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08-12 11pm, Bob in for Scoot, Ambien/ NFL

Aug 13, 2014|

Can ambien, which can cause memory loss, be used as a viable argument in a court of law, for cases in which the accused used ambien? ALSO... Is the NFL making the game too soft, in lieu of protection for the players?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It may Bob Mitchell the real Robert Woodruff filling in Boris do tonight. And we're gonna -- to RW WL talk table I'm sure you heard it up in the news and if you have -- -- billion. Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson it's a suburb outside of Saint Louis. Says the name of the officer who shot and killed -- -- Michael Brown will be released. For the foreseeable future or at least and -- either compelled to buy a judge or charges are filed against the police officer. Jackson said this is due to death threats called in to the police department and posted on social media. Lot a lot of rush to judgment here. According to officials. Brown only recent high school graduate with a struggle over police levels was in Donnelly was shot. His mother reject the official version -- the officer who fired the lethal shots to receive the death penalty. Well we got a charge in person have a problem for which didn't give him the death penalty. Brown who was on arm what Charlotte Saturday by pertinent police officer while walking with a friend on the center of the street. Police have -- a scuffle broke -- actively officer asked the boys to move to decide. Now witnesses say Brown's armor and the air in a sign of surrender of as the white police officer repeatedly shot the black youth. Mean these stories. Or so and plea please you know diametrically opposed a minute there's no where we know where is the truth here. After a vigil Sunday got an angry crowd looted stores. And a night later in the and for completion of the fire tear gas to disperse the protesters the US Justice Department. Has announced that a civil rights division was open an investigation. So hot so we remain level headed. And such a racially charged situation like this one. And is looting. Ever justified. So Wendell potter we mean what what what comes next. Police officials say that they don't -- released his officer's name. Oh in a week we'd we'd go all the action at all -- knows one side says one thing the police officer says that they try to get them the move in the struggled over gun over his gun. And that's why he shot the young man. The other side says that he was walking down the street with his hands up and just got gunned down. And of something like that happen I mean that's that's that would be be young. Respectable that would just did that there's there is no one no one would stand for something like that. I'm hoping. That this police chief. Gets them back for what like. It it it seems to me that with all the video cams. And then the recording device to have in the cars that got to have something on that somebody has got something. On this it can't be it it just can't beat. That different of a story. Now we talked to a couple of vote plea flop -- earlier they said you know unfortunately it did eyewitnesses. Are not always that reliable but I'm hoping that that day they do something about this rules and so I would I would love to take your calls. And I'd love to have your thoughts. On how to we remain. Level headed and shortly racially charged situation like this one and his including. Ever justify the -- that the people that got looted against the -- they didn't do anything wrong. They weren't involved in this. They were just innocent bystanders so is looting. Ever justified. You can call me at 26 -- late seventy. We do have lines open and we're gonna continue to take our calls about ambient. Do you use Ambien. Or any of the fleet led to doze off at night. Do any of you have any Ambien stories we've had we've had just some incredible. Situations with amnesia and the people of -- and and and and got done with weird things. People -- one guy a bottom few callers ago. That he got up the middle of the night. Woke up -- twelve year old son. Said we're going to on get donuts. Gets back. In the car. Tells -- twelve year old twelve years old is going to have to drive home. And then the next morning the white says where these -- come from dead doesn't remember a thing. Throw up your hand and the and the ambient stories I'd like you to share those with males. And we have our big it's -- pretty drag or opinion poll question and a fellow professionals say they intend to call even more penalties this season and honestly call -- It is good for the game. Or would you prefer to let players go at it a little bit more at this point 12% say it's good for the game. 88%. Say. Let them play. As far as the the situation. And in Ferguson a majority of the with the eighteen year old Michael Brown being gunned down. No -- -- have a text on the bodies of their three sides to every story. By your side my side and the truth. I agree that I'd I'd I'd just I've I don't think of ever. Her story. That the sides so so much apart you know even some of the other ones. It would you know there was a scuffle and the argument might be who started the scuffle but this year. Let's go to John in New Orleans John thank you for calling WWL. -- -- But the situation. Pulpit. So it. -- whether there there. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- know where -- picked. It. It won't call. It it is a situation where you get. This. It's. A couple. Oh is that they want. It. The situation. Out there as -- all the old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other. -- yeah. Where. It. -- -- John is that unusual to have to. Entirely. Different stories like those on the same incidents. It is why. Yeah. Three. So old. If there. -- here. -- -- -- The case here. -- -- Hope -- The postal. You know. And -- Shoot. The ball. It. It. Back. Up the ball well in it. -- -- One of the things that. I was talking about earlier as the stores the police force and officers in general and what. I what I was raised to to respect police officers it seems like to me you know that you guys. Get a lot of disrespect in just a local a lot a lot of club. Up over the lip and that was from from people you don't really need to today is that true. It. How. -- pulpit of the ball. Out. -- Sure yeah. -- It. -- -- Yeah but it did. It in -- -- of the -- And so. -- -- -- it is is there any reason -- any justification. When these things happen for all the looting that goes on. -- -- -- -- It. Yeah. The -- And apparently on. This. -- So. Called you the addition. Ball. -- There. And vote. All other. -- -- -- -- So this. Oh. -- good -- it is there a chance that. The police car video was going to show any of this. That. Has ordered all. All the people all. Active. Well -- -- simple like that. Everybody here. -- -- How long do you think it should take them to. Look at the facts together. During the -- bill. Not what -- so it won't be able to do to help you do well. And -- -- is that he is there. Halloween. Remain level headed. When there's a total racially charged situation where you've got Maine yeah you got the mother saying that the person who. Who pushed guilders and should -- to the death penalty and you know you're you're you're you're getting one -- simply we want facts. Right now in old ha ha ha ha yeah. How do you keep cool heads prevailed in a situation like this for this thing gets worse than it is. -- -- It's just. -- the book. -- -- What is -- what is called -- For all 40. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- John. I lost to a I've I've I've by appreciate -- if polling and hope that it was it was great discussion and and thank you for calling and right if you want to -- with a comment -- talk of course what the situation in and in Saint Louis and -- we remain level that a -- instructor racially charged situation. Like this we'll hear and the were still taking Ambien stories of the overhead and -- experience you know they Ambien does make you do crazy things and forget things to 60187866890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell and for -- We have lines open so you can the fold in right now. Bob -- chill in the pursuit while things were talking about the that we are taking that we're taking Ambien stories Ambien experiences -- We have really had some some some funny ones tonight. We also are talking about the situation in it's actually a suburb of signals and and in Ferguson. And with the with such a racially charged issue you know now -- -- we discuss that with with cool heads in -- Mean they're looting and looting never really justified and here's a text message that says relief is looting justified. What comic questions. What time that -- -- that. Too late at night to aggravate me let's go to to thread in Pascagoula how are you Fred. Yeah -- -- What you know it and looking like -- much there's going to do Rowland Al Sharpton got -- there and not know the camber on court files and should look you know let. Anyway. That's in the -- yet. Well all. And let us that the council that's Al's job -- but he does for a living -- Everybody everybody has to have a job. It in it it is that it. Probably wouldn't you can and that's right that. You've had an -- experience for a yeah. It's back in 2006. Or Katrina. So from over here and pastors to. And some element that. And what else does so all our. And you know -- and you better start more than him -- course I'm 61 year ago also. They'll girls back in the army. And non. Little what some party issues and not -- my heart doctor lately though it did Ambien for -- While -- did Ambien for a heart condition that doesn't make any sense. No problem I'll have troubles will call today and hit it in you know in in the Bart Schneider never yeah. Fred I know you like you like to pull my leg Laden's at least dolls all right. -- and others are bad blood. Pretty. You know we work yeah -- not work -- And as -- As you were torched. You know. What that never there are some. Pot she doesn't know. Oh bar or why I want to hear from the woman potential sleepers. So and all the other what went to school and river. Barge will be at -- mile. -- -- -- At all so I'll. Go. Back and work like you should you know. Could watch in the -- more important. As though. Out of and dark and disappeared while I'm actually a black let loose and it. To. And as if it does cause hallucinations are you Robin Williams -- Yes I don't know a little bit. Never partially. Don't -- the preparation. And figure eighties were a lot story in all the -- year and the law. One Mosul. Not a bright primary. Where property period and now. And 001. The right. One Korean and common. And what we are. In and that's bull or depression and -- -- -- -- not work. And -- and a war what what to bright -- It -- disorder treatment determined that global action will. The ability. To the surgery. It -- or -- what it's like rot -- We'll get congratulations. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so to tell them about we talked about it detail and -- actually. Not on him. Overnight it went into some -- let them. Jerusalem -- yeah. And and that's did. And -- the thinking more about it the commerce one now and we were the items for couple. On outlook probe on the network -- sort these stories are orient and injured nine nations. He mentions. Might. It mean is it. And in the -- should and so shot on but I did not like next -- I don't know. It was a black leader. Lisa they're all decent. Move well. There was little. -- You know and of course you know we're just thought -- aliens and accomplish you know. I cared for blow. -- -- that you can. Work through it emerged out presto. Thanks to Fred I appreciate you calling let's go to Michael Michael you -- Traffic accident you'll tell us about. We're like between blow off on -- -- -- -- -- great but not so cool. How long golden happened you know maybe and. So traffic does is moving or stop. I wanted to but -- -- knows better and and remote border forward certain what road. Couple more although on the ground. Or demean the location again please -- Alamo or are all right thank you Michael. All right let's go to John in the plus John how are you. Under guard -- argued. I'm doing fine thank you for Carolina and you have and Ambien story forests. You know I've been as the best of writing a note that network and neutral. It went -- -- -- -- text message big John you're gonna like this he says the guy says. I used the generic brand of -- it's called beer let that. Yeah. This. You don't I am not a beer drinker at all never have been. Maybe I'll buy you -- triggered all. Like on occasion. Yeah. -- about. -- -- Then you know Pete ego and expect that mean like outlook and paying that -- that shoot Obama has channeled yeah whatever it. It gangs in the you'll -- a game of LA -- -- but it gave him -- all right. And what happened right credit market trading in other but it will be used in. By Katrina. And in any detection Libby is the -- right. And they accused him and -- like. That Houston that their current order extra step of their elected do here. And Q there's been written policy yourself that -- about the -- that Mike because of that thirty in murder or are. And they policy over there to where. You know so -- -- that the murder were the better all the pictures that she has been moved back there either. And we're out all the -- Japanese developer or all to a. I remember some bit of life that you right where they they native. Some very very strict laws that you've got caught doing something. You're gonna go to jail you weren't in the just be left out -- right then and that adults and the Medicare I do remember correct. And -- -- but are probably do rather order for the visit our keeper ripped from the same people. Note that unlike. Art is about Leo you know Peter oil trader at GQ shoot people and get there -- cheap people more you know. John when you look at this a situation that's going on near Saint Louis I mean it's. It's it's it's such a racially charged thing you have a white police officer accused of gunning down. A young black man who had his hands up in the air that's that's that's what one side is claiming. The police are claiming that they got the scalpel and of a -- young man tried to take and get his gun. And you know of course. We we don't know all the facts yet and there's there's an incredible. Rush to judgment and how do we how -- -- discussed things like this that -- so racially charged and and do it with local level. And now I'm not and not each other morning this morning the finger -- -- Yeah understand that but I think you know a lot of it's you know -- Black cultures you know persecuted -- black -- -- -- paper pictures. And but the thing about the thing in Saint Louis. They go to do the forensics Betty you know they're they may have been out of -- When it -- the -- you know and it illustrated so of course they're restores respect well. You know but it could go -- you're probably of the angle away the boat Gordon angle away from runaway. While I I am sure you know we we we had a a police officer on them and it'll be deeply troubles are on at Leo at the top of the hour. And he said that there will be those surveillance video and and the -- said that. White or black it but it really shouldn't matter that they need to get to the bottom of it and he said you know if -- if somebody is a sudden somebody's line. Is that it's either of the police officers Tron to cover their butt. He -- or it's the other studies that but somebody to fly in here. And he he read it in a -- the fact that a lot of times. You can't just take and that -- eyewitnesses are not necessarily. Very reliable. Witnesses for information. There you heard about that and native QB like in his -- remembers markets and -- -- -- well because. It's fairly members don't know you know a culture to be at the wrong or that little board vehicle right you know it could be -- numbers are cut and yourself but -- Arctic. Well you know we would -- we don't know anything but -- we do know one thing that mothers. Always think their children are innocent no matter what. And because that's that's. That's their instinct there -- always believed. It never one to believe -- older children. I just hope that we can get the truth to this as soon as as possible to get the -- topic just so weakened -- diffuse the the situation. And you know and I know we we can -- about Al Sharpton. But you know whenever Al dips around he does have a way of flaming the -- he doesn't -- Eagles have a way of of of 1018. Taking the the negative side about what -- -- -- forty even finds out what really happen. Yeah that this thing after a while back to where. Some. Like people that you know -- -- prospects -- so the ago or so that. Like people -- the white -- -- herself then and you know I doubt Sharpton all but written for that matter you know. And I mean that mean if you -- about -- -- Al Sharpton stretches but it seemed like. What a black person is -- wrong -- -- you know top of his game but yeah. First look like black or white are you don't see it you'll see or hear from now. I think that's a -- statement. Your -- football fan John. Oh yeah the states vote village shoot. So what do you think about the NFL saying that they intend to call even more holding penalties this season promote -- understand now. But you get past that five yards of scrimmage if the defensive back even puts a hand. On -- the wide receiver that's going to be of a form of holding that is as good for the game or would you prefer that the players just mix it up a little bit more. Well I think the -- has -- tires is like you know they have been fortunate to -- point. -- -- like there and shopping got suspended. Aka so frustrated that -- -- game -- electorate by rock preacher and via strolls in and one of -- -- One. One. Corner dark it got away in the say he caught the ball. Like more you're there on the field you know the waitress it was more about your field. And -- and that there Corbett are you about the way. You know in an effort they -- -- camera caught the ball and ordered or urged the elements shot patent. Was suspended you know. And I think better shopping at a coal bed where it would -- that call that if you know where. I remember the play you're right. John -- you're a fan of Robin Williams. -- And it and the favorite movie. Well well well. I'll borrow urgent priority. And I didn't realize that -- -- -- -- of their visit our radio about only that we be made public what the date that the like. You know about our network I'm -- set that -- -- -- to -- now. -- it -- production issue. Yeah I think he's got about three movies in the can follow one. But one of the movies that up I'm not. Heard anyone mention though it was one of my favorite movies of his do you remember him in the movie called Jakob the liar. Yeah -- carried out won't watch I watch all the way through. It was at a constant it was if it was -- concentration camp and he was it was creating stories to try to keep that the that the Jews spirits up and stuff like that. I thought he did just a superb superb acting job and yet you don't hear too much about that movie. You know our carriage -- a bit and you need to have a like a lot of different of MarketWatch for an opinion that there is. You know electorate but you've got jamaat you know or watch from -- in March. -- on the table like it in the middle sit -- watching. You know. Yeah. All right John appreciate your voting in okay. Are included in the YouTube. All right we have we have some lines open if you wanna call and take part of the show it's 26 year old late seventy. Nick and all appropriate 8668890870. Text me. At 87870. Arabic dates ebony pretty drug -- opinion poll question is official NFL officials say they intend to call even more penalties this season. -- and forced them like our last caller said the following the -- there but they say they're going to enforce them a little bit more. I can't remember one of the teams. Do not remember which one was there -- might have been Cincinnati. They had their depends a -- practice wearing. Boxing club -- couldn't let grab on to the drawers and try to get used to the fact that they're gonna call these kind of things but. Is -- good for the game would you prefer to let players to go -- will the book I I think they have gotten to so. A soft on this game that I'm I'm afraid you know -- -- and we have to play and play football. 2601. Late 78668. And nine OH seventy. Also I'm interested in -- the -- fan of of Robin Williams do you have a favorite Robin Williams. Movie or cartoon but I thought he was best. When he would go on things like the tonight show with Johnny Carson. Or Jay Leno or David Letterman I I thought he was best on on shows like that of the it was like. It was like totally out of control all right we don't take a break and will come back also we're looking for rob. Looking for Ambien. Experiences you know the sleeping drug that you take did you do things and forget what you do Bob Mitchell -- -- -- to WW well. All right let's go to James in New Orleans James wants to talk about the Reverend Al Sharpton you know -- -- -- -- to be too mean. There. -- -- It shows that are on there it sure. And -- callers are determined that the incident here in -- -- instructor. Oh I think are probably here and there it is. The article in getting along in that situation. While the brands that topic in encrypted. So they're being located on our team looked like it. I think there in your own -- in you know -- -- -- statement that it right on it he contacted about a family here there and bank but -- -- -- be bigger problem. Right -- doesn't it seemed like he does like he does like the he does like to fan the flames a little bit though. Yeah I that aren't there yet around the expand its major that we're not right if you can do you know. You like you know thank you -- you probably think -- ever replicate meg yeah doing. Yeah but it is also got a -- I've also got the reputation and getting involved endings of movies wrong. He doesn't come out apologize he had better. That meant that it hadn't -- it you know ranked Florida virtue. That ultimately happen. Other people are very very efficient -- there and definitely. -- it will soon -- you know Greg may have been hit a security camera here on you know about. Yeah but JJ. Ineligible do there was one -- -- those those young athletes can. Convicted of all of rape and hoping was to make a story mean never came back and appalled -- listened. And I hate he's got a job to do OK I'm I'm. I'm I'm I'm not anti Al Sharpton. I'd I'd like listening now in effect if it if you if you wanna see something really really funny. Go go online and looked up Al Sharpton. Battles the teleprompter. I'd I think Al is as a personality but. That's his job that's the mentality does that right now what we have to make sure is that this is another racially charged situation. And let's hope let's hope we can get this thing solved before is any more violence. That we will -- do you know. Open. Very that landed that you come out and let it on net there's -- -- -- -- that we yeah. Whatever that Leo you you're you're you're you're right you're right commitment they've -- -- -- primarily wrong doing what did you do today. Item then I'm from -- -- you know are you choose their own thing you know well I'm definitely argued that you know. Well I'm I'm I'm hoping I'm hoping we get to the truth to this -- -- it but what I'm hoping. It is the fact that whatever the truth as I I hope both sides can attend accepted and if indeed we find out. That it's that that this police solve certain gun down an innocent young man. That he deserves the death penalty -- but on the other hand. If we find out that this young man was wrestling the police officer's gun away and that's how we got shot. Then the other side's got to accept that mama's gonna have to accept and that hurt that that her son did something wrong but let's. I've realized that it that it varies you know. You know let's let's let's just hope that we get the truth into the real soon appear thank you James. All right let's go to Barry and moguls are you Barry. I'm the one -- That's I'm not. And outshot the new all it is is great you know but a lot of these racially. -- originally been like. In the air across the nation that mentally up up up -- -- -- -- -- opening -- the I don't particularly the well. It's just a pilot that well but most in the about what it is not black -- have been historically. -- At a police. Why police went and don't know -- -- policeman and a white policeman did. Indeed these were. Mean and -- back with. -- -- -- -- I told that this between. And -- A doable Berry and in that group therapy are bigger role that suits. You mean. And they're the planet like -- -- is it true what will be due to retrieve important to which we need to. And we need we need we can't not -- -- -- -- we need -- we did it come out there and wait. -- that would when he amiga. I I agree but can we. Many times we get to the facts and the jury decides these are the -- that is what it is both sides don't wanna accept the plants. -- one little odd doesn't want to accept it all all all I want in the in this situation year. They provide -- thing was. I mean in there was a lot of a lot of gray area there let's hope. That this particular thing let's hope the let's hope it's black and white and I don't mean you don't let -- let's let it clear it. Let's hope -- apple mostly clear because. You know what when when you look at the story it got you got the please solve -- and that that these young men would not get all the way. Man and then they got into a scuffle and they -- -- tried to Russell was gone away and that's well the kid god touch on -- to dozens. That just doesn't seem to make any sense the date but on the other hand. The say he was walking on the street fans held up in the air and -- gunned him down that doesn't make any sense well. But the -- -- -- if overtly. And and that we have enough money here it would be good being a bit. We don't we will move -- it did not repeat itself well. And would be -- he. Didn't look -- And so so up and who at a police about it like. Copy of the week. People on -- and got caught in the mix a couple of may have been a -- and he. The -- -- -- Atlantic. And indeed been an adult social on it but -- need to bump and outlook to at least Goodyear brings international active commitment to. -- what it would just yet. There. Three -- I agree with that but where I have a a different look with Al Sharpton. Is the majority of times Al takes that side out takes the family side rather than say look. You don't need to hold on here let's find out what happened. How many times wool and let's face it no mother once the thinkers son. It has done something wrong but that's that's the way mom's your mom mom's -- -- their kids okay mum always does he was a good boy all in my that's what moms do. Al has a tendency I find to get on that side and and -- Come. Of -- that fire oh yeah he he did nothing and and and and that cop was wrong. We have -- Equity -- what I would do if -- well if you're in the wet but it's. If you're wrong he should be in support of the year. -- -- make him. But that's not Al style. But don't give us. Now I thought I'd like to show you know if you think he can be -- that time but let's hope. Let's hope that we can get this thing solved and let's hope that win the decision. I'm I'm I'm I'm what I'm hoping -- I'm hoping that the police department. Either way whether -- whether the officers. Guilty -- this year inevitably I hope we have -- salute the -- bolts it's been looked at it say. You're right. We're about probably shore. Probably the one degraded. Actors that it. Mean you look at. Each -- -- eat and eat he crop out. Indeed John. And -- -- and two win. Adam and -- mean that will be up. Mean movement and -- can -- -- -- the leader. And but Barry I enjoyed the conversation with the event thank you so much -- Follow right -- be right back on WWL. Welcome mat and show Bob Mitchell and for a astute group will will be back tomorrow night. Our big 870 pretty -- where opinion poll question and FL officials say they intend to -- even more penalties this season. They're gonna play it more by the book but say this is good for the game or would you prefer to let players go. OM a little bit more -- WWL dot com at at this point 88%. Say Lipton played 12% say. And it's good for the game -- -- important and I'm for letting them play but I think that sometimes. Especially come and of parents calls mean it's it's almost like every time. A receiver dropped the ball he immediately turns and and and and looks for a flag. Who detonation. Let go home games begin where you're black and gold were Ronde. The -- first pre season game against Tennessee Titans. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Will kick things off at 3 o'clock -- first take with -- resident probe former saints offensive lineman Steve court and Todd -- live from the Oceanic groh went on to it. Just steps from -- at 5 o'clock. The Bud Light. Countdown with -- beat Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia and -- of the superdome. 7 PM game time that the best play by play team in football absolutely the voice of the saints Jim Henderson color analyst fatigue nausea immensely Simon report Kristian -- After the game -- the cajun cannon the big chief for the point after till 1 AM that's ten hours. Well wall to wall saints football covered Friday on -- radio WW that state. Big -- 70 AM when applied point reopened and remember you can stream saints -- line. On your laptop or. Dust up can't wait for the game what he'll think to think that. Drew Brees is gonna play. I'd I'd think they'll hold him -- I'm I'm I'm I'm hoping. I -- a little reading. On that injury that he has saved a lot of times as baseball players at that. And about 25%. Of the time they come back too soon. After wind -- going on the disabled so let's hope that doesn't happen withdrew a right. Before ago is they both so criminal story of the night comes from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Where Brady -- got wind of a big donut eating contest. -- -- sponsored you've got it. By the local. Police departments and he was a big fan of -- he decided -- entry quickly down eight doughnuts in two minutes. Easily defeating everyone else including several police officers who took part. End of story right wrong it seems are Bozo was a wanted man. The cubs have been on fire him for nine months on suspicions of break ins at two local businesses the eight the donuts. And it got busted tonight god bushels to will be decked --