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8-13-14 10am, Garland, Homeless

Aug 13, 2014|

City officials are evicting the homeless from under the Pontchartrain Expressway.  Local missions say they have enough room for all of those evicted, which begs the question: why are they there in the first place?  …and won’t they just go back again?

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A cut above fund but hopefully useful law or at twelve noon. The gravity journalists. In recounting. All of her battle -- her human. Picture widow of one week vacation came back to 23000. Emails I get anywhere between. To route 500 did and he here. -- am going for the -- -- -- would come -- actors and 900000. Years ago. So we're gonna talk about. How to handle. That load. Boortz the at a kid that goes along with the and distance war thwart what makes sense and does not -- will take a look at. Time controlled two from some experts. Our new reports claim mode resume is ordered or syringes street. Has -- since the BP oil spill loans from suggesting. It be -- responsible. But when you look about it. BP. Seems -- an argument that the they have experts take a look at this and pound -- oil loans that it's. And recent behaviors and bad years cents the BP oil spill. So we'll talk to a commercial fisherman and we'll talk to a vice president. Official lives over in Alabama product for Europe would scorn on. That's -- were all talk about announced yesterday the homeless under the yeah. Punch -- dream extra actually yesterday was told were 20. Bid 72 words to get out missions -- a bit of gut player in the room. And preparations being made dude to make sure everybody leads. One of veterans say in this situation so Cecile Tebow is agreed to give -- so mover. Valuable time a crisis intervention specialists as he welcomed the Chicago. Good morning. It's like come on right now from Georgia Tech topic -- get and they can do it now and -- -- -- -- Every -- you are compact. -- do preacher would call and thank you. Thank you are doing you know talking about dished -- executed really critical situation or. It is to wonder what isn't crisis intervention specialist. Well you know I'm retired I was commander annual -- And had been there -- twelve year and went on lap. To sort start filling and -- -- -- or the lingering. Here and our city and her. -- multiple reasons why are you are -- With people -- on the imaging. And so I have to -- to art -- mission there developing programs to heal and on one currently direct financial year and we actually. After Katrina we really ought to our our residential care group and after -- More people are mental illness and protect -- or chronic. And as you call back in the decade there you know the bulk of the and oh. You know what I did do that and also target right -- Program on the national mental illness speaking to light -- there aren't a lot group a match. That truly. -- I've -- -- And then right you've been busy. And what are you involved in this situation the apology for an expressed. Well I'm not personally involved -- out her. Back to cheap out and are key to this same scenario. And how how our cash at that time and white and on an immediate. -- -- -- That any change under the direction Stacy or should. Mayor at a march. Mr. Graham and the director. And what she did is she worked extremely hard in coordinating. -- -- you sir is that that fit into all get the people permanent plight. At that time within ops with and you know or contacted how that program the community here. It was under the leadership that Don well. And he actually -- an a 122. Feet. And the past in the Warren court nation in this city. Unity trap or say metropolitan human are at record nascent -- -- Korea. Eighty per cent of the king and accident out. LAPD and that indeterminate supportive living. And were placed into it's helped a traveler -- Tiller acted out there actually Al manager. Without exchange out to -- My concern that the -- is saying thank. Where -- can -- KJ. You know it can it go you know name and be at the majority are from. The big ticket mental health concern is well it -- problem. And the problem with that going into a shelter. Is that if you're couple are split. So I'm not stay together you have a hack which many pat can operate at. Nor can neighboring children. No power can make it into shelter or wheelchair payout. Or pay -- really chronic mental. Health conditions or their theory psychotic or relational. So it's not chipped it matter going into a shelter back if not all the proper. The problem is with state court actually doing -- it no longer with the city but it went 88 Courtney share. Couple different programs coming out naturally are all about their equipment net and that's why are the problem. Period that in itself stolen plates. Yet it's -- it follow it at eighty. President now which started three years ago with wine. And and it is unique program called community shared -- am not a -- its -- it's ratcheted. But they cheated the -- that that each and every person come and immediately link to outpatient mental all our great. They're eating their mental health -- and they all there were eating -- training -- I met. And many are working to help they take on the leadership role act -- out but it. It's one by members. So that on the numbers. Content that are living and they're all mental health issues. That day all are running the program gives them a wonderful strategic community. In one of the things you know it's like why the -- We meant to get -- are you are one could be. Part of the -- You know back when they had to hold on a lot ankle and literally. -- Here -- about radical nature everybody to comparable action and that encampment cap and protect -- in -- and all the the couple state temporary contract you're. Your children all community group. It meant and help out with that is being -- child terror. That's why we need I think English you vacate one area to complete that happened here. What do your New Orleans Health Department gave -- homeless living under the -- part to train expressway. That's alerts on the given yesterday to get opt to remove debris of their belongings and take off. Word talking with -- -- Tebow -- prices inventions specialist. So assume we're talking earlier one of the pursuing Jews have been talking about the news and the question. All right. We're gonna Google -- Where where we put where they go do you know by united in the end. Confirm that I app pack it at that -- -- Qatar. And Oprah has the ability court at eight air around 840. Com it really made it impossible to it would. But to be doing it with physical -- abilities -- disabilities. In navigation. Is. It is near impossible. And you know an app and saying. They're -- end -- in the courtroom and and and and and we we. Went in the city out there -- protocol. Well it sort of I equate it to you can't get in the end and they give particle -- she got back to your current state but you don't get all that protocol accomplished. Your chance to revive your lap. He. Certain protocol. A well and it's wearing a three year product cats get betrayed and got. Only one individual. Com engines perhaps put -- and it -- -- They're not getting all the protocol that -- well it's an organ and back on the street or in jail where the majority are -- Or. Where they're just sort of back out on the street. Oh my concern I think it's an eerie gray -- -- situation. And again were talking about people. That goal. It's a -- and I. You know they're picked up right on people with mental element at home next year there weren't the only. Uncomfortable but they're issue. Demeaned. Have not been. And that simply is not. These these missions that lived in New Orleans commission says today. Were completely ruled that the shelter. Out of these people get their hall for a week is it can walk. Yeah. Doing out. Well Arctic and currently you know -- like and it's meant. And the board may or that. Com can help them get -- protocol well a huge job on any. -- -- -- You're going to beat it out and got actually women -- some people don't be what. -- Which many are. You can. -- You have children. May not be able to go with your children or we -- now. You're they're not going to be flexibility. Ago. You. Nature. Mental health concern and are active psychotic. Or it. Could be our year. People from going. Into the match. Currently offered them -- day. Debate that Adam -- -- -- hearing impressed with the leadership for this mission right L thing dictator on a quest to develop more internal resource -- really chain management. In helping people yet. To the necessary protocols they need to well. We really. Did not occur in art and pray that because it is complicated. Can point you get in their right. In order to get I'd -- carjacked a birth certificate. Opening our people are. Not like it or street. In a proper protective BJ got out of state. Together birth certificate and social secure car in order to get identification -- -- K. Guys and acting to opt in -- Restart -- and being. With 122. People where 80% at people at. -- -- -- -- We have the particles here that we tell the quantity. Were only able to catch the tip of the iceberg. Any channel density. More money and keeping her until we start. Quite honestly a public policy approach should continue. And it just going to be continually. Perpetrating issue. It's not going to get that. -- -- -- -- an accountant is not getting. Any body that. -- report called the state of the homeless in New Orleans. -- directors should quote. While few individuals in our bodies Mora bin ignore these people cleared out I think in 2013. Came back what's Capel from -- -- -- run and coming back. Well -- would attack and I will -- -- eight ticket at. Everybody artwork there issue one could be part of a community that something we all four regardless of at your situation. And and in general and -- individual get into the proper protocols. Well this is going to continue to grow and actuary. And it's it's not the well or not. Huge frustration on the part of our -- -- are coming. And they simply -- out so well pre or it internally. -- by at a chase management. Get the -- it. In order to be. Part of -- them where to. Every step it it'd be -- complicated but it can be done. We have the well the amateur. Are they able to do. Patent. -- -- -- -- Our outpatient. I'm her -- interpreted are much improved. But they're meant to. They're limited and how many people -- error. As soon to look poor start leisure suit doom its veto giving him that mr. PO I -- there or Europe thank you so much for the call. And the expertise. And hopefully -- somewhere talk this problem. We'll sell a little bit more helpful hopeful -- them would become actually enters didn't think you're -- call come right back bull talked to be a head over one of the missions here in New Orleans. When we return of imperial brigades but he immoral 53 up. Are walking backward continued to think about the reports yesterday. The new Orleans city Health Department went to the hole was surrounded the -- punctured Korean experts weigh in -- that. Gathering of homeless has been growing and says -- -- 72 hours to get out were trying to figure out. What does that mean where they go what do they do. Do they come back why is is being done. We have the exacted director -- ZoneAlarm and lose a deacon GB I'll GO GO Bonnie deacon welcomed the shore temperature the call. Thank you appreciate the air. Breathing area and article called sick of the homeless in New Orleans report says its executive directors David partner. And what it's as one paragraph that says. It'd go home we Jews -- leverage were in no condition to obtain an appointment they're mentally you know in Eden medical attention. Nor education no job training many sexually and physically abuse. In the end the saying mission goes on saying well so all four programs and literary but there and computer middle help. Addiction counseling among others. Do you offer these programs and who's eligible does take advantage. Yes Colin we do we ocean not into it multitasking. Operation here we do both of emergency housing mean in -- for -- in these -- state and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Orient house -- -- transitional housing programs with the guys can live here for an extended period of time. So that they can conflicted and so -- on the CR Marco is Peter. -- finished today could teach the page for more ideas that come in would work which you. Look at which your background is which -- or or. Aren't you choose one of our case managers that. World into this even deeper to see what is the route that we need to take to teach you equity C backed independent living. We just talked to an intervention specialist. And she's certainly lauded board view and a little pupil liberal and missions that should suit you're doing a terrific job. Which she says some of the problems or -- who have split no parents or children allow. It through psychotic. You Kagan in. If -- -- -- wheel chair of the of the way accepts in the event in -- Yes. We or handicapped accessible. Both by design. In bizarre and by the health and state coach. We have man they come in here daily off the crutches wheelchairs. Let me point 12 we serve both the female population as well in the population in children. One thing we cannot do for the senior population so sleepy here. But every -- service that we can provide the male population is provided to the female. To assist the innocent -- with children. We guarantee them 6000 per month which is guaranteed is that it -- -- we go out. Who would have a -- is salvation on which they -- an organization. But when achieved huge your number of free nights that they and watch you and it cost male female ten dollars and ninety stated -- Where he had it was a on the it would be sleeker 190s -- on the -- it doesn't courtship can -- these. You're in our in house programs for six months take twenty year took this course everything we do here it goes on and all the services that we provide. All for free of course. Important for the people there have been given three days to get out. Where you located how'd they get to you hardly know about -- And Salvation Army official I'd take advantage of about her out of the get their their home. OK we are located at 843 camp street which is all about six to eight blocks that for. From where the main encampment is underneath -- yeah -- an expressway. It would take it personal by 510 minutes that the votes to get here. One of the things summit in this which is always a question concerns. Is feeding the -- we -- three meals a day seven days a week and again it's free of course. We are not that four. We sleep 96 -- In with this situation with the city. -- tried to clean up that area because of health reasons and in it is very legitimate. We are opening an additional thirty -- To try to take additional people and -- well have a Plaxico. Where -- come to us and current world nation we are providing additional new. -- to get the people off the street. Dude do you have any idea what the number is under -- true index rose -- includes in the news media. There's statements of -- we have clearly room at the mission shelters. On an -- with detective on this or unity of greater the world wants to keep me within. Really keep up with that because they can't be very cute very competent outreach sticking in they tracked those numbers. And and the statement from the -- mission is true a lot of these people that I. But I come that we're kind of working out offered in the current ocean and some other more calm but a lot of them. It is to take this -- that they injure or where they are. And and news Indonesia. State of New Orleans so homeless 2014. News quote. While you in the the -- our bodies and come to office. Most of them ignoring it because so many of them needs are being met right were they are. So widely. Are there needs being met and won't do -- be just like 2013. When they get cleared out they've come right back. You're probably right they'll move forward so to speak -- -- no publication go to a little while but the secret pact. Cindy says there most some old news too is that somebody will combined feed them. Somebody come by if it funny or different war. If I need a blanket say in the Coca whether people come by in in good -- goodness and kindness in and bring blankets. So the basic necessities of life if -- used that thought process is being taken care. Indeed it really needed the approach that they do not a lot of and in that wanted -- to. Is to key about it that setting. She's kids back into independent living again in -- even do that is too deep into program at one of the many. Service providers here in the city. And that's by that statement that world are at stake here. In monies will be met in not seeing that that people come by some content wanna bring breakfast of people come by again. What best intentions and bring themselves so why go anywhere if I'd just sit here. Somebody would take care of my my meals that I need to eat. They can go to cherry hospital system to get medical attention. They need clothes and stuff that somebody will eventually hear it in tempering it took me so why should I go anywhere. Largely amateur golfers break here or via callers have been listening to subdue those two or induce or Finland and should you fled to the homeless and departure expressed worry you've got to get out starting yesterday you know three days. We're talking to review a mission. Directors and we've talked to him in vision specialist. Thought she is is this is solvable problem or do we just keep moving it around. On a semi regular basis and -- cropped up again is anything really being accomplished. Long term. Hold on dot -- be your next double a bit. -- -- good about what I think you were of this status situations in this country homeless. Lord's group -- congregated under the poetry index rose for the department held says it can't continue. Here -- New Orleans that moved in yesterday and said -- 72 hours ago. We've got. One of the people that sacrifices. A lot to try to help people. Deacon Geovany executive director of the arms alone in. Did you have -- -- hold analyst good some of our callers -- I appreciate the caller Euro would be. Are correct itself. And you'll actually. -- -- part of the first week that the problem is. So mobile. You know one thing we did the first -- award which they work closely with she'll Tivo. One -- -- that we can -- server as well. You interpret rules as we move them. Simply reacted that now that criteria. You're talking about homeless people. Partners. Homeless people who called homeless people about issues. And we have to be able to place film. In the concrete place we're organizations such as unity. A lot of them probably old unity list but they can't find them so we move now. We we have. The ability to -- go to places. Where they can be stationary for -- and it. We're we bored with -- -- -- that -- -- time that I would be witnesses that would point me. It was stable housing unit he was involved. I'll work -- -- piled into the Middle East is what the metropolitan. Work with these programs such as beacons. Seaside. It's that you care that we can now help the middle one that -- -- one medication. So the solution is doable and I think we did a pretty good job a year ago that we'd follow that pretty much the same form that. -- because -- -- -- -- -- this is not the same people that -- there a year ago and I think it tracking or out of the individual that make it holistic approach we have is that we deal. Deal with some people from a year ago. So like the year. We followed in the tools that practice every area. As we as we -- the programs. We put him in the middle and we. Provide. And I think we can make an impact like you did before -- Aren't fully agree in his main concept is that the wraparound services. Yes and -- the notes matured -- there may you -- Padilla say purpose sport -- The reason purpose. Supportive housing works is that the support services is coming into play more and more as he pension reform. That's a person is a mental situation to make sure that they get in the final diagnosis that they needed to give -- the medication that they need. Put repeat and how -- we work with with -- supportive housing program. And we have gotten a number of people thousands assist on August. -- the key to it is providing them to support services make sure they keep there appointment with the dark and make sure they keep the airport -- it. Medical evaluations of weather reports say tea. In that is being done more ball -- time in federal monies as -- -- where through side. Is being pushed in that direction they are two or three other programs out there that will help people get housing. Because PS -- is tied in very heavily with with mental illness. In conjunction lucked out with physical disabilities. There are couple of appropriate stop tea. Do not have to have these conditions. That will help people get into housing. Four cable rapid re housing where they are propagated housing -- positive one to three months rent given his term fiscal when. To bridge them over to independent living. The results I don't like terrific ideas why are we seeing what seemed stability. Such an increase in the homeless. If you got to remember you look underneath debris. That probably should if you really do if you to a tree out this year. You ballot papers that you might. For your group the -- -- and Yahoo! com to rule -- record declines. And you might have maybe 60%. Actual or maybe 40% who actually. Born in -- -- for have been recycled through the process. So you really have to look at. -- under -- debris. To determine the picnic or may -- because. If with the demographic. -- who was there. Determined. What you need to do with it to them maybe we. What we do Archie you know we felt we have a lot of people all of the areas. So weak areas that -- will from. And -- would be I was eight we were able to transition them back to go all states so you we sort I don't know that the grades. And waited it -- for. And unfortunately were running time. That's important. To these people have been clear back. I'd like to get -- to view of the little disputes and emailed. I'm like you're both and talk about okay what happened to them -- removed. -- -- Thank you so much we appreciate what both appeared to have it out throughout. Always talk about trust seem like we're losing -- more are at WW Oprah did you work brand -- -- -- And officials -- evicting the whole platoon of puncturing expressways. Shelters making room for them why now. 53%. Abuse today. Saints season starting out. -- a cover an action won't talk about oysters. Seems severe rule lack of them. Lloyds group measurement. Others. Or is saying that could be in trouble. And -- leaking into the BP's bill. Who's who what you think governor objects governor bill and think tank brigade seventy 153. Yeah.