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8-13 8:10am Tommy, looting as protest?

Aug 13, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the rioting that happened after a fatal police shooting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David got a hot topic on phone lines are open -- 2601878038668890870. If you ten. Or you would like to justify the looting in Saint Louis a Shoe Carnival and miles away from where this happened. Was looted I don't know would stealing shoes has to do with outrage. Over somebody being shot attacks comes in town any appoint as well there's no looting outrage after the urban street shootings. People then make off of souvenir T shirt and bottles of booze. The German caller mentioned history -- we have to think about -- think about it as looting. And destroying innocent people's property made for better relationships between the police and community or. Between members of the community and I just don't get the logic. Stealing shoes. Of stealing underwear of stealing. TVs rims tires whatever. Expressing your outrage that way I am very logical cunning guy you know me David when it comes it. -- thinking I think yeah additional meaning your manner and ends flow charts in this leads of that of that that look I'm all for. I huge demonstration in the Charlotte -- out and let freedom of speech absolutist that I don't think. Freedom of speech gives -- the right. To go steal things from other people and secondly why does that make you feel better. If if you think this young black man was murdered by the police which he may have been I don't know. But that doesn't give you the right how are you gonna feel better. By steel and tires and reality is likely anger is who's running hot so then you become a thief. And you just -- heard everybody in if that's the case then you're no better than a police officer that you think. Hurt this innocent guy Jim Mississippi the self described black police officer -- wanna rush up and wanna you to be able to say which he wanted to say. They are right no good what does that hurt anyone but if you like trump like feel that they should be treated better. All the races of people on. Then they treat themselves. And you know public outrage economics -- -- -- this -- if he's white -- whatever. But when -- -- saint situation happened in New York Chicago law. You know -- in response. I don't understand it. You know -- -- -- be outraged at the rate. In that but this pick in June's. We don't have the -- Padilla in that respect the ball. In a little poll below because that's all the things it's a great not only anarchy if the cops aren't there see what happens it'll be in ma. Credible just want wild in the break in the whole season -- businesses will we got to respect the law and let this process work its way out. And let me say this and I mean is Jim from the bottom of my heart if this man had his hands up in the air he was posing no threat. And as police officers shot and killed him and how the law as written in in. Missouri but he should either go to jail. For the rest of his life or they call for the death penalty MBA at first degree murder second degree murder however. You know it's written in the statute here in Louisiana we have to have extenuating circumstances. So in no way am I justifying ended the officer's actions I don't know yet what happened but it would like to get your take real quick on the other thing as a police officer. They have not released the identity of the officer yet they said they've gotten a lot of death threats etc. Do you think that needs to be released right now would that placate the community or would it make it worse. Not think that will make it worse but just let's just let this simmer down a little bit let's not throw more fuel on the -- here. In well which means -- at one night I think last night with four against one was shot and went. We don't need ability more fuel on the pilot put in some down that who is from -- -- What definitely what race this guy is big -- it'd be it. We immediate effect of what happened what -- -- and what did the cockpit was light. In a -- -- huddles he looked that would what that that he will probably leave that area. From the -- keep that under -- right now. Your police officer we had to go here and I appreciate your time but. Would something have to snap in offices and added I'm not taken up for the officer at all because I don't know what happened. But for a man a police officer black or white to execute another person just starch unit he had his hands company. Some that would have to snap for that it happened would not. The department we have heard the opposite it say about the situation. It will -- -- car try to get it done it. We don't know if he -- to get into -- -- whatever I mean we talking about bill. To make the city and whether she did not issue. And people have been in that situation most people haven't been to a physical confrontation. With someone they think of the armed suspect but it really don't know. We -- here with all the at this state that let's listen to the witnesses they are now so what happened and again we can make the right in orbit isn't. Run and -- there office Jim and again as he talked about Hughes said your words were that sometimes. Like people expect to be treated other then. It better -- than other people but they're also different races like people think they're better than black people etc. but if you ever had as a black police officer. Black person people little effort ticket or maybe we're getting ready to read say you know economic and give me -- break. I'll Mangini. I don't want -- Well I'll jump at that moment that you know the coach. And -- -- because -- white. -- straight down the line and if you wrong you're wrong right to right. In net weighted country has its way to country street -- I love my interest and support of the military. That they did justice will prevail. In the glory -- it it will you who -- who they. I I appreciate you call an engine the only thing I can ask you is that. You know limelight in this is nothing to do with the rays but sometimes I like to drive fans of that vehicle meal remaining. -- You thank you buy more calls we come back at 260 late 72036. Exit date -- early seventy and it hereby agree with the I don't care if I disagree with yet. I would hear what you have to say on WW. Tommy Tucker seven WL. Dry front I guess that is moving through partly cloudy hot less humid today. 20% chance for -- spotty showers mainly south -- by ten highs around ninety to feel like 95 down on grids so. Winds of north five to ten Hannity and really call a cold front right now it is 81 degrees we're talking about the riding. In Saint Louis. And is there. Ever. A reason for that for steel and tires were steel and rims for stealing issues for stealing closing. Looting no Wal-Mart looting at target lending a tires to -- community 27 years because you're outraged over. A shooting about which the facts aren't all known the only video I've seen. Is a young lady shouted from the an apartment complex Bachmann and it please covering. These young man's body I don't know Obama him being able find anything on whether the man had a record and not -- Honestly I don't think that has anything to do with what happens at that moment. I think. The person and if you ever been stopped by police you reactor you do what they tell you to do and and they react to what you do. And sometimes mistakes and I I can't. Imagine. -- in this day and age of video and I -- -- -- in the video think this makes the case sport. Every police officers should have a uniform camera every police car should have a camera and it. And that way. You can see exactly what happened because whenever it comes to memories and you'll notice if you've been in management. There's one version there's the second -- and then and then there's truth and it's not because people our line it's because everybody remembers things different. Ways. To. Gregg himself hey Greg you're on -- W good morning thanks for holding things are calling. Mark how are you good. Yes -- you put import the question what has agreed then or so polluted water response to a police who did it and we don't have the same reaction is typical pop pop. Well for example least toddlers to -- shot shot on. Sonny I'm confused money and I may be in the Ninth Ward but yet no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't see any protests demanding the finding guilty party in what happened. -- think that the -- would be -- if you look back in art and art street that the re why black epic out there. There's great react to court. Which is very public abroad and now. Go back to the plate. And that that at the plate you're battle a property outright Mort I thought proper that we think what happened when the -- happen to be gentle brave public Internet and that they thought that was then order a court. And beyond Greg images that are jumping out -- beyond slavery you're talking about. Jim Crow -- about lynchings that plan everything that went on from that to here. Exactly and -- and then -- -- ended that same stretch and what then in between lines that carry on in. The year ago. It was still you know like problem that they have that that structure and bought tickets -- that act and that they went back into that. Or not prop or job. That typified. A night in their that it is -- only for -- -- We're not we. That as you know the other help people -- -- more are correct I did it. That the men are equal. I'm. -- the -- it. It one point but they'll spend it -- that. And Eric -- rate but all model. -- So I think that the beaten why certain art and act and it request. Certainly I think that angered by Burton. You know that these people that it did -- we party -- -- to talk about all there. But that say you know people are Iraq in the -- though. Waksal eaten or the -- opened up. They. There -- there are about -- I don't agree with you I'm glad you called Hamlet instantiate your opinion on double WL. Have a good day you pitch to six 18780386. Exit eight nines -- says. You know -- about four minutes each call and an Angel went to to be on hold. For a wild express your opinion and NC a -- at sixty seconds good hands so please be patient we'll get seasons we can. And then there's CNN and CNN's Don lemon who is an anchor he's an African American man and you know news people -- excuse David -- time supposed to remain impartial. But he said he hates the riding him but when people would put in dire situation you don't know they're gonna react. He's and I'm not an angry with him but I don't understand. And he also said that until. White people realize. That black man. Especially. Black people especially black men are treated differently that nothing is going to change he says there's a double standard. You agree with Don lemon Tommy Tucker back in a flash right now only 26 -- -- -- -- -- I think one thing I try to do here is. Obviously try to entertain people try to be funny on occasion when he calls would also try to be as honest as I possibly. Candy. And -- comes in answers Tommy do you agree with Don lemon that there is a double standard look in your heart honestly now. So I spent the last ten minutes are also thinking about that I'll carry double standard and he said that until white people realize. When we get the quote here. Wait until there's doubles and and and until white people realize that black people especially black men are treated differently nothing is going to change. -- he also said that leakage. Understand. The writing in the looting. Cannot he can understand the looting he doesn't agree with it but our stance that he understands now I disagree with him on a losing I don't. Understand the mindset but I've never been there why -- and I can't imagine being angry over anything. That would make -- -- and heard an innocent person because I just don't think that wave of about burned down somebody's now we have and I can do this but he if you have a beef. -- X company. Because you think X company took you for everything you have. I'm not saying this is right and I'm not justifying this but at least logically I can see where -- OK you'd you'd throw a brick through the window or you'd. You'd earn a place down not that you should not that I want anybody to do that and using at least logically. I AT got a beef with -- decide to settle at that -- which is illegal. But in terms of because a police officer shoots a young man that was doesn't go to college injuries -- -- in a couple of days. I don't see how you take an outrage out on tires store are on target or Wal-Mart -- -- -- line. In answered the question look in the yard and think honestly is there a double standard. I think areas I honestly I think if you're -- and you don't admit. That there's a double standard in the way. Black people especially young black men are treated looked upon right -- kid yourself when you need to look in the heart and the need to look in the mirror. And tell yourself that NC if it stands up to that test my story quickly. Flat time dead battery offers I guess three months ago only person came up offered to help me black. -- flat tires and a brain only person comes up and takes Jack out of the car helps me out apt to be a black man last night dead battery. Personally comes up arms -- John had a jumper other black man and then. When it's not work and a guy that was even. With his wife and son came over. Giant guy and I say that only because on -- on that biggest guy in the world yeah. Black. And said I don't I don't think it's charged near I think he got a cable problem. And sure enough it was in any flip it around it finally we get the card -- -- attitude. Advance auto and they'll chase where Damian helped me a -- another guy that happened to be black. I think the point no this is I need a new car. -- Yeah I think you're probably do I think that's just a -- a Little John is I need new transportation and secondly is that. You know -- you can't judge people you cans and all of this is this -- that are that I don't. I know you've probably would have hit it to be it may be impossible to answer honestly do you think any of those people. That that helped you and all those situations. It just honestly would go and and loot. Target or Wal-Mart urges run wild now -- -- mother -- absolutely not. Not enough I'm prejudiced and saying that because they help me off but I got to you do these people were so nice and so helpful you don't see it. And I just loved that day. We're able to see beyond color that is as a white -- and -- on him. You understand what I'm saying I don't exactly and I think just like now would be able to see passed sentence it was a black guy and help him. And I think sometimes it comes -- us on known each other while we're talking about this I think you got to factor into the conversation. Police officers as they're double standard when it comes of police officers in that. You want him to be there when trouble breaks out. But yet. Yet think there -- a bunch of ticket writing. Flat foot suits that are when you don't need them and I now is go back to the story of march in with my daughter and in a Metairie parade when she was with but the school was that the -- not important but. I saw a couple African American officers hanging out JP is on some turn ending at a truck. Right behind them like two trucks went to confederate flags proudly. And I think they were trying to make a point with the flags maybe not -- it doesn't seem as somewhat appropriate time to celebrate your. -- southern heritage but but either way. I guarantee you those two offices would be the first people they wanted to help them if trouble broke outs -- create a little bit a police officer. A Gallup that a race factored in this sort have a not I was honest someone -- look in the heart and soul and be honest with me too when we come back but all that being said. At no point do I understand looting I I just can't get that no matter how angry your protest. Demanding answers from the police department. Have groups of people. Lawfully outside of the up police department make as much of a media show if you want. Which you know -- steal somebody else's stuff burned down their store break the windows is because you man I don't get that. A year calls we come back Tommy Tucker -- W. Tommy Tucker we know this young man was shot and killed by police a police officer who the investigation is ongoing the officer's identity has not been released. There are rumors that police officers -- nobody even knows that yet. And we're talking about double standards when it comes to blacks were talking about treatment. Black people by police. We're timeout. Treatment of -- by people in general and double standard when it comes black people a couple of text command. Com. There is a double standard. When it comes. Against blacks and if you can't see that they commit most of the crimes. And definite here that they commit most of the crimes. And I and their culture promotes it while you need to look in your heart well I did now think. I think there is an industry that makes money. Move with rap music that doesn't promote positive values at all. But then how do you define matter how do you draw the line between freedom of speech and who can buy what. And and there's another one that says I bet you don't read this because. It disagrees with yet. But I will and wish head -- because it might be able to get the new car get robbed twice both times this text says black. Every time I go to a gas station with my three year old daughter and have to hear filthy cussing music. Obnoxious is led noxious -- loud yet you guessed it black Mitchell readers because it disagrees with. -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't think you can say that just because people at play obnoxious music -- black and look eleven -- a set that is about. As white as white can be. And they have kids driving around with rap music going on and the cars. You know -- -- -- out tricked out every once say at the -- Even close to black. That's as some -- you can get if anything kids of privilege ride around like that. So not all white kids do that now black kids do that black on black crime huge problem and I mentioned that earlier. But I don't think you can you can just say. That. First off you should judge somebody by the color of their skin obviously and secondly that there isn't a double standard just as you. Said with your text is now and then what you say and as well through three times is people with red hat's. -- me some watch out for everybody with a Red Hat and I think sometimes people with brown skin. -- league get lumped altogether. But all that being said there is no excuse in my mind. For a for break in and somebody's story in steel and everything they have because you don't like what happened with the police. And does somebody that happens to be of pure race -- in applause thank you for holding your -- double WL. -- -- -- Yeah. I was. In rec center and also did that uses windows -- black side. Well I recently been going to the courtroom. Looking at a situation where people record she just took -- four. And when you walk into a courtroom. Chip on seven and opera actors that that much about in the -- of -- -- awaits. -- was important but that. Is to keep portable. -- -- -- -- -- -- in trouble because it that it achieved it coming from small ones own. -- mother is well aware. A reasonably young boy. If they are typical. And sometimes. People feel like dealing -- to -- in. And should -- issues like it warning to. See it. There are short in the war hawks get treatment in. A slump and it just an old. Then we change situations right. Alter things have been -- Europeans each added import so many years it would consider immoral conduct criminal. If you hear it. There is new Wii console probably sign. It crime being put in -- -- -- -- And we need to get ancient sites. I have some type of activity keep on duty to keep me informed. Something that he keep cheap you know models shall triple -- still we can -- -- -- Reached. -- in jail but it's terrible ones and ones. He's currently happening and the it was. All of -- -- it was not all of -- -- is just stated we could see it becomes immediately immediately becomes a problem. Money I'm out of time I'm so glad you called he's going to very logical -- you're very patient to hold on as long as she did. Things there'll be called back. You got it -- and apply S run in way -- 855 timely trappings of that wouldn't Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker we have about sixty seconds still in news here and Derek Tom Carroll Cassandra -- reading king. And I take Guillen had time to say what you want to -- so please hang on you can listen to the news through the phone and we'll continue to. To talk about this one of the question I think it's a valid one -- after reading some of the they commentaries written about the shooting in Ferguson is. Whether or not you think they'll bless all police officers are. Prejudice. Our white cops prejudicing -- black people or black -- prejudice against white people. That are people in general and I think that -- component of this prejudiced against cops. Because so many times we talk about police officers I get some very very negative comments. Tommy Tucker back in a -- talk and yell throughout all makes our -- -- WL.

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