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8-13 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Aug 13, 2014|

Dave talks about your favorite food combos, What is Wrong with People, and the last day of Saints training camp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the Euro edition WW now offers news it's August it's there it's 2004. Paying is some today is I guess that means that you'd like it is he that would probably be correct. Well just. Little here and a little there. And not been around them round and round. Another down in round and round and got them now has highlighted on to dance off. And I do Eritrea let's do it back. I'm right. I just gonna go off now around him -- or when you're on Hugo rounded you know sure. It just up and down. As long as it's helping him feel better get adrenaline bomb and how did you get the -- we got here -- -- had. Doing good driving please come to. He's gentle hum behind the real good. Soledad good Paula Coughlin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like you thank you feel and going out there little tiny bit just a little bit at what temperature -- eighty's I don't know enough. Don't my head of the -- it airborne. 76%. I'm not nine. Brees north breeze twelve. America Barry Gallup -- North Shore slide now 74. That's reports and humidity. She's 81%. Of them them departments not round -- round. She said Thursday morning will be the real. That's the one that's on we can really feel -- -- we'll wait to treat yourself today you wanna take care of yourself today you wanna. Going to debt to have a nice meal that. Today is the thirteenth of August. And as you know each day I've started telling you what national day it is according to national day count now all right what is it national fund made -- annual and all our -- make non depending on US yeah -- column I have won them fearless. Although you know you here's -- that I don't yet. Taking a flaming -- which is supposed to be on the finest cut. Off -- now under. And wrapping it in -- I don't understand the bacon wrapped full. Now I love the taste of state I think it's one of the most wonderful tastes in the world. I love the taste of -- I do not want to. Merry go on marry them to -- and I do not want to an industry I wanted to eighth estate equities. I want it -- the meat. Do you mind of its it is some butter drizzling over -- -- missiles like the proper spices are -- But I don't like onions -- allies and I don't like -- Downey gravy bunch of stuff they'll -- on TV and now it's horrible cut of steak tastes like. Crap yeah that you need to get all right fine. But if not get a strip if not yet now don't get sir I love the taste of -- I don't see the point in. Covering it up or wrapping it -- With something else now it's just something I've never understood an end to those people who do it hey I don't care. In a unit which you unease is among consenting adults fine. But when that. But. I don't get the whole problem bacon it. Is strong and it's it's got its own. Very strong -- often and I think maybe at a grateful that people are sure Iowa but I don't get bacon wrapped shrimp. Now I love shrimp. But I want -- taste the -- you put bacon on something it tastes like bacon but it. Feel like the dog and make. So dark taste though food combinations that I've got to. Like when I eat popcorn at the movies I have to drink. Either mr. -- doctor -- align it to -- to -- those and not not diet either don't know about the -- you got a default volts or be sure sugary. We congress you're on that when I eat pizza is the only time I ever drink Coke. If I gonna drink the only times I drink soft drinks ever. Is when meaning pop up on the streets and it's it's Amanda I'm up in other words -- you just -- the pizza and no. Coke ago where that you'd be kind of lost. Just like them that was. But there -- peanut butter and jelly to eight days ago together. There are certain foods that the taster combined ever since I was a small kid might have a non. Royalties it. I really wanna have in the tomato -- and pickles that's served at school wants. So the fact that the food combinations. Things that I really want to have again and I ain't got tomato soup I can't tell you. That's my consumers through it might have been and gender -- that. Unloved. I'm sure yet but it's not likely. Why I detect 170 it's only what the food combinations you must have if you're eating a certain -- something must drink it. And if you're -- -- -- is another food you need to have all the platelets. Food company. On this come. Talk about -- WWL. We'll get your forecast up next who feel the -- for -- was not sure. And sports Steve Geller the final day of practice. At the Greenbrier for the things -- common assault and battery ladies and gentlemen all of that and more. After this 519 gave -- in the early edition of WW offers is great text messages come and an 87870 on this home. One person says my sister Muppets ketchup on steak makes me -- did do that to a good steak. -- crappy state that doesn't taste like anything Klein put ketchup on it. Other persons -- -- even put steak sauce on my steak I want to take stake numbers as I agree on a delayed the bacon isn't even crispy when its wrapped around. While the president -- for your favorite food combination just a beer guzzling beer with their beer have a beer can have another beer right makes cents -- huh. Another person says scrambled eggs and rice okay. Baked beans and dirty rice I can go for that red beans and -- duck gumbo and potato salad almighty my wife makes the world's best -- ever. And the world's best potato salad -- I will even. While eating -- to take my potato salad. And it's got a lot of lot of mustard and relish -- real strong it is now and drop it in to my gum and eat them. In one bowl now more degree text messages coming up right now that Maggette gets your forecast. Still hot today but not as humid -- hit about 92. -- CNET heat index may be 95 to 100. And set up well over 100 that's night expecting those to drop into the upper sixties north of the lake feeling just a little cooler there. South of the link will be in the mid seventies still hot for Thursday and Friday low nineties and rain chances still low -- just 10%. -- pinpoint forecast center and -- to -- tell. I recently all the sweaters where they are on it to become a cold front is not making things any really. Partly cloudy eighty right now at the airport northeast breeze at twelve miles is that it 76% human being -- humidity 91% slide out where it's clear and 74 degrees and knowing -- the early days and a WWL first it is more food companies and you're texting me about boiled seafood. And -- Absolutely do that pork chops with. Bob beans. Pork chops with pork and beans can make -- and Mac and -- She knows and barks iron out -- for that. About saints football West Virginia as of the last day those two things will be combined at least for this year the final day of training -- at the green bra. Let's go on up to West Virginians say good morning to Steve Geller. Morning folks hope you woke up feeling amazing today saints' practice is their final training camp session at the Greenbrier the team comes home tomorrow -- in the superdome Friday and then wraps up camp in Metairie how anxious his rookie Brandon cooks to get a taste of the passionate -- detonation fan base. -- machine -- -- due to defect caused stories here about our fans and hi feels like Kyle is all over again how great they are Salma I'm excited go to planet -- in you know get through for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You approach most starters and you help them all the come as good as they can be and on game day you know sitting there -- to start and get our. First guy gets a chance Salinas the victory and if we need the next guy's got to be ready. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- snowman the last -- I'll talk to Steve from West Virginia Steve stay right there. We'll talk about the saints and their final day of practice right after this. I'd like six Dave Conan you're on Steve gallery in West Virginia got your backpack but it. Not yet I started a little bit but or do some laundry get everything loaded -- a lot of the saints have their bags -- -- after today's afternoon walk through there. Out of their common back home. And I know it we won't really know until after the season and we see if the saints win Super Bowl but. To this point does it look like taken the team beat the Greenbrier in West Virginia work and accomplish the goals of keeping them healthy and rested and now wearing them out in the Metairie. I definitely think it's been a huge plus just because of the temperatures up here you've seen the goat this the practice sessions. Are definitely more intense a little more spear to the players. Have more loans in -- step in we had one. Cold bay on Monday where it was a little cold -- he saw the hottest you have a slack off a little bit. And it may turn things around yes there was a lot more crisp practice. But all in all I think it's been a great experience just being away from any distractions. In the world went and then also the temperatures and at -- we know they'll be back next season. -- deliveries in Champ -- back in pads we'll talk about that about 25 minutes when -- get you back here with more sports how important that is do you have a food combination that you have to have when you eat one food you have to have another food with that. We've been talking about it because today is national phone they -- -- today and I think it's the dumbest thing in the world of rapid perfectly wonderful stake in a piece of bacon. But we have to the -- wanna do -- good. Like when I eat pizza I have to have a Coke the odds I'm ever drink Coke is with PT a combination you gotta have. I'll let up about what I think of hot looking you know she goes and I have to have a bureaucrat and -- today -- -- out of Iraq with that. Go do that have that for breakfast he Steve Geller -- at 25 minutes of more sports here on WWL you're texting me some great food combinations I'll share them after the several people -- they got to have a beer with their profits on ballot that Ellis says chocolate chip cookies and red Kool Aid or -- -- -- milk pork chops mash potatoes and -- more great food combinations coming up making me hungry. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's August it's the thirteenth day it's 2014. It's a big. Whole hump there. Well then I got a chance to do the half yeah. Everybody. Don't ya got it up. Man I'm hungry it's a hungry off. Do you still talking about well I like guys I have gotten I'm telling you scores and scores of text messages. After you and I if it's national filet -- -- now and I just think it's dumb to -- of perfectly wonderful steak and a piece of bacon I think it ruins the flavor of the -- some people love it. And they pay a lot of money just to get that bacon -- full out government right in on the act itself out on is among consenting adults out there. But. To be able attacks and their favorite food combination things they do like combined -- like -- repeats. Or vandalism and -- Oh yeah now off I can you ignore it without -- one person -- peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips and it's also on the side. One night you know butter and jelly the only time I ever eat lay's potato that then yeah I want to put them on the peanut butter and -- You want to put her on W I I -- after -- make the sandwich with crunchy peanut butter and Ray Kelly. I'll appeal it apart and put the chip right on their smash the back together. Now one person -- Reese's cups and two great tastes that taste great together to Auckland upon. Again that's. Cocoa pebbles and Vanilla Ice -- I tried that -- about Coca pebbles to believe in the ball. Turned to cement the attic on -- off of the -- available heated chisel Mac and cheese and -- means cool. Twinkies. And -- -- starts -- twenty and I -- -- you know. I kids yeah I I conceive that an argument -- that one. -- it's not worth taking issue with it. I can't stand it when someone puts their potato salad in there gumbo and ruins the -- -- outs of big big dispute than -- I'd like but I -- I've got to have my wife and got in my wife's got Obama -- that knocked him make him better than anybody in the world. And it's usually I'll leave this out on the side -- -- but I use the same room -- -- But once while I just something comes over the united -- and dump it right in the go about it after I've eaten the bulk of the film yeah -- -- Summits as the bacon wrapped keeps the -- moist -- a very lean cuts. House so there's some reasoning -- -- -- Guam a peanut butter banana sandwich with a big glass chocolate milk. Fried fish and jambalaya. Peter Brad and Chile. OK for that peanuts and -- you know. My game. But my wife likes to take you know the drop them in Murdoch. Indicated. So -- she's drinking at the unit's command. In the ten. -- -- your doctor pepper together so this all kind of comes off the united swirls in there in pork chops and apple -- You know I actually like Marmol. -- You know little orange. Marmalade right on the -- out and I'm OK with that even though I don't like stakes remain parked out I guess that'll of the flavor with much stick it just went -- it or you're just ignited. A solid combination bonanza. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- toasted bread and coffee. Grilled shrimp and steak roast beef pool boy with fried shrimp jambalaya with white beans cigarettes and beer now all. Oh now. Tweet those potato salad recipe. I don't know what my wife -- I couldn't make it if they had gotten to know now I just know that it's got potatoes eggs. Mayonnaise and monster lots of monsters got to be yellow yellow and lots of sweet pickle that's what I thought use of some people don't like this -- I like this week. And with the -- you know yet it is sweet. Pickle relish. With all that I guess I just did you -- recipe but I don't -- one -- these and she -- it forever. Feel like quickest he's making him anticipation building and building I'd like to answer to that is going to be ready you know yeah -- like a dictator salad with double bogeys. Merely nice guy on the right on the side there and a similar flavors but. You get more egg with a doubled again. A little sweetness to announce and and even exiled the wonderful. Guy that's just solemn day at the list does keep Nolan and go in and go on welfare more favorite food combination. Coming up here on WWL IMF and adaptable tucked into one -- Chris Miller -- us from the riverfront. Where. Kinda scary when you think about it a ship loses power and the patent to vessels in the river and a barge that was loading fuel oil on the side. No injuries thank goodness a little bit of pollution. But just. -- to lose and -- in the river amnesty hearing it's frightening we all remember what happened at the river walk years ago. Chris Miller currently used on the and once again and -- performance of the -- it is just for -- Meteorologist -- about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doesn't feel better. Yeah upgrade again now see there you know -- -- -- task that we can do it there you go Laura but I gotta tell yeah uh huh and I don't know if it's it's -- pure coincidence because you don't generally plan your outfits but. You definitely have a Lauren -- thing going on today -- got you got the -- glass dressed and with the dramatic. Lines and curves in your address and I thought maybe that was a tribute to Lauren Bacall who. The nicest thing anybody's ever expected to -- I loved her I think she is just fantastic. Sad that she's passed away but she had a long full life and the last -- the silver -- ladies. I don't and I let you know I grew up watching old movies with my mom we love your -- on the -- -- -- because Humphrey Bogart fan. I thought those ladies were so. Ethnic interests to -- US can -- is beautiful and I don't know just. Womanly I don't I don't even -- -- the right things now you're definitely get I -- loves the old kind of Hollywood glamour I love that. I'll tell you may be it was your sub conscious but you're definitely picked -- right dressed for the day because you get that all our last thing -- in Q congratulations on that. I don't feel any less humidity or any cooler air. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little bit -- this morning belts or you're probably not much different. Camp but the cooler air will be filtering in. Tonight yeah. Morrow dry here over the next couple days again more so for the door shorten routes orbit. The -- that it that it keeps the rain chances down -- drier air is more staples that we don't see that kind of violent thunderstorms that develop with that he unit today. Some just keep that 10% rain chance today tomorrow and Friday and temperatures. Still high at the united as he says this is not a cold front of the troops in order to -- the little front that I DT today nine DT tomorrow 93 on right. I'll take low ninety's and that a mid -- no heat indexes at a hundred daughter alive if it is the earth orbit -- at that does help that's going to be hot. Quite. OK Laura glass or our last Laura little Florida. Glass floor glass -- -- -- -- -- -- -- our anyway he bites so we thank you for the forecast is their food combination we've been talking about it today -- national -- -- -- and it'll definitely absolutely you know. Tell me that weren't late word we're half a mile from the IL over there and get a full play tennis and whipped out your way out thanks a lot -- -- -- -- -- at the ballot that would -- the but is -- a food nomination you've got to have. Thank you when you eat food you tap dance on the Dresser and drink with -- food you gotta have a certain side with me you know classic peanut butter -- -- people at that. I love cheese and crackers some. Ice in a butter crackers to its. Season -- -- by experts that. They have she's got a racquet being cracked it in a few nights and yet I don't want without the others. Lots of Regis. You know you're French Fries chocolate have and now it's my French Fries and been a gourmet French for a branch. And we were talking about it this morning but what else are talking about a man got to open up the right people file for this one. All these parents are buying turtles for their kids I was isn't saying well they go and see teenage mutant. -- -- -- And the kids wanna turtle. And apparently these their parents -- big push overs to can't say ago. Who can explain to their kids why this is a bad idea and I'd -- that Easter it's bright to announce shelters are overrun. With parents trying to drop off journals when the kids realize what -- -- these turtles don't do Judith do. Right my -- I don't life eat pizza and Wear clothes and why to me at Celtic. Two holes they're there. To that they don't need Obama you change the water you gotta do. So apparently all these parents spot turtles for their kids. And now the kids don't want them in the -- apparently trying to get turtles thanks Larry we don't -- no that's a good question but it reminds me of when Harry Potter for -- out about buying all certificates. Yes it's not it's on the all the and then there was a true while will run. A few years back. I don't know if there was a Taco Bell commercials and and a Beverly Beverly Hills Chihuahua apparently men movies come out with -- animals. Pushover parents and gone by their kids these animals come on to explain your kids. You're not get this -- because you'll have to take care of day you'll have to be day he'll have. It is just a movie you know -- and see that trend they are cool the movies that just because she's the imminent maybe you know so not a reason to get -- That's what I'm sorry folks but if you bought your kids at turtle because they thought teenage mutant ninja turtles now you wanna get rid of bits. You landed me that the people -- Particular. Or in the but now. I'm in direct from the pinpoint forecast caught up to West Virginia the last day of training camp for the saints and there's Steve gallon -- -- 51 my goodness people texting me more food combinations that can ever read in this -- I apologize if I don't get yours sports she's Texas toast with spaghetti and -- oh and don't forget the line. You know when -- asked -- I really either have to have Warren wore green beans one or the other can take you. Corned beef hash corn syrup and red powdered -- and chocolate milk Vanilla wafers and peanut butter with cold milk raw oysters and blue ribbon. Mr. -- doughnut with their doctor pepper boiled seafood and beard by -- seafood platter I've got to have parks in a bottle that and other treatments that. In 878 and roast -- and -- repair gumbo and the edits out I gotta have a beer with my vote crop gumbo and the tennis out that's the biggest one. People apparently cannot have gumbo without that it is now. Just not the same. It's like sports isn't the same without Steve Geller and the saints from West Virginia await this the last statement that -- Good morning this wonderful Wednesday everyone today's the final day of saints training camp in West Virginia the team flies out tomorrow plays the titans in the superdome on Friday and then wraps up the remaining practices at the facility on airline drive defensive tackle a key -- says the -- review have been nice but there's no place like home. It's been a great mysteries under the group read -- they've been nothing but hospitable way and it's nice to actually get away for a little bit and and and have a different surrounding put up -- -- do it better. To -- -- close to being activated from the physically unable to perform list and may even happen next -- the Arizona Cardinals safety tore his ACL and and -- last year and has been working hard to get back in time for week one of the regular season -- the Seahawks have released a statement saying -- firmly believe the assault and property damage accusations against running back Marshawn Lynch our -- while we maintain the utmost respect for the investigation process after speaking with -- on more comfortable these accusations are -- read the full statement from the team -- is being investigated for assault and property damage after a woman alleged he was involved in an incident at her apartment over the weekend. Who will beat LSU's starting quarterback remains the tigers' biggest question as the season opener against Wisconsin is now just seventeen days away offensive coordinator Cam Cameron expects Brandon Harris or Anthony Jennings will eventually grab hold of the starters role. I've never seen a quarterback benefit from not earning the job and I'm confident. Last. Knows what a guy needs to do our job is or. And after a judge in California probate court even extraordinary ruling initially sterling and the family sterling trust a couple of weeks ago it was a matter of -- and not if and now it's a done deal former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is officially the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers having purchased the team for a record two. Billion dollars the NBA board of governors had unanimously voted online last week to approve this sale today -- four on sports -- hear from Sean -- employers following their final training camp session at the Greenbrier how anxious are you to see the -- -- home in the -- and also back practicing in -- from -- -- -- West Virginia Steve -- WWL sport's true. Act in pads chant back in -- how significant is that Steve tells us and 62. Steve Geller how excited were you when Champ Bailey Andrew reed walked out with their pads and helmet yesterday for the first time and got weeks. Definitely a huge positive side you know that it take part in the team drills yet but. I will say -- Drew Brees after practice once again participating in the QB competitions they played a version of police go on the side of -- hill throwing the ball and letting it roll down. And then the saints posted a of video of them do and ice -- -- -- you've seen an -- Yeah now all the plays real money for charity and and really a fantastic things on his delegates are. Right well Brees doesn't just get a bucket dumped on him he -- to slide out of slip inside slide and then get the water dump on him so. I think that'll -- to repeal import. -- slip and slide and it better be feeling pretty -- that's bad for him to be doing that well you know these are football players they often get an ice tubs after the game. So a little -- ice water is not an art than they sit in a tub of ice water off then right at. My mom most enjoyable moment Jovi and also Rob Ryan participated like seeing grumpy grandpa Joseph -- -- -- a -- -- -- dumped out of a -- he would -- slip -- out. -- just drew tank is able to IKEA and fifteen minutes more sports here at WWL IMF -- account. I've got way too many tax to share the ball some and put on my web page at WWL dot com. I will show this last text about people -- and pets for their kids after a movie one president that would see transformers a few years ago the senate -- Democrats to buy me a fox. What -- it. It's. Alienated. I'm attackers into the next war as well victims of instructions he's human antibodies which I like of the talked about moving people out from under the clutched in express wave of riots in Saint Louis Robin Williams and depression. And Louisiana Dave's second most expensive state on the car. And large I guess because of the bad roads and I insurance costs I don't know actually paint protect.