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WWL>Topics>>8-13 7:10am Tommy, riots/looting in St. Louis area

8-13 7:10am Tommy, riots/looting in St. Louis area

Aug 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brett Blume, a reporter for KMOX Radio in St. Louis, about the reaction to a fatal police shooting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David when we come back after a little segment here we're gonna go to Saint Louis and talked a reporter to find out the latest on. Riots protests that happened after radio. And teenager was a shock and -- our salaries. And and also today he had another shooting overnight involving a police officer. And that certainly could only add to the fuel woods already burning. So will get the latest on Al wanna sank quickly Damien. And Danny. That helped me out with a battery late last night caught him right before there were closing -- a very nice and -- mention name of the store is don't -- -- -- applaud or anything that Damian and Danny very nice at the auto parts store. In Beltre is also a guy named Georgia gave me -- -- people were so helpful last night and I'm grace I think because they they see where I am in life and see the clunker and drive an innate they I just feel terrible. Yeah you kind of just shuffled things. -- -- -- At this point in his life and -- and its partners. Help -- -- -- help him out yesterday. It actually makes me feel even younger because -- -- I'm back in high school drive in the clunkers eternity on I was gonna happen. Yeah I can remember those stories -- it'll start may be in Malone who knows. Let him to play this right now and get this out of the way because I have a story about a man and a pack of Ding goes. Wild dogs and everybody's gonna be thinking about this Arnold and get it out yet there are good angles. Where LN. I can't say he's that's -- going upstairs and fiance I'm looking for -- I have lost my fiance -- poor baby. -- may even bring down wait till they get. -- beaten down like Jill thank and they. It asks all everybody's going to be thinking about it ICD lingo so there you go yet heard it now pay attention. 25 year old ship on an island. In Australia went to went to a speech about 1030 at night to make a phone call. And for dean goes approached him and it Dingell is you know is a yeah. Type. Anyway Karl now it's a dog. Now he doesn't tearer we're analogy get dead disfigured. -- So he had a tortilla on these Tiki torches. And scared -- animal in any other three pounced on our EU and he did what. People who naturally tool and he assume the fetal position in yeah it is. Religiously is vital for each yes you you roll over our guests and and kind of curl up yet. Vital regions of course sonong known for their exports anyway. He wound up with puncture wounds to the back of his head. -- stocks and lay eggs and his short shredded off. Tank top to -- and remnants of his clothing were still on impeach the next morning I'll today did somebody scare them off third -- did they do -- wave on their own art that is an excellent question. I would imagine somebody scared yeah you know somebody showed up you would think a wild -- like that would reduce -- attacked and again and tell you know. They -- they want it. Lauren -- Rich full life great voice. And man announced on issues -- back in the -- so. Another celebrity on Lauren Bacall like different than Robin Williams of course we'll talk about depression later on -- well. 717 Tommy Tucker thanks re -- witness on this Wednesday morning August 13 they say it cool -- come -- through all it means the winds will be from the north and the humidity will be download it. They were all shocked by the rioting in Saint Louis and in the looting that occurred after ray yeah police officers shot. I believe what is an unarmed young African American man that was starting is set to start college. And -- to talk about that we experienced some -- -- after Katrina with anger and looting and I guess Katrina was different because people you could say he -- looting because they needed supplies but now when he came to big screen TVs -- and sneakers and those kind of things. And I think we can all agree that looting some of these stories wrong way but I'm just trying to figure out how you get to that from being upset. Over -- shooting that you view his wrongful by the police. We go to Saint Louis now and talked to Brett bloom as a reporter for KM OX one legendary radio stations CBS affiliate. In Saint Louis -- -- good morning and thanks for taking the time with a some. If the people that know. Of this story but don't know about it maybe take respect to the beginning and how we got from there -- here. Saturday afternoon here and that they adored her in a suburb of Saint Louis. A couple of young -- -- were apparently -- by a police were not sure the initial reason why. There words and conflicting reports about whether one of these young men eighteen year old Michael Brown who view Bluetooth. Actually struggled with an officer or was. Some would target had a hand in the year didn't have a gun or other weapon on him. Again and put -- reports however do note that officer opened fire instructor Michael Brown at least twice. He died a short time later. And eighty kind of an initial. Angry mob first -- the streets shortly after that. And that was just kind of an impromptu gathering of people that upset actually about the shooting. Just gonna ask you there was word of mouth -- social media because they're -- or had there have been a lot of media coverage in -- Not at that time now on Saturday there's speculation that they're using that social media. Two now to organize some of these protests and gathering. But that time it was more quarter mile people would actually seen it happened and told their friends and they told in France and pretty soon. You have. An angry crowd that walks up and down -- horse in this site where this happened. And you know at that time it was peaceful. Police did respond the real problem happens Sunday night when the result of schedule. Peaceful vigil candlelight vigil was organized from Michael Brown because it was an eighteen year old who just graduated and was two days away from beginning. Collagen. At his whole career at a government but at that point something snapped in Sunday night was when the rightly took off. On the in terms of proximity did the shooting that this was -- in suburban Saint Louis burgers and I think in his. An area just Ferguson and it's to the northwest of downtown Saint Louis but also put in the one else up. -- interstate seventy in hand. Yeah it's it's a largely black neighborhood. Not far from non labor reported people have been there. So it is in northern suburbs and. So the writing or looting was affected how many stores if you have a number in and that was none of that reach Saint Louis proper that was all winter. Ferguson and some nearby a communities from the the other suburbs -- was one of them. I'd say in all up to a dozen stores. Of course the what were calling ground zero now this whole thing was BQ TV might have seen on some of the national press. That was. And that's where Michael brown and his -- head on shopping. Just moments before the police rolled up on and so that's seemed to really bear the brunt of the -- rage it and it was not only looted. And all the windows broken up that it was set on fire and now it's just empty shell and just almost like such a visible. You know. Bad joke or what happened there and that these people were so angry. At that time that they destroy the building but there were others there was another building down the street tire store but unfortunately due to be really nice big. Floor to ceiling windows as well those were just irresistible to an angry mob -- Both were broken out but tackle though across the street was vandalized as well I doesn't -- -- -- -- or looted. -- they took -- tires -- got inside the main thing of that one that was. These large windows the cost almost 2000 dollars piece of the owner of that tire stores in their 27 years now -- actually think about corporates and just leave in the area altogether because he was really obviously. Very devastated -- what happened. I'm trying to figure out there was another officer involved shooting last night. Yes. Almost in the same -- that we understand that these were -- men. 45 of them. Who were armed with guns that president was reported to the police. When the officers arrived at the scene -- scattered. An officer who was chasing -- one of those men. Claim that the man turn around and aimed it's what an -- and that's when officers opened fire struck command. We understand that he is critically injured in the hospital this time so you could say definitely this was an option to the ongoing protests from Michael Brown stuff. Pleasing the reaction that. He's going to be are you hearing anything other but not to -- And as of yet it's. It's always I'll leave violence has happened after the sun's gone down it's weird because well there during the day and there's a lot of people are curious people -- the damage from the night before all the violence happens after some -- and this is despite obviously repeated calls for peace. You know when the Reverend Al Sharpton -- your area and starts talking -- big crowds that you've got national story on your hands and. He might have done little rebel rousing too because he he told -- large crowd to keep. In mind that Michael Brown in his. In his words were actually shot down by a cop for no good reason so you know that might have been some more anger generated by the. Well ready you know what time constraints we have one here but I I know they have not released the officer involved in the the identity officer involved in the initial shooting -- they. Mentioned it all the race. Of the officer. There's been speculation on that there was even a name that was bandied about yesterday that the police department. Claimed was not correct. The. He had thrown a name out there that some of the protesters took up as the end of the person to focus the raids on so so far -- we don't even know the race this time has been. Remember these white and black. No confirmation despite. I appreciate -- time Greta really you know we get to talk to you again okay thank you that Bret bloom reporter for one of legendary stations Campbell next. In Saint Louis and talk to you when we come back 724 timely trappings that we -- to -- problems. -- Tommy Tucker -- WL. Talking about the riots in Saint Louis and why in the world. Would somebody steal tires rims -- have you because they're upset at somebody being shot by a police officer big game -- nine under the W morning. Thank -- on the UK. Okay Google. -- syllable of the tree and little strange with this because. -- -- in Italy one line it's -- -- nine time. In you know. And as a young black man went -- now that -- -- as instantly as they feel. It'll -- being built in and I know you feel like -- isn't worked in the you know what all this point in that area in the shall not stop. Until the it'll trade -- and shall deepest in almost two reviews optional it's it's a war on young black. In this country. It does is it. You mean we hear so much about is -- one locate one game in black neighborhoods and tires like guys on tires -- -- eleven years. So they do he's got nothing to do it is so they break as windows 2000 dollar windows each. And steel tires and -- some it would that's got to do with delight and I'd be in -- You know what you know what okay and shall wasn't Edmonton -- with the original teacher inched toward just happen would be. There to -- while people were very. OK to break the windows way to steel tires and rims. He'd be so outraged that yet but can it get so maybe they'll there's not one. The -- The tigers and right while the worry each that these people you and me how option if it would have not -- social. The sport. It just happened and stole happened in the air swap it -- not the people. Want leakage street you know when your option. Pretty straight. It also mean again. Show me a break toward the on the -- out and it'll take you could -- the -- you were out there. OK but -- the people we've got to run your big game too late for the news. The people express their quote angered by -- -- door open steel tires and -- go to jail. -- -- -- -- -- -- about Europe and on the intense focus on. It. It's -- on people gone crazy and stealing and breaking up and burn in stores. Because they say they're outraged about a lack of me a lot of black being killed by a police officer and to me that's crap you're stealing when you don't. Watch the -- was the pulse of the eager not to. Action of the anchored at the Apollo. The name it but big game I'm saying is I don't care because I don't understand how we're running around would somebody else's tires and rims. Express your outrage over a police officer issued and again. It's his -- is an error you know shouldn't shall. I don't -- no wait a minute let me clear this up -- and what -- look at the big game -- -- -- this. How in the hell does somebody driving around with new rims and tires expressed their outrage. That because they stole tires and some it is -- guy been in a community 27 years they destroy his store. Take tires and rims for their vehicles that's expressing outrage over. A cop shoot a guy. You know. What happened. -- DC and it's testify if my focus on line using it by. Saying I'm saying -- -- extra. All of his work. You read certain. -- it would be. I'm not I'm not thieves that's why I'm saying. -- what. Was -- on in commute. In terms of the war on me at war don't young black men are young black man engaged in a civil war against each other. Are you know what I think -- A lot don't they -- YE BK if people are so upset about that. And if your rationality you got to understand why they were angry. Why is there outraged why aren't stores looted and burned down and glass is broken in black neighborhoods because black men and kill another black man. You know what because if not the people. Court supposed to be protected and sort of been asked -- -- -- million -- -- delegate yet. Five minutes relate for news I'm glad you Kolb will take this up at 260187. Neitzel -- six exit 89087. Because I think if you take this to the nth degree. While I'm so outraged that this guy was shot I sold tires and rims or wait a minute there's a car dealership down history. I'm going to be so outraged over this -- -- driving to Range Rover I don't get it you can explain it to me when we come back right now time for double W offers news. Thank you David got a hot topic go on about the riots in Saint Louis for the life of me I don't understand how. Let me give you listen David you gotta excuse -- on -- understand that your news guy but. What was looted in saint louis' are a suburban saint -- -- of outrage over the police shooting a young black man. And set to go to college. I understand that but how you express your anger by stealing things from quick trip which is a convenience store world this. Began a demon began there and that's where they they young men went in the last stop he made before he had to confrontation with police. Or murdered with police on every once saying I don't care that's got nothing to do with the quick trip. It's got nothing to do with there's a picture shall -- now with arms full of line. Wal-Mart. Kmart. County issued carnival apparently and footlocker apparently. Everybody was so upset they had to express their outrage with new sneakers. Hibbett Sports was also. Looted so apparently credit was so angry that they needed some high -- sneakers aware. -- dollar apparently they needed some cheap stuff too because they were so outraged. Taco Bell not and will calm your outrage or express your outrage. Like like I yell what do you call it a burrito or -- whatever it is this week that they're serving no disrespect. A target a Firestone. I'll and I'll action T-Mobile so I guess really got to get the new phone to express your outrage that the police shot somebody. I don't get this I really don't I think it's nothing but thievery is all it is I think it's. A mob that has no respect for the law are anybody's property -- an Italian. This guy that was in business for 27. Years in the community. And apparently was street and people write and conducting an honest business or else he wouldn't be there. His store was destroyed tires and -- taken because again -- but it was so outraged. They had to have tires and rims to you know way -- go down -- road. Nice wheels will thank them expressing my outrage -- them. Everybody was so upset they needed their tires and -- this guy is probably gonna leave. And then it's gonna be all we don't have any business is -- able maybe you shouldn't tornado went down. Joseph in Metairie good morning on WWL. -- -- And it kind of the people. Wrong I've written a lot of question why and and oh. I don't agreement that it. Emotion that -- into that whole situation. Of I mean. And uncle logical -- about how dramatic -- that a lot of emotion tied to. Thank you would be our. What kind of disappointing. In that on the news that we have a comment about why. Yet. I think and you keep -- -- at this point. That guy and and it's one that when you meet that group -- On what profitable and driving and so -- -- Is -- -- right right exactly the point and you. Gitmo. And -- program. Among them. And -- occurred. That it wouldn't happen nobody. Taught the fine. Right field and so little. At all. You know. I think the tournament. There. When people -- emotional people aren't. Rational. And UN -- and on the model that situation try and on and why that that plane if found what I'm here tonight wrinkled. Basically. What -- bet. You element out. What prompted that was -- shooting. By the police officers the African American man. -- Derrick did and there's no video there's no there's there's no of that -- we can talk about police relations with -- black people if you if you like but the thing -- really got me spun up about this. Is I don't understand how you express your outrage by stealing from innocent people. I don't. And what do you do keep the stuff does that further express your outrage and tires and rims are the stuff he took and targeting anyone. Where Wal-Mart whatever. So my belt and -- and -- The guy pretty well that they'll -- a court this should be. Broke and -- it should be tried that but. There's no information about. -- Not totally. Because -- -- What I had ordered to -- a couple of sort of yeah. All normal. Though. No. But -- doesn't that doesn't convict the officer Joseph doesn't -- And a lot more could be that come what cannot be. Put cannot agree. Ignore that. It. -- -- -- just have you even heard me say murdered if he was murdered by the police officer in cold blood. Why destroy guys tire store widely ball mark Miley target. I got a list like 28 stores here there was there were looted why. -- want a game like went -- -- and haven't come -- -- morning. China will come about with rage. Outrage that. You know. Thousand miles away let's make it let's make it more local let's talk about. The Ninth Ward where a guy sprays bullets into my house and hits a two year old and a four year old. And and I indicated it was going to get a bottle water than it had nothing to do with anything why does the crowd get angry about that and go over riding in the Ninth Ward. And so rejected it in the 00 and what I got -- that. You know -- appear that it appears. That the white community bank that the black community or pull the black community is not outrage or not that -- not to the. Point 01 at the same emotion and that happens and every city. Or one at the same emotion because you say it's an emotional thing that happened in Saint Louis okay well why not the same emotion about. Thugs she would not kids because happening here bouncing any. Any any yup protest -- any riots announcing any anger like that so why would you express it differently but the police officer than if -- is. Two and four year old kids didn't shut up like thugs. Well I would want that do not think that took it to life. Compare that -- and not necessarily. But not equitable in the fact that. The -- And like we look at the entire history of all right and the like. A comet -- agent with -- -- and accommodation. Well why a are important. Port of but predominantly black one when they cried public. -- I'm sorry but we -- terribly bad in and take the first break yet but but I will say this I don't think they're different either because in this case. It was toddlers were shot in the head -- I'm glad you called it will be called back they gave -- five minutes' time together. A break here under the W I Tommy Tucker talking about the riots in Saint Louis Jim Mississippi says your black police officer. Just -- the -- What we have -- say it hasn't -- yet. If you inexcusable. Corey Roth keel. In the police so vitally needed in that town that it's a demonstration on what they've sold eight. You know note -- -- it sort. Well not just gonna agree with you because I think it in this -- bundle things that are illogical drive me crazy. Because if -- sand and being targeted because some young black man because you think I'm a criminal and and you go out. And and you -- -- stores and steal things from Shoe Carnival ten times away at ten miles away from where this happened and Wal-Mart. I I think you kind of that fulfilling a stereotype I hate to say that. Yet I mean you you're right that you know working community I mean like. Desperately need police protection. I mean we need to wait. But not before we get this straight start rape and rob kill and even if it is out not murdered -- don't take it out on innocent people I don't think. Not let the situation. We have what we have Tim Allen talked to you some more can you hang on through the news. -- I don't rush up paying anybody saying until -- get these -- --

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