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8-13 6:10am Tommy, homeless in New Orleans

Aug 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Charlotte Parent, the Director of the New Orleans Health Department, about the public health hazard created by the homeless population under the bridge

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David we begin today. Yeah. Very serious discussion and I don't in any -- means you portray myself as a conspiracy theorists. -- anything that. This is the third cold front that's moves through isn't -- sometimes force. Fourth hole. It's an interesting because I think and one ticket dramatics of the water -- You know David -- -- an interesting. And dramatic. Sip of water lemon -- Kind of interesting because. The temperature hasn't changed. Now. Zone we are being led to believe -- need some -- authorities that this is pretty. There wasn't -- forest old. In the last six weeks that moved through but the temperature hasn't changed David I would suggest to you and this is just suggest. But what if what you. There is some type of conspiracy by the weather commissioned. And we element that -- -- while they -- make tornadoes happen absolutely one you'll like ES. This is all a conspiracy. To give them something to talk about. In a slow tropical season in the summertime with the forecast does not change so what if the powers that be and we all know who they are what if they got together and they signaling. Let's do another possible for a -- up some cold fronts where you know what it's a great idea so if it is a conspiracy. I'm on board it's a great idea why the temperature hasn't changed. Now. You are part of the problem you my friend Irish people you just follow whatever they say. To try to get people still -- hard they're buying hazard you have that literally -- now. Saying it's a cold front it's not a cold front and then they sent around pop -- I'll I'll with -- laser pointers and their ice at bars and at least shackles thing and it's cold front and in fact. The weather hasn't changed by the way another sizable hardly -- -- at bars pray every night. All I'm saying David news. You stay at midnight -- less than it seniors. What. It. I'm back to reality again. Is that the water -- It bothers me is that. As an aim at the if they. Fried my and -- is -- There is nothing different about anything yesterday morning was cooler than it is today -- I hear you say okay culprit came through eighty degrees right now oh really. But your forgetting. The humidity is 76%. Not ninety and we companies we don't -- winds out of the north. -- this time of your -- you know our. I would of people -- the pot train expressly told clear days. Second in the morning and -- deadline the other one -- tomorrow tuchman has problems Lewis and and CNN anchors and riots and looting and Saint Louis about the treatment of men of color side unit nothing's gonna change. Until white people realize black people are treated differently. And I think that's one discussion the other is I've been sent about a lot of things but I didn't. I didn't feel the need to bring in the some of these tires stores in and -- myself to afford more tires and rims. I don't know what that's yet to do with outrage. Louisiana's second most expensive state owned a car. Insurance as a lot to do with that okay probably the roads to killing our suspensions. Are extra tires terrible drivers greedy insurance -- you got it. And how much you pay for car insurance quote too much you know it is my daughter drive the Arctic -- Tournament accident high grade -- in yet. 2800 dollars a year ago. An entity is nationals. The late day right is that what you are talking about half. About the so we thought it would be interesting for a pretty jaguar opinion poll and oh Robin Williams mention. You talk about depression because I know a lot of people that. Like him struggle and I think sometimes when it comes celebrities. You think money wealth fame and senators can make you happy but you spend your whole life looking for something you can't find and then when you get all that. I think and actually makes it worse because you thought that was gonna deliver happiness but it didn't. So let's likewise our liberty struggle with yeah and then you know some -- on his third marriage. And maybe that wasn't working out and and that just you know. In all laptop -- to talk about depression too because I think a lot of times. People that have not been there say you know just dig yourself up. But what they don't realize is the people hole in the so far down in the hole in the -- you know you -- -- -- they they can literally get up. And you know out of batter right or do anything because there are so. The precedent it's it's awful and it's not as easy people how many years it will just be positive just look at everything you know and that's not gonna work now and I think you'll talk to a doctor about this I think it's a physical malady juices it is. In a few days to get cancer to get diabetes if you if you whenever you can I think it's the same kind of thing and don't get me and it means he had cancer you know somebody that does. Equating the two I'm just saying it is legitimate disease so on a lighter note since it is national filet mignon day. We're asking and operate jaguar many people high you meet you meet you stake your state. Medium well well done and I am appreciative median and then nine indulges the got to pick one mean -- or -- -- murder yet you maybe armor. Now hum medium while -- are you real and sometimes that's -- tell you today. They give you -- -- not as good kind of -- if you are wells that are medium while person doesn't think you can notice the difference but. My kid eats it. Like right off the cow yeah -- and I can't. Begin to tolerate that don't even like to look at you're great meat kind of guy and ground more than re elegant -- -- and the -- I don't take some house right now and be honest. I don't mind I know people furious. Just jump follow your fitness. -- like -- it didn't catch it. I think that makes it did not and are gonna sorry that's I think we'll be right back tummy tuck and a W. Tommy Tucker we're gonna talk about the homeless situation under the -- home country expressway which. Charlotte parent she's new loans Health Department director and I think the question is do do you think people and a right. To live on the street if they choose to. And if they wanna live on public property in and cause all kinds of a -- Didn't it didn't end up. Nests and hassle from people that are drive and by editors at their right get a lot of texts about eight currency laws and try to connect with a lawyer later on to see what exactly. Com is illegal -- is not legally no panhandling was ruled by the Supreme Court to be freedom of speech and there's nothing you can do with that. That that people had a right to stand on the street. And panhandle when it comes to living under and -- as -- currency -- etc. I don't the definitions of those -- the world try to get an attorney on. To explain and -- many texts that need this about Shepard Smith calling Robin Williams and Howard. And -- off on. And initially what he said was umps something inside -- so horrible news such a coward or whatever the reason that you decide that you have and it. Robin Williams 63 did that today. Com. Now. Shepard Smith. The worst kept secret in the world is that he is gay. -- fox -- wedding come out because their audiences. Very very conservative -- and -- afraid that they won't accept him he's got a they audience -- accepting him or change their opinion on in which. You know. Let me just keep moving here. He's got a long time boyfriend again worst kept secret in the seems to me it's going to be -- Well let's wait you're not gonna letter but he -- you're gay because you're so desperately afraid of losing your job and as a guy that doesn't understand. Depression at all and you never know where your gonna wind up. -- -- think aids element trying to sound liberal here on this and you think aids a disease and other people catch. Until maybe you get it because you got to -- blood transfusion although. Nationally that's going down the incidence of that. Maybe you only have an unguarded moment and maybe you'd gated. Maybe from a woman and and the reason I mention knows this I mean it dealt and its territories that we shouldn't be talking about it I think it goes to the point that a lot of people don't understand depression is a legitimate. Disease that a lot of people fight. It's not weakness it's not -- the it's it's not. A matter of people utterly wanna be Debbie downers and just wanna be said it is a legitimate. Diseased that. Many many people's struggle -- and you know again. The treatment is not Aziz he has dig yourself but -- like on fortieth the at a job yet you got to -- -- walk on by guys don't be an antsy boys. And then you know. It's it's it's hard tough -- disease for people to fight through wind and we'll spend some time talking about that this morning on a lighter note we're talking about. -- day in which weighed how do you like your steak cooked. But rare medium rare medium medium well or well done and some of the -- that are common and like I say to where goods that can get it up and running again. Elements as I love ketchup on my stake also and I think that the best way is medium well. And and David in -- and you do that a restaurant people will look at you like your crease. Clippers -- vipers but running in Miami. From. Rare is best me hope lost respect for you Tommy -- best medium rare is good medium is meant medium well well issue that there. While I don't know that it's a respect issue when it comes state. Tommy like steak and catch him because you're over cooking it no I like the taste of it. -- like my steak medium light pink inside I also like to put anyone -- have ketchup mixture talk about delicious. And what is the difference between ketchup and steak -- I don't think there as. Tell me humid picked the song umi call if you -- weigh in on something very like how do you like you steak cooked and is there anything wrong with dipping it in -- Six when he for Tommy Tucker tunneling your traffic that we're gonna Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking and the homeless on the contrary expressed we will really delve into that to the news and don't talk about the riots in Saint Louis and news about them where race Anderson's all of this and we -- looting. Anderson Elvis. Like me I don't understand break in some guys store and see when everything he has because your outraged. At a police officer shot somebody. Don't talk about depression and Robin Williams in and how common is -- north jurors got a hell of a problem with that I know that of the use of the entire area. And we're also on a lighter note tournament's date it is national filet mignon today Heidi like you steak medium rare -- medium medium well. Well done rare zero medium rare medium medium -- 29% each -- done 14%. And I and I get this text here nothing wrong with ketchup on steak or chicken nuggets if your five. Really. So I'm a bad guy I'm immature because my pellets actually you know it. Because my -- says I like ketchup on steak and I am bold enough. To eat what I like I get criticized -- -- -- -- money -- the WL. Born and -- album like that they medium rare. But that they'll likely checked if they feel that. Red warm and you can pretty low figure then trees. And I do I do think it if you like kept on going on. I felt like people telling me that they get -- You don't need one. Like anyone like that little extra flavor and it boring and a lot of that never have -- -- On broad. I am scared at a -- and about being shot by Matt. Lewis and I hit it acted without any you come -- before Katrina era. After that I can't export to it -- -- stay out I -- I'm pat down -- -- -- Crescent City I love this week Thompson and look at them. You know what. You screw those people -- -- a lot of money that state you we did however you want. He got that right edge and you needs about password invite me to dinner I guarantee I get it where it. 631 time Olympic news now that we -- the public in a matter moments David -- talk about the city by the decision clean vote. And Indians have been able to put gags. That really exudes a -- -- while there's it's a health hazards when they -- -- and they've got to give him there and it and god knows was market opened fire clean up under the punch -- expressway it's a gathering grow homeless people and it starts with a -- and it builds. 1520300. Then in two years clean it up. And so so. So I don't know why that is it's like a cycle -- Houston it's that time again. -- again now and it we're talking about stakes and populated caught it's a pretty -- and you people here on. National -- tastefully -- on day eighty elated -- medium rare medium medium well well done. And we're timeout would you like to eat with a -- -- your wits again is they taste good pounding it makes me -- granite local messages would like. -- but do you do it without the things through. You know alive I mean are you run as -- skin yet so your -- catcher card guy and catcher -- the sex and yet. Tommy my daughter's a waitress and she says it is an insult to the ship if you ask for ketchup your state. Let me address that and god bless your daughter and you went to the shaft. When the shaft comes out and pays the bill. Well then I'll take that under consideration. But until then he can I guess my Algiers. Yeah no absolutely. This just an insult we all get better. I was gonna let -- -- joy your food don't you want it into a total output ketchup on it you don't like that. Yeah cry baby cry and it's now I mean I was gonna let you pass when you said you do it with the state and now we're finding out you don't you -- -- with fried -- you're you're the only ketchup -- -- you're doing catcher probably ask you ramble dragons. Now that I want to you don't you're gonna do you. Do you eat it too with French Fries yes you eat ketchup with fried -- Now. That the island tonight you don't know it was my statement to make you Californians would make you. All -- now what do you tell me that's an -- and sign colleges and the from California what about red means eat anything and -- there. Now -- I know people have beaten man as a red beans and be sent to sent to prison. You. About like an odd you'd like on on your jumper and all like the guys -- an -- what did you. What do you we don't like beans or butter means nothing. Hot sauce it was a mustered only need to get -- must -- -- that way until late yellow. Until they're brilliant yellow with yellow monster then my friend you do and to me it's all catch him if you put ketchup on white beans. I think he should be deported from the country. -- -- -- -- -- I Tommy ticket -- below 647. In the cold front. And is in the process as a movement through partly cloudy heartless human today. 20% chance spotty showers and thunderstorms mainly south of -- and so I guess if you lived between. I'd definitely. Yeah pretty dateline tonight and south. You feel like 95 to a hundred highs around ninety wins though from the north five to ten miles an hour. Living outside that it not a real fun thing to do at this time a year yet people continued to. Accumulate and it's. Finally I think the ideas and enough. And they say you know what as of yesterday it's only two hours to get out Sherlund parent joins us right now and loans Health Department director mr. Aaron thanks taking time. Tell me. First of what's happening currently how does this happen where an if you globally you can see the stories of every two years it seems as though. There's a crackdown and people are told to move on -- come back as the crowd building and we get to this point. -- wanna beat. Them no -- that. -- -- -- -- -- It and use. That you'll carry a one. That become an apple and the -- community ball. Away. Deep odd people in that you know congregate. -- -- -- -- you know like that that we are only. -- -- it -- an area. That. Yeah. Can become. The election. Equal out and I think. It. Nearly we all have talked about panhandlers and -- -- give duty -- give to. And those will be a different issue but. And just like you said with a closing give -- to the shelter I advise everybody to to am trying to make this campaign on my team to give it to the agency. And and you don't have to worry about who needs it and who doesn't needed and if you being scanned and I think if people would -- given money to peoples in an on side the road the people inside the road would disappear. It in me you know what what war in. He's equal. What. They made it. And he's been they'd been under. I hate people. Herman out there. They could in. You know that made me either. The unity. Army. Happen. Did it work all the plays that -- To continue. -- -- -- When. You are and how. So in terms of the legalities of it you gave them 72 hours at. To leave vacate upon strength -- way do I have a right. To live on public property Ari can you tell me to move does loitering favors -- have anything to do this. Well I'm not. Legal and I can tell you. You know. Made -- Department patient all our -- Under the bridge every ride attempting to clean up -- won't try to. Well. -- -- -- -- -- Control board. -- -- -- -- -- -- Adequately. Get -- In. The got the point that it had become. They clean up the area we -- it. You know. It. A public -- He could be our. Only. That we can be. Create the opportunity. Yet Dyson serie a friend just called in and and said debt. People have a right according -- -- occupies space as long as it's not causing some sort of public hazard in the state -- city. Has a right to move them if there's a public hazard and I guess Charlotte that would answer the question. Of why a people told Levy is cleaned up then before you know they sort filtering back with two or four because I guess two people -- four people. You can't really say they're causing a public hazard but at some point I think is there has be a tipping point where you say okay by gosh that's enough we got a cleanup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An 88. In Europe and issue one quick question is run terribly late. What if everybody doesn't leave because you've encountered some resistance and and if doesn't people's -- can you still say that's a public hazard. -- a draw that line when it comes to be -- alliances and a two hour deadline passes. -- big in Europe and they that we need we'd be out there. People appropriately. And give them an opportunity there are available. At. Under the who want to be quite. Alien. Angle. Thank you -- and I appreciate your time im sorry we were so short of it but I hope become on again William. Thank you Charlotte parent loans held department directors X 54 quickly to -- WL traffic. I Tommy Tucker well we come back we are gonna talk about. The writing in Saint Louis after police officer shot. Young. African American man it was in his art college witnesses say that he was not resisting and anyway the police say that he was. We'll get the latest from there and and talk about rioting in race relations and if you were upset you really of their right to go. But doesn't make sense ago when somebody's story and steal welcomes.

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