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8-13 9:10am Tommy, riots after a shooting

Aug 13, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about riots after a fatal police shooting

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I'd thank you David Blake 908 phone lines are -- there is water there are rather wanted to lines open if you wanna jump on him. At T six 187803866889087. -- -- guns and Tommy what are we gonna get attention and cops killing white people too. Another when -- cowards is the only worry and think of for the looting of the -- if there upset with the police want to go out. The precinct instead of innocent people they won't because people because police fight back again cowards. And guess part of this state and then you can get involved in this is it. Is there's so much anger that you just lash out and anybody in to me and look I'm not saying. Stealing tires Zain is is killing somebody but is it any different. If you filled with rage and you just wanna hurt whatever you see. Is it any different. Then a sniper going up on -- tower somewhere our guy cut loose and smaller. Shooting spree in a post office which doesn't happen anymore really. Male or other place because they're upset because they lost their job. Now and go back and even that logically I am not into owning any of this snow and that logically make sense because you know what. You're gone back to where you were wrong and you're hurting the people directly. That you think wronged you but to me this to be the same as again stealing two tires not as bad. As I killing somebody. -- -- -- right not advocating any of this happened but to me you would be tantamount to. Heaven. A problem with work and you get fired so you go to the the place next door. And starts shooting people there Shia which I don't. I mean don't should honestly and in you can offer this opinion in in your position. Don't you think that. -- lion share of the people that one out in gluten. Just sought as an excuse to go get some free stuff. Idea honestly do I got out and auto sales it's not more complicated than that now I don't know why else you don't just stand. If you don't get a police station and you know again you can't do anything lawless but. Why don't just stand in front of the police station. And scream if you wanna do that nor rule it out hold up signs and do their regions that they got new shoes and nice big screens and tires and rims tires and so I think it's just yeah. A bad element and you know I don't know the history of writing is I don't know the history of looting is. In this country but. Somebody pointed out with a tax there was not looting after OJ Simpson was found. Not guilty there was not polluting I don't believe after the California police that. Beat Rodney King were found not guilty I don't recall any of that. But certainly there was real writing Hampton looting after Rodney king and and after. -- in it now. Well Galvin added the right of the writing with a truck driver was was hit -- yeah terrific right out of the car that was after what enters out of his eighteen Elena that was Rodney King. When a police were initially exonerated. Yes. Yeah that's where and when the big violence game. I say -- after they once they came back and convicted the cops lighter than there was that that's what it was hazardous range and you yes exactly thank you David and try to remember it all and -- initially said it was very bad. Like to know too if if you perceive the police as a racist. If you're black you perceive all white police officers as looking out for your profiling -- war conversely Everett the other way. Where white people who sell they've gotten a ticket only because it trooper rulers the that -- the officer was black. So a lot of questions of of the tortilla about element T 601870. -- 3866. And 89087. Need to king uptown and assert thank you so much I presume answer for waiting. And for millions of patient. -- aging. Good thank you for taking the time and for waiting. Good geared toward the -- all. Know that. But it didn't people. -- would call to play. Couldn't. Pull all day shall. -- put it that. -- award which is. Actually the little girl. Follow. Yeah that is. That jump. -- Treated. To implement more should look good. All -- Keep it short game that he would do. You're able to sort out. What should. And that at all it is. You. Now -- it all. At all we've created. -- -- -- I'll answer. All 48 -- even black all your life. Well as relatives in and joking around about it is he's in Italy in a weekend but. Tom. Allen when a guy brought up in coming about slavery and everything that happened since then. In addition to who. Black people being made any decision that the being. Feeling as though dating him targets on their backers they have to. Be in some way to prove themselves -- their presumed to be. Criminals -- anti lazy. And I don't think any of this and choose and lose some of the things people think and not fairly you know. When it comes of white people do you think because of slavery that somehow in the back of their minds somewhere they -- Guys black keys and fears this -- black she's inferior. Even though they're not but because of the whole history and and not justifying it. Either way bottoms and it is does any of that is any of it's still around any of that still exist. -- Abuse problem. -- You can be. It. Well to know. You've -- Roll. Back. Which. -- her -- -- Locked. -- -- it. Is. So wonderful. Without the call will be. Tournament there. Q but. You. Know. Follow. Was -- there was that because you sized predominantly king your collar. In. Cuba. And -- -- -- -- world you know we should. -- -- So it'll work. Out. Of luck. Shot like he didn't look it. Ball girl. Oh. Like. I came here. He's the editor. At -- car it would give it up to. -- -- -- They have. Yeah. -- mean it just just isn't well. So these. Regionals in -- -- king appreciate collar really do and -- -- different again. Thank you beds 663 Saturday. -- that your big people we're not talking about. That today because we are planning on our plate but I would think. Maybe is a function of color I would think if you're 66 and 330. Maybe argue differently than other people I don't know Tom engine telling you morning aren't -- WL thanks for calling. Hey Tom and you know great conversation. And gave myself a little bit corrupt and the -- and lie. In 1960. And the people that that look we've this is -- I would like what effort trio. Different. You know he even -- now. And they righted they lose a great great tour and they're everywhere from like maybe a 103 street or something like that. All the way to maybe you know over. Birdie. You know thirty under blocks of LA -- is -- issue. The issue is. When you do. -- destroy the economic and -- And ability of the year old neighborhood. You're destroying our participants -- we even came into grandpa -- about twelve years old time. And we include why widget here a couple may work. And we ask this question at 120 yeah because it happened did you destroy the job. You destroyed the convenience of shopping. We had to wait we have to go to different places now and much further away by the convenient one quarter. Are you this is a quote when the business school on the job off if you think you in more. And people -- Look at -- or. Those kind of inconvenient -- it all -- -- and that's. It's a dumb thing it is no justification for the NC a question. Would that would be this new justification for. That there -- the white college students -- who destroy. -- they can win the championship. Two -- so to see that the issue here not black and hadn't been there -- You can excuse. The real issue. Opportunism. Africa's is this is opportunism this is away from me to get some not exactly what you're. Right and then that's what's happening with. These people would make it character neighborhood but they don't realize they are hurting him shale. Just as much effort in the business is when they do. Let me get -- to take on this. Tom -- game yet angry about this police shooting. May be trade on -- figures in this may be whatever other police officers shootings not that. George Zimmer was police officer but. For whatever reason dead factors in the losing -- reach the boiling point one why destroy. The neighborhood what is going through somebody's mind at that point that's when -- nine get where where -- -- shoes and tires and greens and and -- head down police station. Well it was reported that connects with an opportunist. I get an opportunity on them then that bit my outrage -- great opportunity to get something tree. It did. That's what happens and it is just a terrible. -- it's a terrible way to react the same I heard the comment about me being treated differently. All right yes there were times I was treated differently but or -- but in those times are born to be suitable. -- and I learned from script you know -- people really well the word got. Courses that the subject and believe me it -- usability. When you learn to be sure when people in. -- out of character people being passed to it on -- aggression. That's the best way to do and that the suspect or more in his secret history got a bit and -- Becoming the probably the world's best black sort pediatric new Circuit Court but he does -- this time. -- -- civilly due at practice. And during his there has perfection and that was agreed that helped propel him to the top. He becomes -- -- -- the law anyone else who want to beat him and -- real -- because the current and here. Choke or he be potential for the best. For us somewhere in history -- Inappropriately just simply be as they recount and a -- -- There it is and exactly and New York it's a bit. Thank you Tom Clegg called will be amended and open your friend again. Thank you view that 922 coming back more calls Derek frank Cassandra Carol Terri T. One line open an anti 60187. Until 386 exit 8908. Says any. If you like to granite and when we come back -- reasons to stakes on. At least latest I could find on flight officers shooting black suspects in the other way around backlash and a -- of you well. Tommy Tucker talking about the police -- shooting in Ferguson a suburb of Saint Louis and rumored protest. Rioting and looting that ensued as a result of it and initially began bias talking about writing and I and I still for the life of me are looting rather for the life of me don't know how you can express. Outrage over the raw local shooting. Of anybody by written off a tire store or Wal-Mart ignored target aura. Carnival's -- or what have you because again thinking this through. And -- and in the future how you looked down. At your shoes that you Wear and every day and think yes I showed them. That a bit that'll be justice for a for the young man who was shot if anything to me it is honors that person lying in the street. Under the sheet. Now the FBI's getting involved in the Department of Justice I think. They will not cover anything up I think the truth will vote in -- find out exactly what happened here and and the appropriate charges. Will be filed. I'd looked up because people were asking about. The instances of of white offers shooting white people black officers shooting white people. And the only thing I was able to find is that initially knees he studies prove this. It all comes down -- training. That both white officers and black officers are more likely to shoot a black suspect in this result in simulators of course. In a split second that it took with a decide they were armed or had a weapon. They're more likely both white and black officers to shoot a black person -- he wore a white person but. After training those numbers were reversed and it turned out even where there was that are pursuing my suspects. And blacks and Hispanics and maybe we have to talk about police training in here somewhere in Texans in Tommy went away and give attention account skill and white people too. And I am blacks saying this. So. We got news coming out and get a Derek engine Tilly has been holding on hi Derrick here and have a WL things -- You don't. Yeah bill well Colin could argue in court earlier. Or or persons like having -- there -- people react differently you know. And Derek -- I said that nothing affects me more. It children have a special place in my heart for kids and I think. Innocent two year olds four year olds eight year olds and it's happens said he didn't -- just here's my heart out but go ahead. And I agree and not seeing is the chances to do things one like. We deal in house staying in our house many different verses that your children are your home and I don't want units are you that you -- -- -- -- correlate it to juggle the schooling get beat up viability. You don't feel totally different -- -- you do to resolve job Bo Bo Bo. And you know the war. On well -- that hurt people. You install outlook on in the war. Outraged. You go on and even on on -- Although weekly lead in time you comment on radio -- -- friends. In general that spoke into debt that -- can work. And they are military but they're very -- about ghost Gerald Libya shot at war so. When you say take care of it yourself liking your house seat talking about. In terms of street justices are you talking about you know who dated silicon. Should be should be neutral. Industry what are the ministry aren't -- are just -- that there was some Google retaliate against that -- -- can lead to more kids didn't -- -- because it's me and broke vs when the ball lesions somebody. Well people -- and so the police because in order read course and repercussion. So what -- they're gonna go and do most people say one person do something and they join and so. GP. Species in the agree that they thought they used to but I think gold bar and police station called -- the police -- like you say if you've got to wait. If you get a burned down -- throw bricks and anything overnight and you know Derek agony guilty about this hockey with a Mormon history just stunning because. Certainly. Say. Okay. Continue to sing a waiver to trying to give inaccurate picture again it's right. That's the way it works. Especially with the economic outlook or happen not the way it happened but people are just born of our way to get the associate only. -- don't. But isn't. It is is that feeling where it's. You know what am I gonna kinda almost like. An and I analyze it like a mob mentality whistling coming occult police daycare this -- this man was to take an audience that -- -- that -- shootings happened. For me use it people. Don't want to lead at least. But -- need at least give him. -- unity. At least in the police. -- -- Yeah the original. Early -- -- go. Well LenDale White police officers. -- -- -- He don't trust the police would you tell me in Orleans there. In. Daryn we got to run man and lady called to be called back thanks list. Thank you you Betsy six 18780386. Exit 8908. -- any time for -- W offers news now. We got -- David Blake continuing to talk about the situation in Missouri voters in a suburb of Saint Louis -- their business -- Oh yeah I have those nice place limited time and I was there aren't town aren't as first time they've had any racial one unrest in on long long time. And I I think you know and if -- police officer lived here for me when they continues tomorrow because many people have an opinion. I think they are making a huge mistake by not releasing the identity of the officer because so many times perception is reality. And whether it's true or not and there have been death threats against the officer but people are protected by the police all the time. So I think yeah need to release his name. Because if not it's given the image here we go one protecting the other -- you don't hang their man or woman whomever it is out to dry. You say the effects of being investigated I think it would be a matter of public record if you -- A police officer shooting somebody. There's going to be no rush to judgment we're gonna conduct the investigation thoroughly you've got to follow through wind although legal process maybe -- -- taxis you know of them. But I'd I'd I think it's making it worse by not divulging the identity of the officer because automatically people that. Either don't understand the process or don't want to understand the process. Again again I think that it's a cover up or use that. As a way to convince somebody Els. That a cover up is going on -- that justice will never be. To Sanders in Metairie thank you for holding for so long my darling you were on WW well. More good -- to get my darling negative -- well. -- that I heard Gordon -- use and -- like the leads counted. OK well why are being. Why -- in uncle my own mind I can't remember -- -- The way we deeply appreciate it Cassandra we do. Well let me be lucky acting bit and I'm black and -- I. Me. And the -- lot of people. Black people and -- Yes -- yes. -- of slavery. And and he was a very well spoken man but that. That has to do with slavery in everything that's happened is there is since then Jim Crow kkk. And voting rights and the rights -- civil rights etc. And that they have a lot and I guess sped up anger against. Either authority or against white people. Okay -- One thing I. That. You. Ever. Black people that we. We aren't. -- You -- -- Grand. Am. Not. People. Should be. People who got. Me -- Quote quote people. -- -- -- -- It's not there no -- Me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How how. Out. -- remembered why. I don't know. He. And -- in my. Apartment. And you have. Yeah people. And could be. Out why is legitimate because I've been. Will Jewish people who -- because they don't buttons on I'm not getting. It is just June 008. We beat the crap out. Now I mean look who look round. Rabbi -- is our friend that we have on frequently from the temples of elevation is Sandra -- is your husband or boyfriend feel about the way you feel. -- -- Yes -- in the end. Me. I agree -- Well well I mean -- well because. And see the -- is by. -- And black people always -- pull back in it right. Because you re on the court and while we eat here. You know that -- happening in like all of your development. And -- it happened. I'd wait and all they. Even back in as. They treated you didn't see him at. This point now you've got me. Be aware onyx is endurance of lead he held on for so long but -- -- and had yet to hear the other callers and and I appreciate your patience and just so you know the only reason I asked about. The boyfriend or husband and green was he is nicer if they got to get a boyfriend or husband. Well it ends as far as -- in my humble it is practicing what we intend. I didn't want -- categories. -- T Tucker @entercom.com. If you like emailing thank you Cassandra appreciate well 943 Kevin watts. What. I'm a single guys -- -- with that. C Tucker it entercom.com. Email. 940 foresee why don't laugh it. 94416. Before ten coming back and -- well. I Tommy to record eleven WL tournament Saint Louis in the aftermath of a police obviously killing young man African American. Wouldn't. As say that they guy it was just had his hands up in the Aaron. The police have not yet released the identity of the officers and they say the investigation is continuing -- on protests. And riots and looting and pretty jaguar opinion poll asking you is looting ever. A justifiable form of protest in mile 93% are saying no 7% are saying yet. -- and -- or somebody store up steal whatever you want. And -- and a legitimate way of showing your outrage or whatever it is it's going on now we have two ways ago here we have a conundrum. We need to give everybody on hold like you know ten seconds to talk and I don't think that's fair after you've been on hold. In some cases up to forty minutes and and it's normally that not that long but we have a hot topic on. But I think we're gonna continue this tomorrow -- he didn't get a chance to call in today. Leading to do you -- we will definitely revisit this tomorrow frank in Metairie one of the forty monitors you don't frank. -- -- I appreciate. -- through. I didn't say that the job. A lot of these. So it NAEP. All really it occurred. Because. And Adam sergeant in the -- -- and probably. I don't know which were -- out. But I do believe did you look prevail on. You -- and cheer in the city. That would I would think the -- FBI investigation would portray an eight GP all rise in young girls. Tortured and killed. -- Black people in the community and you've never seen him tight well investigation get -- ready to hear about it's it's a local. Louise -- being butchered in -- Well right at the betrayal on. That. Younger here you're. At a -- from rate. Orchard and put in Chile -- there. That's what it bound by. -- and made arrests in at nine and you may. It's not a point of making. Point -- outrage it would be outraged the outrage across the ball well be outraged. It's inconvenient you'd be outraged. It's okay I -- I think as stooges and so. Don't let me ask you this is there any. Does this factor in of that at all everybody knows. And there is no. Wrong side. Young lady being abducted from her house and suffering the most tolerant of deaths and and mistreatment before that so the it would really be. And I'm just trying to think history is I talk to you frank it would really be enough in the protest because it's obviously wrong. Other than helping with the investigation but in this case. Where. -- don't automatically people automatically assume that. The shooting is justified. In. And give any other shootings of black people that have happened that because there is. The differences because there is a point of contention years of what's right what's wrong does that factor in his. I don't believe that factor in I mean it could be effective but the point I'm trying to make is. You want to cry I mean because of member of the black community who were killed and just unjustly. And -- possible. You went black on black crime that may be stopped. OK gotcha thank you appreciate the call I think the the police are also of a part of that missing in ingredient you know this but I'm glad you called 9546410. But back under the W. I Tommy tiger has to do it for us thanks everybody for the calls and text in Jordan and and Shelton and Diane and David late night garlands coming up got a great thing tang for you. He's been talking about the long range effects of the BP oil spill in the oyster industry and also talk about drowning of communications. And situation about them homeless encampment under the punch train expressway.