remembering Robin Williams of the opinion -- a favorite movie -- -- comment you wanna. Make about is that it's a brutally really. A it's a sense that loss you know and and it shows you it shows you one thing that. When you even that some on this Lafley and then having a good time on the outside and seems. A great life but it doesn't mean that they are not suffering from deep depression -- -- hung himself you know. How hardest. They haven't to the toxicology. Report yet that's that's that's a couple weeks I just can't imagine. It unless you were really really really drawn you can you can you can just hang yourself you know not. Not not not fight for your life. That's the Bob had a bad experience -- Ambien. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sure it's a clapper for phone calls over. Text messages here on my wife caught her. Only there while on Ambien woke up the next morning and solve -- here in the laboratory in did know what happen. Well now. Let's at 02 remote remote or you to night. Well I had to laugh when he -- ambient. It's not on our experience yeah. Should anything happen. That could be very serious. And Syria are. It makes you it makes you wonder why they aren't. Bigger warning labels on it -- -- while on cigarettes -- -- -- label on this and Julia. But in -- here here we are I've been on the air since 8 o'clock it would they have tons of stories. And tons of text message like this this lady that I just read -- Her own hair and didn't even remember it happened. Well my experience that I remember it was current. And one of them died from brownie and or -- I don't or some kind of thing and I lit her. So you know when I'm by. Or something I'll remember how many I've bought. The air travel -- -- to edit. And I go to bed -- night. I wake up the next morning. And all the ground -- yeah I -- right now. And for me thank god like in life threatening or anything significantly injure. But I didn't have a part of my intro mean. After the storm should -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- the next morning her out and out or weighted Carla I currently our bodies simple outlook. He's in the door he accomplished -- someplace else. He had no recollection and literally at that time and I were down. And -- is and it. A record level until. Well you know right mind you know my entry in our area -- some other. And they -- on -- thank god they weren't quite threatening. I had a a friend who was married. When he said that. He and his wife would dip into -- huge fights. Because. In wake up in the morning. And they would be either a bowl. Of of ice cream that'd been finished or bad cookies and a glass of milk. And she would say. You got up the middle like -- I didn't need that you -- that these are again at these again these flights the cuts. At that time people didn't realize that Ambien can actually do this ambient. Ambien can wipe your memory and -- and it's it it it is crazy. I mean I took report -- often offers over -- on a did not take it any. Anymore but hold them -- for one night win. My wife and spent the night. Watching TV and having dinner in -- and really good time. And you know the next morning she said. We really had a good time last night about often what do we do. You know we had don't you remember we -- we had a romantic dinner we watched that movie. Worries that the -- night together no we didn't. Yes. You know remote and it looked I don't know -- that might come on. You're trying to kidney here you'd YouTube you -- in my late entries that no and that's and said you've got to step taken that's. Well in that case in which favorable. Now I don't remember -- -- -- have been -- -- I don't remember you know in areas in -- it's not trade. But yet you know you don't -- big doctors prescribe it you don't see big OO warning labels on it. It. That's right and that. That I remembered it might help and the one like French. After Katrina. Right same here same with the list xmas I'm seventy years -- took some -- one night I was running around the apartment complex -- All. That my parents are on Ambien can convince them to. To get off of memory loss. Mood swings and short term. And member who's driving me to drink nuts you know. But it is it it it it is amazing and when you put the people and and you say I mean like the first time wiped out my memory. I thought I want to play and relieved that you you can should know. No problem and you the truth O. And a group and not didn't remember a thing nothing. Well. We would be leery and very much concerned. About any kind of medication. That it. -- side effects. Symptoms. Of the disease quality. Because at some point here now. Kind of like Miller and getting better yeah. Good point. -- appreciative -- in. Anything else wanna add to show. You gonna take an Ambien and go to bed right. No I'm actually gonna I do -- something analysts say toilets that are. Eat healthy. Exercise. And Wear yourself perfectly content parent they think and actually. No not I just read that if you do that you should you should exercise about four hours before you go to sleep well. Whatever it takes thank you and -- All right I'm Bob Mitchell and put this WWL coming right. Always something new a WW dot com the latest on Robin Williams the remembrances plus we have a tribute in pictures throughout the years to. Beloved actor and comedian -- league what you need to look at that plus -- Lenders lesbian -- developed in fall but while the occupants involved in the Ninth Ward -- He's calling for tips also Bobby -- saw a big improvement -- saints camp including. Seven sacked three big story and catch Christians video with a cajun cannon then trending hot video of car burglars in Metairie. Pointing guns as they rip up carved -- It's all online right now at the WWL dot com -- -- -- seventy WW project or opinion poll question and a fellow officials say they intend to call even more penalties. This season means you're you've sought in and the saints exhibition game -- You know at the receiver. It would depend about it and puts his hands. One receiver in the past. Five yards and the Carolina holding -- so. Is as good for the game. You know the real technical or -- -- the player to go about it a little bit more and cast your vote at WW dot com or you can simply call me at 26 or one late seventy. One of things were talking about to bite you use Ambien or any other sleep -- bills -- but neither of the overhead. What we are calling an Ambien experience. Like this a diskette does text a friend of mine. Took Ambien and she called her brother because she bought ATV. Four a dollar. Or brother called her the next day and holder of the checkered credit card -- likely spent 19100 dollars so. -- only know that but it is -- All right I'm Bob Mitchell this is the -- show were going to take a break for news if you wanna call luck during the new big job that -- ready to go low. Our lines are working now you can call. At 260187. Lethal 3866889. -- at seventy we'll see you riot after the top of the hour news from WWL.

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